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    O S TR IC H E S
R a tin g.
S le ep in g and
S m ok in g
The daily life of a Russian couple of
tbe wealthier classes ia »insularly reg­
ular and monotonous, varying only I
with the changing seasons. In summer |
the lord o f the house gets up about 7 !
o'clock and puts on, u ith the assist­
ance o f his valet de chambre, a simple
costume, cons.sting chiefly o f a faded, j
plentifully stained dressing gown. :
H aving nothing particular to do, lie!
aits down at the open window and i
looks into the yard.
Toward 9 o'clock tea is announced
and he goes into the dining room—-a
long, narrow apartment, with bare |
wooden floor and no furniture but a I
table and chairs. Here be finds his
w ife with the tea urn before her. In
a few minutes the younger children
enter the room, kiss their papa's hand
and take their places around the table.
As this morning meal consists merely
of bread and tea it does not last long,
and all disperse to their several occu­
The head of the house begins the la-1
bors of the day by resuming his seat
at the open window and having his
Turkish pipe tilled and lighted by a
boy whose special function is to keep
his master's pipe in order. The house-1
w ife spends her morning in a more
active way. As soon us the breakfast
table has been cleared she goes to the
larder, takes stock of the provisions,
arranges the meals and gives to tbe
cook the necessary materials with de­
tailed Instructions as to how they are
to be prepared. The rest o f the morn­
ing she devotes to her other household
Toward 1 o’clock dinner Is an­
nounced and Ivanovitch prepares his
appetite by swallowing at a gulp a
wineglass of home-made bitters. 1 »in­
ner is the great event of the day. Food
Is abundant and of good quality, but
mushrooms, onions and fat play rather
too Important a part in the repast, and
the whole Is prepared with little at­
tention to the recognized principles of
hygiene. No sooner has the last dish
been removed than a deathlike still­
ness falls upon the house.
It Is the
time o f the after-dinner siesta.
The young folk go Into the garden
and all the members o f the household
give way to drowsiness naturally en­
gendered by a heavy meal on a hot
summer day.
Ivanovitch retires to
his own room, from which the flies
have been carefully expelled by his
pipe bearer. Ills w ife dozes In a big
armchair in the sitting room, with a
pocket handkerchief spread over her
fnce. The servants snore in the corri­
dor, the garret or the hay shed, and
even the old watchdog In the corner
of the yard stretches himself out at
full length on the shady side of his
In about two hours the house grad­
ually reawakens, doors begin to creak,
the names o f the various servants are
bawled out In all tones, from bass to
falsetto, and footsteps are heard In
the yard. Soon a man servant Issues
from the kitchen, bearing an enormous
fen urn, which puffs like n little steam
engine. The family assembles for tea.
I n A p ite o f T h e i r O r e s t S t r e n g t h T h e y
A r e T r u e C o n s e r v a t iv e * .
Minister of Education when the transition of the new world Tower waa
A queer compound of ugliness, wit, strength and Oriental cunning, the
Marquis Oyama has an enormously receptive mind. He is a rapid and deep
thinker, and not only attracts, but molds those about him to any set purpose
with Napoleonic directness, although with admirable and characteristic Jap­
anese grace. While not a tall man in any sense, he is a shade above the
averagy Japanese In height, with a strong head apparently placed upon
Immengp shoulders without the Interposition of a neck. He is a linguist, as
are most of the Japenese officers, an advantage not possessed in the same
proportion in any other military or naval service in the world. Smallpox
has pitted his round, brown face, but his ugliness is relieved by a pair of
magnetic black eyes, which twinkle with humor, or squint when their own­
feat of driving from stronghold to stronghold and finally enveloping a force
er is deep in thought.
as big as the army of General Kuropatkln.
The first real war experience in which he was an actor came in the civil
The Marquis Oyama, who Is (¡2 years old, was educated In France, and war in Japan, in which the Satsuma revolt was suppressed, but fame came
served in the Franco-Prussian War ns an attache. Up to the time he made to him in the Chino-Japanese War, ten years ago. As a strategist and com­
his report on that conflict the Japanese army, which was only In Its begin­ mander he there achieved distinction which has been helghtentd by his
ning as a modern force, was being trained on the French model. A fter his wonderful work in the present Manchurian campaign. He was the captor o f
return home tills system gave wny to that o f the Prussian, and tills in turn Port Arthur— which he took from the Chinese garrison in a morning. Rus­
has been greatly Improved by Japanese originality and by the adoption of sian cartoonists have ridiculed him for ten years, making little o f his vic­
what is best and most useful in the other armies o f the world. Later, in tory, the fruits of which Russia and the Powers were to prevent the Jap­
life Oyama again traveled extensively in Europe, absorbing the Ideas of the anese from enjoying.
nillltury systems, and once more In Japan threw himself into recasting the
Marquis Oyama has a memory for these things, and his command in the
whole military system, winning the appreciation and favor o f the Emperor field against Russia was assured before war broke out. For a time he sat at
and of Field Marshal the Marquis Yamagata.
home, advisii^ and directing General Kuroki. as became the chief of the
To Marquis Oyama among others belongs the glory of creating the Jap­ general staff under the Japanese system. When the right moment arrived,
anese army Inside o f thirty years. Nor was his genius confined to the Min­ the Marquis moved into the field, where he has since remained personally
istry of War, as he stood for a space at the bead of the navy, and also as directing a campaign unexcelled in brilliancy by any of which history tell*.
A man can feel In his pocket* at any
time and bring out a Uttle hall of fu*.
There are many gianta In Africa 9
feet high. Some of them weigh 300
pounds and are strong enough to kill
a panther at one blow. Perhaps you
think such big fellows must be clumsy,
hut they are not. They can run faster
than any horse, spring 12 to 14 feet at
a leap. This all sounds like a fairy
j story, says a writer in the Cincinnati
Commercial-Tribune, hut not so when
1 you hear that these African giants ara
i —ostriches.
Perhaps you have been told some
foolish stories about these birds— that
when pursued they stick their heads in
the sand and because they cannot see
Imagine that no one can see them.
This is base slander. Instead o f be­
ing stupid, ostriches are very cunning.
| Their long legs will take them away
| from men— unless they have their fam­
ilies to protect. Then all is different.
The papu ostrich sends mamma ostrich
and the baby ostriches off at full
speed, while he runs the other way.
What do you think he does next? He
rolls on the ground, pretending to he
hurt. The hunter rushes toward the
fallen bird, thinking he eau easily
| catch him, mentally counting how
I much money lie can make out of tlie
splendid tail feathers which adorn the
bird's tail.
A fter the papa ostrich thinks Ills
family has got a good start, up he
Jumps and skims over the ground, leav­
ing the disappointed hunter to think
that the ostrich is not as silly as he has
been led to belief.
A singular thing about ostriches is
the way they bring up their little ones.
To begin with, there are a good many
eggs in the nest (dug out of the hot
saudl, but the eggs are of different
mothers. Ostriches do not lay eggs
every day. Being far apart they would
not hatch together. When the nest is
prepared all the female ostriches In the
neighborhood are Invited to contribute
an egg apiece, the hostess returning
the favors in due time.
Ostrich eggs a re ' delicious. One
weighs three pounds, or is equal to a
dozen o f a hen’s. They are very con­
venient, too, for the hunters in the
desert. They not only furnish a de­
lightful meal, but a dish to cook it in.
The shell is hard and thick and the
egg is set on the lire, a hole is broken
in the top, It Is stirred with a stick and
when It is done the saucepan serves a*
a dish as well.
Field Marshal the Marquis Oyama, chief of the general staff and com­
ma nder-ln-chlef of Uie Japanese army. Is one of the few generals of modern
times who may claim to rank among the giants o f war who have led troops
In the Held. The English call him the Wellington o f Manchuria, which la
the highest praise they can bestow upon any commander, but in European
capitals, strategists, amazed by the boldness of a campaign now crowned
with complete success, style htm the Napoleon of the Orient. It is certain
that no general, fighting against a worthy enemy, has achieved so unbroken
a series of victories; that none has conceived a more stupendous plan of
campaign to execute It so successfully; that none has exceeded the gigantic
One o f the farm boys drew our at­
tention to what seemed little more than
a couple of dark specks on the slope
o f the hills to the right, says a writer
In the Youth's Companion, but we
could soon see that they were moving,
and when they came within half a mile
o f us we could distinctly recognize L e f t a F o r t u n e o f F i f t y M i l l i o n l i a l l a r *
them as a herd of baboons.
W h e n l i e H ied.
The boy said he was quite sure they
Meyer Guggenheim, of Philadelphia,
were on their wny to the water, but to who died in Palm Bench o f pneumonia
our surprise they did not make any recently, aged 78, was another exam­
advance. A quarter o f an hour elapsed;
ple of the possibili­
half an hour; still no sign o f their ap­
ties of youth in the
proach. All at once, ns If they had
United States.
started from the earth by magic, at the
fe tS M S *
came to our »Imres a
. j . 4 poor boy; lie died
open end of the pond, not sixty yards
$5< ijhxmjou
from our place o f ambush, stood two
y O
1 as an inheritance for
huge males.
When or how they got there no one
could tell. Probably they had come
8v\ I-* H e b r e w .
by a circuitous way through the val­ f
R l him In 1827. In 1840
ley, or It might be that they had j
with Ills family lie
crept straight down through the grass. ,
n. u k io f a iiu m . sailed for America,
They had certainly eluded our observa­ |
settling in Philadelphia, then a city of
Being anxious to watch the move 1 ltf0*1100 P*°l»le-
Yol,n* «uggenhelm
ments of the animals and to «seer- tH‘* an busl,"*S!‘
* ,ove P °IUh*
tain whether they belong,si to * e herd l,e
11 ll,,le mol" 'y " " a ,hen he
tried embroidery. A small store was
playing under the mimosas, Prefralned
opened; a larger one followed. In the
from firing and determined to see what
meantime he took hold of mining in
would follow next.
Both baboons
. .
Colorado, being one of the first to en-
sprang toward the water and. leaning t„ r |hll)
waa very
down, they drnnk
, until they were sat Smelting the ore being very expensive.
tailed. Then, having gravely stretched he llad a son learn the business, ami
themselves, they solemnly
stalked then he began buying smelters as f„„t
away on all fours In the direction o f „ „ hi* profits would permit. In the
the herd.
There was little doubt, meantime he made big profits from
therefore, that they lielongcd to Ihs selling Swiss embroideries, handling
herd amt had heen sent forward to re- only the most expensive kinds.
connolter, for as soon as they got hack sold this business out to continue the
the entire herd put Itself in motion to- erection o f smelters, several o f which
ward the pond.
were placed In the mining States of the
There were mothers taking care of West. In Mexico and In South Allied-
their little ones; there were half grown ca. These properties yielded s profit
nnimals, the hoys and girla o f the «11 the way from $4,000.000 to $10.000,-
company. At first only one baboon at W>9 a year. When the smelting trust
a time came to the water's edge, and,
formed Mr. Guggenheim declined
having taken Its draft, retired to
J°ln* l,ut later he did and was chos-
the rest, hut when about ten had thus en president of this very powerful or-
ventured separately, they began to 8 *n'la **Hn
come In small groups, leaving the oth
Deceased was very methodical in his
ers rolling snd Jumping on the sand.
l>*hlts and his expenditures. He kept
___________________ ___
| track of his annual expenditures and
A n O b s t i n a t e M ia m i.
found to within a very short time ago
“ The trouble with you,” said the
bad expended $9.300.000. This did
musical enthusiast, "Is that you do not no* Include his gift o f $250.000 for an
addition to the Jewish Hospital of
II m! ers ta nd classi, -si music.
"Psrhapa." answered Mr. Ctimrox. New York, nor a like sum to a similar
“ But 1 refuse to be regarded as a man lnatttutton in Philadelphia.
o f Inferior In tellig en t until I find
some onf who la competent to prove
that he understands i t " — Washington
S t o r y t h a t T h e y H id e T h e i r H e ad a
W h e n F r i g h t e n e d H u « S la n d er.
C hief
O c c u p a tio n o f ■ H e a d o f a iiouae.
pend the limb with a weight attached.
In order to keep the extension perfect
at all times and to prevent, at the
same time, any Inadvertent or inten­
tional twisting or turning of the limb
due to restlessness or fatigue. In most
cases the surgeon Is compelled to ex­
ercise his Ingenuity In devising a home­
made rig for the purpose, so that the
simple arrangement shown in the II-
musicians, made a tour through the
principal streets o f the city. The com­
poser, Kysler, performed the duties of
organ-grinder, while the others sung a
repertoire which Included such well-
known songs as “ Geh, Mach Dien Fen­
ster A u f” ("Go, Open Your Window” »,
"Küssen Ist Keine Sund" ("Kissing Is
No Sin” ) and "Jetzt Spielt's Uns an
Tanz” (“ Now They Play and Dance
for Us").
The incognito o f the celebrated band
reninined undiscovered and the day's
“ takings" aggregated a paltry (¡8 kreut-
zers (about 1 shilling 2 pence», which
they laughingly divided among them­
selves. Their previous doubt us to the
ability o f the public to Judge o f the
value o f art unassisted by theatrical
effect have now given way to settled
conviction. But. nevertheless, it would
have been interesting to find out what
the day's takings would have amount­
ed to had the quartet openly announc­
ed themselves as the leading lights of
the Austrian musical world. Doubtless
the man in the street, even in Vienna,
does not look for talent in the streets.
lustration, which is portable and can
be u scii repeatedly, will come as a
boon to the medical fraternity. A sim­ R e p r é s e n t â t ! v e o f L a n d S y s t e m W h i c h
ple frame of finished lumber is set up
1* A b h o r r e n t t o I r i s h ,
and attached to the foot of the bed­
Balfour cabinet has
stead. A window frame would he as strengthened itself by the appoint­
effective as anything else for the pur­ ment o f the successor to George
pose. A pulley bracket is attached to
this frame, and provision is made for
has resigned the
Increasing or decreasing the amount of
chief secretaryship
traction applied to the limb by adding
o f Ireland. Wyud-
additional weights, the pull being
ham résigné,! be­
transmitted by a rope to the limb in a
cause his policy,
conveniently shnpon pair o f splints.
which favored a
wider extension of
V i e n n a S t a g e C e l e b r i t ie s Teat P ub li c**
er* to the
J u d g m e n t o f Mneic.
people, was repu-
A merry quartet o f performers msde
by t u e
an Interesting experiment In tbe streets
w a l t tin umu. House
o f Vienna, says the New Orleans mons as well as by the cabinet, and
Time*-I»emocrat, in order to see with naturally his successor was selected
their own eyes how the general public because o f his opposition to auch pol­
would appreciate the highest artistic icy. And that Is for what Walter
talent If it were exhibited in the open Ixing. the new secretary, essentially
street, unannounced and unadorned.
stands. He Is one o f Ireland's ab­
Miss Gerda Walde, prlma donna of sentee landlords and is resolutely op­
W e l l - K n o w n Device o f th e H n rge o n In the Vienna stage; Ixuils Treutnann, the posed to all concessions to Irish feel­
popular comedian o f the Carl Theater: ings. He Is a man of mediocre abil­
Fracture Treatm ent,
Occasionally In the surgical treat­ Edward Kysler, the composer, and A l­ ity, without one atom o f distinction o f
ment of deformities of the limbs, as In fred Deutsch-German, the playwright. auy kind. For a score of years he has
of fr* clun!‘. It la necessary to sus j arrayed In the garb o f ordinary atreet sat In parliameut. but never did any-
tiling to raise his name from the dead
level o f a commonplace party tiack.
As an absentee landlord, he stauils for
a system which has been the bane of
Ireland; and as an opponent to all
concessions to Ireland he has already
invited the hostility o f the Irish peo­
ple. Instead of being a strength he
Is a weakness to the Balfour ministry,
which is rapidly tottering to its fall.
It P a i d to A d v e r t i s e .
The most refractory among dumb
beasts may sometimes be won by per­
sistent kindness. It is also evident that
the obstinate of the human species
may be influenced by an assault o f hu­
I’ hil May, the English artist “ of
most dear memory," had promised to
do a colored design for the Christmas
number of an illustrated weekly pub­
lication. Tbe date fixed on for its de­
livery passed by, and no design had
been forthcoming.
Letters and telegrams were unan­
swered, and when a messenger was
sent to May's house it appeared that
he had gone to Paris without leaving
any address. This, necording to M.
A. P., is what happened next:
The publishers were at their wits’
end. hut one o f them, paying a day's
visit to Margate, was overjoyed to see
May basking in the sunshine by the
water. The publisher did not make
himself known, hut calmly ascertained
whore May was staying.
Then he
hired six sandwich men to parade np
and down before the artist's window,
with boards hearing different legends.
This was their tenor:
“ What about our Christmas cover?”
"W e are waiting for that cover.”
It was a delightful reminder, and in
a few days the publishers received one
of the most brilliant designs May had
ever executed.
Way* and Mean*.
The first time Billings married
Was ia his salad days;
He loTed a maid because, he said.
She had such charming ways.
When a farmer plants his wheat in
the fall he doesn’t expect a harvest in
a week or a month. When you give
an order for a ten-story office build­
ing you don’t go around to the site
the following day and expect to find a
complete building.
The farmer knows he must wait un­
til the seasons and the chemicals o f
the earth work their changes, and you
know that your building must proceed
by gradual stages, brick upon brick,
until finished.
So It is with advertising. The first
Insertion does not Influence the public
mind, nor tbe last, but one added to
the other, every one gathering strength
from those that precede it, gradually
influence the public mind and bring
j to your bank the business you desire.
A single week or a month o f adver­
tising is merely a blow or two o f a
cork against a bar o f steel. Its effect
is absolutely nothing. It is money and
effort wasted, but the continuous, per­
sistent hammering, week after week,
month after month. Is Just as sure to
start the pendulum o f business swing­
ing your way as day is to follow night.
M i* s K e t e l l e K e e l I * H i * H i g h e s t P a i d
W o m a n E m p lo y e .
The highest paid woman In tl;e
United States government service is
Miss Estelle Reel, who is superintend­
ent o f all the In­
dian schools. She
is very hamlsomo
and distinguished-
looking. and not
much over 30 years
of age. Though she
h a s headquarters
at the Indian bu­
reau in Washing­
ton, most o f her
time is spent It»
estelle reel ,
traveling about all
over the country, her task being to Im­
prove the management o f and the edu­
cational methods adopted In the day
schools, boarding schools, kindergar­
tens and other establishments main­
tained by Federal authority for train­
ing the minds and bodies o f our youth­
ful aborigines. Miss Reel's power In
such affairs Is well-nigh absolute, and
she has instituted many Important re­
forms in the schools. Her pay is $ 3,000
a year plus traveling expenses, and
she earns the money.
J n * t a L i t t l e Slap.
Tess— I thought you weren't going
to semi Marie Maclnnes an Invitation
to your tea?
Jess— Oh! I decided that I couldn't
hnrt her feelings that much.
The second time, grown wiser.
Tess— So you sent her one?
He shunned the social queens.
Jess— Yes, but I addressed It to
To a widow's charms laid down hit
"Mias Mary McGinnis.” — Philadelphia
She had such ample means.
—Cleveland leader.
I f a woman is young she always
No. CiNiiena, («„ailing tue town red gets considerable wear out o f a gap
Isn’t one o f the cardinal virtue*.
uient before the bill comes in.