Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, October 06, 1904, Page 5, Image 5

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    Bank, of Fo rest Grove.
Capital, $25,000.
Transacts a general banking
business. C o r r e s p o n d e n t ’s,
Wells F argo & Co. Banks.
Dr. Wm. M. Pollock,
Office over Bazaar, Forest Grove, Or.
All work in the
dental line. R eg-
ulating c h ild r e n
and adult teeth,
Prepared to do
work at night, but
must be by ap-
pointm ent............
C. L. Large, M. D.
, .
Diseases of women a specialty.
Forest Grove,
T h e L e o p a r d a n d t h e K id .
To illu s tra te how perfectly he bad
the anim al u n d er control Professor
P.aeh of B erlin once put a live kid m
the cage w ith a leopard. Then the
professor fixed his glittering eye on
the sav ag e b east and willed th a t he
should rem ain quiescent. There was
somethlng w rong w ith the thought
•* • leopard - immedi­
transference, for the
ately changed his spots, and so did the
kid. A bleat, a growl and a crunch,
and th e Illustration was ruined.
The Parisians are taking up tb -
dea of decorating the fronts of
their houses with window boxes of
flowers. 1 he English have done this
for many years, and this year the
Americans, although in most cases
away from home themselves, have
left the windows of their town resi­
dences filled with bloom for the ben­
efit of the stay in town unfortu­
But the Parisians obtained their
incentive from a wealthy man who
kept his house decorated in this
manner during the last visit of the
English king to the French capital.
Now his example has been eagerly
followed, and prizes are even being
offered for the most tastefully ar­
ranged window flowers. Bulbs,
seeds and small sprouts have been
distributed by prominent Parisians
to encourage the poor to interest
themselves in this pleasant manner
of improving the squalid portions
of the city.— Philadelphia Ledger.
Russell Sage's Bunko Game.
Up-To-Date Grocery
One Door W est of V o rley ’s Teed S to re
We make a specialty of fine Tea, Coffee, Spices, Canned Goods
Fruits, iresh Bread, Etc. Goods are always fresh and new.
Produce Bought and Sold
Goods delivered to any part of town on short notice |
Weitzel & Christian I
P o r t la n d to Q h ica ó o V ia
O. R.
IV. eo.
Oregon S h o r t Lin e ,
Union P a c ific a n d
It is related that recently Bussell
Sage bought a paper of a newsboy,
then, discovering that it was of the
vintage of the day before, demand­
The only Double Trackod Railway be­
ed and received his cent back. The
newsboy indulged in bitter remi-
tween Missouri River and Chicago.. .
1 ni5cence as follow s : Say, wasn t
that the lim it? Can’t bunko that
old feller, with all his money, but he
You ca n ¡¡et on the t r a i n in P o r t l a n d a n d
bunkoed me t ’other day, and I want­
n eed n o t i e t o f f u n t i l yo u a r r i v e in G h l c a i o
ed to get square. Tell youse how it
See that Y o u r T ic k e t R e a d s V ia the
was. The old man came along, took
M i l k a n d B r i g h t ’« D U eanc.
JV. W. R Y .
a pa pc offen me, then dips down in
A physician suffering w ith B right’s his pocket and fishes out a coin, lie
disease and w eighing 155 pounds began
opens me hand, puts the coin in it,
to re stric t him self exclusively to a milk
diet, tak in g one q u art a t each meal, or closes me fingers over tbe coin and
No. 153 Third St., Portland, Or.
three q u a rts daily. Soon no traces of gives me hand a pat. Well, say!
his form er ailm ent w as perceptible. lie I tought sure I had a dime er a
gained th irty pounds in flesh, and this quarter, but when I opens me hand
notw ithstanding constant attention to dere’s nothin’ but a cent, just the
professional duties both day and night. price of the pape! Wasn't that a
a p retty young an m sol m e r e n u g n i
T h e H in do o I d e a o f W i t.
—Chicago News.
bunko game? An’ I couidn’t get
have been some excuse for me, but she
An English lady reform er of uncer­
w as a nasty, old, painted figurehead
square.” ____________.
tain age who visited India to deliver a
E n j o y W h a t Y o n Can.
a beldam e, a flirting, faithless, fic­
Her Wish Gratified.
lecture told tile audience th a t she
To be soured by poverty or to be
kle. foul m outhed, scandnltnongeiing
Born in the last year of the would be happy to answ er any ques­ old liar, whom th e whole world courts,
hardened by it is a m istake—an error
century and therefore tion. upon which a fa t baboo cam e to who m akes fools of nil her wooers and
of thought. Instead of enjoying our life
we are cram ping ourselves. It is as if aged fifteen when the battle of Wa­ the front w ith “How old are you?” changes her lovers as often as she
we w ere set a t a feast and sulkily re­ terloo was fought, Mme. Veuve Du­ “Oh. no,” she replied; “I don’t mean changes her dross, ll e r nam e Is Poli­
fused to enjoy a few dishes because we puis, who is still hale and hearty, questions of th a t sort; only ones con­ tics, and may the plague tnke her!”
could not reach everything on the table was a guest of honor at the unveil­ n ected with the subject of the lecture.”
A O y iia ) P r o p h e c y .
and m ake ourselves sick, like foolish ing of Geromc’s monument, the “Are you forty?” continued the baboo,
nowise abashed. “ No, I won’t unsw er
An English m agazine relate» a curi­
children th a t we a r e —Bliss Carman.
Wounded Eagle, on the scene of the such a question,” was the reply. “Are ous Instance of gypsy prophecy. The
struggle of giants. Her one wish, you fifty?” continued her torm entor. third E arl of M alm esbury, as Lord
A T e l l i n g S tr o k e .
T h e hare easily caught up with the to travel to the battlefield in a mo­ “Oh, no; I told yofl I won’t answ er F ltzhnrris, w as riding to a yeom anry
“Are you sixty?” review n e a r C hristchurch, when his o r­
tortoise. “Well, old man, you’re not tor car, was gratified. She did not, such questions.”
not sixty,” the derly, some distance in front, o rd erel
m uch of a runner." he sneered.
a gypsy w om an to open a gate. The
“No,” adm itted the tortoise, “I ’m not. residence at Chapejle les Herlain
A slilkarrl out partridge shooting was gypsy woman quietly w aited till Lord
I th in k I’ll try for the crew. You see. court, as she did not know how her
soon In tits of laughter, slapping ills F ltzhnrris and Ids staff rode up, when
I’m q u ite a t borne in the shell.”—Prince­ “hoys,” aged eighty and seventy-
thighs in the ecstasy of his glee. On she nddresM-d them , saying, “Oh, you
ton T iger.
eight, would get on without her. It Inquiring the cause of his hilarity, he think you are a lot of fine fellows now.
A D istin ction .
cannot be said that her memories of hurriedly said: “Hush, sahib! Thm but I can tell you th a t one day your
“C an a man patent a scientific dis- Waterloo are very complete or dis­ cooly.” indicating one of the beaters, bones will w hiten In th a t field.” Lord
tinct. All she recollects is that she “has Just been bitten by a green snake, F ltzhnrris laughed and asked her
covery?” asked th e commercial person
“ I t isn ’t usually done.” answ ered the heard at the time of thieves cutting but he thinks it is only a thorn! Don t w hether she tho u g h t they w ere going
scientist. “B u t some of them ought off wounded officers’ fingers to steal i tell him or he’ll be frightened and to hnve a battle, adding It w ns not very
stop beating.”—From General G erard’s likely in th a t case they would choose
to be coyprighted as literary produc­ their rings._______ _
“Leaves From the Diary of a Soldier such a spot. More than forty years
tions.” —W ashington Star.
Inter the field w as turned Into a ceme­
and Sports r r m n ---------- -----
A n E x p e r i e n c e d Opinion.
T riflin g D etail
A U se le s» V e r a ie t .
Of one phase of his life Jokal, the
“Yes.” said the old traveler, “1 wns
H ungarian novelist, w rote in disgust:
“Well, confess It I m ust. I have a on a Jury In C alifornia once. It w as u
sw eetheart, for whose sake I have been m urder trial. I didn’t w nnt the fellow
not. You don’t suppose he would be faithless not only to my wife, but to hanged and so stuck out against the
—Chicago Journ al.
w anting to get m arried if he had. do mv muse a ls o -a sw eetheart who has other eleven for nine days, locked up In
you?—Detroit Free Press.
appropriated my best ideas and whose the Jury room, w hen they gnve In. and
slave I w as and still am. Often have we brought In a verdict of ’Not guilty,
P ik er—W hy did they call
I wasted half my fortune upon her and then I w as ready to sta b myself
diaeval period th e “d ark ages t
“ F a rt is.” said the one man, “I m ar­ and rushed blindly Into m isfortune to w ith spite.”
fessor—B ecause it w as knight time.
“W h at about?”
because I was lonely as much as please her. For her sake I hnve pa­
I ornell W idow .
“ ’Causo the mob bad hanged the p ris­
[o rn n y other renson. To p o t It ten ety . tiently endured Insult, ridicule and rep­
on the very first day we w ere
robation; for her sake I have staked
W hen a real meek m an gets good nn<l I m arried for sympathy.
“Well.” said the other man. “you bav
life and liberty. Now. if she had been
m ad. he com es m ighty near lin in g
mine ”
tits.—A tchison Globe.
Chicago & Northwestern Railway
Two Through Trains Daily