Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, July 31, 1903, Image 1

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An Up-to-D ate Country Newspaper--Republican in P. litics.
V o l . 1.
The field o f The Nev.’S is the first agri­
cultural county of Oregon. First for clover,
for onions, for grapes, and In dairying; It
also leads In diversified farming and Is
famous for fine horses, good cattle and
blooded sheep and goats. Its hay Is being
bought, thousands o f tons of It, by the
government to feed cavalry horses In the
Philippines; Its wines teok gold medals
over California's exhibit at the Chlcage
World's Fair. Its prunes and hops get the
top prices In the market, and sugar beets,
flax, tobacco, sweet potatoes, horse rau
ish, and mushrooms show the variety of
its production.
Its 18,000 people live iu
3500 houses, o f which 2500 are on farms,
and the great majority own their own
homes. Sig wagon roads and two lines ef
railway connect the county with Portland,
metropolis of the Pacific Northwest, fro ».
4 to 32 miles distant, and here is found
ready sale for its products. Good schools,
good roads, a network of farm telephones
and many rural delivery routes affording
dally mall make Washington county a pros­
perous country region with all the con­
veniences o f the city.
Sherwood, July 29.— The town coun­
cil has let a contract to Horace Welch,
the lowest bidder, for digging a ditch
fo r the water main to be laid on Main
street.----- The rural free delivery will
go into operation September 1, witn
four routes and the following carriers:
H. H. Welch, John Owens, E. W. John­
son and O. J. McConnell. The estab­
lishment of these routes Is due to the
push and energy of our postmaster,
Mr. L. S. McConnell.----- Martin and
Joe Gardner are taking a few weeks’
vacation in the mountains.----- Wm.
Slater, of Moro has purchased the Sea­
ton place and put in a shoe store. He
also does repair work.----- The dance
in the A. O. U. W. hall Saturday even­
ing passed off very quietly and a good
time is reported.----- There was a
slight difference o f opinion between
two of our young citizens the other
evening, and in consequence one ot
them wears a rather unfamiliar look.
----- Mrs. B. F. Webster, who has been
quite ill for some time, is some better
at present. ----- Mrs. la n ger, Ferd
Langer. Jr., and Miss Lottie Riggs left
for W ilhoit Springs last Monday. Also
Mrs. Wilson and her daughter Rosa.
----- Our harness maker, Mr. Hall, is
soon to leave for Portland.
..Scholls, July 28.— Sam Pennle. from
Portland, was at Scholls the first of
the week buying up horses.----- Miss
N ellie Adams was at a picnic on Bald
peak Sunday.----- Some of our young
people attended the Laurel dance Sat­
urday.----- Jake Share, the bTacksmith.
has sold out to Henry Hanson, who
will start business right away.-----
Earl Townes, who has been working at
Groner & Rowell's mill, is now work­
ing at Joe Hinton's logging camp at
Laurel.----- Miss Goucher has returned
to her home in McMinnville. She has
heen visiting her friends here. Miss
Grace and Miss Minnie Sutherland.
----- Miss Campbell, o f Portland. Is vis­
iting Mrs. Bud Taylor at Scholls.
Buxton, July 28.— The Misses Lena
and Mary Engertsberger, of Portland,
came out to Buxton last week on a
visit.----- Pomona grange gave up their
visit to Buxton on account of it being
such a busy time of the year.----- Mr.
J. Crabb. of Hillsboro, came through
town last week.----- Mr. D. O’Donnell
went to Forest Grove last week on
business.----- Miss Pauline Goldman, of
Portland, is visiting friends in the
neighborhood.----- Mr. Adam Biscar.
who has lately resided in Portland. Is
moving out to his homestead----- Mrs.
C. Kiink and her daughter. Emma,
visited Portland last week.----- Mr. and
F o rest G r o v e , W a s h in g to n C o u n ty
Centerville, July 29.— Monday was Messrs. Joe and Hugh Moore baled
pay day at the Centerville creamery. twenty tons o f hay, with their new
The patrons were well pleased with steam haypress, for Mr. C. Wunderlich
their returns. A fter all expenses wert last week.----- Miss Lena Ostermann.
paid they received twenty-two cents of Portland, arrived the first of the
per pound fot their butter.----- Mrs. G. week to spend the summer with her
W. Marsh and daughter, Miss Rebecca, brother and sister.----- On Sunday last
are spending a few weeks with Mrs. occurred at the three corners near
Marsh’s sister in Idaho.----- Miss Fran­ Hugh Smith's place one of the most
cis Wilson, formerly of this place, but pleasant picnics ever held in the
now of Portland, is visiting her grand- j county. The large crowd assembled
mother, Mrs. Wrenn.----- Mr. Mueller was entertained by the Vorboort band,
has quit painting on account of his and served refreshments by some ot
He has not been well for the ladies.----- The county road run­
sometime.----- Mr. Peck, our photo­ ning through Centerville is to be enliv­
grapher, has been kept busy of late ened by horse races Sunday.
taking pictures.----- Mr. Wunderlich’s
new house has received its first coat | Seghers, July 3(1.— Father Springer
o f paint.----- W e have heard from a held services here last Sunday. There
visiting agent that our store keeper \ was an ordinarily good attendance,
has the best country store in Wash- j several families coming over from
ington country. H re the farmers can Yamhill county.----- Mr. Roth has been
bring in their produce and take home quite .busy of late baling hay on his
groceries in return.----- Mr. Degroat, of
Portland, is spending a vacation with
his sister-in-law, Mrs. Van Loon.-----
W hile taking water to his father, little
Vincent Reverman received a severe
cut on foot from a mower. Dr. Ward
Mrs. Hans Peterson went to Forest was telephoned for at once and dressed
Grove Monday.----- Mr. Robert Becker the wound with every possible care
will go to the logging camp this week. and did all he could to relieve the lit­
----- Mr. A. Robinson, o f Hillsboro, tle sufferer. As it Is a very bad cut
preached in the Presbyterian church and he cannot use his foot fo r some­
at Buxton last Sunday.----- There will time, it was thought best to send him
be a Sunday school picnic Saturday, to the hospital. So "his father took
August 1, at the Fir Grove church. him to St. Vincent’a hospital, where he
Several schools will take part in the will remain until he can walk again,
which w e hope will not be long.-----
Banks, July 30.— Hon. Benton Killin,
a Portland attorney and one of the
regents of the State Agricultural col­
lege, is out on his ranch for a visit.
- — Mr< Mil's, the blacksmith at For
est Grove, was visiting relatives at
this place Sunday.----- The hay com­
pany, Messrs. Beard. PormTey and
Heltzel, have just finished stacking
hay.----- George Dooley has just bought
one of the largest thresher separators
in Washington county, and expects a
large run this year.----- The picnic at
Fir Grove is to be held Saturday, and
a good time is expected. Everybody
invited.----- It is reported that Mr. E.
Turner, about three weeks ago was
complaining o f his back hurting him.
and on close examination it was found
that he had six large rifle balls fn his
back. W hy it didn’t kill him, and how
and when they got there is a mystery.
West of Forest Grove, July 28.— Ex-
County Commissioner T. G. Todd Is
cutting grain on his Groveland farm
in great shape, having purchased a
new binder.----- Mr. D. C. Stewart’s
house is going right up under the man­
agement of Mr. James Shannon. The
hop yard commonly known as the
Todd hop yard gives promise of a good
yield again this year and Mr. Ander­
son will need help later on.----- Austin
Buxton is in the push. He has his
hay cut. baled and in the barn.-----
Mr. J. A. McCoy is back from the
Coast.----- Mr. Bump of Forest Grove
is getting out piling on B. E. I>amont’s
place. Mr. Lamont has fine timber |
for piling and Mr Bump can get piling
to his own satisfaction.----- Mr. W il­
liam Johnson believes in having things
bandy. H e has tapped a mountain
stream and by means of a ditch around
the hill has brought the water-to his
barn.----- Mr. Ed Knighten had the
happy experience of killing a two-point
deer the other day and some o f his
neighbors were treated to a course of ]
venison.----- Mr. A. J. McRIll and L. E
Jones were up on David's Hill taking
In the sights on Sunday last. They
say that the scenery is all right and
the prospect for prunes and grapes
was never better, or at least they
were so informed. As these gentlemen
are from the East only since last fail
they have to be told about things in
Oregon.----- The blackberry season Is
here and the women folks are filling
the cans with the delicious fruit, and
the mountain slopes resound with the
merry laughter of the children of the
berry pickers.----- Mr. Bush has been
painting the interior o f his house of
late.----- The Alexander brothers are
still In the throes of hay making. They
have a fine large place and all kinds
of hay. They also have some fine
looking, spring sown wheat, and just
across the road from this wheat field
Mr. T. G. Todd hag oats (hat are
simply immense.
O r e g o n , J u l y 31, 1 9 0 3 .
N o . 11
their hay In the barns.----- Mr. and church Sunday, as he has a new field
Mrs. Nels Johnson were at their farm calling him.----- Miss Mina McLeod and
Friday, returning to Forest Grove In cousins, Mr. and Miss Livingston, re­
the evening.----- Mr. C. H. Standbridge turned Sunday from Pumpkin Ridge,
has made a drag hay rack, to use on where they were visiting relatives.-----
his farm, finding It much more con- j Died, July 26, Mr. Tom Gerrish’s little
venient than the wagon.----- Mr. Stand- i son. aged 6 years. He was sick only
bridge Is peeling chlttem bark and a short time with spinal meningitis.
buying all he can. If you have any | ----- M r l>an Mcl^eod, of Patton Val­
to sell, write him at Gasion.----- Mr. | ley, returned home Monday from
Dan Livingston, a lawyer practicing in | Washington, where he has been head
Nebraska City, and sister, Miss Miriam j timber faller in a logging camp. While
Livingston, arrived here Monday even­ in the logging camp he received $50
ing from Lorton. Nebraska, and are a month for his labor.
visiting their relatives in Patton Val­
Beaverton, July 29.— There was a
ley, Mr. Alan McLeod and Mr. Finley
McLeod and families. They expect to general move around in town Monday.
stay until the middle of August.----- Mr. George Liverm ore into his new
Mrs. Mary Smith, of Forest Grove, is house, Mr. William Squires into the
visiting with Mrs. W escott at Wescott house vacated by Livermore, the Hugh-
farm, about one mile west of Gaston. sons In’ o the house vacated by Squires
-----Mr. J. Callahan, of Patton Valley, and the part that speaks well for
started Saturday for Eastern Oregon, Beaverton is they all go into homes of
to be one of the army of workmen their own.----- Horace Llvengood re­
needed in the harvest fields. Wages turned Monday. Things will look na­
are much better there, being from $4 tural again now with Horace around
to $2.50 per day.----- Mr. Frank Mc­ again. ----- Beaverton people should
Kenzie was visiting at Mr. Leabo’s have plenty of grit now that the dust
camp Sunday.----- Mr. W illie Bates and flys so plentiful.----- Taylor, the well-
wife, of McMinnville, w ere'visiting his digger from Hillsboro, was in town
father, Mr. Joseph Bates and family. Monday working in the railroad well.
Mr. Bates and w ife will return horns ----- Mr. C. W. Allen and family and
Mondav. ----- Rev. Edward Curran Wm. Gasktl attended the funeral of
preached an excellent sermon Sunday Mrs. Allen’s father at Gales Creek
in the Congregational church of Pat­ Wednesday. ----- Earl Evans writes
ton Valley, his subject being "Christ, home that he is having quite a time
the Perfect Example.” The reverend over on the coast, eating crabs and
gentleman sent in his resignation as lobsters.
ranch.-----Harvesting is not over yet
down here, and farmers are wishing
for a continuance o f fair weather.-----
Quite a number found a cool shady
place where they took their refresh­
ments. and enjoyed a phonograph con­
cert given by Mr. Frank Van Dom-
e l e n . ----------------------------
Patton Valley, July 28.— Mr. Leabo’s
son, Lloyd Leabo, while riding the
horse used to haul the hay in the
barn on the derrick fork, received a
bad sprain; the horse stumbled and
fell on his ankle. Lloyd was unable
to walk.----- Messrs. Johnson and
i Leabo have succeeded In getting all pastor of Patton Valley Congregational
Before and After in Washington County
G RO U N D .
SM k
Glencoe, July 29.— W ill Joos has
been very low with lung fever, but is
slowly improving, and the doctor
thinks he will recover, provided he
does not take a relapse.----- Mrs. Chas.
W alter returned home last Saturday
l i v i n g her mother much Improved in
health.----- Mr. Arthur Hand, o f Poi*l-
land, is visiting with Mays Bros.—
Clyde Lincoln and Preston Berry have
gone to Dllley to help J. W. Goodin
build a bridge.----- The Misses Lillian
and Florence Goodin, of Salem, and
Estelle Goodin, of Grants Pass, spent
Sunday at the home of J. W. Goodin.
----- Miss Lois Bowlby and Eva Cor­
nelius are spending the week with
Mrs. W. E. Mays, who is quite poorly.
----- E. C. Mays is home from the Port­
land Sanitarium very much improved
in health.----- Richard Connell and
wife, of Portland, visited with his
brother, Jos. Connell.----- W. C. Darety
Is slowly Improving, and Is now able
to go around with the help of
Sherwood, July 29. — Miss Dora
Smock, S. P. agent at this place, has
returned home from an extended visit
with friends In California.----- D. O.
Stevenson, formerly of this place, but
now agent for the J. I. Case Co., made
Sherwood a flying visit on business.
----- The city In the near future con­
templates laying about 450 feet o f
three-inch water main. This will make
about 1100 feet o f the three-inch pipe
laid by the city In the past year.-----
H. H. Eyman, who form erly kept an
undertaking establishment at this
place, and moved the same to Prosser,
Wash,, has Just recently returned. Mr.
Eyman says that there is no place
like Sherwood even for the coffin man.
----- W e understand that the Sherwood
school board has been having some
little trouble In securing teachers for
the coming school term. The writer
has been informed that there Is still
a vacancy in the prlnclpalship for an
experienced man teacher.----- E. W.
Johnson, who has been engaged In the
general merchandise business In this
place for the past two years, has sold
his stock of goods, to J. C. Smock.
Mr. Johnson contemplates acting as
one of Uncle Sam’s mall carriers about
the first of September.----- W e have
Just been Informed that the four R.
F. D. mail route from this place which
was examined about one year ago. will
commence operation first of Septem­
ber. This will be a great relief to the
many of the patrons o f the various
routes who purchased boxes about one
year ago and now their expectations
are about to be realized.----- It has
been reported on good authority that
after the first o f September, the Mid­
dleton postoffice will be discontinued,
and the firm of Poole A Ashpoole will
move their business to Sherwood.
Sherwood Is not the deadest place by
any means, and we expect to see Tl-
rar.lsvllle and Tualatin follow suit.