Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, June 26, 1903, Page Page Six, Image 6

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    P a g * Six.
Over the County
A few second-hand sewing machines
hi first-class order for sale cheap at
“The Bazaar, Forest Grove.
Alexander Chalmers, of Centerville,
was one of the 34 members of the
graduating class of Portland Academy
who received their diplomas Friday
When wanting a good smoke call at
Hines Bros.’
John Gleason has purchased the
Hingler engine and taken It to Beaver­
ton, where he Is going to run a log saw.
The Bazaar, Forest Grove, has just
gotten in a big stock of firecrackers,
torpedoes and allclasses of fireworks.*
Miss C. P. Goemans, from De Pere,
Wis., is spending the summer at the
liotne of J. W. Vandervelden, and vis­
iting her relatives, the Van Dykes,
the Bernards and the Vanderveldens.
Miss Goemans is much pleased with
Oregon and Is enjoying her visit.
come and came back to Cornelius to
And his daughter here.----- Mr. Barn­
hart, an uncle of C. B. Buchanan, who
has been in the mines for some time,
came back to Cornelius this week to
stop awhile with friends and relatives
----- The Southern Pacific has a lot of
fencing on cars in Cornelius, ready to
commence fencing the track west of
town. It is stated that they will fence
25 miles this year.----- A representa­
tive o f the Washington County News
was in Cornelius Wednesday.----- Jos.
Moore’s horse, with an empty buggy,
Wednesday morning took a flying trip
of his own accord from Porter's nur­
sery through Cornelius to the picnic
grounds, and was stopped at T. H.
Miller's barn, with no damage done.
Gaston, June 25.— Misses Edna Jen­
sen and Mabeile Matteson returned
Thursday from
where they have been attending the
Normal school.----- Quite a number
from here attended the Woodmen pic­
nic, at Cornelius, Saturday.----- Mr.
Cooper, traveling salesman for Selz,
Schwart & Co., of Chicago, spent
Thursday in town selling J. D. Hibbs
a fall stock o f boots and shoes.----- Mr.
Beryin, of Kent, Wash., was here for a
few days looking over his three hun­
dred-acre dairy ranch, which he pur­
chased last fall from Mrs. Ball----- An
ice cream social Is to be given in the
Artisan Hall. Saturday evening, June
27, by the W. O. W. lodge, the proceeds
to be given to the Heppner sufferers.
----- Mrs. Paul Kelty, of Portland, spent
a few days at the home of her brother,
E. L. Jeter.
Remember that Hughes, the hard­
ware man, sells the McCormick bind­
ers, mowers and rakes. He Is the
only man in the city who gets his
machinery in carload lots. This sav­
ing In freight makes it possible to get
ao much profit as others, and still sell
D ille y, June 25.— W e have Ies3 peo­
lieiow what they can afford.
* ple, pomp, and power, than some other
cities, but we have a nice little city,
Bernard Ostermann, who after 18 all the same, not very far from a big
.years o f hard work has cleared 68 one, and just as much room, fresh air,
acres of the 70 on his farm, has one of sunshine and as many stars and cloud3
the finest ranches in the county, splen­ as anybody else.— Mrs. McPherson and
didly fruited with all varieties of ap­ daughter madea business trip to the
ples, peaches, prunes, cherries and county seat on the 18th.----- Mr. Ja­
grapes in abundance. Mr. Ostermann cob Saunders, an old resident, who has
has been making an excellent grade one of the best places in town, and
of wine from his surplus cherries. who is a good citizen and a conscieu
Tw o boxes of cherries submitted to tious Christian gentleman, is doing a
T h e News as samples were very much large business in strawberries, cher­
appreciated, and evidenced the merit ries and chickens.—>T— Mr. Arnold, at
of the fruit.
Salem, was reported dead, not Mr.
Vaught, as was in The News last week.
Mrs. Seldler, wife of the
section Mr. Vaught lately moved from here to
foreman at Cornelius, died Wednes­ Hillsboro.----- Mr. Orr, who came here
day, aged about forty years.
She from the East some months ago, and
leaves a husband and five children.
who lost his wife soon after their ar­
All Lutherans of the county are in- rival, and who was for some lime in
•vlted to attend the convention of Ger­ the employ of the S. P. R. R. Co., is
man Lutheran churches which will be now blowing stumps for Mr. Mink.-----
held at Blooming the week July 1 to S. During the big storm of two weeks ago
About forty ministers will be present. lightning struck a large fir stub near
the house of Mr. Van Meter, hut no
A policeman in full uniform
has harm was done.----- If any one wants to
been an Interesting figure this week buy fine timber, or land with Umber,
on the evening west side trains from address box 45, Dilley, Or.----- The
Portland, going as far as the summit daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rounds, from
and returning on the Incoming train. near North
visited her
W hether as a protection against hold­ parents here several days ago.----- Tw o
ups or to prevent youngsters throw­ nieces of Mr. Van Meter, from Port­
ing stones at the train the conductor land, were here over last Sunday visit­
will not disclose.
ing.— Mr. Donald Martin, from Scog­
gins Valley, went through to the Grove
F. K. Van Domelln began Thursday Monday. He has the heartfelt sym­
in his
«sitting piles for Mr. Bradley on P. pathy of his many friends
J. Ritchie'B place, two miles east ot long and serious struggle with that
Gaston. The contract with Mr. Ritchie dread disease, diabetes, and many
is to cut all on his place, which will prayers are being offered for his re­
b e about 250. Whetstone Bros, have covery.----- Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds,
been cutting wood for some time on from Dayton, Or., spent a few days
the P. J. Rich place, and have a num­ with the lady's father, Mr. Vail, this
week.----- Mr. Bramman is engaged ex­
b er of cords cut and corded.
The question of closing the Hill tensively in handling piling.
school house near Gaston to religious
Headquarters for barbed wire, sta­
s e n ices has been decided by the vot­
ples, fenco netting, ready mixed paints
e rs in the negative.
The band benefit Saturday evening (house and floor), In any color, lime,
w ill not only be a dance worth at­ cement, nails, staples, at W. B. Hicks.'*
tending, but the excellent work the
band Is doing deserves notice.
band Is a credit to the city, and is en­
titled to encouragement.
Get your picture* at Meresse's, and
* e t them at cost.
Cornelius. June 28.— Mrs. Ida Doug­
las. a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
M errill, Is visiting her parents. She
la from Nebraska and is expecting to
remain here all summer. Mrs. Doug­
la s la so well pleased with the coun­
try that she may induce her husband
to sell out and come to Oregon.------
T h e wife of Herman Seldler. who died
Monday morning at her residence neat
town, was buried today in Cornelius
«■emetpry. Rev. Mr. Clemo preaching
the funeral at the church. There was
a large gathering of friends.
Setdler’s brother and two sisters, from
YMrtland, attended the funeral.------
Mrs. Sam Aplln. from Rainier, who
baa been here visiting her relatives
fo r some time, has gone to Yamhill,
-where ahe win spend a fey daya with
ber sister------Chris Peters made a fly­
ing trip to Portland one day this week.
------ Ben Srholtteld’s new house la
looming up in good shape.------There
was a man. who shall he nameless, but
be tlvea in Cornelius, who went to
Portland to meet his daughter from
the Rant. She came out on the even­
ing train and he stayed a day or two
« n d concluded she was not going to
O R E ., J U N E
26, 1903.
I^eal Estate Bulletii]
bitching chain at the court house
square on Friday evening and drove
out on the North Plains with the rig.
$10,500— T h e best p a y in g s a w m ill in
On being pursued by Sheriff J. W.
W a s h in g to n C ou n ty, w ith 400 acre*
Sewell, the party abandoned the rig
land, 30 u n d e r c u ltiva tio n , 2 a cre s
and has not yet been captured.
ch oice o rc h a rd and in s m a ll fru its,
Edward Berst was taken to the ays-
100 a c re s first-c la ss s a w tim b e r un­
1pm at Salem Monday by SherlfT Sew­
touched, 160 a c re s fre e p a stu re or
ell. H e was home on a leave of ab­
range, 50 a c re s bottom land e a sy to
sence from that institution, but be­
clear, one la rg e fra m e h o u se and
came violent and had to be taken
three sm a lle r d w e llin g s;
house on p ro p e rty ; b ig s h e d s and
Mrs. E. P. Hughes and children have
large b a rn s and all n e c e ss a ry o u t­
been visiting friends here this week.
b u ild in g s ; $12,000 sa w m ill, w ork- i
J. W. Shute, agent for Rachel Haw­
ing 8 men, w ith o r d e rs on h a n d fo r 1
thorne, placed a mortgage of $35,000
all the lu m b e r it ca n su p p ly , p a y in g
on the Hawthorne estate near Hills­
clea r of all exp e nse 8 per ce nt on
boro, on the 15th of this month. The
investm en t.
Telephone, ru ra l m ail
place has an acreage o f near 886 acres.
delivery, fine road to ra ilw a y . A ll
John Halvorsen and one Mr. Bews
to be so ld fo r $10,500, on re ason ab le
were tried before Justice H. T. Bagley
term s. A d d r e s s A2, ca re W a s h in g -*
for the larceny of a horse on W elnes
ton C o u n ty N e w s, F o re s t G rove, Or. I
day. On hearing the evidence the case $3.250— A fine c o u n try hom e, w ith |
was dismissed.
p ro d u ctive f a rm ;
S8 a c re s ch oice
W. F. Hollenbeck
was informed
farm , 28 a c re s in hay, 6 a c re s of
against for obstructing the public road
pru ne s, 4 a cre s apples, sm a ll fru it
near his mill near Mountalndalc. The
(a ll b e a rin g ) in a b u n d a n c e ; liv in g
trial is before H. T. Bagiey, Justice of
w ater, fine 2'/2 sto ry fra m e d w e llin g,
the Peace.
good barn, good fru it h o u se and
drier, on G a le s C re e k ro ad a n d c o n ­
d ensed m ilk fa c to ry route.
R u ra l
m ail d e live ry , telephone, ne ar good
school. $3,250, lib e ra l term s.
d re ss A3, ca re W a s h in g t o n C o u n t y 1
N e w s, F o re s t G rove, Or.
In the matter of the estate of Wm.
E. Smith, deceased. Final report and
account filed. July 27, 1903, set for
hearing objections to account.
In the estate o f Jacob Brugger, de
ceased, a petition filed to set aside will
of deceased. July 7, 1903, at 10 o’clock
$2750— A good farm , 2 m ile s fro m F o r ­
a. m. time set for hearing cause.
est G ro v e ra ilw a y sta tio n ; 78'/2
Letters of administration Issued to
acres, 25 h a y la nd ; o rc h a rd of
Henry W. Jones, administrator of the
200 ap p le trees, 100 p e a r trees,
estate o f Washington Jones, deceased
225 p ru n e trees, 500 gra p e vin es, I
Estate of Leopold Fuchs.
Final a<-
in b e a irn g ; 2 a c re s of b e rrie s
count and report filed.
July 27, 1903,
and s m a ll fru its ; good
fra m e
at 10 o'clock a. m. set for hearing, ob­
a te r;
good road to to w n ;
2 m ile s to
Estate o f Daniel McFall.
c o n d e n se d m ilk factory, 1 m ile
trator ordered to turn over balance of
fro m sa w m ill, on e-h alf m ile to
property on hand to Mrs. Win. Jam­
o ol house. Im m e d ia te p o s se s ­
On filing of receipts, estate /
sio n g iv e n ; $2750, on re aso n ab le
will be closed of record.
term s. A d d r e s s A.4, ca re W a s h ­
Guardianship of Chas. G. Seth, a mi
in g to n
C o u n ty
N e w s,
F o re st
nor. Guardian and heirs of Thos. Seth
having agreed upon a partition of the
land belonging to this estate, It was
$4000— F in e s t p ru n e ra n c h in W a s h ­
ordered that said real estate agreed
in g to n C o u n ty ; 44 a c re s on the
upon be turned over to Catherine S. I
G a le s c re e k ro ad ; 1080
p ru ne
McLeod upon condition that, she and
trees, and a few a p p le trees. So ld
her husband relinquish their right to
17 to n s of p u rn e s last y e a r of
ihe balance o f said estate.
good q u a lity : No. 1200
A lle n
Estate of S. S. Bateman, deceased,
P ru n e D r y e r ; n e ve r failed, and
inventory and appraisement filed show­
e sp e c ia lly fine cro p t h is y e a r to
ing property valued at $322.
C ir c u it C ourt.
Max Burgholzer of Buxton, Oregon,
has brought suit for divorce from his
w ife Anna Burgholzer.
The com.
plaint states that plaintiff and defend­
ant were married in 1899, and that-iu
1902, the defendant deserted plaintiff.
Uren & Schuebel, of Oregon City, are
attorneys for plaintiff.
M a r r ia g e L ice n se .
License to wed was granted by Coun­
ty Clerk Geo. A. Morgan to Wm. H.
Buxton and Lille M. Porter.
E s ta te T r a n s f e rs .
g o w ith the place; a lso 12 a c re s
in c lo v e r; 10 o r 12 a c re s in c u l­
t iv a tio n ; no h o u se ; good w a te r
y e a r a ro u n d ; 2 m ile s fro m G a le s
C re e k postoffice, n e a r ru ra l m all
route, a n d telephone.
1'/i m ile
to s c h o o l; all fe n ce d ; a p a y in g
in v e stm e n t.
A d d r e s s A 5, ca re
o f W a s h in g t o n
C o u n ty
N e w s.
F o re s t G rove, O re go n .
M . A. S M I T H
O ste o p a th ic P h y s ic ia n .
O FFICE: A t Residence of R. E. Nich-
olson. HOURS: 9 to 12 a. m „ 2
to 5 p. m.
E. W. Haines et ux to B. H. Laugh-
lin; 148x100 ft. In block 3 City of
F o r e s t G ro v e
. . . .
O re go n
Forest G r o v e ...................................$800
Tom Smy to John W. Burrus et ex;
SE% o f SEVi of Sec 13 T2N R 4 W
............................................. $1500
Joseph Henrotte to L. H. Baldwin;
lots 20, 21. and 22 in block 25 W. Port­
land Heights Addition to Portland,
................................................. $50
T. W. Thompson et ux to M. Catlie
rtne Robertson: 50x100 feet in lot 1,
block 20 in Forest G r o v e ............. $150
Sarah E. Manning et al to Herman
Kamma: 175 acres in Carlos D. Wilcox
D. L. C. in T. 1 N R 2 W ......... $8n00
J. T. Gerrish et ux to Bruce F. Pur­
dy; 1004* acres in section 33 and 34
T 1 8 R 4 W ............................... $3500
William H. Gerrish to B. F. Purdy;
116.41 acres In Sec 33 T 1 S R 4 W.
............................................. $3500
R. II. Benham et ux to Harry A. Al­
exander; lots 7 and 8 block 18 of the
City o f Beaverton......................... $100
Wm. Ward Felter et ux to Donala
Martin; WV4 of SE>4 of Sec 24 T 1 S
R 5 W. 80 acres...............................$600
Haver Karl to Adam Engle; tract 16
is a superior 5 cent cigar. They |
and 14 In Peachvale.................... $700
might have made other brands as
Mary Durst Untereker to Margaret
good, but they didn't.
Durst Rice. SW14 o f SBV* and lot 1
in Sec No 22 T 2 N R 3 W. 76 acres,
......... $1 and other considertalon.
Henry Durst to Margaret Durst,
same land.
Mary Durst et ais to Margaret Durst
Rice; same lands.
Margaret Durst Rice to James E.
Dickason: same lands.
Wm. H. Buxton to H. T. Buxton i
4.7 acres in Sec 31 T 1 N R 3 W . .$100
R. U. Howard to J. C. Meier; 41.62
acres In J. R. Porter D. L. C....... $750
For sale in Forest Grove by
Samuel Kunz et ux to Hans Cornlls;
H acre in Sec 19 T 1 N R 1 W . .$350
R. E . N I C H O L S O N A S O N
The graduating exercises of the pub­
lic school were held at the opera house
Friday evening, the 19th. The pro­
gram was arranged on a different plan
from those of preceding years, none of
the pupils taking any active part. The
program was as follows: Invocation.
Rev. Kennedy: instrumental solo. Miss
Wilma Waggoner; address by Prof.
Campbell, of the Monmouth Normal
School; vocal solo hy Mrs. O. B. Gates;
violin solo by Miss Cornelia Barker,
of Portland; vocal solo by Fred Vroo-
man; presentation of diplomas by Di­
rector 8. B. Huston, and benediction
by Rev. Day. The proceeds of the even­
ing were sent to the sufferers in the
Heppner disaster.
Crescent Mills Pay 75 cents for wheat
Mr. Conway, the new station agent,
has assumed his duties at the depot
this week.
Miss Lillie M. Barter and Mr. Wm.
The well being dug for the Hillsboro Buxton
were married Wednes lay
condensed milk plant struck a strong afternoon at the home of the bride's
spring and work had to be stopped un­ parents. M r and Mrs. L. 8. Porter, by
til a larger pump could be Installed to Rev. Daniel Staver. and after the elab­
keep the water away to allow digging orate wedding dinner took the after­
to proceed.
noon train for their future home at
Some Individual drove Louie Man- IVmoca. Cal . whither the beet wishes
ning's horse and buggy away from the ' of a host of friends accompany them
Just T r y a
P arrot
A new line of wall paper. Nothing
freshens up a home and gives
much lasting pleasure for so little
money as tastefully decorated walla
and celling. No excuse for dingy
rooms now; variety to suit every
taste. Prices that will harmonize
with any pocket book. Roe A Bux­
$ 18.50
W ill b u y one of
th o se
f a s M c n a b ly cut, m sd e -to -m e a su re Su ita
so m u ch so u g h t a fte r b y goo d d re sse rs.
T h e fa b r ic s are e x c lu siv e w ith u s and
a re m a n u fa c tu re d fro m
gra d e o f O re g o n w ool.
in v ite
c o m p a riso n
h ig h e st
w ith
oth e r
S u it s s e llin g fo r $22.50 to $30.00. It w ill
re su lt f a v o ra b ly fo r us, w e a re sure.
Mr, John Anderson of Forest Grove ¡s Our
Agent. Ask Him to Show You Samples
Salem Woolen M ills
T H IR D S T R E E T ,
Dugan &
Summer Goods Summer Goods
. . . . . Summer Goods
' r T ~:
all o f v-nth can be obtained at D U G A N & W A T R O U S ’ at the
m o s t reasonable price. W e have a very complete line to select from.
W ill also offer the balance of our stock of Ladles’ and Misses'
Straw Hats at a clearance price as follows:
$1.00 q u a lity reduced to ............................................................. 5 9 C
75c q u a lit y reduced to .................................................................. ...
50c q u a lit y reduced to ................................................................
39 c
W e a re o ffe rin g the fo llo w in g a rtic le s at rock-b ottom p ric e s:
3 c a n s T o m a t o e s ...........................................................
3 c a n s C o rn .................................................................
3 c a n s P e a rs ...............................................................
2 packages
F o rc e
........................................................ 25C
3 p a c k a g e s P r e s t o ........................................................... 25c
1 g a llo n P u re M a p le S y r u p .......................................... $1.15
S a g o and T a p io c a at 5c p e r pound.
Dugan & Watrous
F o rest
G r o v e ’s
L e a d in g
ch an ts.
It S t ill in G a sto n w ith a com plete sto c k
P R I C E S on a ll g o o d s gu a ra n te e d ae low ae they ca n be bought, q u a lity c o n ­
Capcd Jelly Glasses 35c Per Dozen
P r ic e s o n o th e r go o d s in p ro p ortion.