Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, June 19, 1903, Page Page Seven, Image 7

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    T H E W A S H IN G T O N C O U N T Y N E W S ,
About People «• |
G. A.R. —.?. B. Matthews' Post meets
For the best candies and fresh fruits
first and third Wednesday In
call at the City Bakery.
Verts Hall at 1:30 p. m. F. S. Barnes,
Hon. Ben Scholfleld, of Cornelius, Commander; F. B. Starrett, adjutant.
attended the commencement exer­
cises at the' Monmouth State Normal
George Naylor Is having the sec
the fore part of this week, being a ond story of his brick business block
member of the board of regents.
on Main street renovated, papering
and painting and making it more a:
We keep a tine line of groceries, tractive to those having occasion to
tobaccos and cigars. Hines Bros. * visit the offices located there.
- - • - l
City Marshal Cronin desires tp call
Senator W. H. Wehrung, of Hills­
boro, president of the state board 01 the attention of property owners to
agriculture; J. Sharkey, Greenville; their sidewalks. Several are needing
W. Bagley, Hillsboro; J. Mahoney, repairs which the city will have "to
Forest Grove, and W. E. Evans, T. make if the owners do not get to
D. Witzel and Daniel Boreland, all work promptly. Thistles also must
of Beaverton, were registered at Port- be cut and it is cheaper to do it your­
self, but the city will cut them if It
and hotels Wednesday.
has to, and collect from the property
Farm for rent for term of year3, 1 for the trouble.
mile from Forest Grove,
Langley &
How about your printing? If you
get it of The News it will be a little
W. P. Tucker, Hillsboro; W. H. H. better and not so expensive, . Costs
Myers, Forest Grove; F. M. Kilgore, nothing to inquire.
Sherwood, ex-representative H. V.
Sates, Hillsboro, were in Portland
School district No. 12 at its annual
meeting at Greenville Monday, elected
Alfred Young director, and re-elected
Roe & Buxton have a large new
John Vanderwal clerk. The other di­
tock of extension dining tables, best
rectors are John Ireland and Frank
tyles and all varieties, at prices that
Loyd, the latter being chairman.
ught to place them in every home in
he county.
Born—Ito the wife of Wm.
Marsh, of near Centerville, on the
J. A. Kremer, Hillsboro; G. A. Mor­
14th inst., a 10-pound daughter, Dr.
an, Hillsboro; W. B. Walker, C. Pros­
C. E. Geiger attending.
ar and J. Williams, all of Beaverton;
3. J. Hubbert, Cornelius, were in
No strike at our laundry. Take your
’ortland last Friday and Saturday.
laundry to Wirtz’ barber shop. Try
on house, where both new and sec- our baths, too.
nd-hand goods can be had at reason-
ble prices.
Rev. P. Anselin, O. S. B., of Port­
land, visited Father L. Verhaag a,
Mrs. Sarah A. Evans, the new presi­ Verboort last week.
dent of the Portland Women's Club, is
the mother of the young elocutionist
Charles A. I.ampkin, of Hillsboro,
who, under her maiden name of Miss was among the successful candidates
Besse Evans, made so many friends before the State Board of Pharmacy
here four and five years ago.
and is now a licensed druggist.
19, 1903.
Rag* Sevan
Over the County
: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • » • • • :
-,ii i.
; '' i a .
Just one line, but that complete—
everything in - hardware and agricul­
tural implements, bought- right and
will be sdld' right, for we feive our ex­
clusive attentloh to getting the worth
of our money, so you can get the worth
of yours. J. H. Wesicott.
Centerville, June 17.—The school
election passed very smoothly. Mr. J.
Marsh was re-elected clerk, and Mr.
John Van Zorn director.
Call at the Centerville store for the
NBnnopole brand of Canned Fruits and
vegetables, and also for spices—the
best in the world.
For horseshoeing and general
hlacksmithing, call on Mr. Adam Biel,
Centerville, Oregon.
Miss Maud Marsh, of Centerville,
closed a very successful term of
school in the Roy district last Fri­
Woodmen will gather in force
from all over the county tomorrow
(Saturday, 20th) at Cornelius. The
day’s program is: 10 a. m„ parade,
led by Forest Grove band; ball game,
Cornelius vs. Gaston. 1 p. m., mu­
sic by bands; recitations by members
of Gaston Circle; address of welcome
by mayor of Cornelius; address by
W. M. Hare, and drill by ladies of
Cornelius Circle; tug of war by
Camps; baseball, Forest Grove vs.
Gaston. After supper: Team work,
log sawing and chopping contest;
nail driving for ladies; sawing and
chopping contest for ladies; potato
race; wheelbarrow race; foot race
for camps; foot race for ladies. Go,
take a well-filled basket, and have a
good time.
A few second-hand sewing machines
in first-class order for sale cheap at
The Bazaar, Forest Grove.
E. C. Hubbert was given by Mayor
Kane a copy of Heppner’s appeal,
showing it to the citizens of Dilley,
with the result that $50 was quickly
subscribed by that thrifty town.
All kinds of builders’ hardware a,
lowest prices. J. H. Westcott.
J. 8. Buxton was busy on his lawn
Thursday afternoon with a scythe, It
appearing that the use of the lawn
mower was not violent enough to re­
duce the surplus avoirdupois which so
becomes the dignity of an alderman,
The Tuesday Afternoon Club, whieli
A good advertisement !* easy for but yet is slightly uncomfortable dur­
has been reading the works of some a store that gives good values.
* ing warm weather.
of our modem authors during the
winter, met yesterday it the home of
Wanted—A woman, German pre­
Money saving is buying our grocer­
Mrs. Graham. The ladies have just ferred, who would desire a good home
ies. Good enough for anybody and
finished “The Spenders,” by Harry at fair wages, to keep house and act
Leon Wilson, and so voted to adjourn as companion to an elderly lady. In­ cheap enough for everybody. Dugan &
for the summer, but to reorganize in quire at News office, or address J. H. Watrous.
the fall. The club has been doing Wirtz, Forest Grove.
some good work, as well as taking
Mrs. J. E. Kirkland, of Independ­
the foremost place Among literary cir­
Tarmers, we cater to your wants, ence, is here visiting N. L. Adkins,
cles of the city.
take your produce and will treat you Southern Pacific agent.
Parsons is making a leader in a right. Dugan & Watrous.
Pianos, $50.00 down, $10 per month;
$10.00 buggy harness. See him.
organs, $10.00 down. $4.00 per month,
Dr. C. W. Lowe, the McMinnville
Misses Bertha Whittaker and Katie oculist, who has visited Forest Grove at The Bazar, Forest Grove.
ickson went to Amity Sunday for a regularly twice a year for many years
past, has been at the Forest Grove
w days' visit.
Wanted—Buyers lor mutton sheep.
Hotel this week.
Apply News office.
Pleasure and economy in summer
dress goods. See the pretty styles in
Photos enlarged, photos on china,
For Sale—Some Angora goats and
our new line. Washable fabrics, styl­ fancy placques. Attractive and inter­ Cotswold sheep. Edward L. Naylor,
ish, comfortable and not too expensive. esting ornaments. Meresse, the pho­
For fine work In enlarging, Paclfl-
Come and look them over. Dugan & tographer.
Lumber— All kinds of undressed
Mrs. Sarah E. Crow, of the Michigan
and planed.
Delivered. Price the
Miss I .aura Day, who is teaching at House, has the stone on the ground,
very best. Apply at News office or
Glenwood, spent several days at home
which burned some time ago, for the Clarence Miller, Gales City.
foundation of a modern hotel of 35
during commencement.
It’s genius to wait, but it is business
Your will find the best ice cream rooms, which will be pushed to com­
advertise for the thing you are
and the nicest parlor at the City
* bought the property adjoining the, waiting for.
water tower, also has announced he
The Misses McKercher were the will put up a big hotel building, and
Over 24 houses are now under con­
guests of Rev. Cephas Clapp.
another is going up near the depot, so struction in Forest Grove, with the
Forest Grove will soon have ample ac­ material on the ground. Mayor F. T.
If the visitor at the eoporation din­ commodations for all visitors.
Kane has made close investigation
ner who wore off a King 7% hat in­
and says over 55 new dwellings will go
stead of a Crescent 7Vi will call at the
You cannot afford to neglect your up here during the summer, a flatter­
News office, an exchange can be ami­ eyes.
Better have them tested (it ing indication of growth.
cably settled. The need of a larger costs nothfng) by Mayne Abbott, the this, papering, painting, repairs and
hat has probably worn off by this
expert optician at Abbott & Son’s • additions are making the preseul
buildings more attractive and com­
Watches and diamonds, best grades,
fortable and show prosperity.
For Gold Heart brand North Da­ on small weekly payments if you pre­
kota flour, see Hines Bros
fer. A safe investment and an easy
Ladies’ and gents' furnishing good«
way to save. Abbott & Son's
• up-to-date and best selection In town
J. A. McGaughey. tuner, and Chas.
Biggest stock for your selection. Du-
Soule, of the firm having the Stein­
The choice of Forest Grove's God­
way agency at Portland, were in town
Tuesday and Wednesday. Pianos for dess of Liberty for July Fourth will
Henry Scheuermann, of Blooming,
Mrs. Day. of the Grove, and Mrs. be made by popular vote (5c a ballot 1
is repainting his dwelling and barn,
McClaran. of Gates Creek, were put from among these young ladies, who
have been selected by the committee: one of the finest homes in the county.
In order.
Misses Alice Reynolds, Mary Bailey,
Attorney J. J. Hoffman has begun Maud Shannon, Jessie Buxton, Pearl
M. R Cheney, the tinner, is now
suit in Justice Wirtz's court against Chandler, Manche I-angley, Florence located one door west of Hughes’,
John Kennedy for Albert Mizner. to Contris. Mary Farnham and Eva Cur- an<$ is prepared to do all kinds of
" ’ ' *
recover $32 and costs of action, alleg­ ti.».
plumbing and tinning. Prices reason­
ing that the defendant allowed a bad­
Woodsaw—the fastest in the county
ly burned tree to remain for many
months in a dangerous condition and the best eguipped^ Chas. Hart-
Good teas and coffees at Hines
along the roadside. On JUne 8' TRe ram pf.
• Bros.’
A good citizens' open-air mass meet­
ing last Thursday drew together about
40 in answer to hand bills distributed
over town
Supt. C. F Clapp, Miss
Farnham. Mr. Holltnger, Prof. Robert­
son and the chairman of the meeting,
Dr. Bishop, made . addresses, an.l a
number of qthers spoke briefly pn ^ow
to “plan for a campaign against
licensing saloons in Forest Grove."
Rev. Daniel Staver and Messrs. Mar-
kee and Harris were appointed to se­
lect a principal committee to conduct
the campaign, choosing Supt. Clapp,
J. J. Patton, T. H. Adams, Prof.
Robertson and Dr. Bishop.
The remarks of Supt. Clapp, which
follow, indicate the sentiment of the
Now. if we are to have saloons in
Forest Grove, the ordinance that would
permit it after we vote NO is the poor­
est that I know. Now, they will pub­
lish in this ordinance what we are
to have if we vote to have a saloon;
that is. that the saloon will hqvc no
mark to show that it is a saloon—
there will be no screens, and there
can be no other business with this.
There can be no other door than the
front door where men could pass in
and out without being seen by peopit
on the outside. I guess that there
could be no place for a man to keep
his beer. There can be no beer sold
to a minor, to a woman or to a man in
a drunken condition. In this saloon,
keep in mind, there can be no billiard
table, or amusements of any kind.
(Inquiry from listener: Were chairs
mentioned?). No, I do not think that
chairs were mentioned. It means tha.
it will close at 11 o'clock at. night,
and can't open before 6 in the morn­
ing. There can be no other place In
the city where (and here the speak­
er repeated a long list of liquors) can
be sold, except in this saloon. The
license is not to be more than $1,000
or less than $500. The man has to
put up a bond of $1,000. The fine for
selling enough of any one kind of
liquor that would make a person
drunk, $10. A man that Is found on
the street drunk is to be locked in
Now, that is the ordinance that the
people will want If they are to have a
saloon. There are two or three things
that I would like to say. In the first
place It indicates only what the sa
loon, the thing that we are to vote on,
is, whether we will have saloons in
Forest Grove or not. The counc...
gave me to understand that if the
people of this city wanted a saloon,
then they would license a saloc- i
There is not a child of a drunkoa
father who would not vote against it.
But they are all barred out; the ma­
jority, of course, will rule, but the
only people that can vote on this are
To me it seems perfectly fair, and
I am satisfied that if we do not get
in and rustle, we will get voted down.
Two men stopped me on the street
and said that they were not in favor
of a saloon, but if we are compelled
to have this thing go on. why, let's
have a little revenue. It would be
just as hard to stop these blind pigs
after we get a saloon as it is now.
And in the meantime this saloon will
be grinding out drunkards. (Now he
tells a story.)
A saloon means not only a blind
place, but It means that they will
try to put temptation in a man's steps.
All men who are law-abiding citizens
want to protect the women. That is
the way that all these large cities
have prohibition. If prohibition can
be had in a large city, then we can
have It here. It seems to me tonight
that we are going to have a great
fight, and If v e are defeated we will
go down with our colors flying. I
think we ought to have a fine cam­
paign for the next two weeks. I
would not at all be surprised but that
we get Mr. Stone to speak to us.
When I was In Chicago It was my bus­
iness to visit 40 saloons every Sunday
to lulng men to God. But still I do
not think that It Is good to put a
good many people in the water to
catch one fish.
U .C O ..U I l „
Exclusive Agjiht Security Stqck
Cheney, the Tinner. Forest Grove.
Oregon, sells all kinds of tinware. *
T. H. Adams spent last Sunday ami
Mon'lay in Portland, as the guest of
G M. Penoler. general Western sales
man for J. V. Farwell. Mr. Adams
pure based a large stock of dry goous
while there.
You wouldn't suppose these hand­
some rugs, of which we have such a
big assortment, were so ch, *p Money
talks. Hear our prices. Roe A Bux­
* *
W « * « » « !'
Zimol, the Superior H eadacho Remedy.
S' -
Also a complete line of Drugs, Pictures,'-. Stationery, Sundries
______________ »-¿.ip-*
Accurate Prescription W ork
at, Reasonable P rices...............
Daniel Parsons
Makes, Sells and
Full line of Saddles, Whips, Robes,
Nets, Single and Double W ork
and Driving Harness
A Big Stock of Latest and Most Rellablo Goods at Fair Prices.
We want your patronage and will make It to your Interest to trade
with us.
Main Street, Forest Grove
Don’t Dread the
Dental Chair
Dr. V. L. Dimmlck, a graduate of the North Pacific Dental College, em­
ploys all the very latest devices for dental work. The expert dentist of to­
day Is not the torturer his old-time predecessor was. Painless dentlBtry is a
fact if you patronize a competent operator.
The graduate dentist, too, far excels In mechanical skill the tooth-puller
who has gained all his knowledge from his forceps. Many a tooth can be
saved If properly treated In time. And If your teeth must come out, they
can bo replaced with others so perfect, easy-fitting and convenient that only
an expert can tell the artificial from the natural, as a gold crown may do
or bridge work so no plate will be needed.
Decayed teeth are unhealthy, as wel as making offensive breath, while
a missing tooth Injures your appearance. Then, too, with sound teeth you
can masticate your food and preserve your health. These are not luxuries;
all are within your reach.
These prices are right and you will be treated right. See how much
good we can do you for a little money:
Full set teeth ....................
Gold filling ............................................. $2.00 and up.
Platonized filling ...................................$1.00
Silver filling .........................
Gold crown and bridge work, per tooth 5.00
No charges for extracting when teeth are ordered.
Washington Co. Dental Parlors
V. L. Dimmick, D. M. D., Mgr.
Over Dr. Hines* Dftig Store
Complete line of lap robes and fly
nets—very lowest prices—at Parsons'
harness shop, Forest Grove.
Rev. Mr. Bondurent, of the Fret
Methodist churrh. has accepted a call
elsewhere and the new pastor has ar­
rived to take his place.
Ip o M
mHH&.-ir’ ^xjaatat
tree fell across the road and Into
J the land < i the plaintiff, damaging his
land and a crop of growing clover
by $15 also breaking fence $2, and
covering up tie ground with the fall­
en tree $10. besides blocking the road
caused tiavelers to go through the
Remember J. T. Buxton makes a spe­ clover field, so $5 additional damage
cialty of farmers’ work. General black- was done. Though responsibility for
results of negligence Is well establish­
ed in law. this action seems toshr
Miss Mary Humphreys, of HilUboro, ed in law. this action appears to be
was elected secretary of the Grand a novelty and ',’e outcome of the
Cabin of Native Daughters at the case will be watched with interest
session in Portland Tuesday, and Miss by property owners, as well as by
Anna Roe grand trustee.
Forest Grove
H a ll c f F o r e it R e te c c a Lodr;<-. No. 44., I. O. O. F., F o re st O 'o ve ,
Whereas, It has pleased Almighty God in His allwisc providence
to remove from our ml.1st our beloved brother, Philip P.cal. of this
lodge, and
Whereas, W.ille we how our heads in soLmn submission to our
Grand Master on High, wc realize the loss • f a beloved brother and ar­
dent worker in the- prinlcples, teachings and work of our beloved order;
therefore, be It
Resolved, As an appreciation of his work and I osh , that wo drape
our charter in mourning and wear the oflic ial mourning badge of our
order for the period of thirty days.
Resolved. That a copy of those resolutions be spread upon
records of our lodge; also a copy be sent to tho bereaved widow an !
relatives: and be It further
Resolved. That a copy of these resolutions he sent to the Wash-
irtgtrttl County News for publication.