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    W A S H IN G T O N
W E E K 'S
Iw t e r e .t lR ig
C o lle c t io n
Ite m «
F rom
M any F le e s « C a lle d From the Free«
R e p o rt , o f the Current W e ek .
T he embarkation of T o rsi’« troop«,
it ie expected, w ill have been accom­
plished by August 15.
The government of H syti has de­
clined to permit this government to
erect a weather station on its domain.
llavoc was caused by lightning at
Red Oak, Neb.
Three persons were
killed and considerable property de-
Orders have been received at the navy
yard, Charlestown, Mass, to expend
$10,000 in iepairs upon tha old frigate
N early all the people of Sooth A m er­
ican countries are in sympathy with
Spain and refuse to believe stories of
Am erican victories.
A Madrid telegram to the London
office of the N ew York Herald says the
government has received a telegram
announcing the surrender of M anila to
A dm iral Dewey.
Commissioner of Internal Revenne
Scott has ruled that in the case of
mortgage notes on real estate, where
payments are made on the installment
plan, a separate revenne stump for each
payment will not be required.
The North sea whalers are again at
Operations near Point Barrow
were resumed A p ril 15.
Inland Esqui-
mos are starving and coming to the
coast for food.
A deer station is to be
ealablished at Point Barrow.
The oavalry is anxious to proceed to
Porto Rico, but w ill be obliged to re­
m ain here until the Spanish prisoners
of w ar have been transported to Spain,
which it is believed will have been ac­
complished before the next month is
w ell advanced.
A n attempt by the crew ol the
steamer W anderer to get men and arms
for the Cuban army ashore at Bahia
Honda was defeated by the Spaniard«
The Americans were forced to retreat,
with five wounded.
The Spanish re­
port of the affair says the American
losses were considerable.
The northeast coast of England has
been swept by a great storm.
fleets have had narrow escapes, being
obliged to relinquish all their gear and
nets and run to the harbor for shelter,
where many other vessels were com­
pelled to seek refuge.
trains have been delayed by lire fnroe
of the wind, whioh has oaused consider­
able damage inland, crops having been
There were some minor
wrecks in the North sea.
A powder m ill at Elmira,
blew up, killing the owner.
N . Y .,
T w o men were killed as the result
of an explosion in the Coney mine,
near Skykotnish, W ash.
The Illinois circuit oourt has ruled
that the express companies must pay
the tax on express packages.
The alleged charges of bad faith
against the United States attributed to
Premier Sagasta are dlsciedited
Washington authorities ns inventions
designed to prejudice the successful
progiess of the present peace negotia­
tio n «
A M adrid dispatch says General Cor­
rea is arranging lor the reception of the
Spanish troops which surrendered at
Santiago de Cuba, and prepuling sani­
tary stations to prevent the introduc­
tion of diseases into Spain.
Strict neutrality is to be maintained
by E ngland, and Watson will find no
' ’ facilities” at Gibraltar.
The British
governor there has so nssured the Span­
ish consul. Spaniards are busy putting
the bay of Gibraltar in a more com­
plete stete of defense.
Tne Peruvian government is sending
agents to Europe to purchase warships
for tbe.pnrpose of strengthening her
The designs of the three new vessels
of the Illinois type are to be changed
so as to make their minimum speed 18
knots an hour.
If the coal operators of the Pittsburg
district do not conform with the terms
of the Chicago agieernent by August
10, 5,000 miners w ill be ordered to
President M cKinley, it ie said, w ill
call an extra session of both houses of
congress as soon as Spain accepts the
terms of peaoe offered by the United
The steamer Humboldt has arrived
at San Francisco from St. Michaels,
bringing down about 40 people from
the Klondike. The purser says that
about $1,000,000 from the goid fields
was brought down on the steamer.
Lieutenant R. P. Hobson, of Merri-
roac fame, is with his mother at Lith ia
Spiings, Ga. The meeting between
mother ami son was a pathetic one.
The son kissed his mother, who threw
her arms around his neck anil for sev­
eral minutes rested her head on his
shoulder, shedding tears of joy.
Following is an official statement
given out by authority of the president
on Tuesday as to the terms of peace
offered by the United State«: “ In
order to remove any misapprehension
in regard to the negotiations as to peace
between the United States and Spain,
it is deemed proper to say that the
terms offered by the United States in
the note handed to tiie French ambas­
sador on Saturday last are in substance
as follows: The president does not
new put forward any claim for peouni-
aty indemnity, but requires relinquish­
ment of all olaim of sovereignty over
or title to the island of Cnba, as well
is evacuation by Spain of the island;
session to the United States and im ­
mediate evacuation of Porto Rico and
other islands nnder Spanish sovereign­
ty in the West Indies and like cession
of an island in the Ladrones.
United States w ill occupy and hold the
city, hay ami harbor ol Manila, pend­
ing the conclusion ol a treaty o f peace,
whioh shall determine the control, dis­
position ami government of the P h ilip ­
p in e«
I f these terms are accepted by
Spain in their entiiety, commissioners
w ill be named by the United States to
meet commissioners on the part of
Spain for the purpose of concluding a
treaty of peaoe on the basis above in­
m »«r
>ver 500 man are at work on th«
* * leer Yorktown at Mare Island navy
yaid, San Pranciaoo, ruahiag her to
The United State« government w ill
a extensiv« weather bureau
i Caribhean aan toe th* nee » I all
W i l l i n g to D i v i d e t h e H o n o r * W i t h His
Brother officer».
M e e tin g B at L it tle H e*lit& iioe
K ico.
in P o r t o
Intrigue among the powers of Eutope
to shut us out o f the Philippines is
said to have been checkmated by Pres­
ident M cK in ley’s oourse.
A Madrid correspondent says that a
band of 300 Carlists recently appealed
near Seo de Urge, in-Catalonia, and
the tioops ate pursuing them. ,
The London Times announces that
the Royal Ulster Yacht Club has ar­
ranged to challenge for the Am erica's the fleet, the city might have been
Nothing but the
cup. The N ew York Yacht Club will already American.
be notified of the decision immediately. complications with the natives pre­
vented an advance.
General Merritt has sent notice to
I am convinced that the Filippinos
Washington that lie was about to com­ w ill never capture Manila unaided, and
bine with Dewey in a joint demand fot
if the Americans withdraw, the fate of
tiie surrender of Manila, thus forestall­
tiie natives under Spanish rule would
ing the insurgents, and this movement
be worse than before.
may cause a ruptute.
Piesident M cK in ley ’ s proposal has
reached Madtid, and the Spanish cabi­
net met Monda’’ to consider snd decide
upon the rep'
v be made. The terms
o ffe te d .il
q, Ue likely, w ill be ac­
ceded P immen i tely.
Hostilities in
the At ties in l i l t case will be sus­
at once.
Miles’ Easy Conquest ol
Porto Rico.
Advices from Havana confirm the
rejKirt that General Garcia lias relin­
quished li is command and goue home
to Cuinuguey.
poin t
A p n a k lo Grows Ugly
Toward Americans.
The United States commissioners
who arc to prepale a code c f laws for
Hawaii w ill sail on the Maripoaa,
August 10.
General Greely announce* that h i
Is now in direct communication by
cable with General M iles’ lieadquarteis
at Ponce, having sent the oable instru­
ments from St. Thomas.
The British
official* who control the cable are w ill­
ing to tarnsmit messages for the Unite«!
States government over it, provided
our forces are in possession of the oable
terminal*, but they w ill not allow
their cable« to be nerd If the instru­
ments are cat in at any intermediate
4 ,
people’ s love and earned the nation’ s
admiration. It is this which encourage-«
us in the public defense, no mattei
with what risk to ourselves.
I f it
means peace to oui beloved land and per-
j mits us to return to our loved ones, and
to our people, our efforts were well
“ Thauking you again, my dear cousin
and schoolmate and friend, I am always
I n i a n « M in e r's D eed.
very sincerely yours,
“ W. S. S C H L E Y .”
Seattle, Aug. 8.— A qiecial to the
Times from Roslyn, Wash , says A n ­
drew Warge, an A n t»ri»n miner, this
morning shot his w ife and two small W ill S u r r e n d e r » « S o o n a « H e C a n D o
ohildren and then killed himself.
So H o n o r a b l y .
Warge was insane.
London, Aug. 3.— A special to the
Daily M ail from Hong Kong, dated
P o rto R ican « P r o f i t e d .
London, July 30.— According to a August 1, says: Adm iral Dewey has
dispatch from Berlin, a newspaper there received word from Captain-General
professes to know that the Porto Rican August! that he is w illing to surrender
as soon as he can do so honorably.
is believed he w ill only make a show of
Dewey expects to take the
city without lo&iug • «ingle man.
Shuold Dew ey an«; Merritt begin the
' attack. Angusti w ill propose to capitul­
ate on these terms:
Tiie Spanish
troops to march out with the honors of
war; the soldiers and officials to be
perm itted to return on parole to Spain,
and cn assurance to be given that the
lives and property o f Spanish residents
w ill be protected from naval attack.
The Spanish officer who reported in
Manila the deetrnction of Adm iral
Cervera's squadron was treated as a
traitor and threatened with death.
W h ile riding near Malate the other day,
General Anderson narrowly escaped
being shot by the enemy.
r o a r o r wren.
P o p u la c e K n th u a lM ti«.
Map sk o w lD f location at the Important
Ponce, Porto Rioo, via 8». Thomas,
port won by th« ««position trader Command­
ai C o w l « «
D. W . I., A u g. 8.— Colonel H illings,
colonial legislature haa adopted a reso­
lution protesting against Am erican oc­
cupation of the ielandt as a violation
of the principle« that the United State«
went to war to enfoice.
w ith 10 companies of the Sixteenth
Pennsylvania, haa occupied Juan Dias,
about 10 miles from Ponce, on the way
to San Juan. The American flag waa
raised, and great waa the enthusiasm
of the populace.
The protected cruiser Colum bia went
ashore w h ile attempting to enter the
harbor of Ponoe, but it ia expected she
w ill be floated tomorrow.
General Brooks arrived this evening.
Dnring the evening the seven compan­
ies of the Nineteenth regular Infantry
arrived on the C herokee.
C able comma moat ion was opened to­
night, bat the line w ill not be in tall
operation for several day«.
S u p p l i e s in A b u n d a n c e f o r t h e A m e r ­
i c a n T r o o p s —R e v e n u e F r o m C u s t o m
H o u s e —P e o p l e A r e O v e r j o y e d a t t h e
A rr iv a l o f the A rm y.
Washington, Aug. 2.— General Miles,
tn command of the Porto Rican expedi­
tion, sent the follow ing diepatch to Sec­
retary Alger, which was made public
at the war departm ental 10o ’clock to­
“ Ponce, Porto Rico, Ang. 2.— Secre­
tary of War. Washington, D. C .:
Four telegrams received, and answered
by letter. Volunteers are surrender­
ing themselves witii arms and ammuni­
Four-fifths of the people are
nverjoyed at the arrival of the army.
Two thousand from one place have vol­
unteered to serve with it. They are
bringing in beef, cattle and other sup­
plies. The custom-nouse has already
yielded $14,000. As soon as all the
troops are disembarked, they w ill be
in readiness to move. Please send any
national colors that can be spared, to
be given to the different muuici;'ali-
“ I request that the question tit the
tariff rate to be charged in the parts o f
Porto Rico occupied by our forces be
submitted to the president for his ac­
tion, the previously existing tariff re­
maining meanwhile in force. As to
the government and m ilitary occupa­
tion, I have already given instructions
issued by the president in the case o f
the Philippine islands and similar to
those issued at Santiago de Cuba.
“ M ILE S.
“ Major-General Commanding.’ ’
Spanish V o lu n t e e r s G la d fo r t h e C h a n c e
to L a y D o w n T h e ir Arm s.
T t governor-general of Manila, tele­
ga hing to M adiid, ,vys that aid is in-
d penaab'e to resist tae imminent at-
t -k of the American forces under Gen-
at Merritt. The fore.Vn warships in
he bay, the dispatch v»ys, answered
the salute in honor of the queen's saint
dav, and the American venels display-
W ith the understanding that no in
«>— .•- - . —
demiiity w ill be demanded au.l tk et tk »• « * thw • ■
WpafiTiri HSYWoigrrfy I n the Piiilipplnrs
Some of the members o f th* Spanish
w ill he respected, the Spanish new*- conservative party question Vie utility
papert oonsfder the terms of |>eac« a •
of preserving the Philippines cvcause of
tribu te! to President M cKinley as Lx • the enormous ex|>ensse that a »oppres­
ing acceptable.
The p a ^ rs , hnweve
sion of the insurgents would enti il. The
protest against hestilities being coi.
»test dispatches from CaptatnAVneral
tinned by the United States after Augustin are so despondent about the
Spain had ailed for peace.
resources at his disposal that it is sur-
A dm iral Dewey, at M anila, has dis- nine.I that the fall of Manila ie im m i­
Hatched the Raleigh and Concord to nent.
A dude fighte neerly es well es a
i wboy, and a oowboy fighte beiter
th in anything elee on earth.
Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 3.— Shortly
Ponce, Porto Rico, via St. Thomas,
after the great naval victory off San Aug. 3.— General M iles hourly expects
tiago, in which Cervera’s fleet was the arrival of transports having on
p c sued and destroyed by the American board Brigadier-General Schwan’ s d i­
vessels of war under Commodore vision of (1,000 men, and also the Mo­
Schley, Captain John Schley, cousin of hawk, with the F ifth regular cavalry.
tiie commodore, wrote a letter of con­
General H e n iy ’ s division, consisting
gratulation for tiie victory woo. Today o f 8,400 men, and including 36 pieces
he received a reply, which, in part, of artillery, has been ordered to march
was as follows:
immediately to Yauco from Ponce to
"F la gsh ip Brooklyn, Off Santiago de be ready to join the movement north
Cnba, July 22, 1898.— My Dear John: to San Juan on the 16th.
The Penn­
The victory of July 3, so complete in sylvania regiment was tent this morn
( n i a r g e n t C h i « f D r u n k W i t h t h e W i n e its results and so rich in glory for our
ing toward Juan D i»z, eight miles nortli
o f S u c c e a i — W a r n m l b j G e n e r a l A n - country, was tiie join t prodnet of every
of Ponoe, en route to San Juan.
d e r a o n — Ha$ A s s u m e d t h e R o l e o f one fortunate enough to be engaged,
Miles says he has no intention of
and I ought rather to thank you in
D ictator.
their name than to appropriate the con­ making a landing of troops at Sun Juan,
especially as the place is only a road­
London, Aug. 8.— A dispatch to the gratulations to myself.
Times from Cavite says: It is becom­
‘ ‘Surely, it was large enough to win stead. where transports are liable to
suffer from prevalent storms.
ing more apparent daily that there are laurels for all, and I assume no other
The railroad from Ponce to Yanco is
serious complications ahead.
now in possession of our troops. G en­
Americans never made a greater mis­
eral Stone found five mines on the
take than in bringing Aguinaklo and
track. These were destroyed and the
track is uninjured.
the insurgent leaders here giving them
Our troops found 17 Spaniards in the
arms and ammunition for free use from
Yauco hospital, all of whom had been
the Cavite arsenal. Aguinldo, fearing
wounded in Tuesday’ s fight.
annexation by the Americans, openly
A proclamation lias been issued by
opposes them.
j the authorities of Y’ auco as a United
[ States city, expressing delight at an­
Either he has been encouraged by
nexation and the administration of
some foreign power, or he has a false
General Miles and welcoming our
notion of the strength of the P h ilip ­
tioops. The mayor of Ponce has called
pine revolutionists, failin g to rcognize
upon residents of that place to exercise
that their recent successes are due to
calmness and circumspection under the
the concentration of tiie Spanish
new and desirable conditions.
strength at Manila, consequent upon
Miles has issued lengthy orders of
tiie presence of the Americans.
A l­
instruction to General Wilson, m ilitary
though he admits no foreign recogni­
governor of Ponce province and city,
tion, he talks of his government and
until General Brooke’s arrival.
It ie
dictates to the American authorities
of the same tenor as the instructions
in abetlrd and inflated terms. He has
which Miles gave to Shafter at Santi­
compelled the natives of the southern
ago, both orders being based on the
approaches to Manila to register their
administration instructions given *.o
bullocks and ponies, and instructed the
Spanish Commander i t Guantanamo Who Re­ General M erritt regarding the govern­
owners not to supply them to the A m er­
fused to "Capitulate."
ment of tiie Philippine islands.
icans for transportation without his
pride in it than the lucky place of this
C H IC A G O H O L O C A U S T .
Brigadier-General Anderson prompt­ ship in the line was where the first
ly adopted firm measures, warning heavy assault was made, anil afterward, S e v e r a l K i l l e d a n d I n j u r e d in a H o t e l
F ire.
Aguinaldo that force would be used to by her speed and her direction, she
Chicago, Aug. 3.— Three killed and
impress the means of tians|Kirtation, was enabled to keep in the ‘scrap’ to
14 injured is the record of a fire that
j which were ultim ately forthcoming. the finish.
"T h e sweetest thought and the great­ broke out at 2:30 o ’clock this morning
I Aguinaldo’s attitude makes
operations against Manila problemati- est satisfaction comes from the fact in the Ber win hotel, North State street.
oal. In my opinion, with the aid of that our conduct t at day has won the Starting in a bicycle repair shop ad-
The H ong Kong correspondent of the
London Daily M ail says the vioeroy of
Canton has announced to the foreign
office the complete suppression of the
lehellion In those districts.
He has
announced also thst four cities have
been reoc"upied by the imperial troop«
gather up 11 Soaniah craft, which, ac­
cording to information sent him by
Consul-General W illiam s, are at v a i'-
one placet in the Philippines.
Am ong
these vessel* are thtee gunUiats * ’. dan
M iguel, Luton island, and ft>t< at Port
Royal, Paiaw ar isla-d
Four mer­
chantmen with o * V ' «a of tobacco are
reported at Cays .«■, Lnson. The same
dispatch report'
.at the English tradeis
at the coal ' ...-«a at Balan. Luton
ialand, have >«*n imprisoned and sub­
jected to I*' treatment otherwise by the
Spaniard there.
NEW 8.
General M erritt has asked to have
fiia command increased lrom 20,000
to 50.000 tioops.
Happenings Both at Home
and Abroad.
Ponce, Porto Rico, via Si. Thomas,
D. W . I., August 2.— N o forward
movement of the army is expected for
several days.
The transports with
General Brooke’ s army corps and the
remainder of the First corps are arriv­
ing slowly. Our troops w ill probably
remain quiet until the bulk of the
army has disembarked.
Only three
transports have arrived since yesterday.
They have just appeared in the offing,
and only one has been made out. It
has on board the F ifth Ohio cavalry.
General Miles w ill retain his head­
quarters at the custom-house at tiie
port of Ponce, w hile General Wilson
w ill be in immediate command of the
troops in the city.
posted General
Ernst’s brigade, consisting of the Sec­
ond and Third Wisconsin and the Six­
teenth Pennsylvania regiments out a
m ile and a half on the m ilitary road,
after dusk last night, retaining two
companies of the Sixteenth to act as
provost guard in the city.
Captain Allison has been appointed
provost marshal, and, with the aid of
joining the hotel, flames spread to the the local constabulary, has preserved
basement of the hostelry and then, eat­ excellent order, although most all the
ing their way to troth the front and rear entire population of the city remained
stairways, cut ofh|escape to a dozen in the streets celebrating the arrival o f
guests. Some in tm* panic that ensued their American liberators until long
jumped to the sidewalk and sustained after midnight.
Many of them had been forced into
broken legs and arms; others waited
in their apartments and were rescued, the service of Spain to escape perse­
while most of the guests made their cution.
Business in the city has enjoyed a
way out of the building by means of a
great boom since the arrival of the
fire escape leading into an alley.
When the fire was discovered, it was Americans.
burning fiercely on a lower floor. P e ­
W I T H G A R C IA .
destrians raised a cry of warning, which
aroused the guests, and they appeared H * W a # I n v i t e d t o t h e F l a g - R a i s i n g
at the upper windows of the hotel in
a t Santiago.
their night attire.
Washington, Aug. 2.— The war de-
parlme t has received the following:
“ Santiago de Cuba, Aug. 2.— Secre­
tary of War, Washington: I have the
Sun of Saturday, July 23, in which
comments are made as to my treatment
of General Garcia.
I desire to say that
General Garcia was invited by me per­
sonally to go into the city of Santiago
at the time I entered it, bi«t he declined
on the ground that the Spanish c iv il
officers were left in power.
It was
fu lly explained to him that those offic­
ials were continued in power until it
was convenient to change them for oth­
ers. General Garcia’ s assistance to me
has been purely voluntary on his part
and he was told at the beginning that 1
did not exercise any control over him,
except such as he chose to give.
trouble with General Garcia waa that
be expected to be placed in command
at this place; in other words, that we
would turn the city over to him. I ex­
plained to him fn llv that we were at
war with Spain, and that the question
of Cuban independence could not be
considered by me. Another grievance
waa that, finding several thousand men
entered the city without opposiiton
from General Garcia, I extended my
tides a quantity of other supplies. own lines in front of him, and closed
General C-oppinger. of the Fourth army up that gap, as I saw that I had to de-
corpa. with headquarters in this city, , pend on my own men for the invests
F resh M e » t for S h a ffe r’ s A rm y .
Tampa, Fla., Aug. 3.— The trans­
port Michigan sailed yesterday from
Port Tampa and crossed the bar of tb«*
bay today. She was loaded with fresh
meat for General Sliafter’ s army, he-
received orders to go to Porto. Rico.
ment of the place.
S H A F T E R .”
H a v . l l » « S till A llen *.
The dynamite cruiser Nictheroy pur- 1
A U i k » M r a n $ n at tan FrancUco.
S h e ll K ip lo d v d .
chased from the Btasiiian government
San Francisco, Ang. 8.— Hart H.
San Francisco, A ng. 2.— The steam­
Playa del Este. Guantanam o Bay,
North, commisaioner of immigration at ers Charles Nelson and Samoa arrived
will be turned into a collier.
Aug. 8.— The body of K a rL J . A n d er­
this port, has received instrutions from today from St. Michaels. Both of
Washington eon, a teaman on the United State«
Washington, to treat all immigrants them
brought considerable
county, K y., who shot four persons at « n i t e r Brooklyn, waa buried ashore
from H aw aii as alien immigrants until from the Klondike country, bat die-
a tent meeting in Meteor county, was here today. Andeteos wa* killed by
such time as laws can be perfected to charged most of it at Seattle. The
shot and instantly killed by Sbetiff the aooidental discharge of a Spanish
govern them.
Thie rnle w ill settle all Nelson ia one of the transports engaged
George Coniter, of Danville.
one-pound shell smuggle.! from one of
questions as to the entrance of certain to carry the First regiment o f N e w
A lbert C’*lU»m, a nephew of United
race« for the time being, and w ill be a York volunteer* to Honolulu.
States Senator Suelby M. Cullom . of the order« of Caotain Cook.
warning to steamship companies.
Some people are disagreeable because
Illinois, suddenly expired ta a c halts- •hell exploded Tueeday while A n d et­
S o n * girls admita that engagements
Ga., deng «tore, whither he him eos waa hammering it in an effort to they c a t i
I ere teitwrea. hot they have there doubt«
separate the oprtr: ige and shell.
i out of its poetofilce.
as to marriages.