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    H IS
¡enees of a Party of
rning Klondikers.
[ caught IN
F IR S T J 5 T A T E M e n t>
Crltu. Charged.
Chicago, Oct. 25__ The
press tonight
obtained the one
one great
the famous L n e E , L . I T h e '“ ',n'{
testimony of th, l.r
he 8Worn
Adolph A. Luetgert.J ^
O at
In d ia n *-O u ld
Progress Made Upon Colum­
bia Fortifications.
Standing tonight in the gloomv iail
“ '■■” * « « »
fh rjr K a n
a f m P o p a l a t lo a * f
H a a d r a d , O n ly P t v e S a r v lv o .
W a*
E .t iu ,.,.,
tffS E S E
a Then»*
M „ d e fo r F u r t h e r Im p roT tl.
- - .......... -
m e n u o f O r e g o n a n d W a s h i n g t o n '*
Oct. 26.— O nly the merest
I the lucky discovery o f the ^ged frightful diaholiBm of boiling his
trail by one of their num- wife to death at midnight in a vtt in
his factory cellar
Tnnini a
8ix members o f a party, following the
i. ru n 'gh t, closely
f . L. and Jnlius Trippo,
attracted ___
fjole death by starvation on
Luetgert made under oath a statement
¡trail late in'September,
jty was headed by the Trippe 'rime ehPr0M. C0ncerning the fe*Hul
¡formerly of Chicago, and in- ¡worn «(h,ra8W< aKamSt *lim> tl,e fir8t
worn statement yet made by him and
rles Wilkes, o f Whateoin;
Dogas, a miner from Ju- the first statement of such kind ever
nown m newspaper annals.
i Fry, of this city ; W. G il-
iflidav.t was put in writing in due
¡Woodsmann, and a prospector
legal form, certified to by a notary.
[,t Fort Wrangel. They left
Ex-Judge William A. Vincent, the
LCity for the States in a small
lead mg counsel for the defendant, in
, August 28, and after reaching
tins celebrated case, the man to whose
Jfork pre|>ared their outfits for
brains and skill and energy Luetgert,
«U a u. ~— ---— bj
( ind arduous journey over the
vitftorv irave°<v|t' ° * eB 1,8 Breat legal
nt to the
[after leaving the Yukon river being m fd l
The *e«ne
. „
ountered a deadly Alaskan
,e Jali When ijUet?ert
The trail was covered with trmlc the e M
took the oath was as dramatic as the
they lost their bearings, circumstances
were unique. In the
iviaions ran out, and after
dimly-lighted jail corridor, Luetgert,
r three days through a blind-
standing erect, and grasping the bars
jitorm, they were fin ally res- that still kept him from liberty, lifted
iIndians and taken to Dalton’s
his right hand and solemnly asserted,
• post, where they were given as the notary administered the binding
The grewsome surroundings
iBperiences of the Trippes, who were a reminder in some degree of the
¡Seattle on the steamer Farallon midnight occurrences in the factory
(would make columns of good cellar that have become familiar to
"•matter. In many respects the hundreds of thousands who have fol­
icy tell is not m aterially diffor- lowed the details of the great trial.
i the experiences encountered Few, if any, of the curious prisoners
Snearly every w inter in crossing and turnkeys who were spectators had
, blizzard-swept range of coun- any inklings of what was taking place.
{ between F iv e Fingers and the Luetgert, the notary and a representa­
| mountains.
Unquestionably, tive of the press conferred together for
¡glit was extrem ely serious, and a few minutes and then Luetgert, with­
dous escape from death by out hesitation, made the affidavit and
liUrvation and exposure w ill be signed it in ink with the hand that is
/to miners coming overland alleged to have committed one of the
(experienced guides and plenty most fiendish crimes on record.
The affidavit explicitly declares Luet-
I by one o f the party, the gert’s innocence. The documcn' in
• the Yukon to F o rt Selkirk was full is as follows:
unusual incident.
A t this
“ To the Public:
[ secured a rough map of the
“ The result of my trial, ending to­
r which they were to travel. day, is a victory for me, because of the
40 pounds of provisions disagreement of the jury; but I am
/started over the trail, leav- very much disappointed, and very
I Selkirk September 18. The much surprised that the jury did not
iwai clear and there had been bring in a verdict ot not guilty.
¡snow to obscure the trail over
“ 1 did not kill my wife, and do not
ib-corered range,
known where she is, but I am sure it is
ide good tim e fo r the first only a question of time until she comes
, but soon found that they home.
unable to reach Dalton’s
" I did not go upon the witness stand
i their provisions gave out. because my lawyer, Judge Vincent,
'hope was to meet incoming was b i..jrly opposed to my doing so,
land surveyors, from whom and because lie advised me that it was
nted to secure enough food to not necessary. I am grateful for the
i to the cache. On the third tremendous change in public sentiment
i the river, it began snowing, in my favor, and time will demonstrate
i wind was icy cold
They that I am not only innocent, but a very
I bravely on, m aking the best grievously wronged man.
“ Adolph A. Luetgert.”
lible until they reached Hoot-
“ Subscribed and sworn to before roe
|Here they met a party of four
1 secured throe days’ rations this 25th day of October, A . D. 1897.
“ M. F. Sullivan, Notary Public."
K lv e r* an d H a r b o r * .
Washington, Oct. 25.— In the an­
nual report of General Wilaon, chief of
emgneers, the
following is said about
the mouth of the Columbia:
The defenses include works of the
older type, one garrisoned and one in
charge of an ordnance sergeant. W ith
the funds appropriated by the act of
1896, work was commenced during the
year on five emplacements for 10-inoh
guns on disappearing carriages, two
emplacements for 8-inch guns on disap­
pearing carriages, and two mining case­
mates. A t the close of the year, the
10-inch emplacements were Oumpleted,
and three 10-inch carriages mounted,
A wharf had been built for the con-
struction of the 8-inch emplacements,
all necessary plant assembled and the
excavation completed.
One mining
casemate was also under construction,
With the funds appropriated by the act
of 1897, an additional emplacement for
an 8-inch gun on a disappearing car­
riage and a mortar battery for eight 12-
inch mortars w ill be constructed.
the close of the year, plans for these
works had been partially prepared.
There are no existing works of defense
on Puget sound.”
The following estimates are made for
river and harbor improvements for
Oregon and Washington for the fiscal
year ending June 30, 1899:
Upper Coquille river........................... „
Coos Bav .....................................
Siusiaw river.........................
Tillamook Bay...................................... ..
Columbia r i\ er below Tongue point .. -
Columbia river and Lower Willamette ..
W, »4M)
Gauging the waters of the Columbia
Upper Columbia and Snake rivers....... . 20,000
Gray’s harbor...................................... ..*430,000
Puget sound................... ...................... .. 25.&/0
. 47,14)0
- 3,000
. 20,000
Cowlitz river.......................................- 1,000
No action hag been taken on ti/e ap­
propriation for a harbor of refuge at
Port Orford, the secretary holding that
the demands of commerce are not suffi­
cient to occasion the expenditure.
The simple announcement is made
that the secretary lias not approved the
project at Yaquina, and no estimate is
It is stated that the land has not yet
been acquired for the lioat railway at
The Dalles.
For the same reason,
nothing has been done on the ¡Seattle
R E Q U IR E D .
J u d g e H a n fo r d 's R u lin g a s to W i v e s a n d
C h ild re n o f C h in e se M e rc h a n ts .
Seattle, Oct. 25.— Judge Hanford,
of the federal court, today handed down
a decision in a Chinese case, in which
¡they started for D alton's post.
he holds that the wives and children of
T h e J u ry D isagreed .
f was getting deeper and walk-
Chicago, O ct 25.— As Adolph Luet- | Chinese merchants doing business in
extremely difficult. W orse
gert, who has been on trial on a charge \ the United States do not have to have
Itkii, the landmarks by which
of having murdered his wife and boil­ certificates from the Chinese govern­
*ted to keep on the Dalton
ment to entitle tiiem to enter this
ing her body in a vat, heard this morn­
¡becoming obscured by snow,
country. Government officials here say
ing from the foreman of the 12 men j
[liter leaving
Hootchai, they
that, if the opinion is upheld by the
who have been considering his case for
timpossible to keep the trail,
higher courts, it means that the impor­
the past 66 hours the words, “ We are
W* they found themselves wan-
tant section of the Chinese exclusion
unable to agree upon a verdict,” he
alessly over barren snow-cov-
act which provides that sons and
was as imperturbable as ever, evincing j
daughters of Chinese merchant* doing
their bearings gone and
no joy.
| business in tins country must secure
1 exhausted.
The wonderful nerve of the defend- j
| m it seemed as if they were des- ant was with him to the end. He j certificates from their home government
»hsre the snow for a shroud and stood up, and with a good-natured [ is no longer the law. United States
• lives in that God-forsaken smile on his swarthy face shook hands District Attorney Bnnker w ill at once
f they came upon an Indian with his son, Arnold, his counsel and report to the treasury department Judge
and it is expected
^ Here they purchased 16 fish, his business partner, William
, that
hat thfi
the attornev-g
attorney-genreal’s office w ill at
' that as their only sustenance, and in less than five minutes was led
once take steps to have the case ap­
ded for the direction where back to jail. The jury was dismissed
pealed to the supreme court.
ved Daltons’ trading post was and the great trial was over.
Treasury agents claim that if the de­
The snow storm had parti-
cision bolds it w ill open the gates for a
I before they met the Indi-
flood of Orientals, for, if certificates are
r simple diet o f dried salm-
not required, any number of Chinese
•*ot enough to keep up their al- Arran gem ent* B ein g M ad* b y a B ritish
can claim to be children of merchants
C om pany.
energies, and after an-
in the United States.
IT1* traveling, they found that
Winnipeg, Oct. 25.-F r a n k Water-
Judge Hanford’s decision is in direct
1 confronted w ith danger as house, president of the Fort Wrangel,
opposition to thst of Judge Lacombe,
• wer.
Glenora & Teslin Lake Transportation of New York.
• second day after leaving the Company, passed through this city
they ran out o f food for today on his way to London to appoint H U ND RED S O F P E O P L E K IL L E D
I time. The trail was entirely agents and arrange for the trip from
•*ith snow, and they were una- Europe to Dawson.
From England T e r r ib le Loee o f L if e b y C y c lo n e la th e
*te the Dalton cache by the I the first-class fare will be $1,000, sec­
P h illp p ln e e .
» given them on the chart. ond-class. »750. These amounts in-
Madrid, Oct. 26.— A dispatch from
■P*d in the woods, and w h ile elude
Leyte, Philippine islands, says that
T went in search o f the trail, other necessities for one vear. The
,Jtarteii out w ith a gun after j mpany will have a line of steamers place has been almost devastated by a
cyclone, that many persons have been
“ ’«J *t last obtained two salm- ' between ports on Puget ^ n d to the
killed and that the damage to property
(®»*ll stream, and they had
0f navigation of the Stickeen riv-
is incalculable.
rsapper, and out of the scraps er a distance of 180 miles * from Fort
The cyclone destroyed the towns of
kfast the follow ing day. This 1 Wrangel. From the river to Teslin
Tagloban and Hernani, on the island
•tot food they tasted fo r three lake, a portage of about
of Leyte, as well as several villages.
•*«> the exception o f an owl pack train, will convey the traveler*
It is estimated that 400 persona lost
hot and made into soup.
their lives through the disaster.
1 said tonight that he was
Later advices from Manila say the
nP as tiie third day passed lake and the river course to Dawson,
cyclone occurred on October 12, and
®uir having eaten solid food,
added that Carriga and Burga, on the
foold, and only by the ex- in course of construction are to be used. eastern coast of Leyte, had been wiped
W>U power were they kept
r .l
flit 25.— This after- out, and that an immense wave swept
[frozen stiff. Towards even-
the island. Several hundred natives
1 third day in camp. G illies
perished at Tagloban.
The cyclone
also swept the island of Sammar. The
'the location o f the trail,
full extent of the catastrophy is not yet
‘ the help o f Indiana whom
known, but the damage is estimated at
’ they made D alton's trading
of guilty
7 , 600,000 pesetas.__________
*'*they obtained the first real penalty " it life imprisonment.
'had for neatly four days.
W i l l De«tianA I> a «y.
J^ting for two days, they re-
m m — H— MaT B' ,ar" . .
Victoria. Oct. 25.— Hereafter every
. ,
r w 25 — The Turkish gov-
f march to the Chilkat pass,
of goods not bought in Canada
» pound
I the end o f their journey
to pay
before being al
her mishap. A l l o f the X
3 U . 1 « «•• the conquering lowed in the Klondike country. The
weak from their suffer ter the invasion of
Fai hem Pasha to Canadian government has seen fit to re­
_ w‘ ll be several days before Turkish troops under hrongh Poourka voke the regulation allowing prospec­
to their accustomed return to their homes tnroag
tors to take in 100 poonds of goods free
hi p ~
pass. Mon sen
of duty, and customs officers w ill be
Trikhala and Amirouu.
placed on the Sti. keen roote aa w ell as
water is
!|l.. Oct. 26.— Mrs. Carrie
*k solution of salt ia
at Tagiah lake and on the Yukon.
8?, a widow, has been
gw onii equal to t he heat ever Bade
^383.83 damages for breach
are #*iH ptwiaoed at T oleie ia Spaia.
> Gernsrd, aged 71, a grains of red pepper a™
w the defendant
W e have had a very nervous, sensi­
tive market in wheat the past week,
hut tiie undertone has been very strong
j at times, and prices were up 6 cents
| over a week ago. The news has been
quite bullish in tone, and foreigners
have been liberal buyers of wheat for
nearby shipment.
About the only
tiling thut at all favored the hears was
tiie fact that rains had fallen moder­
ately over the drouth stricken area, and
that fall work was again in progress in
the winter wheat sections.
j of wheat have been large, with an ur-
1 gent demand for good m illing wheat
from nearly all quarters. Exports for
tiie month of Septemlier were tiie larg­
est on record, footing up 26,000,000
hushelt. The American visible supply
shows an increase of 199,000 bushels
for last week, and now totals 24,629,-
000 bushels, against 57,286,000 a year
ago. The fact that France has again
been a large buyer o f wheat the past
week lias done much to stimulate
prices, and were it not that speculation
is very light we Bhould have seen a far
greater advance. W heat is on a legiti­
mate basis— the basis of supply and de­
mand— but every one seems to be afraid
of it because they compare price* with
what they were a year ago, and many
predict declines, but while tiie cash de­
mand is as urgent as it is now, and
foreigners are buying our wheat and
flour at the rate they are now doing,
there ia no chance for more than slight
reactions and everything
favors a
higher range of values. We feel very
bullish on tiie situation, and advise
our friends to get hold of some wheat
and it w ill soon show them a good
There has been
more weakness
shown in corn than the most sanguine
bear had looked for, and as holders be­
came easily frightened and threw their
holdings on a market that was narrow
and w ith light trade at tiie start, the
result ca" easily be foreseen— rather
sharp decline w ith shorta the best buy­
ers. Receipts have been large.
P o r t la n d M a r k e t .
W heat— W alla Walla, 80@81c; V a l­
ley and Bluestem, 83@84c per bushel.
Four— Best grades, $4.50; graham,
$3.70; superfine, $2.60 per barrel.
Oats— Choice white, 84@35c; choice
gray, 82@83e per bushel.
Barley— Feed barley, $19 @20; brew­
ing, $20 per ton.
M illstiffs— Bran, $14 per ton; m id­
dlings, $21; shorts, $15.50.
H ay— Tim othy, $12@ 12.50; clover,
$10@11; California wheat, $10; do
oat, $11; Oregon wild hay, $9@10 per
Eggs— 22
per dozen.
Butter— Fancy creamery, 45@60c;
fair to good, 35@40c; dairy, 26@35c
per roll.
Cheese — Oregon,
ll^ o ;
America, 1 2 ){c;
California, 9@10o
per pound.
- Poultry— Chickens, mixed, $2.50@
3.00 per doezn; broilers, $2.00@2.50;
geese, $4.00@5.00: ducks, $3.00(g4.00
per dozen; turkeys, live, 8@ 9c per
Potatoes— Oregon Burbanks, 35 @ 40c
per sack; sweets. $1.40 per cental.
Onions— Oregon, new, red, 90c; y e l­
low, 80c per cental.
Hops— o@ 15c per pound for new
orop; 1896 crop, 6@7o.
W ool— Valley, 14@ 16c per pound;
Eastern Oregon, 7@12o; mohair, 20
(2 22c per ponnd.
Mutton— Gross, best sheep, wethers
and ewes, $2.60@2.60; dressed mutton,
5c; spring lambs, 5% c per pound.
Hogs— Gross, choic3 heavy, $4.50;
light and feeders, $3.00@4.00; dressed,
$5.50@6.00 per 100 pounds.
Beef— Gross, top steers, $2.75 @8.00;
cows. $2.60; dressed beef, 4 @ S )£ c per
V eal— Large, 4 j^ @ 6 o; small, 6 ) { @
6o per pound.
B e a ttie M a r k e t .
Butter — Fancy native creamery,
brick. 23@25o; ranch, 10@15c.
Cheese — N a tive Washington, 10@
12c; California, 9% o.
Eggs— Fresh ranch, 28@30c.
Poultry— Chickens, live, per pound,
hens, l l % c ; spring chickens, $2.60@
8.00; ducks, $3.50(34.00.
W heat— Feed wheat, $26 per ton.
Oats— Choice, per ton, $31(322.
Com — Whole, $22; cracked, per ton,
$22; feed meal, $22 per ton.
Barley— Rolled or ground, per ton,
$22; whole, $22.
Fresh Meats— Choice dressed beef,
steers, 6c; cows, 5 j{o ; mutton sheep,
6c; pork, 61{c; veal, small, 6.
Fresh Fish— Halibut, 4c: salmon, 4
(35c; salmon trout, 8c; flounders and
sole, 8)4(34; ling cod, 4(35; rock cod,
5c; smelt, %% (34c.
Fresh Fruit— Apple«, ?5o(3$l per
box; Sal*way peaches, 50<360c; clinga,
30(340c; prune«, *4 <3 \ o per pound;
pears, 75c(3$l per box.
Ban F r a n c is c o M a r k e t .
W ool— Nevada 11 <3 13c; Oregon, 13
<3 14c; Northern 14(316c per pound.
Hope— ll(3 1 6 c per pound.
M illstu ff«— Middlings, $20(323; C al­
ifornia bran, $16.00(3 16.50 per ton.
Onion«— New red. 70<3S0c; do new
silverskln, $1.00(31.15 per cental.
Butter— Fancy creamery, 27 (3 28c;
do set-onus, 25(326c; fancy dairy, 28(3
24c; good to choice, 201322 c per pound.
Cheese— Fancvm ild, new, 13>^e; fair
to good, 7<38c per pound..
Eggs— H iotw , 18(326 c ; ranch, 86(3
8 8 ‘sc; Eastern, 16(323; duck, 30c per
Potato««— New, in box««, 80(3 70c.
C itru« F r a il— Oranges, Valencia«,
fl.6 0 @ S .0 0 ; Mexican lim e«, $2.50(3
8.60; California lemons, choice, $3.50;
do common, $1(32 per box.
Hay— Wheat, 13916; wheat and
Ml, $11314; oat, $10® 11; river har-
horley, $10® 13;
G o v e rn input
C la im «
W ill
F u l l — A e v e n ty -F iv ®
S a tisfie d
M illio n s
A l*
r e a d y S u b s c r ib e d f o r It .
New York, Oct. 25.— Russell Sage
oreated a sensation in W all street late
yesterday by announcing tiiat he had
been invited by President M oKinley to
form a syndicate to bid on the Union
Pacifio railroad on tiie basis o f satisfy­
ing the full government claim in tiie
Union Pacific. Mr. Sage invited sub­
scriptions to a plan to be hereafter
brought out by him.
The payment ot
the government olaim in fu ll is under­
stood to be the first condition in this
plau. Mr. Sage’s representative an­
nounced last nigh, that lie had received
subscriptions for over $76,000,000
within two hours o f his announcement
It was said that he would continue to
receive subscriptions until his plan was
subscribed at least three times over.
As to the bond transactions, Mr. Sage
thinks there is unlimited capital avail­
able for settlement of the Pacifio road
debt without loss to the government.
Among the subscriptions reported to
Mr. Sage's Union Pacific scheme were
the following:
Mr. A stor’B subscription is eoid to
have been received by cable. Borne of
the names are said to represent other
interests besides the subscribers. It is
said a large insurance company w ill
subscribe $10,000,000.
Mr. Sage goes to Washington today
to confer with the president and tiie
attorney-general, at their request.
N ew York. Oct. 85.— A Herald d
patch from Havana say«:
A la
uewspaper publishes and vouch««
the follow ing: A t Chasoapebo. ia 1
district of Ban Julian, belonging to t
municipality of Melana del Snr I
were concentrated 3,500 persons,
reooncentradoa w ere the only
ants of the place. Now there
five survivors, the reet having died eff
hunger and fever. In Havana c ity Ik
is no unusual sight to see 10 o r I S
dead on one plasa early in the
The employers employ regdlor
roundsmen to remove bodies frees the
There is no abatement in the a c tiv ity
of the rebels in '.he western provinces.
The special regiment o f V eragoe eat
ita way to the Rubi hills in P tn o r d o !
Rio, stumbled aoroas a dynam ite boaafc
and lost 10 killed and 41
Further on thev came across
but it failed to explode. The aoldiesa
became terrified aud refused to proceed.
Iu Havana province 100 rebel« off
Raoul Arango’s command entered a a d
raided a town. They carried aw ay m.
quantity o f clothing and proviaiow»
without a shot being fired by the garri­
son. Near Artemisa, Havana proviwea.
a band of insurgents under Auoa a t­
tacked and macheted the Spanish g oes
ilia force stationed on the Ne
In a railroad collision bets
miss and Mangas several soldiers wese
Inhabitants of a suburb of H s n o a
report hearing firing just outaida th a
town last night. The firing continues
for several hours, and thia m oraio®
some wounded troops w ere brought ia.
N o details o f the fight have beea a t ­
A n o t h e r F ilib u s t e r *
New York, Oot. 35.— The H eraM kaa
made investigation into the alleged d e ­
L A U N C H B O IL E R E X P L O D E D .
parture of the filibustering e x p e d itfo »
from N ew York on the schooner Bilvoai
A c c id e n t to O n e o f th e B o a t * o t t h * Heels laBt Saturday.
Aa to the suspic­
T a zo *.
ious circumstance« attending the depar­
Boston, Oct. 25.— The boiler o f one ture o f the vessel, H. P. Brown, h er
o f the steam launches of the battleship agent said: “ There ia nothing suspic­
Texas blew up w h ile it was alongside ious about the sailing o f the S itvar
the battleship, and a number of men, Heels. She took nothing which eo a M
including two officers and a surgeon, be regarded as contraband goods. 8 h »
■ailed for Norfolk and C h a rl««le a ha
were injured, none fatally.
The explosion occurred just as the search o f a charter. A « her ageat, E
launch reached the side of the ship, should oertainly have known if aba h ad
having towed down two ship’s boats taken cargo from thia p ort.”
Despite the emphatio denial aff
fu ll of meu who were engaged in the
naval parade. On tiie launch at the Brown, the Herald learns from a lb a r
tim e were 35 men, including Lieuten­ sources that the Silver Heels did leaoa
ant-Commander Delhanty, Lieutenant N ew York Saturday night loaded w H b
Bristol, Ensign Wadhams and Dr. W. arms and ammunition, and that A w
R. Dubose, the ship' ssurgeon. The went direct to sea. A t some point ew
smokestack, the top o f the boiler and the high seas she is expeoted to trans­
part of the canopy over the boiler were fer her cargo to another oraft v k i d t
blown into the air, and what was left would have armed men on kuaid,
of the launch caught fire from the whose destination ia Cuba.
flame that followed tiie bursting o f the Estrada Palma, the Cuban repraeawtn-
boiler, but tiie fire had little to burn. tive, said:
“ I am positive that no armed expedi­
In the pit with the boiler John P h il­
lips, an oiler, and John Fisher, a coal tion left this port for Cuba.”
passer, were thrown violently against
H o l d - U p on S ls k ly o a M oantatm .
the wooden partition.
Fisher was
Ashland, Or., Oct. 25.— D. C. P lt -
badly injured internally. Ph Hips es­
caped with severe bruises. The cox­ ser, a gardener, livin g four m iles oouthi
swain, Thomas Sullivan, was thrown of Ashland, came to town this morning
against tiie side of the launch, but and reported that, w h ile retnrwln®
was only bruised, and the sailor with from a trip to Northern California,
him was completely blackened by soot, where he had been with a load o f p e -
but unhurt. Dr. Dubose had two front duce, and w h ile on Siskiyou mountain,
near Steinmnii, where the stage pan« ■
teeth knocked ou t
crosses the railroad, at 7 o ’clock lank,
evening, be was stopped by tw o high­
waymen, who ordered him down fro m
his wagon with drawn revolvers, a fte r
M a r c o * W h i t m a n '* C r a v e a t W h l t m a i
which they rifled his pocket« o f aandk
M iss io n O p e n e d .
containing $48 in silver, but over­
W alla W alla, W ash., Oct. 25.— This
looked $30 in gold in a trouser« porhta
afternoon Marcus W hitm an’s grave, at
The robbers then told him to get e n
Whitman mission, seven miles west of
h i« wagon and make him aelf s c a m ,
W alla W alla, was opened, preparatory
which he did in a burry, reaching hta
to the erection of a mausoleum o f briok
home at 8 o ’clock, and not reporting ta
and granite thereon by the Whitman
the local authorities until this morn­
Memorial Association. President Pen­
ing. The authorities are now investi­
rose, of Whitman college; a few stu­
gating the case. Pitaer ia not able tw
dents and newspaper men only were
give a very complete description off tbw
present, besides the contractors.
Near the surface o f the mound in one
corner, four skulls nearly intact were
C h * r o k «* * A r e A n a lo g .
discovered; also a number o f minor
L ittle Rock, A rk ., O c t 35.— A ape—
bones. The skull o f Dr. Whitman was oial to the Gaaette from F ort S n i t k
reoognixed by the gold filling in one ol •ays: It ha« tasked out here that thw
his teeth and a tomahawk wound at the full-blood Cherokee« have been ssr s t l j
base o f the skull.
arm ing themselves and securing largo
Dr. Whitman, h i« w ife and 11 asso­ quantities o f ammunition for aoeerak
ciates, massacred 60 years ago. are sup- weeks, hut it ha« been especially h r k k
poaed to be buried in the grave.
since the return o f the attorney ea st t o
The bones were brought to thia city Washington to enjoin the Dawes oeoe-
th i« evening, to be classified by physi­ mission from proceeding to make th e
cians. A fte r being placed in a gluts oitiaenship ro lls The m ajority eff I t a
case for inspection for a few days, they Cherokees are opposed to the treaty,
w ill tie returned to their reaiing-piaoe, but the most bitter feeling 1« anteeg-
and the mausoleum of brick and granite the ignorant full-bloods
T h ey arw
erected over them.
to resist any attem pt tw
T h a Y c r k c * T c t a s c o p «.
W illiam s Bay, W ia., Oot. 35.—
Charles T. Yerkes' splendid g ift ia
now in the possession of tiie university
of Chicago. Shortly after noon, Mr.
Yerkes form ally presented to President
W . R. Harper the keys to the obser­
vatory which oontains the Yerkes tele­
The ceremonies covered two
hours, and the greatest refracting tele­
scope in the world, having a 40-inch
lens, is dedicated and ready to be uoed
by astronomers from every part o f the
change their tribal government. Bw
immediate outbreak is anticipated, h o t
a great deal depends upon tbs aotien off
tbs council next Monday.
Tacoma Womaa K ill* H o m lf.
Tacoma, Wash., Oct. 85. — Mow
Frank A lw yn , w ife of a aa loon-keeper,
shot herself in the breast at as ea rly
hour thia morning, dying almost in ­
stantly. The act waa committed lot
SL Joseph’ s hospital, where she wan
admitted last night.
She carafnlly-
planned for her death, wrapping ban-
self in a rubber blanket, so the be#
clothing would not become bloedy.
fih e rir o o d D e p o t B u r g l a r i s e d .
Sherwood, Or., Oct. 26.— The Sooth* She left a note saying she waa tired aff
ern Pacific depot at this place was en­ life with directions for her funeral.
tered by burglars Sunday night, and a In a bureau waa found a shroud, rnodn
box containing about $20 in cash and by herself, with a card pinned on lb
a ll the tickets belonging to the office upon which waa ” Bury me in thin**
Mrs. A lw yn waa 86 years old.
were taken.
A F rcm a ta r* l i p l n l n .
K x a m ln a tlo n o f C a p ta la L * ? « r l * | * .
Chicago, Oct. 36.— The officer* of
the army constituting the court of in­
quiry to examine into the f»ots connect­
ed w ith the alleged ill-treatm ent of
Privata Hammond by Captain Love-
ridge, o f the Fourth infantry, arrived
at F ort Sheridan today and began the
work o f investigation. A s the senior
officer of the oourt, Colonel Bimon Sny­
der, o f the Fifteenth infantry, open*
the proceedings and took charge of S
Kingston, N. Y ., Oot. $5.— A t Ran-
endale today tha premature explosion
of a blast in Snyder’ a cement quarry
killed Arnold Johnson instantly
inflicted probably fatal injurtae
these others.
A b y s s ln la a s D * r .M l* tl* [
Cairo, Oct. 86.— News