Washington County hatchet and Forest Grove times. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1896-1897, June 24, 1897, Image 4

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I ftt the post-office at Forest Grove, Or. as
Second-class mail matter.
Postage Free.
In Advance.
fttfablished for the dissemination of Washing-
t e a county news, the elevation o f humanity and
th e money we can make.
Item s o f general interest gratefully received.
Editor's hobbies and opinions on this page, all
tfee rest facts—impartial and uncolored.
Editor is at home in his sanctum, H a t c h e t
■ eliding. Forest Grove, from 6 a. m. to io p. m.
mt each week day and always glad to talk and
talked to.
People who are surprised that
Additional Locals.
the Republicans in the Senate are
T h e co u n ty and contractors would pro-
not answering in detail the attacks fit if specifications for bridges were open
made by the Democrats upon the to bidders for several d a y s prior to the
lettin g instead o f ju st on the day as now.
pending tariff bill need not suppose T here is no chan ce for in telligen t com ­
that it is because of lack of argu­ petition under the present system and
ment or facts upon which to base th e o th er w ay would be no more trouble
them. Their silence is simply be- as w ell as decidedly preferable.
cause of their unwillingness to co n -, N ot o n ly acute lu n g troubles, w hich
sume a moment of time more than m ay p rove fatal in a few days, but old
is absolutely neccessary in getting chron ic coughs and th ro a t troubles m ay
I receive im m ediate re lie f and be perm an­
the bill before the Senate.
e n tly cured b y O ne M inute Cough Cure.
Ind w rite; “ I have n ever before given
a testim onial in m y life. But I w ill say
that for three years' we have never been
A lbert Latham closed bis spring term w ithout C h aim berlains C olic, C h olera
o f school in the Shute D istrict M onday. and D iarrhtea Rem edy in the house, and
A . M. Carpenter, o f G lenw ood, was m y w ife would as soon thin k of bein g
transacting business in the county C api­ w ithout hour as a bottle of this R em edy
in the sum m er season. W e have used
tol M onday.
M. E . E veritt has gone to C alifornia it w ith all three of our children and it
has never failed to i « r r - n o t sim ply stop
for a short visit.
Joseph M inguel, o f Vernonia, visited pain, but cure absolutely. It is a ll righ t,
and anyone who tries it w ill find it so.
H illsboro this week.
For sale by J. C. C la rk , druggist.
G eo. H all, o f S t. H elens, was ca llin g
on friends here last F riday and Saturday.
T h e correspendent for W ashington and Geo. feels quite w ell over his recent suc-
' «“ hill counties in th e w eekly crop re- cessful exam ination for admission to the
port says: ‘ ‘ R ains have m ade every- bar.
* 7 . . . .
, , . ,
th in g b rig h t and fresh; hops are lo o kin g
A large number o f K . P. boys from
j prom ising; potato p lan tin g has been this vicin ity were exp ectin g to attend the
in progress, but the crop w ill be less than picnic at Forest G rove, It is hoped that
was plan ted last y ea r. T he cloudy they m ay have more favorable w eather
w eather and rain w ill m ake the spring n ext tim e.
E ig h t
P ages
W eekly
M anley Everitt is home from A storia
where he has been for several weeks.
‘There’s no use in talkii
H. P:o^', v.'“U. drupgjgt.
“ ” Chamo
l n a m e -n
a :u s Code,
Cu.it, Chafe?
rbm a R em ed y -nee the *
tak ln S ,n* ‘ ’ l "
“ nd ‘ h° 8- o f “ ‘ W
C h a im b e rla in ’s and it h*lw
ond dose cu red me.
Candidi, J
«.ientiom !v I can rt-i-comuiendj
best th in g on the market
oO cent s u e s for sale by J. C (
Kis t-
Ripans Tabules cure torpidi.
Ripans Tabules; at drug
A s woman has been the inspira-
tion of the noblest in literature so
. ,.r r
. .
growing indifference to her charms
is an alarming e\ idence o f its de-
Rarely now do we read
odes on feminine love-
P R IN T E R Y .
- liness unless of feminine authorship
I f you tail to receive yo u r paper it w ill
Man’s talent seems to write i t s e l f *>ra‘ n cro P Hght. C h erries are being
| picked. R o ya l A n n es are the finest we
b e a favor if you w ill n otify us at once
in satire, ridicule and epigram on ever saw . T herei
abundance o f
AUSTIN CRAIG, K ditok a n d P r o p r ie t o r .
her and her ways.
sm all fruits, but
are ripenin g
slo w ly ”
C ounty O f f ic ia l P a p e r .
R e p u b l ic a n
A. H. Patter with C. E. Atkins & Co.,
H IL L S B O R O .
Hundreds of th ousands h ave been in ­
G en uin e S in ger sew ing m achines are
duced to try C h a im b e rla in ’s Cough
handled in th is and Y a m h ill counties
R em ed y by reading for others, and h a v ­
ing tested its m erits for th em selves are only by G eo. C . Easterly , M cM innville.
W rite him .
today its w arm est friends. For sale by
J. C . C la rk , druggist.
T h e ou tlo o k for the settlem ent o f the
bank afiairs does not ju stify depositors in
T he M arch to Independence.
sellin g th e ir claim s for 50 cents on the
dollar. T h e larger creditors could well
F o rest G ro v e, O r., June 19, 1897.
afford to buy in the : m ailer claim s at a
E d it o r o f T h e H a t c h e t ;
Y o u in tim ated that you w ould lik e to sligh t discount and settle the bank
hear from those w ho star ted from F'orest more leisurely than the assignees would
G rove on the 13th to go to the G . A . R. be allow ed to. In this w ay th ey would
e v e n tu a lly realize th eir claim s in full
* ud W, R C ‘ E n cam p m en t held a t In-
w ith in terest. Most of them were look­
T h e w agon m aster w anted to start to ing for investm ent and Mr. Pfanner’s
e arly and we m ade m ore fuss and b u s tle loans were safely m ade, security beipg
than all o f S h e rm a n ’s arm y. O ne m an go o d exce p t w hen a large b lo ck o f it is
left w ithout his breakfast and another throw n on the m arket at once when it
forgot to put his shirt on until we were w ould h ave to be sacrificed.
War, ever terrible, has new hor­
rors in recent destructive instru­
ments. A lately invented bullet
expands, after entering the body,
into the shape of a mushroom and
smashes the bone. The French
have a rifle which will hurl vitriol
into th e fa c e o f th e e n e m y a n d w it h
no d is g r a c e m ig h t t h e b r a v e s t so l-
dier recoil from such a charge.
The English government owns
w ell on our w ay, an other left his coat
T he F o rest G rove L ar.d Co. has been
an automatic massacre machine and i f it had not been for th e R e lie f
busy th is w eek show ing land to stran ­
which sends out 1 ,ooo shots every Corps co m in g we would b ave been in a gers.
123 seconds and recent experiments bad p ligh t. W e d id n ’ t forget .h e d ire c ­
Mrs. O . H . H yde has been very sick
show that at close range it can tion and at 8 o ’clo ck a. m ., were on our for the p ast w eek.
w ay rejoiced to w elcom e a good show er
throw 11 shots a second. In dyn­
o f rain. W e th o u g h t at one tim e th at
S p e cia l by telegrap h to the H a t c h e t
amite warfare the latest is a gun we w ould h ave to stop and build a
reports th at an Indian at S eattle has
throwing 200 pounds of explosive w agon w heel but th a t w ou ldn ’t have
been hard at w ork all d a y d igg in g little
gelatine a distance of four miles and been m uch o f a trick as we had a good neck clam s for the P yth ian conclave and
which in short order would make m echanic w ith us at least he said th at cla m b ak e, and 400 lbs. w ill be shipped
ruins of a great city. Nighttime no he had made lots o f good w agons w h ile by express in the m orning to Forest
in the arm y (not C o x e y ’s arm y) and you
longer will bring rest from slaughter know th a t the old soldiers are alw ays G ro v e. W arren B laney cham pion trick
cy clist o f the state, w ill be present to
for the field of battle can be made ready to swear to a n y th in g that th ey perform and H on. W m . Rasm us w ill
light by luminous projectiles.
orate. M ayor H u m a n and Barrett re­
T h e first stop was N orth Y a m h ill, for sp ectively w ill extend and receive the
Malthus could not forsee the
mighty advance in death-dealing dinner, when the gu ards w ere detailed and freedom o f th e city to the K n ig h ts, their
th in gs g en era lly m ade safe, a forager was
machinery by which whole nations d etailed (not retailed) to find w hat the friends and the p ublic gen erally.
Rev. J. S. G riffin, o f H illsboro, a
can now be conveniently extermin­ farm er had that we had not, but we soon
o f ’39 and one o f the first news­
ated, or he would never have feared discovered that the officer o f the d a y had
paper men o f the N orthw est, was in town
an undue increase of population on
most tim id one in the w hole ga n g, a today and paid a short call to the
the earth.
H a t c h e t Printery.
kin d o f ladies man an d he cam e near
A n advertisem ent in another column
Road supervisors will do well to b ein g captured by one. H e told her a
reads very lik e some o f th e catch adver-
read and heed the following section
m olest th eir sheep, and the lady o f th e tisem en ts w hich m ake no m istatem ent
in regard to one feature of their house ga ve him a cup o f cream to color for th ey refer to the prom oters o f the
dnty which has been generally neg the d in n er coffee and he was m ig h ty schem e g e ttin g rich but read as though
lected. The convenience of guide gla d to get off w ith that. He w as not it was the investor w ho was to be fa ­
posts is unquestioned but even if sorry w hen we p ulled our stakes le a v in g vored.
Mr. E . W . H aines is again in the store
their value was doubtful the law is the n ex t cam p “ P ig S ty ca m p ,” w here
we tried to get som e straw or h ay for our after an absence in over; eeing the im ­
mandatory and leaves no discretion beds b u t Y a m h ill had no surplus and th e
provem ents w h ich have been made at
to the supervisor:
hard ground had to suffer all n igh t. the C rescent F'lour M ills. New dam ,
“ Every supervisor shall erect W e d id n 't need any guard th a t n igh t head ga te, w arehouse, cleaner, and an
and keep up at the fork of every for we all slept w ith one eye ajar, and addition to the m ill and m achin ery have
highway and every crossing of pub­ the first dr.y had gone w ithout the loss doubled th e ca p a city o f th e m ill, a step
o f a sin gle man o r beast
made necessary by in creasin g patronage.
lic roads within his road district 11 T h e n ext day w as spent w ith in cid en ts
Professor Sw eetser, o f H arvard, has
guide or finger board containing an o f w ar tim es so th at we h a rd ly kn ew
been elected to the ch air o f bio lo gy and
inscription in legible letters direct­ where th e tim e had gone. W e w en t ch em istry, a con solidation o f th e de­
ing the way and specifying the dis­ back o ver the scenes o f th e w ar w ith partm ents form erly presided over b y
tance to the next town or public G ra n t over, around and under V icksb u rg, Prof. L oyd and W h ittlesey. T h e pro­
S h ilo h , M ission R id g e, and all th e battle fessor w ill p ro bably have an assistant.
place situated on each road respect­
fields until S h erm an 's G rand M arch and
The o ld soldiers adm inistered a stin g­
ively; provided that the road super­ w ith G ra n t and L ee to A ppom attox.
in g rebuke to G o ven o r Lord on the occa-
visors shall not lie paid after sub­ Som etim es our ch eek s were w et w ith
\ sion o f th eir recent encam pm ent at In­
mitting their report to the county tears, again we w ould m ake the w elkin dependence and it is the more notable
court until they have shown to the rin g w ith laughter for a jo lly good that the veterans reflect the sentim ent of
crow d we were (I m ean to ourselves).
satisfaction of the court that the Som e o f the w heat fields o f Y •m hill were the best citizen sh ip o f the state. A third
provisions of this sectio 1 have been very fine, such as Y a tu h ille rs are able would not m arch in the profession w hile
a large part o f the rem ainder turned
complied with.— H ill’s Code Sec. to h ave, o n ly parts o f P o lk were as good
their b a ck s to the go ven o r as he w ent
but w hen com pared w ith W ashin gton
No. 4794.
through betw een th eir opened ranks.
The tw o story buildin g occupied by
H eidel’s bakery and C o lesto ck ’s barber
shop has been raised and new sills put
under it. Both the new brick buildings
have been started this week.
C o u r t H ouse N ew s.
XVcge tabic Preparation for A s -
sim ilating UveloodandRcg d a ­
ting the Stomachs and Bow els of
In re estate o f W . F Raison, deceased;
personal property set off to widow; or­
dered th at balance o f personal property,
except notes, be sold at private sale, at
not less than appraised value, on *ime or
for cash, as adm inistratrix m ay deem
lN F A N r S ¿ X m L » K E N
Promotes Digestion,Cheerful­
n ess and Rcst.Contains neither
Optu m,Morphine nor Mineral.
In re estate o f U . G. Jackson, deceased;
real property ordered sold, one-third
cash, one-third in one year, and one-
third in two years; deferred paym ents
secured b y m ortgage.
o i T N a
h c o t ic
R a y * o f O ld O S i M lT Z H / LOi2?
Pum pkin S e e d “
In re estate o f John M cConkey, de­
ceased; prayer of petition for sale o f real
estate granted, terms to be one-half cash
balance in one year at 8 per cent.
A lx.Sen n a *
PaJuUs Satis-
Anise Seed *
Ppperrm nt
BtCar^enakSeda *
Jtirm Seed -
In re estate o f John Trum bo, de­
ceased. F inal settlem ent
M onday, June 28, 1897.
A perfect Remedy fo r Constipa­
tion. Soui Stomach.Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish­
n ess and L O S S O F SLEEP.
In re estate o f W alter S. Lyon de­
ceased. J. M. W all appointed guardian
ad litem for minor heirs. Real estate or­
dered sold at private sale.
Tac Simile Signature of
In re estate o f Peter K indt deceased.
Phoebe K in dt appointed adm inistratrix
with bonds fixed at $6,000. Chris Hesse
W . W . Tuesdell and Fred G roner ap­
pointed appraisers.
*A t b m o n th s
Cmtoria is put up In ose-slze lottiti 4
I is not sold In balk. Don't allow 1
I yon anything else on the plea or ;
j is "jnst as good" and "will innrai
J pose." AW Bee that yon get C-A-ä-T^
the fee-
« Iti
D o s t s - ] j C f NTS
In re guardianship o f Chris Stoller, an
insane person. Bond filed and approved
and letters ordered to issue. Sam uel
Reichen, Jacob Reichen and Zurcher ap­
pointed appraisers.
1 signstni»/
M arriage.— H enry Baldwin and A nnie
ClaTa M cM illan, C. A. Parsons and Mrs.
Susan K n ighten.
, Hatchet and Weekly Chicago Inter Ocean,
T he Oregon State Horticultural society
w ill hold its midsumm er m eeting at
N ew berg, Oregon, June 29 and 30. Be­
gin n in g Tuesday evening the session
continues through W ednesday evening.
Program consists of: Address o f W el­
com e, J. H. Littlefiield; Response, Pres.
E. L. Sm ith; Evaporation, C. L. D ailey,
Salem ; T he C h erry, C. E . Hoskins;
Some Notes, R. D. A llen, Silverton:
Econom y in Evaporators, J. R. Shepard:
Some Points About an evaporator, C .J .
K urtz, Salem . (W ednesday the after­
noon w ill be devoted to visitin g or­
chards, inspecting evaporators, orchard
tools and appliances, and other equip­
ments.) Practical Evaporation. H on. G .
W . Riddle, Riddles; O bservations and
E xperiences in Fruit Evaporation, H E.
Dosch, H illsdale.
'’ o o o c e o e i
$ 1 .0 0
t h e
e e k l y
$ | ,(
t e i {
c e a
f he Greatest Republican Paper of th e W est
T is the most s ta lw a rt and unsw erving R epublican Weekly
lished today and can always be relied upon for fair and hone:
ports of all political affairs.
The Weekly Inter Ocean Supplies All of the News >
R 'd the Best of Current Literature.
It is Morally Clean, and as a Family Paper is W ithout a Peer.
Its Literary Columns are equal
to those of the best magazines.
Its Youth's Department is the
finest of its k in d . ....................
Quite a number o f ladies are learning o f
Mrs. N o a k h o w to do m acram é w ork. It is
done w ith the fingers by tyin g kn ots and
produces a prettier effect than crocheting
w hich
Mrs. N oak isth e lady to w hom reference
was m ade last week. She is deserving
and it is g ratifyin g to see the encourage­
m ent she is receiving in her efforts to
provide for herself and fam ily.
the hl?«SMrtt »hiLaa? i!u the
o f ,hfi F n tire W o r ld and gives
the best nnd ablest discussions or all questions o f the day. “ The
In ter Ocean
and h oin o-» » J Z S V ? *}Y*? P3,res of reading m atter each week
the M onle
n a i!1" ? * ° is bcttor a(*apted to the needs of
the people west of the Alleghany Mountains tnan any other paper.
J $1.00 EB!ÊÊÆKEJP2itARÆmXSA5 $•■
The Dally and Sunday Edi-
lions of The Inter Ocean are
the best of their ki nd. . . .
Som e for ten, some for tw e n ty and
some for th irty years have suffered from
piles and then have been q u ick ly and
th ey were not in i t O ur vegetables and
Cries o f “ C o rb ett” greeted him at in te r­ perm an ently cured by using D eW itt’s
The trade reviews atid the daily general garden tru ck are far in advance o f vals and show ed th at the veterans felt W itch H azel S alve, the great rem edy for
papers of the country unite in the theirs and we th o u g h t ol the old story, that th eir com rade had disgraced h im ­ piles and all forms o f skin diseases. J.
self and proved unw orthy o f their respect G C lark , druggist,
assertion that business is brighten­ " T h e r e is no p lace lik e h o m e.”
The second d a y about noon we cam ped
ing in all parts of the United States. at C om rade L o w ’s b eautiful farm in P o lk by his action last w inter.
Forest G ro ve people w ho were so vig-
Y o u are invited to
More men are employed, the vol­ county th ree m iles north o f M onm outh.
ume of new orders is increasing, Here Mrs. Low e surprised the h u ngry orously called dow n by the H illsboro the P y th ia n Conclave
delegation nt the encam pm ent and
and the amount of work done is horde w ith a grea t b ig cherry co b b ler F ourth o f Ju ly here last vear are thin k- ■ und C lam bake, Forest
such as our old soldiers can appreciate
steadily gaining. With the final
ing how rare a je w e l consi-. tcn cy is in G rove, Saturday,
esp ecially w hen we kn o w that it is given
action on the tariff bill, which may w ith a true p atrio tic spirit. A w hole the co u n ty capital. T hen it raised a
be expected during the present souled old coup le is Joe L ow e and his howl because the posters (printed in the
n at'cn a l colors) m ade a larger d isp lay o f
month, an increased improvement C h ristian b etter h alf.
th e F o u rth than o f the R eunion and the No postponm ent.
W e arrived safely at Independence
is confidently expected.
business men were ch arged w ith bein g
where we w ent in to ca m p fo r ’rest o f th e
This h a s l>een a sad week fo r week, here we greeted th e old com rades too eager after th eir own interests.
Attention. Comrades!
T h is y ea r the aw kw ard poster bulletin s,
the few Democratic fossils who still on every *ide (exccP* on on*’ *id* wl,ore printed w ith blueing, from the stiea k y
The W ashington C oun ty Yeteran A sso­
cling to the free trade Democratic * * s « ~ rto" w - K C . cam ped, a jo llie r look, are m ost prom inent in their border ciation w ill go in to cam p at W arren ’s
set o f wom en are not on th is side o f th e
theory. One third of the Southern Pacific
The). were loyaI> n,«. at.a o f gen uine advertisem ents o f H illboro G rove. H illsboro. O regon, June 30, 1897.
in clu d in g even the Tents, Straw , wood, water, ligh ts and
votes in Congress have either sup­ full o f business).
saloons. O ld soldiers supposed from the music free. M eals for veterans I5 cents.
ported the high protective features
T h e ten ts w ill be ready for occupancv
resolution passed at Beaverton this
of the pending tariff bill or refused business w ith pleasure, one o f the in c i­ spring th a t the steam sw in g would no J nne * 9 - E n cam pm ent w ill last June 30
dents o f pleasure was the hoisting o f O ld
to be recorded against it.
lo n ger disturb them but these sam e b ills Juh 1 and * endin g w ith a grand celebra
G lo ry on a fine pole in front o f a neat
flarin gly announce its com ing. A ll tion
3 -
little school hous* in Y a m h ill co u n ty,
With one member of the Demo­ then we gave it th ree cheers and bade it W ashin gton co u n ty is anxious for the
Business m eeting June 30 at 10 o 'clo ck
cratic team pulling in the direction farew ell h o p in g th at th e patrons o f that success o f the encam pm ent and these de- *■ ,n - A ddress o f welcom e at 1:30 by
of free trade, another towards pro­ school m igh t enjo-- it as m uch ss w.- did partures from w hat they were led to e x ­ the m ayor o f H illsboro. H on. W . N. Bar­
rett. R esponse by Hon. H . V . G ates.
pect are to be regretted.
tection, still a third in favor of free in d isp lay in g it all alon g the route.
Com e every one who ever served under
Now we are hom e in Forest G rove
Sp len did o ffe r.— F o r our regular price
silver, and a fourth headed reso-
O ld G lo ry and help m ake this t h k t i m k .
w here we w ill settle dow n in peace and w e w ill fu r n is h y o u th e H a Y c h k t sn d
T he L ad ies A u x ilia ry A ssociation en-
lately toward the gold standard, q u iet, a n d we w ill lo n g r e m e m b e r the C h icago W e e k ly Inter-O cean both for
.Hled to th e sam e accom m odations as
t h e Jefiersonian-Jacksonian band very pleasant trip to Independence.
one yoar. T h is offer is to new subscrib­
the veterans.
«■ gun is not making much pro­
ers a t w ell as to all w ho renew for a
Y o u r* T ru ly ,
C h a s . B o w k n , R u d o l p h C r a n d a l l ,
y ear in advance.
Q uarts « M astir or tux G amc .
of aax.
S ecretary.
i Price of Daily by m ail....................... $4.00 per !
I Price nt Sunday by m ail................... $2.00 per J
, Daily and Sunday by m all............... $6.00 perl
A d d r e s s T H E I.N T E R O C E A X . C hic
Hatchet and Chicago Weekly Inter Ocean
Buy a Farm,
Buy a Lot.
Buy a House and
M oney
O r A n y O t h e r K ind o f
June 26
+ E S T A
® O F TH E •
F orest G rove L and C o .
have many bargains and now is the time to
Write for Price List.
-------------- ------------ FOREST GROVE, OREJ
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re?pcotively last month on
v our
l r mntipv
ke"',Se- ___
If you don’t
invest -n and
kgco \
aSU v ^ T u fe " 1
what ....
P° C k e t’ y ° U
d0- Absolutely no risk.
C a n c e l " - ' 0
j lle‘ . Try us with $25 and setl
B r o k e r .«
Angeles, C s lifo L k d 2 ' 5 B yn “ Buildi” g’ ^