Washington County hatchet and Forest Grove times. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1896-1897, June 24, 1897, Image 3

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    55 ON TARIFF Bill
'------ -
Work the Senate
Has Done So Far.
p ay ’s
levei'Mgei nnd Manu»
.„„•■I *i°oá‘ n “ ‘ “ ,,d Wu01 W,U
,b, N«it »“ < " U,B-
ubiniton, June 19.— T he senate
„K-r progress today on th e tar-
’ -
........... -
Patch frotu' Havana ^ Hfcral'l dis-
Oomea contfcmDufL“H T
gressive movementloT 'lecuM l?
during next month
he hag
^ u‘ pUns which
m o n ^ ^ nnoi n“ ' n* ,° rI
' - t few
bans are lookim» f* " ^ i ■ aild tb,‘ Cu-
verv *oon.
8 ° r “ J' K “tovemeut
i»«" "< f
T h e S a n ta I V .
S. w „ J u n e 21.— T ht
"'n k Butler, charged w ith th«
Cspta in Lee W eller, while
» gold-proepecting trip,
n(ied today, th e ju ry render-
guilty. B u tler atte m p t
throat w ith a piece of tir
Rut was seized before h«
injury. L ater he mad«
resistance to th e keeper?
. w»y to th e courthouse
w il* beast
‘Z;„ "o
r m
f M
m ust
long enough. ”
Exam ination showed th a t nine shots
had takeh effect, any one of_ which
would have proved fatal.
F e ll In to a T ra p .
Havana, Ju n e 21.— A large force u n ­
der General (Quentin Bandera succeded
in destroying a body of Spanish near
Sabana. Bandera placed his men in
am bush and then instructed five scouts
to approach a fort where the Spanish
were barricaded. T he Spaniards sallied
from the fort in pursuit of the scouts,
who fell back, leading th eir pursuers
into the heart of th e Bandera am bush.
A hot tight ensued, first w ith m usketry,
hut finally hand to hand. All of B an­
dera's men were arm ed w ith machetes.
Ten of the insurgents were killed, and
the entire pursuing party of the Span­
At Alguisa, a town of 3,000, 178 per­
sons die«I last m onth from hunger and
N o P o l y g n m y A m o n g I n d ia n s .
Perry, O. T ., Ju n e 21.—The Chey­
enne and A rapahoe Indians w ere
wrought up over th e new law which
goes into effect Ju ly 1, relatin g to poly­
gamy. A fter th a t tim e each of the 40
Cheyenne Indians who have more than
one wife will have to choose one of th e
two, three or more wives th a t he has,
and the cast-off wives m ust leave him.
To the squaws who have become en-
lighteneil as to th e ir situation, the m at­
ter has liecome tragic. Every squaw
who wants to rem ain w ith her husband
is doing her best to please him , so th a t
she will be the lncky wife. There are
40 of these polygamists, and in all they
have over 100 squaws.
n rn irn .ri W h llJ B ath in g .
G reenville, Tex,. Ju n e 21.— Last
night, while bathing in a pool six m iles
from this city, Cashier King, of th e
F irst N ational bank; Miss A ustin, of
this city, and Ida Scheneck, of S her­
man. Tex., were drowned. Mr. King
and Mss A ustin were together, and got
beyond th eir depth. K ing called for
help, and Fred Norsworth, who was
w ith Miss Scheneck, w ent to th e rescue,
but both were drowned before help
reached them . Miss Scheneck, becom­
ing frightened, followed Mr. Nors­
worth. and, jum ping on his back, near-
lv drowned him also. All parties wer*
L a k ® 3t® » m ® r* i n C o l l U l o n .
L E T TE R .
D o w n in g . H o p k i n s A C o m p a n y ’ * R e v i e w
o f T ra d ® .
t u w r l n n T a t tle A r e A l l R i c h t an d th e
tiu v eru u ie-> t W i l l P r o v e I t .
Milwaukee, Jn n e 19.—The steam er
Virginia, of the Goo«lrich line, w ith
200 passengers on board, ran down the
s c h o o n e r Eveline, bound from M enomi­
that system bad
| 20.000. nee, Mich., to Chicago, near th is port
lo,s to the company. o f ^ e oy* r ^
last evening. The E veline’i cabin was
2 i n T K H ^ d e good to the com- shifte«i forward and her yawl was de­
m o li s h e d .
A panic f prevailed among
the V irg in ia's passengers, but th e
steamer «■ontinoed on her course to C hi- \
cago and the E veline was towed to th e
Milwaukee drvdock-
Siberia only *0 d*y*
June 21.—An official
Kansas City. •
|h a t th„
d is c r im in a t io n
W ashington, Ju n e 21.—The action
outlined in the interview with Bellamy
Storrer before his sailing for Kurop«*,
looking to making vigorous representa­
tions to G reat B ritain , Germany and
Belgium and lioubtlees to France, for a
modification of the discrim inating
measures against Amerii'an cattle, is
the result of the indefatigable efforts
f o n t«"\n Havana'* °0ncen,r»tin« hie jf Secretary of A griculture Wilson to
probably make^
prov“ “* *nd wil1 •onihat the prejudices of the OKI World
Havana General ¿ * nT 8,rat.ion
against our farm products and to secure
Orientals is repTte^m P '
1' H00 to our exporters at least the same rights
i w
*° *laVe arrival in
! as are enjoyed by those of other coun-
tries. Ever since the new adm inistra-
ing throuvl. M ,
a'" 1 was n'»''',h-
( ) * , . „ ? M»tanzas several days ago. tioti began. Secretary Wilson has been
pushing this m atter. He has had fre­
a council of quent interviews w ith the president
T,,1‘,be ,heU in a dav or so, and Secretary Sherman ou the subject.
d,8clow llis Plal18 to his >everal new'diplom atic appointees have
had conferences w ith the agricultural
t0 >eave Ha- lepartm ent officials, at which questions
ana lor
the country
next week.
" “ bm the last week the insurgent! af this kind were discussed anil th e
rituation explained.
1.VUV “ |,“ W
»*»* “ > ■"
The state departm ent is now co-oper-
iting in the movement and in various
in Havana province, this time only 15 ways has instructed its representatives
ioiug to the countries named to state
Th fiTi« tT“* H“V!Tna' in Huanabacoa. their cause to the respective govern­
is the second expedition landed in
ments, setting out th e discrim inations
m o n iT ,,r0VinC,i dUring the PreHent im|K>sed on our products, together w ith
lata showing them to be unjustifiable.
tl.7 'H i0eS ir,!ni Pliert0 Prin°iPe state These statem ents will also show th a t
that the rebels are active in that prov-
iin t. Several skirmishes between in ­ the restrictions placed on A merican cat­
surgents and Spanish forces have re- tle preclude any m aterial danger of
loss by disease or otherwse.
cently occurred.
Official reports of experts in th e field
During the last week a Spanish col­
umn 800 strong, under Colonel Revter, will be cited to dem onstrate th a t
was attacked while marching to Santa American cattle products show a great­
er exemption from disease th an those
Cruz. The rebels were repulsed, but
of practically all other countries.
Colonei Reyter was badly wounded and
These representations will be accom­
23 Spanish soldiers were killed. The
panied by the significant w arning th a t
rebel loss is not known.
if the unjust discrim inating measures
are continue«l, proper action w ill have
to be taken by th is government. Dis­
inating nations will be given to
8t«|>> Taken in Wauhlngtnn to Prevent
understand th at th e rights of Ameri-.
the Execution.
can exporters m ust be recognized, or
New York, June 21.—A dispatch to «■lse privileges accorded foreign pro-
the World from Washington says: A i ducers w ill be w ithdraw n.
telegram from Senor Palma, of the
Cuban junta at New' York, received
tonight by Secretary Quesada of the
provisional legation reads:
A T e x a s C o n tr a c to r K i l l e d b y a Y o u n g
“ Prosecuting attorney has asked for
W om an.
death sentence of Ruiz Rivera and Ba­
Ju n e 21.— A special
ca llao.”
Steps were taken immediately to pre­ to the Republic from Paris, Texas,
vent if possible the summary execution says: E«l Kilgore, a contractor and
of such a sentence. Senator Morgan builder, met his death at the hands of
and others were seen and their serv­ Miss Fanny Jackson and her three
ices enlisted.
Arrangements were brothers today. Kilgore was sittin g
made to have influential senators call in the w aiting room a t Ladonia station
early tomorrow upon Secretary Sher­ when Miss Jackson, accompanied by a
man to urge him to request interfer­ sister and three brothers, enteretl, th e
ence by the Madrid government, and men taking positions at th e doors.
a direct api>eal will be made to the The girl drew a revolver and fired at
president. It is expected that Minister Kilgore. The bullet w ent wide, and
Taylor will be instructed to obtain struck her brother, Brixie Jackson, in
Kilgore dashed down
from the Madrid government assur­ the forehead.
ances that tiie lives of the two men will the railroad track behind some freight
:;ar8. Bud Jackson, another brother,
be spared.
Unless action is taken
intercepted him and shot him in th e
early in the Hay it is likely that Mr.1
hack. A fter Bud Jackon had em ptied
Morgan will bring the matter to the a t­
his revolver, Miss Jackson walked up
tention of the senate by a resolution,
and fired tw o more shots at Kilgore,
although there is one oil record already
in behalf of Rivera.
“ You coward, you have slandered me
I than a».v da>’ Hin<'*, th e debatu
Two entire schedules, cover-
pjwjeH, were com pleted, nam ely,
|Hl. on spirits, wines and bev-
jnd’ichednle 1, on m anufactur-
wngoo<ls. This brings the sen-
the flax schedule w ith th e iin-
twool schedule standing next,
portion of the bill passed today
antially the same as th a t re-
‘ the committee changes being
runt, while
the opposition
•jnients of Jones of A rkansas and
were systematically rejected by
¡ties varying from live to ten.
ywn secured th e adoption of a
naragrapli to the cotton schedule
»view of com pensating th e cot-
nanufacturers for th e recent ac-
0f the senate in placing raw cot-
the dutiable list.
paragraph 289, on m otion of A lli­
es house provision w as restored,
remaining paragraphs on sp irits
,0 >98 inclusive) were agreed to
porte«!, without opposition.
wine paragraph led to some dis-
nn. That on cham pagne and other
¡ng wines was agreed to as re-
The committee paragraph on
tines was perfected by striking
he provision for an additional duty
tents on each bottle or jug and the
itution of a provision th a t the
bottles or jugs shall pay the
duty as if empty.
■ite presented statem ents from
"ntative wine men of C alifornia,
¡ling the paragraphs on wines as
iffording sufficient protection,
added his views th a t these
brandies, and sim ila r articles
be liberally taxed on th e prin-
that they are articles of luxury,
h he would not m ake th e tax
said the rates were practically
bitorv. In effect, it com pelled
to drink California w ine or go
t wine.
senate paragraph w as agreed to.
paragraph on cherry juice, etc.
was modified by th e com m ittee
ude the house proviso of “ con-
no alcohol, or not more than
percent of alcohol,” and thus
ginger ale, soda w ater, etc. ,(299),
committee changed th e wording
“other sim ilar w aters” to “ bev-
oontaining no alcohol.”
ph was then agree«! to w ith a
ttee provision th a t all filled hot-
II have the character of their
B u tte G a te w a y N o t O p e n .
tsblown in the bottles.
Denver, Colo., June 21.—In answet
ule I, cotton m anufactures,
then taken up. T he first para- to a message of inquiry sent him from
1301), cotton thread and yarn, this city, S. W. Ecoles, general traffic
tested by Jones of A rkansas, manager of the Oregon Short Line,
beat length on th e a b ility of wired:
"H ave not opened the Butte gate­
■arican cotton m anu factu rer to
against the foreign producer way, and do not contemplate doing so
thigh duties.
at present.”
Had the Butte gateway been opened
debate, although on th e first
ph of the cotton schedule, to« k it would have let the Great Northern
range, covering th e e n tire cot- and Northern Pacific roads into Utah to
compete with the Rio Grande Western
and Union Pacific and would have given
of Arkansas offered an am end- the Union Pacific a chance to practic­
in the nature of a te st on th e en- ally freeze out the Oregon Short Line
tttton schedule, proposing the on through traffic between Ogden and
rates on cotton thread and Butte by cutting the rate from the Mis­
Rejected, 20 to 30, McEnery souri river to Ogden to $5 or $10.
with the Republicans in the
re. The D em ocratic senators,
A flair« III B r a z il.
Clay, M cLaurin and T illm an ,
New York, June 21.—A dispatch to
b*d voted for a d uty on raw cot- the Herald from Buenos Ayres says:
*ere in the affirm ative on this The Herald correspondent in Rio J a ­
tore«iuce the rate on manufac- neiro telegraphs that the government
wtton. A fter th is contest, rapid has been officially informed of the re­
was made on th e schedule, 1 capture of Canudo by the fanatics.
phs being agreed to as re- There was a fierce encounter, continu­
ing for several hours. The rebels are
notion of A llison, paragraph 31f now safelv entrenched around the city
»ged to exclude braids and gor- and are well prepared for an attack
Merting suspenders and braces from the government troops.
A mixed commission has been ap­
Percent ami reflucing th e rate on
for garments to 60 cents per pointed to place the landmarks on the
frontier of Brazil and Peru.
*»d 30 per cent ad valorem ,
also propose«! a new para
Accept®*! b y th® P o rt® .
i. Ss, with a view to m eeting
London, June 3 1 .-T h e Athens cor­
“'f heretofore imposed on raw respondent of the Daily Telegraph says:
said th e du ty on raw oot- It is reported here tonight that the
dremained in th e bill, would peace conference and the porte have ac­
require an e n tire overhauling cepted a settlement giving Turkey
wtton schedule a t a la ter date, either the town of Ligaria, southeast of
itional paragraph provides th a t Mi loans, or Nezeros, north of Larissa
Wton yarns finer th an No. 10
The Athens correspondent of tne
**1 on the goods m anufactured ' Chronicle says: The porte has aban­
, we d u ty shall be 10 per cent doned the policy of delay and decided
, n to the rates of th e cotton to accept the advice of thejow ers.
D e b « ’ C o lo n y > « m e « t.
n »»id he was one of th e Dem-
June 2 1 .-T b e name for
for a duty on raw cotton
to th a t he w anted th e bili Debs’ O p e r a t iv e Colonization 8«uety
.** heavily as possible, so as to is “ The Social Democracy of America.
toe people and have them Debs advanced reasons for the title
whch were approved by a majority of
Ton out.”
the delegates.____________
Tr*‘" R»n I n t o a R i v e r .
x h e B a lc o n y r.n v e
’ June 21.— A north-bound
, toxin on th e Chicago, Mil-
St. Paul road ran in to the
. w ow . r x i i v T I L .
riT,“r tonight at K inzie street
people, gave way, '« '“ ’f : ” .
*®re hurt, but it is not expect- ¿T
thc people were s!lghtly_injured.
«8 die.
■•Ter R u t t e r C o n v i c t e d .
T here were a num ber of eonnidera-
K Resume of Events in the tiuns in th e wheat m arket to unsettle
the ideas of traders. T he uneasiness
over th e Ju ly deal on account of the
sm all stocks has been o n eo f th e factors.
I t was started by th e discovery th a t
EVIDENCE O F STEADY GROW TH trades in Ju ly would not settle w ith
one of th e prom inent elevator conoerns,
and th e conclusion was at once reached
N e w « G a t h e r e d In A l l th ® T o w n s o f | th a t th is concern had bought enough
O u r N e ig h b o r in g
S t a t e s — I m p r o v e - J Ju ly w heat to develop an in terestin g
situ atio n w i’h local contract stocks of
m e n t N o t e d in A l l I n d u s t r i e s —O r e g o n . [
w heat so abnorm ally low.
Not only
A storia now has a paid fire d ep a rt­ are local stocks und th e A m erican v isi­
ble aw ay below last y ea r’s level, hut
Pendleton is oonsiilering th e proposi- ' th e recent decreases have each week
tion of buying in its own paper, as an been greater than expected. On ai-eount
of th e good cash trade th e local out
investm ent for funds.
Tiie locks a t th e Cascades w e r e ; inspection has been heavy, and each
opened for th e season last week, as high week a large percentage of th e local
stock is moveil out. T he position taken
w ater is over for th is year.
by th e board of trade directory on the
Baker C ity ’s praises are loudly sung
elevator question was inclined to add
by all the visiting firemen who took
to th e uneasiness regarding th e possi­
p art in the tournam ent there.
bility of a J u ly squeeze.
Indian A gent H arper says th a t many
Among th e m inor consideration«
fish are being taken in th e U m atilla have been th e changes in th e w'eather,
riv er by persons using dynam ite.
th e reports of locusts in th e N o rth ­
W inans Bros, brought into The west, th e good spring w heat flour trade.
Dalles 1,200 pounds of salmon one day In a general w ay th e m arket has been
last week. The run is light, but the u nsettled and easily influenced in eith ei
fish are of excellent q u ality .
direction by a com paratively sm all
em igrant
wagons passetl volume of trade.
through Lakeview. Three of them were
P o r tta u d M a rk e t*.
bound for Indiana, and th e rest for N e­
F lo u r— P o rtland, Salem, Caaoadia
braska. T hey were from Rogue river
and Dayton, $3.75; Benton county and
W hite Lily, $3.75; graham , $3.40; su­
T he bicyclists of A storia are talking perfine, $2.60 per barrel.
of building a bicycle path, and it is
W heat— W alla W alla, 70@71c; V al­
suggeste«! th a t th e county join them in ley, 72c per bushel.
building a good road to Jo h n D ay’s and
Oats— Choioe w hite, 38@40o per
bushel; choice gray, 87@39c.
Lane co unty’s jail has been w ith o u t
H ay—Tim othy, $10.00@ 13.50 per
an occupant since th e March term of ton; clover, $11.50<§ 12.60: w heat and
circu it court, the longest perio«l it has oat, $10.00(dll 1.00 per ton.
been em pty during the present sheriff’s
Barley— Fee«! barley, $16.60 per ton;
term of office.
brewing, $18@19.
M illstu ffs— B ran, $14.50, shorts,
The Lane county court has let the
contraot to build a 100-foot strain beam $16.50; m iddlings, $23.60.
B u tter— Cream ery, 85c; dairy, 20@
truss bridge, w ith crib pier, across
Salmon creek, for $890. Seven bids 25c; store, 171%(830c per roll.
Potatoes— Oregon B u rb an k s,40(850c;
w ere handeil in by lour bidders.
T he grasshoppers are doing consider­ G arn et Chilitxi, 55(865c; E arly Rose,
able damage in th e v icinity of L exing­ 35(840o per sack; sweeta, $2.75 per
ton, Or.
G ardens have been com­ cental for Merced; new potatoea, $1(8
1.10 per cental.
pletely ruined, and in many places
P o u ltry —Chickens, mixed, $8.00@
en tire fields of w heat have been eaten
3.25; geese, $2.50(84.60; turkeys, live,
10c; ducks, $2.50(83.50 per dozen.
The graduating class at th e Corvallis
Eggs— Oregon, 11 ( 8 12c per dozen.
college th is year num bers 17, against 48
ChecBe— Oregon,
llt ^ o ;
last year and 51 th e year previous. America, 12
per pound.
T he reduction in th e num ber is largely
Wool— Valley, 12c per pound; E ast­
due to an extension of th e course from ern Oregon, 6 (8 8c.
th ree to four years.
Hops— 7 (8 8c per pound.
T here w ill be no grain raised in the
Beef — Gross, top steers, $3.50;
northern p art of Morrow county this cows, $2.50(83.00; dressed beef, 6(8
year, and b u t a sm all am ount of hay, 6?^c per pound.
th e grasshoppers having destroyed
M utton—Gross, best sheep, w ethers
everything, in sight.
The jiortion of and ewes, 2 ' ac; dressed m utton, 4)%
th e county th a t they have not visited (8 5c per pound.
Hogs—Gross, choice, heavy, $4.00(8
w ill raise an average crop.
T he W eston Leader says th a t a n um ­ 4.50; lig h t and feeders, $2.50(83.00;
ber of pioneer relics were exhibited at dressed $3.00(84.75 per cwt.
V eal—Large, 3 (¿(84c; sm all, 4 .^ (8
th e reunion te n t th ere recently. Thomas
Spence’s contribution was a pocket rifle 5c per pound.
100 years old, made in M assachusetts.
S eattl® M a rk e ts .
I t is a harm less-looking affair now, but
W heat — Chicken feed, $26 per
was considered a tru sty weapon by Mr. ton.
Spence’s father, who, arm ed w ith it
O ats— Choice, $21(822 per ton.
alone chased a band of Indian horse-
F lo u r—(Jobbing)— P a te n t excellent,
thieves for three days.
/4 .6 0 ; N ovelty A, $4.30; C alifornia
brands, $4.60; Dakota, $5.65; p aten t,
W a s h in g to n .
The free text-book proposition w ai
B arley— Rolled or ground, $20 per
voted down in M ount V ernon.
ton; whole, $19.
Steam boat men at G ra y ’s harbor are
Corn— W hc’.«*, $20 per ton; cracked,
ta lk in g of pu ttin g a steam er on N orth $20; fee«l meal, $20.
river, above th e jam.
M illstuffs— Bran, $15.00 per ton;
T he num ber of deaths in Seattle d u r­ shorts, $18.
H ay— P uget sound, per ton, $12.00;
ing May was 38. E ig h t of these were
children and tw o were from drowning. Eastern W ashington, $17; California,
A t th e school election in W alla $13(814.
Feed—Chopped feed, $18.00 per ton;
W alla th e proposition to furnish free
text-books was defeated by a vote of 31 m iddlings, $22; oilcake m eal, $30.
P o u ltry —Chickens, live, per ponnd,
to 14.
hens, 11c; spring chickens, $2.50@ 3.50;
W infield Scott Rich, of Cambridge,
ducks, $5@6.
Mass., has been engaged as principal
B u tter — F ancy n ative cream ery,
of th e Spokane high school, a t a salary
brick, i6c; ranch, 10(812.
of $1,200 a year.
Cheese— N ative W ashington, 10®
A ll laws passed by th e last session of 11c; E astern, llo ; California, 9(^c.
th e W ashington legislature, to which
Vegetables— Potatoes, per ton, $10.00
no emergency clause is attached, have (8 11; Yakima«, $12(413; rhnbard 1
become operative.
(82c per pound; onions, $1; carrots, per
B em is’ shingle m ill, in Cow litz coun­ sack, $1; cabbage, native, per 100 lbs,
ty, th a t has been delayed on account of $1.75® 2; new potatoes, l( £ ® l( £ o per
th e jam of bolts in th e T outle river, per lh.
Eggs— Fresli ranch, 14® 15c.
w ill be started up a t once.
F resh M eats—Choice dressed beef,
An ordinance has been passe«! hy th*
O lym pia council denying to all bloyol« steers, 6 (yc; cows, 6c; m utton, sheep,
riders th e use of th e sidew alks for 6(«c per pound; pork, 6 1„c per pound;
veal, sm all, 6®7c.
riding during th e dry season.
F ish — H alib u t, 3® 4(£o;
Three Seattle w heelm en made th e
salm on, 4® 5c; salmon tro u t, 7® 10c;
run from S eattle to O lym pia and return
flounders and soles, 8® 4c.
last Sunday, covering th e en tire dis­
* Provisions— Hams, large, 11c; ham s,
tance of 154 m iles on th e ir bicycles.
sm all, l l ( i c ; breakfast bacon, 10c; dry
The A tlas L um ber Company, at M ur­ salt sides, 6((C per pound.
ray, is p u ttin g an additional engine
F ru its— Lemons, C alifornia, fancy,
into its sawm ill. L ast m onth the com ­ $3.00® 8.60; choioe, $2.50; oranges,
pany shipped more th an 70 carloads of seedlings, $2.50; M editerranean sweets,
lum ber East.
$3® 8.50; bananas, s h ip p n g , $1.75®
T he Lewis county com missioners at 2.76 per bnnch; apples, * l.6 0 ® 2 per
th e ir latest m eeting, decided to post­ box.
pone indefinitely th e proposition to is­
Ka n F r a n r l a r o M a r k e t s .
sue funding bomls to tak e up th e coun­
Potatoes— Oregon Burbanks, 60® 75c;
ty ’s floating indebtedness.
Two rolls of steel wire cable were re­ E arly Roee, 60® 70c; River B u r­
banks, 50® 65c;
sweets, $1.25 per
ceived in S helton, Mason comity, re­
cently for Sim pson's logging camps. c e n ta l..
B u tter— Fancy cream ery, 16)^c; do
Each roll is 4,000 feet long and weigh«
15®15(%c; fancy
5,000 ponnds. They cost in St. Louil
14® 15c; seconds, 13® 14c.
$ 2 , 000 .
Cheese— Fancy m ild, new , 8 ® 8 (^c;
M iners in th e Swank d istric t in K it­
fair to good, 7® 7 (^c; Young A m erica,
tita s <»unty have begun work for the
8® 9c; E astern, 14® 16f^c.
season and clean-ups are yielding well.
Wool—Choice foothill, 8® 10c; Ran
Two large dam s on Baker creek, to hold
Joaquin plains, 7® 9c; do 12 m onths,
25.000,000 gallons of water, are to be
7 ® 9c per ponnd.
b u ilt th is sum m er.
Onions— New, red, 60® 70c.
The sta te land commission has a r­
Eggs— Ranch, 12 % ® 15c per dosen.
ranged to p ut six land cruisers in th e
H ay—W heat and oat, $7® 10; beat
field to overlook th e new tow nships re­ barley, $6.50® 8.00; alfalfa, $6® 8;
cently surveyed, and m ake state selec­ clover,
$6® 8; com pressed
w heat.
tions therefrom . Some of th e cruisers $6.60® 10.00; straw , 36® 60c per bale.
are already taking to th e field.
Tropical F ru it— Bananaa, $1.00®
F ish Com m issioner Crawford was on 2.00 per hunch.
th e Sound and a t the Baker l*ke h atch ­
C itrus F ru it—O ranges, navel, $2.00
ery last week. T he report th a t t h e , ® 2.60; seedlings, do, $ !.2 S ® 2 .0 0 ; com ­
hatch ery w ill close down on account of mon lemons, 75c® $1.60; fancy, $2.00
th e failu re of th e legislature to a p p ro (¿2 26 par bos.
p rlate funds, he says, is inoorreot. T he
Apple*—$ 1.26® 2 per bos; E astern,
hatch ery is m aintained o ut of tho li­ $3.60 per barreL
m a # fund.
H e F in d s I m p r o v e d ( '« » m l l t l o n * a n « «>* * «
I 'r o a p e c t o f T h e i r l o u U n u a n r e - T k
C u b a n Q u e n t lo n —\ V h a t
d o in g
nt t h e N a t i o n a l C a p it a l.
E. F. P arsons , Sp ecial C orrespondent.
W ashington, D. C .—Secretary G ag*
got goo«l news, as well as giving it o n
liis recent trips to C in cin n ati, P h ila ­
delphia, N ashville and oth er cities.
H is C incinnati address brought g reat
encouragem eut to th e oountry, and ho
in tu rn was him self encouraged by
w hat other }ieople said to him .
" T h e com mercial clubs w hich m e t
a t C in cin n ati,” said Mr. Gage, “ a re
coin(K)s««l of represenative com m ercial
and m anufacturing men from four greaU
cities of the country, Boston, Chicago,
St. Louis and C incinnati. They are th e
heads of th e greatest com m ercial an d
m anufacturing houses of these g rea t
cities. Each one of them ia in touch
w ith his representatives in all p arts o f
the country and obtains inform ation
concerning business conditions all o ver
th e U nited States. T ake such a m an
as Mr. A rm our, for instanoe: he bee
hundreds of representatives located n o t
only in all th e g reat oitiea b u t th e
sm aller places of th e country and o f
course is in touch w ith them co n stan tly
and is able to judge of busineas condi­
tions th e country over. T h e earn» nmy
lie said to a great ex ten t, perhaps, of
M arshall F ield, whose business lin e s
bring him in touch w ith every p ^ e f
th e U nited States. A nother C hicago
house represente«! th ere does a large
business in the m anufacture of eleva­
tors, engines and other products of th a t
Mr. P ullm an reaches, throng)*
his sleeping-car system, of course,
every p art of th e oountry, and is ab le
to accordingly diagnose business condi­
tions and judge of business activ ity or
th e reverse.
The representatives of
o th er cities and o th e r lines of b u sin ess
have equal facilities for judging of b u si­
ness conditions and of th e feelings of
th e business public th e country over.
“ I was gratified to find a very eatia-
factory feeling am ong those gentlem an
who th u s formed th e ir opinions by th e ir
contact w ith tho- business and com mer­
cial men in a ll p arts of th e country.
T hey reporteil a b etter business condi­
tion and b etter feeling th a n has been
realized for a long tim e.
By th is, I
mean not an extrem e grow th of ac tiv ­
ity, b u t a m arked im provem ent an d
one w hich is accom panied by confi­
dence on th e ir p art th a t it is th e begin­
ning of a perm anent im provem ent.
We have, of course, seen in th e paat,
spurts of business im provem ent w hich
were only tem porary, b u t th e feeling
among these gentlem en was th a t th e
im provem ent w hich th ey observed is
likely to be perm anent and to co n tin u e
to increase w ith such legislation a e w ill
assure them regarding currency as w ell
as ta riff.”
“ Do you th in k th a t th e free silv er
sentim ent is as strong as it w as th re e
m onths ago?”
" O f course th e people w ith whom 1
came in contact represent th e c itie s
only so th a t I could not ju d g e so ac­
curately from w hat th ey personally
know; b u t it is q u ite ap p aren t, n o t
only from w hat I learn through th a m ,
b u t from o th er sources, th a t th e ailv er
sen tim en t is on th e decline. E vents o f
th e past few m onths have been decidaly
adverse to it and m ust have had a d e­
pressing influence upon its advocates
and upon th e theory itself. Ja p a n , for
instanoe, to w hich they called p articu ­
lar atten tio n d u rin g th e cam paign M l a*
sh in in g exam ple of free silv er pro s­
perity, has adopted a gold sta n d ard .
Ro have P ent and Russia, and th e te n ­
dency among o th er silver using coun­
tries seems to be in th a t diroction.
All these things, coupled w ith th e con­
tinuous fall in th e price of silver, is
not only showing people th e unwiadoaa
of th e proposition which these leaders
so strenuously advocated, b ut are show­
ing to these them selves th e im proba­
b ility of inducing th e A m erican peoplw
to again support such a p ro p o sitio n .”
B u llio n S liv e r D o w n .
Silver bullion continues to fall. I t
w ent down to 60 cents an ounce several
days ago, the low erst point ever touched
except for a brief period d u rin g th u
panic of 1894.
The steady decline d u rin g th e la st
q u arter of a cen tu ry has a ttracted u
great deal of atten tio n th ro u g h o u t th u
South A m erican silver coin ie
fairly flooding European m arkets. T h e
price of silver has fallen to 76 rupase
in Im lia, th e lowest o n 'reco rd .
C hina was considered th e stro n g h o ld
of silver and was one of th e best cus­
tom ers th e m iners have had in la te
years, b ut she is preparing for th e gold
standard and only took o n e-ten th as
much silver th is year as she absorbed
d u rin g th e corres|>onding )ieriod la st
Follow ing P eru, Ja p an , R ussia and
C hili, th e A rgentine Republic, as w ell
as other South American co u n tries, ia
preparing to a«lopt th e gold stan d ard .
The Republican senators who fram ed
th e tariff bill have denounced as false
th e published charges th a t th e sngar
tru s t controlled th e form ation of th e
schedule* of the tariff bill relatin g to
its product, ami have challengeti a pub­
lic investigation of th e statem enL
T h ® C u b a n S it u a t io n .
T here is a rig h t way and a wrong wny
of doing things, and it is because th e
rig h t way is b etter th an th e wrong w ay
th a t th e Republicans have been u n w ill­
ing to pase th e Cuban resolution in con­
gress and force it upon th e p resid en t
prem aturely, when it is known th a t be
is working o u t a policy of his own. Ik
is believed th a t th e reports of S pecial
Counsel Calhoun and Consul-U eiw ral
Lee on th e B a it esse and conditions in
Cuba generally w ill lead to som e deft,
■ite action by th e president soom