Washington County hatchet and Forest Grove times. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1896-1897, January 19, 1897, Image 1

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A N I) K 0 R E S T
| ! \ r c ’H i:r, Kntai>iu!i«ii
r i M KS,
IK » »
I’ r o l ’e ti s i o n a l C a r d s .
T he
I). \V. WARD, M. D.
orti» t
"y, Irri
E x a m in a tio n for
peu a ion»
Under a New Management, Makes a Specialty of
T h o u g h it will make anything you wish to
order in the Baking line.
every W ednesday. ¡
li T IM E S .
AN. Ü , 18»7.
» c = = -G O O D BREAD,
Otlice at hi» residence,
F O U K ST G K O V E , O R E G O N , T U E S D A Y ,
H ome B akery •
A n E u c l i s h m a n W h o T h in k s I t W o u l d l i e
P r o f it a b l e t o 3Ial-:c a T e c h n i c a l C o m p a r ­
iso n
I S c tw e e n V i s c o u n t W o l s c l e y a n d
llu s s ia n u n d F r e n c h G e n e r a l.
Confectionery, Soda Water, Sandwiches,
Fresh Oysters and Lunches at all hours.
V o l. I I , N o. 4 2 , V o l. V i l i , N o. .11
sier w ent once m ore tu
sicr, I sbbuld say, has had m ore light­
ing th an any general in the French a r­
my, but it w ould bo rush to say that
this m ade 1dm a strategist. A b ril­
liant soldier he was uud is still, in
spite of bis uge, and as lie w as barely
-10 w hen F rance suffered her reverses
he m ay have profited by them . To m any
in F iance herself he is an unkuuw u
quantity. These are the tw o m en a com
parisou w ith whom and V iscount Wolse­
ley it w ould I jo profitable to establish,
hut I m ean a technical com parison.—
London Illustrated News.
Ih ï
N a p o ie u u '« (W iu e r o sity .
C ount do P ------ had been raised by
Bonaparte tn honors and dignities, but
for some unaccountable reason ho be­
trayed the confidence w hich his patron
bad reposed in hint. When B onaparte
became cognizant of the m an 's trench-
cry, nu ordered him to bo arrested. He
was to have been tried the follow ing
day and in all probability he w ould
have been condem ned, us bis g u ilt was
fu lly established. In tlie m eantim e
Mute, de P ------solicited and obtained
an audience of the emperor.
“ I ana very sorry for your sake, ma
d a m e ,” he said, “ th a t your husband
should be m ixed np in an affair which
places his ing ratitu d e in so glarin g a
lig h t.”
“ Perhaps he is not so g n ilty as your
m ajesty supposes,” said the countess.
“ Do you know your husband's sig n a­
tu re ? " inquired the em peror, tak in g u
letter out of bis pocket and handing it
to her.
Mine, do P ------rapidly perused the
letter, recognized the h a ndw riting and
fell in to a swoon. When she came
around. B onaparte put the letter into
her bunds, sa y in g :
"T a k e it. T his is the only legal evi­
dence th a t exists against your husband.
There is u lighted fire behind y o u .”
The eouutess quickly snatched np tlie
im portant document uud threw it into
the flumes. P ------'s life was saved, but
ns fur his honor, not all the influence of
a generous em peror could avail to restore
i t.—Chicago Daily News.
I do not know tho new connnumler
in chie f i f tho Ll)« 1 ¡.-!l land force». I
iomeopathic physician
law him once or tw ice in m y life, hut
1 hin is m any years ago, and in m ilitary
m atters of the m agnitude involved in
llice a n d resident“*, flnw lhy house. I’acifie a v e .f
w est of F orest G rove h o te l.
Ilo v r S lie C o t tin» N ew s.
the suprem e com m and of a great arm y
Two Louisville women who aro “ great
I am afra id I should prove an incom pe­
S p ecial a tte n tio n paid to M edical an d S u rg ical
tent critic. Ent I believe to a g reat cx frien d s,’’ us the phrta-o goes, from one
seaaes o f W om en an d C h ild re n am i a ll ch ro n ic
tent in physiognomy, und if Visconut cause or another had not met fe r several
S LEE H iseasee.
Wolseley be not a very clever m an he weeks, though living only a few squares
Chinaware, Cups and Saucers, Plates, Pitchers, Cream­
apart. The other night one dam n w ent
ought to bring an a ction fur libel against
down to visit tlie other one and said cn
ers, Sugar Bowls, Vases, Toilet Sets, Mugs all sizes,
D r . N
his face, for he looks decidedly clever. entering the house:
Rose Bowls, Fancy Baskets, Children's Sliver Knives,
If thero were any doubt, in m y m ind
“ M argaret, I cam e down to v isit you
D E N T IS T ,
about bis ability, it w ould be set a t rest because I heard you were sic k .”
Forks and Spoons, Children’s Toy Sets.
by the not veiy enthusiastic rem arks in
“ W ell,” answ ered M argaret, who
lo u rs
Crockery and Glassware, Fancy and Staple Groceries.
connection w ith h is appointm ent I read seemed a trifle out of sorts, " y o n took
k a. in. to p. m.
in one or tw o French newspapers. ‘ Yon your tiiuo about it. I have been sick a
Fine Teas and Coffees our Specialty.
Iain S treet
ure an irrita b le people, euvions, joule us w eek."
“ Y es,” Deborah replied, " b u t I could
and proud to a degree,” said Bism arck
D R . O- C. H IA T T
not come sooner because you took such a
L E N T IS T .
to G eneral du W impffeu on Sept. 1, roundabout way of lettin g n c know yon
1870. ‘‘You are an irrita b le people, en­ were sick. ’ ’
vious, jealous and proud to a d eg ree,"
“ R oundabout w ay? I don’t rem em ber
lie repeated. “ You w ere under the im ­ sending you any word at. all. How aid
pression that victory is an appendage yon hoar?”
* Office in W a l k e r ' s B l il d in o on M ain S tre e t, up
t j ite _ _
s ta irs , office hours, 9 a. m . to 4 p. in.
w hich was exclusively reserved to yon. ” j “ Well, you w rote the news to your
Has tho q u arter of a century gone by daughter A lice in M ilw aukee; she w rote
since those words w ere u ttered m ade a to my daughter Mary in New O rleans;
difference in th a t respect in the French Mary m entioned it w hen she w rote to
people? I should not like to say.
me—and th a t is how I happened to
We do all kinds of L aundry W ork in the best possible
K ,; « T T O R N E Y - A T - L A W ,
It m ay not be altogether nniuterest cotne over. ” — Louisville C ourier-Jour­
m anner. Any work left w ith us will be p rom ptly a t­
ing to look at the tw o men aguiust nal.
H illsb o r o , W a shing to n C o u n t y , Oit.
tended to. We guarautee all our work. Our prices are
whom the E nglish com m ander in chief i
A r t if ic ia l S c e n t in g o f F lo w e r s .
cheaper than P o rtlan d prices. Y our patronage will be
w ill be p itte d if a quarrel should ever
Flow ers th a t have lost som ething of
unhappily break forth in Europe. I am
alluding to the com m anders in chief of their perfum e are now scented a rtificial­
ly by w atering them w ith an alcoholic
the R ussian and the French forces.
• A t t o r n e y s - at - l a w ,
The R ussian arm y contains several solution of essence, using a little glycer­
I N otarial W ork ami Conveyancing.
men of unquestionable cap acity ; nev er­ in to fix th e odor. Thus, for violets, the
theless, there appears to be a consensus liqnid is composed of 100 gram s of
B o o m s & 7 M organ Blk. H IU .S B O R O , O n .
of opinion th at, in the event of w ar, glycerin and 10 gram s of essence of
w ith no m atter w hom , the suprem e violet. In m any places, w hile scouted
command w ould v irtu a lly devolve upon violets are com paratively rare, the nu
VV. M. L A N G L E Y ,
General Obrouteheff, to the exclusion scented kinds grow w ild in great profu­
G. C. R ID E R , P ro p .
even of G eneral Kouropatkine. I say- sion. These arc now bought up in large
v irtual com m and, for, nom inally, yonng quantities, scented artificially and put
D eputy Prosecuting A ttorney.
Nicholas w onld be a t tho head of bis into the m ark et in advantageous compe­
Collections a specialty.
titio n w ith the perfum ed violets grown
(O ffice:—U p-stairs, Woods & Caples
T H E O N L Y F ir s t - C la s s a n d
H aving declared m yself at the outset by the h o rticulturists. Gut flowers w hich
S t r i c t l y T e m p e r a n c e K e s t a u - incapable of ju dging the E nglish com ­ have w ilted from tim e or transportation
m ander in chief from a m ilita ry point ure revived by being plunged in to a
r a n t in th e c it y .
b ta ry P u b lic
F ire a n d A ccident In s u ra n c e
of view, I am not going to stu ltify m y- j weak solution of sal amm oniac. Flow ers
j> tic e o f th e Peace
I.oans, C ollections
self by endeavoring to do th is in the : which have little or no scent are also
ease of Obrontcheff. I only repeat w hat perfum ed for sale by being p u t into a
I have heard. U n til very recently the box w ith ice and then saturated w ith
liouic acid charged will)
chief of V annow ski's staff and Aid de- ! u en rren t of
« V D n c a rp g g iv v P S V S «
camp G eneral Obrouteheff was, in spite perfum e.—London Pnblie Opinion.
of his recognized talents, looked askance |
M u s c u la r C h r is ti a n it y .
$ 1 .0 0
$ 1 .0 0
a t in R ussian m ilita ry circles. Tho 1
Tile W estm inster Budget tells a c h ar­
epithet “ ro d ” was invariably tacked to I
his nam e as late ns 15 years ago, and , acteristic story of tlie lute Rev. Peter
tho th ird section of tho im perial ch an M ackenzie of London. Many years ago,
eellerie, w ith o u t troubling to inquire ' a fte r delivering a lecture in a village
T h e O ra .:!,.
i ;c i ) u b .i c n l a r e i
i i f i e W e s t.
O regon
near Sunderland, he was returning to
in .o tlie m atter, placed him on the list
T T is th e m o;;t
: * - -a . . 1
W e e k ly pub-
of “ dangerous” men “ to be watched his host's house along a lonely road,
I T. K a n e .
H. I). S tray a r t ,
1 lis hod today ani in ; ... jr. Do ’i-iiod upon for fair and honest re-
very closely. ” A noto like th a t from the when bo w as accosted by a robber. The
C ash ier.
Axs't C ashier.
latter w as a believer ill the l ight of
ports of all poi.I.« t
Russian police becomes practically
; indelible, and, aid-de-cam p general m ight uud requested Mr. M aekenzio to
The W c
ior \ »! of t h e N ew s
a n d tn .
though he w as, not the slightest attem pt tu rn out a ll the cash he bad got. “ Well,
t . te l a tu r a .
o f orkst
m y dear m a n ,“ replied Mr. Mackenzie,
was m ade to efface his nam e from the
It is Iv!orally (".< . i,
“ you know I um big enough to thrash
Loris Molikoff drew the attention of you. If i t ’s money yon w ant. I 'l l give
{ lin L ¡te ta r? C oittmrts at e tt;sa
yon half a crow n.” The robber would
A lexander II to th is apparently flagrant
not accept this very clr*iitable offer.
r ! io t.
c or the b-s. : rns3sz11.es.
injustice, to th is perm anent insult. The
•f l
Mr. Mackenzie “ duffed” his coat and
D rafts a n d te le g ra p h ic tra n s fe rs sold on N ew
nam e was m aintained on the list for
Its Youth's Der>rrm> 1 t is thcYJJZZZ
r k , C h icago a n d San F rancisco.
gave him w hat the m an is now pleased
j finest o f its k tn .1 ....................... j
Also e x c h a n g e p a y a b le a t s ig h t in L o n d o n ,
to c all “ a dashed good h id in g .” T hat
from “ re d ” in to “ w ell m ea n in g ,’*
is, B erlin , A m sterd a m , B russels, S to ck h o lm ,
thrashing did the m an a great service,
n k fo rt-o n -th e-M ain a s w ell as a ll o th e r
i i r * M o r b i an d g iv e s
ucipal c itie s and c e n te rs o f tra d e th ro u g h o u t
for he afterw ard left tlie paths of viee
th e beat and ab-e-n il .,
s iu n j of a ’¡ o u , . .s of th e d a y . i b o
the U nited K in g d o m , Ire la n d a n d C o n tin e n ta l
la te r * M m »n
w \ f>#"us of ro s'lin T m u tte r e a c h w eok
and became otio of Mr. M ackenzie’s
’ H lio p e .
supposed to be—of an alliance w ith
and Iw inK ! o b i. - ■» • « i.i ’* e n tro i-, i Ptie»- u d n p te d to th e n e e d s of
th e p eo p le w oát o í th e
>: h iny Mount u-ins Luán an y o th e r p a p e r.
■ C ollections m a d e at all accessible p o in ts.
France. H is view s in tliut resj)ect date m any converts.
■ B u sin ess h o u rs from 9 a. m . to 4 p . m.
Irom 1870, w hen ho w as an obsenre
K i n g A l|ilio n s u * n T a c t .
£ J ü £ 3 J 9 ^ .! ^ :L £ :..L £ 3 L X E & 3
general. I repeat, about his abilities
Alphonse, king of Aragou, w as one
there is little or no doubt. A fter the day exam ining the different articles in
first checks in th e T nrko R ussian cam ­ his jew eler's shop in com pany w ith
.. .34.00 pe: year
paign he w as sent in hot baste to the m any Indies of his court. He had scarce
The Di'i» and Sunday Edt- \ ' j ' .
.. .32.00 p e r y ea r
Duunbe, and he is credited w ith having iy left the bouse w hen th e jew eler m iss­
. .3*3.00 p e r y ea r
tionsof The IntrOfkiii are
■ , . . c > . 1 «, 1 . ;..c
saved the R ussian arm y froia total d e ­ ed a diam ond of great value and ran
i m k m t h e is t e r c c b a s ,
É ,
struction. Before that, though, lie had after him , com plaining of tlie theft. Tlie
already become the in tim ate friend of king, not w illin g pnblicly to disgrace
tho heir to the throne, and the frien d ­ any of lijs attendants, com m anded a
ship underw ent no dim inution during largo basin fu ll of sand to be brought
A lexander I l l 's reign.
him , into w hich he directed each person
W herever the scene of the next Eu- to put in the hand clinched and to draw
ropran cam paign of the French m ay be it out flat. By this m eans the diam ond
laid, G eneral F e lix G ustave .Saassier, w as left in the sand, unknow n by
th e present m ilita ry governor of Paris, w hom .—Household Words.
^■ricultural Implements, rod) u
is beforehand designated as the leader.
Sanssier is close npou 70. In spite of
N o t In ter e sted .
W tgons, Buggies*. Plows, Harrows,
his large size he is very active, but for
An old m an and bis w ife were last su m ­
[irden Tools, Etc. Also Paints,
th a t size he w ould give one the idea of m er sailing on a steam er between B lack­
a m ousquetaire of the Louis X IV period pool and th e isle of Man. As the sea
¡Is, Lime, Plaster and Cement.
dressed in m odern uniform . T here is no was ra th e r rongh and the old wom an
doubt about his value as a soldier, unaccustomed to sailing she said to tier
w hich docs not alw ays m ean an equal h u sb a n d :
value as a suprem e com m ander, but it
“ Oh, John, th is ship is going down. “
is fa ir to sta te th a t in the b attles aronnd
“ Well, never m in d ,” said her h u s­
Metz, a q u a rte r of a century ago, he band. “ I t isn ’t ours.
-London Fun.
distinguished him self m ost signally.
At a S a lv a d o r.
The famous in fantry charge at St. Pri-
vat, w hich p ractically barred the prog­
San Salvador is b u ilt on a volcano. It
Everything from a Saddle Horse to a Fonr-in-haW Carryall ress of the G erm ans on th a t side, was has been three tim es destroyed by an
led by him.
earthqnake, but tb s people are becoming
Special attention paid to Commercial Traveler
S aassier w as one of the officers who accustomed to such occurrences E arth
signed the protest against the surrender quakes are pretty frequent, and w hile
Hunters and Fishermen
The last place to get your
of Metz. H aving refused to pledge h im ­ one is n a tu ra lly very nervous there is
supplies until you reach T il­
self not to serve again during the cam ­ really little danger to life. The shocks
T a k e J o n e s' B u s to a n d from a ll tra in s
lam ook. I cart y a full line of
paign, ha was seat aa prisoner of w ar to have been known tn come as frequently
Baggage a n d fre ig h t c a lle d fo r a n d delivered
Cologne. N or would he give hia prom ­ as 80 tim es in an hour.
ise not to escape, consequently he was
transported to a sm all town on the V is­
Since the w ar of 1812 the U nited
tu la (GraDdenz, I believe), a n d abso­ States arm y has by no means enjoyed
lutely sequestrated—w ithout effect, for the life of luxurious earn som etim es a t ­
be m ade b it escape after all.
trib u ted to it, for, in the intervening
H e allowed G am betta to rem ain ig years, it has fought «40 battles or ac­
Jjphing Tackle and all necessary
norant of a ll this, as w ell as of his re ­ tions w ith the Indians.
H supplies for a camp outfit.
publican origin, and the “ g reat trib
u n e ," whose infallible instinct has
The a ta te o f Iow a is so far from being
been vaunted so much, only looked upon w holly ag ric u ltu ra l tb s ; it has 58,174
a r g e n t
Sanssier as a colonel of the em pire and persons engaged in its factories, whose
tre ^ jp ^ b im as such. A fter th a t a «n« annual o utput ig | ! 25,048,183.
We Can Save You Money on
Forest Grove Laundry
___ and 1)\ e House.
G la d t o S e e 111m.
New m em bers of congress feel shy and
lonesome. To be th ru st suddeuly in
among alm ost 401) members, m any of
whom they liavo never seen, uud only a
few of whom they have over heard of,
is la th e r a try in g experience. To rnaku
a speech under these conditions takes
some courage. Jam es Kerr, ex-member
of congress from Pennsylvania, recently
told of bis experience in going in to con­
gress for the first tim e. He cam e down
from Pennsylvania raw und green. He
sat in his seat for several days, and in
tliut tim e m anaged to pick up a form al
speaking aoqnaintauce w ith one or two
of his neighbors. Due day he was sittin g
in his seat, disconsolate, listening to the
reading of some tiresom e bill, w hen the
m em ber w ho sat next to him , w ho had
served tw o term s, cam e in like a breeze
and said c h e e rily :
"H ello , J i m .”
lur. K err wheeled in his chair and
said e a g e rly :
" S a y th a t again, w ill you, old man?
It sonnds like hom e.”
"W ell, Jim , le t's go down to M urray-
ville end ta lk about h o m e.”
T he reference to S turruyville is nnin-
tcllipiblo to tlie outsider, but Mr. K err
bad learned by th a t tim e th a t tho nam e
referred to the house restaurant, w here
oysters and th e cup th a t elieers w ere to
lie had, and they wended their wav
down sta irs.— New Y’urk T ribune.
W. S. BALDWIN. Manager.
w \^
Hatchet and Weekly Chicago Inter Ocean, $1.50
general Fire insurance
. . . and Loan Broker.
f vNK
E iE K : l .'/ irc T iE J ? O C E A lk l.
M a k i n g t l i e Kor.uri o f H o o f B e s t » .
In tfcc«e days of w a r plays and stage
realism tlie sound of hoof lieats iH w orked
into pretty nearly every melodram a.
Very few people know how tho effect is
produced, and very few, too, could m ake
the noise right even if they hud the ap­
paratus. It takes q u ite a lot of practice
to be a good "horse, ” as it is called.
Tho necessary outfit consists of a tabic
on w hich is a long m arble slab covered
w ith rubber grudnuted from an inch
thick down to the thinness of a piece of
paper. Tho operator lias strapped to
iwli hand h alf a cooounnt shell, on tho
edge of wiiich is fastened a horseshoe.
H e sta rts in pounding them on the thick
rubber to im itate hoof beats in tho d is­
tance and g radually works along to the
thin p a rt as they are supposed to come
nearer, und finally ends np w itli a c la t­
ter on the bare stones as the horse is
polled u p ju st outside the scene.
T his is considered generally to 1« the
m ost effective of all tlie hoof beat m a­
chines.— New York Herald.
& SI
Hatchet and Chicago Weekly Inter Ocean $1.50
sto ves
A n t i T h e n l i e l* ro p o * e r i.
T here had been a brief interval of s i­
lence, and he fe lt the» he ought to say
som ething.
“ I see th a t th e students of sociology
have figured it o u t," bo began, “ th at
ed u catio n ” —
Ho paused as if in donbt w hether he
onght tn proceed.
“ Yes?” she said encouragingly.
—“ th at education is having a had e f­
fect npou m atrim o n y ,” he continued;
“ especially the education of w om en.”
“ I never did believe in too m uch ed­
u c atio n ,” said she softly.
She w aited for him to speak, but he
said nothing.
“ I 'm glad I never knew m y lessons,
anyway, “ she added.
Some m en nre slow to take a h int,
but they are quick to understand when
they are h it w ith an ax.
He saw the p o in t.—Chicago Post.
Good Horses
New Rigs
op at the . . .
last Uhance Grocery.
^Goods and Groceries,
H P Patent Medicines,
Cigars and Tobacco. |æ lj “
“ My d e a r," s a id young Mrs. M cFlim -
»cy to her husband, “ I do wish you
would Dot go about the house in your
•b irt sleeves. Ho,pie w ill th in k jo u r fa ­
t te r w orked for a liv in g .”
“ They w o n 't when they know hia
sou. “ — D etroit Free Press.
I Hatchet and Weekly Oregonian, $200.(
k .
R a .