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    W A S H I N G T O N
Epitome of the Telegraphic
News of the World.
Com p reh en sive R e v ie w
H appen in g»
o f the Im p o r t ­
o f the
W eek
C u lle d F r o m th e T e l e g r a p h Columns.
A dispatch to the San Francisco Mer­
chants’ Exchange says the bark Mo-
hare from Vancouver for Santa Rosalia
is ashore at Sooke inlet, an«-’, w ill prob­
ably be a total loss. The crew was
I t Walla Walla Are destroyed two
one-story buildings and the upper floor
o f a two-story building on Main street
between Fourth and Fifth. The fire
was caused by a lamp exploding in the
rear of a millinery establishment.
Yale was defeated, but not disgraced
in the third heat of the Grand Chal­
lenge cup, which was lowed at Henley
-on-Thames. Leander won by one and
three-fourths lengths in 7 minutes and
14 seconds. The rooord is 6 minutes
and 61 seconds.
The rush of tourists to Alaska this
season is remarkable.
Toe t^ueen
which has just sailed, carried as pas­
sengers 180 first-class and almost as
many more in the steerage. A ll the
glaciers and points of interest are visit­
ed (luring these summer trips.
From advices received by the Austra­
lian steamer Miowera, which has just
arrived in Vancouver, B. U., it now
seems probable that the Queensland
government w ill join New South
Wales and Canada in granting a sub­
sidy to the Canadian-Australian steam­
ship line. Captain Bird, on behalf of
James Huddart. managing owner of
the line, recently interviewed the
Queensland government, and it is
said the government w ill recommend
that parliament grant a subsidy of
£ 6.000 per year for three years. The
company is at present negotiating in
England for the construction of larger
steamers for the line.
A t the first day's session of the na­
tional Democratic convention but little
was accomplished.
The convention
was called to order by Chairman Har-
rity, of the national committee, who
reported H ill as the choice of the na­
tional committee for temporary chair­
man. The announcement was greoted
with great cheering from all parts of
the house.
Clayton, of Alabama,
representing the silver forces moved
that the name of Daniels be substituted
for that of H ill, and on a roll call by
states his motion prevailed, the silver
men thus scoring their first victory.
The temporary chairman was escorted
to bis seat amidBt the applause of the
vast orowd.
Mrs. Harriet Beecher 8towe died at
Hartford, Conn. Members of the fam­
ily were at her bedside.
A touching appeal comet from the
Greeks asking for relief for starving
women and children. It has been
suggested that the United States send
a vessel to rescue them.
Captain-General Wcyler has yielded
to insistent requests to extend until
August the time for remaining in the
island allowed to Jose Yznaga, the
American newspaper correspondent sen­
tenced to banishment.
Rufus buok, Louie Davis, Luoky
Davis, Maomi July and Sam Sampson,
comprising the “ Buck gan g," were
executed in Fort Smith, Ark., Presi­
dent Cleveland refusing to interfere.
They were convicted of murder and
criminal assault.
Brazilian commercial circles are not
favorable to a treaty of commerce with
Argentina, not regarding the advan­
tages to be obtained as of sufficient im ­
portance. Purely Brazilian firms are
favorable to renewal of the treaty of
reciprocity with the United States.
W ithin a few weeks w ill be com­
menced one of the most gigantic opera­
tions in the history of the war depart­
Fortifications more powerful
than those existing anywhere in the
world w ill be built in New York har­
bor, the cost of the work being about
A special from Helena, Mont., says
the Cheyenne Indians have donned
their war paint and are holding pow­
wows preparatory to a general uprising.
Several troops of the Tenth cavalry
have been ordered from Fort Custer to
the Cheyenne agency at Lame Deer,
Custer county, Mont.
A letter received in Havana gives
the details of an important engagement
In Pillar del Rio, near Cayo Redondo.
The rebel leader. Brigadier Frani and
his thirteen followers were killed anil
many wounded.
They were carried
from the field. The insurgents were
put to flight. The feeling in Pinar
del Rio is now one of alarm.
The New York World publishes the
follow ing: The Postal Cable Com­
pany has arranged for an extension of
its lines iuto Southern territory, where
it has uot had a single wire. The
Postal Telegraph-Cable Company, of
Texas, has been formed, and an agree­
ment entered into with the New York
oompauy for the transaction of business.
W ires w ill be strung to reach the lead­
ing points, and ultimately w ill extend
into Mexioo.
About thirty members of the com­
mittee appointed at the St. Louis con­
vention, to officially notify the vice-
presidential candidate. (4. A. Hobart,
o f his nomination, proceeded to Pater­
son, N. J. , the home of the nominee.
Chairman Charles W. Fairbanks made
the speech and he was replied to briefly
by Mr. Hobart.who outlined bis future
policy i f elected. The ceremony was
witnessed by over 8,000 people from
various parts of the oouutry. Charles
W. Parrish, of Oregon, and J. M. G il­
bert, of Washington, were present.
Attempt oa Baldwin'« Life.
Daring the prooess of Lillian Ash­
ley's snit against E. J. Baldwin for
(76,000 for sednotion, in San Fran-
olsoo, Emma Ashley, a sister of L il­
lian, tried to shoot the millionaire de­ How He Escaped An American
fendant. She fired at Baldwin, bnt
Revenue Officer.
the bullet misaed. Emma Ashley is
believed to be insane.
During the
trial she has spent her time in oourt
reading the Bible. When taken to jail WAS NOT S E R V E D W ITH S E IZ U R E
she sang “ Nearer My God, to T b ee "
in a loud voice. Baldwin was crazy
with rage and wanted a chance to fight S a i l e d f o r C a n a d i a n W a t e r « , W h e r e H e
soma one. His hair was singed by the
O rd ered the C o lle c t o r to D iie u ib a rk
powder and the bullet passed within
—T h e O ffi c er W a s C o m p e l l e d t o D o So.
an Inch of bis head. His escape is
Rat Portage, Ontario, July 8.— A
ascribed to the womau's inexperience
with firearms. The pistol was thrown large exenrsion left Rat Portage on
upward by reooil after the trigger was Friday, and upon arriving at the
month of Rainy river, the Canadian
captain went ashore and got from the
W h e e lin g In ju re» W om en.
American customs office clearance to
A remarkable oircular bas been is­ touch at Long Point, about twenty
sued by the Women's Rescue League miles west of the mouth. Tbe refresh­
of Washington, D. C. It is signed by ment buffet of the steamer was not
Charlotte Smith, president, and V ir ­ closed, as it should have been, upon tbe
ginia N. Lount, secretary of the legis­ arrival at the American shore. Among
lation committee, and it calls attention those present was a revenue officer,
in a most sensational manner to what who seized the craft as a smuggler and
these ladies consider the manifold, pnt every British sailor and passenger
moral and physical ill effect of the under arrest. The official called to his
riding of bioyoles by women. The oc­ aid 12 fishermen, who boarded the boat
casion of the issuance of the circular at and remained there all night.
this time is that next week there w ill
Yesterday Captain M cRithie was or­
be a bicycle parade in Washington in dered to sail for the mouth of Rainy
which it is thought that fully 40,000 river. The captain, instead of going
wheels w ill participate. O f the 45,- to the month, made straight for British
000 bicyclists in the city at least 16,- water.
There Mr. Carpenter, the
000 are women.
revenue collector, was politely told he
must disembark at once and take his
C o u n terfeiter« Caught.
A St. Louis deteotive has succeeded men aboard th^ small tug Ethel, which
in oaptnring a gang of counterfeiters. Captain M cRithie had towed behind
A oomplete set of tools was fonnd in from Long Point for the purpose. As
their possession. Those arreBted have the Canadians outnumbered the Am eri­
hitherto borne good characters, one of cans ten to one. Carpenter eventually
whom is a regular practicing female ordered all his men to get aboard the
physician. There was also found by Ethel,which then sailed for Rainy river,
the ( eteotive a photographic engrav­ leaving the steamer Monarch to pursue
ing of a (20 bill, some of the bills, the her way to Rat Portage.
Tbe revenue officer made the mis­
oopper plates and all necessary para­
take of serving E. W . Bridges, part
phernalia for etching the plates.
owner of the steamer, w ith seizure, in­
J u r y Disagreed.
stead of the captain, who alone is re­
The jury in the case of John D. sponsible for the boat. The matter
Hart, Captain John O'Brien and the w ill now have to be settled between
others of the steamship Bermuda, Washington and Ottawa.
charged with violation of the neutral­
ity laws by aiding and abetting a m ili­
tary expedition to Cuba, have rendered
a sealed statement of disagreement to R i g h t H u n d r e d F i s h e r m e n O u t w i t t e d
th e Cannery m en.
Judge Brown. They were discharged.
Vancouver, B. C., July 8. — A num­
R e v o l u t i o n in H o l i v l a .
ber of fishermen arrived from Rivet
Dispatches received from La Paz, inlet today, and according to their
the capital of Bolivia, announce that story, fishermen to the number of 80C
a revolntion bas broken ont at Snore, walked ont from the canneries. Last
an important city, which was the capi­ season they received pay at the rate of
tal of Bolivia until 1869. Election 6 cents per fish, but claimed that
troubles are supposed to be the came amount was insufficient to live on.
of the uprising.
The canners wanted work on the same
terms this season, but were refused, the
T h e Lone H igh w a ym a n .
men demanding 10 cents per fish. The
Another stage robbery is reported
canners in turn refused to accede to the
from California. The Sonora coach
demand, and, according to the latter,
was held up by a lone highwayman.
attempted to play a freeze-out game on
He secured a few registered letters, one
tbe fishermen, closing all the stores,
of whioh was valuable. He then made
thinking that, as the men had* nc
good bis escape.
money, they would have to give in.
The fishermen, however, fonnd alliei
Canadian P a cific In It.
It has been decided that the Canadian in the Indians, who joined the strik­
Pacific railway shall, at least tenta­ ers, and who offered to feed them and
tively, become a party to the joint bring them to Vancouver in canoes.
Men, to the number of 800, camped at
traffic agreement.
the head of tbe inlet and waited foi
News From Peru.
several days to see if the canners would
Severe earthquakes are reported as a give way, and then started for Van­
daily occurrence near Lima, Peru. couver, the majority coming down in
Much damage has been done to build­ sloops, and the others in Indian canoes.
The Indians have nearly all gone home
and say they w ill not fish this season,
C h o l e r a In K g y p t .
while the whites w ill fish on the Fraser.
A dispatch from Cairo says that the The men claim that no acts of violence
cholera returns for Jnne show 4,419 were committed, and that, while they
cases and 3,698 deaths.
were w illin g to compromise, the man­
agers refused to meet them in any way.
Hquaclron D r i l l . .
Washington, July 6.— In the execu­
tion of the broad plans for tbe instruc­
tion of our naval officers in squadron
drills and combined maneuvers, formu­
lated by Secretary Herbert,the summer
drills of the North Atlantic squadron,
which w ill begin on the 15th iust.,
w ill find their counterpart in a series
of squadron movements, target practice
and fleet drills, to be conducted by the
Pacific station by Adm iral Beardsley.
Because many of the ships naturally
attached to his station, have been nec­
essarily transferred to the Atlantic sta­
tion, Adm iral Beardsley w ill not have
as many vessels available for his drills
as w ill Admiral Bonce, on tile Atlantic
coast. Consequently, in order to be
able to carry out a programme of any
value, from an educational standpoint,
he must make the nioBt of such ships as
he can command, and it w ll be impos­
sible, therefore, this season to w ith­
draw any of the ships, even temporar­
ily, from the squadron to attend the
local celebrations at various points on
tbe Paoiflo coast, as bas been custom­
ary in the past.
F n g llftli C o m p a n y S h u t O u t.
(lo o «l W o r k
M IN E .
D o n « » a t lh«* 1.« H o i - A
in g S w in d le.
M in ­
Spokane, Wash., .luly ft — The Le
Roi mine, at Rosslanri, the greatesl
mine in this district, is sinking 25C
feet more of shaft. As the work pro
presses on the new shaft, the character
of the ore goes to show that the prop
erty is richer than ever. Already $2,-
000,000 is in sight in the old work­
ings. and, if the developments hold rip
to those already shown by the time the
shaft is completed, there w ill he |7,*
000,000 worth of or» ready to be taker
out. The mine is shipping 100 tons
daily, averaging between f 10 and $.">(
per ton, and is taking nut ore fastex
than the smelter can handle it.
A Rossland paper prints an article
that the Green Crown mine, which hat
floated a large number of shares ir
J^pokan**, is no mine at all, and own*
not a foot of property. The allegation
is made that the Crowu grant nevei
was issued, and that properties oc
either side own all the property which
the Green Crowu claims. Owners of
the stock in Spokane, mostly poor peo­
ple. including working girls and
clerks on small salaries, are much ex
New York, July 6.— The Hearld's
correspondent in R io Janeiro, tele­
graphs that despite the presidents of
the English Cable Company, the Bra­
zilian.government has granted to an­
other company the privilege of estab­
S t e a m s h i p \\ m k r i l .
lishing a land telephone service to con­
New Orleans, July 8.— The steel hull
nect Rio with all ports north of Para
steamship E L Peten, Captain I'harlet
The concession is heartily supported by F. Hardie. which sailed from Now Or­
the press.
leans -Inly 4, for Guatemala, via La
T r o o p « for Cuba.
guiia, in tow of the Norwegian steamer
Madrid. July 8.— The first portion Franklin, capsized at 4:30 a. in.,
of the troops destined for Cuba w ill about 35 miles west of South Pass. The
embark on twenty steamers at the end crew was lescued by boats from the
of August. These troops w ill consist Franklin. The E. L. Peten was re.
of 85.190 infantry, 467 cavalry, 283 ar­ cently bnilt for the Guatemala trade,
tillery, 1,169 engineers, and several registered 520 tons net, and was valued
at #200,000.
battalions of volunteers.
T h r » « K i l l e d and O n e I n j u r e d .
Houston, Tex., July 6.— The explo­
sion of a boiler in the office of the
Evening Star, at 2:40 this afternoon,
killed three persons.
and severely
wounded another. The explosion was
caused by letting cold water into an
empty boiler.
D e a t h In a C l o u d h u n t .
Columbus, O., July 8.— A cloudburst
St Wegee creek today drowned James
Berry, w ife and child, destroyed the
Bellaire. Zanesville A Cincinnati rail­
way bridge, a Urge trestle on the Pitts­
burg A Ohio Valley railroad, the Pres­
byterian ohnrch and other buildings.
"Thru* Friend«” Fur«ued
Key West. July 8.— The steamer
Three Friends passed here at 9 A. M.,
pursued by the Spanish warship Alfonso
X III. Both vessels were under full
The Friends was between The Subject of a Lecture by
eight and ten miles ahead of the war­
Rev. Mr. Copeland.
ship. Observers say the warship fired
upon the Three Friends. The warship
is cutting the three mile limit very
close, and is trying to head off the B E G I N N I N G o f W O M A N ' S E R A
Three Friends.
It is reported the
United States warship Maine, and
United States cutters are getting up T h « L e c tu r e W e . " » " f » s h o la a t l«
steam preparatory to intercepting both
M«rlt. and Was *uthu«ia«tlcally B»-
vessels. Great exoitement prevails.
r . l v e d b y an A t t e n t iv e A u d ie n c e .
U g ly F e e lin g P r e v a le n t .
Cleveland, July 8.— Contrary to po­
lice fears, there was no violent demon­
strations last evening after the funeral
of W illiam liettger, the striker at the
Brown Hoisting & Conveying Company
who was ¡shot by a nonunion man.
There was, however, a great deal of
feeling manifest, and the authorities
think the prospect for trouble tonight,
when the men in the works go home,
are fully equal to those of the preced­
ing nights. The m ilitia is still in its
armories waiting orders. The funeral
was an immense affair, fully 10,000
union men being in line.
(ie iie r n l Y o u n g D ea d .
Washington, July 8.— A dispatch
was received by the state department
today announcing that General Pierce
B. Young, United States minister to
Guatemala and Honduras, died at New
York at 11:80 today. General Young
arrived in this country June 24. He
submitted to an operation at the Pres­
byterian hospital, New York, and
never recovered. He was a native of
Georgia, and had a distinguished record
for service in the Confederate army.
K a r ih q u a k e a t C ypru«>
Genoa, Italy, July 8.— Just arrived
reports from Laruica say the island of
Cyprus has been suffering from earth­
quake shocks since July 1. A general
panic is said to prevail at Laruica. The
govermeut and m ilitary authorities are
providing tents for the affrighted peo­
ple. The town is deserted.
F o r U n io n W it h G re e c e .
London, July 8.— A dispatch to the
Standard from Athens says that the
Cretans yesterday elected a provisional
government, and decided to proclaim
the union of the island with Greece,
and, i f pressed hope that autonomy
w ill be granted to the island uuuer
surveillance of the powers.
H o r r ib le D o u b le M u r d e r .
Santa Barbara, Cal., July 8. — A hor­
rible double murder has been commit­
ted here. The bodies of Mrs. H. R.
Richardson, aged 60, and her daugh­
ter, Ethel, were found.
They had
been stabbed and beaten with a club
Intense excitement prevails. There is
no clue to the murder.
W a l l i n g 8 u te n c e d .
Newport, K y., July 8.— Alonzo J.
W alling, convicted of the murder of
Pearl Bryan, was sentenced today to
be hanged on August 7.
T h e S c h o o l Im p u ta tio n .
Salem. July 7 .- A n interested audi-
ence this evening assembled at Lmty
church, to bear what ^ e Rev. Mr.
Copeland had to say of
The New
Woman, Selected by God to End the
Tbe lecture was one of
scholastic merit, and was enthusiastic­
ally received. In fact, one of the very
best Mr. Copeland bas ever delivered.
The text was: "F o r the Marriage of
the Lamb bas come, and his wife has
made herself ready, and I, John, saw
the holy city coming down from God
as a bride adorned for her husband.1
In beginning bis leoture, the speaker
called attention to the very general ex­
pectation of the end of the world at the
close of the century,
amongst all religions, and sustained by
men of soience, as well as by preachers
of the second advent. He quoted many
prophecies proclaiming that the end of
the world was at baud, some of which
are new and gathered from ancient
books. He quoted from the Bagavad
Gita, the words of Krishna: “ I pro­
duce myself among creatures, when­
ever there is a decline of virtue, and an
insurrection of vice in the world.
That such conditions prevailed was de­
tailed at length in tbe strongest pos­
sible language. The darkness of the
picture was relieved by calliug atten­
tion to the coming reign of woman in
literature, art, society and politics.
The causes of woman’s emancipation
were indicated, and her influence in
every department of life depicted. A
new race was in the prooess of forma­
tion, which should develop the feminine
side, and be fit to use those inner forces
which the “ X ” ray and the Keeley
motor indicate are to replace the com­
mon electricity.
"The past centuries have witnessed
a steady progress in the delicacy and
spirituality of the forces used: From
horse-power to water-power; from wa­
ter-power to steam; from steam to elec­
tricity; from electricity to etherio
vibration, which latter cannot now be
used, for man is yet too material and
selfish, and would maae this power
which dwarfs electricity only rivet the
despotism of the few over the many
beyond any power to break. But when
the old dispensation has ended, then
may we have the use of the new foroe.
We have seen what changes have re­
sulted, from the substitution of steam
for horse and water-power; we are
witnessing tbe changes made by re­
placing steam by electrioity, shortening
the hours of labor and making life
easier to live. What may we not look
for, when we replace eleotricity with
interetheric vibration, or as Bulwer
Lyttin, in his “ Coming Race,” calls
it, ‘ V ril,’ which he very significantly
places in the hands of woman, ail 1
which she uses to restrain selfishness
of the male part of the race, not yet
raised to her high standard of morals.”
The lecture concluded with the fol­
lowing sentences; Lo, the sign of the
Son of Mail iu the heavens, ending the
language of barbarism. Clad iu new
bodies made out of finer elements, be­
cause born of love, those souls have
through many incarnations
marked with much suffering and tribu­
lation, shall dwell in the New Jerusa­
lem; which shall not be here or there;
but everywhere. Of this city the in­
dwelling God, now in control of the
old-time, cruel and rapacious animal,
who preferred darkness to light, shall
be the glory.
Washington, July 7.— The total en­
rollment in educational institutions of
all kinds in the United States for the
school year of 1S93-94 was nearly 16,-
000,000, according to the report for the
year just promulgated by Commissioner
of Education Harris. Of these all but
400,000 wore in the regular schools, an
increase of about half a million for the
year. The percentage of total popula­
tion enrolled in the schools was 20.53.
School property gained in value durimr
the year over #26,000,000, and 1.103
more schoolhouses were in operation.
In the past twenty years tbe South has
increased 54 per cent in population,
but its school attendance has increased
180 per cent, more than twice as fast
as the population.
In the twenty
years from 1874 to 1894, the value of
school property in the South increased
from #16,000.000 to #51,000,000.
Higher education bas also made a
good record. The report includes Spe­
cialist McDonald's criminological in­
vestigation. The latter seeks to prove
that there can be no rational treatment F o u rte e n D eep era A o e e B ro k e F ro m a
U lilte d .State« J a il.
of crime until the causes are investi­
Guthrie, O. T., July 7.—Fourteen
gated. He estimates nine-tenths of the
crime to be due to bad social conditions. prisoners overpowered the guards iu
the United States jail at 9:30 tonight
T u r k e y ’ s P o lic y C on dem n ed.
and broke jail.
B ill D.xfiin and
Philippopolis, July 7.— The consuls
"Dynamite Dick,” the last survivors of
of the European powers are sending the Dalton gang, who were wanted for
pessimistic accounts of the way in
the murders committed in tho Ingalls
which hostilities are being conducted
fight, at which four deputy marshals
in Crete. The situation is such that
were killed, were the principal actors
should the porte insist in its conduct,
Fourteen out of fity-uine prisoners
French men-of-war may land troops on
escaped. They wero the mi-r desper­
the island. Tbe Armenian patriarch,
ate characters. They are, beside- these
Isemin, has asked permission to resign
mined above, Charles Montgomery
Further outbreaks seem inevitable.
Jim Black, Walt McClaim, B.U Crit­
The Turkish battalions at .Teddab, who
tenden, Ed Lawrence, Kid Phillips
mutinied on account of receiving no
George Law, Henry Irvin, Bill Jones’
pay, have deserted their arms. There
C. O. Nix, Lee Killiam and W. Beck!
are no troops available to put down
They got from the guards two re*,
this revolt. Tbe porte, foreseeing com­
volvers aud Winchesters by a rush out
plications in Greece, Macedonia and
of the cage when the cage was open.
Syria, is about to mobilize all the
They knocked one of the guards down
troops of the bediff, or landwebr.
placed the other two in the steel cage’
Tbe bones of the skull are arched making them enter at the points of
because in that form the geaiest their revolvers.
Having the guards
sterngth is combined with the least safe, the ringleaders called forevervone
weight and quantity of material.
of the prisoners to escape if the»
S n to lH ’ 1 S n c r «M o r .
Rome, July 7. — According to a
newspaper statement, Bishop Falconio,
of Aoerenza, w ill replace Cardinal Sa-
tolli as papal ablegate to the United
States Bishop Falconio was once en­
gaged at St. Buenaventura college, A l ­
legheny, N. Y.
Th«* N « w A b le g a t e .
Bradford, Pa., July
7.— Bishop
Falconio, now of Acerenza. Italy, who
has been appointed to succeed Monsig-
nore Satolli ss papal representative in
tbe United States, was for several years
professor of philosophy sad later presi-
dent of St. Buenaventura college at A l ­
A t H eilatru .
legheny, Cattraugus county, N. Y
Bellaire, O., July ft.— A cloudburst Bishop Falconio is fully in touch with
Dr. Pratt, of Cbioago, is treating
John A. C. Johnson, a consumptive, this morning washed out culverts sod American affairs, a splendid Eng|;,h
with the X rays, and the patient U bridges. Several house.*», including the •cb >lar and orator. He is a native of
oanning factory, were swept away.
••id to show
improve m en i
A Oraud G o l d
►'»hit,It t „ B|
C hi ca g o,
Chicago, July 6.— Uhioago ¡, .
a gold exhibit next fall, in
gold fiolda of every Motion of th! ,i
w ill be represented. A meetingK fl
tber arrangements which bavehoj*
ing on for some time waa held
day at the Wellington hotel un<W
auspices of the Chicago Weatem
Colorado, California, w,?
ing ton, Britiah Columbia, Dreg™,11*
even the Georgia gold region
represented, and enough gold ^
pledged to start a national bank *
The Carriboo district will exhibu
briok worth #42,000, repreientiJ
20-day wash-up on one claim, r
French creek and Trail creek disth
w ill make an immense exhibit
whioh they are already preparing'
tho Canadian Pacific road, throng,
agent, J. F. Lee, has promised oatli»
of ore aud quartz
roads have promised to tranipott
hibits to Cbioago free of charge, nmj
C. Ferre, of Cripple Creek, guaw
that tbe Colorado mines will he vs
I f the mineowners do half what it
promised yesterday, several lifeeD
quartz crushers w ill be in opem
under cover in Chicsgo this falL
the machinery for reducing gold
w ill be exhibited, and with tnt
railroads hauling quartz free, visit
w ill have an opportunity of seeing ,
how gold is extracted and prepared
the m in t
C o r n e r S to n e
L a id a t Richmond 1
terd ay.
Richmond, Va., July 6.— The i
nerstone of the monument to be erect
in Monroe Park to the memory of ]s
erson Davis was laid this aften
with ceremonies which were impres
and pathetio. Under a bright, sn
sky. through densely packeditreen
with the applause of countless ha
sands to cheer them on, the follows
of the lost cause marched today thro
the city whioh ia dea::er to the old Ci
federates than any in the land. Tr1
hundred children, boys and girls,vr
ing white and red sashea, iollowsd
police, who cleared the way and'
the procession. Mrs. Jefferson Dai;
was in an open carriage, and W
and smiled as cheers greeted her
every side.
The sponsors and maids of bn
chosen for their beauty from si!
Southern states, rode in car«
following that of Mrs. Davis. N&
Carolina was the first state to eiiff
a tattered battle-flag, and as it die
ed in the breeze it was greetsd
great cheering.
The veterans I
the pathetic feature of the par
Nearly all are old and for the
part weak and feeble, but, summot
their remaining strength, they marc
with pride and pleasure. A
number of them carried sticks f «
port, and many were oompelled lor
umbrellas in order to withstand
rays of the sun.
Cou su l
M a k e « I n q u i r i e s Into
Havana, .Inly 6. — In respoD*
Consol-General Lee’s formal inquas
as to the status of Julio Sang*’
case, Captain-General Weyler
cially stated that the affair was n
beyond his jurisdiction, and w I k
in the hund9 of the civil courts. W e
Sanguilly was tried in December1*
certain exceptions to the proo
were noted by his counsel. TbenClj
eul-General W illiam s objected to
fact that hi9 sentence was based on
original testimony taken at thec
martial. These exceptions bavegi
to the supreme court of Madrid I
consideration, where
the en
Spanish statesman and jurilt
Saloneron is acting counsel for
Hanguillv himself remains inCabfci
castle here, pending a final
He cecupies the most luxurious
ters it» the castle, and the 8p>r
officials treat him with great
His w ife and most ifl*M
Unban friends are allowed to visit*
whenever they desire and he re*
his meals from a noted Havana r#
rant. He has, in fact, every coai
possible under the circuuntunes*
» ¿ ¡ a l t e r i n g IriforiMHtio»*»
Olympia, Wash , .TulyO —Thebei]
of state land commissioners hai®
je t formulated the rules tor
harbor line areas. Tho f i r m * !
quiry covering information desires^
this subject has been sent out*
United States consuls at
abroad, and to harbor official**^
leading cities of this country* 1
view to securing the benefit of* ^
ence on this* subject, and a boo^
taining the results of these inQ^
will soon lie issued by the got
This work w ill materially aidtb*^
missioners in the compilation «
W H**11 t°nJ ,nl7 fonrte,n followed7 rules to obtain in this state.
William Beck was so weak that he sat
B u r n e d t o Death.
by the side of a road out of the citv
Buffalo, N.
Y .. July ••
wondering how he would escape. Latei
the outlaws made a man named Scho­ Dooley, aged 60, was burned *
field and hia girl get out nf a buggy in tbe destruction by fire of k
. n d g i v e i t t o , he m .
A ^
of „
in this city. On the way to
marahal*. headed by Bill Lightn W two trucks collided, killing tbi
who eaptu-ed Doolin, went in p u Z x attached to one of them and i
two firemen.
Th e Su lt.n i l*r.
W a llin g
Constantinople, Juli
assembly w ill meet In
sultan s proclamation
excellent impression at
sue is a great success f
the Turkish foreign
port* has come to si
w ith the European i
View to pacifying t
ting an end to the
mentation of diatnrbar
M u st H anf.
Cincinnati, July 6.— At
Ky., today, Judge Holm oveitw»
motion for a new trial for A k r“ '
ling, convicted as an
Scott Jackson in tbe mnrder •
Chicago, July 6.— Tbe Ti ^
sld’a Dead wood, S. D., *P
that in Dark Horae mins. *
mountain district, a two-loo*
ors baa been struck that
• ton.