Washington County hatchet. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1895-1896, February 20, 1896, Image 3

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to 50,000 buahels.
Kllenaburg last week was
ph o g r ess
a n d
d o in g s
B u dget
ln t«r«»*th »g
m id
S p ic y
Wheat at
45 cents a
bushel, sucked.
Judge Stalloup, of Taooma, has de­
cided that the creditor of an insolvent
bank has recourse against the stock­
holders, without waiting for the affairs
of the bank to be wound up.
“ > Ittrjoriiiu ,”
in t l o l l t t i i d , In a
Trade has been moderately active
during the past week.
The only
change in groceries was an advance of
l-8o in all gradea of angar, affecting
local and special territory. The poul­
try market ia active und firm, with the
Uhineae heavy buyers. Eggs continue
scarce and firm at the quotations.
Onions and potatoes are weak. Other
linea are unchanged.
The Centralia News says that three
S m c c «» i m i u 1 S u b s t i t u t e
K u tter~
horses belonging to It aim tad Bros,
o n t h e C o a w t - T h r i f t a n il lu d u n t r y
A Cheat» bu t V e r y D e c e p t iv e C o m ­
were poisoned last week by some un­
In K v e r y O u a r t e r —O re n o u .
p o u n d —F e e d i n g Keen.
known person m ixing carbolic acid
Whose H arlot.
* Wheat at Salem jumped from 53 to with their feed. The horses suffered
The question is often asked, "W h a t
terrible agony, two of them livin g
The late boom in the wheat market
«5 cents oue day last week.
shall 1 plant in order to obtain a fu ll
about a half day and the other one
supply of fresh fruit fur a fam ily the is a thing of the paat, bat holdera want
W l i e city oouuoil of Hillsboro has
about a day.
year round?”
It is difficult to give a the same prices that were offered a
toviod a tax of 7 m ills to raise revenue
The other morning the 11-mouths’ - precise list, us in some seusons the crop week ago. Until they come down to
ton the coming year.
the export basis or prices advance busi­
• jy iv e uarloails of hogs, bought in old ohild of James Feeley, of New may be many times greater than iu ness w ill oontinue at a standstill. Ex­
Um atiiia oouuty, were shipped from Whatoom, tipped a oup of hot lard others; and again, some w ill bear port values are as follows:
W alla
over her faoe, burning the whole sur­ abundantly and others fail in the same
Pendleton to Portland last week.
face, eyelids and all, in a frightfu l season. The follow ing, however, w ill Walla, 60c; valley, 63c per bushel.
The state central committee of the
serve as an approximation:
■ K p le 's party has fixed the date of the
P ro d u ct» M a rk e t.
The earliest fruits, about the first of
C. F. Pickard, livin g near Clyde,
F lock — Portland. Salem, Cascadia and
scattered a quart of poisoned wheat on
in Salem.
Fay ton. are quoted at $3.15 per barrel;
j a small portion of his land a few days lection of the most productive sorts, Golddrop, $2.1)5; Snow-Hake, $3.20; Ben­
. Inman, of Um atilla county, has
ago, and as a result the next morning
ton county, $3.15; graham, $2.56; super­
bound over in the sum of $1,500
found 176 dead squirrels that had pur- cut off, w ill afford about one quart a fine, $2.25.
newer to the grand jury on the
O ats — Good white are quoted weak, al
I taken too freely of the bounty of the
Irge of manslaughter.
Three or four square rods w ill, there­ 25c; milling, 28@30c; gray, 21<322o.
| county commissioners.
Rolled oats are quoted as follows; Bag«
The Southern Oregon Jockey Club
The Liuoolu county board of health fore, give hu abundant supply for a $4.25(35.25; barrels, $4.50(37.00; cases.
Will hold a race meeting at Central
family. Four or five hundred plants
is stirring up the doctors of the oouuty
Point, commencing May 13. This w ill
who are amiss iu making returns of w ill be sufficient for this extent of
H ay — Timothy, $9.00 per ton ; cheat,
^ g th e opening meeting of the North
ground. These w ill be followed by $0.00; clover, $6® 7 ; oat, $5(36.50; wheat,
; births and deaths. There is a penalty
ihc oirouit.
the earliest cherries, and by currants, $5.60(80.50.
of $10 for each such neglect, and the
Tw o
ailroad officials at LaGrande re- county treasurer w ill rejoioe at any raspberries and gooseberries.
B arlk y — Feed barley, $13.60 per to n ;
dozed bushes of each of the four best brewing, nominal.
that the new danger maobiue for contributions from this source.
M illstuffh — Bian. $13.00; shorts,
sorts of currants, the same number of
ring the track of snow and ice is a
The state mining bureau has ap­ raspberries, and two dozen of goose­ $14; middlings, $18(320.00; rye, 80(3x5c
ss. The machine in use was con-
pointed Harry Landes as the state ge­ berries, w ill, if w ell cultivated, fur­ per cental.
cted at Albina.
ologist. The new appointee is profes­
B cttkk — Fancy creamery is quoted al
he Law ler syndicate, owning and sor of geology in the state university, nish an abundant suply. Due dozen 55c; fancy dairy, 45c; fair to good,
eloping the tjuartzville mine in the and has accepted the new position with
36c; common, 17>*c per roll.
.Santiam district, paid out to those in the understanding that he w ill receive three dozen bushes of the blackberry
PoTA-roks— New Uregou. 30346c per
sack; sweets, common, 3 '4c; Merced,
it* employ and for supplies over $10,- no compensation exoept that paid by
per pound.
000 during January.
the university.
Aprioots, early apples, and early pears,
O nions —Oregon, 25(390c per sack.
The first number of the Independent
A member of a Minneapolis seed und a few of the earliest plums, w ill
P oultry —Chickens, hens. $3.50 pel
been published at Klamath Kails. firm has been in W aterville for the commence the season of abundance dozen; mixed, $2,60,«3.00 per dozen;
Don Carlos Boyd is the editor and the past week contracting for seed peas. It which, with the latter varieties of ducks, $4 00(36; geese, $6.00; turkeys,
r, it is stated, “ w ill be strictly is estimated that 300 acres w ill be these fruits w ill last till near winter. live, 8(ailc per pound; dressed l l ^ o .
Edus—Uregou, 12)*c per dozen.
tral, politically.”
sown to peas iu the vicinity of W ater­ W inter apples and pears, and all the
C ukksk —Oregon inn cream, 12(812>£c
petition for the pardon of Frank ville alone. It is expected that this good keeping varieties of the grape, per pound; halt cream, 9>*c; skim,
ley, convicted of having deer meat w ill be a very profitable course of in­ w ill continue the supply until spring. 6c; Young America, 10(311c.
is possession during the close sea- come to Big Bend farmers.
Long keeping apples, if placed in a
T ropical F ruit — California lemons,
has been forwarded to Governor
D. J. Talmer died at N ew Whatcom good, cool fruit room or cellar, w ill $3.50(34.00; choice, $3.00(33.50; «icily,
from Pendleton.
bananas, $1.75(32.50 per bunen;
from the effects of mercurial poisoning. continue until the commencement of
California navels, $2.50(83.00 per box;
president of the Douglas County He had rubbed mercurial ointment the new snpply of strawberries.
pineapples, $4(35.00 per dozen.
Society w ill call a meeting upon his feet, which had been frost­
A n o t h e r B u t t e r S u b s t it u t e .
O kkoon V kuktablks — Cabbage, like
somi time in Maroh or A p ril for the bitten, and the skin absorbed so much
The enemy of pure butter never per lb ; garlic, new, 8(310c per pound;
orj >ose of electing officers, and decid­ of it that he was black in the lace
85c per dozen; spiouts, 5c
sleeps. He is ever vigilant.
W h ile
ing open the time and plaoe for the when brought to the hospital from
per pound ; caulifiower, $2.75 oei crate,
dairymen may be reposiug in a feeling
90ca$l per dozen; hothouse lettuce, 25c
(Jhnckanut a short time ago.
t reunion.
of security and taking things as they per dozen.
'here is a report in Astoria that J.
Four W alla W alla boys, aged re­ come, be sits np nights and crawls
F rbsh F ruit — Pears, Winter Nellis,
B B Hallorau and A lfred D. Holman, of spectively, 8, 9, 10 and 12 years, were through the day studying how he can $1.60 per box; cranberries $10(311 per
nHMlinj.8an Francisco, w ill go to that city and urrested for stealing cigars. One of deviBe and foist some cheap hut decep­ barrel; fancy apples, $1(31.50; summon,
Stan a daily. Halloran onoe ran the them was trying to sell a sack fu ll of tive compound upon the market to take 60(375c per box.
D rikd F r u i t s — Apples, evaporated,
1 nail Aat. >rian, and Holman was a writer cigars iu boxes, and the whole neigh­ the plaoe of genuine batter. He is
borhood where the boys live was found not a product of American soil alone, bleached, 4(g4>*c; sun-dried, 3)£<34c;
bea di on the Oregoniau.
sun and evaporated, 5(80o plums,
oauty Purveyor Sharp estimates enjoying such solid comfort as rarely bat he sprouts wherever butter is an
pitless, 3(u4c; prunes, 3(36 per pound.
nd tin
W ool — Valley, 10c, per pound; East­
according to the Dairy World, appears ern Oregon, 6@8)kc.
Later count v road from the wiuehouse to the the way of Havanas.
y. Th» nity imita in the The Dalles w ill
An interesting feature of the farm­ to be in Holland, and we are told that
H ops — Choice, Oregon
4(36.: per
Ben fog amount to 9.750 cubic yards. A close ers’ school at Pullman oue day last he has succeeded iu working ont an ar­ pound; medium, neglected.
2 prip 60tiiK.ito of the cost of the road is week was provided by I. B. Harris, ticle that is meeting with enormons
N u t s — Almonds, solt shell, 9<311c
one of the farmers attending from C ol­ sales. It is called “ m arjorina,” and per pound; paper shell, 10@12,!*o; new
dustry^ thought to be $2,500.
crop California walnuts, soft shell,
of sh«r Tb^ Southern Pacific company may fax, who gave a practical talk on how England and Belgium are reported as 11<812>* c ; standard walnuts, 12(313c;
a tern. bail.: a roundhouse and repair shops at to cut up a 19>g and illustrated his taking great quantities of it, w ith the Italian chesnuts, 12>*<314c; pecans,
ows, r<Cres«ell, iu Laue oouuty. The oom- tulk by a practical demonstration, cut­ demand constantly increasing. It is a 13(315c; Brazils, 12J*(813c; filberts,
mixture of oleomargarine with oil and 14(3l6c; peanuts, raw, fancy, 6@7c;
l wit: puny is at present making Creswell ting up an animal before the olasa.
the distributing point for the products
The big dam on the Coweeman was milk, and it is said to be sold openly roasted, 10c; hickory nuts, 8(310c; co-
of tbi ir oreosoting plant at Latham, heightened twelve feet last summer. under its own name, as it appears to coanuts, 90c per dozen.
ill inn»
P rovisions — Eastern hams, medium,
and has acres of ground oovered with The Coweeman Dam Company find the have the sanction of most dairymen on
U )k <312c per pound; hams, picnic,
ewi the “ dootored” timbers.
present dam is situated at such a long account of its extraordinary large de­
c ; breakfast
bacon 10>s<310J4c;
P. B. Beckly shipped two carloads distance from tide water, that it ie not mand for milk. The Belgian govern­ short clear sides, 8>*<39c; dry salt
of beef cattle to Portland. One oar-
sides, 7)*(38c; dried beef hams, 12
8 " r load was from Yonoalla and the other splash the logs to tide water, and in ­ farmers, is said to be encouraging its (313c; lard, compound, in tins, 7%;
lard, pure, in tins, 9)*<810c; pigs’ ieet,
e w*! from Oakland.
Am ong the cattle tend to build two more dams, on the
shipped from Oakland were two steers north and south fork respectively, mak- and expects not only to snpply the 80s, $3.60; pigs’ feet, 40s, $3.26; kits,
$1.25. Oregon smoked hams, 10J4c per
that weighed 4,550 pounds Tw o other iug three dams in all. The dams w ill
pound; pickled hams, 8>kc; boneiesa
'k'' steers recently shipped by Mr. Beckley be connected by a telephone line, so with Holland in the English market. hams, 7)*c; bacon, 10J4c ; dry salt sides,
It is said to be a more palatable pro­
their movements oan be uniform.
wjjlghed 4,350 pounds.
6)ic;lard, 5-pound pails, 7^sc; 10s, 7j*c;
duct than the home dairy batter, and
Jii'W that spring has begun, the O.
The new creamery at the Washing­ so long as the government and farmers 5os, 7!-4c; tierces, 7c. Country meats
heir »
Company w ill commence ton agricultural college farm, at P oll- are taking to it with a patronizing air sell at prices according to grade.
H id es . — Dry hides, butcher, sound,
grading up the road again, and repair- man, is expected to be iu running or­
just so long w ill it no donbt be sold per
sr pound, ll<312c; dry 1
kip , ----
and ------
i n f injuries to the roadbed occasioned der by February 15, and Professor
under its own name, but to what ex­ skin, 10(8 li e ; culls, 3c less; salted, 50
nt of i**J| washouts, slides, etc. To this end Spillman has advertised for 2,000 tent it may be so sold in a foreign and lbs and over, 5c; 50 to 50 lbs, 4@4>^c;
t ! over 500,000 ties have been ordered for pounds of milk daily. The total as­
40 and 50, 4c; kip and veal skius,
unfriendly market is a question.
juae between The Dalles and Peudletou, sessed valuation of Spokane connty is
10 to 30 lbs, 4c; calfskin, sound, 3
F e e d in g B e e *.
to 10 lbs, 5c; green, unsalted, lc
^ | w i l l shortly he distributed along $31,550,557. The total tax npon this
assessment is $503,584.76, divided as
Several bee-keepers say as below less; culls, l-2c less; sheepskins, shear­
Consolidated, $324,951.63; about feeding bees; 1 never feed my lings, 10(ctl6c; short wool, 20tg30c;
|ie verdict of the coroner’ s jury iu follows:
road, $28,448.49;
special bees in the winter time, and anybody medium, 30(<$40c; long wool, 50®70c.
case of Albert D. Sanborn, w i n * special
H u * — Island, $4.50<@5 per sack; Ja­
$180,- who does w ill not have any in the pan, $4.00(<$4.50.
I body was found on the farm of
H. Neabeck, near Kingsley, in
M e r c h u n d Me M a r k e t .
take of most people lies. They dis­
loo county, was that Sanborn came
Id a h o .
turb their bees and make them gorge
S almon —Columbia, river No. 1, tails,
is death on February 3, by being
An original pension has been granted themselves; they oannot discharge the $1.25(31.50; No. 2, tabs, $2.26(32.50;
|wn from a horse that he was rid-
Henry W. Parker, of Pocatello.
excrement; dysentery follows, and fancy, No. 1, fiats, $1.75@1.86; Alaaka,
Sanboru was 72 years old and
No. 1, tails, $1.20(31.30; No. 2, tails, $1.90
A postoffice has been established at they soon die.
A. R. man.
Nex Perce, Idaho, special from Julia-
W e scarcely ever feed our bees. W e
ynn Sterns, of Baker City, a son of
B rans — Small white, No. 1, 2J^o per
llate Judge L. O. Sterns, has in his
pound; butter, 3c; bayou, l ^ c ; Lima,
and see that every colony is sufficient­ 4c.
pssiou a rare cariosity in the shape
ly supplied, with honey before winter.
C ordaok —Manilla rope, l}»-in ch, is
old coin. It is a $5 piece of ua- Bryna, Bingham county, six miles
|gold. On one side in a circle are west of Blackfoot. Hyrnm Grimmet I f we find that any oolony is not suffi­ quoted at 8J^e, and Sisal, 6J*c per pound
ciently supplied, we supply the defici­
B aos —Calcutta, 4 '4 c .
vords: “ Oregon Exchange Com- is the postmaster.
S ugar —Golden C, 47„ c ; extra C, 5c;
ency from those which have s surplus.
on the faoe, “ 130 O — 5 D ;”
A heavy snow fell for two days in
dry granulated, 6 fac; cube crushed and
be reverse side, in circle, the let- the Coeur d’ Alenes. The snowfall so We simply take the fu ll combe of honey powdered, 6 ‘8c per pound; F4c per pound
from the colonies that have too mnch
K. M T. A. W. tt. C. S .;” below far this season has been muoh less than
and give them to those which have not discount on all grades lor prompt cash ;
letters a cat of a beaver and the usual, and the storm is worth thou­
hall barrels,
more than barrels;
enough, equalizing the quantity as maple sugar, 16(3l6c per pound.
$rs, “ T. O .,” with date “ 1549.” ! sands of dollars to plaoer-mining.
nearly as possible.
C orrkk—Costa Kica, 22(823 !* c ; Rio, 20
(re Sterns came into possession of j The Potlatch Horticultural Associa­
I seldom or never feed the bees, ex­ (3 22c; Salvador, 21 (3 22c; Mocha,
|coin fully twenty years before bis tion held its meeting
There was cept tliey lack store to carry them : 29@31c; Padang Java, 30c; Palernbang
and it was fonnd among other brought ont some interesting data con­
through the winter. In that case I dis­ Java, 2b(328c; I Aba: Java, 23@26c; Ar-
> after his demise.
cerning the condition and prospects of solve standard granulated sugar, iu buckle’s Mokaska and Lion, $21.80 pel
the orchards of the Potlatch empire.
the proportion of five pounds of sngar 100-pound case; Colombia, $21.30 per
Men are being put on at the Hunter to one quart of water, bring it to a [ 100- pound case.
C oal — S teady; domestic, $6.00(37.60
nrth Yakima has ten newspapers.
mine and it is likely that the property boil, and it is ready for use.
per ton; foreign, $8.50(311.00.
Whatcom County Immigration w ill be operating full-handed early
ety w ill meet in Whatoom, Febru- next week. The m ill w ill be started
F a r m Not«*«.
M n *t M a rk e t.
up just as soon as the ore comes down.
Batter of good flavor oannot be
Bsar— Gross, top steers, $3.25; cows,
steel tilin g for the roofs of the Superintendent Cnrrin anticipates no made from feeding straw in large $2.25(a2.50; dressed beef, 4(@5>*c per
| normal school buildings have ar- trouble in keeping the immense plant quantities.
Mi iron—Gross, best sheep, wethers,
in full operation from now on, as it
at Cheney.
I f cellars have rotten wooden floors,
e Pomeroy council has removed is not likely to experience any further they should be removed, for rotten $2.L>; ewes, $1.50(32.25; dressed mut­
-ic per ponnd.
Marshal Labiu from office for cold weather.
wood is the producer of disease. Clean
V i a l —Gross, small, 6(<t8c; large, 3
ng town without permission,
farming is the most profitable farming. (34c per pound.
M outM iia.
e board of school directors of the
A large number of men are awaiting One day’s work in k illin g weeds is a
Hoos—Gross, choice, heavy, $3.25 3
alia school district has determined the departure of snow the com in g ! first-class investment, in the weed sea­ 3.50; light and feeders, $2.50,32 75;
dressed. 3^ ( « 4c per ponnd.
i fu ll term of nine months’ spring, and are preparing to start into son.
the Yahk district to prospect and de- i W e are asked for a remedy for bed­
bug» in a poultry house. Perisan in­
migration conventions were held velop their mining properties
sect powder w ill likely destroy them
.eek by Pierce, Skagit and W bit-
Assessor Noyes w ill this year make
F lock — Net cash orices: Family ex­
counties. Douglas and Okanogan up a roll of all the able-bodied men of if the house is a tight one. Shut np
the doors and apply the powder. B i­ tras, »4.00(34.10 per barrel; bakers’ ex­
Ms week.
the oountry, subject to m ilitary duty, j
tras, $3.80(33.90; superfine, $2.86(83 10.
e Knapp-Burrell block, in W alla The roll w ill be made in duplicate, I sulphide of carbon w ill dee toy them.
B ari . kv — Feed, fair to good, 70c;
belonging to the Burrell estate, one copy being filed with the connty [ Kerosene w ill also do it.
choice, 721 jC ; brewing, 80c.
rtland, has been sold to W illiam clerk and the other with the governor. - A livestock w riter says there are
W mrat — Shipping, No. 1, $1.12)^;
very few farms in this country upon choice, $1 13*4 mil mg, $1.12(31.27.^.
for $15,000.
The classification of the mineral j which it w ill not pay to keep a few
O 'T o—Milling, 76b, @821» c ; surprise,
Fred O. Grutt, of Davenport, be- land commissioners made last Septem­
sheep— say about oue sheep to every 96(8 $ l; fancy feed, »2 !» <3x7!-* ; good to
the distinction of being the 10,- ber has been made final. By this de- j
three acres of .and. Their valoe as i choice, 76(882!*c; poor to fair, 65(3
72**c; gray, 76(382J*o.
settler to file a homestead entry cisión the Northern Paoific w ill acquire j
gleaners and ridding the lanes, road- | Hors—‘.¿notable at 3@7e per ponnd.
Spokane land district.
title to about 50,000 acres of land in ! sides, fence corners and pastures of j
P otatoes — sweets, $2.0>$$2.25; Bur­
tea on the amount of wheat Missoula, Flathead and R iv alli coon-I noxious weeds is not half-way appre- j banks. Oregon, 45@56c.
K ittitas valley plaoe it at from
elated as it should be.
O nions — 65(386c per sack.
N e w * F r o m A l l ( h e t ' l t i « « anti T o w n »*
S tra n d e d on an Inland, H e B e ca m e C rasy
and H a d a P e r ilo u s Pw lrn .
Parties from Smike river, Idaho, tell
of a remarkable experience of Scotty
Burnham, a placer miner. Scotty was
desirous of examining an island in the
middle of the river, but the water was
exceedingly treachurous around the is­
land, and lie put it off for some time.
Finally he made a bold resolution to
reach the coveted ground, which he be­
lieved very rich.
He started for the island in a small
boat, and after hard work succeeded in
reaching it, but as he jumped out of the
boat he fell and the boat was kicked
backward into the current and went fly­
ing away with all of Scotty’s blankets
ami provisions. He built a fire and
waited, expecting some oue to come
along on the bank of the river, but he
waited iu vain. He killed some birds
with rocks and ate them almost raw’.
How he lived through the bitter cold
night he himself does not know, for he
became crazed.
For days he remained on the island,
and then, rushing w ild ly into the river,
succeeded in swimming to the shore,
over 100 yards, through whirling rapids
that it was believed no human being
could live in for a minute. His mad­
ness Jed him to the act which saved his
life. He is now in a fairw a y to recover,
but it w ill be some time before he w ill
be able to completely throw off tlie ef­
fects of his Crusoelike experience. — Den­
ver Republican.
E s tra d a P a lm a a n d l>r. Henna U a va M adn
an O ffm a lv a a n d l ) « f . n il T n A lU an on W i t »
C u ba
H o w t h . In la n d ers A rn d o w n t r o d ­
den b j Spaninh M isru le.
Members of the Pnerto Rican revolu­
tionary party, who have organized a
junta to work in conjunction with the
“ u hun junta, are purchasing arms and
'tin g ont an expedition. The organiza-
■ of the party and of the jnnta haa
t with the upproval of Puerto Ricaua
i New York und elsewhere, who realise
• hut a decisive blow cun be struck for
liberty now that Spain's energy ia de­
voted to quelling the insurrection in
It was positively learned the other
day that Senor Estrada Palma, on be­
half of the Unban junta, has entered
into a compact with Dr. J. Julio Henna,
president of the Pnerto Rican revolu­
tionary party, whereby both parties w ill
oo-operute in aiding the causes of Cuba
and Pnerto R ica President Henna ac­
knowledged that he had been in consul­
tation with President Palma and that
steps w ill at once be taken to assist the
people of Puerto Rico, who are anxious­
ly awaiting the signal to rise.
A meeting of the members of both ths
Caban and Pnerto Rican juntas w ill ba
held at the Cuban headquarters, when a
plan of campaign favorable to the Pner­
to Ricans w ill be decided npon. The
Unban jnnta realizes that it has seonred
W h a t M r. L i t t l e F o u n d In a F la ik o f
powerful allies in the war against Spain.
( l e o r g la M oon ahin e.
With the development of an insurrec­
A Mr. Little, who lives near Chestnut
tion in Pnerto Rico, the efforts of the
mountain, some two or three weeks
Spanish to pnt down the war iu Cuba
ago, while iu Gainesville, bought a
w ill, necessarily, be weakened, and
half puit of blind tiger whisky. He
troops w ill be sent from the island of
and his brother, who was with him at
Cuba to Pnerto R ica
the time, drunk a little over half of the
For months past the revolutionary
stuff, and upon arriving at home hid
Pnerto Ricans iu Now York kave been
out the remainder to get u morning nip.
corresponding with the leading revolu­
Next morning, briglit and curly, he
tionary spirits iu their island, and Pres­
went out tiiere to where be had left the
ident Henna said the other day that 30
flask, but when he picked it up to emp­
towns had been heard from whose in­
ty the contents where they w’ould do the
habitants are ready to revolt when the
most good he noticed a small gray sub­
proper time comes.
stance, about as large as a pea, floating
He said: ” We addressed communica­
around in tiie bottle. He eyed the con­
tions also to onr general delegate, Dr.
tents v :y critically, and w’ith a pang of
Ramon E. Betances, who is also agent
regret ; r being knocked out of his morn­
for the Unbans in Paris, and to other
ing dn. he corked the bottle and laid
prominent Unbans and Puerto Ricans
it away to await developments.
abroad who are eager to see Pnerto Rico
The thing began growing, and grow ­
free. From them we received great en­
ing rapidly. It is said to have grown
couragement and proffers of assistance.
until it has almost tilled the bottle and
They forwarded me the necessary docu­
18 of toughness akin to rubber. Innu­
merable tentacles have grown at inter­ ments of indorsement.
“ I realize that a few men have no
vals around rhe body, and it is assum­
right to force a revolution, even in the
ing a very sataniciike appearance. E m i­
cause of liberty, but our people are w ait­
nent physicians have examined it, but
ing only for leaders, and revolution ia
say they don’t know what it is, except
what the people want. Onr pluus are
one, who maintains that it is a miniature
devil, and further maintains that all the maturing.
Cuba 1 success means Pnerto Rico »
liquor sold iu the city is fu ll of the same
We w ill aid Onba, and she
sort.— Gainesville (G a .) Eagle.
w ill aid us. When we are prepared fur
battle, onr people w ill vise, armed with
PLANS FOR A NEW PARTY. gnns and ammunition sent Troi this
T h e N a tlo u b l C o u n c il o f P a t r io t ic O r g a n i­ and other countries.
"Expeditions w ill be fitted ont and
z a tio n * In SesMlon*.
The National Council of Patriotic Or­ landed on the coasta. Bpaiu cannot pre­
ganizations has been in annual session vent the outbreak in Pnerto Rico. Tbo
in Washington. Delegates from all the concentration of her navy nnd army in
prominent Patriotic orders were present, Cuba makes onr chances of success very
representing over 8,000,000 members. encouraging. Money is coming in rapid­
A platform of principles was formulat­ ly for the purchase of arms and ammu­
ed as follows : Demanding that strin­ nition. Like Unbans, Pnerto Ricans ate
gent laws be enacted by congress to re­ compelled to suffer the bnrden of an ab­
strict immigration ; that no public funds surd and heavy taxation. Onr people are
be appropriated for any sectarian pur- downtrodden and enslaved. Outrages by
pose.s, and indorsing the proposed six­ the Spanish government upon the people-
teenth amendment to the constitution are of common occurrence. Onr police
of the United Stutes; that no state shall is composed of ex-convicts sent from
grant the right of suffrage to any per­ Spain, and onr people are subjected to
son not a citizen of the United States; gross outrages at the hands -of these
demanding that all property, public men, who are invested with a power
property alone excepted, be subject to that makes them petty tyrants.
“ Sales and purchases cannot be effect­
equal taxation.
A committee was appointed to attend ed between individuals withont the pay­
the national conventions of the political ment of taxes. Taxes are exacted from
parties for the purpose of inducing them persons going from one town to anoth­
to incorporate these principles into their er, and passports, npon which a tax is
platforms, and, iu the event that none of also levied, are demanded all over the
the political parties recognizes these island. The money issned by the Span­
principles, then steps w ill be taken to ish government ill Pnerto Rico are colo­
form an American party. The National nial medals. There are no educational
Council is working to secure unity of facilities. There is nothing bnt a life uf
political action by the membership of all slavery in Puerto Rico under Spanish
rule, and that on an island which natnre
Patriotic orders.— Washington Post.
has generously blessed.
“ We realize onr strength now. We.
H e N e e d e d A n im a l F ood.
too, w ill fight for Independence, and
Feeling the need of medicine the oth- !
with Spain's waning energies divided
er day, Pat applied to a doctor with |
between the two countries Unbans and
whom he was acquainted. Medicus ask­
Pnerto Ricans hope to achieve their free­
ed the symptoms, felt the pulse, exam­
dom. " — New York JonrnaL
ined the tongue and did whatever else
professional etiquette demanded. Then
M e t s t 1:30: W e d a t 1:43.
he said:
“ Putrick, yon’re rnn down a bit, j A marriage, romantic in the extreme,
that's all. What you need is animal ! was solemnized in the office of the
county clerk at Glasgow, K y ., the oth­
food. ”
And Pat departed quite contented. er afternooD. The groom BDd bride bad
never so mnch as heard of the other's
About two days afterward the doctor
happened to think of his case and call­ existence nntil that day, and met for
the first time when they were brought
ed on Pat in the stable.
“ Well, P at,’ ’ said he, “ how are you face to face in the connty clerk's office
and introdneed by a mutual friend pre­
getting on with the treatment?”
“ Oh, shure, sir,’ ’ said Pat, “ 04 man­ paratory to the application for a license.
The groom is John Underwood, a
age all right with the grain and oats,
prosperons farmer near Temple H ill
but it ’s dommed har-rd with the chop­
and 65 years old. The bride was Mrs.
ped hay.” — Portland Express.
Martha J. Turner, a widow *4 years
old, who came from South Carolina
S ennlhle F a rm e r*.
abont two months ago. The mutual
Tbs reports from the corn districts in­
friend pictured to the groom the v ir ­
dicate that the farmers propose to bold [
tues and excellences of the yunng w id ­
a large portion of the crop for higher
ow, and to her he recited the sterling
prices. It was expected that the market
worth und good qnalities of the farmer.
would lie flooded as soon as the fields i
Uommissioned by the latter with •
were gathered, bat so far the shipments
proposition of marriage, he returned
have been comparatively small, und the j
with an acceptance from the widow.
product is being cribbed in great qnanti- 1
They set eyes upon each other at 1 :S0
ties by those who are not w illing to let
o'clock, and at 1 :45 o ’clock a local min­
it go nntil they can realize a fair profit
ister had prononneed them hnshand and
o d it.— St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
w ife.— St. Louis Republic.
Suing F u r s Tow n Hit«.
Five heirs of Peter Cassady at Prince
ton. Ills., have sued for the site of South
Omaha. The litigation involves nearly
<1,000,000. They base their claim on a
technicality in the original transfers of
the land years ago when it was of little
The claim involves *38 acres. Part of
this belongs now, or formerly belonged
to the South Omaha L im l company and
is platttd into blocks and lota.
T h o v g h t H e H ad H e a rd o f H im .
A proud Republican papa and his 18
year-old boy called on the speaker, and
the yonngster, for the want of something
better to say, piped o n t:
“ Mr. Maine Reed, we have all of yonr
books In onr library, and I think your
' Sea 1 p Hunters' is fine.”
Mr. Reed explained that he waa no*
the celebrated Captain Mayne Reid, and
the boy looked very ranch diaap oinled.
— Washington T im e»