Broad-axe. (Eugene, Lane County, Or.) 189?-19??, February 28, 1900, Image 3

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Mi'll 1114)' ilill'.T Oil liui-a of policy
iidvocatxl I iy political .rtii.
bill no Aimri'Mii rituen ran afford
to Imi no fin :i 1 1 in din rrijlit u
o I'l'in.f lilt ey to Ih. unitt
tendency of nil l 1 1 i-in 11 m to J,..
dive tli' iiiai- that they mny I
th giiiiHTfit-rxiiiiillv, nml (. I.litxl
Mth Thi-y favor
the ri'Vi'iinc ri.-re.eary U
llii fcli-ril .rnverniiicnt
lition of tniU
Einhtii. Thev
U' I...- I l
Ux n it mi nim ,f ram .g it pjirCr, ' A a Imd the pUnaure of meeting ' ,ht. i(1,.t ,.,,
HUIIIH !lr k mo ll'HCI l lew .. f. Tl . '
V 1 1 Hi mil ton rrldjiv nml nf ).riritr Ina . ... '
The, f.,v r the il-,. lex-lure, ton rrWe.1 houee at the! .7. " "
uri.inii ciiun'h the name eve
iiing: Hure. at tlii time, we can-1
not offer anything Imi- mi extended '
Ami Jovjtiin
ettlinv !
' , r .,, ltir0 All
r and t-npriI, . '
will hviinrn laroi HjiiiiiciiW ir ,
other ru-idT.itioii to induce ' hp.v,' '
' jifipowj ('
covcriimnnt by injutuKion. , ., The Mr. i.i I...... 'i J ' ""'i.'" V Wlore
l.itriKi.M, a. .,.e.....f, i WHv'' l0 know'
. . . V.
OI-pillC IN'lWrCII nl
ane introduction Vt tlie
IT. , .
Jlowi-ier, Millir rhouMtw keen
Will racti( io all tlx- rourU M the
l l i . .... Wlate.
..r. i c4ii iriurc is Piavinir
with Mr. Ktlley and gomjj to I .
ach.A.1. - mivtr.v
Our Khiml i proreexing ATTORNEV AT LAW
with . . .Mil.un an teacher,
rtiero jit nbout fifty cholur in
atti-iidaiict nor
l inicr vver rum utlonal Hank.
truKan, oaKoos.
no.nro a huh
ly vote (or ilir thitiKH Mdii-li hi'irn- i ....ii ii i 'K'r,t ,,r'r to even aiupt-r. j There in conhnlernble iitknefi' ; rp
knw in m wronii iu-t lM., uiie hi . i i . i "1 . ' e'l ''!ueriitaiidii-f aiid pprecl- iionK the children here now. I-
., , , . r i '("" iitiori i Hie man Sic him when, T, u-.-i.-. u. i . " .
r rr""i' "y c"y r wm: ...4 1,., h,, f ..!.. " , . . ' wv , nm x-tio.,.1 Buk bw.
iv ami al-o a rurier. , l'rw ik. in all tlu uri.
:irty nr bin inrtv imU mil
to do m. l'ii Aim riniii t future
Kiipr.itioiia will hi urn mi. Ii M-rvi
- tnrtiin n hnvr i n ' H,,ulur
thm ruiiiilr v f r tin1
. e .,,1:.,.,J , , lr K,(1 oi.n l.v nto ur.a ,.,.1. '
" , h mdc kIkiw fi.r uuy nuriMMa what.' i.- . .' :
oyimrliQlly known jMlwl lf u wtr. o(Jt tii,
I I. i I . . I
1,11-1 ninii., . i .i . , I ''" woviiium in. uie lreaeni
I iWWer.-vrr until tliin vrrat rMrina mi'in 1. - . - . .
ol a ri'iilurv. ami llm.k (. I.i,,.df , .. i . i .. . .' V""ur he Ik'Ii
' " n , I 1 till IM'nll.M nr, ti.itl.l .. . '
I .... . I
- U4VIII!llt. .A 1'. aauiiirii
I'll T - .. Knim K.vU.t il. '
.... ; :,. met in the Khnr . ,u- '
. . ... -I'- hnniu. Sinr,l.- T... I "-""
r,e.lhe,. will U. I,,,,- ,.f tl,.',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. T .I ;vh.rarer,0nKi,,,.-u,Hl without ,J'. . !Ofnc-0--,..f Wk aouth of C.U
w.iilf' iilit Ui,'t.d. Ti. . :.i ... . ''"WUn hulory pernor an- m.n lUk.
: . i""'r"- "i "; i iniet.' ruauM.t.hii-.ft. 'rii ..r.i.i :.t;iv ,,. i.i !-
".i-r nelftui i hiw-iibk ir nil that he- , - Tli anaxt. A i..Ti
ocania wiiero-; wrrt-i Vav ,r H.L ', lr U .... 1 i ... .v. . 4V
(iividthruiMlvea ii
by lhv will alluvJ
In enrUvetl by i
w bile lliev not on
Ojwrate with eacli other, .bu: nre
wiiiinjr to join thA eniiiny tin en-
living their iieighliora on 'jui' inU
. . . ... A 5 '
the prrtcdtee of ra-t. Tli
'There "I (. lunch ilit'llijrrre mid
inieMndnce 1 1 -1 1 I.-. 1 into tin
very ' nature of the Iniya m w
grnwiiig to ni.iiiho'kl to ullow tiie
nheiner t rule thia great. n:iliou
or any of the -t it- rout Ving it,
Vrry man v year longer, by parly
bluatrr. Kreo Vtrn. '.'
Tu AtT Ka.irriii.u roii m'tvr.
(tiermuin t the alkive we pule nre only two raotet In th
imii tin irom the .ali.nnl Watcli
inaii:J The lb-termination of I lie pern
errata, Kilver Kepiiblicana and
I'opuliKt lit art tof thi-r until the
nine greit ri-fonna aiiiigited I v
Mr. ' Hrynn hall have
conipli-li'sl (ma iufiiHrd
onrag-mm he in tr r palro
4 lolloW
a DMoaTO!
hen' ninre ihnli iin lli. i,,,r. in w....l:.
. . , - ... , ... .... , , .-iUlll
-..e. Miwer; nut , eVrfr ,(Mhl Di..,.e .
m r i k u4 . .. ,.'
. t VB-VK7 1 t-UT
the Engi-na
f4t..v I Koom 2rUm Block
,lni. , i, .v... ... " ,. ; . .. . 1 ioaa, oarooa.
i "" j". n"-r, t.r ne hecunii iiy our aid, auureya ttiei .
the luetic rrgi.fiia, in the curt of j' l'at. nt r.eoordV Ilaltimore, Md. , j fmm. . ohmm
'KiiiK. th-i pit!aeei of millionaire, 1 '
or in the ,-abin, of the ,a.r he i,. Iy n X-Rar SuUy plow and ( ATTOKNEY A COCNSE
liOnr lie in , - ' . .. l,A 4 lu"J'-i COUNSELOR-AT-LA W
're: the aiuo brane ,U h. arleil iimn ' ""''''v- "r c"Mn , -am Pr,u, i. n th, ,. -lfc,
.1... . '' ' .4- I JlKllTlal llklnrt U4 I. IK. u..... ..
114 fminlri' r . i. . . .'. i ' . V. .
the irv.l lB.M1Ll. ' . K-'-V . i walaiiM.ifcHjs.... i. .Mtoa
'" .. If"','"" . ' :ory U lint yet ret.ihlirhrfi. It la . A Rav-tiang plow.4 the best . uo'M " m prori
one a,u,' ami the U al tend . Lou- : . ,r.n , Mi ,hftke ' ,lis ; on erth-Sce them at McClanah.n
iMrd atreri money grabber, on the ; Utul . 1,1 Si,np,onV
unle.. the cunning o f. th.oney , . I , t... 0t-n . liZ
d nuthora.
Ll J : f r;l,,:"1 :nn l,,d,,r 1. ,
.njl" r f-,;l'""'-"a r ...-h 'W.;.k,,i like Joa,
f PatrotlJ ' 'fr.r ,, e l T VV, l.U,n-, L
a ImkI r tvl a tmri'jr wimmI,
l llrkalmlr ll hull foiiM
oaijuin. hiri
Imgfeilow, :
were !
Mil ,lLI...Ir ll.. l. . .. I - , . r "
The ...... reform, -re 1 7 ' T. " . "7 "7"" . i M,M,r' nnd """'V ihi.
.... ..., , fc,Tl 1W , fina wjl uijj,
eirec edauiiMM,,.! , , vn ce o WoatJ , HlU w, u thi. '..ubject re
t. the uiglo k .1.1 Fi,nd.trd nnd in . lurtantlv.
ivor oi tlie mne ri.riia flmt ill
Kirt. They are unal'erably ojh
poai'.l to gold niii(iiirtnlim.
Srx'oiul. They demund the iin
meiiiatA realoralioit on.iinetalliiim
t the pri aent ratio by tlie inde
ieud"nl action of thi country.
Third. Thty opxie tlio retiie
ineut of the greenbacka.
Kourth. They opxia the iBiie
of par nioin y by national bank.
Fifth. They o tons tin iue of
intere'l-bearinc bond. In lime of
In order to make room
for our large epring Muck
which will arrive noon we
have our
man. led will pri.vrt'o the worl'i ' Oorupl iiut iire nluioyt of ilailv ! VvQll ffQQQT
that the Aiueri. ti jieoyle re'ciipakoccurroiM-e nt thf. i fllce of ha called QffjQfQnCO Sale...
ble of uniting,, defyrt of, 5n ent.u, agvnUttho hanj ,iT' .
I?,d Hat ,H;r.r!r,,, m .i,y. : M u you
and that nerihi r the cunning iior - , . , ' " -. ' .- .
the briUr of air the frS of tvty be"1 t,M? iurej now 1 your time to buy.
rSbvha It ..,-, Hi nuiMnoe an J abould lL ... wl,,,B .TO,,r ""g
QM. A.
Offi Over Una Connty Bank.
:i'l.'t.Nt, OKEOON.
ayf 4 .
J I. llIVf
, j 3 doora wwt .of Lau? County Bank
j up kiaira. .
Kt ClJIE, ok;om
I. x. HAitnAn.u
' avoided by parlies huvitie iinm.rtt
Tl.. ... i.... i'" i'. i-l i- I ' - " I
r-r J T , !" ""y;lor eale iia' they rulJ:' dTil-e a
itir in t mil.!.. ,..., - a , . - -
A v . r7 KVieVIVfl- X4Uli , l lilt. i . -T -r-
ii...- l, LrJT..Y,.:( u-....ticonU'0,l!': U .iMranee indeed if!
out.alonL hli
With th.amel
rk Taylor of Kfntuckr .uewi .
MooVbiii to right "Hl,l1 h'fte cJte the eerviura u
ia rev6;ution ,,;f "n? h il-'ible H.verly
nell of bio.i.1 in 4ii '.W-kn-jiUtheriikiio to negotiatei
. ' ! . land iM.rr.rM. im.1. Iu.i . ...i. !
hi'her they with to buy
"or not. - Your, to ierve,
re county, leading paint nnd
Wall paper man.
Ltwyer and Not&ry Public. h
rnmiii rneUr ruiiT .i
IviirU la.
1'iurlir nalleuri ul itila
omra-lr Nrtlnm !.!. . . .... .
) ihI Kluh-h irveu, up him. IUdbi
i , ' - i : " - ,
notrila. Ulouatr.rli . urancei .bout l" trnJ l"teen gentle-'
. J. ...i. ... v , : men invoLTine Inrsa in
'" T iiuiivpii uarui e. i 1AW, , 7 " r- j
Jntt a rhanre ntert
Inj in the rain and to
many tliinira to talk
attout That meana
wet feet and a nrvlarted colli. Tlien
contra Um liarklnc, linrrhnir couch, and
the doctor luka arrtona ami talk of pine
w.wmi r mmmiftm air.
That ta tha tint when
Golden Medteal Dlerovery
valac. It haa cured hundreda of
" weak lunca." olMrtinate. liiurerina'coui'h.
hronrhitla, apitting of Moral, and otliet
form, of diaeaae, which U neglected or
MAakUUully treated le-d to consumption.
AtMt t(M rnn gm t M 4fT.d(WI Miy
H4 Inniiim.' vrllct Mr. UXm P. a,lrtof
atrrllaf. aat Ca . U.K. "I Irani -TCf.1
tla4 of BMdlrlm but w.OmmI aa rlTrc ml
I Irlr. Or. hmfll. 4Wa MnUral IMara.
try. mf wktth I av t ?Va kmt fcottka, aa. air
Majrh to tallrrly carr.."
ruck people era invited to conault Dr.
ttercw, by Irttir, free. All corrcapood
enca private. Addrvam Dr. R. V. lSerca,
Buffalo, N. Y.
miaou uaruiie. i iav , , a
.. . I vllol nl.,i..i. Tl.. l...i. ..
anu oraer uro nrhing to hiin when').' "T'j ni
a fight i.on hf4j. rlI'wai.iA,3,lt'lili,I,le WV to'WIl your
be in iCjf 'jriawevelt'eiruldUl'-'ry h-veone for ealu, ia to
iuilirianurd for I leni irfi aWiah. 'V'f ; H ' neapnj-.r. By
ter houae wbe ' he V wOd ill lb' mihtvl your w.nta are made ! i- ' h '
wr nouec, worn ne CjniU .pilll s ' 7 ' limr ,.r hrariu .H u.m. I.. mi.I r-.'rt an.l
intcreeu. Tin
Flca t Mlnrairai.
V'-LT! !J A ft LCI
! aiale
Will praclh-e in all Uw anaitaof III
NOTh . fi r triven mat inr i.Tvir. jt iel :
atmtu.r lt euu l Mt....;
l vrl, h. ail In Ilia riMii.IT r-nirt nl lanr I lwti ..f hcm. hi. rl .ml a.... II. I
m.h.i iilnrnt Ml,t elal B.I.I Ih.t 4..nlar '
lb 4h .la, l tlr..arv. Ial thr ol.i
Kteaxe (lata.
bl.Kxi, and.errfiiiMl,.nd drink k.nown rywhere and nil
bl.MHi, and wn.S.nw'i'n blood, .ut '' on'.V 'minai aum.
I V J I ! I, . .
bring, the aeller and b: ver fa.-e to
the ! ".oi""'.! ur.i.
Alt.iri.r lrealala.
rv. iWa'a i morning till nich'. he tnisht
fta. bring, the eel!
provea lt Un, a cohu-nled beast. ItJ ia ! fi,rr "" Mte. the. agent'a
-""r lurle rwaaild. Ihnt tr.. .1.-' Commie.ioil .
F.,rruUr IotmhI aatata
INOTICK OF riMAC tTTLtMmT.:"U"'ty bank.
(iire Hs il alleation all eetlBt
OiTii-e, KiKima 1 and 2 over Lin.
barely rnaaibla thnt from very!
.urfvil of ore lie might even Ceae
to be daneroui to nntnkind fie-
public. r ." yj
, y
Of courre. our position demand
ing retlremVnt of the f'oirlhoue
calvre, at tlie June election, meeta
wilh oppoajtion Upn the rrt of
the c.lve!J lid yi ever - try tl
pull from rttv lurimma'a 'teat, the
itmile of a Uiig fnlVtwr yearling?
Hoty ha Wyiuld hang on and hunch
andliunT and a 1 moat, lift off the
ground the poof niolhe'r? 80 will
the courlhnuae iK-cnpant. depu'.ie.
and itlleonie' id whom hit ve been
1 there four year. ahd are .tall fed.
if hang wt and tibjert'tw being nhifted
I much lit. n euned! . IN'eAh thoa
ind the worry nla.y.
Kalat . Aim It liaarr arl XiHlr.
la l.. f. l,r r 11 thai Ma I n.,. .loiin
lnri.l..nt l.r.!...!.... - !'I"I .4 ...4 r-l-.a. h 1.1-i hrf a.r......l ,
- ..-. 111 ,j in in- ,. final atMiM-ntrni .i w
hand, of loan who never had ; tZttZTiZ' ,5' Z?" VA'u'V
. Oaitooa.
M...I " ... ..... ... , . , . . I .,. 1 1, , , r.
, l.vli la o , II-
force enough bimaelf to on
farm. . - V
We regret to learn thnt Mr. I). U.
Vniikike, of Lieweilyn, liea nt the
houoeof his daughter in an unc.n-
aciou cmdition from injuric re-1
ceivcd about the bead in aouie way
while out in Lie wood with an ax.
Dr. Cannday was it) attendance at
last ncounte.
Anyone who ha. not been vacci
nated and ia contemplating to be,
ahould call on Dr. K. D. MrKen-
ney, Room. 1 and 3, Hovey block
He will vaccinate anyone for
lr Low. opUciau, with Joe Lucky
..I lhr Vl
K ISitltl n,lr 1.4 haartaa !
Irrtlul. lu Hit aanaa
mna v. o torn.
iipoitiii: n. iKi.Kia,
t.. -tll.t lACalla I
Eugi ne Oregon.
OfTV-r Ov.r Mi-t'loiia aiore.
-...TtT1! ir 'I
rai t wit-ratu a eT.t rm .
Ml. N . I O,, (ktWnM aaaiu ani rV
lk i t .a. an, fafcfaa.a.
iiaiu rrallr -a...nai, A Iaa4a..a at la.
hwaialil aiiai i.a.aa IM W M t.
aia ikr . frv Ahj. a... laaaa m mamhtm
html a . r4,IWM baa, atl frva.
PmviM III lamaaa Maaf A O.. taaaM
p .aai aatMa.alha a. . tl . , Ai.ri.aa. a-4
laa. m a. mw .. taiar. m tMi.kna.
I KM H MWtl WI MatlM f.M.n. I
I M aaal M a laraalar 1a
I aa'r. aii.B. i f l.aai.a.a. a.
. laial Maw a Hf aaMM Ma IM
'k(tm $mv la aafara. a.4fc-n..hi.l ik I
f 1 " V.'f'.""t " '" T
Wk.a a i' tVlCVia y!Tt .-
u. t. conntoxER.
orrittt ix oou ruuwi at ili..i.
Home-tend I'lltnga, Final ?ttd
and ( Ion team a Hpe.'i.illT. oO
ear.'ei4-rierMe in
line. - 'eron. all. u
li.m given in every
a.e and
al..faV.ijli ,i-tm -laWiL
t 1 v