Broad-axe. (Eugene, Lane County, Or.) 189?-19??, February 14, 1900, Image 1

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NO. '39
x TAXPAYER AGAIN. 'Some Prosperity . y"y?" Jn(lg(?
I in Tho south. Constitutional Amendments J, jWk Address
Inli 15 n)n lilt AUIUot r n, u, Ki,r,irv of kub.-i... u...:iv r.
Mni Kii- oner to nun 1 1 ni ihn oro-;
III I.AI.l.t.l IOIITkl.ll.."
jr. I tv. ii., . . .
-'.-.wr....t . '" le: j-,ei:eing is
U. .i i i .i .i a , ,f. .the dutv of i in - chare! with 1 1.
,mny cool tiit? MM"!-, check the enthusiasm njul d.prcs the buoy;) . .
I her Kmi U Mrtviiiiifi' I... i. ir,.v. f r...:.. ...T : .1 ....... T"u'" " -""ic "" lw ,"'"k
........... ... . . . hi ii-iinir in inn imic u uirv nui p unr uur P aie mi - ......... . .1 .
STAY WITH IT, DON'T I.KAVi;. cling in the S.utli and im wide. .... , an .aeeuuutii.;: t the taxpayer
. . .... . hlilnhiiii fur n fi'ir m. mi., .1 11 nn nitnim ru ft... iiijit,,..! . ........ ...... . ..Y . t ... . .
iiH.iku ri-i in !( man. 1 Ik l-tter in " 1 , ipiiw.oivr, -sum expt nuiinre. thereiore on ie-
itti iti half of the county curt I hereny
submit u statement of substantial
ly the cost lit' the new courthouse.
A coiitrat't was entered into for
it rebuild in;; inder plans an J
Till: (OfXTUY, HUNT (id
. , .. - 1 1 . 1 ... ... ...
ititfc r.f, ir rti. 11 lo ihr t.Il r.Miu lr niM-ne...eiit. I hrv lt-LMM.ituie c.umot iiinenil a const i- iuuum ffirim.
: without getting over tlie I rare :inu lv ever tlju Constitution, ;inl ic"u,lty court lor the sum I I4,i ,
.dated nt Su tu u.rr.v i I !, (.eorgia, niffcrchce or cut ciintiou rectitude of republic-uit l-gif lalion
Jiii.uarv.-t. It proviso,,.. .
j Th.y sy U,i ,un. ry is greatly u hir,KuUr ,hnl lhc r,.liubli c(lllje u, lIu, COIK. ilin ti,;ll Ignor.
: iii)rwvi:J utiii u the war. I'luTc i :tllM .,llP v in c..ii:rc hihI in our ' am'e ami ii.ti-hi-jenre nre vnoiiv-
Kiln r: .The ti..iyi r i noa to Mr (tt. u ; . ..j .... , .,, i.i, ,.,, ti.tion, or attempt to ainen.1 one. Nt one voter in five ha prolul. i ncation approve.! l.V ih
liievl Hie Tii-.ivi'fl 1.1X evir levoil
ill I. .me cojiilv nul in t r 1 i n c-i I v
Uvo-hor-c ploai
..v... l . . 1
1 .iiovev uiiiiro- w . - . 1 rM i,i
. .1 .. . 1 . . .11 li.inm.., U'urM .....Id f r.m r. unj
...... ,. ... . , , . vioiiiuuiuu! Kpini ct'iier.-iMr a noi one repuoiicau in a lluiuauw 1 ' y
.'M inilln mi irertv ' thin city , - ' 11 . Wl n M t,L. worJii.ff of the I.k u-' h:.s much r.Mt f-.r the ConMitu during eonstruciioii in
f .r all p.irpo... If tl.i- ..i-piei-Mve ,,r,,, r l" ""vc furt.v ir"1 " ''".v In" , ,,,,-e.t inle.iuV.I ti U aiii. n.k'i. ' tion or a ia- if it oUiru. t the
tas wan nr.vo:iry the (Huplu rlmulil 'r. 1 oi ton j,tornn here .,rk IJ',,, coiintitutu.iia! atremlmefit way to the .iccoin!.lUlmMit. of hi
p.iy il without 11 in u nil nr. If not. In.uri a ilav iui-1 i.av a foreman were promised mid ' pnemd lv the or hi partv'n x-neuie Approval
ahey have n right timou,plaiii nu.l ,. ,jir flr tivelve hour work. --veiiteeiilh hiennial I. -gMative un- of party meiiMireii i all t'l it is it- j I'aintir.g, clock, etc., is as lollowi.:
Iioul.l iimke e-.iiiplaint felt. , XV((i);n niiik(( (r((i)) f if(v ,.,.,, winhly of' Oregon in lS'.i:t. In 'pnred of a id 111 to be a stalwart j . iP
Now let tu me what -i fleot thi ; 4. ; . '.l'X the 1 coda t lira pBi-'.l then . ' repuMiean voter! Il is r ouaht ehmnte from woiKlert to
ff.Mve tax will have 01, ihe . ' ,,'r0e,V"rK- again hut did not j-rt.vide for their to l-e (liu-tii-iT M over thej eel
l.u.I.lio tip of ti.mcilr nnd countv."" "ot a,K" "' """''-Mitiini-Moi. lo lhei-..ple.' The ' reeurdu of rei.uhircau t-ona refe ? Vanit door rrartie. etc,
ticulare and -the increased cost f
thee charges tpether with the
purchase of furniture, fixture-,.
HI It len.l P. etri.ti rge iho "tat eXe,ltr labor for a ; next legitalun- in 18U7 did not i.r- and lei!i!atiirn, and fee the mani
jtr inger to invent hi money in living. jje would Klarve on the ' ganiie, o did nothing legislative fet lotitemjit or j.ulpablc ignor-
1 Win ther 1 thixe l.ti-e j'upanlizcd : ance exiiiliited by them, for the
or nullilied the act of former leg-: rotitit'.itioii8 they are fworn to
j.roMTty in tin 1 ity? TTi u ,f. pav and grub-
Among tin lirft tiling that a man
Window shadv
Clock coinplcle
Cmmi?$ion a. jier enn
tr.ict to architei-J for
dni8, 8ecifieatioii.e,
and of personal sujier
vision? Furniture and Jncidei
ttuU. v
525 00
400 tX)
100 o.
200 00
500 0 )
600 00.
300 00
Total . 17 600)
The present building should ao-
wi ,m to know liei'iire purchiifing luoh i the Hat.-ineiit of an eve iIatures will I y have to be ' support, protwt and lU fcnd. It
property, 1 the niue plm ed uixui utne of the romlitioim in (..-or- determined bv the iadicial depart- 1 mav be a sweeping assertion to fav
pn.lierty,, the rate of interest ..n. Hi '! I or pro--rity howler mc:.t of the state, lint thin m far ' that a legislature ,irjured itel"f
money (inn the tnx h vie.l. When ; mnch proierny there? Those ' H pi-torv; mid if lrgislative, when it electeil one of it memlieis I
he learn theee fatl, that n Unit ; 'prote.ted'' cottt'm factory, com. l-t r ntupidity inralidate thoej I. S. eimtor; hut charity eug
le'erinin.n hi tsure. When he bine with their Yankee machinery .roMIe.l amendment- it d.e not 1 gests that its inemlr knew not
flirtU the t..x high a it i n,,w, ;Ui 're rofperou .doubtle-, but liow jC. ncern vou ami roe! ' juhalthev were .'jinp. 11' w rtich
mill within the corMrate limit ' i il with thn thouiand of oj era-1 Hut the nUive it not oil the evi- men get over or anuind their oath
of the citv, pro.hue low, wheat lei. tivei there? A firt-chih .trative denee of icnorance or th-recartl of and Jee. "50 mid Art. 4 of t?ie Con-
ih.iu .'! rent r bushel in ijet Ift "I'.e dollar for tatlve hour mid : constitutional infonnntion and'oh j rtitution, I fhall let them explain, jcomodate the cc u'nty .w:.t room to
all produce low! h add l"iird hiinnelf. S if he nnvr fifty ,M,.rv.ince diplnytl by Oregon w leg-' And they may also explain if transact the publjf bti?jne for tho
to thi otti.r iieeeary expemli- 'tut a day he must live cl.we. viator: for we find that the tigh-1 they can how ttiey chanced tojnet forty yea .-s ai least, with tin
turen on pnblio institution to up. , Then what alont hi clothe ami ( ttf nth biennial aseinb.y proposed to miss Section 2 of Article 17 (only expense of occasional paint
port, hi w.ll ftoon see that he will family if he i mi unfortunate a to mid paed the ft male i uffrage ! Jheu thev toik an an oath to sup-i mg. Every official hsu a well
likely not g. t off short of 40 mill, i '"'ve one? How pro. t ru i he? , uinendment without rrgard to the ' part the constitution of Oregon. j lighted, f v.-ntilated room. Buil l
I think by thi time lie will eon- ( Kven a ten cent advance on hi ; plain word of Si-e. II, Art. XVII I Cotiinion d.ct ncy, one would j ing heated throughout with a hot
elude llul this i not a goou place wage would be greatfuliy nteirmi !f tho Const ttition, that wa sought think, would prevent common men ! water system, radiator in every
for him P invent. i which has iteen extemltsl to factory . (t be ninende.1. which provided in I from exposing their ignorance and 1 room. Five large fireproof nulti
j ha mis in the orth ami paraded by plain language that when to or in such a manner, but J The circuit couit has a seating
prosperity Khreckers a act deserv more aineiidnieiit ar ending be- j possibly they didn't know they j capacity of over liOO; two larg-j
Hut we mav ask what evil effect
will thi enormous lax have on
our city ami county? Aak Ihe : '"15 ira'se of the etnplovers aiiilit , f,re the legishittire or the ople. ' were exjising themselves to eon-1 fpacions jury rtninis, witness room
tempt and ridicule. May be they i and a circuit court library. Last,
farmer. "W" Ihi tax effect iist akai.le ngn of pioM rity no .ther amcmliiieut or amend
your business?" He answers; !The women, tN, the render w ill,eri shall le proosed. It reads:
"Materially so. My aJ Msvss. n,,,i,-e ' eituse f.rr (hanking j .-lf two or Ilicrw amendment
cd high, my wheat low probably I MfK,"''.v for ihe protection they (),,, HUi(lmt(ei, in g:K.j, lna.
the elector shall vote for
euch of such amend- t '
in al)i.t Ihe same pr-iMirtion." neni nv mo .MciMiuey i-eague in ; separately and while an
IIUI lit us ask the merchant; -"K-ne snoun see to inn.u use:iln,,niinit.nt tir U11,endments which
en nign, my w neat tow 1 -i i shall lie su
less than ct of pnnl ucl ion, hop's ! K'1 nd tl,e rHi r ity they J 1Mr th;ll th,
low, fruit low and other pnlu. t '"I1 No the next meeting :,r ngllin!lt
had never reaJ the Constitution! I but not by any means the least,
Or il they hsd, it didn't conform jis a fine S day Seth Thomas elite'.;,
to the republican platform or re- located 100 feet high in the larg.j
publican licy, so was not worthy . tower, nnd it strikes out the merry
of their respect. Klaxta cumtux? .chimes hjurlv on the magnificent
Will fur stat.' authorities ' shut j 1200 pound bell donated to th
their eve and try to submit the county by the city of Albany.
"What effect, docs it have on vtur I1"!'' who "r8 traveling through j ..hall have been agreed upon brUufffg amendment to the voters There are many people in who?
business?" , the South should not write such one hjuhitive assembly shall ,be;in J"e. W0f Oues they will; judgement this buililing compare
"Much ever way. Jt cnt down
f my sales; I have lowered tho price
ugly lel'ers to Oregon to rind tlieir waiting the action of a legislative ' they don't know any Utter Or if
: .. . I . ........ 1 ..... . I .i j . i. .i :i l I
" p"pi"-j aembly, or of the electors no ad-; yey n nn uieywi.i prouaoiy
;dilioiiHl amendment or amend- hold the net of a oungling legisla
llnpiit f l.j. .uut all lli.l
. ..... " " I ...... l.ll I.. . I
i tl" ft .1 I llieiiis Diiuii i'c I'li'inipru.
remains of W istar Hawthorne and . 1 1
favorable with any court house in
the valley. There i also one feat
ure of its building in which the
;ture, in which Joseph' Simon was eourt, in common with all other
r.i mv giNtds. us my farmer custtv
iner' income is less, and to must I
m ; iriuu mi. 11 inini iiivi lie nun i ..1 , ', 1
suffef with him. He is the hub. It t- n..... ..: .". mltiht Hon here and depend chief boss, as more important and ! '"ke much saiufaition, and
I V ( 1 1 I 1 1 V I " II n VIP lllltt WI ir.-'l, j " 1 11ir
am tnej so we nee this extrnva- 0w ea(l f tj,e cilv. These the newspapers and the in- binding than the Constitution. It ( "MnHtttrj ui,ru. mum-
" . 1 aa ' . . . . . clsit'i.i.,n u 1..11.I f, nriit (hat mil1
- : 1 tt-llicencc of the ih e to iliswvir u.w:. i . -im-u".. y !, vu
ttiiiiK ib nut 11- hum iiKitrtii 1 is n tjucoin'ii in una vie it'iin
succumla d to disease at Manila l l"e e"uempi, tne average rcpuou
ganc wiilT tho eo pie's money in
order to run our county, schools
..... ( v,irt lies nnv nf thtt r.rof-mpwt
can otlicial evinces lor constitution- - . '
.i;..r. ..1,1 tbuis hum o.. ai oi.servuncis
and city is turlful to nearly all ' hile .trving t,eir country as sol-:
lines of business." . I,; 1 n.j. lji... k....- 1.... '
i rityl SuVmrne wVl?U ,end"v for and restored t.j i erience nnd observation jsideriug unconstitutional proceed-
y of prospTrity. The'luo government to their parent "w how much dependence enn jnp(l M1, j failures of legislative en
11 arises, who does this i nnd friends to be buried almost on j h Jplacinl in such agencies when j nct,uent, but there are republican
mainsand buried then, with the r question as to the validity of the j man mtj not miss the road to
' . ...... i i: ...... l. .
and requirements. 'amendments are legal or not, con
a.. .aa . Ult;iR Rim I HTl iVi"Tl0 Vt- I
nut we are mill we nrt having
great prosH'
nut this rrv
uuestion then
: 4 ."v. 1 .1 . . ... . 1 nA .. ... I..L-..a 1
....srr.M., ,...rsp r, vrriii.iuy ,,, very spot or eartli that Rnew -i i 1 - curt, to bridge over republican
he producer, when wheat am. hops , (1 infancy. Their com- "J d.scussing the pros and cons . ,1,. , B, .....fl ,
the principle products are at the!.. . !,f woman fuffrsge. without a hint -hasms, so the ftl
present price but little, if nnv. -- - . -
alpove the cost of production.
rnsperity it there in any is at
the other end. Hut suppose, we
admit tho claim to lie true does
that justify extravagant use of the
people' n.or cj ? Certainty not.
t Taxiavkk,
honor of war. While, we cannot I pntposed amendment. And.the
fleet the departed we can offer our I people I Why they hare been told
drej-esl sympathy lor their gnel j thev are Intelligent-
parents relative and
they believe they arc and have
republican success over the Con
stitution, over the language and
spirit of our onee blessed' institution!
of the levy ot lSS, and not one
warra-it stamped, nor one cent of
interest paid by the county.
1 will submit the ccst of pur
chase of the poor-farm and erecting
of its substantial building next
week. Geo. l BaSto.n.
Say now what about Uiat women
suffrage vuendment propsition
to the constitution to le voted on
at the June election? Does that
proposition to amend the eonstU
tution, come before the people con
stitutionally 1