Broad-axe. (Eugene, Lane County, Or.) 189?-19??, December 20, 1899, Image 1

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NO. 31.
Items of Interest
The following, taken fr Ilitl-
letin N 2 Oregon. Kxteiiuieut
Station, at the Aggriciillurii Col-:
'.i. - . . .
lege, win im rea.i wiwi ini'-trM:
"Th moat unusual feature uf
November weather this year is the
complete absence ot frost. For tin
past live years fr..m .1 to IS fronts
have occured du'ing each who. rrinnvc.l fr Ih-ir i.ativej
r. The loweat temperature wa ' home. Whni jcUn thru.' nn-
.Tr. degrees, whu'h i 10 degrees mcns from the f..r-t it ih la-l ho the minimum for I it month, far an to dij ii plant :
ml r.MKM from 7 to ".'5 .1. , that ' Man.l In. T-. ' i the NovemlK-rnli.imum. .hruha tht have Bro- i.' from p-r- J
for the .at fWe year.. Tin-nu u.i.iV.ion up, in th.. mi.Ui of oth-r.
imam. t. ti. rt.ire, K'J ...rera. i nuffer ' lH-inK tra..M.l,.i,U.f
Uo thehmh.i.1 N..vei,1l.. r maxto tti.. opm mh.UI Lui li i i. k. tor nrveral yrsr.. , It ,l.ouU I- k n.. ., to .11 our!
The mean lrinaratiire for tint home lniil.lera that it i not .
. I
luonlh- 4'J.4 di-ni-a ( li.. Iiar.l a .irv to ln.;.rt an v tr.n'M or plaiit ,
...... '
Iherimtpraph), la ataiut ilrirn-i a to mike our home aurrouiolin
' ....
al.'tvtf i.iirtnak The max-. p iM'antjnvitnii;. attrs.-tive hi . I
1 . ., B
iumni and nilniiiiuin tlt.peratiir-a : r t!v hoinc ik-. ( n-;oit rativ.-!
gre.. re.,l,v.y. f, (1..,IIM,.. ahl ,1, on ,J., m..r.
The Iiik'Ii mean Uni-raturr nnd jrlahorat.iKri.ii.N f..r. ijjn fp.cifufi.a I
a')eure oi iroi ni una a.-aaoii oi
ni" to imr '-oiii nir
exce-,ive . loudiu.-Ha and rainy I
wramer. is-.u i.iioii it .laynuur
inK tlte month, hill ly f .r the
jir. ater amount, in. ludine ail of
. i . c..,
inemavy rauia, .avurtu alter me .
Tim total rinall f.j autumn
. inoiitlia thia ve.r I'ifl imhea,
for the name month Mat year It
waa 1:5. "2 incliea; the total for the
aummer month, thia year waa :i -j:
inrhea, laat year, l.t'.H inihiN, mak-
: i : . .t i to : I
nvcr hint vcara aniiiincr anil Mil-
' ,,
turn,, precp.tat.on.
Tl... I .. u : . . 1 ..t" I. ..... t
io.. oi .i.e Se,,
'- per Hour. iH-cur.H on tl.e;
" I, I. VI' i . I. fl I... w.w., .1 I. .1 . ..r .. f..M '
-" ..! ii i. " ,
.1. ..... - -i....
un.i. uir mini inn,, im inn I i-ii
very m.aleraie.
Kail wheat how ing ami fnrmir.g
nitration", in genital have been
checked by the coiitMllloua wet
weather. Kvcrythli.g ia harvcHted
except a tew Mit.itoi a and rin.t.
i:. j. i.ka,
Voluiltarv Ibaervcr.
Dokutify tho Homo.
o,r,..n Akrl. ..ll..rl ,.!le.. i., .Mrlmri.l
k,.t..... i !
1, , t
.1 U'i.y...rii ii.ial mi 1.1 1 lie rn I Iri'tlnn
" 1
th aiich lavoraiilc c. million lor ;
lr. growl h. ahould U m. j
home without ita quota of ormiinen-
tl trie and ahruba, oording pro-
tcctinn from wind and atoiiua and
Adding beauty to the aurroiindiiiga.
No other stub' of the I'liion i
d. bleaed with soil, climate and
native tree grorths as ia our, and
yet the people ovt-r nine-tcntha of
tlie older acltlcd portions have
neglected to tnirrotiti.l the home
with the ameliorating influences of
trees and shrubs.
At this season of the year when
little can be done uncld, the farmer
in particular, should procure from
the adjacent forests small speci
mens of our native trees and shrubs
and plant thorn about the homy
For Farmers.
1 .i I .i i. i si
.and other l...,M.K-. Iw1.m,'
t r.-- Hiui shrubs planted at tl.i-
season .f the year will, with
dinar care, pan throiit'li tin" f..l-;
1 . . . i,.
lowing summer, ttiriiniy; while
evergreen trt-ca and t-hrtih if;
planted in A ril. or la tter perhaps,
fur fititTtt-rn r-;in , in March, will
hold tb.-ir own if not bar large '
nr vt.rv ileiral.le.
Of our ..wii tntr ntol nhruha tlie '
,ir ,,. m, Hn, H ,llt
illlP N,ri.,.. t, , hitt,-,,,. (,. n a
f.)t.M, in, madrohe. c herry,
,.,., arrowianl, ' imliuii pra. i.,
,,,,.r , M.rvil.e u rry. r1eal.M.-i,.lr..u
apiifwM, furninh enoucli variety
in hi,., co.r, form, h afaRe and
M'SMinal variutiona to remli r any
of our rural holm a delightful phi. e
pr'.vi.iini; a little rmr i pwn
mi, I, trca na may he rla!.d f..r!
the tirnt few year of tin ir life ill
i . . . ,
I. ..I. I ..C ilm i.U t! t'i....r i.
naanred and ,s m. d. H.ral h
m Inn na h.-illli uml ii.n,e fl.ii
... - ...v... k
two. junmiea uiao piay ro lrie a ;
(ill rl i .1 (llltL . .11. M t r.. l,..t. lit . f I. !
I Trusts Farm tho Farmers
; Olrvu Matr Jiil.rual
int. rent invrtah!.. ha lai n j
d bv the D. ni.a rat of !'....'
I An
pn par.-.
ling tirei n, Ohio which ia rich in
;.l.lil.i,...l.. i -..r. Ill Plinn .l III?,' H'lpll', till". I. . - rill...ll
t tlie lunch vaunted 'proprity'' i i quite a good manv lug. Aslirii -
I locpirity for toe truaia iitulforjUr i into market tiu
! niin ! certain not for f irn.. r- I pl.iiv i g up very l.iPt.
IThe Democrat ad viae r.vd.iaio
take Ho pcr-on' W ol d, Imt e Vli
..- .1 .. !... . .
III own iir meatt iigurc, ih:i io
' . f . I 1 . I . I ;
inquire 01 na-ai lucre 11 a in w ne; ner
r i thev
fre correct. A the
.,.llMirrat pr-, nt.t . he f.gurea t hey
appear a follow a:
IK I. u
Tt I !.
Wh.'nl .r ..iiliel
OaU HT ImibIm'I. . .
Cnrn, nf, ir c I .
'i inrl. iri.i. .l. .mt r..t . io',
ll. rl. lrn he. -r (imiI I .',
iron niiK. : li.rh ir tm.t
.n,kr riHl, .f limt . OtIj
11.. p. m.l oriUae. in-r imi..ii,I IT
Sail. rrwl 1 ft I m
W ii I. nrln. .lain. wr r t . 1 K. 4 .
l.umliT. H-r Itu. lerl ..11 to I i
If farmers are aty la'tler ofrttiia
year than laxt, thoae figures tdi(.w
thai it tuiiHt be U'catiao nature has
given then, a large' yield and not
Nt -i iao McKndey ha. given them
morn of tToi tilings they need in J
exchange per bushel for their
wheat Tho Democrat in
I rou rye of a comment mi ti t: 1 1 y ut o I
I it in this war: !
If vnti arc it farmer von will (linl M""1'1 I'"!'. I'Ul occasionally
) tUt 1 ,K.,S ,,.,;,,. .v,.rti t.nU in "atory
. ly kj ,h.ii,U of with tw.i Hi- tV ha hi.. I ..tne interesting
or-'and two-third hush-,' t.r wheut Ux,rii-. a, mvh an exchange.
'1 "day you mu-t l.niiC six hm-hi i- ' ((f rlir1,M )lV MM,jc e
Iiiui-I in'tr till tiiiliiiflii n( kipu1. ' -
j. . " " t
Alma. Or. lro. 12, 199.
.;,ljtor )lroad-Axe: ;
Hiving M-en som. items frr m ,
the J r Hiutaw, we ak jrmis- J
ain to h i.. I a few il. n,s frcni the .
L'm r SiunU.
'1 P r..inv wither C. ttir,R '
ritl.-.r .,,, , in ,.rt of
,-ountrv un.l the p.-oj.!.. lonj:
f.,r Mm r A j,,, Htll.
Mf ,W -.o rr(fulir '
, . , , , .
triph Irom Aliii.t to Oh n.-t: twi.-e
. . . C , , . . ,
aweik Willi th mail h:ia hud
. :
iiiui h itilii'-Uitr Hi tro-iiiff the
. . ,
nvt r ly. oHins to o inn. !i ri.m.
' '
""' --V-
7 l.ltir Hmknii a thegueyt
! I
j.r M. i . i... . ...... .... '.
ri ii.a.j la proirr. ins ni.eiv un
Mir. H :rth.. S. nt aa ten. her.
Mr I'o-t w ho li.ii U.H1 quite
akk-iv.m val.ent.
Mr William Sutlo-rland of ( rn-
tena and ."Jj!- d l'.eof Aima,
were nnitii in in irAiiif ut fTTeu-
i,.Hlt X..vemli-T 2S, I After
l, we.l.lm n p.trtv pvi n.
Thev i 'lend to make thia tl.iir
future home.
Phrv ij,,,',,,,,, ,, hi r
!,,,,.,,,,:,... .. t , ,
, - r
on r.i-iiioinl cie'-k tin winter.
'hi ttli.t.T
illei.ry li.i.I a 1(.r:ow.g.apeti al.o.t
H,,ie fa:8 a tree, h
I ..... ... . ...
;n.all limit railing nu.l jtriklng
, : ., f j i ki ,
I . .
iil - .wu ami cutting a lare iraali.
cutttnn a lar'e lmhIi.
i.. ....
. I I . ,. . . . ... , , . , . .. . , .- .. . Inr
lie ha r.cove,,,) nicely ai d i
''-. Vinfi " down .,u.te a
,u,"'lM,r "f l"f ,?-' rW' r- '
M. Mnrria J.diM.o.1 of Mound i
i ; i I'.... ...... .1
; , r j , J( , , H.; f j ((V ii rttlla.
...... .1 ... ..,. .......
. n iiio I'l hl'iii mill uni...
Mr Uonkina and wife who have-
' ,i,k,M' " " u u'' Uv P,,ru"
Cr..w where they will remain dui-j
j l;.g the w inter
Mr Ol.l Tierce and ncwlv wedded aie exo. ltd Mon to M ttle in
this vicinitv.
V Mrs W II l'ierce .s exacted
'"''home tomorrow after a lengthv
visit at her Mill's in Kiigene.
Mr It X I. a Hue ia slowly re
covering after an i.lmss of alaiut
two months.
John McCallum came over from
Kings Valley Tucm1..v. ila re-
ports several cases of smallax of!
a mild form in the Valley.- IVo-
pUs 1'ivsf.
Hw Got Information.
A liuiii who tlw tint lake his
'dollar to a Yankee he could get a
cur' for drunkcucs. Surs enough
he did. li t"tnke the pledge
and k-- it." Liter i he sent
lIi(tv ,Wl, ,.,., M)(llP ', ,UA l)Ul
how toTai-e turnips siicecr -fully.
H f.uii.l ..ut,- --".JiM take hold of
u, tops ami J.ull." IVir.g young
,e wifhl f tinrrv, and tnt
thirtv-f..ur oi.e-c-i.t ntVmpx to Chi
catr,, firm for informlion lu how
t make an imprMon. Wh-n th.
nt,i1V(.r tauu-it rea.l. "Sit do,vn on
u pan of .l..ut;h." That waa a lit-
, r.lU):h l.ut he Has a patient man.
,.i t!....,.l-t !,. u ...t.l vrt
iI'oiil'i i i.e v oiiui jot mi cet-l.
'p,,..,.... ..,1 ...-liu. , ,... t t, .,..,1
1 " '" xl "' ertia.-meiil tie an i-rt-il
i ..jf, ,i,,ii ..,,- ,,.,
' "i 1 l" 'loutoe your liiont)
: it, 11 ,
1,1 "x 1'i.mtiia. H nna t...J t-
....... I,!. K 11 f.l.l
iltl,,t.: 'rn,. fll.xl ,j,e ftnt fjr
lW(.;ve (u hoUf hold artiileK,
4I..1 l..t A l..'it'l::.crf of .i4'tl! It
v.i alow .o Irani. he aei.l ii Jul-
, Ur , ,, t ..,, to prl twW,
Work like the devil and n-ver I
Men. I a cent." That M'Niped lum,
hut hi hrnher w rote to tind out
low to write a htlrr w i.huUt ptri
or not. lie wa t )!! to u-e a lead
pc'i.-il. lie pai l five d .!nr t
i learn how to live without work, and
, w is to, on a post il-ear.l. "to rth
for f.ueker. a e i',...'' Kx.
ritiU MiM li-io-.
An entlrfiasti and well aM,"d
itwtiiT' of th" VrKinler Re
e.l m.Ht.n... oi ti... Ke
publican Club of Kucere wa held
. a '
at the l it v n i on t r.e evem ne '
V, r.e.tnler 1". Manv
; . , I '
. lennmsf re n:.!ie i-w were i refill
lenilmir renr.!ii-iia were tToeni
. .....
11 I'.il lit'V.'T ' I Hnfl lilt. f.SI ll!T a.l
iil-.d seVcY 'l
... - -
dree were delivered. We notice)
, a Vmu' .re. t. I. T H.irvj. L h
,l'!4', H Friendly, Kh! Oh! P..t
w Av w 'ir-a-K.
M A or in.
M Yorin. .Mayor llarn. I'r ,
S I' T I. '
; , l,x ,,,t 1 '"" ' ' '''
The chb voted uoanimonslv in
.favor of all political gathering
i havms t!ie v.e of courtl.oue
for their ielila?r:tions.
Two coinniilfiea were appointed, I
mi . to solicit member and the
oilier to revie membership of the
! UkaoiN'I. Pa-, P'-c.-T. In a fire
w hi 'h to-.l i v destroyed the larcMrtay had nil occupant for two
' bo-ii ry fiictcry of the Nolde
j Uorst Company, fully sixtv of hc
'. ' Firl emplovees xvere injured,
1 "' '" ,,rr !ifp- A ,KV,V
burned to a crisn w" taken out
this afternoon. It is that of Miss
Louisa Clav. agcit fort v-eiL-l't venrs.
All the other empl ivccs hive been
accounted for An eVnlosinn of
gasoline starte.1 the blare, and
within five minutes the whole
structure-win ft liei t rf " flame.
poors were hacked, windows acreen
Ll. Nearly all the injuries were
'received in jumping.
Joiips Atit Ti:c In li '.n.
from Tht l'rlul Jt.nm
Karly Wedneailay u. .'t.::. pr
tiea living near trie rlv-r hank,
in the v.citiity of I5e i-tl. y fc Co',
wjoinlpilo near the tel hriile,
were disturbed by triea for help
from the direction of the river,
hut aeeniihg to come from thef
other ide.
Kd Cropsinan, living acroaa the
river, al.o heard thtm before he
left home U come over Ui his work.
As he croased the bridge he din-c-ovcred
that the r.rina tame from
the river hank above tne bridge.
Jake Mitchell, of the flouring mill,
had al comenced an investigd
lion and with a lantern the two
men located the individual; who
o urgently desired aaittance.
lie was standing in the water
there the hank was about IS feet
hiiiti. unable to get out.
.A rope, was lowered and he was
hoiated to Uve! ground.
Cloae bv, at the fia.t of a tree
a cainptire was burning, and an
Indian was peacefully sleeping.
The w ater a.. a Led party immedi
ately went for the Indian demand-
uiij to know whv he hadu't helped
him; but the Indian replied that
he didn't have no rut.
' It terms' that the pair were
"partner" ,ai;d haa been campirg
out,, and probably indulging in
Htroi.g watera, and the white man
had inadvertantly walked over ti e
He wad let drying himself by
the camptiire. Later the Indian
was seen lmikit.g for his partner
h(, ha(, roUa.Hl him of
! .j 10 .WcenU. Th
; j
lian claimeil to have come from
..... . i .. . I.... ,1.. ..,.1 n ..
i .,.,., . f ... nr
in reri.r.i iiii.iivii iih ik in nfl
I t .1.1 .1 I .
cr,.Jin The Indian had
j,.jt hi. cuit-n lied by the brid-e,
; , M.lrhji ;ih9ln gathered Li.u
, iu toi,K care of him.
I t.K.KT Tlir. town.
-t!0 M.-rria, f-r tome time pot
j or(.f n a portj.u,d ,,aper at
s , Mt ,he t(w ,
of hi bill. unaetlled. It is re-
iHrtel h" went broke on one t
the rmirderotia slot gambling de
vice a.
Salem' city j lil has not till to?
month. City Recorder Jud.ih
sav that the entire expense for
the board of .Mty prisxtners for ti.e
year ISii'.iwill not exceed Us).
The city is running with two
policciin ii, one on duty at niht
and the other in the day time.
The streets are quiet at all houi..
The first big white frost of ihu
season ivcnrrcd Thursday night
when the thermometer got jnsfc
! Ih-Iow the fro-xing point, making a
ll' ke io some aus that wr out
in tlw jarJ.