Broad-axe. (Eugene, Lane County, Or.) 189?-19??, May 03, 1899, Image 4

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Tb fl.ff undtr arUich a'l na
akoald Biaick u lb banner ot fao4 cJ
Iwatlh. A wowaa own It J-jYT
to Kntll. her hu.bat.1 ss- ill 1 ry,
ad ch.Miea to enlut UnLnVll
airr 11.1. S. If .a HMJaKTi
m art do aa ftK ill
It a life af arreteaedneaa
krH aad aaleaa her
HaaaaaS la M ekceptina).
Bily M aiaa. kt will be.
coa iadiltrrear ta aer,
kt koM will b laaktppr
and kr cbildrea will Sc
paa aad atckl. V
lli kealtk ia a wotaa..iy
way wmmr aioiuMv mnn
ahl be feared to weak
M aad diaeaa of the
feaila arfaa that art lb
wvatibal uf baaaaa life.
No votaaa taa enjoy
a-eaeral aeahk. who ia drafted
Sow by contiaaal paia and
local arcakacaa. Troableaof tliia dearrip.
tooa altetl an St (or wifehood and
Motherhood. Dr. Fierce' I'avortle Pie
rriptioa baaltk. aurnrtk, claaticilr
aad etc to tka apacial acwraa caaevracd.
It aaaaet a a nana at roof aad keajtfc ia a
wnaiaaly ww. It im tb Berrek a rrat
from paia aad aa opportaaity to bnild a p.
It asakca aaotberboad aafc aad compara
tive! It tranaforaia weak, aackle,
' deapoadent woaaea fata happy, healthy
wiee and mother.
Jaa. CmwtU. Baa . of KHnr. yohnam COl,
Xkm. l. O. Bn aiK mtea: "My wife waa
tfot4ed wtlb peokapaa. or 'female mtnm,'
for eeeeral rear She was aot able ta do brr
work, aa bad each hearint down pain aad pata
la he back. Itrr penoda wrr irregalar. eanr
inf all tb war from two la aix wrrka. Al thcac
la ah woold bar frtrtlag atarll. o bad that
1 tboaarbt she mid aot Kt. a be waa atttaded
by lb brat doctor ta the enaminr. Thee dad
br wa toad aad aba tin worar all tb time. I
tbwacht 1 wontd try yonr amlkima. Kv Ih
tteae ah bad tain four botllra of tb ' Faevri
yiiatllpHoa' aad two of tht 'Golte Medical
lMsnxrrry ' aad two of in ' rteaaaat relleta ' ab
waa completely cared "
Krcry day, a doae. Once yoa atari. to
caa a vet atop tkem. That ia the way with
aom ao-eallcd macdiea (or oaaipatioa.
It ia different with Dr. Picrce'a Flcaunt
lcllta. Tbey arc a poaitiee, complete and
permanent care for coaatipation and tfcey
doal become a habit. Oue " Fcllct " ia a
Katie laxative aad two a mild cathartic,
vesiata 4 U them. Notkiac clae ia
"Jnat aa food "
It ia a dnarxiat'a baaincaa to gira yoa,
mot to tell yoa, what yoa wast, r
' aim '
m of Switzerland
jr win
itd. s. yz.
Unless producers may exercise
equal right of access to land, the
first mate rial for all production,
they stand unequal before the las-;
and if one man, though legal
IJiiTilege-pwr- to another, ia de-
prired of any part of the product
of his labor, justice does not reign.
. , The economic question, then, under
any government, relates to legal
privclege to monopoly, either of
the land or its products.
the non-existence of the
exclusive enjoyment of monoiolies
by some men monopolies in the
land, in money-issuing, in common
public works each producer would
retain hi entire product excepting
bis taxes. This end secured, there
would remain no politico-economic
problem excepting that of taxation.
w Of recent years the Swiss have
had notable success in preventing
from falling into private hands
certain monopolies that in uber
centuries take from the many to
enrich a few. Continuing to act
on the principles observed, they
must in time establish not only
- equal rights in the land but the
full economic as well as political
sovereignty of the individual.
Glance at the theatre ot the labor
, of this people. Switzerland, with
about 16,000 square miles, equals
in area one-third of New York.
Of ita territory, 30 percent wU.r
beds, glaciers, and sterile moun
tainsis unproductive. Fores is 1
cover 18 percent Thus but half
the country is good for crops or
pasture. The vsrious altitudes, in
which the climate ranges from that
of Virginia to that of Labrador,
are divided by agriculturists into
, three tone.QThe lower sone, in-
- eluding all lands below a level . of
2,600 feet above the sea, touches, st
Lake Magglore, iu the Italian can
ton of Ticino, Id lowest joint, 643
feet above 'the (ea. In this sone
are cultivated wheat, barley, and
oilier grains, laige crops of - fruit,
and the vine, the latter an abun
dant source of profit. The second
sone, within which lies the larger
part of the country, includes the
lower mountain ranges. Its al
titudes are from 2,500 to 5,000 feet,
it chief growth icat forests of
beech, larch, and pine. Above this
rises the Alpine sone, upon the
steep" slopes of which are rich
pastures, the highest touching
, ,10,000 feet, though tber commonly
reach but 8,000, where vegetation
becomes sparse and snow and
glaciers" begi 0. In these mounUins
a million and a hulf cattle, horses,
sheep, and goals are fed annually.
In all. Bwitserlacd is not fertile,
bat rocky, mountainous, and much
of it the greater part of the year
r'- Whatever the individual qual
ities of the Swiss, their political
.v srcavntemajnU have had a large
influence in promoting the national
well-being. This becomes evident
' with investigation. Observe how
they have placed under public
control monopolies that in other
countries breed millionaires:---
One bureau of the postoOke
tiiiMiUucut caio.icb l.-urrai uht
vision ovt tin rurcd, a sevoud
maiingcs the mail, and express
srrviot , and a third thoec ot the
telegraph and telephone.
Of railroads ttiere are nearly
2,000 miles. Their contruotion
and operation have been left to
private enterprise, but froin ilie
firl the Confederation, has asserted
a control over them that bat
stopped short only of management.
Hence there are no duplicated
lines, no discriminations iu rates
no cities at the mercy I railroad
corporations, no industries favored
by railrofid managers and none
dectrpyed. The government pre
scribes the location of a proposed
line, the time within which it niut
he built, the maximum tariffs for
freight and pa$enger, the mini
mum number of trains to be run,
and the tonditions of purchase in
cie the f late ct any time should
decide to assume pwa'oo. Pro
vision is made that when railway
s.i ruings exceed a certain ratio to
:apiUl invested, the surplus shall
be subjected to a proportionately
increased ta. Engineers of the
post oJice department superintend
the construction and repair of the
railroads, and postofTice inspectors
examine and pass upon the time
table,' tariffs, agreements, and
methods of the companies. Hence
falsification of reports is prevented,
stock watering 'and exchange
gambling are hampered, and
"wrecking," as practiced in the
United State, is unknown.
Owing to tunnels, cuts, and
bridges, the construction of the
Swiss railway system has been
costly; Mulhall's statistics give
Switzerland a higher ratio of rail
way capital to population than any
other country in Europe. Yet the
service is cheap, passenger tariffs
being considerably less than in
Franco and Great Britain, and,
about the same as iu Germany,
within a shade as low as the lowest
in Europe.
Differing from tiie narrow com
partment railway carriages of other
European countries the passenger
cars of Snittcrland are generally
built on the American plan, so that
the traveler is enabled to view the
scenery ahead, behind, and on
both sides. For circular tours, the
companies make a reduction of 2-5
percent on the regular fare. At
the larger stations are interpreters
who speak English. Unliko the
service in other continental coun
tries, third class cars are attached
to all trains, even the fastest. On
toe whole, despite the highest rail
road investment per head in Eu
rope, Switzerland has the best of
railway service at the lowest of
rates, the result of centralized state
control coupled with free industry
under the limitations of that con
trol. In the ripest judgment of
the nation up to the present, this
system yields better results than
any other: by a referendary vote
u'.:en in December, 1891, the peo- J
pie refused to charge it for state
ownership of railroads.
Fools are not all dead, and a
Salem parent feels that his family
has more than its share. His son
advertised in a matrimonial paper
and his daughter answered it.
Capitol Journal.
J H Upton of Dairyville, Coos
county, one of the oldest newspa
per men in Oregon, a . prominent
politician of the by -gone days, has
been stiicken with parglysis and
there is little hope of his recovery.
W C Conor has assumed editorial
control and management of the
Plaindealer, which is sufficient
guaranty that the paper will be up
to the standard as a newspaper in
Southern Oregon.
The supreme court has adjourned
its session at Salem, and will leave
on Saturday for Pendleton, where
the Eastern Oregon term will be
opened on Monday.
Ralph Dimmick, son of Mr Lot
Dimmick, living in the Swale, died
lant Friday and was buried at
Wilbur on Sunday.
The unusually healthy city of
Yoncalla has been beseiged with
roessles and grip for the past
month, but things are changing fur
the better of late.
The lsrgest suit in partition ever
brought in Linn county, Is that of
Wm Lone rs Martha A Lane et al,
residents of Harrieburg. The
property embraces nearly 6,000
acres of land in the vicinity of
Harrisburg and iu Lake county.
Walara la
and Staple J
Willamette Street.
iLlS 11 10 11
ED. DAVIS, Proprietor
-ttiua IK -Tobaccos
Frail, Rata, Caadr.
1 kot la alork tb loading braada of Totaeco
aad Oram and mat a paetaHy ot Charolata
Caadlaa. Alao a nlra Una ol rnpaa. Tunea,
I'laylnt Card, and dellcloua Soda v ater.
F.ral Poor Waal of Uo j Block, tin St.
11 l.'(eu.
Reliable- roan for miniror o( branch
oRirolviah to open in this vicinity.
If roar rceorj ia O K liera is a kooJ
openir.f. Kindly menUon tins pa
when aritinif.
A. T. MOKniS, Ctncnnd(t, 0.
H'lUitrated catalogos cents postal
Pure Brandy
For sale at Fifth and Blair
streets, Eugene. When I say pure
branuv, 1 mean it contains no
drug or poison except what the
fruit contains. Already put upjn
quart, half g.illon, and gallon
packages st 75 cent. per quart and
12.50 per gallon.
Made by
I. M. Francis
ra I or-tai a rintnTf rs a
arompc aoawar aad aa boaoat etam, vmta ra
M I ISS aV CO.. ao aaT aad naartl aft, r'
ttooa autol, enoManual. A Uaadbook of In.
rorvacloa enaeeruaw Paleaaa ami bow ao oa
arponeoca ta tla Mlant !
talsianaaralTna Alaoa cataaaaiatwaMabaBi
ami and anonttAc booka aaat fra
Pataota tataa tan aab Una a Ca laaataa
at""' aouoeiatba HrlvailA Aaaortraa. aad
ibaa ara bfoaaaa aiatr aofaralb mtMtavn.
ova ooat to taa taeeatoe. Tbi aolaiidld papa,
aim il vaaklT. aaaaaMlr Ulaatialad. baa ay far tad
aarcaat virealaiaaa of aa anaatid vorl ta iba
vorro. avs a raac axM eoptea aau m
Salktmf aVttuca. aaaaOOr. fJ a vaar.
atniaa. i J aaata. itvarr aaakar omilaiaa
Bfal paMaa. ta aolora. aad aaMoanoaa of mrm
aoaaaa. wnm paana. anawin aantoar, w aooar aaf
Iumi daaaraa aad aaear eoetraeta. I ilili
alf S
im at tu, as roaa. sal laumt
General Directory.
William McKinler PieaiJent
Garrett A Hobart Yice-Presidenl
Jehn Hay v Secretory ot 8lata
Lyman J Gage Secretary uf Treasury
Knasell A Alger rVcrtjtary a( War
E A Hitchcock SecreUry of the Interior
John D Long
James F Wileon
John VT fit'xggt
C B Smith
Melville W r uller
Secretary of Navy
Secy of Agriculture
' Attorney General
Postmaster General
Chief Jostics
Geo W McBiiJel
Joseph Simon J
17 8 Senators
Thos H Tongue
W B Ellis
T T Gssr
F I Doobar
Congressman 1st Dist
Congressman ind Dist
SecreUry of 8 tats
State Treasurer
Sopt Pop Instruction
State Printer
C 8 Moore
J II Ackerman
W II Leeds
DBS Blackbnrn
R E WoWerton 1
C H Bran V
F A Moore )
Attorney General
Supreme Jodges
W II Bell Clerk Board School land Com
C B Bellinger C S District Judge
Zoetb Houser U 8 Marshal
D M Donne Collector Inu Revenue
John Hall U 8 Dist. Attorney
J W namilton , Judge
Gee M Brown Prosecuting Attorney
r. s. lasd orrics, aossBiso.
J rTBooth
J T Bridges
lass cocrrr.
William Koykendan
I D Driver J
Iraa McQueen 1
F M Brattain
W F Oiay J
E U Lea
W W Withers
A 8 Patteraon
WiiiUni M Miller
D A Burton
E O Potter
Henry Edwards)
W i Bailey J
Itepresan tali res
School 8 opt
County JuJge
' Commisaioneri
C F Collier
Dr W L Cheshire
avettu crrr.
William Koykeodall
B F Dorris
E R Sklpworth
J 8 Stiles
City Attornay
City Marshal
I L Slmpaoa
O Croner
VT F Oihnrn
W II Haines
Heo Kishnr
W II I, key
JrtfTT Horn
AL Roney
B Mummy
fclreet Commisalons
Bean Spray rumps,
Spruy rumps
on tlie Earth.
F. L: ChamliBrs
Bedsteads fl 50
Woven Wire Matresscs I 25
Excelsor Wool top Matresses , . . . . . .- .. 2 00 -
Bed Lounges..., 9 00
Cane-Seat Chairs 75c
Cane Seat Rockers , . . ; 1 50
Ingrain all wool Carpet ; . v50c
Kitchen Household Treasures. 3 .5
Winiow Shades 4Qc
The Broad-Axe will henceforth Be pub
lished on Wednesdays
Corner of Willamette and Eighth Streets, Eugene, Oregon
Look out for sign
8taanding at the foot
ing up to the second
find us to give you a
hand and take your
only 81.00 per year,
or 25 "ent8 for three
Since BflrehsslBi Ihs Record srs have
second to so paper published In Eugene
adertiains cadi urn. Business parties
lots going Uea-bere. EspedallT slioeld those having lgal advsrtlataisnls le
place, consult as for terms. As to ths policy of the Broad Ase, that ws think Is
too well knowa to need repetition here. We shall continue to advorate all. the
leading teforia neaaures which srs agitslinv, ths public mind. We shall make it
s specialty to goard the interests of the Uspayer as In the past, la fact we shall
continue in publish a live, todapsndent, tear lass newspaper. Babserl for it sad
of each week at
"Broad-Axe" always
of the stairway lead
floor where you will
friendly shake of the
subscription which is
50 cents for six months
months invariably in
a bens Ads list of sobscrlbsrs ws think
which makes Ihs Brosd Ass s Brst class
should tnaks a Dots of this sua mndi
Xho. Great Cure
LIQUID ILICTRICITY ! ll Cur pal". fall In.taiillr rll4
b ii uriiii(h ak'i'llralli'n apraina. Hrulaea. Klin ioliila. Ilataeh. Tuutharhr, I'aln la Slils
ur UiiiU. t imitaeleU lau.iiea, Iv.ln In t'lieat. Lam Mark. I.umbaav IMaitca. 4
t IttMimtit issiu imtl INuttriiliflfi.
Th IAiutd RlM-trlrllf aurpaaaia all oilier tauawtlae In Ilia omUtful imh.c II annua ever
HlirumaUaia anil NauralaU: alau lur lloaraaiiaaa. an, rtirual. ans hark. I'alartk t'oaali CoMa,
Sronehllla. rnUBiiuila, Aalhuia, tUSIeull BeealMix. InSttania. Th mutt arnclalln aalaa
Inatautlr ln,pd. Alia, InBainatlon, t'ttm ( omaallnna, whether at lb l.uar. Siuaiaah w
Buli by a la aiillrailnua.
Notlilu wul II lur rliirut. Sralila. Krniiluiia, t'liaSnia. Inai el Hit or SUnaa, 11 1 all ra
or a ara, t'kllbla aa an.l a, ire rril
Internally -nnavll eni0alnli rell,1 In a le minute, enre Cratuua, Siiaaaia, Satir
iloiiiat-U. llvaiibuiu, auiimivr rintl alula, iMarrhoea. I huL ia Moi hut. alao tak Hraiark Si
latnalir In III .miilalnaa with III IJlJI ID KI.M 1 KliU I V,
It kltla th vtina ol .lia aae, Ihu rurlng Malaria, all klnil uf ff aad Slahlhrla. It
brra an. I l..tlirt.a ihaalin, curlni Kartoui ami l'li)altai lhlllir, l tru(ih, laa aaS
vlftirto tit a)lui
roil II.ii:h. ami I'ATTI.r - fur uu. Svalllni. Hiulaa. Sprain, atralat, Laataaaaa. Stiff.
naa. llalla. I'rark'ol llel. an.l Kt ralrhaa, tvnlrarlli.n of lh Muaalaa, rtah KmikIi, atrlaa
hall, fur Thmal, lUitrniir. t ulle, Vhlllo. I'ol Kill, rtalula anil TiiaM.ta. ri Sol, Srllnl.
Hlni'iun and Spat Iu In Hi early aiaiea A-l Llgt'lli ;i.i;t"T KI'riTV la aeeoroane altti
lh tllrialea il ronimuu aau, iiiblilcij th paru ailet l. llwruuglily uk lh hauJ or aptly a
lcol Saunl aaturaleil with II.
. No Family should bo Withoutit.
l'rioo.'O tw iiiul 11. C) por XJotlU.
Trial Size 25 Cts.
Sofd by agents Only. Dr. W H Eldrid, Chicago, III.
I. W. DOYLE, Agent for Lane County,
Vt aabllik a tew t'rrtlf leal al
w.ll.ka.wa pvaale tm Ik ilcia.
Ilf al
Sun. Orefun. April M. I"
Thl It to eerlll, u,i I ha. uaa l.lvt'II
r.l.rCI Kli lTV an4 loun.l It all that I rlalad
for It aa4 I raa rcataan4 II la aa? on. In
iwel ol uie.llcal aid. A. a rnmit
lrlni iraon, alau I). T
Thla la toeertlty Dial I ha ue. I lyl 111
ttiriTllli II V auJ dii t II Iu ta vrr)ihin(
Ibal II la rroramii'l'l u t. anil jeitl.ely
woul.l not b wllhnul II II I enuM el II.
r KAN a IK l.l'I'Kn
IiiCS tiiil Cold Oiiro
Will cur rolj in Ilia lieaj, Ia Orlpp
and Inlliieiiu' Try a bus and be, ton
ft, i'n 11 lli
f TIoitMtallold
Yerrington's Ninth
New Goods Arrive
Weekiy so you can
have a new Gtock! to
Select from at any
time; Prices always the Lowest.
x'ihoish Ths public will .plese ohii
' take notice that I am
vtii: still at the OLD STAND I'AID
on 8th St. Eugene, Ore.
XLicxxoL. with a -arista ( CodIiot ICtxtr.
too numerous to mention.
Burg's Variety Store.
If You Will Take
1 (. . jia. i r r t 1 11 asn
S. flf.
lor pain; Internal or, Ora(ta, Apr M, 'S.
Ta Whom II May Cunevtn;
I h luund I lyl i r KtTRICITY aa
c:irnt remaaly for neiitalfta aaS k4ak
aint am glad lo a al l In reroaiBwad II to
olhrr.. X M. tS IMAIl'UIIBT .
Ru(n. (-. May ft. I.
I hav ual l.lvil lU ri.Ci TMIi ITV Cut larae
j cat ami u fl aa rKommtmM.
m Aiiv l AUTwainnr.
Street Drug Store,
W Your Eggs and
uuiior 10
Gray & Son
Yoa will red era ths iilsbaat mar
ket pries fur them In caah ur good at
ths lowsst mattt price-, arcompanlaj
4 with cuurtauus Iraaiment ami ud will.
give tits Prosd-Ase irsu.