Broad-axe. (Eugene, Lane County, Or.) 189?-19??, May 03, 1899, Image 2

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n WKirnYw rv
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V" jOj-tTl 13 4" 1
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Kitl.Ti in, ijtji.. -.. rsK.-trnx
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ray n rir
atIs month
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V'JiVNKl VY.M Ai:vHn -
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t)rjslrtrWftjr(.- i
11 iJf :wt
w ! The (Vonfi
Cnrry or nwl ctHtottt M
4rtoif i(i Any l.yul rl r rtntHfi;
ny prelense l" Wtp
!o this tlc.t iir rea-ler hiat rftvi?
'toiuA le.i to
i l
' "T-'n" " . '
- 7",
, twuwy ner Trtatn fmmw,
41 amm alrniM Wya,.l WieTRf a j .Tfi- rialndealtri.wmt. Th). 'cli,. i. due t,- arme rom hi ww WeVj Uv a territlr noisJ.
"".thit.itlOJVai.triiaiiT, . i.andrcd of hrariu? rmi.and I Thr ,uso wa rid " Unlilv nn.l
caiwn na old St.w4hatnAU-iNVe M te.lMi.A..rt,uWi. uo r.n, in which to toc,1lllhcd to r!w.- - TIlP W) i;ilu.
:tlVdy. f.tlr.tKT. - . . .. jw. flIl(l dead CO f.;t ftwv.
vwithin lh atnall iirah of a equity
'tkwt tinnUier f mm that Could
with,onriortrd AndvimnUancAirtiy
el49eAlt rraaoa, And lcorni wild,
Tuviofr, httles xrraknmt.'what-
".vth9 prAToeation. This, occur
prAToeation; This, occur- ,, ,.1V.J .. ' ;t- w i . I
; . lliM ?ont rMl1 weliavnt
aUo niiruAil. Je " r,liu!,",w !
fr , . s ;;tnow whether it cohMihs enough '
' BAMM-wili cut atimi- upon th
'km gui
double tnardcr, ' which yntlf I
forfeilM'his lifo, tw ice nrer, but no
prn having a inoiely reason
will contend that tArt'iring thv
'wictim In the manner "intliettxl up-
n 1iim "was justifiable."
i J 1 A . .1- ; .
nuu urn; .u reoii tt c nrc ait,
-o-.-i 1
white ererywhere, in Ihe peroral
Sentiment of ' "racfe
Climes umilar . that
CJooi gia-J.ave been oiunHlted by
white men in Oregon Irw fresh
in me minus oi many now a wnitc
.. , , ..
finite fn CIac1wrnieountT A -
riHSKu a a i Tmr 11.11 : 1 1 Tvui.r i
.1 -f tt t - ? i.:i. ...
picking berries and then killed her.
'Another iRstanee of Similar
-chaiacter ocoarrad in Lhn carrty
nwiT' yesrs aco whe- wseteh"
- fdoeod his own nieesTiiHlna hide
' his abAine brutally killAd the girlV
-' inothtr by thrusting a butcher
' knife down her bosou to the heart
r while f he was on Iter knees im
r jiloring-mercy. . c- -
rcrrtnt it Rrvirt 1n Ih tinonr nf
.or - peoplA those outrages rere
M?W6d 1 ha their eonm in the I
courts, by which the white devils
received their ja.-t reward:
Did ?ot Han.
Al 5 o'clock i. m. t( Thtrrsdnya
telegram was received by - lh
"'herif of Douglas county ffin Gov
f" Oeet'inTorroihg Mm that he had
r,eorAmuted I M Oibencfn's sentence'
to the pen for life.'
. EVery prepartflon ;fbt "the pr1f-!
- oners execution naa oeen niaae.
r "This 1 was U Ui' priic -Friday
:in6rnin2 at 6 o'clock's, m. wnd
c'MTerl sheriffs an l polios o.Ucfr
rrfrom a distance, Sheriff Withers of
tjrls county and "MArshal' 'Utiles
itiAnff t li fin ' Ii o , t '.rf i-W.ittnn
, V.' .u.u, ...av. .... ..... ... ......
v . ' - . . . .
from Sheritl Stephens Of Douglas,
'to witness the-' execution. 'The
news of " the ' Oovernors aftion
r are informed cansad great ex-
itefflent at 1 lose burg, nnd w.oscon-
tlerrined by a groat - rnijority some
'openly' exprsing 'unfeig ned in
S dfernallon yS'u. li
", Whew the- new of the Governor's
Action reached Eocene th most
"Intone feeling wis' aroused. eo4
"P"V',t''1l ' knot6nihe' street
'"corners, and places of butfness-snd
'with -dnmisUttable lrTgB?er!OBi'
"dernned the commutation 'ot Oilier"
irAhVd seiitnee.' TlrlS Wntiftiant
seemed to find emphasis fi thA fear
' th'af Brantos clso wYTald" be
IrttWbythe UoVenof i.toaVlrj
fcAfIOlDernV. ' '
-Jth'tf' while rt4litfg 'of lliis
'''knatterdistlaimlng 'any Intention
'tfJlrillerAjtng pnblifrojAnlorr' or
'""forestalling executive kctlorvln the
r: prmle; we gire ft U aknowa
'"wndtsjAjlsed'trtrth,: thatnilrtif)l
1 'M fJTlW county are Ih no frahlo of
snjna 10 Acreji quieiiy any iiiier
'' JTcrenoo))y Anyol$o to pffVenl the
.'4u. ' Axevutioa o tjia. Uiv,v cs oro
Bouneod Wy-the nurts. Nor dA
4 "wi bellevs fhicr need be any "fears
""A'tb the abuon of Go Gwrlft'the
tranton caM. AVe' bll 'ouf pit -'
tnupoTi statements Had ly" flie
'GoVerjibr In xf lajitihii' W
Action' lit inniutirgj.pljiermfn's"
cbtCDce. The Governor
u ie-
I In havo j'nl:
i-oe.l hv flj
Mvtite tWk, wh.-r ihe;. rm!-v," Vr Ai a '. -In
Ur:'ty cwd, M.iji'i't ' K-. t i j6 'iifl ow-..H & n'V
.-." I 4fff it ullv Ji. ai-ttttl ! f nMv t-lui'ii-h ! m.tekft,. wHh
Liil M ..1.K. drove ln .o.i Jii. .
fiom'hoit.e by 'threats ft kfil lun:
U.,1i?t. ''.S. HMat. i.-. u kill VUr
V,-Vt..i;. v. h w.mld hVi'w
I. nut liimlf Im.m till. -.I
I.: 1' " " -
w itfl'll'fl, I 1. 1.1.
'ulUiin. tum lvlwf OIlMrl:H
fcniHaiul (lilt ttlrX', i'f.vimitle.l
II V F ' i
hifhw.iynwn, who .fch
h jnMiVMfolv ,
.iV !l,nnl Aiifi f.f W-
-fvrnpt; t,"il,l'!ifP(''!tlioi!il a
- Mlctn. SnreV"n t'n .1 gMA'i'.f
i. r
lYtlnlKhnjrnt K.Tlf.Wing their eom-
It' (Jo.
iv well Vst.tKiiifitl, nii.Ve a wi.Ie.Orosou.
TliFiipfnnr.twl.xetlkit!nliS'.S uus.l.l wool on l'mn.1 f1l!4iinria
cxiha: 'l- i i tli l l.o I'ImiikI.-:! Ii-r ItV.
- a C ..IW Amis. aIiKouBU v.,.,rf,.',r
rTaik - r pift a in V.rv lad linm..r,in" P'-'""' m-w"'' .nwi
. 1 ... r i.,7 l:,nrthO d iiv re:id iL-1.i1!deiler.
chanw'wiih tl. Rword whi.h e
pun-lukxt. " ThU and ' nothinf
more. RejHirdinp putting rather!
Connor in a Lid l.umor every time
he read's our paper,' we have only
' J-'-' I- .
And ao" a Lite diiateh from
Manila f.iys that the insurceuts'
idwKUtes it. JI'Me the Urst u true.
We shall see farthtx on.
vre!U'T:ee '' ' v,l"cr"ur uot r 1,38 rrmovea me
Iitelv ina,t len,,crt'0 O'hcial from the
i r i . ..
isoldiers' honie. No- institution is I
10 J.ArUs.nship of .tLe
;i i i -ii ...!
.uiiu-ii'tu miicmin in ..nru.n '
- :r j
How much financial ability doce"f
' .
" require to ."Tiorrov f 5 from a
ir:.j - . . . .t
irienu tor jusi a lew uays. and
then before the few days expire,
"Jump the game" nnd leave for
S"tis ""known
r I- Wor r-I! W ' VlPSnlri n
i --i it j 'ii
course of conotniction rnuet be paid
for by as already overtaxed io-
ple. InnieTialisa and expansion !
conies high but we must have them
RO (leer and IIkm civ
EngM!e ifl not a Verv good pla0J
for ta?t nitn wjmcn
to come to from other towns' and
g?t drunk and 'drive at breakneck
PiKCd ihrough the streets like mad
1 , ., . '
as Hiram Frnith 6f Harr.sbura '
, , . .
and 'a woman of Junction Citv -
r n-Mvtu
can testify to.
T Wa i-fnmnnAila wnra mf as
- . " M ---
far from right, when we argued
that "protected'" wool would com
mand a lower' price in the long
run than free trade' wool.- What
do thcliili f.iriiT snou tiers think of
the spring clip telling elow 12
centa, with a better prospect cf
5011 lower than higher? '
We urnlcrstand that a opnsU
erable number of people have
signed Braiiton's. jetition atking
, , - . I
.tlu. I.ov.rnrr rnmrimtif ii.n ,
r. "
1113 Kiiwiiw iu iuc iiiij'iir'jiui.eii'., win noi goino 10 ineir rescue wnen
anil that a good mapy of those arc! the dark day arrived and not a
living in tho prinoncr's former mouthful of "provision was left for!
pYice of residence. But we havejlheir sustenance.'
bearif it staled that many have 1 These facts are written l.y one
done so simply ' through fear cf : who i in a positron to back up the
offending Drapton'" friends.
Capital Journal:, If the , Do-
jucstic . Animal communion Jias
Vothiof to dp r,d don't ,efn have draw jt; pay, nhy
keep Uif tie farce J,. If wc have Jio
rUte iuililia, whyA keep up an
expeoue fd extravagant .ttate
pjilitay board T Would Gov. Qt-er
do .these ' things aijd.kcep bands
on his farm, by Ue year il there
notlung to do7, o, w do
cot, any of us do sudi things in
private life. Hut its- quite, the
thing in qublic affairs.
- The steamboat came up Friday
loaded to tlie guardd with, mer
Chacdise for Viur :(nerohanU ar,d
othcro. s The Cky of tfugeno is p
daifly ami deserves tUv undivided
support of tho iorlo of IAne
county. If the farmers would but
real ire lh fact . that a line of
patkoh steamers put on th river
which could carry their wheat And
oels .to Portland independent of
th railroad ai1 . encoura ge in
very way pible the building
two or more 'boats thry coo Id do
'Viotflntff that whtihl' redetind morel
'to their interckt. ' -.
is nun.
l-Iini-' ln-l
-(, xn July iH..l.J,vr..m ;.,iM.ull.'-'TUl.o N'1Ii r I ii.vir to j-ivc ,.f t.wu (,. i- w ,11.
a.. ........I .... 1 1 .. 7 .. 1 ..... ..... . l.tAviiii .l.-itli". ....... ... ........ . I. t. I
-t'irj'isV , With
-" . I r.
4"f ..mJ' "! up, theittatket willr. mtu in' it"
be if&ted two or three -month. tiiwi of rain fell
M.itivo , Imvori.. ciMt.n.ixniu mrii
and ntvluir of ' K.tMoin
- ,' ifinre ctlxre.I fMn, tlio vr-
,i,,u '""I wnter nive a totnl of
r" " - -
",n,'tV', iKn. n",.alnin nrtwlj
te whi!fro,,,';, '''I' h lW. tK thiifJUrrr Fume, ' ReJ IS, skull
, 1 hrr rtr tl.o lrKesJ'
'i'M lufliii? -X,rnCX jviutuU I
Withbw, am' kA hnti
tn mi- w n ir-unn, n'm aoiirraiuiuvHui lliril inilll imrv, uhfk
j"'!ntnR 2.0kv' jwiumK
T!hta W iia jirewvleiit for tlio
rriit lutnartou in whI hvr at
at 'l KifstrA Orfco twf .
Tlx eiminir-ha quninitr of tho
, .....
trrowdeJ. aud.yot rtlrtadr tho 16!.
,u,ac' Sh quantity
,n,,-Vl"a iH,t frutu tiMV! lin3H 011
Ctt"i""mont ' ta V Luusi
A IVonian's Tonn.
At a r.wnl citv tleetior. at
t! Kansas, two ticket were in the
fi,.M, or.e cnmiHised ef women and
At a r.x-ent citv tleetior. at
.mm. vniries lotien was cieciea
r . l . . im .. . i
maypr, Mr?. Fheldon, Mrs Sv'hli'xht,
Mr. Smith, fr. Kirlan and Mrs.
Walk ins for council, vrhili MLa
O'Nei! for clerk won easllr.
7119 wmen drove carriapee
.1. L 11" l : . .
i.iiug . u 1'i.n pnuff-Pivrv
carrying voters to tho polls. ;
Irving, Or. Anr. 21, 1395.
Kditor r.road-Aie?
"i.'cir Sir: In a reocui article in
. .. .
..,. liii. r
- ' ..
I County Poor" I notice yoa cast
some ' reflections on the coi-nty
court as well as on soma iudivilu-
1st.- On the county court for
tlie reason of it-failure to properly
iuvcivLigatki. the subjects of charity
oa Whic'i. jnvjty funds are nuie
Mrvediy boslowod.
2nd. Ou Al Bond, who is slight-
'J known ;nth. coonty and who
pays a few niokle's toward
the necessary running expense of
I concur with the utatcmcnt men
tiercel that proper handling and
careful investigation of the dis-
V,. rc.TYl nr k r.f tknu f .1 r. . 1 . bl..l,1.t
t j i . .
alwars be duly considered; but a"
,v. v.: v. r i
i w tin; vnrc was reierrcu vo
I t ' li t i t
ia9 being an able-bodietJ peron. it !s
a well-known fact that his 'health
1 . m 6
nas own eucn ior ine jasi lew
months he ' fould not do a day's
work, and during the time allow
a nee was made him he had rheu
matism in the right arm and hand,
and" also hafl consumption. ' While
perhaps the pact redord of the
party alluded to is not what it
should be to 1 a good citizen, this
does net make it imperative that
his wife ami three little innocent
children should go unprovided for
. .
si'..n if , l,..n.;nl. p.l . I ' n '
......... v..,
aidtrtlons made and the party who
informed you that Al Bon'tf falsely
renres.-rilcd this Case 'to the court
it is safe toay has never visited
the home and knows nothing of the
real-destitution connected -therein.
. ,. Ar.i,K.v IViMi, Sir, .
1 a : . 1
- A Dr(le4 Couplo.
A hockme scene occured on
'.c-. .... .
the streets Sunday April ,23d when
a man and woman drove through
town at a break nct:K speed. fXitn
were intoxi?atel. .ev were infer
cepled ' near tile court house "by
ilarshal Stiles and ' the man, who
gave his name as Hiram Riuith,
of Harr'sburgj was placed under
arrest anu locked up. The woman,
who gave the name of Mrs. Kd.
Thayer, of Junbtioh Wtv, wa taken
to a .hotel ami etUrivards 4 sent
home. Tho teair, which sras . in a
bad condition, wa . Uksn to a
livery ftahle., 'The' ntnrt wi 1akcn
before' Kewirder Dorris Monday
rrfoniihg tnd fined' 19 on two
accounts fist Tdrlving and dis
orderly conduct! He ' fiad .no
money with which ' t.J nn'y his
(ine and was committed tojiil.
A SltHltl III I OH A.
A .(. 2.' A'qwt lo
, the rim Onawav 1a., -mv:
j ' , 1-iritV wind -l. followed
. . , t J i ni.". "v
ut i!,tii. C'ver , n
and a lienry nnil
Mrm "l.itwl 12 ftiinoten,
lipVlie Kurne. 1 1 yr M, huh
of eorff Fiirne, wi"kill'tT.rJ Tli
itijtul are: t'.rw F.trtie, fr iicht
fully t'rtiiJ. will Jie; Mrn. tiforgtt
Kurne, hnfk rnwlio.l au.l - luj
limlinl - r i.vitlio tliii'l., my tlie;
OKwhovl, will Ji; U'wis Larrvn.,
I.iretl man on tht 'ufilfl ul.ire.
. .1 . . t . .1. .... .
t)rokon. ill rnovtr. Arnt Aia-
und.uii, rut liit the, oullar-
Luim aiul one lcp lroken, will
Ulie; IVter llt rsan. one leg liroken.
torn iil
ku'.l crihtlicd, in -
MrM , lnrtlt .V(.rt
,, lllHMS ti e Fume-.. The
i cmii,. ,.,.! ,.., u
wnxked. " ... '-
Th ti"r"..iil-i first ni.vlt it nj
pearan:e at the fann of Ucorpe
Swantun, 'in Monroa county, and
vrecktxl everythinj;. Tho family
... h.
r.iat-;eveapvd l.y taking
TI,A Ktor.n then cm
1 Cra Tonl eauntv, n l.y taking to the cellar.
crossed over into
nnd destroyed
stock on farms.
I .... . .. ..
. very ining in mo pain oi urn
(storm was carried oft th fae of
, the earth, trees leing tofn uihy
. the roota and buildings scattered
to the four winds.
Dak JtHI I tin v.
April 2S, 1S09.
The weather has Ucn very rainy
, this past wetk.
M1 . i ft ir .
irfCd iiailli anU Klsie Jiasaril
-r. u t il i - v i
e ,
i ii . . i . f t 11 ? .
ivew.. uou vi pringm-ia. w;
j.rcacrV at -the Oak Hill
rcjimii i
uom luc .nuAwui o. hh
u aU. oj.l i t f l
xr ii.t 'i.r. ?.. ?-
for Aurora whiTe the will xJtUVr th" nicwt c,,ww tt"J Slhuco,;n rv
wun ner lamer anu nnnner nir. inn i
. i .t
Mrs. J. D, Mishler for
three weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Henrv rtomnn
and Mr. and Mrs. JosephRuid of
MeCornack Corner were gusts of
Grandpa and Grandma Powell
Mrs. Welch and daughters Mils
Lettie of Long Tom have liecn
visiting relatives in thui vicinity
this past week.
Qaue a number wet e present at
the dance at Mr. Bowers Friday
night 'and report having bad a
good time.
Mr. and Kirs. Marsh and Taul
Buncy left for Oregon City the
latter part of tho week.
E. C. Attehery visited At Mr.
Welch's Sundapr eve.
Jilbert Fisher is on the siok list.
Mr. Wm. Bennett made a buid
neBS trip to Lorane and other
poinU South this week.
8 am no.
Hundred Tcrsand Killed.
Ft Iuis, April 27. A'spccial to
the Globo-Dcmocrat from Kirks
ville, Mo., says:
A gathering storm that had been
threatening all afternoon broke
upon Kirksvnie at 6:20 o'clock
tonightin all the fury of a cyclone.
A path ft quarter of a mile wide
and as tieah as th prairie was
swept through the eastern portion
of the city, and 400 'buildings,
homes'and mercantile houses were( in iuq gioo.iu .11 piaimcu
Iii the heavy rafn that followed
the iopfo who had escaped turned
out toVesctio the Injured.' ' For two
hours not much was accomplished,
as all was confusion, Vtlt by 8
o'clock 49 dead ' bodies had been
taken from the ruins. ' It Is ex
pected that the' list of dead, will
reach between CO and 70, if not
exceed that. ' Nearly 1000 people
were mora or less injured.
Daylight necessary before
an . adequate conception of, the
destruction', of. life nnd property
can be had. Kach. blanched face
reports new. calamity. . ,, 1
Harry Kline who has been doing
lime in the county Jail, tor Jar'ceny
of some cloiLing tttuu.t& nn's store
ia this city waai adjadged itissaa
A.,d taken to the iwylnin by Hhwiff
y.j ,....
VTU,ik Vi,y !Vm ."I! ",r .vo'" '";' '' "I""' u.iri..lln....l All.,.'
M.-t.iv' door .iixl uit. I U uric tl.iv in, ill p. li... ..!..i ;.i ; .
1 t" this ,
door I ij
yw have- rmuh1
.v.' . .
in h i your n.u i
ni"n.;" u"'ti ynnr ixtti.iv pir
tli tlmrn'rS me
von 'r
.tetlittj' i( till.
. Il ni'r Rii.C r kill.
It ilevmus liin e:,Hle.
Todtto bugs .1.) not Wiil.uli it.
It 'iOtluK i-nsh every time.
It nuMin.e liis ri lrrnj
It ! IH( afftS'letl liv dm .Ir.mfli
It sit wit), liitu a( t!Ht tilile.
MoJi aiiii rum lo not Jrbtrv it.
V l.n Pllll. I r !.. . a . tl...a. tl HU
... . . .
,.-... v.. am n. n
It is not drowned out l.y
It is -r load pull.. IMn audi
II lift
UHin tho fruit of tlu"
Hi'.ivon. - .
It ii vvit'i him
and ni ii!it.
lno-:i:iip, 11. kill
It fts under life pillow whe:i
ho fclwps, :
It rid. iiMin lii hlumlilerHi
diirinr, tlin day. i
' It il a Imrdeii that the farftKi
'cannot thakts ff. .
Late sprinj; nnd early frot-ts tlo
not trouble it.
. I. ir in hi ty iiiri'ii 1 1 ;ir i iirii.toii
Tho mortgage! s a elf-supp.r.t-' water nyrtem has 1 en under pub-
institution. J c wuer.-.hip. Nor is. il new in
It Fclccts tho liiitst horses and j many otlo-r p:rt o. ic country,
the fattist Meirs. , In partieular lines, notable in
It it tho inexorable and fx- water and lighting plant, it has
acting tasknrakcr. ""Urn tpiito p. nerall; nc.eptM-
il (itifq rtiL nnvt.
. .1 - - . .1
to wait for the
. , . .
j . .
11 crows IiK-lits. M.n.lMVa mnt
I days and even holidays.
It bring a Hire erop every year,
and w.mitimrs twice a ear.
It fhares the children'.! bread
an robs them nf half their clothu.i.
t whin h ni cnivl aulnurtl-
, ....... .
I le? a th hh of the flavt driver,
. . ... . .
It is not subject to rifculation
'"i 1111; nu.ii. uuii Lrvuta uiiLiii;
..r .m.. l ui -.1
- . ... . -
U , u" .if . u f, i
lhe housewife toil, d i nft -r d iv
It Ktrilrr fit f !i I nrw .liir
aiu1 month - after mouth: and1 uuiier. i
. ,..mnnr.w..m,),.i,n-; j u11j icy of lilul.
Idertnce to progress and a cursj 0WU(H, UnU
1 . : . .. . . . 1:1 . i -
!to the nation. r.x.
f '.iinmi .ml 4 ....
Tug is a little too previous in a n-
nouncing the dissolution of tho co-
partnership of the Lroad-Axe and
the Oregonian. f
We have only "cemented apart"
temporarily that is on tho "mon
ey qucbtioo" and expansion 011 the
tariff, combiiu-s and trusts we
! :uiitiicipal eUctric light plants wa
Yarpiina Tup: The partnership little more than .rA But in 1H'J2
heretofore existing between the Fu-1 y ilicrca9ra to m ,Ild ln
gfne l)roal-Axe and the Oregonian ' . , , ... ,, ,
has been dissolved, .ho con-: 1S9S to ftbo,,t ,,M' 1 r"f,,"'or
tinning, in the reform business Cmumous declarort lias Ucn neg
alone, while tho latter takes its.lirlcd iu tho growth of electric
natural place among tho ungodly, j jitin but it continues to be
Our brieht contcmiiomrv Tim the i-hp.iiu'r ill.iiiiinant. Therr
arc thick as two in a Ud. Woj wcll-kuown expert,' has recently
mean to hold onto tho Oregonian j published a Uiok, "Municipal Mo
just as long as possible in order nopolics," from which the figures
to keep it from "among the un-' above are taken. Professor Bemis
godly." Brother Tug mako the j declares that corruption in city
correction please.
Iloud'ii J-elttr.
Wo publish in another placo a
letter from lion Allen Bond of . ly profitable position of moi,oio)y
Irving in answer to what this control, and terauso nn extension
paer said lant week regarding the of the functions of city govern
county jkxii-; It set-ins only ncc-jmrnt into matters so closely touch
esary to sAy-that-we-havB takoning-thc people will Incre-ftFe-rather
soma pains to' get at tho facts in than dea.leu puhlio interest in
theCAft under consideration. AiidUud wAUihiulnAAvr tho ouotluot
wa find no reason to retract any-j of their government. Ha leans
thing wa said last week about the
party at Irving luting an unworthy
he county.- ,K,nnlVi 0n
the other hand the more wa bear
f the mSn 4 he more certain we
feel that he does not deserve any
thing at the hands of. .he county
court. It is a fact beyond con
troversy that' he Is a. spendthrift
and a hard drinker' and will take
whatever means be can get hold ot
and icnd It for liquor will not
try to provide for bis family In
any way, and . that recently he
came to town and pledged a horse
and buggy to Mr Sanders for 10,
and used the money up I A fore he
left town that his toother is a
very wealthy lady living in the
Fast and bought valuable property
at' Irving nnd deeded it to hi 01 and
that ha married a lady whose
father is a heavy taxpayer living
hear Irving and 'that' there is no
reason . In , tho werLl. .why this
'".""'J ,,J ? l . lh
KWUI.iy II nil- tUlllll Will I 11WUK1
' ..." I .
Wo tii'-i'luiii any intt'iiMon of
... . . . i
i.i i.mi mi iinuslne ... ioun.l '
f. ,
i. ..... .
lun,. I.i.l re..iiinl
j .Mr l..,,l M,e yili.illl.jr
jtieeiim tn exl.ilut for tlm family m'
j th-t . tiiT niuK'r ,n-UI,rtil ii n I
;ill :lt tl.e eiensi of tl.u
ami not a cent at hi own.
Slfh;ii J.trartl wueo raid ton
m:,n wlm vi exnreHMni; creat
Mirr;nv for an rljeei of elmrity:'
. - . .
ir. 1 urn otrv jnt IliX. .how
tunny ollHr are you Horry.'
I'uldlr ( elvish In
t tllilles.
Of Tublli-
0 t Mil -111
Tin mit'ptirit i f (hi l llMio own
f ,l ktllril .....HUH.'Jea, or,
in o!lji'r Wiiiil-, of jiiildit: Utilities,
h;s hull lilted into tin
pr.'.eti.'al of the e 'Unt.ry.
S.i.i'o the voter. of 1'i'tn it have,
iMilhorit'd thi' purehas.L Jiy l"in'
. ... i . . r .1 i i
railway hjt''m, several other;
Weti rn cities, iiu lu.lin t'hieapo, I Ik-cii iieitatini; the puliev iir
... ... 1 . .
vulved in this departure, and the
.outlook N f.r a gi-ner.d ''movement
'inll.e same direetio,:. Tl,o prin-
I,' , .
,ri pi' i ii. ii ii. n iti .'limn, n iniT
Aeivr.l,i.B to M. V Harker, a well-
,kiKHMt npineering authority
'New 'ork, there are I'l'.'C lar.'
f city water Mipuly in the
States, iT which 1G'.,, m
.'. . ,
n.,rK ih niie. baif. .iri. t.i.liliel v
Luwnc.l. The tendency i every -
wl,,.ro toward imblie owner-bin.
tl,.,; system U'lnp, i-uriu1y
enouph, luo.-l riueral li, th more
. , .
cou-ervattvo ar!. of the country,
I" M.,ssaihn. It, for t xample,
i it i ..... r. r.. i
.f th! 1 1 city water,
- - - .
....... .... : i.;.. i ..
' . . . . . . . . .1 .T-rmt .ov.-,. T.r.,l( . , lhill
lliiereMing i;iq, in cor.iieuii"ii wiiiiiit m-mito it.tb rmiiu anu
U.o uater-.upply .,uli,n,. is that !
' . to,. . 1 1 ' 1 . . . .1
in liaie wtro inn Mxi'ri,
-Itt vtty liphttrtg, a in walur sup'
h, . ,. . . . ... , . ... , ,
i Common, in I!W the nun. it rot
are now twelve cities in the Fnittil,
States which maintain their ow n
gas plants.
.Tho interesting question in con
nection with the public ownership
of public utilities lies In their ad"
ministration; and with respect to
this nouni-ii:, Professor Bemis, a
owership cannot possiblo equal
tho corruption growing out of the
attempt of private capital to se
cure from city Councils and gov
crnr-.ienls the unfair and immense'
... 1- . - . 1. . ..!!. .. ,.t f ..1 1
piror(..7 w 1110 iiui.jr in ii.n
ownorship and operation of street
monopolies, such as street rail
ways, gas and water plants, repard
fng thsm as "monopolies which
cannot Jnstly And safely be given
into the hands of private copital.'
At Arlie Thursday, Walter
Brinklev, sonotll. Brinkley, was
returning from school, when the
horse ho was riding fell, causing
the boy to striko on tho back of
his bead causing concussion of
the brain. ,
' '" 1"
A spocial oi April 23 to tho Bee
from Dcadwood, H. C, says: A
howling blizzard has been raging
all through the Black hills for the
past 12 hours. Sis inches At snow
have fallen here, and reports from
further north state that the fall is
heavier than in this immediate
Vicinity. All farm work Is sus
pended. Elephant are fopd of gin, but it
il is 'aid w ill licit touch champagne.
'ii it LI.
l,ujM). of
... ,. .
M.iv V.ugh u. win. died ..I
I... m... m . .
u Vmuhin A-rill'l I s:i ) ,..,
1 i
,' ye ir, I't in ti.tli mi I fl .l.iyn.
I. u ,f ri U kon ll
ri.,.',.'!. I know 'lU vi.i i weej.
I T..m mi. in cn in v.r w.iku ll.eti
i I'V '' I .U',U lte,
lia.l Una Uit ami valla I lUiliii
K.'in. II. i Mot Id til ili.Mnt ne,
' u . '...m . i -...ii .... ..........
.. . , ; . ..
rar ami vl'i '' " Ii".
Wit Unl III"' I.) III. enll'm All4,
'.' Iiil t !.. ilnwn In rt (liy III tic wx.'i, l'iij;".
R.Kl.i.t: it 'i. Ity ii.. thy Im lit.
Tl an f .rnwett Ana
Tlii.t w mill, uur l ini.t,
Hoping t!ial wtiH lit la ovur
Tliut maul our on.
The Siek.
Jiinrtiou litilltlin, April 2'.,
Mri Mill. on, peet.iH t. Imi nUtit
the inn', t l.o eh tVi'i in wry
M rn l'uin liiliT ii ur! v
f J
inp it very low.- -
. . . i ......
I , .. i
I letter tin morning after n cood
nir ii .iiMi.iri in inniiir iimcii
uipht's rt ht.
Mra t'rain ia pra.luatly improv
inp, hut .f ronrso very Mow. Sho
.i . ...
1 M '' v,ry B,-,"K
move nn,iu,rt of her IkkIv,
Mm. A. F. I.amb t erribly llcuten
.! Mm Ilniker.
Ui-siJenta of Fairmotint feel di
praeetl by an ii.eouuier in which
some of the participants nhould be
arreted- and iieverely dealt with.
It aiix-art that the l.imbt and
i Uaikers ure close neighbors.
I had fei lin ha existed Ut
worn tho
two Woluiu nnd that I.amb. thn
! husUipd, has rided with the enemy
' "f Hs" wth So'nriimn Friday
t thei.ukt r w.nrt.ui bn ki into the
, lou-o ami Inal .Mri l.amti
... ..
up in a condition. Iler
ycs arc badly discolored, and ono
car is tiiasiini into ajeiiy, Atuio
i.r.,;. i. 1 u ....... i,..,i
'11- . -Y. .. . c 11. .1 i .
th- lady is badly injured.
, ,
i ne iieignnor au say ,nrn
I.amb is a retlui'd lady 111. d that
i-ho has the ytointhy of all.
Si. tco writing tho above we learn
that the Barkers have kit the
village. .
The CuuiihonsA DedlratloR:
Aeeordir.g to arrangement as
heretoforo publirhed the program
for tho formal dedication of tho
new courthouse was carried into
effect Monday tho 1st day of May.
Vf have upaec only to say thut
tho program was well carried out.
ft,'J "oryUxly went away well
The town twgan to fill ud at an
early hour, by people from the
country and by the hour fixed for
the commencement of the c xercisVs
not half of them could get in the
Wo cannot begin to give in detail
the part taken by those Appointed
to tcrform a part in tho exercises.
Suttee it to say the county officials
ana those whose duty it was to
take parkin carrying out the pro
gram acquitted themselves to in
fection. Tho addresses were all well
delivered nnd of much interest.
Tho music was excellent and allto
gtther the first day of May in tho
year of our Iord 1 iStH will be a
day long to be remembered. - A
Dome fiitnr time we tnav find
space and lirno to refer to this
matter again. '
Much has lieen said pro et con
aUut the courthouse. The court
home Is built. It will be a good
hoiiso if no tlo unfortunate accident
overtakes it. "
Wa ate owing for it no w and the
thing for us to do is to raise the
means nnd pay off the debt and
stop paying interest.
From certain occurrences Mon
day in Kugrno If Claud Branton
could have some of his pretended
friends drink- less whiskey nnd
mako less threats alihiH those who
refuse to sign his petition fo; com
mutation of hi sentence it wotlld
probably go better with pnrlies
concerned. Wo fenr, if BeltelAib
himself were imprisoned in tho
Lane county jail somo persons
.rould sign bis petition to turn Mm
loose,' so tender hcartod nnd law
abiding nro they.
The nincl wonderful vepetablo
in tho world Is the truflle; il has
i.cith. r roots, htcnis, leaves, flowers
nor mdf.