Broad-axe. (Eugene, Lane County, Or.) 189?-19??, February 15, 1899, Image 3

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Atlvaallalaiff ralaa tw tale pmpmw
will kaaaaala haaaaa aa aaallca.
Uatll tarthar aofeaa llil yr tH fa.Ha
UaaJ adi.inaaiiM-nt at fl cut. mu lln. I
Mil lliaarlliill. ilia Mill M Tlialg.4 Iur llrual
CH 1.1. OK - I I
Julius Goldsmith
ugono an Junatira. Oreaon.
A Biuo Mark
lVnorM that yow airiMcriii.
tion hit a rajiirfd. Wati'li
Tor a b4iie "x" ijoue your tuuit
on tfco anrr.
'(TK. --The 4te tjtfDmf jour
rian:en Ue aipr WRnifW the
tintefur wLioh )J baie ald.
koct, iirae iU'ina ( your rra
pM'tiecighUb(KMt. AllroM
UMidratimia tor lite Kroad-Ate
ahuuM r'k u y Xiiurialay.
KocmiinMiiiiratiami pablinhed un
leea ecuinjinnie4 by . wrilrr'a
name. Not tirrcaaarv Iur iihli
rtkn we want to know wlio.
That'e aU.
' Local Lines,-
Hat Callaway, waiter in a hotel
-at Junrtion Cky ia cunUned to lii
rooti. witb weaal(. -
.llert plow on -artb Tbe Oliver. ;
V L. Caa t.antbrni.
t jVrU.
i.:.: V'.ur
lirxl tt. F. Cb-avrricd
alon.anPlr;.,RBlJ.t1treuVUk,r,,K'iI,," niIll K K
MVdneaday rVbrtiry S, IKWO of , ,'H, . ni' u"- J Lav 'iWhar
I'itl Oroiard rtiltivatnre
Tbe wpather ia aaauminn ill hu-
jl attitnde aud buaiurae ia again
1ivO 1 ueaHar tite 7, is'.iP 7tol. L
. tu i. " , , r, , , I
-art Ivbra diol at tbt home f John
.... .
Olive .tre.U, in tbi. city. Th !
nun ft" Jiran wai . k-t 21
4 uioiatlra and wveu day.
Oo to (reen a crooerr atftre on '
XV illnnjKte. between Uth and HKi1.
y iretia. .
Sjway ynnr tree and yn cwi
iiave g'ad apjilea and roik! prim.
IWan Spray
fuw.p make WcUt !
work eee tbein at h.k. tnvineiu.
Harney V.1W Ita oj Feb
i viiiuioa an actmni 11 tjnimiur-i
ead. ball Biren at K.rre., Har-
nay taurr rmo wri'ie inev nail
1 n . .. r I . . . .
good lime. Si vrn tr five
rifjiuy wern in auenuanec, ainongij
wboin were Richard A and kottte.
Smith fwmerly of I.ane Oo. -Or. -
We gladly place the "Antclopn
Herald" wn our eichango lint.
AVe bare been trying to amnke the
proprietor of thllerald out of l
den for eonae time and w wu've
-,kochfH, him. "liefa' irrigate."
"'Willanjetto water ia ourf.'
fipray -mjierial all ready miaed
mi low prioea at F. L. Cm aw nrna.
Pearl Doty wke died at Manila
tfromamallyos, waa born at Lone
Rock, lrkanaaa and canie la u
Kenein 1S84 and rewiaed here up
to the time of hi enliatnicnt . He
waa auigaed to Co D w hen he en
listed witli tbe Oregon roluwtecra.
lie waa the eon of Mr Mary Doty
of thia eily and tbe laet Mmher ef
tier family, having lost her hus
band and a dabter withfn , tbe
tvaet 4m yean. . m '
Weaewd to all post-rnaaten f
Lane ooaaty (hit week a copy of
the Axe free aad authorise tkem to
receive and receipt for aubacription
te the paper. See nr clubbing
ratea in ancUwr place and oeud as
In some name or the Bilver
Knight and the Broad-Axe or for
'the Orag onlan and tbe Uread-Axo.
Take yoar choice and get either
tha Oregeariaa ar the Knight and
the Axe, the bast local paper in
Laaa county. .
tfeefer One Ma ml red Dollar Re
vara" tor eat eaeef Catarrh that can
net be cared by 1111' Catarrh Core.
F. i. CUEKJJKY A CO, rrepa.,
Toledo, Obie, '
We tlie anderalf rvsd have known F. J
Cheeney for lit taat 15 year and be
lieve him perfectly lioanrabU la at
builnaaa tranaactlona aad nanclally
able to carry out any eallfetlon aaade
liy the Arm.
Vftt ATaeax, Wholeaale Drclata
Toledo, O. '.
Wmmh, Kinisa Maavta, Whole
ate DrHfxlata, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall' Catarrh Care In taken Intern
ally, acting directly aia tbe .blood and
aieeeo aartkeeauf the yatera. Trk-e
Tie aer bottle. 8old by all dragglat.
Toatlmoaieta troe.
fUU'a Faaiit TiUs axa tbe Utt.'
On luirVy Saturday llo 14o u
taken by tho ' combined military
and naval force and the. American
flag now floats over , the I'anay capital.
i'ulal Accident, .
Junt u(uv g"ing to press lartt
wctk we roafivoil iubdligi-nre f a
fatal aci iilt'Ut, which ovuured Turn-
dny at Jim JSut'iuoll plu-.o tf
mile north uf Ease'io i. wb
,, ... ... f
rr loci Iiw life. '
r wtm nbr.irt 2H
KUnly Jin-water I
Mr. ftrrwrU-r wtm nburt 2H vimy
of Uf o h ud lived Witli hi purl-lit
. . , ,
in rti(inf. It uiiixm.1 the
' '
ymtng mn went with n team and
wapmi for a load of wonH and had i
lmdid cp and on the wiirou
u.i ill r i.Mn im.
v- r.n... .i
r.. ... -u-.i. .w ... ..
wi".. n .... 1-7 .fi v
film l.f tvl. It'll I.i.p1.l l.ltn nil. I 1...I.I I
kiui pinioaud to tbn rund, crti'-'b
iiiR tlio lifn cot of liiin, It ia u-pom-d
Instantly. Th ) Imdy w;m
oot diacovervd until lO, o'clock at
niht, and when found i.i dtill
knder tke wagm witk the linro
wrapped aronnd tbe body, the
iwtMt atill kitkerl b tbfl aagoi)
wliere they bad bwn UjT cub 12
Kliulm J trin i.
Erinir Fob 1 1.
KdiUtrl 1 fvel proud tUi
I .:..!. .1. .". . t i
ii uia tun i iiv . uii ih ri wi uirk
I '
I I . i:i :j
afraid b War J tbn "Jioi. hi th'ir
If tkt taapa vrrt djnt fl'x-k te
r.mij.u- unit ntiiiirni. - inn ..f t
j irrnjryi, VI Wall'' fUUIIlV in HIT j
year, and I Veil TiT-'lh'i't nh'-vi
' w liaiJ aiilv nr. 4 mil! Or TL.ti
",ttl'l.r. affair,. N iw the lu iniwr
:'u - bkb cuiinly ulTiira arn run.
loucttj ure a. arirt a hvwor4.
a 1 1 I l it u ai run. "
ii . . l
' ... , , , ' ..
-U". k n;ira eliiMb now baa no
i . .... ........... ..
C,U ' brt!e niujo lir-t f"
.. , ., ,
inrtttiiK iii . reni'oi i Kii.c, every
. . . j t ..-.i i... im. '.
. ... . .
L.u. .i - .i n . ... .i .
rjH'K'in. iiroiucr ii.rno.i is me
paitinr. u.r lorn me uic i..ipiim
an'ilJ build a eliiirch boue
eoiuing umuifr. Thy are trying
to inake optli, topay Hro. killuiiil. .r-....i. .,..;
I,. .... ...i. I, ,u i.i...:.- i tctlt errors t.r youth ant their ;
cl, lm.,, ho
" .x-.... .... -
e t) weeks." That
u . . . .... i i i
" " " J 7Z
I - . r "
.nrlii I,r,vr
lor tlictc ii.tnl timea lor talking.
Mr. Jnek UolU ia the pu. Kt of T.
i.. W(rl),
,f .
uk., "irn acinic
ynm. iti it ny in t.hki.-i rl0
lota, a bouno and barn ou them.
Ho wants to aell an I Ko f
uia on account of bin wilVa licaltlj,
It in hard to n-U anything for
money now.
Wi Akc Yoi'.
Vlarhlfy TIluM.
niacTiley, Or. Feb. 12, 1S09.
Mraud -MraM'S Krown it
tke day Willi Mr and Mvr J E Tip
ton lart Sundav. '
Mrs Jarac Douinger and daugh
ter Mr draco Taylor were the
guest of Mrs Isiab Slavtor lat.t
Mr Judgo T O Thompson made
Mrs S Joy a pleanant viit last
Master 0en Thompson lia a
contract of fencing some land near
the lake. U'kile Owen i a good
worker, there other things that call
him at the lake quite often. J
Waated, at lilachley: The
con nt y coart to appropriate $1000
for the improvement nf the low
past mad' eo that Tdeasute and
kemceeeJicirs ran come iute awr
valley with case. U'e will do the
balance. -
- Men with capital to build a saw
mill f 50,000 feet capacity a day,
U'e have the fiuaal waterpower and
timber enough to run Mich a mill
for 200 years aad liavo fire wood
A man or mtr to build a 50-rooai
hotel on tho lake and put in 10 ar
la pleasnre salUng boats toaccora
niodata the many tourists wbo wil
I cosm this way to spend the heated
summer. e will furmidt the
supplies at the lowest cAh. Such
an investment woald aj big divi
dends. ,
f a
U'e want a railroad from Ku
gene via Franklin, Goaldson, Slay
terrille and to head of tidc, to run
daily trains, so we could transport
our lumber and other produce to
market. J K Tipton will give the
depot grounds from his lakeview
ranch, to the right parties. Nona
others need apply. A paying in
Hundiod Cured by It Whore
All Olhor ttcmedios FaiL
Wlien wecaiisidor the inettima
blo . blessing f fccalth, and tbe
horrors of w,tjng ditmaao and iia
f aired vitality, we nut accord ti
Jr warriu iui utniinijwiHUftU kohor,
1 1 1 ... .. .,.,.1.. ... ....t i.-i I
,lH-nfntori our tjw. Iljr . th
,. , , ... n
' cL",t'"v,'ry " "ud tl,e '"e-u"6"
tkut rrat aciU thrgU U
, ..... . . I.
uol'iuUted tritur, te ally lirv
. ,, , i i i
rftoui tb tKii.b and M'ru
hl.M'Ui of gloniowH bualtb, ud tlf
iduHticity and j' iK Kjiirit
.i ,i i. .. ,.i f,
."'" "r '"'?"
ni,"l r tbewervooa Mitern. A
f . . u. i r i . 1 r. ..ff 1 1 r i . u r. mm m
. fyiallif if th arirkKK-rrf. v f !
.proirf poaitive tA tbe aniri'iTifVy f
elvi'tricily over olber imtboda iJ
. Mr Inane Winter, Centraliii.
Wash Aatlriua-uf 1 yrari utaod
jng; rttit"r-d.
Ji-KPjib MtMire, Portland, polyui
in tfie note, 15 yoam; cured.
Mica Lucy iloran, MonOHAitli,
Or C'rwa rye, KruiflLVirvJ ia one
minute will) it eli'ht oioratiori.
2 V noflom, Artoria, Or Kid
ney and liver (iimplaiut for years;
rrsl rf d to jrcrlw-t keaVth. "
S I U'Lku.aiL, Muiiiuoctb, Or
'i. ,
i lii-afilfM Eliiljrii.frir. I
in the
!eurn 12 Vfar reVjred.
Him Unulj UrlvMn Piirfland
1 1. . L , .,
r iMiifnrM alifl P:itarrh, W yeel
. ,- ,
f '
Jolin, Tbe ffLiHra, Or
nnrt r ) v-ar."jiiratJ
HUM Mfk A HI .K II Mr Ilk' bl,VI i
I Mr. huitor. P. ur sir: J have
' , r
ix-en verv a-Mf iii one ear fr tcti
j , . .
vearn ana tlio orlier wns irrowmir
. di-f very fnL I called lr Iarrin.
, nw t-Un pine lit Hot! Kupone and
I. , . . . . ... ,., . . .4
: lino pur lrn I 4im u it.ii - i AurLrirt'v
i .... ... . .
; J U': res' wit ia i can now h rnr ui'j
,. , . , , . . -
,a wtJl as I ever could. I am t'J
j - - - - -j- i
nn;wu:y aau iiiicij'iy ive xii-w
i tii i .
lei tiiiioiiia.. i. i.ltift
iT- Unrr.n . treH .H ir,-;iUe .
larrin treUe -f.U ik;iI
Iprlvatc.'rbrciiisftivl nrrwiM th-
t , . . . -l:
e:4"ex, aerrrt irlood und fkin dk-1
eacn, ortM nod we!3iie tieryics t
i M , .lt-iJ . . 4,
inmi ir i in inn imiip nnii 1 1 a. 1 1 r spy v.
ind oth'-r weak
lie orrracU tbe
.terrible ofled, Iosk of viuKtv.
pulp.ition ol tlie heart, loin
! '"n!- Td7. -VJ
troutiliw .,T . mind ....Itr.
Ulillfa rnnqilliklt.m I.A.iri .liuA.ic
' "
a litem ni' of ilm drain
. j ,.
, uiMiiuiti- and Athr
arEu-uoiiM by tbe err'r, excess and
I ,. 3 , ,
Califor-11""40" af nd -
elfo euro diaeaaea caueil by nier -
cury and ntber powonous driiiis
used iu the tin printer
private dica.ies.
i iiiipriMer treatment of
ilfice at liolol tucenc to Marvb
1. CousuJtation free.
Camas Swale Chips.
February 12, 1399.
To Tun Editor: '
Colder than it has been for years,
snow ix incites vdecp. and frozen
solid. It frore all pstatoes and
Walter Hsger was doing busi
ness iu Creswell Monday. He ex
pects to go to Colorado soon.
Key William Morford of Spring-
ncla paid a visit to his brother Jo
l.. .
Jast l-rulaj.
. .
A U Smith wa doing sonte
tieTal business -tn auceno last
Tl,ero is more sickness at rrteseat
in thia v-Jniti-lli.i. L)...m 1.. W.,
... --i
tor years. 1
Rev Ifcadreati of the Eogcmp Ur
vinity school held fcrvioes at our
schoolhoTise last Sunday. T3h
house was well filled.
CL Smith has been vn the tksk
list tire pat two weeks and is still
on the list, butis slowly improving
at present. '
Will Day left for Gilliam county
last week w here he has employment
for a year.
Miss Ilatcl Bradley of Coburg,
who was visiting at Miss Schwer
ing's recently, left for her resi-tctire
home Sunday.
A. V. Sxhwcring made a trip to
Crcswell Friday on special busi
ness. He left for Wallerrilla SaI.
nrdar wlicre he eirccta to sind
a few dars airtone friends at that
a k uij, iuuvii; iitonua av inv
Rocker d: Ziniker, the dairymen,
have struck a qnarta mine on their
farm lately which is causing a
great deal of excitement, causing
some to go prospecting.
L'r txttA.
iYtnVtn,!)trb 12 -A .,,.,t
horrifying fire occurred tki tnorn-'
nig wu tioc ai uiu n'li
navlurn k (mm of Ilm n.n.i.
- (,
we completely gutted and r'j,-d
tbe lori of the Kves fj 17 inniai...
Thenars) f tbe tu4 irjr .-ire;
Augusta Ito'st, Julia kri'kren,
KJU Lokkf-n, Margsr'-t kyn:h,
imna Oliten, Martenia T'nny't.n
KlitaUrth Hi'dpe, Mrs - kwnrifii.
. , i
Adelia Hurley, Chrirtin.i Jol.t..,,,,'
nnio Kwg, l.un.-i k rf
yiM k, ndUro,
Kiiti'.' - l'iiii .tz.
: tlalnKKaaiiHcon.
UfANTm.AN inFA ,v"riiti,ir.
...k... . . . . w-
..r- wi.a. y.r.t. joiin w.wii
n"ia wiwpn.r I rncifwuinpw .
lirtnK rim watltk. Writ JOHN WL.Hjii
. Jic. t-xi r u-iaat.
r?TtfK ' inv kl'it!. a
It .I.r.. . r. -.. I:
IfLrlp... -.' i, hrtml.
B J -ill- l.rf"- ,t
mil. i ay
1 1.
1III-I !
-au lo
OsburnA'. DeLano's
Dm taxir north trt llw ' Htii. r iih
'IMainplto fH
J.taW''lilfiii tipi-n ..n rrrf i":- i vn
I II 1.' tftL
In th rlrr ull r.mrt
' t..- flaia of Orrjii
idl.1-)- Uorri, .1.. b'Jn'il
"" ' tin--. .
1 .-I' -n-'l Ui j..;:.k a.
: i.iim -1 i .. t m
I'.'ln,!l III (l.c it.C" rutll!..
i f.trn-l .1. 'n'.-U'.T
1 BlimAi T t'.i- I
I i.-tift III! 1 i. 1-
j :r rr.-m : i i
. i.. If l r .. ; I
" ' '
" Him ir i
. ti.ilttra mi t' T;ir:ii.
i-it ,. !, T,
Miit..c 111. ull ir. i.l V,it
1 v
l'-."H-rv..ii i.r u..i j tkc j.,
Lnit:!l Biffim. .:i I jf . . ..-t.M-
iY. . i .' 1 . -r-
...... i nit.'. i i ai.
" .m. n.- r.. ..:.;... r.-..
'.'VT."',' ' !f-r;... !.n- .-r ......
,'' "i'' ww.i o..-,, .;, ,:,M.i... .n .:.
Ill Ir'.l.iari I .'ft mt ....-.... i..
!' mi.
. ii.inti..;., I i;, Xi I r-.. l .
I toJ ili.i.,r.i..r . ,i - .. ,.
I ifr i i . .i 1 1 -1 1 .1 w i .
-. n. .i.M .rr r I.i..
i I ma .!ii:;;i..;-i. -
' Jitll U)r uf Janaa: I-
' :.rv .ut.l;.i-y on u.i
I .i.t a sir.ri r-
'.: ir:iv i'jt i.:i.t.J
i a.w a.v, iv
Ka Katn-iir
- - cJ.t;..ert
lu B..t, i uo,,c irr...
. n tiik KAV-i
,1 v,.air kritbr
; It "vmn,f tiik ktatk .r ,.np.c.n.
tb rruirrd to a;.j- r an. I attaarrr
.S.r. ....
r.r n-iurr lfi .l.:v
Cll d.W of
' f a
L ..I A-lJ
: r h.l'f
,- T-i: ...... mr v.n l(on? ir t-r 1.
n aai.l e.'Unty of I.anr aaj S!.-t- !
ll v.'ll Ull . I.Jinsr (Llila
.aairl l.m.-. f.rr atlt thcrrW t!r
'""r.w Rt"sr voa on yr.-i; c-rn:it p--T:ii-
"'i'ii iwii:i in s i v u.i,-
.-. i.H:r-.iirr a?i nilrrrat ih
i ,''hln,,z'lS.! ''' """;;,. rinrr
it wt of the Willamrtu mm, I
ttachtil lhrrvia.4ar ihr nun.... . . . ..... .-
aliafritix Ibr claim of nla.m. H
. .. i 1"." ly1'' -"i mt riih.
. '.ii j . nam. lion, iimur of
orWr aal ma. In on lh li. .1.. .1 i..,..-.. ,
' I ....... H I....K
t". ,,,rn,,r,',''1nTroi that tin. .iim.:i..i iw
, .nhl!bl III llir llnia.l-Air I -r : xi.-ipvtvc
n.i o: rm vi ihiiraiu.i. ::,in.if n
aiaUa ;iai day of Jauuajy. i
a i- ivnrn rn.
Xtwiriiv ft -.iiinir.
. i
In tba Crrciitt nrnn of lh aiai ol Otrgon !
Clara Canit, plainllir.0
v i-uv cojiiit.
F-rry C. I arn, dc(:i krt '
To rvtrr O i arna, urkinitan! a't niincl. I
In th namr of ihc iuip of orri 'n von air
nvrfihr aumnoil ai..l .u ..I.-., i ...., ... .
yanj imiiriili.c,,,;, plaint tii.l n.'.-r i.'t ..'n hi
lhcaKivrniiMpl r.m:t aniS r u--r or Wiore
ip . law i..tire . . ..i v..u
" PPr ami anaurr a. ii-rriti rt.iiirT..
jhpllriinlll,.t.lrtoaai. tor th r
j I"a''l fcT In aai.l Minj.Umi. t . it l ..ra
it"" ' t,, , .-..
'rni"ni .in..v.ivi.ii. ,., .r m-c
a... rtiwuijr ia .VTi
fr 11 lu. . ......
i k I I niior rni'.iriti ol u.anvtin
tiTMW.l&nXl i
.. ' 1 -M1 nuioriiiil rpnel
V, r""r.-f '1 " at rl.amUn at
: iwn-uuri.oirKOli. Uti,lx-i
t.. HI I VKT.
Altcrnaj UK l'lainnr.
DalnlJan. IIMUL
Summons. .
to lha circuit tnrt of lha ataM a Am
tor Unit- cointc
Sainal D llolt, rlalntifr,
S rwtlann anfl
alarvarrrt l' Wllaon. itftrrilanta
To i r Wltaon and VartarrMC WlUon drlrml
Tn tha nam of Hit aft oi Ororon, Ton an I
.irh ol on r hcrfr triura. 'to a.iar
anil anawor lira rompla'nt tllrd affatuAt ion in
th above antltlr.! aHli or bofura tho 'inn
lay ol rVorttarv tvia, an. I If roa fail to itcr,
fttMnt HtrNl. tin t'lKlniin" ill tako juH
mont aialtti.1 tli i!i-Ii'ii.l.'il. M r w iImu. Air
' aH.I liitrrriil at K-n-rtit rn an h..m I
ttvaaUiaalrof July. Hi. r,a r."f-
tornoTH l. an. I ll-r niolthra an,;. Ami
VU-niliTwIII al. inkf a iln-raa araln.i von-
aaM ilrlrn.lavla-l,.n'i-l."lt' Ilia inor'u-.itf
iwnllono.1 in thr -.i.i Imit t. ana on th. loil,.-
ltl itowrllosl .rrml., lo nil: I H J ,
rHaii.ifn i,iniiB us r urria ...
i !,,!. 'VJ' 'h"'"'i e-i-
i m ria.i.irna aii.inn.o w rrn, ,,
' "tit or aoi i i. aati-iy im-ii"na im money Ih
'""",,"on"'-""" "'" "ortiv ,wm.
h , ,hn n.n aall lor nonch t aaiMv ,Ki,'..1B.,
I jonrr. tbi-n tha I'Uiund III lakr liiitrnmil I
llil Ih il.-lrn.l.iil. ST Wlhna. t.i k .1. I
flrtrnry tlta,t oiay apfi-ar
Thla aumniolia la inlMI-hM anS ar.AH ao rn.
.... .....-...w wvma iur.
rwa.I,ll nfrklj lirnapaivr rul.lal.r-l la
Riiaotir, lanarounty. trf .n. tr onlrrof lln.
I namKion, fialir of aai.l roan, maja la
haaihria tna 4Mb 1
uay in i-rrmi.r. mat
Aiioraarlor I'laanJff.
?Jr ZM. F" '-' ;
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Sleeping Cars
Dining Cars
Sleeping Cars
St. Paul
Grand Forks
Helena and
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Floor Taint " C'laaa s InteriorOtasa Paint
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Varnihh Sati l Taper Ture Ca.itrOH
Coal Oil Waice'. Keala ISootOit
Buifjr Tairrt LarJ Oil MacrrmaOila Wa-)l Pawl
Strictly Pare Easterm xiaieed Oil
ISrnsbeior Wall Paper?
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Consisting of
16 " - CAST COOKS and KAXGE3
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Cwftil, fiii up. . . $50,000.
V EBKOWM, Prealdent.
B.D. PAIN F, View raatdnt
W.W OSBURH, Caahlor
W W BROWN As t Caohlar
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Who Eats
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Homestead Filing, Final, I'm '
and Contests a Specialty!
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