Broad-axe. (Eugene, Lane County, Or.) 189?-19??, December 03, 1898, Image 1

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t ! IbaQul.h r.tery I. Irk.
llawe ! th Llaa r.rwrw Time,
Xi)u III.
j:r(ii:Ni:f lank countv, oh km ox, katijkiiav, dkck.hku a, isom.'
,NO. 28.
Epitome of the Telegraphic
News of the World.
An lalaresllna lullanllua ut llama Proaa
tha Turn laualaa.hares I'rasaulad .
. Ih a ('..ajdeMaad Porn.
Topgallant, tumoti 1111111011, wn'ii
old In Chicago for I'JO.OOO.
New bankruptcy rule, th aupreiu
ooiiil announces, w til tak ftix.X Jami
it t, I HUB.
A receiver hai been appointr I filr
tli Chaise Paper Company ol Nor-
loh, C'ollll.
Kurt 7 peopl war killed hy Ilia ex
plosion of a box of dynamite neat Ilia
llama baltar.jr, Havana.
Tli United Staled navy haa landed
marina Irf China to art aa guard for
h full Mala legation.
-Japan will resist 0 great caar, and
preparations ar already under way lor
driving III Ruaalan lio from Corca.
Th Franklin slump mill al Hanoi k,
Mich., haa been destroyed by Or. Hi
luaa being l 80,000. hit bonder. I men
will b thrown out ol employment -for
all monlha.
A special lo tho Now York Worl.l
from Washington ears: A cal. la be
tween tha United Mans and lb Ha
waiian will undoubtedly he pro
vided al Ih furthcoming scealoo of
Al a banquet given In bla honor al
New York, Admiral Schley slated thai
li bad a pteeanllmonl that I'aiTrra
would altarnpt to escape from Santiago
harbor, anl thai ha had made prepara
tion! to kit htia a wartu rt ptln.
According lo a dlsiiatch froru Hheng
lial to Ion. Ion, Kngiaud, news agwncy,
tl Drill. Ii admiral haa hoisted th
union jack over T'ng Hal. capital of
th island of (.'ho Han, an. I over several
other Islande In th Cbo San eruhl
polagn. An English turtlal positively asserts
that Don Carlo's aimv will lake Ih
field In Spam anon afloi the treaty la
signed, lie dvclnrre that loan hat
I n fully financed, and that It I di
vided equally between Franco and
Iamaga I t th terrible hliitard off
th New Enlgai.d coasl ha len much
pi m.l Saia -mmm -lawtlaaia I by
lttrhra. In or nii th harhorf nl
Maaaai'htniatla alone not ! than li0
Vraaal hav t-n loat. and In loo.t
ra' thn f.itu of th craw la unknuan.
At li-al 170 1 1 v. havo htrit loat.
oni. lal rtatidlc iliow that florman
catlU rrrwhr ar anfTnrltig from
tuhardohiala and nthar diaaaara. In Ihn
diatrict of All-la Cbappalla, for In-
lanr, 8$ cnniiiiuni-i ahnw that ?4t)
farul ar an ln(at-lal. Al lal"40
parrant ol all th (iaiman ratlla bav
tubarculnal. and In aoin dUtrlct th
porcantagn la a high a 79 par cant.
A powder-mill at La Molta. Mo.,
tlaw op and all workmen wcr kllla.1
ml aavaral lnjnra.1.
OfTlrar of Ih Amariran MalM Tmp
ganda ar planning for ao cltantlva
ihihlt of Indian ourn at Ih Tail cl
pualtion. Th offlrlal fatrtt of Madrid lial
patilitba-l divra aocptlng Iho rclg
nation of Ornaral Blanco a governor
general ol Cuba.
An antl-anarvhlat oonferrno in which
II Ih Knropaan nalinna ar tepraaenl
d, haa opened In Itom. Th leaaioui
will bo prolongaj until Chriatma.
A leriltnrlal lor mot government will
b ieoomrnende.1 lor . Hawaii. Th
oninraiaaion ha completed th bill' and
It report will h read when congr
' Kavnlutlor.ary band In Dratil hav
crnaeed th frontier aud ar threaten
lug to unit and match toward the cap
ital of Uruguay. Troop hav beun
ant to purau them.
' Wliil rounding carve near Burling
ton, laj), a paaaanger train waa derailo.1.
On woman waa killed, I year-old
child fatal I Injured, and If other
aerioualj Injmed.
Th Italian government ha aent an
ultimatum lo the eultan of Morocoo
on lh tob)ect ol th detention and 111
treatment of Italian. A week hat
been given the aultan in which to make
-, wp'y.
An eiperlment In lorgerjr It to lie
tried in New York. A man who blew
away the fide of hie foe and bla note
with ahotgun will have both replaced
with new one of rubber, covered witb
grafted akin.
There hat been street fighting among
the politloal partiee at Seoul, Corea.
On one aide II persona wera killed, and
further bloodahed la feared. Tha Jap
aneea govarnment haa been aiked to
end troop to preeaivw order at PeouL
' A prominent Cuban ear the flrat ob
ject of th Guhan oommlailoner now
la th United State I to rale fund
with whlca to par tba Cuban trooia.
lie alto tay that Cuba would deal re to
remain tiea tor awhile, but ultimately
anneiailon to Ih Unit! ftute la both
i peeled and dealred.
Mlaar tlaw iMma.
Tba cteamer Monaroh eleaied liora
New Oileana for Liverpool with th
largeet general cargo aver carried from
that port, embracing 10,410 bale of
ootlon, 118,000 baahel of corn, It, 000
I area.
8a rah Bunnell, an Abilene, (Kan.)
young woman, be received a legacy of
naif a million dollar from New York
friend loteretled ia her moaloel aduca
Hon. 8h will go lo Pariiaooa to com
plat ber mutloal education.
i'lalrle fire hav caud gtrut dam
agn In Oklalmio arxl Indian territory
during the pout few day.
A rlM In a pnlllloul club al Mrg
reaulted In (he death of on, and th
wounding of aovoral olliera.
An engine driving a anow plow
plunged over an einboiiknient near Houtli
lierwiik, Me., ami th vnigntx-r ami
llrriiiau Wera klllil.
John Walnm-k, a deputy ling Iff. wi
alio! and kllla-l at Birmingham, Ala.,
hy ail eiuiaped negro convict, whom hn
waa trying lo aircat. Th uiurdorer
An lllirlt whiiky atlll aa a aide Inane
ol a plant for Iho unlawful manufacture
and linllnliiin of well known biandt of
win ha been uiiemtliwl near Ih beait
of Chicago.
The ceaaion of t'nha, Porto filial and
tha I'hillppliiea aua praolii alljr awoin
pli.liml at Wednewtay'a anaaloii of th
per.i The ar the.
Ihn- muln artli'lea.
Two huii.lrl' Uvea lout, 0 veaaela
totally wraikinl and i'J other lyielia
ly Irun linl, and the wont probably not
known,. I the latent new from the fear
ful Atlantic atorui.
A freight tiain on tlie Norfolk &
Weatern railroad went through a Inl ine
near ICIVerai.le, Va. The fireman wa
killed, the englnwr eurinualy acaldnd
ami al.iakriuuu faially Injuied.
Artl.l. iinur-irtiiig tlie O. It. A
N. Company have leen filed with the
aiH'retary of etale of Washington, and
how that the eitenaton in Oregon,
tVanhingtoti and Muhu have long been
In ooiiti tn platioii.
Al the liyl Legion tmnguet gUcn
In - Manila - guii wca prraent.
Nernly every immaulery wa repie
ariiled. iieueral Anduiaon picaided
and iteai-Admiral Dewey wa let-1 red
by a guard of honor Imui tha Oregon
reg'ineiit. . . .
Cuban are starving to death In Pant
Clara, and the Kni from ha been ai
ealed lo lo fiirnlxh prompt relief.
Women and children ar (offering. If
ut-cor il(' not aonn reach them all will
have died. The Cubnq troop are alao
In a pitiful condition foi lack of up
plica. The Ited-CroM will promptly
reuit to tha apeal, but ia liauJI
rappe by lack of funde. -
Cllildo M. Johuaon, director of Ih
bureau of engraving and printing, in
bl annual rcmrt ihowa that during the
year there were V2,V7U,4;8 ihi-et of
tain aud goveimnent aecurlliea
printed and delivered at a coat of f I,
670. 6WH. Thia um, however, In
cludea (13.5UO iucrea ol lo k, .10,.
000 paid for machinery and t,416
paid to out.l le employee
Cha.- W. t'oiil.lo. k, th well-known
actor,, died in Sew York. .
Natural gn ha been diacovcred oo
Siiiiiiiierlind beach, near Santa Barbara,
The ateamer Wild wood aank at her
diN'k al i'ort Towoavnd during a heavy
lor in.
Many ol the Manila anldier want lo
come borne. They have been attacked
by a aeiloii caae ol houie-ilokncee. .
Three negro war lynched near
Meridian, Mia. The crime alleged
waa the thumping of a whit man.
The government haa. beun officially
ad v lard of Ih aucceaeful termination
of the Parlt negotiation with Spain.
, Tha ateamer Detroit wai lout on
Shelter lalaud, near Juneau. Bhe had
if passenger, all of whom were aaved.
Th batla-ihip Wiarondn, recently
launched at r-an Franclaco, I fait In
the mud, and all effort to dislodge ber
have proved futile.
Incompetent engineer are blamed
fur the breakdown of the cruiser Bof
fan. while on her war from New York
to Join Admiral Dewey' fleet.
Ilorae ttealing oa a large acale I aald
to he going on InT-aalern Oregon, and
thousand of horaea have disappeared
from that eectlon during the past year.
A writer In the London Contemporary
Itrvlew, in an article characterising
William of Germany a the arch enemy
of Kngland, declare that country and
the United State must itand ahoulder
to ahoulder in Ibe Eaat.
General Blanco' retirement and tha
resignation of the autonomist cabinet
Increase Ih oonfuaion In Cuba, which
pieoeded American control. Fear I
loll that the United Bute may not
asaiim Immeiliate Juriatliotlon, and
that oonfualou will result.
j Tha steamer Portland, which wa re
ported missing after the big Atlantic
coast ttorm, baa been lost off Highland
light with every passenger rind tb
entire orew. The number drowned I
alwol 100. Thirty four fr-die bare
been recovered from the turf and th
reeco work (till proceed. Tb Tort
land wa valued al $150,000, and wa
New al hand from Tlen-Taln thai
a large number of Japanca plea hav
'been captured by the Koetiant at Port
Arthur and ihot. Seven Japan, all
officer of th Impel 11 Japanese army,
' were taken, and on their peiaon wera
j found drawlnga of the principal lortl
' flcatlon. Bat a day elapsed after their
cpture betor they were marched out
- befm -flrlrg "parly ol Russian and
tumuiarily ahot
California mine owner assert tha
gold output of tha dale ha been cut
tailed at least 60 per cent by a pco
' longed drought. I '
Oliver Clement, aged 18, of Poplar ir i... . i..l uM n.nn,h
I.IIUU, I.I1M, 1 1 1. I I D.I .
MoOlnnli, aged to. Bhe wa bl tap-
mother t tepmothr.
Though on of th youngest general
officer In th confederate army Gen
eral Wheeler wa th oldest in tba ea-
, tinaal aervloa against Spain,
She Finally Accepts ilic
American Tcrinsr
I'arla lllra, fiaam and lha f 1. 1 1 1 1 1. 1 naa
Ara N m w Amarlraa 'tlMlas-.aiaa.
Us ll.ur. V. -m a4l-
Haas are Atiarliaa w liar tvasaait.
Paris, Nov. 80. Spain haa ancepted
Ihe United hlalea' ofler of f.' 0,000,.
000, and at a joint session of Ih aoe
cominislons this afternoon oonsentud
without condition to th relinquish
ment of Cuba, and to cede Porto llico,
Guam and th Philippine island.
Th document presenting Ihl accept
ance coutainnd only 800. words. It
reiid with k referenr to Ih unequal
term of the United Htatel, and laid
that the Spanish commisaionei, after
laving taken cognizance of the terms
pin posed by the Amniicana, replied that
their government had tried to give at
equitable aa answer aa possible, but
thai they were not prepared to ooramtt
thuir government lo the acceptanoe of
th piinc.iple einUidli-d in the argil-
Tbs sbuvs msp shows lbs tvrrttorr thst bss been, er wilt aadoabrdly be. iir4 to tb
t'aiiad bisias aa a raaalt af it war vuk aaala Cub. Porto bton. th Islss of Guaoa,
or Uusbss, la tbs Ladroaea. sad a coaling station and port In to lalliprlaea.
' fThe shovs rnsa and .tstenieiit was euhO.tied Immedlstrlv fnllLWln' tbe slsntn of ths
p-cr ernt.-..!. a. rt-suH cf ihe I'ari. e.infreni-.- lha I ruled ha. rlrid every point therein
j n Jul. -I, .rlln r with Ihe rrulen ol the rnilre I'hilli pin.- arctiliau
ment. Spain rejeota these principles,
the note continues, "as she always bus
rejected them."
Basing her attitude upon tho justice
of ber cause, the note then savs the
still adheres to these principle, "which
she ha heretofore iuvariably formu
lated." However, thn note adds, In her esire
for peace, she lias gone so far a to pro
pose Pertain compromise, which th
American have alwsys rejected. She
has also attempted to arbitrate some of
the material particular upon which the
two governments differed. Theso pro
posals for arbltiatlon, it I added, the
American had equally rejected. These,
allegations in Spain' reply, a to l-
'tnpted arbitration, refer to her pro
Mal to arbitrate the construction of
the third article of the protocol, and
also lo subaalt the Spanish colonial debt
of Cuba and the Philippine to arbitra
tion. Th last proposition had been
made in a written oommuni ration.
Since it presentation, and in return for
such a: Miration, Spain offered to cede
the territory in dispute. The Ameri
can refused both proposition for arbi
Italian. Fin'e reply today In (ubstanoe con
tinued by declaring that tire United
State haa offtred at a kind of compen
sation to Spain something very inade
quate to tha saorluoel the latter coun
try makea at tlii moment, and the
(eela that the United State' propoeale
could not be considered as equitable.
Spain hat, however, eihausted all the
resources of diplomacy and an attempt
to justify her attitude. Seeing that
an acceptance of tbe proposal made to
Spain is a neceemry condition to a con
tinuance of negotiation, and seeing
thai tha reaouice of Spain are not tuch
'a to enable her to re-onter opon war,
ahe I prepared, In her dealra to avoid
bloodahed, and" from contldcrationa of
hotnanlty and patriollim, to tubmlt to
the condition of tho conquering na
tion, however harsh they may be. She
I therefor to occpt tba proposal of
the American commission, a presented
at the latl tilting.
Tho reading and tho translation of
tho document occupied lea than flv
minute. At the conclusion of th
translation th oornmiealonert empow
ered Seuor Ojeda, secretary ol tb
Spanish 0nmmiion, and Secretary
Moot, of h Ameiloan commission,
lodraw up article which ar to embody
tha reltnquiahment ol Cuba by Spain
and the oeation ol Porto Klco and tbe
Philippine. These artlolee, whloh
may be considered a constituting th
condition of peaoa, will bo ready for
ubmletlon a Thursday.
Tha oomroissloner left tha foreign
offloe Immediately alter the secretaries
had been directed to prepare tb arti
cle ol the peaoa treaty.
There wat tcarcely any conversation
between tho American and Spanish
coram lagloner after tha adjournment.
Among th Ameiloan only th most
grave consideration for their Spanish
oolleagoet wat apparent.
Preparation of niabiennlal report to
the legislator haa been completed by
tho atate land oommilonr of Wash
a-alalltle rrv th Alstl Csast Oala
Dearly lasraasls.
Boston, Mart., !ov, 10. It I koowo
definitely tonight that rnor than 70
Uvea hav been loat In the wreoka of
tugt, Khooner and ooal big' during
the atnrm of falorday night and oo
day morning, and If th steamer Port
land haa gone down, a now seem pos
sible, the- list of casualties will rice to
170, with over 100 vessels of all de
scription aahora, two ecora ol them to
be total wreck and n unknown num
ber probably bnetb th wave cf
MaMHchusett hay, ,
There is roly bay, harbor or In
let from the Penobeoot lo New London
which haa not on it aln.ra Mm bonea
of aome tanch craft, while all along
Manaachosetts bay, avd epeqially Bi
lou harbor, the beach ai piled high
wllh the wrnckaatw .! avhoonar and
ooal barge. Th record, allhoogh
hourly lengihoning. I (till Incomplete
for that ocean graveyard of Cape Cod
ia still to be heard from.
The annoyance and Inconvenience of
thn railroad and strect-cai embargo,
covering the whole of southern New
Kngland, sank Into Insignificance be
fore the story of destruction wrought by
wind ami wave, yet It will be many a
day before the full Import of the dual
ter i known or even realized.
The island of Boston harbor are
without eicrption strewn with wreck
and wreckage; no lea than 89 vessel
are ashore at Gloucester, ovei 20 in
the auppoaed eafa hsrlxir of Vineyard
llaveo j.aitcd their archoi-cllna ye
terday, and are high and dry on tlie
beach. Nantaaket beach aaw two
schooner sod a oual barg dash to
pieces on its sands, the rocks f Codas
set claime-1 a starch flshertaan; Scito-
ato, a well-known pilot-boat; Manches
ter, a Down East lumberman, while one
tug and three barg.-s known to have
been between Cape Cod and Boston are
unaccounted for and probably lost.
The upper harbor of Boston, Ply
mouth, Salem, Portsmouth, Portland
and other place where vessels were
supposed to be comparatively tafe.were
the aeene of numerous collision be
tween the hip and the wharves.
Kveiy life-aavlnc crew performed
desds of heroism In rescuing crew from
trauded vessels, and lug-boat on plain
risked life and property in their en
deavor to save life.
Iaataa at Maalls.
Washington, Nov. 80. The follow
ing report ol death' among the Ameri
can force at Manila wa received from
General On by tb war department to
day: "Manila, Nov. 19. Adjutant-Gen-
eial, Washington: Following' death
aince last report:
"Nov. 81 Frank M. Harden, pri
vate, company K, First North Dakota,
typhoid fever.
"Nov. 88 Clyde Perklna, private.
company K, Second Oregon, emallpox;
nailer Downing, private, company L,
First Colorado, dysentery.
' Nov. 88 Cbarlea McKlnnon, pri
vate, company P, Second Oregon,
mallpog. .
"Nov. 85 Robert Davidson, pri
vate, company J, Fourteenth United
Statea Infantry, malaria; James M.
Clark, company K, Fint South Dakota,
dysentery. OTI3."
. rw DmI Is th flaad.
Union, Ot.t Nov. 80. A mlner.Wil
Ham Lamb, wat found dead near
Sanger, a few day ago. Ho became
loot In a anow ttorm and wa found
fro sen to death. It wa reported that
there waa gumhot wound ondfcjs body,
and tbe ooroner went out to hold an Id
qoeat, hot thi proved to be untrue.
The body wa brought hero for burial,
which too Tlaoo today.
saalsk Lv riaar Dal HI.
Havana, Nov. 80. At noon today
General Hernando Velasco, with 8,000
Spanish troop, evacuated the city and
province of Pinar del Rio. They left
the city with band playing and ban
ner flyjng. General Velasco made a
formal delivery to the mayor. Ball an
hour afterward a Cuban lieutenant
colonel entered with 850 men.
Naw York, Nov. 80. Tbo mem her
of tho Cuban committee in thi city
have teoeived no word of tho death ol
General Gome. Thay discredit the
ataar Will Mas tar Ow.
Washington, Nov. 80. Tba war de
partment. In view of tha assurance that
tho Parte treaty will ho algned. la ar
ranging to mutter out more troop. It
I probable that frota 80,000 to 40,000
volunteer will be mterad Ml anon
a teleotlon ol regiment eaa bo made.
Tha force at Manila will aot be re
duced al present.
Grant O. Olllett. wall-known Kan
ass oattla baron, haa failed for a large
amount ana dm we aowntry.
Steame- Portland lost With
All on Board.
klrarh aa fapa 'ad Darla tba Oala
Maay Itadlas Have Krirtad
Highland Light. Vast., Doc. 1. The
atOiiner Portland, of th Boston and
Portland hue, haa been loet on Cape
lU,-mifh all on board. Th lifeav-
ing men, throngh a tlinding ttorm,
yesterday morning at o'clock heard a
distress whiitle, snd last night at mid
night the booj of a man waa found on
shore. On tbe body of ttie man was a
life belt marked "Kteamer Portland, of
Portland." A gold watch in his pocket
had (topped at 10 o'clock. This man
waa well dreaned, wore black clothes
snd tan shoe, and bad light hair an!
mustache. A piece of card in hi
pocket bore the word, "John W., Con
gieos street, Portland." The body of
a large woman, without covering of
any kind, waihed ashore at Pamet
river, but there waa no means of
It is believed that the Portland wa
disabled by the storm at 10 o'clock last
night, being nnable longer to hold up
againrt the gale, and drilled on Peaked
Hill bar, and went to piece. No part
of the thlp ha drifted ashore, and it I
not known just where she struck.
Bole ol 4bHo, clothing, cheese, oil,
eto.. have hoea-waall ashore, al-O
lif preserver marked with the word
"Steamer Portland." .
Bodies of rirtloil Washed Ashiara. ,
Boston. Dec. 1. Dr. Maurloe Rich
ardeon, of Beacon street, this city, wa
at his summer home, Wellflcet, during
the storm, and corroborated tbe early
aocoout of the lost of the Portland,
for be aaw two of the bodies washed
ashore, snd on tbem were life preserv
er maiked with the vessel't name.
Dr. Richardaoo was on the first train
(rom Cape Cod which arrived in this
city tate tonight.
"I swtwo of "the bodies picked
up, eai. the doctor. . One wat prob
ably that ol a deckhand, a man of j
about 80. Be had on a life preserver
marked 'Portland.' Tlie other body
waa that of a clout woman. She, too,
wore a life preserver with the tteamer'a
name on it. Wreckage ,1 coming
ashote for IS mile along tbe coast.
Among the wreckage were cases ol lard
dlrevted to Portland."
In addition to ' the two bottles. Dr.
Richardson brought news that at
Orleans the body of a girl about 20 wa
found. She had a gold watch and a
ring marked "J. G. E." Her watch
haj stopped at 9,17. There are three
bod If al Nausett, eight at Orleans and
28 at Truio and Well fleet. Tbe double
wheel of the Portland came ashore al
There were about 100 persons aboard
the Portland, including (1 passenger.
Tlie Portland was OulU at Bath, Me..
In 1890, and wa a side-wheel steamer
of 1,817 tons net burden. Her length
s 30 feet, beam 48 and depth 18
feet, fjhe was rained at 8330,000, and
wa fully insured.
Washed Ashor at Hichlaad Light.
Provincetown, Msss., Deo. 1. Two
bodies that cams ashore at Highland
Light and ar supposed to be from tho
Portland have been brought here. One
is that ol a well-dressed man. Tho
other body I that of a woman with
pnly shoe and stockings on.
Karea Powers Dared, Kt latarTer
I la rhlllpplBs Matiara.
Berlin, Dec. 1. The Cologne Ga
te tte says: "International envy ha
prevented Europe from opposing tho
eieeesivs demand of the United State
opon Spain. Although they might
have profited by tha situation, the pow
er feared to make a bitter enemy of
America, with the consequent closing
of ber markets, II they oppesed the an
nexation of the Philippines."
Other German paper arguo that
the United State would never havo
dared to impose such conditions had
It not been for England a support.
Tbi conviction ol Iho Anglo America
agreemnet, giving the two power tbo
virtu of .control of tb "far Eastern
question," intensiffed the situation.
It Is believed Great Britain will get
Chosan aa compensation and both Eng
land and America are suspected ol hav
ing some disagreeable surprise in store.
agasta ilraathaa Raster.
Madrid, Dec I. Senor Pagasta
showed much emotion on learning that
the Spanish commissioner rn Pari
had formallv agreed to sign the treaty
fit peace on tho American conditions.
but he assured his friends that he wa
convinced bo bad adopted tho best
course in tho Interests of tbe country
and tho monarchy, adding that tha
newt had lifted -a great weight fiom tha
minds of tlie people. The Bank ol
Spain has made a Ireah advance to tho
government of 60,000,000 pesetas, lo
cover tho expense ol repatriating tho
Spanish troop from tho Phillppinee
and tbo Antilles. Tb republican pa
per violently attack both th govern
ment and the Aaser loans.
Geld aa as Jaaa HIU.
' Wichita. Ran.. Dec I. Dr. J. W.
La nu ford, ol Aritona, and 12 of Koose-
veil's Rough Rldei hav gon to San
Juan hill, Cuba, lo prospect tot gold.
In aa interview her Langford said:
. r f i, .i . ..l i . . v i
un iun ui iiv 'iuui ,mii- w j
lieve Cuba to be a better gold field .
than tho Klondike. I think Cuba I
one ol the best prospecting countries in
the world. I expect to locate a claim j
on San Juan hill that a company will .
be able to work witb large profit." I
Valval Assay Witt B Sladaaad hy
O.OOO Mas.
New York. Deo. I. A special to tb
Herald from Washington say On
of tbe first raemlts of tha determination
of tha peae negotiation at Pail will
be an order for tha mosterlng out of aa
many as 80,000 men of the voluneter
army. Tlie order tbo far cover about
S3, 000 men, but not mora than 88,000
have actually been moatered out.
Tha present army consists of about
180,000 men, exclusive ol all ordered
mastered out, 83,000 ol whom asMreg
nlars. Tbe for contemplated for
the Islands are:
For the Philippines, 80.000; for
Porto Rloo, about 7,000; for Cuba,
not more than 80,000.
Thia, on tbo. basis of 76.000 in fro for
th regular eatabllanrocnV which is
the number now reckoned oa by com
petent military forecasters here will
leave 80,000 men lor frontier and sta
tion work In this country. Secretary
Alger lecommendt 100,000 men.
There ar now 80,000 volunteer,
who are entirely useless, in view of the
technical cessation of hostilities. Or
ders for the muttering out of these will
be Issued without delay, which will
leave 100,000 men in the army. It
wa recalled by army officers that th
regular army of 28,000 men ha never
been opto iu limit of enlisted strength,
and that the army of 82,000 men under
tbe Hull bill lacked 10,000 of complete
Secretary Alger lefased to say
whether he would ask for more pay for
oils ted man. but it is asserted that it
will be impoaaibla to secure tho enlist
ment of 78,000 men unless there be
grain greater pay than f IS a month
for each man. An Increase of pay 'or
private In tba service will bo one of
the almost ceitain development of leg
islation for army reorganisation, th
argoment being based opon tbe danger
ous climate to be endnred in the new
possession. '
Th Kew Arm.
Washington, Deo. 1. There is re
newed talk of reorganization of the
regular army by tbe present session of
congress, and that a bill is now under
preparation by the war department.
Blewmar Datrolt Wraehad oj Shatter
Islaad Pasaaagars sad Craw Savad.
Seattle, Dec I. The tteamer Cot
tage (Tity, from Alaska, brings newt of
the wreck of the tteamer Detroit on
Shelter itland. Her crew and passen
gers, numbering 27, were saved.
Tbe Detroit ran between Juneau snd
Haines Mission. While making her
regular run Thanksgiving day she
strock a lee? on Shelter Wand. The
weather waa terribly thick and a heavy
anow storm raging. The rock toi
great - hole - In her, as tbe engines
j pounded tbemtelve to pieced, en
j deavoring lo drag her from her mck-
bound position. Th water poured
through her, and had It not been for
the tightness in wihch the was held hy
the rocks she would hrve gone down,
drowning all on board.
Tbe passenger and crew were land
ed on Shelter itland, where they ar
housed with scarcely any provisions,
under tarpaulin.
The purser and two seamen went to
Juneau In a small boat for relief, arriv
ing there Just before the Cottage City
left. Tbey say the survivor are In a
critical-conditioo, shivering with cold
round a lire and witbont food. ..
A steamer hat gone to tbe rescue with
' Saaakalass Pawdar Faata Ilara ad.
Pinole. Cal., Dee. 1. A dlssstrona
fire at the works ol tho California Pow
der Company today destroyed, several
building and mooh valafabl ma
chinery in the gun-cotton department,
entailing a loss of $28,000 and tha tem
porary discontinuance of tho manufac
ture ol smokeless powder. Tbe com
pany had just made a contract with tho
I United States government to tupply an
' Immense quantity of smokeless powder.
Kegalera afar O alaalla. -
San Francisco, Dec 1. A rumor la
t currant at army headquarter that be-
tween now ana January i, sol
dlers will be brought hero to embark
I for the Philippine. It la expected
. that the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Bev
, epth. Thirteenth and Twentieth in
fantry will be assigned to doty on tho
Island and that some of th volunteer
tationetd ther will be returned to thi
country for mustering out.
Trial er Oaklaad strata.
Oakland. CaL, Dec 1. Tbo trial of
W. A. Branded, a censed ol tho murder
of hi 18-year-old daughter, baa been
set for December 1. IU .broke dowo
in court and wept when the charge wa
read. Hia wife will he tried on tho
same charge on December 6. She la
quite nnoonoerned, and,- like bor haw-
, band, ha pleaded not guilty. The;
are accused ol having beaten th child
, lo death and then made it appear to bo
a oaae of suicide.
alias; Qaaatlaa rasatllsd.
Washington, Nov. 80. The Behring
' sea question ha readied suoh an ad
vanced stag in the consideration ol
1 the Anglo-American commission that a
' special meeting was held today to hear
the report ol the committee. Aftef
over two hour devoted to considering
' the report and tbe view of th re-
pective side, it wa dated that ao
conclusion had been reached.
London, Dec. I. Tha Daily Mail
thi morning makea tba following aa
nonncement: ,
"W ar able lo state that on th In
vitation of th secretary of slat lor tb
colonle, Hon. Joseph Chamberlain,
soms English capitalists have Indicated
their readiness to endeavor to revive,
the sugar Industry In tb West tndli
if bounties are abolished. Sir Tliomat
Llptoa is prepared to apand 1,000,000
pounds, tad it ia believed that some ar-
rangementa will bo arrived at.
Terrible Accident on a Stock
ton Steamboatr V
III r.msi all I lad sad Maar Oaagar
sir WBdsdHeartraadla
aajas Aaaawg aaaTarara,
- Stockton, Cal. 7 Nov. 29. TL most
disastrous river accident In tba history
of Stockton occurred this morning at
4:30 o'clock, near Fourteen-Mile slough,
whn a part of ooo ol tho hollars of the
lives aUamaw T. CL Walker, which left
San Praocisoo at 6 o'clock last night,
wa blown out, killing (lx and danger
ooalr wounding 11 persons, while prob
ably 18 Of 20 others were more or less
badly hurt Tb T. G. Walksr Is ownsd
by tho California Navigation Im
provement Company, and ran but aeen
San Franoisoe and .6tockton. Tho
dead are:
Joho Tolan, captain ol the T. O.
Walker; Ferdinand Law, ol Seattle;
W. A. Blunt, tb agent in -charge of
shipping of sugar beets from tha Moo
tract to the Crockett factory; Watson .
IL Henry, of Stockton, engineer ol th
T. C. Walker; Mrs. Henry Watson,
wife of tbo cbisf engineer; Jarry "
Dailey, fireman.
Ten were wounded.
Th majority of th passenger wore
in bed when the explosion occurred,
and ware awakened by the report. "
which waa ad loud as a canitoo's roar.
People rushed from their rooms in
their night clothes and foond Ibe whole .
lorward portion of tha steamer's upper
works blown away. The electric lights
had bean . put out. and -4h escaping
steam enveloped tha front portion of
the boat, till It was Impossible to se
bow muoh ol th boat had been dam
aged. The screams of the men who
were locked In their rooms near tho
pilot-bouse were heartrending.
- Captain John Tolan bad been blown
Irom hia bed against the door of tbo
stateroom, and so seiiously injured that
he could not move. Tb door could
not be forced open, a be way Jammed
op against it. one, ot .the evgioyei 01
the boat secured an axe and cut the up
per part of the room away, and final!'
removed him, but not until 1m waa vir
tually roasted alive. When polled out,
tbo flesh dropped from his bones in
Isige pieces, and although lie waa suf
fering excrutiatlcgly he boi'e it bravely,
and not a groan escaped him aa he was
taken out ol tbe steam.
Watson H. Henry, the chief ongtneer,
and hhr wis, war la their room - near
the pilot-house when the expfoMon con curred.
Mrs. Henry was blown through
th roof. The flooring was blown Ho
wards, and she waa burled with great
vlolencsi' a distance of folly 20 fast,
toward the bow of the boat. She was
horribly crashed by the force of tbe ex-,
plosion, and also badly scalded by es
caping steam. Her injuries proved
fatal at 18:80 thia afternoon. She re
tained oonsolouinea until a fw mo
ment bofors her death. Her suffer
ing wera so intense that she begged
the phvslciat ia attendance to end her
life, but al! that could be done was to
deaden the pain by the nae ol narcotica.
Mr. Henry waa terribly scalded. lis
waa blown some distance away, but
not aa far aa waa hia wife. He died .
shortly after being brought to thia cite.
W. A. Blunt waa instantly killed.
Ba waa standing on the lower deck, a
be intended making a landing a short
d;stanoe above tbe place whero th ex
pliion occurred.
Jerry Dailey, the fireman, wa in th
firehold ol tho boat wben the accident
occurred. Tho escaping steam com
pletely enveloped him, scarcely a por
tion ol bis body escaping the scalding
vapor. Ho died at tha receiving bos-
pita I at 13:18 thia afternoon. He had
been in the employ ol the California
Navigation A Improvement Company
for about 14 years.
Underneath tha lower decks, where
tha deck bands slept, the groans and
screams were heartrending. The un
fortunate imprisoned men were receiv
ing the full effect of the steam w-it
cam from tbo boiler. Eight of them -weto
almoat roasted alive. Those who
were able mad their way to tho deck
as beat they could, while the more seri
ously injured were nnable to get out.
Tbo exposed poitions of their bodies
uffsred th most. Th arm and face
of tho near tbe main entianoe wero
frightfully scalded. Coratti Domlnici.
who was on th lower deck, waa blown
Into tho watet, and had to swim ashore
after hia back wa terribly scalded.
LjuIs Brtsaolana, in company with '
Chat lea Maggtsl am) wife, waa standing
near th pilot-house on th text deck.
Tho foics threw him to one aide, but .
not until be wa badly burned about
th body. Fortnnatelv, Mr. Maggini
nd hi Wife escaped without so much
aa a - soratoh, though both were throw
down by th concussion.
DnvHi tw th t a.
Boston, Mas., Nov. 89. Tw maa
lost their live In tiro (torm today at
Revero. On waa M ichael Led and tha
other an unknown negro. Doth were
drowned oa Ousaa avenue while trying --.
to croaa that tboronghfare, through
which tho tide wa flowing.
Thrw Wasr Lrafhad. -
Meridian, Mis., Nov. 89. Report
hav reached heie thai three negroes
wero lynched last night lour ml lee
wast of Meridian. New ton county .
farmsrt ar aald to b oa tba trail of
Other Implicated ia aa as unit on a '
whit maa, who came to Merldiaa Fri
day fiora, Newtoa county and wa pr
sued and flrod opon hy th negro. A '
mob of armed farmers left tor tho
scans, and while ao dsflnita aawt had
haea tecelved. It I believed that tbay
bar summarily dealt wllh' lha black.
1 1"-"-.