Broad-axe. (Eugene, Lane County, Or.) 189?-19??, July 16, 1896, Image 4

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atra. Mtt Beblaaoa K arh u
He rsvarit Fa.
' A drm wing-room ratorUlamMt to
hardly considered complets nowaday
unless It Includes something by guitar
or banjo performer. Among tb faw
are mora popular than Mrs. Jeennett
Bobtnaon Murphy of New York, beraelf
a compos-ir of not a few picas! Df little
songs. Her unususl tueoeaa la tba cat
oral result of glrlng tba subject of ne
gro eooga a great deal of attentloa
Born and railed In tba Sooth, aba early
Imbibed a great lore for tba peculiarly
plaintive aire wltb which tba negro
idea and women lighten tbelr work.
Like all other Southern children of well-to-do
parent aba bad "mammy,1 and
it happened that tbla colored woman
;waa renowned for ber ability aa a alng
r. Mr. Murphy recently aald:
i "Aa a child I need to follow tbla old
lored woman about when aba was
' Just to uear ber alng, caring more
i aound of ber voice tban for tba
et Northern mualc. Aa I grew
f tan to wonder aa to tba reaaon
strange fascination of the negro
i for all claaaaa of people. I found
It waa not merely In the morlo or worda,
for the qualDteet of darky melodlee ren
dered by one unfamiliar with tba ne
groei Initantly loat Ita charm. I flnal
Jy grew aa curious about the matter that
a few years ago, In Tallahassee, I aet
about to solv tba problem for my own
satlsfsctlon. I found to my delight
that the weird effect of tba plantation
songs Is from the observance among tba
darkles, probably unconsciously, of cer
tain rules In regard to tba accent and
breathing. They never take breath,
as we do, at the end of a line or phrase,
connecting tbelr sentences wltb that
peculiar wavering tone so full of patboa
and melancholy. Another singular
thing la tba heavy accent on tbe latter
was. ninm aoaixiop wvaraT.
part of every monoayllabtc word, thus
giving twc musical tones for each word
of one syllable, with the aame, long
drawn, walling aound between the
tones. There are many other peculiar
ities In the exact rendering of the plan
tation songs, but these are'the most ea
eeptlal and tba moat strongly marked
that have epme to my notice."
: Mrs. Murphy does not confine herself
to parlor reoltals, but gives her aer-
I nra4iiHniMl ia nriaAna h ita n ! ( b 1 a
Dd missions.
Only One Way to ties Ttolnoteera.
There bad been a lack of men Joining
tba ranka, And tba colonel mt visit
ing a recruiting station. Inspecting the
workings of blf recruiting sergeanta.
- Suddenly a terrible noise of (housing'
and suuiniug of feet came tbrtftgb the
' open window. Now It came from the
stairway. Intermingled with! sundry
loud bumps ana knock, ana It he door
burst open, showing a red-fajed, pera
plrlng little sergeant pusbttg, haul
ing and tugging at a big ciiutry lad."
Tba latter wsa doing his $st to es
cape the firm grip of tbe soldier. "Halt V
cried the colonvL "Uow Is tblsr be
saldlo the sergeant. "Is tbla the way
you secure tecrulta by force, slrT" The
red-faced sergeant looked up and down,
then at the colonel, and blurted out:
"Sure, sir, tbe only way to get them vol
unteers la by force, air."
. Tralaad.
"Are yon afraid, Lily, wben yon go
driving with Mr. Phillips, that tba
horse will ran away f
, "No, Indeed. Mr. Phillip haa train
ed hla bores to drive without linear-
How mixed up divorced people muat
get In their kin affairs!
Wben fha planet Mars 1 Dearest tba
earth It la 86.000,000 miles away.
a iv irriiL roa assistance.
Th Bits who ta charturbl lo htmaelf w Uf
tUtn ta th mats wrl fr aaalataa a atada
ly Ml itoaiark, Of hia llrar. In the ahapa of
StTar STaorplli qualm anil etieaay aaiiaa
tiona la th raaiom af ika iiaaAa tbat mum
ton alia. Hualatiar'i stoax h Silver, aay r.emr
llr, or aHaa-u Ibe raaa stay ! la what yon
rea-ilre. Haataa to oa. It you ara trout-'"!
W l Si baarOmra, wlad In tba rlnnicb, or not
Ih.t yoar aalu or tba while af your eta are
labia a aalloa kue.
Bona St Louis physioisns Insist tbst
th antitoxin treatment will ear the
consumption as wall aa the diphtheria.
By laca laeMratlonl. a tbry ran ant laarb the
Snaaai 4 aorti-.a af tk tar. Tkara la amy ana
way taaaradaatnaaa, aaS tbat la SyroaalliatliMi
a. r-). liaatnaaa m rauaeai by au luSaata
roaaitior) af lb aiuanaa llnirfk el Buatawhiaa
1 uka. kaa Ihta tab aaie lliSaaa yau bav
S nimblla aauaS at laiaaflawt baartti m4
baa II U anllral, rtoaaS SaaliMaa la Ika raaall,
ead anlaaa Ika liiflaaiaiattoa aaa ka lalr-n owl
aa kta Itiha rae'ora la It aaraiai ro-aMtow,
aatrii UI ba Sauroya trwarati Bine raaa
aat af la ara aaiiasd by aatarrk. abloB la
SMMkln bat as Inflaakes eaadluea el the
raooeaa anrfaraa.
Beam ia Owe Bjaadra rteMar fn any
aaaaaf lirmiaa fianaaa byaalarrh) tbal aaa
BatbaaaiaS by If aU' catarrh Car. Baaa to
elraalan Iraa.
f I CrtrxgT CO., TolaAa, 0.
BaM by br,la. Tka.
atail raaaiii rubef Ua kaa.
I baMara Pirn's Ours as the ely atari t
e'na thai will ears eanaunnttoa. Anna
M. Moas, WUllsjnaaort, Pa., Nov. U, IkV
FIT -ll ' aBai Iraa by lr. B ltaa
taaa Marva Slralaaaa. b Staett tl a rat
Sar aaaa Ian ma aaraSY Tmn'r aal a
trlaj boll fraa ta nt naa ea4 a i. A Una,
a a KB , rkllaaafshla. Pa.
Tat GsaaBA ta taraatfaa.
fraamay. haa S eaa aaaartia. baaa vaaay
lull a re aatf rat aarraa aaraasj by tasiaa
The Vaat a faa th Owe tv-as ttkaaal arSaa.
W f ei'f hitiaaaaaaBj. be, the.
cunrt oyntTro- pilco
up I A
lev Stewart's rartlaa tteaaarks lathe
Da-Bethlag Ca(rea Before
,11 Aajearaeal. '
Mr. Stewart: Mr. President, of
oouree I shall not attempt to delay the
adjournment of oongresa, bnt it seems
to me worthy of remark that this oou
grass, coming ia aa it did with high
sounding promises, baa utterly failed
to redeem any of tbem. It haa left tba
country In a moat deplorable condition
It baa failed to pat an end to a polloy
which mean ultimate ruin. We have
bean for several years borrowing gold
to pay Interest on borrowed money
and to pay fixed charges to foreign
countries; During tba present admin
istration two hundred and sixty-two
and a half millions dollars of bonds
bav been sold to borrow gold to main
tain the gold standard. It baa not
maintained tba gold standard, however,
because w are paying a large premium
for the gold. On sixty-two and a half
Billions dollars borrowed in February,
1895, wa paid $18,000,000 premium, as
the president informed na On tbe sale
of 1100,000,000 there was also a large
premium paid, or a discount on the
bonds, which is the same thing;.. These
were twenty-nine year 4 per oent bonds, i
and would have sold for 136 if it bad
not been for the necessity of paying a
premium to boy gold. As we go on,
1 and oar credit geta worse and worse,
1 tbe premium must neoeaaarlly be larger
, and larger.
Our farm products, whioh we export'
, and upon which we must rely to buy
; gold and pay for what we import, are
- depreciating In prioe in foreign markets
' year by year aa the competition with
silver-stadard countries increases. Bee
under what disadvantages our farmers
labor aa againat tbe Asiatics, Take
Knssla, for example, wbiob is on a sil
ver bails. Tbe Ruaiian farmer has a
hundred dollars of taxes to pay and the
American farmer haa a hundred dollsrs
of taxes to pay. The Russian farmer
takes a hundred bushels of wheat to
Liverpool and sells it for SO oents a
bushel In gold. He takes tbst back to
Russia, exohangea it ' for Rnaalan
money, and geta flSO; pays his hun
dred dollars of taxes snd has 120 with
whioh to buy - tea and coffee. - Tbe
American farmer sells-hia-hundred
bushels of wheat for f 80 and only has
100 wben he gets borne. He applies it
on his taxes and. finds himself in debt
This advantags goes to all tbe Ailatlo
and silver-standard oountriesaa againit
the Amerioan farmer. The result is
that tba Asistio bas money with which
to reproduoe wheat and It does him
soma good; ba haa money with whioh
to reproduoe ootton and ' it does blm
soma good, but tbe Amerioan farmer ia
left In debt everv rear, snd still ws sav
I this must go on and debt must be piled
np and there muit be no relief.
Nonaotion is tba order of the day.
We passed through the senate a bill to
J stop tba sale of bonds, whioh would
have required tbe eaemitiv to ober-erte
law and pay out silver, of wbichtbrT
i an aoondanoe. iber are om
130,000,000 of silver coin in ttnrtrtM
ury, and silver coin coming In daily.
I m informed that more than half th
revenue is paid in silver certificates,
whioh are substantially silver coins,
because the government osa convert
tbem into silver eulns wben tbey come
into tbe treasury. Ws bsve an abund
anoe of silver coin with whioh to re
deem, and there it no possible necessity
for involving the country In further
Whst remedy for our difficulties have
tbe Republican of the house of repre
sentatives suggested? Tbey hsv sug
gested more taxation; they say all w
need is more revenue. Wben we point
out to them that there is s cash balance
in tbe treaiur of avsilable money
amounting to nearly 1370,000,000, and
that one of the embarrassments of tbe
country is this nnltealthy surplus, the
only remedy proposed by tfcs Republi
cans of the bouse, in the: bills they
bsve sent u.- wss more taxation to In
crease the surplus and impound more
and mora money. About $15,000,000,
if I reoollect aright over $130,000,000,
at all events of your greenbacks are
-retired in the treasury; prioea sre fall
ing; times ar hard, and growing
wore; and w ara going to adjourn
this oongreas, for whst? In ta; New
York Sou todsy there is a tiesor ption
of the fight which the Republican
propose. Tbsy sre to maks a light for
what? For tariff. To show tbe oharao
ter of the campaign upon which we
ara about to enter, and for which wa
ara to now adjutant, I will aak th see
retary to read the artiole from tba
New York Bun, a gold-etandard paper,
whioh appeared today. -
Mr. Uatllngef: Th New York Boa
doe not apeak for tba Republican
Mr. Stewart: Ob, but it epeaka tba
troth about tba Republioaa party, and
I think yon had better bear it I
should like to have tbal artiole read.
Mr. Callcxn: 1 It brief T
Ml Btowart: It I quite brief.
Th Presiding Offloeri Withowt at
Jeotton, h Ba or alary will read aa ra
e; Beaked. Tb saw alary read aa fol
lowat "Tba money qaeetlaa, its MoKlnley
a keep on saying. Is a eaeoodary ta
sse, although Important Tba Basin
ten la th tariff, sad tba Repablloaa
party will asake its fight on that'.
This Bentlaaeal finds rapes tad ax-pa-easlnsj
frosn MoKlnlsy manage and
MoKtatey orgaaa la varioaa parte of
th ooBBtry. It la proswanoad ao par-
; Bistantly and so asapbatidally that It
Bsast aaaaa oakethlag.
I Whst oaa It aseanf What Is hb
j tariff ttavaa whioh U to be th principal
; leave of tfc snaslng aaaspatgar On
saat will wbo ia it, or waat as it, tasi
th MoKlaaly BepaMteauM spaet to
Oartsialy no th pi mint high pro.
tentiv tortff, kMOBd by a ooagreas
IlisaroTaOe ta both braaol a aa4 sl
Vmrad to Iibti law by a Pesaoorali
1 1 sati! ant, wh hsvarlhalass eoBaad
1 tt a toe asroeiuosl Bvoeartlv to ra-
aav kt slgwalra. The praaaat tori
I la OB af btae bi(baa pvotootlv tortff
j rw ta ksw U Ua Culled toa lis
I vanT rata tail anort of tba araraga
j reb af rave pinitog tart a , dastiav
I galaiaaal a th MeKlabsy tortff, by vary
, llltlsk A prsswtohHal eampalgn wsgad
ta appart s the gisnsl tbonry of pr
I toultssi as sgB'as gianal taanry of
I tortff toaattoa ray laienvta oly ta
vahl thlan. Bajoh a aaaapalara
I foot raaa aa-a Pot srraal
asmBBiga toratag an hta aaaa-
Skoaj af wkabhsv 41 aB4 la as) any,
f protection ia attarly Inconceivable to
tbe ordinary mind. Yob are not going
to Or np muoh enthusiasm in tba
hearts of either tba forty -oners or the
Ia tba light to be for the rearrange
ment or readjustment of tba protection
afforded by the schedules of tbe sxi st
ing tariff? That undertaking might
involve differences of opinion important
enough to start a controversy In a oom
mitpte on ways and means, or even to
occasion a lively debate in the house,
sitting aa a oommittaee of the whole.
Hardly important enough to fill and
inflame the length and breadth of tba
Union In a presidential year.
Or la it merely to oon tend in behalf
of the theory of protection, that tba
warriors of MoKinleylam are aiming
themselves? Do they want to smash
tba last Democratic platform? Tbe
enterprise ia superfluous; the Demoo
raoy has smashed tbe platform already.
Tba Democrats themselves hive aban
doned the position whioh the MoKlnley
Republicans propose to attack. The
MoKlnley warriors may march forth to
oocupy a stronghold whioh bas been
avaonated by, Its garrison, but it la a
strained nee of tbe English lsnguige
to speak of such a proceeding aa a
fight, muoh lees aa the principal fight
of a great presidential campaign.
It requires two sides to make a fight
It require two political parties, both
earnestly interested and hot - for the
wager of battle, to make a main issue
for a presidential campaign. What is
the tariff Issue whioh looms before tba
exolted imagination of those Republi
cans who profess to regard the cause of
honest money and tu gold standard
a of subordinste importance?''" - ,
' Nobody has yet told ui this in lan
guage olear enough to be comprehensi
ble." "5 '
Mr. Stewart: It will be observed
by tbst artiole. whioh I think fairly
diseeots the situation, how Inconse
quential tbe purposes of tba Republican
party are exoept to obtain tbe o Sloes.
I do not know about tbe Democracy,
whether the Demooratio party has any
purpose or not It has been without a
purpose for msny years, and whether
it will ever have a purpose it is for the
fnture to determine. Bo fsr as the Re
publican party and the Demooratio
administration are concerned, they are
one and the aame; their purpose to
maintain tbe gold standard by loading
the nation with debt, paying a premi
um for gold,' Increasing that debt J ear
after year falling prines, stagnation
and bard times. Tbst is their purpose.
They bays indicated no othe-fpolloy.
Not one gleam of bopa has oome
from either the Demooratio administra
tion or the Republican manager. I
defy any man to suggest a proposition
put forth by either wbiob by any pos
sibility could relieve tbe present dis
tress. On the contrary, tbey refuse to
obsnge the polioy of borrowing money;
they refuse to change the policy of im
pounding the the greenbacks In tbe
treasury; tbey refuse to obsnge tbe
polioy of baying gold for - gold - rm
tilers; they refuse to change the polioy
of aBtraotiou; they refuse sny bop.
They tie in fsvor of retiring th legal
tendora. Tbey sre in favor of depriv
ing the peo.le Of money. Tbey are la
favor of an Asistio tariff, built np by
a difference of exchange, whereby the
Aiistios snd all silver-standard conn
trie bsve st least 100 per oent advan
tage in tbe market of Europe.
oKinleylam means wbst? If mesns
to mslntain tbe Asistio tariff s gainst
Americsn farmer. It mean to build
up for a tpeoial privileged else a tariff
bigh enough to protect the manufac
turers of the East It mean to make
tbe neoeasarie of lifs dearer gnd dearer
to tbe prodnoer of tbis ootntry. It
means to msks the products of tbe un
protected labor of this country cheaper
and cheaper. It mesns to put tba
farmer in competition Ttth 800,000,
000 coolies, who are competing with
him in tbe European markets. It
means to Impoverish the farmer. No
one seek to protect him. I hav
been protectionist snd I bar advo
cated protection; but I never dreamed
that tbe party to which I .belonged
would abandon the prodaoer of this
country and build np a protection en
tirely in favor of tbe millions of oooliee
and e the (truggllng masse of this
country raduoed to powder. 1 never
believed that Why, th first mov in
protection is to equalise exchange, to
giv our people money, to mak it pc
sibls to manuXaf tur in different part
of th ooontryv Protection with th
gold-ataadard meana slsvery for the
masses. It means to build np eUsae,
to build up and widen th gulf be
tween th laborer and tba money
Tba Republican party In tbe bona
declared Mr. Read, who is th Repub
lioaa parry of tba bona, declared
that nonaotion ahoold b tbelr motto;
tbat they dared not disturb th present
condition of things oon traction, fall
ing price, and bard times, and borrow
ing gold for gold gambler and tby
bav not disturbed It They ar going
forth to th opamtry and aay It shall
not ba diatarbed, that. tba tariff shall
tariff only aboat or t par sow below
tbe MoKlnley tariff. Mr. MoKlnley
himself stated la savarsl speeches that
perhaps bis tariff wss too high, and
perhaps It was extravagant. Certainly
tba praaaal tariff ia higher, on an aver
age, than any other tariff wa asvs bad
eaoept the hi c Kin lay tariff. It to higher
than aay other la th history of tba
ansa try exoept tb MoKtnlat tariff.
Wa ara going forth now to igbt far
what? Ta fight for tba gold ataadard.
How ara wa gotag to do that? By
smothering th real atuewy laaa and
heaping this shss lan of tariff before
tba eoaatry. Tba Mw York Ban, In
tb article wbiob ha Boon read.
aoribea what kind of a fight tbat U
Tavay ara going to fight breawl with
Both tog before ihita.
Kw. as bo th Demncraiie party. If
any party eoold have torn Bsora to la
tar the sows try thaa II baa ob for
the Las three year It woald have baa
erasksthlag bbot than baasaa.
1 think lb wit of Bas ha bean eboot
aahaasasd to plaaga tba tmmj las
iKraaa. W'beAJker .fx party will n
Mw or tent, oWa re saaa ta th
Ik mb an party who da au Ua to
pisssat BtBaUwa. Thar ara aBoa ta
tH Dsaaosrst BBTty who do not Uka
trading bhe aattoa with oabt la tiaa
of aaak to boy aoU f or a W getd
gawhUra, Thar ar saaai ta tba party
hare ta the Boita who raea! agoiaot
S strong veto at IlawniwsBi bare gta
I Bad aaaaas fcaaabtkaaa I Hi. too
men 'who ar opposed to sinking th
oosutiy nndar th gold standard and
fastening the ebalna of bondage upon
th people. Taero lar men In tba
Demooratio party, and In tba Kepublt
eaa parry, but mor In th Demooratio
party, who do not Ilka th alngla gold
standard, wbo do not Ilka th Eolgiah
gold standard, wbo want to restore th
money of th constitution, who bliv
in th mony of ta better day of the
Republic, who believe that there 1 not
too much of both gold and silver for
us standard money.
There 1 a movament In th country
wbiob. If it can have expression, will
sweep from th earth the polloy wbiob
1 faioting mankind. Four-fifth of
th people of the United State sre
in favor of the restoration of the money
,of tba fathers and th wis law of
Hamilton, Jefferson and, Jackson as
tbey existed prior to 1878. If they do
not give expression to their sentiment
It will b beoaus th leaders will
manipulate and keep them apart Bnt
they will come together if yon will let
them. Tbey will embrao tbe oppor
tunity if yon give It to tbem. Th
great mas of them put country above
party. They mingled together in their
neighborhood and make no distinc
tion a to party. 'Tbey want a party
of pstriots suoh st existed In the better
dsys of tb tepublia Tbey ar Bull
ous to throw off this load; tbey are
anxious for the restoration of peso and
prosperity aa tt sx'ated In the better day
of tb republic",. t xiitd . before
tb maclnationsl t, a few men de
stroyed one-half Cf the 'metalllo baeia
of our circulation and brought on fall
ing prioea and enabled a 'few money
manipulator to. pool the gold In tb
world, to take the circulation from th
people and to oharge what they pleased
for it I - .
There is no golf in circulation, bnt
everything to to be sold
at uoh price
aa Mil ajuiu aiuiia mar uiuwia. ui
sold to pooled, and tb klna-t of that
nrwil h,va ttalrl in hnndM mm aUvai tha '
polltlotan. of both hemispheres, who
have danoed to tbe musio of the stock
Jobbers, the smaller fry following on.
We ar rushing to adjourn th senate
for what purpose? One prty is going
not tn n.w, . k... i.jiu
and tweedledum. Th . Republican
party cannot state an issue whioh they
dare to meet W see the paper filled
for day to bow they can get a Jum
ble of word to deceive somebody, not
how they oan express a sentiment upon
whioh people may vote; bnt tbe whole
discussion of the leading politicians of
the day to how hey oan twist words to
deceive somebody.
Nobody-will be deceived this time.
No juntbla of words will do. In this
campaign yon must b for th singls
gold standard, as th English syndiost
prescribe, or you must be for tbe
restoration of the money of the ooniti
tnlton. Th oomom people have dropped on
it; they understand it and tbey ara
moviiitjjronithe lake to th gulf " and
t " ,. ssrl j ..I . " j
wvui uwau au iwhu auaau uuiuw tua
ooast Tbey begin to ouderstand bow
you hive deceived tbem.
- Let me tell yon politician, who car
not for 'the country but ar fixing
words to deceive, the day 11 oome
wben tbe common people will rias in
tbelr might and resoue this govern
ment from your bands and plaoe it in
tbe banda of HweafVkuai plaia Eng
14h and do not boast of their power of
deception. What a speouol thea
newspaper present; and wa are going
to adjourn oongreas to engage in
fruitle struggle, a struggl that will
bring no bop to anyone, a struggle
that will aink a deeper and deeper in
poverty.and want.
I tell yon, senator, this oon gt eaa
ought to stay her and grant re'ief. If
the gold men bav any legislation to
propose that will giv relief, let ui
know it Let them proclaim it The
only thing they have proposed or sug
gested wa mor contraction, mere bard
times, less money for tba people, lower
prioea, mor debt, harder competition
with tb Asistio. This ocuntry, with
Its 70,000.000 people, ought to be tbe
richest nation on earth, and It would
ba tba richest If an Bngllah syndiost
had not been allowed to rob us of our
patrimony. If w could make Ameri
oan law. If there wss an Amerioan
sentiment here so tbst wa oon Id make
laws for Amerioa and not bare them
d lots ted from ths other side of the At
lantic!, wa would ba an independent
and free people. - '
What aa outrage It to that bar, af
ter thirty year of profound peso and
abundant barve W, tba opportunity for
an honest, industrious maa should be
worse than it hai been at any period
sine th landing at Jamestowal Never
In all history hsv tbsr been suoh gall
ing hard times, anoh disooaraglng con
ditions, so muoh despair and want and
misery among th taaaae of th labor
lng people, and particularly among
agriculturists, as' there to today. No
young maa osa go forth Into legltlmits
business find raiks money, banana
prioea srs falling, and If he prod aces
property tt to wortbl In hi banda
And tbla aoadilloB, know ot all men,
ba bear troato4'';lth ridicule and oon.
taaB bo this -eragreael W bav tat
sajmaely bas ant never raleed a bead
to raj lev tba people trosa tba bardea
under which to ara groaning I
I suppose wa may aa wall adjoara,
for ws shall do Both Leg. This to a do
nothing oon gv eaa, and it to proposed to
carry oa tb hosinsas of doing Both Lag
and have ao taaue a inapt aa lose to
grind th peopl and to avoid flvlag
those aay relv !. Tbat to all tbat la
psopossd for t.a fabara, and I suppose 1
la aooor wsngiass adjourns th Tastier.
I shall not prolong Ita
gTo!aoaJ Reeord, Jane 10, !,
A diTki frnvB At. !- Sr; o fha
tiOrd'4t fitum aajra. "A li'iJ bOwalav !
par dta..oa la Bsxrraliag bwaat '
Caplaia Wlggli- sud Bema Toll as to .
IU taw awaan. ot ra.Al.g Dr. Kaoataa. '
lug dMrvraad. H IS agraad lU tb lab-
Har I unite Ba laaa fur dlamarerina Dr.
Ksaaaai. and If B Hilary It eoald be I
'b1m air aaatly sod ajaWtly tbrnb '
fr snar) errd tk- hibertsa railway. It la
SMXaiaaMl 1 Mt Mr. ikakrlaiia air Ia.lana1
tu uffa kU aw.l" In AasVraa's baikaai
aspadilioa la th rrval of the baMar
tarmloatlag on the atartkara eraaat uf M-
''Cspiaia Wif IBB ratiauaw that tb
Haa em rVaraaai. ha)iaglrag to hll eosa-
paoy sard Bo oa th Yootas rivor.
arMaskt be nal IB Ua aarlM to Baa I a a
vrasrs be llepe CValraakla, th sitrr-aae
BiartbiB Boial f SMartiaaro Msawta. ba-
Irara vaaaals fraas the wast BOB Ilia
Id EctiocftteTnidee Smash-Up
Xany Will Recall This Sad Affair
Which Happened in 1892.
v. f. Walhlaa, mt This City, Who Was
lajarea) ta She Wreak TeyW Ml
- Terrible lifrlil had
riaol Car.
Preni ths ft laminar. Baa rraaolaeo, CaL
Mr. H. WaUlns Uvea st 8008 Geary
street. Ban Frsncisoo. Ha to a railway !
postal olerk, and bas been in that I
buslnesa for years. When seen at hi 1
homo h gladly told hla experience
with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills fox Pal
People. Ha narrates the faot leading
np to hi trying them, the benefit he
ba enjoyed by their ua and the re
sult of rooommendlng them to others.
H aald: "I have suffered from
vVtakTi m ?H am fn jrsi At timaj f
h,, been so bad that I could not raise
my arm over my head. No one bad
won rheumatism than I had. I got
It first in tba Trucke smaih-cp. I
wa laid on th snow In the wreck and
then taken to th railroad hospital.
Etst lino then I have suffered at times
terribly, that to to aay, np till a year
ago. Onoe at Redlande, in Ban Bern
ardino county, I thought I should die,
and. at Promontory I -Was so crippled
that I bad to be carried to tbe mall
oar. No on who ba not had It oan
anderstand the agony. I was not able
to got out o( bed at times. I had to
crawl on hand and knee from th
bedroom to the kitchen.
"Oooaalonally when I tried to rise
In th morning th pslns would seise
me and I bad to be oanght to prevent
my falling. I tried every kind ot medi
cine. Th only thing that helped ma
year ago waa stm fear
ai -. .u vr I I
I was taken down In . UtahJ It was
borribl stuff to take and mly eased
me for a short time. - 3
"About a year ago I wenlinto the
"No Peroentag Pbarmaov,' on Market
street While I wss there an old man'
: . Cow(1
nameo vowen,
of Vallelo Junction,
came In. He told an ha was going to
get Pink Pills for his rheumstism. - I
told bim if tbey could do him good
they might help me too. . H had been
np to Byron Springs and waa nearly
doubled up with rheumstism. Tbe
doctor told him just aa they bad told
me, that mediolne would do bim no
good. . Well, I didn't give up. I sm
a young maa and you would not expect
me to giv myself np as' a hopeless
rheumatio at my age. I wa ready to
try anything. I bought two or three
boxes of tb pills' and began tJ take
them. . The vif in whion tbey took
bold of ma was simply wonderful. . I
did not take msny of th pills either,
and of oonrse, I am careful not to ex
po myself. I have never been lams
sinoe and bav never lost a night's
I sleep from rbeumetiam. I recommend
- , ... , , v
tur ptui au uj j umuui auu a uava
yet to hear from tba first one wbo bss
not been benefited. A for myself, I
would glsdly msks affidavit to th
good they have don m, In fsot I sm
only too happy to do to, for I cannot
aay too muoh for th benefit I have re
ceived. "Going through Vallejo Junotion
on my train on day 1 saw tb old,"
gentleman, Mr. Cowen, and I called
out to him 'bow ara the Pink rills.'
He replied they are fine.'
' "I wa down In Lo Angeles and .
called upon a postal olerk, a friend of
mine. . He told ma tbat hi wife was
great sufferer from rheumstism. I told
ber to try the Pink Pills, and now
there to no on In Lo Angeles wbc
thinks mor ot th plUs than Mrs. '
Csrr, thst to ber name. I don't think
she had rheumatism quite so badly ai
I, but aha was just siln-sioui to get rid I
ot it, and aha to jurt as grateful to bt
well again. I
"I always keep a box ot the pills
handy Just In'osea I should yieed them,!
though my wife will tell you bow
rarely I use them now." i
. Dr. Wlllisms' Plak Pills contain, to ;
(B oondonasd form, all th element j
necessary to give new life and richneet ;
to tba blood and restore shsttered '
nerve. They ar an unfailing specific 1
for suoh dlsesse locomotor ataxia, j
partial paralysis, Bt Vitus' dsnoe.j
sciatica, neuralgia rheumstism, nerv-1
ous beadaoba, the after effect of la i
grippe, palpitation of th heart, pair
and aallow complexions, all forms ol
weakneaa either In mala or female.
Pink Pills ar old by all dealers, or
will be sent postpaid ou ' receipt of I
prioe, go cent a box or sis boxr fur j
M.S0 (they ara never aold In bulk or I
by tb 100), by addressing Dr. Wil
lisms' Msdloine Company, Hbenootady,
N. T.
Mm Waa Vat a e4rabwr
"People sometime ask tue," said an
old soldier, "it I waa at Usttysborg.
and when I tellrthem tbe fact that I
wa ndt, do, vow know tbal I sort of Im
agine that aum of tbm think tbal then
I eooMn't bav been very much of a sol
dier? I suppose it' Bstural enough loo.
It to part ant ly natural that people sbrrald
b BMat Impressed by tb greatest bat
tles of tb war, and nataral enough ta
get aa Idea that lb greate tba baule
tb greater tb dsnger and tb greater
tb call for bravery, but a a mailer of
fact, a man oan be killed Just a dead
In a little flgbl aa la a big on. " Jw
Turk Baa.
It to tvow claimed that foods stored
ta aa ataaospbar of earbollo sold gss
ara prsvad Indefinitely, tba fresh
Base sad flavor being rata I Bad better
thaa by tb aa of dangaroaa aatieep
tiea or of too.
, . , ......
to i
T a1 dlsooTory baa
T Dr Kraaa. ta
rT"y T, , tVT to '
artng lb
. The bm a who sita dowa to wait for
a gud 0-prtjBlly to kaneb at hi
Vror wtU aaad a thtok aoabaiai oa his
, ab1-
. Tba trouble with tba asaa who to si
wsy talktag aboat what ba d do If no
had plenty f asoswy. to tbat be Barer
h any.
i "
Over 100.00) Bponl
Swat bav beam aril
par tt mfnw4. "Of
fibs ar as nag ata vary
than twaa saajataaasa ail uU, bars
(Tsaa Cobbsscbs Atjsuit era.)
"ii axoslleot InatitutloB. beaatlfully
situ lad at Burlinrama, Ban Mateo Coun,
ty, Cel. slaving bad occasion to investi
gate the management and methods of
Hultt's School, wa ara eatlsSed that for
oaratul eapervislon of boys sod thorough
moral, mental and physical training it has
no oupanor. It has fairly, sarnad iu in
orsasiiig popularity.''- . A'Mmta Pad.
A temperature of 4,000 to 5,0(
gree can ba produoed only betwee
carbon point of aa electric arollght
The next hottest ptao la th world to
In th oroolbl of aa alaotrio f urn so.
i The highest
tobaccos is
good as
knows there
I as
eacn two ounce
pons insiae
Dagot iJUckwcU'i Durbsm.
Buy a bag or this cele
brated tobacco and read the
coupon which
of valuable
to (et
irt i . . - - ,
lOR one
increases every year.
will see why
Walter Baker
i. , ,
- "Knocks Out
The Large Piece . and High
Grade of "Battle Ax" has injurel
the sale of other brands of higher
prices and smaller pieces. Don't
allow the dealer to impose on you
by saying they are "just as good"
as "Battle Ax," for he is anxious
to work off his unsalable stock
H th name of Wosnaa' Prieod. It to
tnl ta reliving th baariiaa,bMdaches
which hordes, aavd tbtwUm a woman'
Broraa tasufy lor It It will giro boalla and troagth
Bad taako life pteasnr. Far Bate by all druggista.
bLCMAUfcat-riOaik DRUO OO, Powruian, Agent.
AfiEITS WAKTtl, fc-i
ta mry aw,, aar aaa af tba boat aallln aruvia
Bia-ta. t'aa my aaary aaaa, wmaaaa aa ckl'4,
Vraaartak laaHari Ttaaxb ara.h wlah
Tmim I laaara lltarkwaat.
KaSaiai bf all ika aaaillaa a4i vaar-iaua an
!. la. aa I . for aa alo. Ralalhataa
aaShn. B IU- nit OO ,
Sisaa) Markal uaa. kaa rnaama, rat.
fen ftoat TM4T Ml aar
Vj-mt IMai'l aa .
r7! M1
f IHiaiSa SI
5 raaaal,kaa ia.
SMiaa uanaaay i V ai ay r
p..J.V.taHliLiZ) f
. r aaaaaanaaM
1 f . tm, a fwaae,
J V W- v Waai-aaa a. a k-a
. Ifn B. BBaiass tN. Co. raaa. fa.
rrm. w. k. -v
maxkaMI ft pwVUtltT M
BpUijptr, KM itbo.
doubt trff ft and enra
d mmrn cmm hv maf
wrajaig. tt atattoaUh.-Afij;.
tl of hla absolute ear, fraa to aa? surTarar
aho may aaad tbalr P. O. aa4 Kipraaa addraaa,
tA'a aivlaa ant .m wishing a care to addraa
.. L rxtXX. V. D..aCaarat, bw Tarn
claim for other
"Just as
f t lXt " '1
old smoker
is none just
gooa as
bog, and two con
each tour ounce
frivea a list
presents sud how
hundred and fifteen
OS .
years Walter Baker & Co.
have made Cocoa and Choc
olate, and the demand for it
Try it and you K
, s
& Co Ltd Dorchester, Mass.
All Others"
The vary rstnarkabls and eavtaJB '
ranei gtvan woman try fjUUKsVa
Y ba gtvwa
Milanaly loocaas
aad waahna
Ilia. Tboaeaad1
Is tbis cbtii ails yen?
a aaa a Ball a 1
a lialil k ait
aaaf Baaa-VaaMa. f
tbaa yaa kaaa
HcttTl Dvpprtl tilUtt,
by atan
a .
..,. m-mn ta anal 9mm Tark
f a-v-r I -a a , , mm mm
mm sss
acssa asaaiiisea. at a
ft 41 M aaas) ahaUl b an avaswsr
bo tho sahUaa Vuls
th aUrasaK"
i . r. . v. tt.-. r. . v. no. m
. r. . v. no. i