Broad-axe. (Eugene, Lane County, Or.) 189?-19??, June 18, 1896, Image 2

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KriiENE,' jt'SE If, 18.6.
Hioe Five, l'ohits
A friend of ouri and a pronoun
CftT-old standard man ha handed
the editor of this paper "Carlisle'
Five Points" on the free coinage
rroition, and offers u a silver
dollar if we will print them in our
pajT and answer the same. ' Now
we will try to comply with our
friend" request, promising that our
aiwm-itr ii-iiKt iiit..siii ril t lw liL-A
the "live points " referred to, dog
matic assertions withtut evidence
to sustain them. But assuming
that our word i equally entitled
. to the fame consideration a Mr.
Carlisle's, and knowing that the
truth of the facta to sustain our
statement canl ascertained by
projier investigation, we hope, our
-ifrieiid will do ,hin.iself " and the!
cause of truth the justice to inves
' tigate both fide of the question
thoroughly before he passe hi
judgment on this the most vital
-question that is now before the
American people. '.
i Here are the five propositions as
laid down by Carlisle in ais speech
at Bowling Green, Ky., May 23,
First That there is not a free
r-.-ii .i .... rnnnlrr 111 1 1 . n ttrftrlit 1 1 ki 1 -1 1."
that is not on a silver basis.
Svond That there is not a gold
standard country in the world
' t'Hiay that does not use silver. for
money along with gold.
Third That there is not a silver
i - i ; .1. . . .I I
ridllUillu tvuiiu i in 1111 ni'iivi tr-
day that uses gold as money along
w-ith silver. .
Fourth Tliat there is not a sil
" fer standard country in the world
today that has mora than one
third as much money in circula
tion per capita as the United Mates
Las: and
.(.Fifth That the--ivaolsilver
' dav where the lalHrflng' Hian re
ceives fair pay for his daj-'s wurk.
And here is ou.r-angwrr:
' First If that be true Umijv,
does that prove.thi. country wount
. todav, be on a silver basis if wr
Kvond That is also true, but
' silver is only used as token money
in barter, and as any other product
of industry, and is valued by gold
as the standard. Like any other
' - 1 1 1
t commixiny, us vutume -oi circula
tion adds no appreciable ratio to
the ciieulating medTtnn, and does
not lenefit the people or effect the
goldbugs who have a corner on
gold. But we might say here that
it is not true that every gold stand-
ard country in the worfd today
Q5es silver for money along with
gold, arS" Egypt and Liberia, for
" instance. .
Third This is absolutely false,
in the sense. that we understand
' the use of gold as money, as gold
is used as money in Mexico, Japan,
China and India and other silver
Standard countries.
- Fourth The truth of this asser
tion cannot lie sustained any more
than the assertion could be sub-
tained if we say there is no drouth
in any part of our country where
the - farmers are suffering for rain,
because there is plenty of water in
the ocean to furnish per capita all
the water to meet trie demands ol
each. There are oceans of money
m Wall street and the banks, but
the people have not even enough
with which to pay their taxes. It
- u a monetary drouth.
Fifth This jm a cunousstate-
meni 10 uiukc hi um ince ui 111c
fact that there are millions of un
employed in our obuntry today,
and other millions of men, women
and children who are working for
the mere pittance of the means of
a scanty livlihood, while all indus
trial classes are. .unable to realize
anything for their products above
th) cost of production, arid is a gold
standard country. ' , .
And now we have tried to com
ply with the request of oar friend,
not without misgivings as to the
good it will do him, for we bare
learned to regard the goldbug at
wedded to his idols, who will turn
deaf ear to the voice of reason
l and shut hit eve to object lessons
nil around of the truths of what we
have been "trying to show him.
And we know our friend is honest
in his convictions as we are honest
in ours, -and now to conclude we
demand the silver dollar he prom
ised ui if we would dare try to
answer "Carlhde' Fire Monetary
Aloms.w '
We have answer-., them hurried-
1, and we bN and uow offer to,
return the silver dollar back to our
i friend if he will .rswer our answer
ilo our satisfaction through the
columns of the 1hoad
!liuuitdiate future,
Some uohtious Answered.
To tiik;Bkoai-Axk.
Will you. kindly inform your
r.mrsl..w-m.ieh money Jim Me-
ranaim, me squaw man, receiveu
from Sheriff Johnsoit for his serv -
ict-s and inrhunce during election
and did "Mr. Johnson tau'd by Jim
rarland, the squaw man, received
ana iieip nyn out ol ms asi si rar
ts jonn KotK'rts a regular tieputv
v - : i , p - i
. ......... - - - -
it'ward for his v.t!u.iU service er
formed in helpng to elect Johnson? . arise irm conditions that l no
Was Ed McClanahan a regular dcp". ; means can be rciiod on as pernia
uiy sheriff when he was .hiiiiiif twut, a large ter cent, of his vote
deer hutes contrarv to law, and how . . ... .1 1 ,. , 1 11
. , j. - . coniiiitf trolil the d sa tec cd ller-
nillfli ns In fi !),. in (VMirtT lours p
respocttuny, A . itizkx. i
We regret that we are not pre
pared to give our corresjtuident all
the information he desire. First, '
we are not able to say how iruch 1
money Johnson gave Jim McFar
land,"the squaw man," for his serv -
ices and influence during "'election
times. But we are informed that 1
w L i i- t ...
juniiMMt ii.'iiu nini tHime money, nui
t 1
the ainonnt is not known to the to look the matter squarely in the
Broad-A.k, and it is presumed Mr. ,iUe H,lJ 1h? 1'repared. for restilta
Johnson helped McFarland out oithi,t r, l,lor than likely fo tveur
his last scrape as a cinsideration , at t, NuvemU-r election in case a
for his influence in securing John-! -light out populist. ticket is put
son's elccion, as Mr. Johnson, it iul' a,lli tn' ,1',u on ,,,iit
said, never fonrets a friend in cases ' Vl"- -N'hing can U- clearer to our
of this sort.
And as to Mr Roberts being a
regular deputy sheriff we are un-
able to give any information, but it;
is more than likely that his ease I
does not vary much from McFar -
land's in respect toelection matters
If it be true that Robert did help is. fair to pre-
.i. .1
sumo that Johnson would re
quite Mr. Roberts for his service?
a-id friendship, and pa v McFar-
tanu iui juo , icrs.- dui no art:
not prepared to say that Roberts
supported Johnson.
And now as to Ed McClanahan.
It is safe to sa.y that he was doing
some business in contraband deer
hidts at the same time he w&s act
ing as deputy sheriff.
But thati
, l"a . .r Lu'iilhdu Juhn WUriUthaU4 Kan
u . . :. .v . t i
Knew anymingaiioui t.o scrtoKeu-i4S. i
ness in the skin" business. Ed Is! t - t , " , r n- t,
, TorrKA, June 11. John . Iin-
known to be "on the make," like! UeIl,hai. chairman of the populist!
the Yankee school niartu was down : statv tee, says there is a!
Snuth. during the war, where she i prnsix-ct of a fu.-ioti uf silvtr men!
set up a school tojeach you: g nig- v "U l'a"'e' in the presidential
gers free of charge on grounds vflf11 ''"i "',u
, . : j . : lists will be willing to yield some-
chan-y, but on ground of business ; Hilitl , tbe dem.--rats' and silver'
cu-:rd ait (he tratlic would bear.
And it is quite likely that Ed, so tu
speak, was ready to reach with one
hand for a deer hide w hile he served
raiioH ith t,i,t)ii.rr,n mm. mwi,i
' t - - v ;
fellow for killing a pheasant to feed !
nis lamuy. xou see, is always
! l . 1
well enough for people to mix uum-
ness with pleasure and be on the
make, you know. And another
a- , . , . j ,. ; him to his wiL'wam, iiitrtMiiii-etl him
thing, officers are not supposed t, stay, and it will ultimately ai-com , hi, .laughter, l is Wicista.N.Tta,
swerve.from performing their duty, plish all the reforms which it was ( II1,..u,il,j; wi,,i rat BIl(1 ,)ff,.r,.u
They are to arrest a man for violat- ur8,inllw! to accompl;.-h; but an f(r a wi. at the low price of two
ing the game and fish law, even i,?H'"y to give to the cuniry ; -, ,. lVa ant, lllll(jh.r
they violate the law themselves. ! 13 VaT , .1. , linedl.ut M All.,-
TbiL now fashionable among re- the itfcrt
publican othce holders, you see 'in their l-werto.unite. our for.esTw ,'.,: . t, mnrh h wouU1 uklV
They take the oath of othce, it is 1
.!,. i.:.l
.u' . u:a -
wicm ..oW , uujr net. Uiuc,
pneasantorcattnansnoutot sea-
son. Not it, Itnly requires them
to kD their eve on the other fel-1
. . .
low who violates the law where by
. . . , , -
flinnir aA it ian liatlirnm lnariiiinnt
r. - -
of the deputy warden at the ex-1
pense of the taxpayers.
But we 1
must desist and request that our
friend Ed, ex-deputy game warden,! leller. would .n,,t ,,f;aU8e l'e
1 V s ,runi trAlii n lilvnr alut. "
be not too harshly condemned, lie
is not alone in his glory- There is
Jim Lotan and Mulkey of Portland
h r.,.,.,-.wi m..;. ,.m. !
, , . v,...v0
to private account, and why not Ed I
try hie band in a emali
wayr L d was caught, and like a
little man walked up and paid his
fine. But in -this connection we
wish it understood that Mr. Mc
Clanahan ia deserving of credit for
the manner in which he has seen
that the game law haa been enforced
against some while"he was conspir
ing with others to violate it.
Ws take the following from tbe
Guard of the 13t h, which will prob-1
ably give the information desired
by our correspondent:
Under Abrest Aoaix. E. J. Mc
Clanahan, late deputy game war
den, and who was. .fined the other
day $50, which be paid, on an in
dictment for transporting deer bides, 1
wae arrested by Sheriff Johnson on
s second indictment this afternoon,
charirinf him with the aama prima
charging him with the same crime
on another count. Mr. McClana
h nrwe-un derttaridrirl 1 1 "contert
this indictment, and tbe matter
will be continued to the next term
of circuit court.
Later. McClanahan appeared
in court at 3 o'clock this afternoon
; And ai n t S a r.laa ..f iniiltv Ia Ik
charge and was fined 15 and costs,
which he paid.
Thi Vote In Oregon.
A close analv.i of the recent
vote iu Oregon, we think, will flu
i that the result U not as favoruldc'T V.a u"
to gains for the popuiisis it a cur
:eorv view would indicate. For in-
maiiec, the- p r cent, of inervarc in
- lw. v,e (t,r ,u,mvml
, - . , , . v ,,
, .
,"' and ,quuti. -euung ;
crease arises from the fact that the.
vote opKsed to populist va di-
j Tj,led Mwcvn Kllis-Xorthrui.
. . ,. . ., , . "
t ublican and . beimet th niocrat,
i hilo
Mr. Vatulerhurg inen-ase
t :. 1.1. , 11 ..:.i
iiuitiie ami t lie .a. 1. .as., neiiner
of w hiclcaii he relied on as a per
manent addition to the rank of the
jople parly.
Another evidence of this is m'n
in the slicht iucrrase in the num-
;UroflHTulilt nien.Ur who were
; elected he legislature at this
election. So we think it well
Bii.innK f..r ,1.- r..f..i.i., ..f i ).....
, - ..
mind, H three ticket ure in the. judge are ready to find etentua-
h'ld, than that the gold standard : ting circum.-tance in his ftvor,
1-"V "y - . Uut" lf'f dfat 4"'
om prent indication there i-: iKa?;
M",r tha llkt"'y to I m Ml . honest stock magnate is all-wed to
! bimetallic jieople, including pop-
j ulisls, demiK-rats and republican,!
j throughout the whole union in one
jeon.pact organization in op,iii..,r
l .i t I -t ...... i ..... I ... .1.11.....
..a.. " H"ntiuij;
English tHUidholtlers.
Such an
evt'nl is devoutly fo be hoped
AscorroUirativeof what is .-tatt d '
aKive relative to w hat is likely to ,
take place, we publish the follow ing
dispatch from Topcka, Kansas,
touching what the chairman of the ;
ppulist Kansas state committee
k.uiiU.iil.u.i Tli.Fa,.iu
..."., ... .. i . . . "
ii v in1 fr inwiimi nmn in iru
. . .
republicans if the democratic con
vention should nominate the " riyht
kind of a uian. '
" I do nt mean," he Faid
intervietr IimIiv "ili-it ..up i.upivi
.. I
wouiu consent lo lay aside its party
organization or that we would
"1 ! ll..l . "1 I
'""" principles tor
l"c '" r'"cV ,".ea" w,al "e ,
-.ou.ti, . it i..e suite oi silver, noi I
I I I .1 I.- , "I .1
wun irieni.
-vsaeu 10 name me man wnom
he thought the po, ulists would I
wUIiiib to indorse. Br e entha sa t
" ell, there is Morgan of Ala-
J bama, a democrat, ir Judge Cahl-1
Wc,1 a republican. I believe the!
. . .,J . . ' 1
,K T. 7. u ..7U,V? 10 """11
icuner 01 mem. uiaiiu, 100, Oil Bill
. . . -
. w IM! Hccepianie,
" Boies is not
a silver man, and
therefore out of the question. Don I
vaeron was from too far East, and ;
. 1 . .. . . 1
We are oreoibfy informed that
our extreme m7ddle-of-th-road-
Omaha platform tKmuIist, 8. C,
c. - o: - ...
VUI.IIB LIU I n't I".7LrUIISl. O. Vy.
Sparks, of Blue River, voted the
rerultiliran ttekvt at tti nx-otit
Jr.ui.i;' n
ticket at the recent
This" is not news
to us. We understand that most
of those other fellows who met in
the court honse caucus the night
liefore the first populist convention
of last February voted more or less
of the republican ticket election
A Prophenj.
'Hie Journal i.redir-t that Mc!w,u' m" cr'nkisms I not .
Kinlerwill be nominated on the
first ballot. But not after ..ini,l"e '"an. tjuard.
struggle over th platform, which 1 Why ustoiiishiugT Would you
wiil he a straddle 011 ike money ' be astoniMhed at any utterance the
question. Capital Journal. . i'rlHllj Muml... Mercury should
And we predict that .the Capital
Journal will, without "a struggle,'
jump right upon that plfttfjrui after
I all its professions for free and un-
! .
coinage of silver, even
tiuiuihlltxjuiill-iiiounta t
Ljh tin- .... .1.. .:!. ..i.i
"'il. ! An ." "l. IIW .. V H" 1U
standard side of the fcner.
The "prtHperity breeie" from
the rank, of the republican camp
always carries a stench that' flits
land a certain little bird loveth to
j revel in.
In JuMirr ltlliid t
A feeling fxni among the rmr-
limits lorctgn pot illation of thin
en among
me " lower ritH'i
.nix ! it huh
lluniMives, sav t'olilcr Mecklv,
that the luw in noi impartially ml -
miinstereo. an lietceu the rich and
If the daughter
ot a prominent
puWio otlit iul m her hot-hauled
iasU. htH,., a,ul klllll l)Hr ,,1V
w.Ki ehild-liko,, trie to Mval "a
lew apple from Iter orchard, she
puMio otlicial
her hot-h4ided
onfv Ii.ts to submit to a few hour'
unprisoif.nent iu the private apart -
uicHts o: i no jailer tv wav ol pun-' 1
tshlin-Ht. W hen a Hla.l is caught
si.oplifnng, h,r s.vial stand,, is
iininetliately taken hs a proof t hat
siii' i a Kiepioiiiiimai' and lu. a
comuion, t rdinary thief. Thereup
on . proMvutii-j: attorney and
judgts, ashamed almo-t of having
to intlict the indignity of appear
uno in a police court linon the
culprit, hasten to secure her a
sjHt dy acquittal.
When a pour victim ul the. hard
times, unable to obtain the scant -
iest employment by hicli be can
provide for hi little ones, steals a
Mvure her
'' cents Worth tf ftnid, he is
1 prom pi i j m'ui in prison so that the
-. ..- - ..
Ian 11 v ina v snftiT t t 1 tiiiir ti iii.u.
tlurably on accouiTT -f his absence. ; rise f the t'olumhia with a I'roornTTi f-
But mark the difference when a -man
is accused of s iinllinif his '! 'lwo -I t in F.arh. i :-
I rtners out ,.f millions of dollar,!
wickedly, unjustly or ma -
liciously comiucting his bil"ines.-!"
I'ocs he gti to prison"
No. Svcdiihanttf lawyer and
go free on some it gal tivhnit ality.
Two young women, daughter of
,,,K;,,.,l,"i,,p,-.,',i,n V" S"
vr - -fhrr,'' Vne '..f
. - ...
lUfn, .(,,!,. il w a-mt. (. clothe
'and trinket nl other society J-ople
'who were their neighUtrs. It I.
tioumiui il any tnrilier i r.cetlirc
will U- taken ag un.-t these ymu g l, 1M ,i.,.mel t.. lire ti. M nkl. v and
l.t.lies, I in' tin are "well eon- Kius. v, h.t U tit t vt rv eiiei'gv m
uectetl." It set -ui", therefore, that their del't use. Hut ..ti the t'tli. r
the const rut lion put upon Midi ; hand lnow n ntl Wilkin ap ain
eases is that a pern to If an act-j,, ,H ,, t. .1 that ti ts
tial criminal imi-t U ptmr, n'ol turtl should nt r.--pr the ItiM
that ' if he or she U-loiig to tit' i,..-ii;,ltv .f titt
: lietter clas-s their unlawful
in tion must t!ue to a teiunorarv
. .
L-rratioii of mriiil.
Mystified by a Conjuror,
Xothirg si cTiiplrtrly niy-'tities-an
lntliau as Jo uiii.ess tlico; t ru
lioli uf s,,j iiinerant sleight tif
haud performer, many of whom
find their way into the spar-elv set
tled portions of the North west, where
they are always sun- to reap a got id
harvest. Prof. McAllister, the ma
git-!an,once visited a eaiiii
of river
, . jL'toWitill the VflloWstol.l!Taltd a
in an',.., .,,.r.i,,.., ..,;..., - ......bu ..i
. . .
card ami other articles trom the
trars, necks, nnses and garment uf
the a-toiiishetl Indians, was invited
, fea!.t , rH(i, aIlU ,,
!.; T... I!.. 1 1.. u-aL
' Villi........., I...-!-..
delicacies. CI
inmress.l bv the preat i.i.-ili. ine
, , . .. .. . ,
i-.i 1 111. n''lCi at 111c mine tiiiiv; piiiiii- ;
r '
ini? the I, rule lwn ihe back to his
i tail length, and ench tfrne taking a (
iiainiiiii 111 iiiiiiipv irt.iii 1 tie ei.ii in ,
1 Ir..i . t i at.. ..1 .
hj, tail '
nJm y'ry vailuable dog " said !
McAllister, i.ii Llntr s'eiiin mil nf
hi- " Two p
poniea for him, '
'..1, :f;t
jCliiei. .
I The Indian., with eves as bis as '
,imj 1 -. ..,1 1. :
,, ,,,wt ,i,:, i..... r !
ler mVaIHsiit had thi v , ,.,-!
rd tlie ,n,.r dog down to the river'
.. . T . .
ii,iu a, 1.1 ..ii, ... ..... i.ii, ,i.n
r-iiiv, 111 111111 Vll.i lUfc tl.C
goose had i.og dden egg, ami they :
Went slowly hack tOCallip as colli-!"1;
pletely, diiiiibfiunded and as sol
. , . -.
'V1' ,,U",R"
! '
Mhy AstonlNhiogf
b """" "
Wi find the following astonish
ing editorial in the Register: ' l't n
noyer is as clever an old rascal a.
was ever left outside the Oregon
ienileiitlary. He may again cut els 01 vtlimt tir 4tJ pniiuils. nf cot
quite a figure in t)regtn isditics be- ton. In 18!)5 he must pnrt with
fore many iiiiMins.'' Sylvester I'en i 2" bushels of wheat or aUuit K)
iioytr is an hmiest man and the jiountls of cotton in order to secure
H-ople of Oregon admire ami have Ids tax receipt. Just remember
confidence 111 him. He is blessed i this when the-rtmtt who savs "a
.. - . ... .1.11 :i. . . ?.
""r"' 11 Mif-Rrity or Honesty
1 (. m
make? Or would you be aston-
irhed to me Sheriff Johnson stirt
off to Salem with the editor of the
" "
a a fit iniitaUi of Dr.
. ,.:.. :.,;.,:...,. i.,,. ,.
- ,i..r.u,..t i;....;.. TT.T .,iain
' lUIIPt t--tv m a -a, v.
amount of brain before he can go
crary. He rosy g to the en
thougli having any amount of brain.
The man who stole a step-ladder
pleaile.1 that he bail only taken
j steps lu uiaku a lillli nioi.ey.
1'Uh Destroy I ui Meadows.
A rancher whose place in on the
Imttnui alongthe illameitc slough.
' dt low llolluiii'k station, is Irvine to
uiiii out wueuicr ne iiiih miv
HiXllllNl till. I llll.ul Stlifefai
; I'ihIi 'iiiiuii-ioii (or the introduction
-of ear into the- river ot I 1,1m section.
He uv lliese li-h ure tlcsl rovmil
his meailoNv by ivitlng hit grass
wml griiblimg tip the root. As iln
ater ovtitlows hi lueatlow the
euro follow it up in thousands, i,e
finall tlies Welching about I lir
pounds j ui-1 a i ti their way up w -here
j the water is only three im lies or so
in Uitli aiul rliiirin fl hU vi p
tat ion, mi t hut w lien I he Water re-
cede he ill have mud ttat. in ,he
( place of meadow. "
lie sav that Idle locking at the
lislt eating his grass on Sutiilay he
got so nr.itl llijtt he t..nk oil hi
sli.H' and stiH'kiugs ami went out
into the shallow water and attacked
them with a hoe. lie slashed a lot
ot them in t wo, but w lieu t he drove
Urame alarmeti ami made for deep
water they humped their lio-es
' against his shins a ml came near
; kins king him off his (.ft, and his
1 ankles are all black ami blue from
' the thumping he got. A tor tlriv-
lug tlte carnawav he savs he ininiit
i n i t ,..
! it 1 n 1 1. i ri...l i.t ..u- . ...L i ...
Oh StruTTtv' .f l.i-t week' Ju.L-..
- Fullerton neiitenee.l the'iwo li..t.
John I-oster and John Martin, to
. lu.i in ii. in in., i.. I. it ..i. 1 1.. .1- r.. '
i" ".'
the crinmW nnmj of which this
'paper made nieiilion last week. In
ooiitiecthiii with this c.tse a tni'ie
than ortiiiiitry in( rot was maui
t'isleil hv the spiclators, bar and
, coil it, on at'Uitlnt of the niius.ial
character nl the crime. I li- court
appointed Attorneys M.itkli v ami
lvi:.seV to tl. t, n.l th- .
and Ihstricl Attorney Itrtiwu called
to hi assistance voiing Mr. ll .
km in the piosi-ctition. I'ulilic ;
si-i.t.ini nt sti'iu 1 to ilemand that
the should be denied:
even the forinalitv -ol a li lt
,l.rnl.l . .l. with .. r,Ii-
Ai.,1 lu-n it . Iw ni.i.n.S.ri
t.i ,, il,,n u t,'..,, :,... I , i
: ItreeK then eomt-s. the tug of tar. I
j But all . the -ingenuity of the lw:
- ...r- ........
Voiing ittliiriii ) l.tilitl t f ctiuvinr
li g the juty Unit Hie accused ui if
not gtnity. The. -iti!f had noth
ing to fear ill this case, ua ihe.v hair
Messrs. lir.'W n mid Wilkin to pro-j
tet tin ir interest And so alter
the arijiiiciiti vi ere made ni.d the
ease siilunitl" d, the jtiry blotlght
in a Vi rilict i, I until v. as staled
above. llul Jute K.n-eV ... Imt
.exactly s.iti-ti-l tail his client
h atl hail a Jair atrial, anil- iMcticn
came fi.rlh In fore the court uitli a
' Inotioii to s.t a-iite. the vtrdict on
1 the ground of." newly di-cmered"
fact lliat " uinii.e H-iice " had
lieeff brought to hear tll Hie jury
till lll'ciiUIll of coiuineiit 'f the
' iicwspa4.rt pai t-icul trly referring
tu tins 1 .i.t r .is sa inn the criminals
tiesi-rved beinp." The judge closed'
'hi uiguiiieid lor a new hearing by
hoving under the court's iio-c the
BkoaIi Axk, the (itiard and the
liepster, as evidence of wluit he
had stated uIh.uI cmmenU of tin se
mjM'rs. In this coiiiii vtimi it may
be staled that the State Journal
was Hbs-nl i, this tnrt-asmn and we
uur.. .....,U ... .. .....I... .. 1...1 n .....
T - Burger, Inalui.. r of the
Journal, nan 1w.11 doing
fiiill'r. .Mr Itrntt.i uaa iir.niil in IUm
- . ........ ...
occasion and came to the pai-crs re-
'''' a" "fxpr nl plea in
defense Of tho- tiress, Hlld lialil a
,nK tntnite to each of the three
iilierB llivtiiieii itMtiisa 11 , I 1 1" t
Kinsey. Ami just here we want to
ackuowlet ue the comiilnnent of the
district attorney and sav that Mr.
Brow 11 has made tinny 'friend in
- -V """
..... L ....... ... I.... .t
. .
-..u nu ai i.i. i n i.iiL t-aiir. an Liieir scntf nent when we say
ir.- nil nun -tun reurei anil
isii utni ioiik "c miu a prosperous
career ill his profession.
- The two prisoners are now safely
landed i- il- jsstttt tttinrri
Jind Remember. ThLt-
The farmer or planter who had
to raise'tlt) for taxes in 18lM could
cancel that amount with five bush
r win more map never
"-i comes aroumi 10 y.nir cn..
bouse. There are certain fixitl
charge, whichmust lie paid, and
falling price, mean tint the pn
tlucer must part with more of his
products to cancel them.
In our edition of last week in
tbe official return, for Lane county
it was stated that the vote cast for
Holland, populist candidate for
assessor, was 1317, wiien it should
have been 8."0. Also Cheshire
precinct gave iJriver 8 votes, Skip
worth 22, Baker 2.r; while, in fact,
Skip worth got 25 votes and Baker
.22. This increases Skipworths
I vote to 14'.I5 and reduces Driver',
j majority to 30.
Through imavoid ible cuvum--tnuc.', being iinnhln o give my prf
sotwl attention to Imsini - Spring and Summer, I have th term in. i
, , ,. , . .
: f' ' ' " r""r" 7"
t-r ftirlli. r in ti. e. It is nnio.sil...
tin,- Mon, hut the folkming area lew,
loing :
Dreaa Goods.
.W In LU. k Ml ,n,I M..,.lr
4.1 III
il III
' III " r
i.i In nttirvl "
JA III nitr. "
I '
trg li,.. Ilr
.., I
l'r i
I w
linr I aml'Mr an.l rlr. k III all U ,uM '
al a Krv.t rf.luvilii i
LhiIIos Shirt Wulata.
,,. , , ,
a. sutrf tt,iit ..i
i in
i .ii
' ...i;'": ?' TV;! 'If.l '"''" f "'
I - -
T.nlla" fihnna
i nnr KM sti. l.-r
1 ,i
j t
I '
. ami I
I .ian.1 I a inifi.:a !. fur
Ot.r riiilii- Ilna .l
ImiIiihi lli-ai , sii.a
. .laiiai'tvr
rlill;rr'i .. mum. ami
a III .li.i ll.
Ki nit nil r this-i" a genuine
it ...ot . kc , ,,u so do,,! mis tile
. - ,'
bargains. f
H If
W 10 (M).TI . I-TIC.. Ut-NY. J
l.,ilii a Lively IIisint'KK ami coiistaiit ly getting
Now and Desirable (ioods."
ktote: these pricesj
Wash Fabrics "
Fine Giughuiu
Fine Ihiiiilii-H . . .
Latest t iauie Or i; unlit
tio-niiiit r r ri ncli t Irnandu a-. - -
Indigo Blue Calico
jLadies' Hose and Underwea
K!yptl.tll Klllila-r Vest, Sleeveless.
Kat k Hose -
No. f.'.e.l Fast Ithn k Hose. . . . . -
ee our Sh-i i tl l ine (
Fine Silk Vests, "" C
- Ln dies' Shirt Waists,
We oiler U'tt'-r vnliii. in thin line than nn v other liouse in Etigi-m-.
Se r Si. rials C ....... till ami T.lrt
Pimity Saists, nith White Collars and V. ill's from il to J
Take Your Produce to ... . -
-.Vntl Isuv A'oui- .roMM'i 4
Chas. C. Goldsmith, r
Dry Hides Wanted. '
, Ian J.
The 9th Street Grocer.
On noniunlof the poor health of our family we are come.led
tti close out our store ami leave Kugenc, much to the. regret of
ourselves and. family. But as the health of our family de
mands it, we shall commence 011 8ATUUDAY, JUNlC-l.l, 'UK, -
During this sale everything in our store will be sold at Auction'
Prices. If you wish to buy good, cheap now i. your opportunity
Come early before the stock is broken. Nothing reserved; Every
tliinp, iu our .tore goes. Watch this .pace.
We are prepared to take them in any kind of weather. A
cordial invitation extended to all to visit the SHsdio wheth
er in quest of pictures or not. ' v Respectftdly,
STUDIO Cor. Heventh It Willamette Street..
AT -
. , . .
"f r' 111
o qnole prife
lise at (ot, until Fall,
on everv article in
togtV ymi an of what we are
Men's and Boys' Hats'.
I M n-, J Jl l.ll.t il . J'
"I (I"iI'.ii.I,t W.rtil 1 M
" I '"'I I Mai k mlfni.I'iml II
Mr .iiii l at
nt I i.i I U,i fi.l..iaal tit
t in, rlti.h
Ittn.Jatirt Mt,. i H.a jn,
li. ll nlrll.a.k nut Mill Hal.. '. tiai
Iri.i. i i ti 4.
Mom's and Boys' Shoes.
Mi-ll . - i.i fliir Calf i,a at
. It. " lrt ir
Ml . I l
II..I. !- -
' rl Ml
mi iii.ii an. I Ik. i. , aiM as .
rl...i-.l in IM. ..i
i Gents' Underwear,
" Man a HI. 4 "liliu ai..l 1 i,, ,( m n.ia l.v M
' li " U Ml
Mriiaamt WM
" '. IV ra
" r autl.
Mi n'. aii I I...1.' Mitrt, "-k.. tuaralla a"al
1 JuiMtf. a III ! mM at nia,
sale of the Entile Slock of tJnodl v of getting tun .MK
rtililced froMi 't to l(Vj
d fr lit and l.V hi tu Kkj
. redneetl Imiu '2S to lto
rnltlfrd from Ml tu :5tkT"
. '.'0 jurJn fur $f
. new 0d
ii, Hr a pair
now I.Jc a WrV
. r . :i;:to
.i'iIK- T.V, I ami iiy