Broad-axe. (Eugene, Lane County, Or.) 189?-19??, May 28, 1896, Image 1

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VOL. .5.
NO. 11.
QM. L. U. Mi kl.NNhY
Physician and Surgeon
V. III ( liwlal allriillua l.i .11 rbwiltr SIS
w. .lil Mult rrr 'ally to eUtlll.l li lul
I'lUc over Cliy drus!"'
W KUYkr.NDAI.I.. M. I).
Physician an J Curntvm
tll atlantliiu la eurserjr aa aitrgleal 1la
irtlns In chriaiuau blu-k.
I MiLVac.
1 I V..
l 1r v.. t lir.t National Hauk
' Wl I t a i.nrral law pwllca In all teaman.
tif lit llalf
S. '. tllllllT
L'lsl Y & MAI'kLLY
Attorneys at Law
tMaswrelal and nbau saainaaaaapreialti
tfti In Chrlaman blnrk-
; 1. NORTON'
Husm. I uii 1 orr Pint National Bask
j. :
Attorney at Law... Notary
In Mrclnuc bullillnf. up atalra
K8ee. Orasae.
rtt im ir vkah
WAITED -IN lOEi:, .impl llilus itt
pate-tllf Clttirl vmr !. . I h-T may ttr n.
Tu aaaJlk. Write JollN W al'iKUMl.bN
i r.iMi Alioroxa, Maahluflua, ti I' , liw i,a srlw ii.r
Yonr Attention is Galled to
W are also propared to Uk vonr meaanr lor a Pnlt mad to order.
fit guaranteed. BKK OUR LA HUE LINE OF 8AMI'LKS.
SDecial Call for a Farmers' Meeflnn
There have been ramort recently set afloat tbat cerUln trsnaar
tiona bsv uken pUca, which veiy mneh effects the whole (arming
rommnnity of ln coartv, and aa r alt hasty Investlgatiari of
thsssni was ma t by a Committee of On Hundred Farmer on last
Xslorday, and sosunllng was the effect 6f their work, that they deem
it but nroner that a public meeting of all the Farmers of ln rountv
"herald hg Catted US assemDl alv.
thsesrllest postl Hi dale, to lonfinu the fart, filial lie Is selling hit'
entire ttirk of Clothing, Boots, Hhos and Dry Uooda cheaper than
anv merchant In F.ngene, and the Farmer oil Lane county shonld
tali advantag of tb sams whll tb opportanity 11 oflcred. 11 11.
"The Committe
..W. 8ANDER8.
Tkru Doon Rortk of Htffmu Host, Illliniitti Stmt
Wlllimttti St , bel. 7tk tod Sib. Eugene, Or.
All Kindt of Br. ad. Cake. Piet. Etc..
Always on Hand. f
Meals from 15 to 2' cent. 6 cent
lunrh counter in conn, lion.
Orxlera receive prompt attention.
Tit patronage of ths public respect
lallr solicited.
W. 0. ZEfGLER,
' CtUtrKIK'OK.
A full nf vrtthlnc thai U ktt In
llrMriM wUhlUhmritl Bcpt lir ft Hsr?!,
Mtoii. Port .tl W..I. whtrb to w I U Nllu
iu fr tan tm sflutl4 lu U
rUvtbi UM'alilt. HtHT mwi Hhe-t ftrf mIi wl I
4o ly ri ftulilug tit 'vfur villus
inioi oti tiiM,ti mrt, Yvm HIMfc,
I UfMlM lVaiatill
mmu ilrllwrvd in .any pn ol lb
. ...EUGENE. ...
Loan and Sayings Bank
Vh. fnaUMil.....
ft l fAIN
t. A.
J. K.
W. K
. Brown,
J. R. Ilarri..
H. D. I'ainf.
J. K. Kolnnaon,
K. W
PAID UP CAPITAL. $50,000.00!
A lieneral Kanklng Itutint-ss Trans
arte.1. InU-reat allosr.1 on time ilr Highest t'aah Kate I'aid for
t'ity and Connty Warrants.
Chairs and Rugs
Undertakers and
Upholstery Goods....
Onr Large and Complete Line
OF -
A perfert
BAKPERS Ptor in hnaena at
of One Hundred"
Eu(iD(, Ortfoi
Tbo OiioKgo luUr-Ooean uj
"Whxrnba. tb Auinrlcan gold guoaf
Wall Ui bulk of It bi ba mnt
broad to pay fur imported gooda
which aboold hare bnan mad In
Amur loan tiurtutii. Nothing ia plain
rtliantbaL" In the langQag of Horace Oriwly,
"Yoo lie, fon 'IIIUd, 70a lie I" It baa
gone abroad to pa tutrreat on bond,
murtgagxe and the like. And what lit
tle la lft la binf oorneittd by yoor
auppurtora and held for tbe pnrpoae of
luvmtment lu booila, either by them,
or by thoee who chooee to pay a pre
mium for It.
In uthr buainxaa a.ide from tbe Da
tional baukiug boalnnaa, that we are
aware of, can a man eat hi. cake and
till hare It or make a double tnroat
tunl wiih tbe Mine money. Kur In
atanoe, oorporatlon oan lnreat 1100,
IXHI in bond; deposit tbem witb Uncle
Ham, and Uncle-Ham will gUe tbe cor
poration f 10,000 witb wblub to do a
banking' bu.ineea. Tbe boaiueaa man
who haJ 11,000 and aboold inreat it in
a f 1,00(1 bond, and propoee to
it witb L'nclo Ham aud aspect ft gel
1 .100 in currency with wbicb to do boa
iueaa, aud the aame time , ooutiune to
draw internal on bia boud.woold be ar
realed aa a "crank."
Those who know anything aud are
ttlking about an international agree
ment as to the ratio between gold and
atWer know foil well there will be no
j International agreement. England,
I for Instance, ia "not bollt that way."
j Her - cltiarna bold aome twenty-live
; billion dollars worth of tbe securities
of other natlona, it ia to her tntortat to
hare aa many of the natlona on a gold
basis aa poaailbe for it make ber
holdings all tba more valuable. Tbe
$500,000 that Ernst Bryd apent in tbia
country waf a mighty good tuveetmeut
fur her Hbylocka It wet bread cast
upon tba watera and has returned tbem
many fold ainoa then.
Tbe people are lamentably ignorant
of the way things are going on in ihis
oonntry of oars. Tbe DemocrataVr
trying to look pleasant and think thnea
are improving, wbile the Kepoblloan
are blaming everything to tbe Demo
oratio administration. Yet, for all
that, we hare never seen the time
when tbe people were so ready to em
brace ' . People's Party principles.
Democrats and Republicans, alike, ad
mit that our governmental machine ia
rickety aome place, that tba bosea nerd
new parking, and tbe bolts and screws!
otKHj uKatvame;, pat twy nun t iwin
buw to go to work to pat the macalne
In ordsr. Uet m to invest ton cents
in Uils paper and it will aet them to
Friend Democrat: You bowled for
( rover and tariff reform, and you voted
for (trover and tariff reform; now,
didn't you? ' And you aipected.t too,
tbat Old 4 rover would call a apecial
session of oougreaa "right away quick"
to knock out the robber tariff aa aoon
aa he was Inaugurated, now didn't you?
And then wben be did call tb apecial
evasion, it waa to knock out silver, in
stead of tb robber uriff. Ob, don't lay
it on drover. He waa tbe ring leader,
that's true, but tb moat of your Demo-
eiatio leaden wer pi eater not pa-
triou or statesmen, and still you want
another chanoe. And still, there's tb
bond business, and ths packed supreme
court to kuock out tb income Ui.
Why. if Tom Jefferson was aliv now
be would be the rankest kind of a Pop
ulist and still some of yon prats about
being Tom Jefferson Dynocrata.
"Old Abe" got a eflary of 126.000
a year, wben wheat waa worth II a
bushel so. we 11 17 be got a salary of
13,500 bushels of wheat DioUtcr
Orover gets a salary of (50,000 with
wheat at (0 oeuu. or 100,000 bushels of
wheat. '"Old Abe" didn't have much
to do but b trembled for tb safety
of this republic. It's different with
Orove. Sometimes tb fish don't bite
and then, again, there's tb aaorsd
gold reserve. . lt'a real arduous, don't
cherknow, to issue bonds. Urove,
though, doe It tb eaaieat way b
knowa bow. He don't go to all tb
fuss and bother of advertising for bids,
drove hat loU of friends, Orov hast
They are i loh fellows, too, no mudsill
truck. Aa an accommodation to Urova
they'll cash bonds at par and then sell
them at l.SS. A publio office ia a
nubllo trust" and a "anap" to those
who know how to work it "The pub
lio be d dt" and, yea, tb republio
b d d, toot
Every man who baa a tblmblefull of
brains, and eiercises them In ths least
degree, knowa full well that neither of
th old parties will ever give ut free
oo Intra of ellvsr. Thsy know, too,
that if either of the old parties win this
year 11 la probable tbat 1360,000,000 of
non-Interest bearing debt (greenbacks)
will b fnndud into a long time Inter
t-bearing debt (bonds). Tb present
administration openly advocates It, and
baa been working with that and In
vlsw. Th great majority of tba lead
ing Republioaaa endaras tb policy
indeed, Cleveland has berii simply ear
rlyng out tb policy of (ha Harrison ad
sainUUra tioa. -. Both old partiee ar
ownd by Bhylook, and baksep up tb
two merely for tb purpose of deluding
tba people. H baa sooceeded to wall
that tot wanA7ara tha iuol, people
have basm-jumping troaa on old pasty
frying pan into tn other old party
Br, and then back again, in tb rain
hop of obtaining relief. Tb only
thing that ssve th greenback tog th
present la tb approaching campaign
the Republicans knowing full well that
should they help tba sound money
Democrat carry oat thslr policy thers
would aot be th ghost of a show tot
itbr ot tb old parties la tb net!
leotioa. And It la atrang that th
people do aot "ostoo onto tn racket.
W may add that 'a return to th
policy ot prossctloa will qnlokaa tb
dsmsnd for vT7thlng raised
Amerioan faro. , or from Ami-.
mioea, or that is produced by Aim
mills, forges, fuuudrles, or f.4':tiri-
C'bioago loler-Ooaan, January ai, -,. I
' (4o to. bow I The editor of th l.-i. !
knows full wall that a portwtire untl ;
la not the) remedy; tbat it wiulil not
open the market to aootbrr huli of '
wheat or barrel of pork. Mm know,
full well that there ia no p"iiw:tton iu
a tariff on things whlcn we u, not im
port, nut eipurt. 11 oui, 100, thai
there la praotioally no differenoe irj thT"
protection to farm product, under
tba present law and the taifT on
thee products under tbe M.-Kiuley
law. It knowa, loo, that farm pr
ducta are lower now than under the
MoKinley law, and that lb? were low
er under tbe MoKinley law than they
bad been for a quarter of a oen-
tury. Tba I.-O. knowa full well what's
tbe matter, and still it will uuibhle!
Tb I.-O. and all tb other big pauers
ar ournali.tio prostitute their edi
torial opinions being for hire. The
l.-O. ia uttering a da tana bis falsehood
wben it assert that a return to MnKm-
ley lam would quicken the demand for
everything raised on American farms,
la (setting down to a gold basis has
raised bade with tb farmers, at it
baa' witb every other legitimate busi
es, and tba L-O. know., too, tbat s
return to 50 per capita would giva us
3 wheat no matter what ths state of
tb tariff.
Aetna frsdicta Koluii..a la Tkla
- Coaavry.
Seattle, May tn. ll. H. Acton, pas
tor of tbe First Unitarian church, in
preaching th baooalaareate mrmon in
tb university of Wabington today, de-1
eloped a aenaatioa by picturing tbe
present condition of the world in tb
dsrlsust possible colors, sod prophesy
ing a speudy resolution iu the United
8 UK-a, which, be aald, would be ao-
ooinpllahed "at tb cannon's mouth, if
ne-d be, and which he predicted
would overturn tb esiatmg order of
things, and radically modify national
government. Comparing the eountry
with tbe Roman empire, be said:
lum oould levy tan s st tbe will
of ber ruler, deolar any complaint
treason, marry ber daughters for money
and tiUaa,rpanlsb a aervsnt'a Urdlneaa
with death, let tbe thief and mayderer
go free with a mild reproof, and make
slaves of tb profouadest philosopher.
Whsl lea than this is America doing
today? Rome's moral poverty snaled
j (nw.j
her doom. Ob, my country. Is it true
The last appeal of an out
raged nation ia revolution. Fur
America now tbVre it no uther redi-eaa.
It must come. We do not want new
bands at the helm, but a new ship'
Revolution is at Land, but it uevd not
be national ruin. Foundations loug
oonaidered diviue will be torn up; con
stitutions loug ooniilvred .acred will
be changed. Tbia w ill not oume ar the
echo of a patriotic song. There it
great ruin aud low and upheaval near
at hand. Do you ik me how these
great- raidical reforms, are to I in
augurate'!? I will tell yoo. By tbe
power of. intelli(iit decision; by the
eiplosiouof eipandiug indignation; by
the dual climax of a fruitless) patience,
which hat at luff culminated in the re
sistless fury of the tempesf."
Tbe sermon ban provoked scTt-re
criticism, s it i known tbst no such ,
sentiment are cherishes in the uui-
vernity, and it waa thought out of place !
fur Dr. Actou to air his peculiar view
from the commencement rostrum. i
Hold la,h r..r Liberty. '
Sac.rauieuto.May 25. Ernest Geiger,
a convict in prison at Folaom. semng
twenty years frjin Napa 'Couuty for
burglary", wad an attempt to escape
this morning. He baa been in prisou
slnoe last January, uetger wss work-
ing on the nn-kcrunher. outside of tbe
prison grounds. He mad a dsah and
plunge into the American river, and.
although two guard, commanded him
tn atop, he oontinoed to swim toward
lb opposite shore. Then tb gusrds
began Bring, snd Golfer received two
bulleu in the right sbonloer. Whirl
ing about hn aurted to swim back
toward tbe guards, holding up on
hand and motioning them not to shoot
again. He wat pulled out of the river
and Uken to the boapiUL Hit wounda
ar dangerous, but not fataL - -
Wanted la Llrk Oaraatt,
Little Hock. Ark , May 16. Pugi
list Corbel t narrowly aaoaped losing
hla life at the hands of a wild-eyed
crank, armed with a revolver, at Hot
Springs yeoterdsy. Aa b waa walking
along Central avenue, a man suddenly
sprang from a doorway, and, facing
th pugilist, dcuiaiiciM to Know II hla
nam waa t'rtctt.
If you arc Jim Cor belt," tb crank
orled, "I Aa going to hok yoa right
Corbrtt hctitHted a moment, and the
crank, with a quick movement, drew a
revolver from bis pocket and potntM
it at Corbctt's breatt. Corbett struck
lb weapon out cf th crank's baad,
and, aelsing the man, held him until
an officer arrived.
- - - a
1Mb. I. t la lellMes.
Birminghsiu. Al., Msy 16 Eu
gene V., prt.ident of tb Amerl
osn Railwsy I'nioii, said tonight:
I will ttate for th publio print
that I wtH w.4 suit la a pulbio offloe.
and do not mre tcr held -evre. Politic
and labor ate two different Institu
tions, and 1 i'.l not giv up labor for
oolitic. The two don't go well to
gether, and I heliev I am ot mur use
In labor. No, I win not go tnot poli
tic, and will ut accept tba nomina
tion for preidevt.'i , ...
a 4rleae la law a.
Kauaaa City, May 16. Tb Times
hsa informal!. ot a cyclone having
wept ovsr Psltrl, Iowa, flfteen mile
orth of Dps Moinea. win persons
ar reported killed and a number in
jured. Partii-alara ar not obtainable.
Epitome of the Telegraphic
News or the World.
te Inlarsatlac CalUetlee r iteaas Vwmtm
la a CaaaaaaaOj rra.
Wurd baa beeo received of tbe mur-
der in CuU of Walton E. Bulle, an
Amerhsu, fur bia money.
Archduke Cbarlos Louis of Austria, !
eldest brother of v1 Emperor Krancis
Joseph, died in Vienna, aged 64. j
Tom Lintoa, a Wel.hman, beat tbe j
oicycie record from tba firth mil up-1
ward, in Psris. ooverins thirty mile
within on hour. ,
John D. Jones, who tumped to death ;
in a tit of anger Mrs. Meodenball. at '
ne Anna, 111., lair last fall, was
banged st Murphy aboro. He prufeaaed
The Western Federation of 'Miners
bat decided to amalgamate witb the
American Federation of Labor, and
wil elnct delegate o tbe, convention.
01 me utter body. k
Dr. TbomaaRena was shot by b;t
wife in Chicago. Tie woman Bred five
times. Two bulleu entered tbe doc-'.
tor's bead and he will probably die. ;
Jealousy was tbe cause.
James Dazzle (colored), was taken
from tbe jail in bt. Bernard's pariah. ,
uooinana, snd lynched. He wss ar-
rested fur attempting to outrage a 1
white woman near tbe Patterson plan
tation. ..
Harry Jorea and Frank Jeffereaa,
two con view at ban (oentin, got into
a qusrrel during which Jeffe;
subbed Joaea with a knife, indicting ; lading. KTSidenoes and business build
a wound from which Jonas died ahortlv . ngs on high, level ground were flood-
afterward. '
General Vicuna, the Spanish com
mander, ia dead of yellow fever,- at
Corral Falso, in Msunaaa, where he
has been sick for several dsys pstt
Hit body, will be buried in tbe city of ;
Lillian Russell, wbile riding her
golden wheel near Central Park, New
York, collided witb an unknown cycl-,
ist. and was thrown to th pavement. :
Her ooatly wheel waa smtisbed and ber
ankle wss hurt.
Mrs. Louise A. Speetsen, sn attrac
tive and entertaining,' woman, laughed '
herself to death ia Oakland, .Cat Tbe :
case wat a peculiar one, and attracted
the attention of a number of Oakland 1
pbyaioiana, who attended tbe lady.
Th ttriking firemen of tbe Armour
packing plant, of Kanaaa City, who !
went out .May s for increased wage
and fewer hours, ..have oom promised
their affairs and lifted their boycott
I againal tb oompany'a meats and re
turned to work.
I A London dispatch ssys th British
, foreign offloe hss decided upon the
. sue of a aupplemenUry blue book rela
j tive to Venezuela, very shortly. Tb
forthcoming volume will con U in im
i porunt additional historical evidence
! in support of the British case.
What ia claimed to be th large.!
atrike ever made in the Aintworth, a j
C, camp waa nnoovered on th Termi- The London Chronicle a Kom cor
nut, owned by Spukane parties. At ! respondent says: News ha bean re
thr end ot a 200-foot tunnel a 40-foot ' ceivd from Valparaie-tht oa tb in
led ge waa struck of high-grade ore, av- itiative of Chile, it haa been decided to
eraging fit? per too gold and silver, iesteblish between Brasil. Cbil and
a mt. .. ' Argentina another commercial agree-
Pyramid Lake Indian reservation. May ;
hg. Indian Sam Small deliberately
shot hla wife and her paramour with a
i pistol which he stole from a policeman.
lbe woman-died inaUntly, but tbe
man, George Meterve, an Indian, is
still alive, though dangerously shot
A Cairo dispatch says a death from j
cholera ia reported among tba Egyptian
troop at Tourba. A regular cholera
miasma ia brooding over Cairo with
the heavy air and tbe hot winds. Th
virulence of the disease ia almost un
paralleled at auoh an early aUge of via
iution. The percentege ot deaths it 00.
In Nabant, Mass., an incipient blase
from a painter'a lamp at the summer
cottage once occupied be th poet Long
Mlow, on Willow road, was th bit
ginning ot a fierce fire, which fanned
by a strong southwest gal, devoured
five handsome summer residences and-
oontents, entailing a loa of about
A apecial from Caracas aaya: Th
Veneaeula government haa offered to
release th schooner New Day, but th
owner refus to aocept under condi
tions attached. Tbe English govern
ment wiU posh th claim of th own
er. Tbia makea new complication! in
th relations betweea England and
The flood aituatinn in Crookston,
Minn , 1 becoming very serioua, th
rise la th Red Lake river having been
very rapid by reason of continuous and
copious raina. Tbe flood ia gaining,
and th water la two or three feet deep
oa aom of th principal street, wbil
ia soms of th residence district entire
Boors hsv been flooded.
The Aretes - eiplorer, - Lieutenant
Peary, Is going Kurth again this sum
mer, and a steamer ia now being ar-
rangde la St John's. N. F., for that
purpose. Th object ot th expedition
ia believed to be to aeoure far the
Philadelphia academy ot aolsno th
40-ton meteorite near Cap York,
which Peary discovered last year.
A dispatch haa been received in Lon
don from Governor Sir Heroule Rob
inson relative to th sentence Imposed
upon th reformer at Pretoria, which
aaya a number ot th prisoner will b
released Immediately, and other la
three moitha. A third lot of th prlt-
oners will bsv their cases ousjaidered
and passed upon after flv months, and
a fourth portion after on year.
Tbe bouse committee on public landa
baa ordered a favorable report on tb
bill for the maintenance of schools of
mines ia pulbto land stales and terri
tories, by granting each state from tbe
proceeds from the sal of mineral
iands 15,0x for tb current year and
an annual increase of ft, 000 per year
for ten years.
Whit Buffalo, captain of Indian
police on the Cheyenne reservation, hat
applied for a pension, on account of la-
' June sustained wbile a member of the
inira VDitea Bute cavalry, and Ex
amining Physician Hurley asyt the in
juries are such aa would give a wbile
man a pension. White Buffalo ia a
son of Hitting Bull, and baa alwaya
been loyal to tbe white aa a policeman
and soldier. ,
Upon representation of Indian
Agent 8 touch, at Tongue River agency.
Mont, tranamittad thrrmvh and ia.
dorsed by tbe interior department, lb
w,r department sent order, to General
Brooke, commanding tb department
of Dakou. to send troop from Fort
Cotter to tb agency to preserv order
and stop tbe killing of cattl by th In
diana. Probably two troops of th
Tantb cavalry will b sent, but Gen
eral Brook ia allowed to use discre
tion. ," "
New York ha tb first daily' paper
1",?. to ""lt published in
English langusge. It ia called
Daily American Wheelman.
Tbe General Trans Atlantiqus Com-
; pany has advanoed freight rate on
specie one-eighth per cent on lota of
(500,000 or over, either gold or silver.
Tbe North Oerman Uaaett ssyt:
, The government is desirous of the total
, abolition of the sugsr import bounties,
; provided the other state enter an
, agreement to tak similar action.
A cloudburst occurred near Perry,
U. T.. eisbt to twelve inches ol rain
ed, while bouses along Cow creek were
washed away.
Lieutenant Luther B. Baker, who,
aa an officer in tbe government detee-
4 tive setvice, bsd charge of th party
which captured J. Wllke Booth, the
aaeatein of President Lincoln, died in
Lansing, Micbv aged 66 years.
Juhn Taggart, of Big Stone Gap,
Ky., waa killed, and twelve other
dangerously wounded in a gat explo
sion in the mines near Big Ston Gap.
Part of tbe mine caved is. It is be
lieved six of the injured will die.
Tbe boiler in Davidson Bros. ' atw-
mill, near Marietu, Ind., exploded
with terrific forae. faullv iniurinc :
Eunice Davidson, Thomas I3avtdeonvi
and Frank Battraa. Six other wer
more or less injured.
Near Atlantic, Ia., th combination
train on tbe Griswold branch of tbe
Rock Island waa ditched by striking a
mule. All the -ear and engine went
i B-. Kat. Ai& VfcSI Okaa SUaBrlk aVk WeT ft SW.
" .i.-
track. (Several were injured, but nne
The property a Elisabeth, N. J., of
th defunct United Sutea Cordage
Company, haa been sold by tba sheriff
of Union county, N. J., to aatiafy a
mortgage held by tbe United btetea
Trust Company, of New York. The
P'""- wnicn w" 7' " T"
f 1.000.000 waa sold for ISO.000.
waa valued
PP-T"f principle
Munro" doctrine to South Am
Henrv Walker, residing near Broken
Bow, Neb., murdered hia wife, his ex
cuse being that eh had attempted to
poison him, and be killerKker as a mat-
ter of self protection. H purchased a
revolver and deliberately ar aoged all
the details. Tbe murderer ia a
; wealthy farmer, prominent and well
'. known. . -
Tbe ooal product ot th United.
Sutea, for the calendar year 1896.
shows the output ot the Northwest
sutes to be: Oregon, 73,685 abort tons
product, valued at 347.01; Washing
ton, 1,191.410 short tons, with 'a valua
tion ot I. 677, 958; Montana, 1,489,193
abort tona, valued at (J, 816,906.
' a dispatch from Baas Terr. Island
of Guadloupe.Weat Indies, aaya: Jap
anese immigranu ar again in rebel
lion. Tb uprising haa beoom ao for
midable aa to cause planter grave anx
iety. Th colonial government
adopting drastio measures to suppress on th coal mines operated by the Unit
th Insurrection, notwithstanding tb i coal Company and th Citisena
stipulation, of tb treaty. ! Cotl Company. The strik wss caused
General Luoius Fairohild, eommanth
er-in-cbUf of th Loyal Legion and as-
commander-in-chief of the G. A. R.,
died at hia reaidenoa in Madison, Wat.
General Fairohild had Buffered from
the effect of th gripp for several
weeks, and a month ago the ailment
waa complicated by kidney trouble.
Until flv day age, it waa thought be
would recover.
Th senate oommitte on interatat
oommsro haa authorised th reportiag
ot a bill tor tbe uniform classification
of railroad freight rate framed oa th
line recommended by th national
board of trad. It will require an in
terstat oommerc commission to pre
pare and publish a classification which
shall apply to all sections of th
country. . -
A Msana aispatcn says: in cones-
queao of the lepreaenutiona mad by
th American government, the Spanish
eabinet will try to Indue Captain
Ocraral Weyler to reconsider hia pro
fcibitioa if the export of leaf tobacco
to foreign eouutris. The edict haa
been welcomed la 8 pa la and Havana,
a a clever blow dealt at th peopl who
ar eonsi dared to b oh!f abettor of
th insurrection. . .
Halt a Hundred Lives Lost In
a Cyclone.
Whale rsailllas Wis Oat ef slateaee
. -Toraase waat ICaat Thraaaa
llllaela aa Mlshlaaa.
Dea Moines, la.. May 87. Forty
three killed, a sour of faulty Injured
and about Bfty people seriously hurt is,
aa near aa can b estimated tonight., tb
result of th destructive torvntdowhtob -swept
portions of Iowa, Illinois and
Kansas last nigbt. Tb property loss
ia heavy, but accurate estimates thus
far ar impossible. The list of killed
stands aa follows:
Jasper county, Iowa, 10; Polk coun
ty, Iowa, 8; Rockford county, Iowa,
4; Elgin county, Iowa, I; North Mo-1
Gregor. Iowa.' Hi Durango, Iowa, 6;
Fort Scott, Kan., 1.
Tb storm wrought Ita greatest havoc
la Iowa, wber th counties of Polk
and Jasper war devasUted by two
tornadoes. Ths loss of lite was beariest
Tb storm originated near th town
of Ankeny, ninety-flv mile north of
Da Moinea. Aa near aa can be sscer
Utned from those who saw th sight,
two clouds, on from th northwest"
and one from th eon tb west, mat and
dropped down on tn earth and wrought
their havoc on all that waa loos and
fast. Th storm moved northeastward.
Near th town of Bondursnl it killed
iu Brat vlcums, the members of th
Bailey family. Tb atorm waa eeen
oomina from Bondurant. Manv farm-
t era who bad attended th church aerv-
' ioea had bees unable to get horn before
: tb storm, and their Uvea were thus
'saved. Th track of th tornado at
tbia point was about a quarter of a
mile wide. It passed onward, going
north of th town of Santiago. All
along th course th fences and build
ings, crop and tree wer completely
destroyed. In place balk was peeled
from th trees, houses wer lifted up .
and hurled down and broken into splin
ters; cellars vera heaped full of mud,
'and debris, often partially covering
those who had Uken refuge la tbem.
Thoae who had fled to caves wer in
variably aaved, but ao sudden waa th
approach of tb atorm that many war
unable to find that shelter, though th
oaves were only a few rods from them.
Pass is g onward tbe storm struck Va-
The railroad bridge on tb Chi
Great Western waa the first object
wissaiaa wua. la. tsnag waa
i pletely oemolisbed, and the rail, were
I twisted and bent out ot shape. Tb
! town waa almost completely ruined.! '
! Tb building were demolished whed
they stood in ths full force of the
storm, and those which stood along the '
edges of tb atorm were moved and
twisted, and in other waya injured. A
acboolbouserss Uken away bodily,
and fragmenu of it have ao far escaped
There were soms strange pranks
played near thit town. An old man
holding a babe was. lifted up snd
dropped into an adjoining field without
th least injury being don to either
him or the child.
Leaving the wrecked town, the atorm
moved forward, laying the country
bare, wrecking, house and killing th
inmates. On observer near Valeria,
who saw tbe storm find observed it
carefully, aaya that the cloud appeared
to be a high balloon, dark green in
color, witn a light streak in tb cen
ter. It traveled at a tremendous rate,
tearing up the largest tree by tb roots
or stripping them clean off, driving
posU into th earth, twiating buildings
in tb edge of iu track, end first, spat
tering the house close to it with mod
and sand, atrippiog hedge and licking
th grata from tb fields. From Vale
ria the storm moved on, passing near
the town of Mingo.
Later in the evening, a tornado seems
to have struck near Manchester, in
Delaware county, although report ar
very meager from there. It ia possible
that this waa the same atorm, and tbat, ,
after traveling 150 mile in th air, it
once more dipped down to tbe earth
and laid bare a atrip half a mil wide
and aix or eight mile long.
i " Ceiareae Mlavra atria.
Denver. May 17. A apecial to tbe
Rocky Mountain Newa from Louis
ville. Colo., states that the Western '
i Federation of Miners has called a strik
! by tb discharge of eight men at the
8impon mincacd wss over an old '
! trouble with tbe company in refusing
to reiotute twenty-two men who were
discharged, tb company declining to
adopt the schedule under which the.
men were working. About 600
miners are affected.
aeatea la Perm.
New York, May 17. A Herald dl
patch from Buenos Ayr Bays: The
HerslTs correspondent in Manaoa,
Brasil, aenda word that a boat krrlvtaa;
thers from Iquitos, Pern bring new
tbat Colonel Semlnartoa, leader of th
movement to uit ke tbe depsi tin out of
Lore to. Per, aa independent state, haa
called into th field all persona abl to -carry
anna Colonel Seminarioa hat
raised about 8.000 men to resist th
troops of President Pierola. They have
only old sty Is ansa. A small see star
haa been-armed lor aarvio on the
A mason river. Betnlnsrtos ha iassd
a proclamation declaring th tadapsadi
no ot th aw state.
Dr. Paters, the African Tplorv,
ia about to anoertak a new xplora
tioa of Somalllaad uadar th aasplset
of a Basso of wealthy AaMtHeaa. -