Broad-axe tribune. (Eugene, Lane County, Or.) 189?-189?, November 24, 1894, Image 4

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Take no Substitute for
Royal Baking: Powder.
It id Absolutely Pure.
Alt others contain
Cleopatra's II Hal.
Tho bc.mtiful tV't.iti.t, t! wife of
the g.rvut p hi, t'tit weak and litf.i
nions, Antoiiius, w.t .1 woman of rarv
personal int. untT and moral worth.
When Antoiiius the aeooiid tim.v,
and thi irri-Uioiiably, foil nnder the
war of tlw iuctuuitaralile uu
of CUsalr Dotavia! not only main
tained tho diKtiitv il her huslwuid'
house ainl tik care of 'horowu and Au-
" toiiitu' children, but also thoau ho had
had by Fulvia, cue itf hi provjou
" wive. Of this Fulvia rutarch slyly re
marks: It was her ambit iou tl govern those
tbat (-ovemod aii.1 toconituand the load
era of armies. It was ( I'olvia that
I'leoitatra was obliged W.toacliinis An-
(.mitt dne submisMon to female author-
ity. He had roiio ITiToTTi rm-h a curse
of dies-inline a made hnu perfectly
tractable whin he ram into her baud.
Wcstiniin'tcr Kcviivr.
A IVrtccl Leaf. ,
Tho teacher of a cla'si a one of
tho Now York ; )i oW 0:100 said to tho
pupils vi u 1 werv leaving for the auui
mcr: "I waul each of you to search for
a perfect leaf ami hrinjf it to me wheu
school rvH'i us. K -tth iiiNt it mast bo
porfivt ev. ry bMih r.i;'it. Dot to apoak
of mol l or I or discoloration, m4
a vein lrok 11. " Tin y s. arvho14ithful
ly, but 11 oik found a pt-rfivt though
titer learned 3 rn-t d. al about leaies
while tiny cvu:.:iic-1 tin m thus carefnl-
1t. Now York Tim-.
Iaipnt:. n.v turns .1:1 atie into a fe
v.r, if.i.r t.illii !.;a, fivar into dt
ijia.r. suij;. r into t-.,z leas into madness
and om w to auiax. mont. Joremjr)
N Society
women often f-l
the effect of too
tnntb itayety
' bailft, lhetre. and
teat la rapid
ncretMon find
them worn out. or
''run-down " by
the end of the sea
Mia. Thcr suffer
from nervoune-i
k lceplene and
imTrulantwa. The
mile and rood
apirit take fiiuhL . It i time to accept
tike help offend in IVk-Iipt Fierce a F
Torite rrrcription. It a medicine mh:th
was diMrovfrctl and ued br a prominent
pbricin ftr manr yrAr in all casea of
' irmale complaint" and the nenrou di
order which are fmm it. The ' Pre
acriptKm " i a powerful uterine tonic and
mrvinew erKciallr ad.ipted to woman a
delicate want f.r it rrgulate and promote
all the natural function builds up, invif
oratra and curtx
Many vumrn suffer from ncrroo proa
trauon. or ei jiau-li.n. wrmf to cona;etinq
or to diord- r (' the reciaj funrtiona. The
watte prixi-Jit iiould be quickly rot nd
of. the local source of lmutton relieved
and the r-lrra tnirorted with the " Pre
acnption. " Ii not tke the ao called
celery compound, and nervine which
only put the nerves to sleep, but ret a
iatme ntre with Dr. Pierce a Favontc
Mr. WitxiAM Hoove. o( RrllnlU,
ftukland Co . '.
wntes: " I had bem
a creat sufferer from
female wraknt ;
I tried thiee doc
tors : thcr did
no rood : I tliourut
1 sraa an invalid Uk
ever. Tlut 1 herd
of Tr. Pierr-e s Fa
Tonte PremTiifn
and then I to
him and be toM me
just how to Use tt.
1 took cm at bottles. 1
I now fe. entiri-W"
well. I could stand Huwaa
on my feet only a short time, and now
ail my work for my family of five."
I do
Lung Troubles
how a tendency ' toward
Consumption. A Cough is
often tho beginning. Don't
wait until your condition la
more serious. Take
the Cream of Cod-liver Oil,
ei nee '! Overcomes all the
conditiony that invite the
Consumrion Germs. Phy
ticians, Lh world over, en
dorse It- '
Dca't li .enrred kj S.bstltifts!
PMaana kr hai a bns . i
Buy r the sbmI rellahU wlih Ik larae asaars.
awsl, strim a will 4
aasl fall valaa far faar aaawefs
mJiml. IIXM Is
A. Fcldenhcimer'St
Car. rirsl aa4 Marrlsasi Ciraata.
ponxi.aarK osu
CR. UB!C & CO.,
Sfccul twin far Qmlc, Ifo't
id Ituii Lob.
t tasMf-s lsienrse mrmmmm rmr ee
. n il WmSMs. mi M.Hh-4 Sna fr r .4.
1 1 1 i itvr" rrwM.f.t S.-4 Pf-i.
an Sm sttrrs III lulls a'.asm ssf rvsana
. M lit. l ll 11 tarttl. SIV . iMtt tr-m Ut Bn f
m swfUHni rnpuHM eel1 srt-es eauearf
a., artvate winsts aa Haasa at., aaa rraai ises.
Ar ' . I
alum or ammonia. 1
Charles P. Jordaa. atssla frraral Cast
aad a Tjplrwl lsarler Krat.
Tho qtuvu of t'.io Sioux i tho wif of
w hi to man. Ni ttltor of thorn ta or has
any rvam to Iki ahanuil of it Kod
Cloud, without (juotiou th. jrroatost
Indiau rhii f of this p iioratiou. gave
hrt away nt tho altar on tho Sunn ro-
crvatlon. Tho Sioux otui'ii hulunl u
(.'harhxa V. Jorlati, tirothor of Ltcuton
ant C'olonol Jordan, I'mtol Statoa ar
my, a couxin of ti. noral I'usti r and ono
f tho nuxt tritsl n'jir.'titativia tif tho
pororumotit iu tho Indian country. Ho
Ikat-s tho Ium.r of U tun tho mtly white
man who wan ev. r oltvttsl a member of
tho Sionx iMtuicil. In their daya of piw
er. before harlly akinlo white faixi hal
Kvn sis n wcit uf tho Miouri river.
the D.ikotaa (Siouxi vtn one nation,
rulol by one chief. Tho last of this au
tocratic i-n.vtT waa OM Smoko, who
Jiitl in 1 !."'. after aiH-inc his peoplo
pushil woKtwsnt and hi power cnrf:nl
eL Although the hnband of more than
ouo squaw, ho left but one chihi, a tiny
Birl. who could hardly coo when Old
Smoke rot readr to float upward to tho
: happy hunting frrviunda When dyitiK.
. he touk hr tn his arms and named her
I The Beautiful Woman, and ao alio haa
taince N-en known. The Beaut iful Worn
J an waa a prim-v. ii)n did uo work,
I but learntsl of misfionayiea. acornel dog
j meat and kept her naila trimmed and
I her glorioua black hair plaited and
eombe. Bhe grew to womanhood, hijrh
I spirited, proud and capricious an ideal
i atjuaw. But aa uo idl chief came to
woo her alio aoorued alliance with
'any common membsT of tho tribe.
' - Young Jordan, a tall. liriKht eyed
I fellow of good educati n and adtlreea,
) canto west aa clerk to the Indian ageut
at PiDe Rido. He fell in lore with the
' prlnc, and his love Waa rtvipnvated
; by the ftoux maiden. And so they were
married by a pneet in stole and suri'liee
and with all the formalnw-eof iImkIuw
man's law and customs. The l iC Sioux
chief came from mi Km around to attend
' tho welding, tne army effinrrs frm the
noisbboritiK ts jinN-d their pura in
the Old Yirninia nil. which followed
the oenelirtiou. and the pretty Sionx
que n has simx lt n plain Mrs. Jordan.
A Ix-vy of black eyed children blef the
alliance. Charlea F. Jordan, the Sioux
quetn'f bntati'l. haa lived on the fron
tier for many yearn. He lit still in his
prime, and his adventures would fill
brs k or several of them. He haa been
seal ped, shot full of arrows, haa bsx'n
terturetl and even condemned to divath
by the hoetilcs. Thirty milea from Ro
bud agency ho haa a fine farm and stork
ranch, well wooded with oak, -elm, h
and box elder. Th'Te is a big orchard
of s-ulti rated fruits rbse j and a Mtiea
of artificial dams down the valley, in
which beaver are eno n rived to con
truct tlH'irown rscnliar fortifleationa
Sioux City Juurual
Wastv la the Taaslrartloa of llnassa.
In this day cf inipruvenirnts and conven
irat appliance of ail stirta it Is a ra'her
rmivkable fait that some way ia not de
vised whereby the dwelling boose can be
male mure cniufortable during tb winter
aeaeon. One miibt almrmt fancy that
builders and doilers in furl were In league
with each other, so tally built and faultily
arranred is the average dwelliiiK bouse.
Chimneys are so situated that their enor
mous bulk of bricks and mortar absorb a
Large portion i f the beat, and these, with
ono aide exposed to Ibeyweattier. draw
from the bouse a lartr share of the warmth
tbat la Deeded to comfort w ilhin. To real
Lie this one has but to glance at an ordinary
brick buildinic during a heavy rain. The
chimney on the outside of tha bouse will
be dry, while the remainder of tba wall la
reeking with wet.
v NooMMrniiMjrrtta bav devised any
way to utilize this yrrat waste which Ik ko
ing on In almost ail of the public and prt
vate eiliflcea all o rr discount ry. The value
of tba fuel tliua alisolutely wasted might
astonish the carelesa and IhfHighlleM could
they but for one monirnl be tronght to re
alise just what this means. Almost Intol
erabl J bot in sumrnerand rrtrrespoftdingly
erdd La w inter 11 is sometime a wonder to
thuaa who give the matter due considera
tion that the dw.Jlers In thes plaeea enjoy
even a nnslerale degree of health. New
York ledger '
Ta laearasa Fraaslataat Astvartlsessaata
f Wsrls'i relr AwarasT
letters fnn lioth the Chief of Awards
(on Arrlrnltnre) at th. Clmago World'a
Fair, 11 r. J. H. Ilrownlnr, and th. Judge
of Awards on iiaking I'owdrra epo
th. falaity of the claim made In lelialf
of Clin ago baking powder that It re
ceived the highest award for leavening
power, keeping iualitMs, pbnty and gen
eral eicellrnee.
Th. Judea of Awarda aavi that this
claim ia (alee; that no eucb ward waa
given to that baking powder.
Mr. Browning in ina letter already
pnbliahed aao aliowa that there waa nn
award given to th. Chicago romny for
Ui. baet liaking powder.
It now appear, further that the analy
se, of th. powder exhibited allowed
baking powder made In New York alto
gether th. superior of lb. Chicago pow
der in tlh parity and .trengUi.
1 - government haa prohibited the
new - advertising purpose of (he med
als awarded by the lair. Il Would Iss a
great protection to th. public If the gov
ernment wonld also prohibit th. publi
cation of false rlaime, inch as tboaa that
hav. Ien ei poeed in relation to aueb
Th. only ofticiai aosnpaUUva tewt tA
national character, from which consoen
era ran obtain t'ia actual la'ta aa to th.
relative value, of all th. principal brands
of baking powder of the country, I Dial
mad. by th. Agricultural I ejeiliiieiit at
Washington, D. C It ao happen that
this waa conducted by th. same eminent
chemist who acted aa Judge of Awards
at the Chicago Columbian Fair. A haa
already been published, at thi .lami
nation th. Koyal Baking Powder waa
f Kind to be th. superior pow lr and
highest in leavening strength.
-' The Wlla Laads ef Malae.
' Th lirwision 'Me.) Journal aaya tbat the
wild lands of Maine would make 11 states
as larf ss i'.hode l'iwd, two aa lsrga aa
New Ilnmiisliir and Vermont and on
twice aa large aa M sssai.hqsctt.
Peapla Wha Have tlalaaw IMstlarllna
la Partlealar Bphsra la I. If. 1
""a la This t'aualry aa Abraail - J
Prises Alii.
Trim-e. Alix of II esse Parmstadt. the
future Ctarina of Kussia, i the young-
eet (iater vd the reigning tirand IViko of '
Heeso lwrmstadt and the faroritrabd-'
daughter of i In.un '
Victoria llandv
t ear, of age. she has I
lfc!Uf t lli .
.(TOV Xn U""Hl ,M n' ' I
klVff ,,,0", Ulu,l,ul
li' s' clever ami sniritetl '
l'rincesse of the
royal IKhh1 in all Fu
rope. Sho was edu
cated on strictly
Lutheran linos, but j
alio must put on a
new religion aith her
rown and le japti-cd into the
Uri'ek Chnn h. Frol witanev I'iiihtm
Ahx showe-t a marked character and in
dividtiality o( her own. Her mother,
who waa so popular in Kngland, was
"the 1'iimves Alice, and died when her,
child was only 6 year ol age. Trinces .
Alix is sympathetic, impulsive and sen-
suivr, alio ucr ovu iTf iter
friend and companions in a perfect slate
of merriment.
ttarua J t'aurell.
The strained relations existing be
tween France and Fngland male Baron
do Coiircil, French Amba.-sa.lor to tireat '
Britain, a person of interest. Baron do )
Coiircil is very w idely
known. It will le re- Cv
memliered that he was ,
the principal hero
crelions" iieriwIratiH!
by the Figaro a few
months ago. He was
President of the late
International l ourt of
Arbitration at Pari
on the Bchring Sea
seal fishery dispute
tetwren Fngland ant
America. Baron do
tourcil nas a peculiar ,unm nt; on iu-ii.
hiBtotv. Mis original
name waa Chatidrun, and hi father, a
i-ountrv attorney, was family solicitor to
tne i aiieyranoa, i no attorney oegge i
Talleyrand lo take his clever sou to r up
land as one of ins seretaries, which the
"JAll-t finattT did after having pro
change ol name ami a title (or
' 'orney. Since then the pres-
rise ha been rapid. Il
fo, presented France at l'-erhn.
Mr. Joha Waller.
Br the 'death of Mr. John Waiter.
proprietor of the
Times, the'
greatest F.mrltsh newspaH'r, Fngland
loses one of her I ,ot notel journalists
lie Uletl ,ovemler o,
age.1 76 years. ' lie
w a a grandson of the
founder of the Tunes.
The Paper was found
ed January 1. 17HS,
w as very unprotitabl
at tint, but under the
founder' son ascend
ed in public favor and
political iutliieiio,
ami eventually
came a highly remun
erative concern, t'n
le death of this gen-
Ma. Jon w'altkh. tleman his son, then
vear ol aire, ba-l
just b-en returnol to l'arliament a the
l.iU-ral Conservative meinlier for Nott
ingham. He had been educate. I at Fton
ami Fxeter College, Oxford, was a bar
rister at Lincoln's Inn and ha-1 made a
"grand tour." He did not take supreme
control of the Time for some years alter
hi father' y-ath. lie waa elected to
Parliament in loH. 1x74 and I -). and
was known as an excellent public
Ilr. Xakharla.
The death of a famous man is usually
followed by a "row " among the physi
cian who attended him. The rase of
th. Ctar of Kussia i no exception to the
rule, as Ir. Zakbarin
and Prof. Ieyden
hav. had violent
quarrels, each accus
ing the other of giving
th. Cxar improper
treatment, it will I
remembered that f r.
Zskharin treatet th.
great man during the
earlier part bi hi last
illness, and waa dis
missed for his brutal
(ran knee in telling
him of hi condition
and for hi defiance of
i n. r ir
court eti'nette. For the latter he is no
torious It is said he appeared at the
Cxar' bedside in a dressing gown and
peasant' l!. These peculiariUe have
earned him the title of "The l!uisn
Aherncthy." To rich patients- he is said
to charge exorbitant fees, but piefer to
attend, on th. ixr, and bis salary s
professor at the I'niversitr of Moco is
devoted to a fund for poor students.
A. P. Ciaaarlitga.
Accompanying thi sketch is a picture
of Hon. A. F. Goodridge, Premier of
Newfoundland, who has been of un usual
interest during the crisis the govern-
-v ment has passed
f -""" s through ri en tiy. It
Is sal. I Its eii- nriHc
X 1 Is unparalleled in (or
rnpiiin. Jhegovern
Hient of Nealouiid
land is simply a imni
alure of that of l.r. si
Britain, consisting of
ttovernor, appoint-e-l
by the I roan, a
lgls!all (Ioiiih il of
e- niteen memis-rs, ap
jtf pointed bv tba Lot.
A. - ots, r 111 1 h. 1
w . a, i,i nui i I sr I'l
fne for lile. and a
lions, of of thirty six mem
lrs, ela. t. every lour years by
lnsl suffrage and aecrel bsllot After
th. fall of lie ministry of W, V. W Mie
way, Hon. A. F. loslrldg waa isllvd
ln by trveriior O linen to form a
Ministry, a lib h be del Mmh U in li
clal work haa lawn done and a compar
atively i lean government established.
rilss Measy W.ll aaaat.
When tba wealthy and tal.-nlcl i,
Var of Ikstton w. tb. ssi ,,,,, ,
her "Boniola" at IU water mI.,1,1
lion, thcr waa mm Ivpioting ,,( ,, jj,
Ileal "To I1I111 that bath al.all U
given." lint th. gra. I'.na 1, ), wlnn.r
ba be owed tlus entlreauioiii.t. UnQu I '
wtthnolncoiisl'leisMesumfroiubeTowi, I
rineM niMiii a l.u. I., li . , I
, , - - ... , i-.iwi wnoliaasv
u.ri uaii a is. auoa i..r ia year, loeny "
Pl Olid Al.lXr
ner to man. trip to Kurupe. j
aalages 1st
ji on. uuoetioned
alio thounlit of th.
r wtinioti, alio anld:
J'l, V-stion tho most dlr-
flVult TV espcvlully dinieull
toau aJ upl""! iy tn.
n exeepliotially uo-
my work with all my
heart, aiL F'l ungracioua in
..... . ...Tl e.r,i.-iiu-lv of Iha tilunk
,lj(.u ujTVjr' l m "p. Still thor. ta
,lot g, tor aetn sa In tho world who
will not Ix .ir ru out w hen I say that
only tiieiuU n of the profession ' can
fol m anv e-lliate of the dllH.'llltiee.
tno to vi
''";",1' '! ut.imfiU-. which urronud
,h,w wh' " .,,,,.,,,r ,'r',"r
He atllKO, .llie h.ui. inv oraiiiniio
fultv is naftiral. and do what they will
they cannot k.vp it down. Still lake au
...i .. h.himii ts-bo lots lir liv.
'tin; to irn and comimro hat her life
will K if she ts'io's to tuition aa an alter
native to the lv.irds.
'A good g,-ernesa ia treuti-d aa, an
is t
ruiml. for survh
no woiiuiu wotil.l pnx
her rhildrt li voih a jrovernesa sho Citld
, , ,
I Hot reei'W" ,uiJ trust. If alio Is ill, she is
taken care .tn l II uei ' may laxe a
holiday. lVu1!.i-t her lot w ith that of
nn unknown vtn "s. who is constantly
thrown out of employment f.-r month
at it time unJ n n-t nppi'iir at the theater
at the ; j j v. . 1 1 . -1 time no matter how ill
alio is, I if ceui'-c the leiupMrarv salary
is higher, an It tie little k'.miw she wears
H-s Rouhrvttc tre iuruiNlu'.l bv tho man-ain-iueiit.
liat if Die gul fall ill she
often t.wo l.rr place altogether, or her
underatiidy, if of a snwrtiT appearance,
may b r in faor.
'Then in I' (lit re is little aj'p.r-
tuuity for trvtiing. for there is no con.ti
wrvatoiro for k;u.Jv. Tflo would l at'
t ress has tin a.n rnativo but to get i
aa goo-1 a the .u r asslio can and lo cm
tent if sho can k'1 1 nothing Is tier to do
than just to i on and otT as sus-r.
If 1 bad my i-.fe to Is gm over again. I
would study in Pant. Tho conx-rva-toireha
pr. aly cdiirateil the Frem h
Hiplo w here theatrical matter are con
cerned. After all, ucTitii: t art. and s
pie should not f: to act N fore tin v have
Iss'ii taught to il i so, any more than they
wonlj think M . ;nm in gnmd opi ra
before rfcy kid st itdio.1 with a good
master. V
"As for tlie iMlt".i atioin essential to
aiiccc.. on the i-'.ae, a certain amount of
' draiiiuc
jUn ks are
iiitm t iV ii.-e.-ary, gol
an nui-rt.u.t. and g.-l lieaitn is
everything. I plv """''" to think that
sn s.trrvi is i.. ..--oily an .tudi wlual
with, hl.aUy ri'TV. ai. 1 uncertain heal'li.
when tie- truth. ( it i- that all of us fio
havo made i i;r mark m the world liave
bes-u well Kilaim-1. healthy
women; noon. w h.i ihu- i strong can U-ar
the terrible strain wl.i. It Is put n-.n all
actr'. Th.t tune in which the public
... ..-! . r. ..I . I .... r ii h.n ii 1 1 I .rt t. ill
f ulir ftuue. With the
learning new part-, tie' co-tuiuers, etc.,
we lit. rally 1e n.. js.a. c. and eveti
when wo lire u. n -ful ht lidays coin,
few and far l-tv.-cti."
In .-p. aliii: ; of itKirnae, Mr. Kendal
says. "All my v; ri. n. in lite teaclica
tne tl. it two . f a trade always n.-ns in
the married state, ! w mild have a tailor
marry it dr. -n:a!. r. a painter marry a
sculptress, nn 1 -.ion. 1'is.i le are never
ao happy nsw h n t lUing sl.op, and I
think It Is a disastrous thing when an
actns-s n am. s a man who take no m
t r-t in her success, or when an actor
has to go I. ;;. to a woman w ho prefer
n.-l to In ar t.,-tiie.iti r mentioned. On
the whole, t :. in. -.1 unit.-d married coil-pl.-s
I hate kreoMi l l'.n to my own
prof.sss..u I mi i. i-e:uit an act res
can be mute s g.s-lawif. and Ii..iii
mother as any other Woliuui. rjth. r l t
ter rha-. than lu r more doim-stic sis
ters, f..r sh. thvai s has to have her wit
about her, so I that bclpe b. r in daily
f eaeil r aglaeers.
Insanity is viry frequent among rail'
wav inplot.s. Two ilrninatio illustra
tions can ! Bieutioiu'd. Th' re Is living
in New Jt rw y, uut far from Philadel
phia, a mn who for ninny years was
the fon iu.t pasM np-r engineer bet wit-n
New York and Philadelphia on the
Peniiylv.inia railroniL Ho rail all the
pieia! imil tswt trains, and in 10 year
net. r had an accishnt. Due night in
the .'li 3111 i.f tho headlight h saw a
woman. IU bad only II inn to si ss her
hands r ixd and to hear ln-r cry, and
before, he mule pot hla hand npon the
lev. r I." ft It ) rk under the wheels
and km w that all waa over. Hunt! that
n 1 k" ' be Ii i never lri on an engine.
For in.tnihs he del not shs p and laU-r
became rirtically Insane, but only ou
the one p. nit of ailing and hearing the
Woman his engine kilhsL sow he gs
al-.nt li'iri'desmly ami aimlessly, but ba
ha to I. k' ,t away from railroads, and
in bis fr-'ful slis'p he aw 11k. a with cthw
and .r 11 of horror. , The other
rasi. I. thai .,f a man w ho waa conductor
of a trim on the I'nmdcii and Amlsy,
w le s. ir iiii hstl nn aeclrb nt, lie came
out ull ri.'i.t him-i lf, but It preyed ao
11 pi 11 Ins mind t lint one night ho I -ft hi
home, nii l o ting to Ihn (siiut w hern th.
sv .i.l. i.t ..curr. d threw lilinsi If In
front of a p is-ing train. rss Ivlng In
juries fr .iri which he died. Phllailel
phla Tom a
The l.i.sls ml I leftrls Nallraails.
"'I In growth of the Use of electricity
a iii .titti p.wer Is remarkahln, " aald
L. I. .ir-.n, an i bs'triclan f lhaitoii.
"T wo y.nrssgo there were only Ifll
'hi-lrie railway In the lnitl Hlato.
while no- tlHre are over boo. Niyeara
". au 1 1. trie car with two motors cost
I. '.on. w bi In the bid fof the Inat Con-
tr t I km w to li K'ven ran from I'MO
to f r. .'.'mi, nnd the f.sriiwr waa the price
t w hi. h it waa given, tlrh manufactur
rs Is uj reliable men. It aeeuia singular
lliat Willi ant h a constantly Incri-aelng
.1.. .. I. siiell s, ,, IM'I I .
j ..' II. .1. 1' I lll'TST s. - , -
Moll as ., fun pri'vw ll'rwil OMHiet steyriini
of what waa ald slty.tam M bill such
is the (.u-saiid Is'ft. It tosi there
will .. .,ry f"W line, of atrial rallr...!
111 the rountrv not run l y elK-lrlclty. "
I nn inn f 1 Cixpiilrer.
sally Ostlalask
rrley Is-llaved In Ui Jn
ut' causes IJ. Would not
4bn-wlsM. At on. lima.
o retain Mm and was
s cns.ked diitlii' t a
Jtiow, when the Judgn
k,y eiclalmlng. "I think
ink. mn Infisrnal anmn-
I f1!' I V
I ll.e of 1 V
j r
hars if
ar.. f' that otln-
sr" rranclat Ar-
."Our couutrj. If right, should he kept
right ; if wrong, should ha put right," Is a
political niailm which, paraphrased, ap
plies to other coirlltliuis id lite, thus: our
heal lb, If right, should I kept right; if
wrong, should le put right, especially In
hodilv alluienla, sueh as pains ami acnes,
Willed hi. Jaootts I ill promptly cures. Many
out of work should heed lo give II a ohauoe
to mire, and il will gi Ibrin a chance In
go lo work cured. Another adage Is: "be
dor lb Iwst who itoeih well." Well, ol
course, you want lo lie well from all sorts
of aches, and the Itctl thing lo do Is lo toe
the great remedy, lie ho does so Is doing
sell Indeed.
The In taller V rllers.
An cutvi prt-itig i-oittift v piibli-lu r.
u ho has lemai ki l that Imim iimi iiuiii
U ra 'f -,.ple Mill, r trout no nlni..t uu
is.ii.jiu rablu r pugiijiieo to htter writ
lug, has prep. ovd a c lal po-t card for
the uo' of lasv eom Kiiiileiils. The
back of the cud is jii ideil lengthwise
into 10 lll.e.ll.ll spaces, nud the energies
of lite reluctant s. nisi sie spurn d by
tho fiiilow mg siigostive headings, one
- rfn l, s ,,,,, I., tho
- 7 ... . ,..'...,-.,,
II II l'l 1,1. II I I I 111' III! l-tt'ili. 1. 1 '1.1 IV
3. r.xctiso f or not ha iu, w ritten sisiticr.
:t. Statu of hiiilili- in' of self, (bi of
family t The i iter's i. c, nt . xjs rl
clui s. fc. New I. Family go-sii. 7.
tiie-l ion to he i.i'i-u. ri d in your nex.
S. I.o.e to ji t. ..ii. from .
10. on-. ') !ou Tit Hits.
II. t
What has I .
I I . call b. i.
ill.l. ling,, of tli it man w ho
-o oft.'n to sis. you'"
ide tf b. r bolls, i. rv
I l -.k'l' , e.;
I:.- n oy ttf.11 to Ms mo
-;..! Mis. La
nut, it tat In r
IU C li
-II t .
I It.atwcd," was the sa.1 re-
i v. :
ho V.
Il.t h..
"- I.'
ci.ii il. d, has he?
' "Me.
.IS S'f
t. .1 ,1 i mi I . ..t.iilearss,
1 ; h. ii.s np. n arriving
u-.' of I'.. . a! ni .sslo. Tho
ii-ua'.lv i . . tt. I I y fi lends
1 1.. I ki ' s the in t pleas
abroad l:
tli st ru- -and
I- 111:;! .Mitt lining the Wold "uMu
tt. ii. " w ! I li m
W. II. g. - d i",iw
-Alio lla.
sufo and
It is -up;-, cd t
KCIII' II . f I' 11 III'
not .1 t.: -i tin.
for t.i. la-t w .1 I
latrrr f a- htoti anittug
th. t.ual pais of a
t th- .r 1 n .lih ctiou
- It-ion uis. iipr, '
list Ml lt
.s tistlll'.'.t l....t.e tn t-rn.-U'-., n. tiur.i.
tiite .Is. a l M.ttf Ihl.'S l'l Sk'ssO I , t"it sit lie
In i.lnsl r 'ttritr-1 with ll.e t'lrs trts: ni stimrnt
U I...'lr ! s f-'"ttsrfr Iri-i'ti too no I Willi
lu.l- II. I lit H'f .I'-.llti el iiM-hi ll e It. rtir, I.
'ti:r s nii.'l n.rit. ..I tti.Mt.nt.sM i.. s!th"tth n. r...- fi'a!r I faiotrt- li'll.-l I elti
itisnT ,1 1 fieri-li 1 . .tiri-.-i a...iM s .ti. I M-..S. 1,1
I'l.titr ll.e .I'..ll II . teller si. ..tis. It Kilters
It, .l.-iiit.i i'r-itt'1 Us sl.llti ut otr'..'Hi. .lis
'Sfi s, ritt.iliMitlitli. Il . er a.,. a 1.1-:. V tr tt.l.l.
milsr mi i'.iu(".l(ti S't.l n.'tit.u.t.r... siel It
r- e.r-l. I . 1. 1.- r titett : In tie- e rs'lve I. it.
... ta it i t It'.il lo sr set lis trlit l.i s.r ..t.e
Ire ii 1. 1. -I a it It r II Ii. r ml tl:r .U.i e stlinn.l.. ri.-ri
sliro.u.-n Mi i-i. vl. rff .rti ta ..ta.i.i ri itit- lisl
sl.l li.r Is-rt. Irulrl, i I ie I s llh - r. lil.-n, r.
Hi- lllllt-ri a.,1 rote, no I Its ui-al ulaiutsl.-
" t tt ! arre ll.e Is. II. of t a s s nl I. nee me lr.
In I.- .?' -'Wer. ll.'t? I 4..t. i Uli. tr il.ste
I .... is ttipt. i ...i, In the It. tint- lit asah t .lis
- i I I IMi Itlsk. ;
N '-.
With the ilii-rease.1 fsi-tt tiess f..f iratrel
anil trie great number of trsvetsis, there
lta tecn natursily a gri-al Increase in the
risk o( s.'i l.lents.
Hyery one, a ho fr any reason is r in-
K-llrd to IrtC'ir these risks, should keep by
1 1 iii a supply uf Ai t. -h a s p. a .1 I'i is.
rsas, f..r they .tr a wonderful spec he in
strains of Mis t ' k r lintl.s, sin h as are
allltosl lllrt ils'le tn case of arcl'lenl.
Anv tine sisrtli g on a long Journey
should base ..its as a part ..I his equipment.
I'onitiiUters on BUiiurisn train should
keep litem Istih at h'.n.e aittl in tfie office.
Am 1' I's I', wis I'i sr ta hae rei eat-
etlly j roitd Ibrir great taiue 111 time of
Us .sl it' 11 ' I'll is remote all liupurllies.
1 he .l.s't.trs a rt Ins rrtsit hires, tits ii.urr
dls-aM-s Itr it Ismuil lu hsi
When Others Fail
ll.s!'t Sirs.ipar lla builds up the rhal
lerisl rit'Tn tl irons s.; lotto.
Ih ibu' s(u,i orrsns, rre-ilimr an sptiewtr
Slid put-.fyltig the bio .1. Ills p-epare-l
by lllo-h-ril ll.vthiMts tsr-si-sse the grrs'e-l
lira. 10 powers, ami has the lun.t wonder
fill record o" artuil lU-isofany niedl.ln.
ill He sur - t i gel only It.ssl s
lloosl's Karsa.
ItariUa Is II
Issst liie.Hr ri.
I bay ever
taken for
blood punlier. I hail a tired feeling.
was resiles ut night. I feel much lartter
sine laku.g 1 1. -I s bsrss,,snll .. I bay
taken a many other medicines, iml
they hat e given mn no ralief. My wife and
children lists also Isker Ifrewi a eiarsapa
rills for purlft 11 g th I.I.--1 with tnr ttcial
results. KaiL h.H 11, Hist her, I II.
Hood. PHI. are .urely vssUbla J&.
Anaarasahsslatativwanil nrNVKTiiNlil,
a.. si I.f I;tsor saul l.y snail. BWi.,uo
and i.uui uai kaaw. hauisi fnss,
irft If S .Th. Fsvoell. tOCTl fCTTlI
UU i t i for U I mu aaa Urwos,aaa,
r 1 rzf I
J 'Vfje' I
rn. p Ut u t ,w T.w t
Hiili., net. Ir. It
1 .! hMulans lacs I'nril.inl, or raW W Ml. ba.allltil III
hay your ' Ho' liir stt t Hot soaa.. us
lmsIs sii.l drill. Ires In trsll.s nr ImiS'S snr atlisi fltia la tl ei.uiio 1 I
new fries on rt a ill 1.. i.ui s.n Ws ..I-i
... . .. ,n ln w rt m-i m 1
I. nl atttil hi Isoral . s IA
list ol aksl fi.a assst. miin mm .111
MARK L. OOriaj CO., US
tea East from Portland, I'sndlsUin, Walla
Walla via O. It. A N. lo Hpokans and Ureal
Kottbern Kallway to Montana, liskolas.Bl
Paul, Minneapulls, t'hliiago, Oiuaba. HI
I uuls, Kast and Houlli. Kotik ballast track t
tin scenery ; new eUlpliilil , Ureal North
ern I'slses Hleeper ai t IMnera; Family
Tmirlsl Cars; llullst Library far. Write
I'. I' Ihinavan, lleneral Agent, Portland.
Hre on, or K. I. Whitney, (I. V. A T. A.,
t-t. Paul, Minn., for prlnlrsl mailer and In
forinatinii als.ul ralrf, route, etc.
1 hs tlg cliri Bsiiiheiiiu a .lecnistl.sly osrs
s Ml eosl Isls-I, l.tll II Will I.I'VSI
linens is; h-eliug tor ll.e iuss ol II. e
Sti.lSIt UVVI.HMll.
htits r nni.i. rity or Tm i.e
I l'l IS I ..I KIT
rStSS J. f'MSSSV mskes lh lltsl hs Is Ills
M..t.r psrtner ill the firm ! T i i ns-sv A
. o , g l.iLlneM l.i Hie ellv nl, ts.illi'
Iv sii.t Hlsle stt.rissl.l, llis! ssl'l Arm will
si Hie ion el liNK III Milan out I, t Hs fur
esetl Sl.ii every esse i.f I'lV.ssH lltsl rstilu.l U'
ii iv. I hi Ihs uis id .I.MKIIII
rilANK J. I llXShV. to iMifors ats sti.t ulMi'rll.l lit ntv
l.rra-iiia this Slh ilsy ut lfsiOiilsr, A. II. I sit.
l.l.L 1 A. W. 1st KlH.IN,
,V.ila. ft. Mi'.
Ilstl's I'slsrrh l urs Is Isl.'.i li.ierl.sllr . slid
sets Ulteetl) uu the t.luiiil axtl mtieitlis smlSAHts
uf ll.e STsl.'Hi. Heutl lur ltsttlni.e..tsU, frt .
r. J IlktikY A I'll.,
Tulv.lti, O.
fajr Hottl ttjr ilrMgStsls; h Cents.
t'ss tiiiBsMnsHloTS IMllsh. B0 4ust,D0tiaall
Tar Osiaas fur brwakfaaL
Prinirs comfort and improvement anil
ten Is to is reouat rnjoyment when
-1,,-Vly iiw.l. 'lhejjiany, who lite Is-t-t.-r
than others ami enjoy life more, with
V-a expenditure, by more promptly
id iptui the world's la-sl pn-lui t to
he nods of physical Is inp, will attest
he value to li.uitll of the pure ll.Uid
.native . principles etnluantl lu tint
f.-mcdy, vrup nl Figa.
lis excellent' is due to its prcsrtlllng
In the form m.sat acceptable ami plrss
a it to the taste, the rcf resiling and truly
Is 11, I'uiul pn.s rtu s of a rf.s t lax
ative; ctlectually cleansing the systrni,
dists lling 11. 1. Is,' lo sdst lies ami levers
and s-rmaiientiy curing constipation.
It ha give 11 satisfaction to millions and
met with Hie approval of the iiiedual
prof, suit, 11, Is-cause it act on the Kid
neys, Liver and lU.w.U without weak
ening them and it 1 perfectly free from
every objectionable sultetance.
Syrup of I'lgs is for sale by all drug
gist in oH' anilll Is.tllea, but it is man
ufa.'lurvd by the t'aliforma 1 ig .'yriip
t'o only, whtssi- name is printed 011 rvrsiy
p ickage, also the nnine, fsyrup of Figs,
11 'id Is-tiig w. ll inforinrsl, you will nut
a 1 pi any substitute if ollercl.
Jt 11 f ri..f.rine astr
d'J 1 I'.rn .it, s.
Il m,OJ tfi Mrt11 I'i- y-iM
' t'lif t r Ve.iMi tiiui
u .IS infrtt, .lief il tf't ni,
(Vtf ir W.ii'ned hi if -'.
II' .s';cr v, ,! rf.rr.f , mn.
l'sna i)4 r1rsnri tti Na. raaMgri-a, AtUyt
rait atiti iiiiunim-itioM n, in tn. f.t
ttt'U ihm U.-tn bnintw frum arii'lt KrvUir h
Nrn'M of 1 a. it atisl i-mril fh Haim ia klf
IttNtf tsr atcl ttv fr Irt Olif.
A stitiri ia ft.ii.l into rart. n.swtril, and la
flr-tli. I'i Uv '-U iiU at rigTll. or ty
M Wrrm rtrrcl, Nw Vori
Is a risking row-ler Usl Usaj
alt ether la parity as Isavsa
log anwer. Ask year grwas tor
IIM t arlssa. at will
rertlaaa, Ol.
lTOTr..TTAf., aoTtet.nn
ds. wmsiows VvTO
1 SrseVW
r aatf. vs. U'm rtw-i . ., s.m.
S. r , V ........ IwwH. r.MIMn .... IlisS
S- W tH.l, s.4 .s.s m I SV. Vera
a ail Mar sisuiti t,Misa,a,Mii,u
I. IJ IMll.K will 1 as 1 4 by Ihs Haeh
stansleal l a. lur S"f essa ol lerssle asaknrai
thsl will lint il.l.l 10 .H I a K'S II 4 N1
srlll .ANtfiVkK I'.ialigg. f rte. 1 1 au ael
f..r ssl l.r sll ilratiisia
1. Y.
N. U.
No. 672-M. Y. N. U. No.tMO
tl(! r ff;3.S
UiifAnr IfiMmnin i
iiwnnl ull lllllln I ;
saw a aj 1 a a a 1 v 1
acbeT line, evarr step seem burden T Von neexl
WHI1S fl'H I'HIiS tit
ralHirlns s I M h A 1 I srs
! assy Vi kiuMsl 1.
sssnnlsetiirars. fseins
lll.islrsleil I sl.l.sytis. Ires
naa.. m aait srsalll rs ynn aiansv s hsaills Ihs Kaal
's Ws saA sail f. B1..1 easa, siel sell s.swit rkssisH
astel Hstxtir nsais siol sil.irsss, sti4 as alii rnsil yrnt .ar
1 W. ..rfr 1.. a.y I iimas lol ssra, w ess is irat aounl
sail srs
hi .Ut I l.,lars, u ess is trar aoanrl
Is l.u.k .s s is ITsa r U.1.1J s..
n. . ail till 11 ease . . si SB
at.ks r" 'peels! sue. AA.Ireas our errlsrs 16
fr.nt Strt, P.nian., Or.
It (' mt Cvrtaln MHdy.
HI salt t't alltlUlO t 99 II I - Mo !.
rlolv - Nu lulrrwilltM of ) rk Nu tiJu
rluua KiTrrl uf Ami Kut lciV'l.
I -.III... I ...
tm Umm ltltra frum lmlliirf ttiitra
ni tturfct. ,, fniu ihit It-tMn ctnil fi tun
tiuHilrHl f tllwil, nil Iftliiifl Hi urr
f Ha rfrl, mnitl, immIi ful
rurti. 1
'trrttii Mdvitr .1 rl II 9 rtlltliiill.l.
It tiai lti tlislu'Ctrliirlll of lid Mit ItliMtl
TiHal AtllMrlt HiM-i tyiif Ht(oii,
MARMA1III HlcrT n", or IC I'tlt-
ItftV l-UM lmirit 1,111) t.f tllv H I 1 4 I it K tu
given lo I tl ifti I rrMtit tslUti'ltHl Willi Mi ill
avt ir stlrtlhuHwIH
Il U VkltUlll lit rvaclt nf Tf) l 1 lit lu
I all hn hi nr wilt u fr t-allniuiilc,l.
H. J. BIOli I. A O .
hmiW 7, fUnu tlllliHtigt, Hll frtslirtM'tt, . ai..
(iUl A -! fur I .trlflr I I.
sir NVOHin'S-IAlK w
(( t, -,,f tJ- '
sTr - - s-y
jvv cd 1 c: 1 rvi s.
Nil Jutlly .)uirrj Hie reputation ol bcin
Tho 5a I valor for
Ai mi titrs sai.i AnefM tor the
Cuowta 111J I'Hitti tnj of IMAMS anJ
-oh i ld rt e:m
A Viprtiof nutrilitr In fontinud tcttrv.
And a reliable remedial agent
In all gastric and enteric disease ;
often In tmHnm 1 10i1tuH1ttt.11 nrr
pitu-nti whot disrttue i.iKiiit were lc
iluicd to tuih a low 111J riiiiitr i--.n.tilii.ii
that th. IMI'I WIM. IlKAM M waa
the only nourishment the atomah
would tolerate when I I I I'. seemed
depending on Ita retention;
And iv a KMXI it would be ditluult to
oxurite t .'ithin' piUul'Ic.
f-w hv DRl'sMIIS TS. bairr-n lTs.
JOHN CAIrl I! A WINS. New talk.
W. L. Douclas
ia tmc .tar.
No aawtasisKk
U raters I I W tAJ .
ty W n if
f (-AO r am t AT Ai OA t M
T. I.. DmiIii $3 OO mttmrn.
Mm, a ar tba taffsj tnuf iiirvra if
jMaflraksUssf Vat b wtwU.ih. gruarffttil Ut r
r --ffcit U lun ! .f. ttk ll
I", wklrt. tneswrt T litlMl kig b rh taut
aMva tt.ktduna a ur -iul rti.M
irfi tm iMiltv fflttlh a4 rl-.g u.iMbv-.s
be a-M vvvrywiH-r aiiwr .rtt f.r
tm svlu gfi vsMi .j..., attv otifr ik. T,a- . .vuj
mutim. It ynu 44ui s4u.ia m. jtw
Ask for Tickets via
Biff Four Route.
I. D. weCMwICk. D. . aMItm,
Pas. Trsffie Msnsser. Urn I s.s A IkL All.
I V atarJ Hftif.
MakC ataVeHwjr Whltt
Mhrrf at ( ing
ttm trA pWkwmmr
it antl dvarrthra mvrty
tf4 hatiiratlv h i
ntfi 1'iniletl an oil r I
ira rai ihc ttmmt
hmmtm. hi. i la rsu
kAlM.aBAtlC-ti llt IV
Mrlaaarrlsin tva tr .nviTiwiRiti.
ruiiuai IsTluiittji c , ratal an. a
IMItttasi4 rvvra4.
Mfhl k lwwlt,
f h ataMu. y,
tira f , asaj
tatai? ata4 kf
nun -en
f avwas .swsav
1 ha liia $tm
a4 il furc a f
ftlaai aaJ A..r
llglvai vigctf,
Hi-r a rl ifl ia
iba nt uiSnt mi
rami acbii
1 ba mnM rnn-
Aawfssl., (.......
f f ta tan r U
VS. ..( 'f t,
L H.iara filSv
sl la sl.l
it '., sr st
k 7J "z.""
1 ha al-' a Bal-
4 a 4 riaaa,
jta (haaaiaa4,
$ a Vara aii1raa
aj-aty hi.
kiss Nahlt ta I.
llHlal. ISkssaa, Ik.s
rfTJTTT I ri
wnli IS
tsHtS ariHa.
i'.Il'.'.'I I.. H
ht 1 1 " a. 14 i
w iLeW
Il l BW I
111 Imusm'IiM I 1
IU ".l.aguC -!
sJaW at . . I
vrjyr v j
L4 C