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    Clacfeamaô Count? JMus
In Its Fifty-third Year of Publication.
Volume No. 53, Number 50
Estacada, Oregon, Friday, January 10, 195^
10c Per Copy
$3. 00 Per Year
■ The monthly luncheon
Bidding adieu to the past ho­
the North Fork project wives
Petitions are being circulated
liday season, the local volun­
will be held Jan. 15 at the Am­
for the creation of a soil
teer firemen took down
erican Legion building at
The Estacnda City Council at servation distritc for the north
The Upper Clackamas River Sayly constructed
Bring a guest, but all their last meeting voted to add end of Clackamas county.
It Chamber of Commerce Board of tions that adorned
the city
must have a reservation. Call 8 street lights to Estacada’s sys- will cover all Clackamas Coun- Directors met Monday
r < T 3 Q CROC, o
“ K“ '-0 ™ t . a i u t . i u a a n jr a - «
----------------- a ^ , , v . v L u . o a i m m u n u n j evening. streets for the last three weeks
IrrrrT I lrsi*^ rTI
’ tem. The lights are to be added ty north of the Clackamas riv- The Christmas activities were
Other duties carried out by
Irma Thurston CR 9-3880; or sometime this spring and will er and East of the Range
line reviewed. Thanks to the sup- the firemen have been working
Dolly O’Riley CR 9-3228.
be placed at points in the city i between Range
4 East
and port of Chamber members and on all the local fire hydrants.
Reservations must be in by where there are no lights.
Range 5 East.
fellow-business men and women checking to see that they are
January 13. Cancellations by
The city hopes to - dd a few
having1 the Christmas promotion sus- in proper working order
morning of Jan. 14 or responsi- lights each year until the entire
more than 10 acres of land a r e , tained itself.
case any sudden
be for lunch. Thank you.Come city lighting modernization pro­ urged to sign the petitions.Pe- Ty Correll reported on the should come up.
out and eat, visit
play gram is complete. Some of the
titions are being circulated u n -! Christmas Decoration Contest.
The department
is losing
new lights will be installed
ti! Jan 13 by the
following: It was decided that all partici- one of its valuable members as
that part of the Estacada park -Jim Cofneld, Estacada; L. V. pants should be on hand at the Sid Atkinson is moving his fa-
district within the city limits.
Batchill, Damascus; Joe Beck, next Chamber meeting on Mon- milv fmm r e i n d i
?„ Pn,*
1 Boring; Miles Drum, Sandy.
I day, Jan. 20, at which time ev- Angeles Wash
Jim Coffield o f Estacada,who eryone participating will receive
Prospective members coming
TRIP ON NEW YEARS DAY js operating 236 acres of ch oice' an award.
into the department under
The Estacada Church of God Clackamas River
farm land
The board of directors would
1958 recruitment drive are
Youth enjoyed a trip to Mount and ¡s running 90 head o f Ang- also be pleased if
many new
Curly Kitching and Nick Hay­
The American Legion Aux- Hood on New Years day. They us antj Holstein
the Chamber members as possible den.
iliaiy is starting the new year had lots of fun skiing and to- movement in the Estacada area, were in attendance.
with a large attendance. Their boganing. The Youth left early He is in favor of the conserva- ments will be served.
quota of 137 members met, and Wednesday morning
and re- tion policy for the reason that
-------------------- ■
Now babies added to Estaca­
three extra, making the mem- turned home in the early even- ¡t m nvidcs for oroDer croD rota
da families are Brenda Carol,6
bership 140.Misses Arda S ell-: ing.
lbs. 9 1-2 ounces born Dec. 30
j tion, proper use of
ick and Ann Harbert reported
to Mr. and Mrs. Duane Day in
improvement of irrigation sys­
to the Unit on the 1957 session
Doctors hospital. The baby has
tems, land levelling, soil
of Girls State.
two brothers and the
1 veys and fish and wildlife con-
Child Welfare
1 servation.
The Dodge Community Club Parents are Mr. and Mrs. Floyd
Mrs. Allyn Price repoited on
Landowners have no financial will hold its regular
monthly Day and Mr. and
Mrs. Jack
Sunday saw the official termination of theiiol- die
don® for, Dcc- and for
[ responsibility involved in the meeting at the Community Hail Harbert.
• i
... .i
i „ ,,
, ,
, the holidays. Total o f $152 was
is program other than to carry out Friday evening at 8 P.M. Enter-
ulay season witn the removal of the street decorat spent on Xmas baskets, shoes, i The next PTA meeting
Scheduled for the high school [ the practices they find
desir- tainment will be
“ Boat the
John Surfus
ions by members of the Estacada Volunteer Fire
on Thursday evening, January ' able for their own farms. The Clock” and “ Name that Tune”
announce the birth
of their
will gladly accept
childrens’ j 16th.
Department. Chief Rudy Sagner runs the take-down
a ? °y
„ V ‘0tJ r are al; ! at 7:45, sponored by the Dad’s to get the best use o f soil
The Dodge teenage club will first son Charles Warren, 7 lbs.
crew made up of himself, Von Gray, Glen Hart wig
was sent \ organization and
special water resources,
hold its monthly meeting Sat­ 10 ounces, born in Oregon City
hospital Dec. 27.
They also
urday night at 8 P.M.
and Vern Castile. The Fire Department boys are
have two girls.
Mrs. Dorothy
gram o± tfte Dept.
Mrs. Garrett, program chair- cannot tax, issue bonds or make
The Dodge Extension
due a lot of credit for their Christmas spirit and
legislative tnairman Mrs. man w ;p present a
program assessments.
The supervisors met at the home of Mrs.
Paul Yocum and Everett Surfus are
. « » cm
Justice Tuesday morning. Mrs. the grandparents.
cooperation - - beyond the call of their usual fire
Justice and
Mrs. Ed Casw ell ;
prevention chores.
New Congress os it is reported j “
tank y .» r “ S e ll
gave a demonstration on Chin- 1 The Past Noble Grands Club
_ .
. ,
. .
PTA organization who are try-
Square dance practice
this ese t cookery
o v r c j . .They
i i w j ociveu
lunevy will meet at 1 P.M. on Jan. 6th
served turkey
fwJLJL should
p ! u " 3
* r/110' ing to make for better school- j Thursday,
Jan. 9th.
Round with fried rice and beef chow at the home of Mrs. Fred Mar­
'dance pracitice Jan. 16th.
community relationships.
24 women attended.
Mrs. Mary Reed will enter­ congressman after the session j
tain the Past Matrons’ Club at
d i-
ou- « »• „
ber home on Firday, Jan. 10th
Mrs. Verna Price reported 34
Police Chief Jim Barden re- at 1 P.M. at dessert luncheon,
ported an accident at
Barton. Mrs Orin Syron will be assist - children attended theXmas par­
ty .Gifts were given each child.
Alden Summerfield o f Portland, , ;lnt hostess
driving the car o f Freeda Flet-
Mrs. Meta Kiggins sent
a i
thank you for the use of
th e !
cher, lost control o f
the car
which was stopped by a
tele- BATTLEGROUND STOMPS wheel chair and is now up and
phone pole— temporarily cur- j
THE MIGHTY RANGERS around and is staying with her
Mrs Don Shower-
tailing phone service.
The Estacada Rangers fought daughter
Fletcher was hospital ized
in another
basketball man. Mrs. Ed Reha was repor­
and the
Portland, with internal injuries. game here Friday night, Dec.27. ted as not too well
Eloise Summerfield, a passenger
The starting five were Smith, membership hopes the use of
sustained cuts and bruises.
Woodcock, Keller, Cody
and the wheel chair will assist her
Kerbride. Reserves were Miller, in her work.
Sewing will be the 3rd Fri­
Linn, White, John Worley, Kit-
day o f the month wheih is the
chisg and Larsen.
The Estacada Rangers ramb- 17th with pot luck dinner.The
led to a
52 to 23 loss
with Rehab.-chairman asked that all
Woodcock as high point man. wishing to help make
flowers for the wheelchair pa­
Tlie Estacada Garden Club The J. V.’s also lost.
rades at Camp White and Port-
met at the City Hall on Mon­
lnd please attend.
day with the following hostess­ PAST PRESIDENTS
There is quilt in the frames
es: Florence Lamb, Flossie Car­
ENTERTAIN HUSBANDS and plans are to make
ter, and'Mary Eshelman.
Members o f the
American emergency bedding. Mrs. Min-
As the
president Bernice
Miller called the meeting to or­ Legion Auxiliary Past Presi- j nie Forman, Mrs. Ray Gordon
hus- ] and Mrs. Allyn Price w ill be in
der. The club presented her dents entertained their
with a gift The meeting was bands at a baked ham dinner charge of this projert.
the song
‘The in the Legion hall on Saturday March 0f Dimes Dinner Jan.26
opened with
More We Get Together and roll evening. There was much good
The annual potluck
call was answered with Garden holiday food served. Members
polio will be given Jan. 26.
plans for 1958.
Twenty-three present were Leila Gordon,Ev- The public is cordially invited,
members were present.
■ elyn Lawrence, Dorothy Show- ^ chasge o f 50c per plate
The regular
business and erman, Daisy Tracy, Lois Eric- adults; Grade schoo lchildren
committee reports were given, kson, Carrie hlarshall, Helen 25c; pre school free. The lnit
Next meeting there will be re- Christensen, Grace Still, Gla- will furnish coffee, rolls
ports from several members on dys Stormer, Ruth Aycock,Ma- butter.
Many people o f the
bulb forcing. Grace Still will ry Reed, Eva Dooley and Jane community clear their donat-
Oregon’s 1959 Centennial Exposition and International Trade Fair will look like this when the four month
ions thru the Auxiliary at that
have a display of seed catalogs Abbott.
exposition opens June 10, 1959, in Portland. Aerial photo shows Pacific International Exposition building
and talk on horticulture.
Men as guests were RusseU time.Let’s make it a huge suc­
along Columbia river estuary in foreground. Conception o f additional exhibit areas outside the P.I. building
After the business meeting , Reed, Ray Aycock, Forrest Er- cess. Mrs. Ray Gordon, chair-
have been sketched in over photograph by centennial production designer Mel Melvyn. Fifteen thousand seat
closed Florence Lamb gave
a ickson, Oral Stormer, A d olp h ' man.
| A , , rummage
sale will be held
capacity aqua center is shown along water, while Lewis and Clark village, frontier town, Indian village and
ito o u u u
u making
m u i g roses
iv o v o
n u iu i
- Still,
'* • * * » Bill
— .
looked so real. Bernice Miller Marshall, George Tracy,
Don »n the near future
and Mrs
camp and other area exhibits are seen in upper left. Additional buildings will be added for industry
showed her slides which
she Showerman, Sy Lawrence, Ray
exhibits adjacent to P.I. building. A total attendance o f several million persons is anticipated. New access
lii.d taken on her recent trip to Gordon, Hap Dooley,
roads and parking areas are planned to handle large crowds. Exposition is one of major events planned in
Hawaii; also some slides taken Kiggins, and John Abbott.Sev- has growing pains and
celebration o f Oregon’s 100th anniversary of admission into the Union.
at the last flower show. After eral members were not able to equipment must be had. Mrs.
this enjoyable
program, the attend because of
lilness in Adolph Still was appointed to
With the largest
exposition , building will be rebuilt or r e - ' industry, food and beverage seperate groups of 10 or more
look into purchase o f
dining and international trade fair ever decorated to provide suitable
meeting adjourned.
I their homes.
industry, fishing and food pro-
members from their own areas,
room tables.
held in the Pacific
northwest surroundings for one part of cessing, home building, agricu-1 has been organized,
Mrs. Fred Marshall was ac- due to get underway in just 17 \ the fair.
j lture and food products, trans-
Brandenthaler said the cen-
cepted as a new member.
months, 1958 will see the Oreg-
Outside on an adjoining 54 portation, electronic and ligh t, tennial celbrations give Oregon
Next meeting o f the post and on Centennial Exposition begin
acres, farm and pastureland
metals, and county exhibits.
an apportunity to focus atten-
unit will be Feb 3 at 6:30 P.M. to take shape at the 65 acre ex- will be converted into a fairy- I Along the Columbia river es- tion on the great resources and
for potluck supper.
position grounds
adjacent to said. Area exhibits such as a tuary immediately north o f the opportunities present
in this
and including the Pacific Inter- [ recreation of the
Lewis a n d ' building is planned a
15,000 state and to tell
Mrs. Grace Biebemess
has national exposition
building j Clark village, an actual front- seat aqua center where water world about them. The centen-
returned from a Christmas trip north o f Portland.
ier town, Indian village, logg- and aqua sports will be stag- nial chairman indicated that
to Nome, Alaska, where
June 10, 1959 is the
grand ing camp and ’teen town will ed.
| 1959 will see more people corn-
her brother Dewey opening date o f the centennial be built in the area surround-
A great amount of additional ing to Oregon than ever before
exposition. It will run for about ing the P. I. building. A minia- parking space will be provided in history, and emphasized the
She brought back her niece, 4 months and is expected to at- ture r. lroad is planned to cir- for the
increased importance of every
Janet Goodrich who will
be tract 8 million persons.
The cle
entire exposition crowds expected to attend the being a good host sQ that
visiting for awhile.
summer exposition will be the grounds.
i exposition. Also two additional visitors will carry back
The weather at Nome
was focal point o f statewide
Also planned are special in- north-south access roads will be impressions -f the state,
clear and cold; 32 below most brations in connection with the dustry buildings such as lum- built t_ handle traffic.
Considerable international
o f the time. The day o f her de­ 100th anniversary o f Oregon’s ber, and wood products, paper
Inside the P. I. auditorium- publicity has already been giv-
parture from Nome it was five admission into the union.
and paper products, etc. These arena will be staged entertain- en the 1959 Oregon centennial
slightly more than Estacada.
Anthony Brandenthaler, the buildings, Brandenthaler said , ment changing weekly and fea- through nse of the
‘ ‘honoray
Flying weather was perfect chairman of the govenor’s nine could remain up after the close turing the top names in show Oregon ambassador”
all the way except on arrival member centennial
commis. o f the exposition for
use in business.
cates which are being present-
at Seattle it was necessary to reports that actual construction future fairs held in the same
In the few months since the ed to distinguish persons in for-
complete the trip to Portland at the exposition grounds will general area.
staff o f the centennial exposi- oign colntries and which urge
by bus.
get underway after the middle j
tion has actually been formed the recipients to spread word
o f 1958. Among work
to be I ^ns'i*e
the **• 1-
building, jn offices in Jackson Tow tr in of the centennial among their
S t a n > k o k < >, D i n n e r c o u n t y c o m m i s s i o n e r , t o s s e d
Mrs. Jack Britton went
done is reconstruction of por- wh*ch affords 450,000 square Portland mor< than 400 volun- own people. Such presentations
his hat in the ring last Thursday to regain his seat Forest Grove on Thursday to tj0ns of the existing 11 acre~P. fpet
spaop, will be set aside teer committee members have have already received ptihlic-
on the Countv Court which he lost by a narrow mar- a.
■iT*™ O- thr' r ° u g 1 . building largest single level *pPcla! sp?c.e *?r ,the iir s t,
been organized into key com- ity in papers in
Hong Kong,
trin in
Crnener state representative and
PlepT "2” „ « . ¡ H i r h S S r Y ternat,onal tradc
PVCr he,d mittees from such
fields as Kyoto, Amsterdam.
in 1 9 0 0 . DlVk
DICK uroener, . tate 1 epi esentaill e ann died in Forest Grove hospital exposition building in th eU n i- on the west coast. Already sev- tourist promotion,
publicity, Tokyo, Sydney and Paris.
chairman of the county Democrat Central Com- b e fo r e chnstmas Of lung can- ted States.
The arena inside oral foreign nations have
ex- prom„tjon. foreign trade, retail
National publicity and
mittee looks on while trivintr Mr. Skoko his blessintr
p Pieper fam ily lived the building will be renovated pressed interest In participate trade, design and
decoration, motion on the centennial will
R o b e r t S c h u m a k e r a n o t h e r D e m o c r a t a n d o u r n r e - o ^ ^ h S l l T i f o T 1' ' ' to P«™ »» Paging "ationlly
in« in maJOT «h ib its in this er-
church> historical, etc. get underway early this
KODertfeCnumaker, anoiner democrat ana our pre- ors are his w ife Ruth; two sons
y ea.
In addition, a 15
member and reach a climax just
sent controversial county clerk accepts the candid-
jy, one dau«hter o f Me- *amou® ~“ ° ws
a" a
oth er areas will be set aside statewide advisory group, each to the Jun
• —
| Mnmvnlle and
grand throughout the run of the ex- for group exhibiu from the au- represent
filing application.
,A* Other portions
— tomotive
of ~ the
Christmas Decorations Come Down
C. of C. Awarding
More Street
Lights Coming
Decoration Prizes
Growina Pains for
Legion Groups
Dodge Club to
Meet This Friday
Fine Progra mfor
P J.A . Meeting
Auto Accident
at Barton
Oregon Centennial Eposition Plans for 1959 Unfoldina In Portland Area
Garden Club Held
Monday Meeting
Candidate Enrolls
ta :