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Clackamas Count? jHetoS
Volume No. 53
In Its Fifty-third Year of Publication.
Estacada, Oregon, Friday, June 14. 1957
Number 22
Explained; Need Estacada Support
Neva and Floyd Day stand gon. Of course, there will be
proudly in front of the Estaca­ some ‘bugs’ in it before the
da Telephone and T elegraph’s system is adjusted,, Patience
new headquarters in Estacada. w ill be one of the best anti­
Estacada’s new autom atic tele­ dotes for ill hum or th a t may
phone system, constructed at be engendered until the ‘bugs’
a cost of alm ost a half m illion are exterm inated. A m ajor
dollars, is set to be activated changeover does n#t only ap­
New System for Emergency Calls
Saturday, Ju n e 15, after 11:00 ply to equipm ent b u t also to
the hum an elem ent who will
This m ajor im provem ent in be w anting the use of their
Tied in with New Phone System
com m unications
provides m odem phone system. The
telephone directory
w ith one of the fin­ present
A fter 11 P.M. this Saturday is going to be very high until Estacada
night, all the em ergency calls all the bugs are ironed out and est telephone system s in Ore- m ay not answ er all th e pub­
of our part of Clackam as, every m inute lost m eans the
(JTit of control.
County w ill go thru a dis- fire is getting
patcher here in Estacada who Don’t forget Estacada w ill be Chances Brighter fo r Swim m ingpool
w ill, to the best of th eir abil­ the central receiving point for Optimism continues to grow i services and m aterials to be
ity, get th e right fire depart­ 7 fire departm ents w hich oper­ concerning the Estacada Ki- donated by civic-minded indi­
viduals and firm s. The servi­
m ent, the right policem an ana ate w ithin the lim its of the Es­
other calls to the right destin­ tacada Telephone Co. and the wanis Com m unity sw im m ing ces w hich cannot be donated
ation. By this tim e, everyone right one w ill be notified. For pool program since at this w ill represent the actual cash
should have their new tele­ those who m ight be interested w riting engineers and archi­ it w ill be necessary to raise.
phone books and a w ritten no­ there is the Estacada Volun­ tects are busily drafting plans It is intended to begin con­
tification from the R ural Fire teer Fire Dept. (City of E sta­ for the entire pool layout. ( struction as soon as possible
C urrinsville- Caza­ These services are being don­ and continue step by step as
Protection D istrict giving the cada;)
telephone num ber to be called dero R ural F ire Protection ated by qualified personnel of funds are available. T he club
in case of fire. KNOW THIS Dist., Springw ater- Colton Ru­ th Guy F. A tkinson Construc­ hopes th at a substantial start
NUMBER. And w hen giving a ral Fire Protection Dist., B or­ tion company and w ill rep re­ can be m ade this sum m er.
fire alarm , please give your ing R ural Fire Protection Dist. sent a trem endous saving.The This is no fly by night en ter­
nam e, route and box num ber Sandy V olnnteer F ire Dept, usual fees for these services prise. The club realizes that
and city (Estacada. Eagle Clackam as- M arion County am ount to about 20 percent of getting such a pool built for
Creek or Boring, etc.) or the Fire Patrol and Clackam as Co. the total pool cost. W hen the Estacada w ill be a long, hard
corrèct house num ber and No. 2 from Oregon City. Do plans have been draw n and and sometim es discouraging
street address under the new Not Dial O perator For You the specifications all w ritten fight, but it is being thought
num bering plan here in E sta­ W ill Receive the Portland up- the exact cost of the pool of as strictly a long term ef­
cada, and w ait until released Long Distance O perator and w ill be known. It is then that fort w ith perserverance as the
by the dispatcher. Confusion W hich Will Delay Your Call. the club w ill begin lining up key to its eventual success.
Impressive Ceremony and Excellent
$2.50 Per Year
New Plant Set for Debut Saturday Wife No Kidding
It's A Fact
Two Important School Bond Elections Estacada Telephone and Telegraph's
The $200,000 bond issue ol am ount the elem entary bond
the Estacada E lem entary Dis­ issue calls for and about 1-2
trict would cost approxim ate­ the am ount of the high school.
ly four m ills each year for a T hat the Estacada Union
ten year period. A person ow n­ High School D istrict has one
ing property w ith a true value of the higest evaluations of
of $5000 w ould pay $5 per school districts of its size in
the state, being blessed w ith
The purpose of the proposed several public utilities. It is
bond issue is to raise money estim ated that Public Utilities
for the purchase of the high such as PGE pay 60 to 65 per­
school building or to build a cent of the districts taxes.
new unit for elm entary class­ The Union High School has
room s in case the high school no outstanding indebtedness at
bond issue is not passed. An this time.
eight or ten classroom unit The state legislature is
could be built for this am ount considering school
equaliization county and state
of money.
The Union High School bond wide. It would behoove local
issue calling for $546,000 to taxpayers to vote bonds before
build a new high school would their district evaluation is
be approxim ately a 7 m ill levy equalized w ith poorer districts
for a period of ten years. A of county or state.
person ow ning property w ith a Polls w ill be open for the
true value of $5,000 w ould pay bond issue elections for the
two school districts at 2-8 P.M
$8.75 per year.
H ere are some reasons why on M onday, June 24. Voters
the bond issues should not be of School District No. 108 w ill
too large a blow to th e local vote tw ice th at day, once . at
the grade school and once at
T he State L egislature just the Estacada Union High
passed a bill authorizing $15 School. Patrons of the Union
m ore per census child, raising High District, b u t not of E sta­
th e am ount of S tate Basic cada Elem entary D istrict 108,
School Support m oney from w ill vote once at the high
$80 to $95. This am ount of $15 school.
per cencus child w ill off-set A person m ust be a resident
local property taxes.
a of th e district six m onths and
It is estim ated th a t the off-l registered 30 days previous to
set w ill be approxim ately 3 orl the election in order to be el-
4 m ills, w hich w ill be the| igble to vote.
Single Copy !0c
lic’s questions as far as the op­
eration of a dial system is con­
People w ill find it not too
difficult/ to adapt them selves
to the use of the dial phone af­
ter a little practice. The funda­
m ental principle of dialing is
to dial your prefix CR which
is for Crestwood, then the key
num ber whichis '9’ and then
the rem aining four digits. For
inform ation on calling on your
party line, stop in or call at
Fife Permits
Now Needed
Fire perm its are required for
all fires w ithin the city limits
except those in a F ire Dept.ap­
proved incinerator w ith a
m anufacturers attached lid.
Fire perm its for Estacada may
be gotten from F ire Chief Ru­
dy Sagner and Asst. Chief Von
G ray only.
W arren Haase, who has
been em ployed in A laska since
M arch, is now in a hospital
there, after injuring his eyes
while working.
Folks may be a bit incredu­
lous about being able to secure
a subscription to the C lacka­
mas County News for 50c.This
isn’t the case. The $2.00 C o u -»
pon is $2.00 in cash th at you
are receiving as a courtesy
from the advertisers in the
•‘News.’’ Thisis not a subscrip­
tion reduction. The changeover
in the m ailing system of the
“News” m akes it necessary
that everyone have their sub­
scriptions brought up to date.
Subscriptions not brought up
to date w ill be rem oved from
the list after the new m ailing
system is perfected. The folks
who are delinquent over a
year m ay use m ore than one
coupon to get current. There
is no gim m ick involved. Fill
out your $2.00 Coupon, fill
out the accom panying receipt
(to save th e advertiser’s tim e
in filling it out,) tak e a copy
of his display ad in this paper
to the advertiser w ith 50c in
cash, he w il issue your receipt
and turn your subscription in
to us.
All nam es subscribed to the
Telephone Com pany congrat -
ulatory ad in this issue are el­
igible to receive coupons d u r­
ing the next w eek. You m ay
use your coupons at the B ar­
ton Store in Barton, V alberg
Lum ber Y ard in B oring,Clack­
am as County B ank and Sandy
T heatre in Sandy and all
G resham advertisers.
This offer w ill continue d u r­
ing June for the advertisers in
each issue.
the telephone office for sim ­
ple instructions. Otherwise,
the directory w ill inform you
as to call procedure.
It w ill be necessary for the
public to see this beautiful te l­
ephone plant in order to ap­
preciate of w hat Estacada can
be so proud. Open house for Register Now For
the general public w ill be held
on Saturday, Ju n e 22 from 1
to 5 P.M.
Everybody w el­
come w hether a subscriber or Swim
8 to 14 inclusive
m ay sign up for the Sw im ­
ing program at M ayrose’s
store starting next M on­
g r a n d C h a p t e r ' day; Busses w il be provided
to tak e sw im m ers to the pool
Mt. C hapter O. E. S. m em ­ at W elches as in past seasons.
bers who attended grand chap­ W ith the help given by the
te r sessions in the Portland PTA at least 100 sw im m ers
Masonic tem ple most of last can be accom odated. If there
w eek w ere W orthy M atron are m ore sw im m ers than can
Daisy Tracy, W orthy Patron, be accom odated, it w ill be
Del Gant; Mrs. Nita G ant, Mr. necessary to m ake 8 year olds
and Mrs. Paul Eaton, Mrs.Mat- and 14 year olds ineligible.
tie Darrow, Mrs. G ertrude The ballet class instructed
Scrutton and Mrs. Hazel Day. by Miss B arbara Jesse is pro­
On Tuesday eve. Don Day gressing rapidly. The class hqp
joined his w ife at a banquet in grow n in just two w eeks from
H eathm an Hotel for G rand just a few girls to 23 girls
R epresentative of Mississippi. ranging in age from the little
pre-school girls up through the
Valorie, 5 year daughter of 7th grade level. Anyone wish­
Mr. and Mrs. Val Nordquist, ing to sign up should come per­
fell one day last w eek w hile sonally to the grade school
playing at hom e and broke her music room on Tuesday at
9:30 A. M.
arm .
Turnout Celebrates Opening or New Road Up the Springwater H ill A fter a Long W ait by Public
The Estacada G rade School Superintendent A. G. Skelton,
nd led the parade for the Bill W ymore, U pper C lacka­
•mal opening of the new mas R iver C ham ber of Com­
ringw ater H ighw ay last Sat- m erce president, Fred B arth­
day. The m iddle picture olomew. chairm an of the Ki-
dw s presiding
dignitaries wanis Highway Opening Com­
>ss dignity) w aiting for the m ittee, Rep. H erm an C hind­
irt of the program . Mr. Roh- gren and Estacada M ayor
r. S tate H ighw ay M ainten- W einrich as he wields the scis-
ce Head w aits patiently w ith sor to officially open the new
me H urley, Bob W einrich 1 road.
nd son) Bill W ym ore and At 2.37 P.M. last Saturday
•rman C hindgren. Finally, afternoon, Estacada M ayor Ro­
ter the com pletion of the bert W einrich cut the ribbon
eeches, Johnny C arpenter stretching across the new
tnesses the cutting of the j Springw ater highw ay and
>bon form ally opening the KOIN-TV’s Johnny C arpent­
ad. Left to right is Carpen- er declared the latest addition
r, Gene Hurley, Public R ela­ to Oregon State Highw ay 211
ms head of the H ighw ay De- officially open to public trans-
rtm ent. D istrict Highway I portation. Mr. C arpenter’s an­
nouncem ent ended the form al
dedication cerem ony
w hich
began after Joe B arr's grade
school band had paraded
through tow n and m arched to
the new highw ay site. Short,
on the spot talks by state high­
w ay officials and visiting dig­
nitaries preceeded the ribbon-
cuttting finale. A fine crowd
of interested spectators viewed
the cerem onies and in the first
half-hour after the opening, a
total of 237 cars m otored over
the new roadw ay for an in­
spection run.
This new highw ay section
ends at the junction of high­
w ay 211 and the H illockbum -
Dodge road. It has an easy to
travel grade and the curves in
it are smoothly engineered.
This road should m ean a lot to
Estacada econom ically for it
will bring the entire popula­
tion of Springw ater and envir­
ons much closer to Estacada
and thus provide them w ith
m ore ready access to Estaca­
da’s shopping facilities.
The dedciation cerem onies
w ere arranged largely through
form er Mayor Fred B artholo­
mew, who has been a loud and
constant booster for the devel­
opm ent of this road for m any
The location survey for the
L ittle Creek -Estacada section
of this highway w as m ade by
A. A. Kirkwood, location en­ Belview, W ashington, for ap
gineer just 20 years ago. Our proxim ately $200.000. Due to
new road follows the same the wet sum m er of 1954 prog­
route that was laid out in th e , ress was slow and the w ork
original survey.
w asn’t com pleted until A ugust
Comparisons betw een the 1956. G rading w ork was
new and the old routes are in­ heavy w ith some 266,000 yds.
teresting. The new road is 4.18 of tough excavation and heavy
miles long as against 4.88 miles clearing.
for the old route. M axim um The rock surfacing and pav­
grade is 5 percent and 8 per- J ing contract w as let to Edwin
cent on the old road Sharpest) C. G erber in M ay 1955.
curves on our new route is 6 35,000 cubic yards of crushed
percent instead of 56 degree gravel and 11,000 tons of as­
curves on the old road.
phaltic concrete paving w ere
Fact» and figures on the produced and placed. T here is
new road dedicated last S atu r­ still some 8000 feet of guard
day are interesting.
rail and rock shoulders to
On April 18, 1954 the grad­ place before the job is com ­
ing contract was aw arded to pleted.
Erickson Paving Com pany of Paving was laid by J. C.
Compton of M cM innville. T ot­
al costs for both grading and
paving w ere about $370,000.
Several local people who
are responsible for keeping
this road and other state high­
ways in this area in th e best
possible condition are D arel
R ohrbaugh, m aintenance sup­
erintendent for this district.
He was here m ost of Saturday
to see th at everything w as go­
ing alright; Donald Dodd and
M arshall L aughlin and his
m aintenance crew of Estacada
w ere on hand to open th e road
w hen the dedication ceremony
was com pleted.
The appreciation of all is ex­
tended to grade school band.