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7:45 p .m . A T GRADE
This Person & That
By C.T.E.
Meet Frank Fuchs of Eagle j
He is the oldest man I
in this part of the county and
Estacada, Oregon, Friday, May 11, 1956
$2.50 Per Year
Number 19
iMw^e Copy 10c
Volume No. 52
is headed for the hundred [
mark and js pretty sure to j
make it as he is rated a, re-1
markable man physically with i
a deportment mark of •‘excel­
lent.” He is coming to his |
94th birthday
and is about
The Jr.-Sr.
Banquet and
As mayor, I w'sh to express
three weeks older than Ed
Thanks to the cautiousness
my personal thanks tn all who Prom., the big formal social
Linn of Estacada. Frank may of an Estacada school bus dri­
were present at the City Park event
be the oldest person in these ver, a major catastrophe was
spring season, was
last Sunday. The accomplish­ school's
parts too, no woman coming averted late last Friday night
ments of the forenoon were held last Saturday night. By
forward to challenge h's title; when a busload o f returning
tremendous. In review, there tradition, the Juniors feted the
if there be one of the feminine high school athletes was forc­
[ were men from the
Rod & Seniors, preparing the pro­
gender over 93 years old she ed off the road between Red-
I Gun Club,
Fire gram, decorations, and food,
is still alleging that she is 29. land and Viola. The boys and
D‘ t*t., Kiwan's,
City for this occasion.
Frank came here from Walla the'r coach, Bob Dungan, were
Banquet chairman was Bar­
Crew. The equipment on hand
Walla where it is claimed that coming home from a track-
included the city backhoe.the bara Bayne, assisted by Gerry
it is so nice there they named meet at Monmouth. AH testify
Forest Service
Bushmaster Shoemaker and LaDonna A n­
it twice and Frank says that that the bus was moving at a
device for derson . The turkey dinner
may be true, but his prefer­ slow speed, nearing the brow
which allows was prepared by the junior
ence for the title goes to Eagle o f a hill at 11 P.M., when a car
you to stand erect
and still mothers, Mrs. Arnold Ander-*
Creek where they do every­ approached from the south at
do six men’s work,) also the son, Mrs. Dave Horner, Mrs.
thing. ra'se everything except a high speed, with blinding
dump truck of Sidney Atkin­ Glen Marchbank, and Mrs.
bananas and have more fun headlights, and occupying the
George Frost.
Dave Horner
than a box of monkeys, and middle of the road. Bus-driver
there is some question about Harold Sarver tried to pull o ff
Park Board
he and sophomore students wait­
the bananas.
It is rumored the road to avoid a collision,
would like one more working- ed on tables.
that the good old Clackamas but the soft shoulder gave
bee as then there would be as­ Master of ceremonies for the
County News will tell you way turning the bus over on
sured parking and picnicing banquet was Don Frost.Jerry
soon about the time that ban­ its side. The careless driver of
u osu a jsijq o
lfacilities for the big w'ndup , qitM pouiBiaajuo
anas were grown here right in the oncoming car sped away
the clearing project. Many of ] a humorous reading. Musical
this age and not a million into the night.
il talked
lamm of
ui a i selections included a soprano
the men present
years ago. Taking advantage
Coach Dungan, recalling the
breakfast. This i so*° by LaDonna Anderson, a
of the long time Frank has danger of fire in such circum­
- would involve
most all fa- duet by Judy Watson and Ger-
been with us he can be cited stances, ordered the boys
and a piano
m'lies in Estacada thru a unity ry Shoemaker,
as a witness to most of the get out of the bus immediate­
of effort in putting our park solo by Ann Harbert.
events narrated here. He re­ ly. Since the rear passengers
Boy Scouts of
troop 210 Joe Barr, ‘n Estacada. A sec- night, May 7, when a sudden
More on Wh'te gave the opening invo­
members most of the advent­ couldn’t seem to force the em­ held a cookout on. April 30 in ond cookout was just getting 1 burst of rain sent the boys un- to use this summer.
this later.
ures of hop picking days ex­ ergency door open, at that an­ the back yard of Scoutmaster under
Monday | der cover.
General chairman for
Don’t forget the next work­
cept the one about the marr­ gle, half of the
boys pulled
out will be Sunday the 20th dance was Judy Frederickson.
ied man who crawled on h‘s themselves up and out through
at 8 AM in the Park on Lake Patti Stone was chairman o f
stomach a full half mile to the w'ndows, before the es­
decorations. Jeanine Hale was
Shore Drive. OUR PARK.
meet some girl only to find cape door was opened from
in charge of refreshments, as­
out it was his wife who was the outside.
sisted by Barbara Spink and
at the end o f the crawling line
The only casualty discovered
Ralph J. Svehaug, D.C. Mayor Judy Barnes.
ready to meet him violently. was Larry Ebert, who suffered
Robberies in Estacada this
At intermission
time, the
Frank can remember when a bruised ear and slight con­
and princesses were
A new building inspector, past week have kept local po­
Mrs. Doris Smith, a resident
there were no dandelions in cussion. The bus was reported­
‘M. C.’ Jerry
Eagle Creek, then all of a sud­ ly in good running condition Fred Marshall, was appointed day n'ght, May 2, the Sports­ o f this community since 1904 LEGIONS NOMINATE Ch'rstenson.
Jr. princesses
at the last city council meet­
diel in Emanuel Hospital May 7
den ‘Rows are red and violets this week.
were Darlene Westrand and
ing, upon resignation o f Harry man’s Cafe was robbed o f its after an illness o f about seven NEW OFFICERS
are blue but neither gets
On Saturday weeks. She was bom in Grand
Judy Watson
senior prin­
Blake, who has held the job cash register.
around like dandelions do.” LAST RITES FOR
The local Am«rclan Legion cesses were
Lynn Bean and
for this past year. Blaka, who night Coffield’s Market was Forks, N.D., Jan. 4, 1895.
Frank has three sons and
and Auxiliary met
Monday Bev.Fox. A very special event
cash register,
JACOB MOSS TUESDAY is h<gh school
instructor in robbed o f its
She was a member of Centen­
that’s all, not counting the
Funeral services were held manual arts and shop, stated which had only about $2 in it, nial Rebe hah Lodge and a past evening. The Auxilary Junior accompanying the
cat. The lure of the big c*ty
members presented
a short of queen Eva Jo Girt was the
and quite a bit of
meat and noble grand.
She was also a
got Frank Jr. and Joe. Will­ last Tuesday for Jacob Moss, a he will be spending the summ­ cigarettes.
announcement of her engage­
During the same member of the Estacada Garden program.
iam remained at Eagle Creek resident o f this community for er In Corvallis, attending sum­ night an
The Legion Post nominated ment to Bob Bess.
attempted break-in Club.
and live« with his father in the past 35 years, who died on mer school at Oregon State was made on
the following officers;
Ray Hayden’s
Music for
the Prom was
Funeral services were held
the little house close to the May 3 *n Portland.He had been college.
t'on to take place at the June provided by the band of Bob
Shell Servkre Station.
Eagle Creek postoffice now taken to the Waverly Glencoe Marshall, a resident of South cases remain unsolved as yet. from the Chapman Funeral meeting:
Commander- John Bodhmke from Lewis & Clark
Home Wednesday, May 9 at
run by
Lewis Rivers.
So Nursing Home on 82nd St.,af­ Estacada and a native o f Eagle
Abbott; 1st vice commander- college.
for many
2:00 P.M.. Crematkm followed
keep on living. Frank Fuchs, ter he became ill, about two Creek, has worked
years as a carpenter in the Es­
at Lincoln Memorial, Portland. LeRoy Forman; 2nd vice com­
and be happy and contented months ago.
Mrs. Jane Alexander re­
mander- Jack Broadhurst; 2nd 26.
Rev. Violet Bolliger officiated.
ported on the
recent essay
He is
Ohio, May 16, 1878. He was a known and respected.
Survivors are her husbnad vice commander- Louis Coff­ contest conducted in both
in; adjutant- Merle Marshall;
retired logger. He was a mem- now semi-retired, which will
Arthur Smith and two sons,
The purchase of a
officer- Bill Chirsten- schools
low him *mp)e time fo r his|**
There were jTjmors ri
Alton of Portland and Ronald _ J
Cody . and Forrest hospital bed was -discussed.The
N c ig h b ° r ? ° f
thal'the' ralsing’ o fh o p s Wa s'ltr
On W ednosadv ylay 17 the o f Estacaa,
V andchlM ren
chaplain- Sy Law­ bed and Wheel chair the unit
ill's name was sug­ PT A
be resumed in the Eagle Creek
“ summer and one sister, Mrs. Della Ewait
Deceased is survived by his
rence; historian- Oral Storm- owns are both in use at
district but no one in the dis­ wife, Margaret of Estacada.and gested py a group of local round up” for pre-school chil­ of Estacala.
They are for
er; service officer- F. E. Doo­ present t‘me.
trict knows anything about it. a nephew, Clarence Burke of ouilding contractors who were dren who will enter first grade
ley; assistant service officer- community use.
represented at the last Plan­ next fall will be held at
Many say ‘‘wish it was true” Kenton, Ohio.
Frank Marshall;
Sergeant at Mrs. Dorothy Marshall, mem­
for their notion it was the best
Funeral services were held ning Commission meeting, A p­ grade school library at 9 a.m.
arms- Fred Millard; executive bership chairman,
These same builders Physical examinations will be
era in Eagle Creek
history. at Chapman Funeral Home ril 30.
Showerman with
committee- Adolph Still, Bill Mrs. Don
recommended the ap­ given by Dr. Allyn Price, phy­
While the prices on hops are with interment *n IOOF ceme­ also
Chirstenson and Larry Meade. her 25 year honor guard. She
not published in Portland any- tery. Rev. Vernon Ross officia­ pointment o f an assistant in­ sician, and Dr. John Schultz,
Two new members were ta­ was not present when
spector, to serve only when the dentist, and medical care will
more, <n those days many lay ted.
athletes made a ken into the
post— Charles received theirs. She served the
inspector was unavoidably ab- lpe recommended if needel.
awake all night waiting for
good name for the'r school last Hinchliffe and Charles Snow- unit as president
when 19
This should include all pre- Friday, May 4, when they won
the price of hops printed in
Mrs. Jake Moss came home sent. Dick Senner, new main-
years old and was the young­
the Oregonian in a prominent from the Waverly Glencoe tenance superintendent for Es- school children who wil reach the league
championship at
The Auxiliary heard reports est president to serve any unit
place every morning. Among Nursing Home where she has tacada, was appointed to this ; their 6th b'rthday before next the Willamette Valley League
the star attractions of hop been for several weeks.
Her post; but it was made clear j Nov. 16. The medical record track meet in Monmouth Esta­ from committees- Mrs. Mary at any time.
The unit voted to give
on poppy
ap- blanks which are legally
re- cada scored 94 points in the 14 Millard reported
picking time were the nightly sister, Mrs. Kathryn Tompkins that this was a personal
sales for week of May 21
to Legion $50.
dances and love scenes wit­ will be staying with her here. pointment and not related to quired to be filled out for all events, which
his position as maintenance children entering school
for throughout the afternoon and
nessed every night, including
Nearly everybody SCHOOL BANDS SCORE
the first time, will be available evening.
The Planning
Commission at this time. Parents of begin- Top scoring runner was Den­
got married during that per­
that ny Sarver, who won the 100
iod and most of them were of
Band members of both Esta­ stated also, in its report, that ners should take
the durable and lasting type. cada high school and grade the builders had approved the these blanks are not be'ng sent yd. dash, the 220 yd. dash and
school are proud of the “excel­ suggest'on of raising the build- out by mail this year as in past the broad jump.
Gary Linn
Among the leading sights of lent” rating (2) which they ing permit fees, to allow more years'
won in the high hurdles. Esta-
the Eagle Creek district is the received at the dlstrict music compensation for the inspect-
Chairman of
health cada’s relay team, which won
pipe of Adolph Still. He only fe ^ v a l contest in Milwaukie or. It was felt that this would roundup is Mrs. George Smith, first place, included
encourage him to devote more Other
members working on Winterberger,
takes it out o f his mouth last Saturday.
John Wood­
when he eats.
In view o f his
time to this work.
this are Mrs. John Marshall.P. cock, Kevin Rolph and Denny
popularity, good looks and Union Oil Co. Lots
health chairman, Mrs. Sarver.
skill in keeping the smoke
Woody Miller, Mrs. Dave Hor­
To Be Annexed
coming out, it *s a great pleas­
An ordinance No. 10 was
ner, Mrs. Walter Graven, and
Ronald York High Man
ure to nominate him for the passed by the city council last
Mrs. Wm. Tucker.
champion pipe smoker of Ore­ Thursday to
annex lots
In Army Track Meet
gon. J. J. Inskeep, Clacka­ block 3 o f the
Terrace A d­
; tw o b ir t h d a y s
April 28th S P-3 Ronald E.
mas County extension agent, dition, in behalf of the Union
ARE CELEBRATED York set a record of h'ghest
The Estacada Schoool Dist­
may be a candidate against Oil Co. of Calif., 'n line with rict 108 school operating bud­
About 20 teen-agers staged 1 scorer in a regimental track
him, but the best man in such the latter’s plans for building get for the 1956-57 school year a surprise birthday party
for meet at Fort Riley, Kansas.He
a contest would be Adolph.Old a larger storage plant in Esta­ will be voted upon from 8 to 8 Barbara Keller and John Dein- took first place in javelin
smokers who no longer smoke cada. Included were lots 17 P.M. Friday, May 18th.
inger, Jr:, late Saturday night, (his favorite) shotput and dis­
or have taken to cigarettes and 18. now belonging to Emil
The amount to be voted is following the high school Jr.- cus. He also ran with a relay
just consider it one of their an Emma Vahl, and lot 7 and $89,437.88 which is the am­ Sr. Prom.The party, which was team which placed second.
greater pleasures in life to the westerly portion o f lot 6, ount outside t he six precent held at “ The Fireside” on the
Ronald is a 1953 graduate
stand and
Adolph belonging to Union Oil Co. A limitation law.
This amount Mt Hood Loop highway above of Estacada Union High and
If Adolph goes into hearing of this ordinance will 's $9,795.77 over last years’s i Sandy, featured a fried chick- Oregon’s javelin champion of
th's contest and appoints his be held on May 28 at 8 P. M., amount of $79.,642.16 outside en dinner, and was arrange by 1952.
While in Germany he
wife, Grace, his campaign prior to 'ts becoming effective. the 6 percent limitation law. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Keller and took first division champion-
manager, he can’t lose.
The total budget is $249,460 Mr. and Mrs. John Dien'nger, ship last year.
is one of the community lead­ CALL McNAMER FOR
compared to
$239,995 a year parents o f the two honorees,
ers and takes a prominent
YOUR FIRE PERMIT ago or $9,455 more than last I and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Krieger. CHURCH MEMBERS PLAN
part in promoting the best
Fire permits *n the city
o f year.
This amount will re- j Both seniors. Barbara and
things for her country, her Estacada should be obtained quire a 2 1-4 mill levy higher: John have their 18th birthdays
The First Church of Christ I
clubs and her neighborhood.
from Hurley McNamer. Don’t than last year.
on May 7 and May 11 respect­ Christian) is planning a “do-it-1
call Wayne Wade as he no lon­
Reasons for
the higher ively Birthday cakes for the ourselves’ paint job May 12th |
ger issues fire permits. See or amount are: to provide for the party were made by Mrs: Kel- and invite all male members
The old timer was in the call Hurley McNamer.
Mrs. Krieger, in the of the congregation to meet at
hiring o f one more teacher, if ler and
Eagle Creek
store several
of a flower-bedecked the church building manned
needed, purchasing a school | shape
years ago and the grocer said JURY TO TRY
bus, and replacing a sidewalk - May basket for Barbara and a with a large paint brush and a
to him that Mrs. So-and-so
WILLIE THE WOLF and other repa'rs in the main- man’s hat
with colored hat­ lot o f enthusiasm.
who left the store when he
A jury of 12 frogs will de­ tenance o f the school build - band for John.
The congregation also ex­
came In, was one o f the best cide the fate
o f Willie, the ings.
On Sunday the Kellers had tends its cordial invitation to
farm wives around here.
“ I W olf during the operetta ’Car­
a family dinner at their home the community to join in the
remember,” he said,
“ when nival Capers’ to be presented GARDEN CLUB
worth while services we are
for Barbara.
she first came into the store by the Estacada Grade School
now having Sunday 10 A M.,
A noon luncheon was served
after mov'ng into this section, on May 11 at 8 P.M.
at the by Mrs. Fred Bates. Mrs. Jack LOCAL BUSINESS RE-
11 A.M. and Wednesday 7:30]
a bride from the city.
She grade school.Willie the accused Nickelson. andMrs Louise Dou-
asked for eggs and I told her by Henny Penny, the
forest glass.
If you
The regular business I An interesting variation on
that they were stricty fresh gossip, of doing
challenging, vital
away with meeting was called to order a t ' the business tax theme greet- friendship,
but small ones.
“That’s the Grandmother and Red Riding 1:30 P. M. Mrs. Ed. Linn | ed the town council with the preaching,
Bible study and
trouble with some farmers” Hood. She produces evidence President, opened the meeting reading o f a letter
from A1 prayer—th's is for you.
The Clackamas County News job printing depart­
she said. They are so anxious through television and Judge with the group giving silent' Collins, owner of
to sell their
eggs that they Turtle pronuonces
Tom Watson has returned to ment has completed the installation of its Kluge
sentence. prayer for the ill.
i Ready-Mix.
stating why he
take them off the nests too Included in the operetta
California Automatic 12” x 18” platen préss. This will assure
Roll Call found twenty six should be included under tax Estacada
the Quepn
of Hearts. King members and two guests pres- classification, even though he where he spent the winter. In
Cole. Mother G oes» folk and ent. Publicity Chairman Mrs. operates out-of-town. His re- a few days he will go to Can­ job-printing customers better quality printing and
Many recall that at a meet­ other forest people. An admis­ Adolph Still reported that the quest along with others was ada for the summer. Tom is will speed production and delivery. Last Friday,
ing of some organization way sion price of 15c for students scrapbook had been completed referred to the Appeal Board, the father, grandfather and j f o r ¿hie fjrs't time in Estacadas history, two job
for adults is
be'ng and sent in to the Federation which will reconvene on May great grandfather of the three [
back yonder in a hall near a and 35c
presses were in operation at the same time.
Chairman for competition.
1 24 at 8 P.M.
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