Clackamas County news. (Estacada, Or.) 1928-1957, December 05, 1941, Image 4

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The kindred problem of inflation,
taxation and coat of-govt rnment a. e
causing many a con i onal head­
ache these days. Feu venators or re­
presentatives seem to have yet de­
cided what can be don ^ to help solve
I-rices are now going up with ex­
treme r; pidity. President Roosevelt
recently said that inflation has set
in and other major figures in the
government have said the mo thing
before. A leg;on of econoini. ' have
urged that Congress take stops to
control f
.1 u: so far the law­
makers have shown amazing agility
in dodging the issue. Price-fixing is
an extremely ticklish business. ' It
it is to be successful in the opinon
of most authorities it must be ac­
companied by wage f :xing. So from
the point of view of men who must
depend on votes to hold their johs it
is damrerous medicine. On top of
thaat there are thousand and one
different proposed schemes f n* pree
control and no one knows which might
be wo* kable.
We have only just begun to suf­
fer the burdens of taxation that wav
and defense spending will make in_-
FRIDAY, DEC, 5, 1011
evitabJe. The new tax bill is the hea­ liefers and others are still at the de­ wounded or captured. That is probab­ no force capable of even slowing the One school of experts thinks that
viest in our history. Vet it is design­ pression peaks. Leading congression­
Nazis much less stopping them re.
ed to produce less than $4,000,000,- al fighter for economy ly a great exaggeration. But there Time has proven otherwise. Japan may be stalling for time, that
is bluffing on the one hand and
000 a year in additional revenue anil has been "Senator Byrd of Virginia.
And today Time works against Hit­ she
talking vaguely about understandings
defense and aid-to democracies ap_ Mr. Byrd is a 100 percent supporter have been far heavier than Hitler’s ler at last.
propriations now total close to $70,- of the anti-Hitler program and at generals who figured on a two month
on the other in order to keep tho
000,000,000. The President has said the same time he believes that the Russian war anticipated. In addition Judging by the tone of the gov United States from definite action
that the government's cash income regular cost of government should be the Russians have taken or destroyed
must be increased, and secretary of pared to the limit. Hu is head of a vast quantities of tanks, planes, field eminent inspired Tokyo press one now. Every day that passes obvious,
the treasury Morganthuu has urged senate committee which is now try ­ pieces ,etc. The resistance of the wonders why Japan went to the ex­ ly makes it a harder job to unseat her
a bill which would impose on both ing to find ways and means to re­ Russians, soldiers and civilians alike penses of sending special envoy Sab- from her position of military power
individuals and business a tax load duce the non-defense budget. Sec. is writing a new and heroic chapter uro Kuiuso over here. The Capers in Asia. However every day that pas­
infinitely greater than that they are l-etary Morganthau recently appeared to the military annals of history. say with monotonous regularity and ses also makes Japan weaker econo­
now carrying. The feeling grows in before this committee and testified The Allies have certainly not won uniformity that all hopes of main­
official circles that some form of pay that in his opinion very large cuts this war. But their gains in strength taining peace in the Pacific is gone mically.
This government is giving abso-
and that war is inevitable.
roll tax may huve to be levied and could be made in practically all non.
that this may be accompanied by a defense departments. He did not es­ since the awful disaster at Dunkirk Japan’s peace offers to this coun- utely no ground to Japan .The Am­
law to compel forced savings. Heavy timate the total that could be saved. are nothing short of miraculous.. Lit-I try have been Hitler-like, in other erican attitude in effect tells Nip­
taxation is urged as a weapon against Howevqr sometime ago he forecast tie moie than a year ago it looked words she will accept peace if she is pon that if she insists on conquest
she will have war with us.
inflation on the ground that it reduc­
a reduction of at least $1,000,- as if England was beaten and thatgiven everything she wants.
es purchasing power and lessens the that
ability to buy. The bill which Mr. authorities have estimated that a cut
Morganthuu sfecommended involves
$2,000,000,000 or more is within
a straight 15 percent tax on all sal- j j of
reason in non-defense spending.
aries and wages.
Congress has been almost entirely
The coat of government issue is occupied
with foreign policy during
coming into the limelight now. The the past year
at the expense of do­
i' ''I fact is that the war spending mestic policy. In
time such as the
has been piled on top of record-brea, present with public a attention
sing non-war spending in which no on a war which extends over focused
important cost reduction has been quarters of the world it is easy three-
fo ‘
made anywhere. For instance appro­ Congress
priations to aid farmers, youth, re- sisitance and do little or nothing. But
the heat is being turned on now and
some of the turners are men high in
administration circles. This country
has not yet adopted a fiscal policy
a wage policy ,or a price policy suit­
able to the times. We are far be.
hind England in that respect. It looks
as if Congress must really get down
to cases and grapple with economic
problems which are of direct coc-
cern to every ciitizen of these United
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The great British diive into vital
Libya could not have come as much
of a surprise to the German and Ital­
ian garrisons. It had been rumored
for weeks that the campaign was
brewing and it was known that Brit-
ian had been sending tremenduous
quantities of supplies to Africa. How­
ever it is a distinct possibility that
the Axis powers were surpiised by
the number of troops involved and
by the quality and extent of their
equipment. It is probable that this
is the first time in the war that Em­
pire land troops have met Axis land
troops without being definitely infer­
ior so far as mechanized equipment
is concerned.
The Libyan drive is providing a
good test of American wai materials
The 600,000 Empire troops are large­
ly equipped with American tanks,
planes and other weapons. Trust­
worthy reports from the front cast
great credit on American design and
manufacture. It is said that the Am­
erican tanks are definitey supeiior
to German and Italian tanks of com­
parable size. Their armor is tougher,
their fire power is as good or better,
and their tracks permit going in ter­
rain and under weather conditions
which stop the Axis machines .The
American army has a General on the
scene in the role of military obser­
ver and he will be able to bring home
very interesting and informative
Britian’s purpose in shooting the
works in Africa is manifold. First it
is of definite aid to Russia by plac­
ing a strain on Axis troops and equip­
ment. A new front has been opened.
Germany will not be able to move
move troops and equipment from Af­
rica te help on the Eastern front.
Instead she may have to divert re.
sources of men and material from
Europe to Africa
Second the African campaign an­
swers Churchill government’s ciitics
who have been demanding more ac­
tion .A sweeping British victor would
do a great deal for Empire morale
Third it helps place Britian on an
offensive instead of a defensive wa
basis. In other words she apparently
no longer feels that she must keep
all resources as intact as possible for
pui poses of self-protection. She now-
feels that she can carry the war to
the enemy on a major scale.
Fourth and most important from
military strategists point of view- i
the possible effect of the Libyan
campaign on Italy. If the campaign
achieves complete success it will give
the British possession of invaluable
Mediterranean bases. These hast-
can and no doubt will be used to
wage a naval and air war against It­
aly on a terrific scale. In addition a
workable naval blockade could be es­
tablished to prevent Italian shipping
from leaving or entering home. Some
authorities are confident that these
methods would in time knock Italy
out of the war and force her to sue
for peace.
On the Russian front it is apparent
that Hitler is getting farther behind
schedule all the time. In addition he
is taking tremenduous losses which
may prove d:snstrous in the long run.
The Ru-sians claim that 5,000.00 m
German troops have been killed.
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