Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, May 18, 1928, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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candidates: Livy Stipp, B. F. Lindas and Fred Milier.
Mr. Lindas is not as well known as the other candidates
but has made a pretty thorough campaign and the out­
come of the race is very doubtful.
Eastern Clackamas N e ws
G. E. Parks, Editor and Publisher
[ sc r een s
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all sizes of galvanized screen from 24 to 48 inches
The race for county clerk was generally supposed to
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Entered in the postoffice of Estacada, Oregon, as second class matter.
be a close one, but recent developments leaves the im-
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, pression that Don Ryan will win. Mr. Ryan is the present | stock sizes 2-6x6-6 and 2-8x8-8 and the price is right. k
clerk and is a very capable official. Mr. Pace w'as in the
Crown Bottle Caps, per gross
22<^ §
In Clackamas County, one year, |1 .5 0 ; Outside the county and in the office as deputy for seven years.
Both are young men
estate of Oregon, one year, $2; Outside the state of Oregon, one
j and their qualifications for the office are the principal $ Buy your HARDWARE at the HARDWARE Store *
year, 82.60. Subscriptions are payable in advance.
matters for consideration.
----------- oOo-----------
“The Winchester Store”
One candidate remarked at the political meeting
here Monday night that about 75 per cent of the candi­ hi i in i u i n 111 ii i n i ii i ii uni m i n hi in in n i n in n in ii ii i ii 111 ii ii i ii 1111 ii i n 111 in n i ii i ii
Clackamas county has but one candidate for a state dates would have to go to work Saturday morning. Was
office this year. Hal Hoss wants to be secretary of state it intended to convey the idea that those elected would 1 Paints, Oils, Roofing, Builders’ Hardware
and it is generally believed throughout the entire state have to go to work, or was it meant that those who were
that Hal will be elected. Clackamas county needs a man defeated? Will some one please answer.
like Hal in Salem. He will make a good secretary of
----------- oOo------------
state. He needs the support of his county anil the News
hopes that Eastern Clackamas county will do its share
Good citizenship requires that you vote. If you do
toward electing Mr. Hoss.
not vote you have little right to howl about the way the
public business is managed. Vote as you see fit, but vote §
Estacada, Oregon
The election Friday is really more important than the gen­
Frank Andrews of Portland, who is a candidate for eral election this fall.
joint representative from Clackamas and Multnomah
counties, has considerable property interests in this coun­ Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiimimmiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiimimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
ty including holdings near Estacada, has lived in this
county many years before going to Portland and is in­ I CURRINSVILLE STORE PRICES! I
T h e s e a r e S p e c ia l C ash P r ic e s
10 pkgs. Mrs. Schiels Wide
Fire Brick, Drain Tile, Sewer Tile, Cement Blocks
tensely interested in the development of this section of the
Egg Nodoles ................. 9 9 c :
S a t u r d a y an d M o n d a y o n ly an d
state. He certainly should be preferable to the people of
7 lbs. hard mixed Candy. 9 9 c :
a r e n e t:
8 lbs. small white Beans. 9 9 c :
20 rolls toilet tissue paper 9 9 c
this county as their representative to a man who has little
99c ■
2 0 I 0 c b a r s Fairy Soap
interests outside his own city and county.
5 cans tree ripe peaches
25 bars Wonder Foam
I Jackson Lumber Co.
Laundry Soap
25 bars Citrus laundry Soup 9 9 c
12 10c bath tablet 1 it soap 9 9 c
20 bars Calcumet Coco
Toilet Soap
20 cans Light House Cleans. 9 9 c
There should be no question in the minds of the
readers of the News as to the proper men to vote for as
representatives from this county. Sievers, Clark and
Chingren have made good, and but one candidate op­
poses them in the primary. Mr. Cherrick is said to be a
successful bulb grower of Canby, and the majority of the
people no doubt will be satisfied if he remains as such.
Foui1 Years Service as =
Pledged to More
Paved Roads
Thomas A. I
Republican Candidate
for County
(Paid Advertisement)
f>r Econemirn! Tramtfiûrlëttêê
District Attorney
Ballot No. 59
Election of Fred means
impartial, courteous ser­
vice from an exper­
ienced man.
(paid adv.)
L. S T I P P
re-nomination for
District Attorney
E. L. PO
County A sscssor
If nominated and elected I will administer the
duties of the office in a business-like manner
and will extend fair and courteous treatment
to the public.
(paid adv.)
Confidence /
For district attorney there are three able men as
M iller
Republican Candidate for
P. T. Shelley of Sandy should be the choice of the
majority of the republican voters of Eastern Clackamas
for the republican nomination for sheriff. E. T. Mass is
practically sure of the democratic nomination and will
no doubt give the winner of the republican nomination
a hard scrap this fall.
Fred A.
• 1111 (111 > 111111111111111111111! 111111111 i 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
R. A. Wright seems to meet little opposition for the
job as county commissioner, and probably will receive
a large vote in all parts of the county. The News does
not know of any particular reason for a change.
The nomination for assessor lies between three men,
Stokes, Pope and Johnson. Either of these men are well
qualified for the office. The Courier in Oregon City ap­
parently wanted the Coos county plan of assessments
adopted in this county. Mr. Johnson is favorable to the
plan or a similar plan. Mr. Stokes said here Monday
night that he at the present time opposed the plan because
so far it was only an experiment. And what seems so
strange, the Oregon City newspaper referred to appears
to be boosting for Mr. Stokes. It’s too deep for the News
to understand.
A committee from the grange was sent to Coos coun­
ty to investigate the plan and came back with favorable
reports. Whether or not the grange really takes the mat­
ter seriously should be determined by the vote given Mr.
Johnson throughout the county. If they really favor this
plan of valuation and assessment, it looks as if Douglas
Johnson should receive the nomination. He is making a
good campaign and had he entered the race sooner there
seems to be a general opinion that he would have won.
The statements made by the Courier that the race Is
between Stokes and Pope does not mean anything except
the writer’s own idea. However, it appears very evident
that none of the candidates care to have that news­
paper’s support.
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16 pkgs. Corn Flakes
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!H !:tin titm im :'m iü iu i ! f iiü it ttiiitim i:ii:iiu ii iiiiu K - :
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V Starting
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new Chevrolet cars were delivered
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ilar period in Chevrolet history—
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y Lighting
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y Tir*»______
y l n hoHtery
Friday and Saturday, May 18 and 19—
“Backward, turn backward, oh time in thy
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Sunday, May 20; Monday, May 21—
W. C. Fields with Alice Joyce and Chas. Rog­
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News reel.
Wednesday and Thursday, May 23 and 24—
Franklin Pangborn and Elinor Fair in
Everybody believed him to be a Hindoo prince
until two others just like him appeared—then
an international comedy of errors packed with
laughs. Also “Casey of the Coast Guard.”
» F in d e n
V Finish
Friday and Saturday, May 25 and 26—
George Walsh in
Cascade oMotor Co.
D ependability' and S a tisfa c tio n
Comedy, “Oh Monkey Be Good.”
COMING SOON—Harold Lloyd in “SPEEDY”
Admission: Adults, 25c; Children under 14, 10c
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