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shingle mill, are completing negotia­
tions for another mill.
There was a good attendance at
the Easter services Sunday afternoon.
Joseph DeShazer delivered four
dressed hogs in Sandy Tuesday morn- FOR SALE— Bronz Tom Turkeys.
Phone Estacada 1915.
Mrs. C. W. Neumans returned
home several days ago after nursing HONEY for sale— Comb and strained
— K. C. Haygaard, R. 2, Box 64,
her mother, who lives at Cornelius.
Faraday, Ore.
„ ... ,
Theren Smith from Portland spent
the week end here. .Margaret Smith
came out Friday evening, returning
on Saturday with her father, W. A.
Aithur Smith, former resident here,
The Ladies Aid will hold their reg­
was out from Portland Wednesday ular meeting at the home o f Mrs.
and called on the Cogswell and Blais-1 "™ , sVill' on Wednesday afte: m oon,
dell homes. Mr. Smith is just re­ April 18. All the ladies o f the com­
covering from a long illness follow­ munity are cordially invited to at­
ing an operation.
Miss Pamela Kenny was a Portland
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fuches and
Miss Margaret Brown has been
visitor Wednesday o f last week.
Bobby spent Faster with relatives in
quite ill the past ten days but at the
Dr. J. C. Elliott King of Portland . Gresham,
latest report she is much better.
was a visitor Wednesday at his ranch
Persons in this precinct desiring to
Hal Gibson helped his brother H. S.
in this section.
register can do so at the store o f A. Gibson butcher hogs Monday.
Warren Forrester of Sandy.visited C. Cogswell. The books will be open
Miss Martba Whitehead is home at
two days last week with his brother until April 13.
present. She had been working near
C. Cogswell drove to Oregon
Ben Forrester and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Spildie were City on Tuesday.
Mrs. George Forman, who has been
called to Silverton last week by the {
suffering with a gathering in her ear
serious illness o f Mrs. Spildie’s father! .----------- ------------
the past two months has recovered
Mr. Thompson, who had a stroke a j
and is able to resume her housework.
year ago and has been an invalid
Miss Alice Udell is visiting her
since that time. He recently suffer-1 |
| aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. H. F.
ed two more strokes. Mr. Spilde has
returned home hut Mrs. Spildie re-j
Hetty Jean Douglas, was the guest
The Barton P. T. A. will meet on
mained to he with her parents.
|°f her aunt, Mrs. Roxana lJester, Friday night, April 20 at 8 o ’clock.
Mrs. A. D. Burnett visited in Port- «ver the week end.
Mr. Combs and Mr. McCarthy have
land several days last week with her
Mrs. George Piaster was a guest purchased summer homes near the
sisters, Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Par- o f her sister, Mrs. Rosa Douglass, J •|;ic.U.inms river o f Mr. Payne. They
Mrs. Stipe, another sister, over the week end.
expect to build soon.
from Bend, was in Portland that! Mr. and Mrs. Roy Douglass and
The Gibson park was recently sold
w ecj{
| children spent Easter with the latter’s to a Portland man who will build a
Mrs. Ben Forrester visited her mother, Mrs. M. Moehnke.
summer home and make other im­
sister, Mrs, Pleas Douglass, Friday, j Mr. and »Mrs. Ray Woodle, Mrs. provements. The P. E. P. company
The annual congregational meet- Rosie DeShazer and Mrs. Linnie Gib­ are putting in poles getting ready to
ing o f the church was held Thursday son made a trip to Oregon City on light the park.
evening. Reports were heard from j Friday. Mrs. Gibson did not return
the various organi-ations and o f f i - ! with them, however, but took the car
cor, were elected, Olaf Spildie being for Portland where she was the guest
elected elder, and Mrs. A. D. Bur-1 o f her sister. Mrs. S. J. Eddy, over
nett us treasurer »nd trustee. The the week end.
following officers were elected for
Mr. and Mrs. Will Douglass a n d __________________________________ J
the Sunday school: Superintendent, Mrs. \ iola Denning weie the guests
|.;aster program was given at
Mrs. Olaf Spildie; assistant superin- o f Mr. and Mrs. Doc Hannah on Eas- the churt,h on g unday afternoon
tendent, Wm. Saunders; secretary, ter Sunday.
with a good attendance. There were
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hoffmeister six new members taken into the
Evelyn Meyers; ns,«siant secretary,
Opal Clester; treasurer, Mrs. Homer had as guests on Easter Sunday the church.
Glover; organist, Mrs. Wm. Saunders. former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Johnson and
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Glover and Hoffmeister, and sister Ruby, and children drove to Oregon City Sun­
family spent Easter Sunday
wit) brother Victor,
day evening and called on Mr. and
friends at Forest Grove.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Randle, Chester Mrs. Inskeep.
Guests at the Trullinger home on Reid, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Gibson,
Miss Margaret Viles has been quite
Faster were sisters of Mrs. Trullinger Fred Hoffmeister, Edgar Chapman, g|ck and absent frolll school for two
and their families from Portland, M r.'W ill Douglass, Alice Udell, Mrs. Cora weeks.
and Mrs. Henry, Mr. and Mrs. O’Neil Udell, Mrs. Agnes Baker, Arlie Jean
R. E. Jarl, owner of the Ridge
Parks and Mrs. Linnie Gibson had Lumber company of Corbett, and
and Mr. and Mrs. Beck.
j : _______ ...24-u u
Miss Velina Colt, who teaches in dinner with H. S. Gibson Monday. Ml. and Mrg c W . Rendleman of
a Portland school, spent the Easter Mr. Gibson had 15 hogs butchered portlUncl were guests on Easter Sun-
vacation with her sister, Mrs. Homer and these folks came to assist him. (|ay o f Mr and Mrs Leo Rath.
the women to get the dinner and the
Mr an<1 Mrs H Johnson motored
to i>ort]and Sunday and spent Easter
Miss Beulah Barnett and Flora men to help with the butchering.
Haysany spent the week end in Port­
! with relatives.
.-------------------------------------------------- -—■,
Walter Flebbe from Nebraska is
Major and Mrs. Luther Felker
here visiting his uncles, Clay and R.
were business visitors in Portland on
S. Chaney and families.
I ;
Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Chaney enter­
Henry Suter was at home from ] ------ ---------------------------
tained Wednesday evening at dinner
Camp H over Sunday and Oliver was
Miss Evenson ami Miss Olson, the Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lins, and Mr. and
home from Bridal Veil.
teachers in the grade school at Cur- Mrs. Julius Paulsen and family in
Mr. and Mrs. Will Moehnke an d: rinsville, spent the week end in Port- honor of their nephew, Walter
two daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman, land.
and Mrs. Moehnke Sr. spent Easter
Mrs. O. E. Olmsteud was a passen-
Mrs. H. Johnson celebrated her
Sunday al the Matt Glover home, ger on the train to Poitland uthei b |,tbday Monday entertaining Mrs.
Mrs. Moehnke Sr., remained to visit points Friday.
Pearl Johnson and daughter Vivian
for a couple of weeks.
L. A. Franks purchased a fine Mis. Wm. Held and Mrs. H. Klinker
Mrs. Shannon anil daughters from team last week.
and son Elmer, Mr. Klinker coming
Astoria visited Mrs. Kellogg over
The R. H. Miller family visited his in the evening.
! brother in Portland Easter Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Cheny and chil
The Easter services at the church
Leah and Ruth Walter are on the dren spent Sunday evening with Mr.
Sunday evening were well attended, gick list this week.
and Mrs. J. Paulsen.
Rev. Kirkwood completing the in- j I)r. J. L. Hewitt was a business
Miss Flora Lins o f Portland spent
teresting and helpful series o f ser visitor at the Currinsville store Sat- Saturday and Sunday with her home
mans which he has been preaching | urday.
on “ The rewards or an overcoming
Mrs. Bowen and son I ceil \\ light
Miss Marie Klinker, after a week’s
life.” Special musical numbers in were dinner guests o f the Lester Hale visit with ber daU(?hter, Mrs. Horger
eluded a solo by Mrs. Luther helker, family Sunday.
at Barton, returned home Sunday ac-
aml two duets by Grant Test and
R. H. Currin came home to spend companied hy Mr. and Mrs. Horger.
Win. Saunders.
, Chris Klinker has been laid up with
Mrs. Kenny, Miss Pamela Kenny
Glennie Ewalt, lineman for the P several boils on his leg, almost hav-
and Mrs. Clingingsmith attended K. P. company o f Portland, was out j jn|f b(ood p0json
church in Estacada Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon to visit Mr. and
Mr. and Mrs. Furrier and family Mrs. L. H. Ewalt, his brother and _ _ _ _ _ ---------
from Portland spent Sunday at their sister.
Myrtle Hall and Erma Jones had
Fire caused hy an
over heated dinner with Mrs. C. A. Looney Mim­
s'ove destroyed a brooder house on dny_
the Writ - ranch Fortunately all but
George Allen had the misfortune to
The warm sunshine on Sunday
„n c chicken was saved.
> get his nose broken while playing brought out the fruit trees to full
The county club leader for boys. baR Thursday.
bloom and the prune orchards look
accompanied hy the girls’ club leader
Mrs. Nellie Walter o f
Portland beautiful and all indication so far
\isited the school on Thursday eve- spent Easter with her son George anil point to a bumper crop,
ring of last week. The county family Sunday.
The program at the church Sunday
l eal h nurse was also a visitor on
Muriel Lombard was reported to be was fine and everyone seemed to
that day.
ill Monday evening.
enjoy it.
Herbert Suter was a Portland vis-
The John C. Richards property in
The Neighborly club, which was to
i,or on Sunday.
.Currinsville has changed hands. Mr. have met this week, was postponed
¡ tie Mr- vs Jane and Murtha Mo- Ri,-hards traded it for an apartment
of Pamona grange at Gar-
],,ncy spent Easter Sunday in Port- house in Portland.
tieid, and will meet with Mrs. Henry
1 G. C. Heiple landed a fine fish Cromer next Wednesday.
Carl Rhehurg and sons attended Sunday evening.
Mrs. Nellie Grable was out from
t ii baseball game m Estacada Sun-
The Currinsville store truck hauled Portland Friday and visited with Mrs.
day afternoon.
a fine load o f hogs to Portland on Moger for a time.
Hick Rush has commenced shearing Tuesdny for H. S. Gibson o f Doug-
Mr. and Mrs. lorest Erickson en
operations. 4 Last week he sheared
tertained the five hundred card club
at their home Saturday evening.
their own goats and this week is
Guests at the Peter Erickson home
working at Cherryville.
I ---------------
Sunday wore Floyd and, Joe Erickson
George Sawtclle visited on Sunday
with their families o f Portland, Mr.
nt the home o f his sister, Mrs. Eli !
and Mrs. Scott Graham o f Spokane
Mr. and Mrs. Mann and Miss Mann
A number o f grangers from here
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeShazer and of The Dalles. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Ay-
attended I’amona grange at Garfield
Inughter Violet mode a trip to Cor- cock nnd children, and Mr. and Mrs.
Several Christian Endeavorera of hett on Saturday.
Forest Erickson o f Springwater.
Hu- local society ittonded the county
Mrs. Edwin Seward has been quite
Guests o f Jack Aikins Friday eve-
i 1 rally at springwater on Tues- poorly for the last few days.
ning were Rhodu Nelson, Kathleen
day evening
Ernest Campbell, who is working Beck, Edith Howell. Melvin and Guy
Sam Kelkt i and Foster
Meyers near Vancouver spent Sunday with Keller. They spent the evening play-
wei’e at home from O. A. C. over his family.
ing cards and listening to the radio.
Dippol and Sons, owners o f the ^
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on account
Rem em ber W e H andle
“We Deliver the Good»’’
EtUcadt, Oregon
Phone 601
FOR SALE— Organ; good condition;
looks like new. Mrs. H. C. Glover,
phone 42-5.
a !3
Bread Crumb Hot Cakes
and hatching eggs.
Wm. Hyde,
Eagle Creek.
1 1-2 cups bread crumbs, 1 1-2 cups hot milk, 2 ta­
blespoons melted butter, 2 eggs, 1-2 cup flour, 1-2
teaspoon salt, teaspoon baking powder. Add hot
milk and butter to crumbs; soak till soft. Add beat­
en eggs, then dry ingredients, sifted. Bake as any
hot cake.
FOR SALE— Delco lighting plant,
less battery, $100. Sandy Garage,
Sandy, Ore.
a !3 tf
FOR SALE— Registered Guernsey
bull No. 124036; calved April 13.
1926; also several goo milk cows.
L. L. Lake, Route 4, Boring.
I have several De Lavaj milker units
in good shape for $45 per unit.
W. B. Sullivan, 341 East 41st St.,
Phone 871
BALED HAY— Timothy and clovei
mixed; shoats, pigs and sows. P.
W. Douglass, Route 1, Estacada
Phone 42-111.
Leave all freight at warehouse. In ordering your freight sent thru
us you receive personal service both in Estacada and Portland that
will save time and money
FOR SALE— One 12x30 silo; one
Papx cutter; one 10x18 case trac­
tor; complete outfit $375. Sandy
a l3 tf
Phone 61-5 Estacada
Call and Deliver Service
EAst 2406 Portland
FOR SALE— 700 year old choice lo­
2 l-2 c
Howell Bros. Route 2, Phone 58-32
a !3 tf
By the Hour or By the Mile, Anything, Anyplace, Anytime
Long distance Furniture and Contract Hauling a Specialty
DRY 16-inch forest wood, $7 cord-
4 foot forest wood at $6 per cord,
R. A. Myers, Phone
395, Estacada, Ore.
Phone 35-3 Estacada
LOST— Two hounds, one white with
black spots, and other black with
letter P branded on shoulder, li­
cense No. 1359 on collar. R. G.
FOR SALE— Small pump jack and ;
motor; cost $45; will sell for $30,
or will sell separate. Practically
new, good condition.
Pointer, Estacada.
m30tf j
Eggs for sale; good strong hens,
mated to McRae strain cockerels.
S. C. Richmond, Eagle Creek, Ore.
Near Dinty M oore’s Park.
WHITE FRONT Malt Shop; full line
o f malt supplies and accessories.
All brands o f best malt. We spe­
cialize in malt in bulk. Buy in j <
bulk, you save. 419 Main street,
Oregon City.
a l3 tf
WANT TO BUY— Light horse around '
1000 lbs. Must be gentle, broke'
single and double, and sound. Ni
objection if 10-12 years old. W.
E. Stoothoff, R 1, Estacada, Ore.
Phone 19-7.
FOR SALE— Four acre tract, 4-room i
house, good water, fruit, 1 1-2:
acres in cultivation, balance pas-
ture; 1-2 mile from Estacada.
$1250, terms. Home Restaurant, i
EAst 2406 Portland
Beautiful sheer material in colors of Tan, Lavender,
Pink, Peach and Brown.
Just the thing for summer dresses
Per Yard
60 c
.1. K. E L Y
Estacada, Oregon
P ortland s E lectric
Shopping C e n te r
MOUNTAIN Close Grained Red Ce­
dar Shingles, manufactured by
Turel Shingle Mill, Welches, Ore.
Drive up and see our shingles or |
write for prices. Loop highway; I
turn to left at Zig Zag Ranger
station, 3 mi., good road.
a28 1
POWELL’S Quality W. L. chicks and
hatching eggs; excellent hatches,
indicating good fertility and stam­
April deliveries 17th and
29th. Reduced prices for May.—
Powell’s Poultry Farm, Estacada :
Telephone 43-7.
m2-a20 1 ]
FOR SALE or TRADE— One 1920
Ford Tudor sedan body for road­
ster body; or will trade for one
ton Ford truck. Also Vaughn
light weight drag saw for sale; in
good condition. Hall Bros., Route
1 Boring. Phone Sandy 291. a6tf
in electric and treadle machines.
Bargains in second hand machines.
See us before buying; all makes
repaired; needles, oil, repairs. Sin­
ger Sewing Machine Co., 419 Main
Street, Oregon City.
FOR SALE— At the Underwood Gar­
dens— for your rockery, phlox sub­
ulate, 10c; saponatia, 15c 2 for 25c
Penstmon, 26c up, forget-me-nots,
6 for 25c, ameria 15c, 2 for 25c,
For the border, gypsophilia 25c,
delphinium, 15c up, oriental poppy
10c, phlox 20c, penstinon 20c, eve­
ning primrose 10c, coreopis 10c,
guem 15c, anchusa 20c, lychnis 20c
campamela 15c, columbine 10c,
pyrethum 20c, Japanese lilies 20c.
I Mr s. D i a B o it E n t e r t a i n s
Mrs. C. E. DuBois entertained
ladies the latter part of last week
an afternoon tea, honoring Mrs.
Scott, who is going to Kansas
I spend three months.
Is in the very .heart of the business district.
The Electric Store on the first floor is Portland’s
Electric Shopping Center.
Within one to three blocks of nearly all the principal
stores, shops, hotels, banks, restaurants and
Street cars right to the door from every part of the
city, for single fare and transfer.
Principal railway ticket offices, and interurban rail­
ways and stage terminals easily accessible.
Electric Power Co.
Electric Building, Portland, Ore.