Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, January 20, 1928, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Worthwhile Editorials
The year 1928 seems to be starting off with good
W h o Does t h e B o o s t 'n g ?
oro.-peers. ~ ” ••»•tary of Commerce Hoover, whose duty
Thou Shalt Not Kill
G. E. Parks, Editor and Publisher
it is to keep I d s finger on the business pulse of the country,
William Allen White, editor oi the
‘Thou : hr.lt, not kill” is one of th
says Ga-.ette at Emporia, Kansas ha • a
Published Weekly on Fridays at Estacada, Oregon and who usually does a good job of it, declares that all j commandments, if the law »ays
sign; r >r '! e coming vear are good. Among other things ¡“Thou Shalt Kil1-” ,vhich would yoi way of talking out in meeting that
say is right? The former is the co m -fits the spot, and it might be well
Entered in the postoffice of Estacada, Oregon, as second class matter. Mr. Hoover declared:
mand of God. The latter is the com-1 for the fraternity if more of us pen-
‘ There is an ample supply of credits at low rates; the r.u.nd of man. Governor Smith of cii pushers would cultivate nerve a
somewhat, larger stocks of goods which were accumulated New fo
r’ evidently preferred the little and then enforce the laws laid
In Clackamas County, one year, $1.50; Outside the county and in the during the summer are being reduced; there is no conse- V rd of man to th.* of God, because down rigidly.
sstatc of Oregon, one year, $2; Outside the state of Oregon, one
■ re i U . peculation in commodities; the crops have bet” it happens to he the law in the White says: “The Gazette will be
in which he lives. All states pled to be one newspaper, which will
year, $2.50. Subscriptions are payable in advance.
¡abundant; wages are at a high level; we are recovering state
do not a&ree with Governor Smith, make this public notice: If the year
from some partial unemployment, especially in the auto­ nd the word of man in his state, book for any woman’s club in this
mobile industry. i uero IS peace in most sections of the yet he has worked himself up to the town is printed outside of Emporia,
'abor world except bituminous coal; there is more peace ( feeling that he is bound to sanction the^ notices of meetings of that club
The editorial in last week’s News favoring the adop­ in the international world than at any time since the war a killing because the word of man. will be charged for at the regular
tion of the $3 automobile license fee has brought forth the foreign world is recovering its economic strength anti or common law, in a small section j advertising rate; no mention what-
of the
States says, “Thoi
will be
of tnat
that ciud
cl^ib wnne
i i ?
;__ .
i ‘'i
Lutr United
unaeu cnai.es
m u i i ever win
oe made oi
considerable comment, the large majority of the people v buying
power; therefore, our foreign trade is steadily j shaIt kU1 Ruth Snyder." it i. true it is using that year book, and if that
who have expressed their opinion being in favor of the in c r e a s in g .
_ ¡that the crime for which she and I club has any civic enterprise in which
proposed reduction.
After pointing out that the average price of non-agri- ; Gray were held was most fiendish it is interested, it can take its trou-
The News received a circular letter from the State Cl’kura! goods has fallen in the past twelve months while Jand onc is at a ,oss t0 amount for bles to Topeka and get the Topeka
*rame of mind that would prompt! papers to boost the enterprise and
Chamber of Commerce accompanied by a lot of data,
prie • of . agricultural product*
have risen, i Mr. i Hoover (the
i ■»• a
t , we
w e a are
r e a aware
w a r e o of
i t the
n e x fact
a c i g give
i v e it publicity; for the Gazette will
I ifc.
it. o But,
which it was stated contained arguments for and against .ledares that “manufacture and distribution have by sav-¡that m u any
crime8 are committeU from ¡not..
the proposed change in the law. However, we were un­ UUj III i (iimim&hed piotiis OXCOmiTlOOlciteO. tn6mS0l\6S J insane jealousy, and is it less proba
This rule might well be generally
able to find any argument except that the present fee be o this system of decreasing profits without reduction in , Me that this crime was committed applied to churches and lodges— and
the level of wages and therefore in the national buying tnrou^hr7 insane love and insane in fact anyone who takes his business
Hanging or electrocuting'does out of town and then expects the
that “the . great
to which
industry , greed?
The News is absolutely in favor of the continuation power,” and adds
j . -i
__ *
not seem to deter crime, as many home paper to do the boosting.—
of the present road building program, but the point as accommodated itself to lower prices by decreased t l .ilim ial8 would rather dle than spend canby Herald.
stressed last week was that uncier the present system the costs makes for a sounder condition for the ensuing year.” the remaining days of the,: nr in
It’s a good idea still to stay on ihe “long” side SO far prison. However, Governor Smith is
N ew C a l e n d a r
present tax was unjust and unfair to the average citizen
welcome to his job as the killer of
The league of nations has asked
ms your Uncle Samuel is concerned.
and taxpayer, and we still maintain that this is the case.
v. woman, justly in the eyes of mar. • the United States to help establish
oO o
The News is informed that the average automobile
rn est
ot’ of could
not and
hut stare
haunt him hiri
an interm
A ««•"-
license fee paid in the state is $24 per year. However,
his days
in ; mittee
of itionaI
the league of nations
studying all proposals for reform of
this average will be considerably raised in another year
because the new’ Ford and Chevrolet cars are heavier by booze, and all bootleggers will go out of business, at once, j if killing is a good thing as punish- the calendar. Under one system pro­
ishment for killing, then it should posed, the year would be divided into
a few hundred pounds than the older models and natur­ We'll guarantee this system to work.
be universal, not depending upon the thirteen months of four weeks each,
ally will take a higher rate, which will considerably raise
temperament of this locality or that, with an extra day called “year day”
The worst thing tha* could happen to this country in and the “Thou shalt not kill” in the at
the average. But taking the figure of $24 as a basis for
the end of the year. In leap years
argument: The average car owner, using his car for bus­ jG28 is the election of A1 Smith as president, says an ex- Hible erased.—Montavilla Times.
“leap day” would be inserted. The
unge. And that can’t happen.
extra month would be called Sol and
iness and pleasure, drives his car five thousand miles i
S c i e n t i f i c Religion
be inserted between June and
year. Figuring that he uses an av erage of twenty gallons
Times haven’t changed so much. Back in pioneer In a letter to the editor, R. J. Cro July. If the fifteenth day of Jan­
of gasoline to the mile, he would buy 250 gallons of gas
mie, publisher of the Sun of Vancou­ uary fell on a Monday one year it
on which he now pays 3 cents per gallon, or $7.50 per days. ; ays an exchange, the pedestrian had to dodge the ver, F. C., recites that President would fall on a Monday every suc­
year, making a total of $32.50 a year for the privilege oi deadly rattler, also.
Coolidge and Premier King of Can­ ceeding year. The same day of the
-o O o -
ada. along with scores of other pub­ week would correspond with the same
using his automobile.
The way to get the most experience for the least lic men, have recently been empha­ day of the month every year.
We are told that in order to raise the same amount of
Calendar reform might simplify
sizing the necessity of balancing our
is to keep the neighbor’s children for a day.
money now being raised by these two methods, it wouk
present era of material prosperity by bookkeeping. A new calendar might
be necessary to put a tax of about 6 cents on gasoline, ana
a development of our latest spiritual be better all around. But tradition
forces. But they have not explained is a mighty thing to overcome and it
Twelve Years Ago in Estacada
if this is correct, the average car owner would have to
pay 6 cents per year on 250 gallons of gas, or $15 per year F r o m E s t a c a d a P r o g r e s s , January in v' !i ingw.'iter where he is interesi- .iuse what those spiritual forces were, is likely a new calendar will not be
or have they told the people how adopted until quite a few of our
These figures show that, after adding the proposed $3
;ei with his brothers George and Lou to connect with them; they merely present leap years have been written
20 , 1916
license fee, it would still cost the owner about $12.50 per Thursday of last week it was dis­ j in forming and fruit raising.
told the public what religionists have into history.—St. Helens Mist.
It is reported that owing to an been giving us for hundreds of years
year less to operate his car than he is now paying.
covered that the water supply for
of scarlet fever and diph- —the “philosophy” of religion. Nine
Guess it Will Be Daw es
These figures prove that the present tax system on Estacada was at almost a standstill. : ; epidemic
theria, Die schools at Eagle Creek,
operating automobiles is not an equitable one. Some are There was hut a slight pressure in ; Do-in? and Gresham have been tem- ty per cent of our newspaper readers There continues to be considerable
have been anxiously searching for newspaper discussion favorable to
paying considerably more than they should pay, and the business district and parts of the ! porarily closed.
the technique of religion and its me­ Mr. Hoover for the next republican
town had no water at all. Investi­
many are paying less than they ought to pay.
R. C. Deming of Garfield who is chanics, seeking a formula to tune in candidate for president, with Mr.
gation showed that a dam across the
Dawes a mighty close second in pop­
But whether or not the initiative measure that is to creek at the intake had been torn out | row 'n ^ ew ^ ork visiting his folks on the spiritual side of life.
be voted on this year solves the problem, the News is un­ and Marshal Ames reports that the jp,nd attending to some business mat- Only a few months ago Roger W. ular opinion. The way we have it
doped out is that Dawes will win in
able to say. The proposed law does not provide for any cause was not due to a rise in th e! *crs’ writes that he is thoroughly ir.- ¿¡-bson issued what he termed a the
end, as we believe he should, be­
stream, ice or livestock. Investign- j 'estimating the eastern market condi- “young people’s” letter, in which he
increase in the gasoline tax, and it is possible, however, ticii further showed that the city Dions, especially as to the demand for attempted to show how religious edu- cause of the attitude of silence for
that should this measure be adopted, the voters would resevvoir had been empty for two Gicgon apples, prunes, loganberries. cati0n js today exactly where geo­ Hoover among those who really do
then fail to authorize the increased tax on gasoline nec­ days and the water supply had been ; and smai* fruits. He reports a good i graphical education was 450 years things in a national convention. Our
essary to raise the money needed to continue the road coming through a direct connected demand for Oregon apples and no ^ ago, when there was so much disa­ guess is that when Lowden is elimi­
limit to the demand for prunes, but greement as to whether the world nated Dawes will take his strength
building program. And if they faied to do this, it would m a j n
Principal Guthrie announces that!*0 date the loganberry has not met was flat or round. For 40 years ev­ from the middle west and the nomi­
necessitate the curtailment of the program, uniess some a te a c h e rs’ institute will be held a t }w it!l P°Pu la r approval among eastern
eryone was so upset that the subject nation will go to the man who put
other means of raising it was devised.
the Estacada school building on the I consumers.
was avoided and nothing was taught Europe on its financial feet.— Camas
This is a question that should be given thought by 29th, lasting all day.
Don Newman of Tillamook is visit- and this explains the apparent neg­ (Washington) Post.
Owine to lack of interest and co-!ir.g with his aunt, Miss Maud Stur- lect of religious teaching today com­
every voter and the News will be glad to publisn youi
Henry Ford says that he does not
pared with the training which your
views either for or against tlie proposed change in the law. operotion among the students of thejgeon.
high school, especially those who were j Little 13-year old Tommy McKay, parents and grandparents had one or know whether he is a billionaire or
------------ oOo------------
to have taken part in the annual ' while playing at the Eagle Creek more generations ago. Mr. Babson not. In this the rest of us have it
play scheduled for next Friday night ¡school last week, had the misfortune argues that to keep the world in bal­ all over Henry. These doubts must
Eastern Clackamas News
be disturbing.—Molalla Pioneer.
to break a leg. He was carried to ance, educational leaders will soon
play has been abandoned.
The News has been informed that the Community the The
Christian Endeavor meeting j the R. B. Gibson home and a doctor be compelled to teach as much about
dub agreed upon the pronunciation of the word “Esta- at George Sunday elected Rose Jan - 1 was called.
God and spiritual forces as about OLD CH IC K E N H O U S E
jada” some time ago, and arguments were presented by sen, president; Otto Paulsen, vice; Ed. Douglass, who hauls cream, gravitation, electricity and other phy­
S. E. Wooster, H. C. Stephens and others to show that the president; Harold Joyner, secretary, i and Ralph Gibson, mail carrier, both sical forces. He contends that the
Much to the joy of many Estacada
of Engle Creek, are having the pleas four great teachings of Jesus are
town was named by a man named Kelly who in a letter and William Lins, treasurer.
ure of tiding on a sleigh these cold based on definite fundamental laws people, W. F. Cary had the old chick­
stated that he had selected the name from Estacado, poultry raiser, received by Monday’s days.
and can now be discussed in any lec­ en house, which was located on the
Texas, and that the word should be pronounced according express tv.o boxes of trophies award ( The Chevrolet dealer wishes to ture hall or studied in any laboratory. corner of Main and Second streets
razed one day last week. The old
to the Spanish rule of pronunciation.
ed him at the recent Grays Harbor announce that Chevrolet is pro- These four are:
had been standing on this
nouneed “Shev-ro-lay.”
However, another argument was presented. One be­ poultry association show.
1. Love for God or that Divine
lieved that this being the United States of America, we S. W. Lawrence, owner of the ; (Chevrolet cars had been on the Spirit of which we have been talking corner for four years and did not
ortlnnd Laundry, was an Estacada market only a short time when this and to which I already have referred. add anything to the appearance of
should always use our own language instead of tha; of visitor
Tuesday, having spent the day announcement was made.)
2. Power of human love, which that most prominent corner.
a foreign one. The people, he said, living on the Mexican
is based upon the same law of at-
border do not all, by any means, pronounce Mexican DO Y O U K N O W —
| traction which holds the planets in G u ests at Rea gan Home
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Betts and
A T T H E S T A T E C O L L E G E their places and performs such mir­
names as do the Spanish race. More people pronounce That it takes better business to
from Gladstone were guests
the Rio Grande l iver as it is spelled than pronounce it the build a city?
at the Reagan home last Friday eve­
way the Mexican do, which is “Reo Gron-da.” The Mex­ That better business end prosperity O. A. C., CORVALLIS, Jan. 19.— 3. The Golden Rule, which ¡3 ning and attended the high school
(Special).— Emil Anderson of Bor­ founded upon the same law of action
icans say “Meheco” for “Mexico,” but you never hear an go hand in hand?
ing has been elected president of the and reaction, as underlies the study play. They returned Saturday and
American say “Meheco.”
That a city will grow only as its Oregon state chapter of Sigma Delta of physics, chemistry, mechanics and on Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Reagan
drove to Gladstone with the children.
But it has been definitely decided that the second business concerns grow?
Chi, national professional journalistic other sciences.
"a” in Estacada shall be pronounced as the a in “alms,” That a city is known by the repu-! fraternity. Anderson is a senior in 4. Eternal life, which is merely G uests at K itchin g Home
agriculture and a member of Alpha the law of conservation of energy ap­
so let’s form the habit of pronouncing it that way. It tation of its retail concerns?
Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Benefield and
i Gamma Rho, one of the ,16 social plied to the spiritual side of our
really makes no difference, anyway, so long as everyone
son of Portland were guests of Mr.
j fraternities on the campus.
some business to a city?
and Mrs. Albert Kitching last Sun­
sounds the letters the same way.
We agree with Mr. Cromie that day.
That many live concerns will bring
Mr». Gohring Improving
there is a tremendous reader interest
much business to a city?
That when ail the business con
The latest report from Mrs. II. C. and appeal in Mr. Babson’s unusual Holy Book. While we do not ques­
men of
the j community
who failed to f e erns
is r recuperating
. %
r n y o of
t a a c city
i t y a arc
r e a alive
u v e a and
n a o on
n t the
n e o Gohring,
onnng, w
n o is
e c u p e r a t i n g ' a at
t » St. picturization of a subject so inter­ tion the earnestness nor the sincerity
ittend the business m ens credit c lS S O C ia tio n meeting o i l I j0bf When they work together to hoi ■ Vincent’s hospital, Portland, after esting and so vital to humanity, but of
the eminent statistician of Babson
a e t day tight missed an entertaining and profitable ses-' their present trade, attract new serious operction, is now that she is 1 hi3 interpretation will be spurned by Park, we believe he is butting his
iu ll.
The association needs the co-operation of e v e r y ¡trade and extend their trade terri- getting along nicely, whi ch will be many who will not countenance the ¡head against a stone wall in his effoit
business 'nan in this section. It will be to your own per-
thf incoa8e
business for the good^ news to her many friend* in ; entrance of the ¡ evolutionary in the to obtain a unification of methods in
city will be surprising:.
Ors locality.
teaching of religion. It may be ar- i religious leeching, and we think hi.
sonal advantage to become a member and attend the home
That the stronffer their appeal of j
gued that the preservation of reh-. conclusions are those of an econo-
future meetings.
; price, quality, variety and service, Mr». H ughe* B e t t e r
gion is in actual danger through an mist when he says:
------------ oOc---------
¡the stronger will be the results ob- i Mrs. J. R. Hughes has been ati«mPt to place it on the name plane j “As the Catholics, Protestants and
- some time with
* an attack of . i - ;'***’
» i subject* . that
i , - . --------*
•• sp:r- Jews all use today the same multipli-
ill for
are not ■ -•
at all
1 .«
D lia l
k aV A
IS n u a l i a l i l n
— — — L ___ . . . . .
ifual. T There
is probably — some
basis cation table and study chemistry,
That today is the day
of keen 1 ■ laryngitis,
but ....................................
« ; j iij* i list, uui.
a at
- i this
n is n
i n e .s
i reported
for the charge that the church as a physics and algebra from the same
j e c t e d to h a v in g t h e d e m o c r a t s h o ld t h e ir r u itio n u l con-¡business competition, a time when the a? being able to be up again.
whole, has liscouraged superficial textbooks, so they all will unite in
vention in Detroit because that city is too wet. Well, if automobile has cut down distance
ana 13 W 'ndn-iduM3 whose salva- teaching about the greatest thing of
j and time to such an extent that peo­ S p e n d s W e e k E n d H ere
Tammany thinks it’s too wet it must be
ple will be attracted to a live city
Morris Fly conic from Portland to ;:on lies in then acceptance, prefer- all. namelv. Spiritual Power When
------------ oOo------------
in ever nicreaulng numbers.
spend the week end with home folks. ah;; m childhood, of the Chriatia.i the study of spiritual forces is put
I hat cities that are awake aie j returning Sunday evening.
tea lifts. Modernism has found it. upon a scientific basis, as Pasteur
Strange that the people in Oregon City and Portland
leaching out into new fields and so
know all about the development project that is being un- curing business they never had a IP K* a fier. If it Is not go;u afte ' 'V into every avenue of life, and put the study of medicine and New-
has forced its probe past the front ton the study of physics then tie
ie*‘aken here, and local people have heard so many dif- chance at hefore.
b> this city, some other cityw.U get d'ir- of ihe churches,.only to find real truth wiil be discovered.’’— The
fefritat storied ttiey know less now than ever.
Business worth having is Nvorth i it.— Selected.
¡that it is out of harmony with the I Milwaukie Review.
to , i New
York , dispatches
ob- 1
i i i t