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Keepibur Butter
Uniform and
Hold Your Customers
Don't wait for your customers
to complain about the variable
color of your butter. Keep your
butter that golden June color
everybody likes by putting a
few drops of Dandelion Butter
Color into the chum. It is purely
vegetable, wholesome and ab­
solutely tasteless. It meets all
State and National Food laws.
All large creameries have used
D an delion B u tte r C o lo r for
years. It does not col­
or buttermilk.You can
Sem i
get the large bottles
iór 35c from“ all drug I / o r
or grocery stores.
p p j,- ,
WcUi & R k W * o . C o .. lot.
BtrHuelo«. Verm-ml
Enroll nuy time.
Send for literature.
V. M. C. A . Jildg.
F o rt land, O regon
Chinese Wrecking Truck
The Chinese, sny scholars, have
contributed much to the ancient and
modern world of art.
have their dragons in gold and green
and varied colors, embellished paint­
ings nnd decorative motifs. But It
remained for an East New York
street garage owner, ns far ns could
be ascertained, to place the Chinese
dragon to practical use first He has
named his great, green wrecking
truck, "the Green Drag-In."
For Colds, Grip or Influenza
a n d as a P r e v e n t iv e , ta k e L a x a t iv e
B R O M O Q U I N I N E T a b le ts . A S a fe and
P ro ve n R em edy.
T h e b o x b ea rs th e
s ig n a t u r e o f E . W . G ro v e . 30c.— A d v ,
Early Iron Vessel
The U. S. S. Wolverine was the
first vessel built by the United States
navy. She was launched at Erie, Ta.,
In 1844 ns tho Michigan. Her name
was changed to Wolverine on June
17, 1905. She was constructed by
Stackhouse & Tomlinson, Pittsburgh,
Pa., between 1842 nnd 1844. Her
length (h. p.) is 104 feet 11 Inches;
beam, 27 feet; mean draft, 9 feet;
displacement, 085 feet
Maybe He Couldn’t
Father (Indicating statue)—That is
Sir Thomas Tiptop, my boy. He gave
big sums to the schools.
Son— So that’s him. Is It? Why
didn’t he work out the beastly things
A tender conscience Is a stronger
obligation than prison.—Thomas Ful­
S lo w in g Up?
You Can’t Feel Well When
Kidneys A ct Sluggishly.
^ ^ V E R W O R K , w orry and lack o f rest,
put extra burdens on the kidneys.
W hen the kidneys slow up, impurities
remain in the blood and are apt to
make one la n g u id , tired and achy,
with dull headaches, dizziness and often
nagging backache. A common warn­
in g is scanty o r b u rn in g secretions.
Use D oan’s Pills. Doan's, a stimulant
diuretic, increase the secretion o f the
kidneys and aid in the elimination of
waste impurities. A r e en d orsed b y
users everywhere. Ask your neighborl
foster Milbum Co. MljCk.^Bu«do.NY
dr . S t a f f o r d ’ s
a MVE1 ar
/ Children’s/
A ft e r the first measures fo r frozen feet,
fingers or ears Carboil Is the ideal treat­
ment. Its medicinal oils and antiseptic
chemicals sooth the tissues, allay sore­
ness and help t oprevent complications.
A 50-cent box from your druggist is all
that is required.
Y ou r money back I f it fails to satisfy«
S P U R L O C K .N E A L CO.. Nashville. Tenn.
Ktcp Stomidi
and Bowel* Right
By riving baby the harmless, purely
Vegetable, infants’ and children’s regulator.
brings astonishing, gratifying results
to making baby’s stomach digest
food and bowels move as j
they should at teething
time. Guaranteed free
, from narcotics. opl-
| ates, alcohol and ail
harmful ingredU
ents. Safe and
I A t AH
1 Druggists
Improved Uniform International
Sunday School
’ L esso n T
(B y REV. P. B F IT Z W A T E R . D.D., Dean
Moody Bible Institute o f Chicago.)
(© . 19 27, by Western Newspaper Uniot).)
Lesson for November 20
L E S S O N T E X T — M lca h , ch .r f , I and
T E X T — W hat
th e
L o r d re q u ir e o f th ee, hut to do Justly
and to l o v e m e r c y a n d to w a lk h u m b ly
w ith th y G od.
P R I M A R Y T O P IC — W h a t G od W a n t «
Us to l>o.
J U N IO R T O P I C — W h a t G od R e q u ire s
o f Us.
IC — W h a t G o d R e q u ir e s o f Us.
IC — T h o P r o p h e t ic
In t e r p r e t a t io n o f
R e lig io n .
The Azores Important Com­
munication Center.
Washington.— When Mi si Ruth El­
der tried to fly across the Atlantic
and dropped into the sea near the
Azores she failed In her purpose but
emphasized the Increasing Importance
of the Azores as a mid-Atlantic com­
munication center, says a bulletin
from the Washington (D. O.) head­
quarters of the National Geographic
“ And within the Azores group Fayal
is the most Important so far as con­
tact with the outside world is con­
cerned. Sue Miguel Is larger, mill
Augra, the capital on Tercelra, is a
better port than Horta, on Fayal.
“ But Fayal is the communication
hub of the Atlantic, with spokes
reaching out to Europe, the two
Americas, and Africa. On Fayal Is­
land there are four, cable companies,
two American, one English and one
German. There are more than 150
young ’news pushers,’ as the dispatch­
ing operators are called, and each
group has Its own mess.
"Arriving at Fayal in the daytime
one sees a ribbon of road around the
Island, and the whitewashed villages
with a church for a pendant among
the ivory bits that are strung nlong
this 35-mlle circular tour. Out near
some detached rocks near the west
end there Is a lighthouse which ap­
pears at first to be a minaret. From
there to Horta, the town, is a eteep
declivity several hundred feet high so
that the road has to sweep up to avoid
washing Itself to death In the glis­
tening surf.
“ Amid smiling seas the Azores, from
November to March, usually wenr a
cloud blanket so that the tine cone of
Pieo, which sounds like Orange l ’ekoe
but simply mean? ‘peak,’ is hidden ns
an approaching ship swings to the
north. I’ lco has a separate Island to
Itself and since Pico is an active vol­
cano, this Is as It should be.
The "Fairy Town of Horta."
“Twilight had fallen when the writ­
er's vessel finally came alongside the
fairy town o f Horta, now made up of
white blotches against a dark hillside
with electric lights, hiding the details
like the nun’s candles during the
change o f scene In ‘The Miracle.’
Horta Is not really n port, since it
lacks a green light to complement the
red one on the end of the single
brenkwater. So passengers land In n
launch which tosses up and down in
the swell and gives the folks a thrill
for their money.
“ A Portuguese, with wide-brimmed
fuzzy hat, V-neck white sweater and
sideburns, ran the luunch. He took
a liking to us and showed us around
the town which, like a certain flower,
had folded Itself up with the setting
of the sun.
"Hortn’s chief claim to fame seems
to be that Mark Twain and the cable
companies have honored It with their
attention. Mark said something about
n tiny fort here which would hnve to
be taken hack up the volcanic slopes
in ease of war. That was the days
before the Azores were the alighting
spot for transoceanic flights
"Hnrtn greets one with a mosnlc
sidewalk in the Portuguese style, atid
many of Its buildings are faced with
glistening tile so that as one walks
down the street at night he seems to
be threading Ills way along some pe­
culiar bathroom In an old Mogul pal­
ace or a Chicago boarding house.
"The street, as we walked down It,
nnd passed so many churches that
Horta seemed to be the Bokhara of
the Catholic world, was being used
for sentimental purposes, for Horta
has Its nightly rehearsals of the bal­
cony scene from Romeo nnd Juliet.
The balconies are narrow nnd long,
looking like sample hits of steel fence
hung up on display.
Mlcah prophesied during the reign
of Jotlmn, Alia* and Hezekiah, In Ju­
dah, hut his message largely concerned
Israel. He Is called the prophet of
the poor. He proclaimed Impending
doom upon the workers of unrighteous­
ness and heralded the coming of the
I. Evil Workers Denounced (2:1-3).
1. How they worked (v. 1).
Their evil work was not a matter of
Impulse, but of deliberate purpose.
(1) It was conceived In their mind.
They gave themselves to the devising
of wicked schemes.
(2) They worked evil upon their
beds. They used the quiet hours of
the night while honest people were
sleeping for planning ways to work
out their schemes.
(3) They executed their plans In
the morning light. Having power to
carry out their schemes, they did what
their wicked minds devised.
2. What they do (v. 2).
(1) They covet fields (v. 2).
In this they violated the tenth com­
(2) They violently take fields and
A covetous spirit will eventuate In
such deeds unless restrained.
(3) They oppress a man and his
house (v. 2).
By house Is meant a man’s descend­
ants, the Inheritors of his property.
3. Their punishment (v. 3).
Against such evil doers God is de­
vising a righteous retribution which
will fall upon them with such weight
as to humble them.
II. Upon Whom Judgment Shall Fall
1. The unfaithful rulers (vv. 1-4).
Because of love for the evil and ha­
tred for the good the rulers merciless­
ly destroyed the people.
2. The false prophets (vv. 5-8).
They served for hire. As long as
supplied with food, they prophesied to
please the people.
3. The judgment which Is to fall
(vv. 9-12).
Jerusalem was destroyed because of
the sins of the people. Just as the
righteous retribution fell then, we can
be assured that there will be no es­
cape from the coming Judgment for
those who destroy the people.
III. God’s Controversy (6:1-13)
Wicked men may go on to a certain
time with their schemes, but eventual­
ly the Lord’s requirements shall be
m et
1. The hills and the mountains called
to bear witness against Israel (v. 2).
The people had turned a deaf ear to
God so that Inanimate creation was
called upon to witness against them.
2. The guilty party left to state the
case (v. 3).
The King of the universe abdicates
His rights and allows His sinning
people to make charges against Him.
3. God recounts His mercies unto
the people (vv. 4, 5).
Having paused for the charge and
In a Horta “ Movie.”
none having been brought, the Lord
"Our side-burned mentor took us to
thrust home upon their conscience the a movie theater fronted with salmon
memory o f His great mercie*.
tiles. We secured a box In the lower
(1) He brought them out of Egyp­ of three horseshoes around which the
tian bondage (v. 4).
town was arranged. I f the social
He has done even more for ns who strata maintained their same relative
were tinder bondage to sin and Satan. positions at home that they do in the
(2) Sent before them a trio of lead­ theater, then the Horta palaces would
ers (v. 4).
be down near the sea and the lowlier
Moses, the lawgiver; Aaron, the and more grimy members of society
high priest, and Miriam, the prophetess, up near the lava line above the main
part of the town.
were sent to bear witness.
(3) Turned Balak’s curse Into a
“ From June to September the whole
blessing through Balaam (v. 5).
Island o f Fayal Is marked out with
4. God’s requirements (vv. C-13).
btue-and-whlte hydrangea hedges and
(1) The great question, "Wherewith Is one of the loveliest spots on earth,
with sometimes smoking Pico ’Fujl-
shall l come before the Lord?”
The Jews could not deny the charge ynmnlng' In the background.
brought ngainst them by the Almighty I “ The Azores nre certainly the re­
sult of tremendous volcanic eruptions
(2) The complete answer (v. 8).
a. "To do Justly.” Strict equity was that hnve continued to change their
to characterize all their dealings with physical aspect ever since their dis­
covery in the Fifteenth century. On
their feilowmen.
b. "To love mercy." The heart was j every hand are evidences of former
to he diligently set to do good to onr upheavals, from the gray lava stones
that are used in the construction of
c. “To walk hnmbty with thy God." | houses nnd the building of roads to
This means to recognize that we are I the underlying streaks of ashes that
sinners before God, with no claim upon are visible in places where the sur­
face soil has washed away, nnd the
Him except His pardoning love.
many cup-shaped craters nnd beauti­
ful lakes ou the tops of the moun­
Spiritual Power
Spiritual power Is developed In ac­
“ Violent earthquakes have disturbed
tion, Just as muscles are developed
the Azores during the centuries since
The more we try to help others, the
their discovery. The annals o f the
more firmly shall we be established
island vie with those of Italy In
and the more we shall grow.— D. L
graphic accounts of the ever Interest­
ing and terrible volcanic phenomena.
Cities were buried, mountains disap­
To Regenerate the World
peared and sent their ashes to unbe­
The only way to regenerate the lievable distances; Islnnds hundreds
world Is to do the duty which lies of feet high suddenly appeared and as
nearest to us and not to hunt after suddenly disappeared, and flames of
grand, far-fetched ones for ourselves. fire Illuminated whole Islands and
their intervening waters.”
—Charles Kingsley.
Excavators in Palestine Make
Rich Find.
Alexandria, Egypt.—Further Impor­
tant cl Lvov orles have betip inaile by
the Palestine expedition of the Uni­
versity museum of Philadelphia under
Alan Rowe which Is excavating at
Beisan, the Bethshuu of ttie Bible.
Two new Cunaanlte temples of 1500
B. C. have been unearthed.
In one of them among the other ob­
jects o f value and Interest there have
been found a bronze tigurlne, covered
with gold foil, representing a god seat­
ed, with ids right arm raised and a
beautiful lapislázuli scarab with a
cartouche of sesostris.
On a level previously Identified
with Raineses II, a door jamb has
been discovered showing for the first
time the actual figure o f the builder
of the Temple of Dagon, mentioned in
the first book of Chronicles, together
with an inscription supplying missing
Here also have been found scarabs
of Raineses II, nnd Thotmes IV, and
a curious stone, having at the top the
head of a deity with a figure holding
a captive whose legs are kicking the
air and below a stand with four hu­
man-shaped legs. The identity of this
deity and the significance of the stone
aro unknown.
Other discoveries Include a fine
Egyptian faience finger ring, bearing
the sacred eye.
Further proof of Cretan and Cypriot
Influences in tlds area 3,000 years ago
is revealed in the shape of the handle
of a pottery vessel with two groups
of linear signs, similar In part to
Cretan linear writing and In part to
the Cypriot Archaic alphabet.
There also have been unearthed a
finely made figure of a bull, a child’s
rattle o f pottery with a couple of small
stones inside it, a very unusual pot
with a strainer spout and a movable
disk-like strainer fitting its mouth, a
beautifully made bronze axhead and
two buckles of isis.
The expedition has been working at
Tell-El-IIosn, which means mounds of
fortress— where eight levels have been
identified as existing from before the
time o f Amenophls III to that of the
crusades, covering 33 centuries. Most
of the treasures, whereof those men­
tioned are only a part were, except
where otherwise stated, made at the
earliest levels. The expedition Is now
engaged on the lowest level which
promises to yield rich deposits.
British Grant Beloit
Permit for Research
Pag'»1 3
Young Divine Had Not
Caught On to Signals
Bishop Dickey aahl In n witty after-
dinner speech In Waco:
“ Church coughlug ,s usually con
detuned, hut 1 rather tike It.
“ Ferbups you know the story of the
theater owner who «rent to sleep
While a play was being read to him,
nnd when the playwright woke him
up and snld reproachfully that he had
been rending his play In the expecta­
tion of some ruluahle crltlclfin, the
theater owner yawned and smiled and
suhl sleep was a criticism.
“ By the same token, a young divine
said Irritably one Sunday to his Sex­
ton :
“ ‘The congregation's coughing quite
spoiled my sermon this morning. Such
coughs I Such volleys of cough* I’
“ ’Coughs!’ chuckled the old man.
| Them wasn’t coughs. They was time
signals.' ’’
Left-Handed Problems
The problem of training a left-
handed person to use the right hand Is
not a simple problem of training the
hand, declares Dr. Samuel T. Orton In
Hygeia Magazine. The normal writ­
ing o f a left-handed child would not
be to the right with the left hand but
to the left with the left hand, that Is,
true mirror writing.
It Is becoming well known that the
nttempt to force a naturally left-
handed person to use the right hand
may result In stuttering. In some loss
revere cases no stuttering may result,
but It is probable that greater fluency
and greater accuracy, both of writing
nnd spelling, might follow the use of
the bund which is nnturally dominant.
The late Frnncls Grierson, the dis­
tinguished writer who died destitute
in Los Angeles, disapproved of post­
war morals.
“ Morals are turned quite upside
down nowadays,” he said nt a Los
Angeles reception. “ In a conversa­
tion with a beautiful movie star the
other day I nodded towards an old
man and said:
“ ‘He's as ugly as sin, Isn’t he!'
“ ‘No,’ said the beautiful young
star; ‘he’s as ugly as virtue.” ’
Is It Your Nerves?
Bakersfield, Calif.— “I had a nerv
ous breakdown, unable to leave m;
bed. I was under the care of a doc­
tor. but was not
getting along ai
well as I thought
I should, 60 I start­
ed t a k i n g Dr.
Prescription and It
ta the tonlo and
nervine that re­
stored me to health.
kIte soothing effect
upon my n e r v e s
was w o n d e r f u l
while taking the first bottle, but 1
continued Its use until I had taken
five bottles and was then completely
restored to health. I have never hod
a physical or a nervous breakdown
since, which proves the thoroughness
of the 'Prescription' in reaching the
source of the trouble and then over­
coming It."— Mrs. Gertrude Hlgley.
1224 Truxton Ave. All dealers.
Beloit, Wis.— I’ermisslon to do re­
search work in British East Africa
has been gained by Logan museum of
Beloit college, according to an an­
nouncement by Dr. George L. Collie,
curator, and the next few years may
see the museum doing work there.
The territory is rich In remains of
Aurignacian man which. Doctor Collie
snys, was the first real man. He ex­
isted 25,000 years ago and rapidly
spread all over the world, he says.
Aurignacian remains have been found
Municipal Economy
in France, Czechoslovakia, Algeria
A bob-haired, scantily clad flap
nnd in soulhern Africa. In British
East Africa 00 skeletons have been | per was making her application at
unedVered In two years, whije Europe the pearly gates, nnd St. I’eter was
has spent 100 years In uncovering 40 putting her through her category.
“ Whnt was your occupation!’’ he
such skeletons.
The college museum already has Inquired.
“ Men called me a gold-digger,” she
two skeletons, both from Algeria.
One, the skeleton of a child, was tittered.
“ I'm sorry—but on account of the
found a year ago, while the other, of
a mature man, was uncovered only n paving vve enn't let you in here.” —
month ngo nnd will soon he brought American Legion Monthly.
to the museum for permanent hous­
Nature is the Art of God.—Browne.
P r a U e Lydia E. Pinkham’»
Vegetable Compound
Mrs. Annie Kwlnski of 526 1st Ave­
nue, Milwaukee. Wis., writes thnt sho
became so weak and
run-down that she
was not able to do
v ¿v
her housework. She
' ,3 ?
saw the name Lydia
,.v ’
E. Plnkham’s Vtge-
table Compound In
the paper and said
to her husband, " I
will try that medi­
cine and see If It
will help me.” She
says she took six
bottles and is feel-
ing much hotter.
Mrs. Mattie Adams, who Uvee In
Downing Street, Brewton, Ala., writes
as follows: “ A friend recommended
Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Com­
pound and since taking it I feel like
a different woman.”
With her children grown up, tho mid­
dle-aged woman finds time to do the
things she never had time to do before
— read the new books, seo the new
plays, enjoy her gTand-children, take
an active part in church and civic
affairs. Far from being pushed aside
by the younger set. she finds a full,
rich life of her own. That is, If her
health is good.
Thousands of women past fifty, say
they owe their vigor and health to
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com­
pound, and are recommending It to
their frftnds and neighbors.
Coughs and Colds
a r e n o t o n ly a nn oyin g-, b u t d a n g e ro u s .
I f n o t a tte n d e d to a t o n c e th e y may
d e v e lo p in to se rio u s a ilm e n t.
Boschee’s Syrup
is s o o th in g ’ a n d h e a lin g 1 In su ch cases,
a n d h a s been u sed fo r s ix t y - o n e y e a r s .
30c a n d 90c b o ttle s . B u y it a t y o u r d r u g
s to r e . G. G. G re en , In c ., W o o d b u r y ,
N. J.
Garfield Tea
Was Y o u r
Grandm other’s Remedy
For every stomach
and Intestinal 111.
This good old fash­
ioned herb homo
remedy for consti­
pation, stomach ills
and other derange­
ments o f the sys­
tem so prevalent these duys Is In even
greater favor as a family medicina
than in your grandmother's day.
L ooks /
your *
experiment on
tar speedy
relief. Absolutely safo.
O Í C Ç at nil draggiata.
C s m / r H A L L A KL’ CKKL, New York City
.... 2 :
V ■
W. N. U., PORTLAND, NO. 46-1927.
Making Safes Safer
A new safe that has an almost hu­
man power of giving warning should
any attempt he made to rob It has
been invented.
Should burglars at­
tempt to break it open by the usunl
methods of using heat, the material
of which the safe is built gives off a
series of loud reports.
The new material Is In the form of
plates, one Inch thick, applied inside
the safe. Up to the present, no meth­
od lias been found of melt age, break­
ing or destroying the material.
It takes from 85 to 150 days for
salmon eggs to hatch, tlie time de­
pending upon the temperature of tho
water in whicii they nre deposited.
Sacred Cat Keeps Eye
Open for Four Months
Boston.—Dr. John A. O'Connell,
Dorchester veterinarian, has a rajah’s
sacred cat which none of the doc­
tor’s family has seen lie down or
close on eye In the four months the
animal has been domiciled with the
doctor. It is called Meesick, and a
naval officer brought it from the in­
terior of Slam.
The cat Is friendly, nnd Dr. O’Con­
nell snys its constant restlessness nnd
apparent watchfulness nre due to de­
sire to communicate with persons.
The cat’s fame has been constantly
growing nnd one oiler of $300 was
made and was promptly refused.
Meesick has a yeowl which Is un­
canny and his purr is like that of a
»♦ ♦ 4 »»♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ »»»♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
% National Monuments
Sought for Saratoga *
Troy, N. Y.—Congress will he
j asked to appropriate more than
♦ $ 1 * 000,000 to establish two na-
♦ tlonal memorials on the Sara-
4 toga battlefield, leaders In the
J observance of the battle’s ses-
4 quicentennial assert.
Burton D. Esmond, assembly-
♦ man from Saratoga county, will
\ ask the state legislature at Its
•> next session to authorize tlie
4 purchase of the remaining 2,000
♦ acres of the battlefield and also
4 of additional land at Wallooni-
♦ sac, where the Battle of Ben
4 nington was fought, and at
j Oriskany. George o. Nllnger-
♦ land, mayor of Mechanicville,
J has announced a movement to
♦ establish a museum of the Rev
J olution In a great tower vie-
♦ ible from Massachusetts and
4 Vermont
SAY “ BAYER ASPIRIN” - •ÿetudne
Unless you see the “Bayer Cross” on tablets, you are not
getting the genuine B&yer Aspirin proved safe by mil­
lions and prescribed by physicians over 25 years for
“ Bayer” pickaqe
which contains proven directions.
Aeplrin If
trade mark
Bayer Mai
Bandy “ Bayer* boxes of 12 tablets.
Also b ills » of 21 a ml 100 — I)r a
ufactur* o f Mo&oaer. tlcacidester of SiMcyilcacld