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High School N ew s o f the Past Week
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Harders drove
to Portland last Saturday.
SUTTT fiT 01 BflPTOlir
R fip r l
Miss Vivian Gorham visited Port-
j j l f l l l j j I jjp jj* li.nd friends a few days last week.
Mrs. L. P. Coop is on the sick list.
Twenty members of the Eastern she hag bcen Ledfa;it fol. over a
Clackamas Community club attended wee|<
the Greater Clackamas Union of clubs
at Gladstone last Thursday evening
Hoy Hammond of Seattle, is visit-
and came near bringing back the
at t(,e home of Wallace Smith
large coffee urn presented to the club this week.
for the largest percentage of its
membership in attendance.
The visit of Jack Frost here Sun-
City Community club, the winners, day njgj,t proved quite disastrous
only had three more in its reprosen- to the f|0Wer gardens.
tation there.
Alerlon G. Ellis o f Canby, newly e-
jj ,. and j [ rs Art perry had visit-
Icrted president presided and named ore from portland last Sunday to the
the following committees for the year numher o f about fifteen.
Mrs. Edith Hazen, Milwaukie and Dr.
H. W. Freeze, Oregon City to be al- Mra T A Reid and children of Port
ternato program chairmfn. Herman land, spent last week with her par-
E. Lafke Canby. agriculture; B. 0 . ents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Perry.
Garrett, Oregon City, publicity; Gor-
------------------------ ,
don J. Tatlor, Molalla, roads; M. S.
Mrs. D. B. Herring is having quite
Shrock, Milwaukie, visiting commit­ a time. She has not been able to talk
above a whisper for several weeks.
Dr. P. O. Riley, Hubbard, secretary
o f the Marion County Federation of
Mr and Mrs. W. E. Buell and child-
.( lubs, was the speaker o f the even- ren were dinner guests at the C. E.
jng and talked on the value o f com- Johnson home in Gresham last Sun-
manity cooperation. His address day.
-was greatly enjoyed as also were the
musical numbers by Mrs. J. W. Lind
M,s. G. w. Kiger of Tillamook ar-
and the Gladstone Merry
' Makers’ or- rlv#d
i uesday to visit her
ner motner
rived Tuesday
Estacada high school was defeated
by Milwaukie high school in a game
o f football last Friday on the Mil-
waukie field, by a score o f 12 to 2.
The entire student body was excused
to attend this game and a good per
cent o f them attended and did their
share in the rooting.
Remember this date, November 4.
Date of the high school program,
Everyone attend the entertainment
and help the high school.
At a student body meeting.Friday,
the Freshmen were inspected by the
Sen.ors to see if they were wearing
their green ribbon. Several Fresh-
men were put under the shower as
a result o f the investigation.
I ast Friday the Seniors measured
the green ribbons and neckties of the
Freshmen to see that they were 2 in-
ches wide. The Freshmen were given
ten minutes to fix them.
The wood-turning class is almost
finished in its exercises, and will soon
start on its project, such as napkin
rings, candle stick holders, etc. Some
o f the boys in the upper classes are
working on a large walnut radio
Although Monday night was Hal-
lowe'en, the school grounds and build-
in£s received no damages. They must
haV8 been well guarded.
Olive Bishop and Pauline Buell have
received pins for typing more than
The cooking class has been making forty words a minute.
muffins and biscuits.
With the abscnce of one o f their
classes are getting along
football players, Everett Osborne
very nicely with their second problem
. K»tacada football boys went tc
which is making dresses.
Milwaukie and were defeated by a
______ on
__ prohibition,
_____ _
A moving picture
score of 12 to 2• Next Friday, they
entitled “ Lest We Forget” *was showi wdl tangle with West Linn on their
jn the high school auditorium, Tues- 0W" iield;
day, October 25. It was a very in-
Estacada lost another hard fought
picture and
and showed
showed ^the
teresting picture
the *)a*t*e t° Milwaukie * last
* « rn
d a y after
28. The
The game was
crime nf
o f drunkeness.
noon’ October
0ctober 28.
„ l „ l
scoreless at the end o f the first half.
burn> was hew Thuraday'and tookTll ¡ f j * " * * h*a f * baU ° " the Mil* au‘
lr>lns four
m .T . i .,.. m. »„„u Ke thlee 5,81(1 llne an<1 try>nK
chestrn. The splendid dinner was ser- M„ strugeon and sister, Miss Maude * ictur_ J
hp nr(h“ t r 7 f .p ip times t,OU' d not put the bal1 over the
ved by the ladies o f the Gladstone sturgeon.
c .
c I
Z ! goal line far enougb to convince the
boys, the girls Glee Club and mem
Community club. It is quite likely
referee. This discouraged the boys
that the next meeting will be held in The U-Need-A Bakery baked three
somewhat and in the second half Mil-
Word has been received
by Mr. waukie scored two touchdowns.
fine Hallowe’en cakes the latter part
------------------ —.
o f last week for three different Hal-
m the near future, Milton erett Osborne, Estacada high’s full
A. Miller, representative from Mult- back, who was ill, was greatly miss
owe’en parties.
All Saints Night
nomah County, will give the stu ed several times. Estacada would
Mr. and Mrs. John Haveland and dent body a ,jalk on " The Building o.r have scored more than once had Os
Hallowe’en at Estacada and vicinity
was duly observed by parties and din- children o f Portland were guests at ^ ♦ ** ^
. 99
borne’s 175 pounds been in the line
ners and many social affairs previous- the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Heyl-
'. 11 go,nf’ ] ' 'v,n’ *bu>
penc.rate the stone wall put rp b\
ly have made use of the black and man last Sudnay.
i ^
se o o s u< < nts o t »
.wauk.e. As it was, their fullback
yellow colors, black cats, w i t c h e s . ----------------------^
W,th WeSt Llnn nextJwas too light and so Estacada re-
named scoreless,
etc., as decorations.
The News is sorry to report the
The evening was clear and cold and continued illness of
1— —------------------------------
a warm fire should have been a very Kreager last week. She is somewhat | According to an announcement by
Mis. Homer Sarver came from
pleasant commodity. However, the improved at this time.
County Engineer D. T. Meldrum. Portland last Sunday to visit at the
youth was abroad in the land an d e -1
work o f widening and building new
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E
spite strictest vigil, managed to cele-
Mrs. Andy Jannsen o f Portland approaches to the Eagle Creek bridge E. Hannah,
bratc this occassion in what they
visited Estacada friends a few days will begin next week,
termed a glorious and happy manner, the latter pnrt of last week, being I
■ Dr. C. P. Johnson, who has been
but what older people considered a the guest o f Mrs. Art Smith,
Church of Christ
riotous manner. Harmless sports and 1
Estdcada’s most efficient dentist for
pianka are tp'erated with a smile, but
¡n_ and Mrs_ o . V. Coop and baby,! Special Meetings continue. Book of some time, sold his business and of-
when property is destroyed and great Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Coop and Arthur Revelations considered every night. f ’ ce fixtures to Dr. H. M. Kramer,
expense is the result gf pranks and Hackey, drove to Portland last Sun- A B invited to attend at least once. ° f Portland. Dr. Kramer took pos-
moving of property, then the law day to attend church at Montavilla. The preacher takes the blame if you session of the offiee last Tuesday.
take* a tianci in the bu*ine**.
_______ _________
do pot wish to come a second time.
October 1, You will always find Dr.
Many people about town took the
Fupils o f the Eighth grade with
Kramer in his offiee during office
precaution Of lifting their gates from their teacher, Miss Anderson and Ttle Camp Fire girls, accompanied hours and invites you to come to him
their hinges and putting them away other grades had parties Monday even hy their leader, Miss Anderson, wf.it with »H your dental troubles and
ip safety, clearing their porches and ing after school hours. They played ior 8 hike last Saturday. After cross- he will endeavor to give you satis-
,yards o f all movable property apd games and enjoyed light refresh-
the rlve*’ on the bridge near town, faction and the most courteous ser-
iocked their woodhouses and garages pients,
they roasted "weenies” and ate theii vice. Dr. Johnson says that he has
yet the youngsters had no trouble in
lunch and then went on up the river not decided as to what ho will do as
finding plenty of employment, How-
Mis* Mary Alice Reed came out nn<1 crossed back on the swinging yct but he expects to locate in Port-
ever, It was not so bad here. Some from Portland last Sunday to visit bridge above Faraday.
sidewalks were torn up, and quite a her mother and was accompanied by ■■ .
____________________ _____________ -
number o f small buildings moved, but Mr. and Mrs. D. Dinson, o f Meachem,
most o f them were replaced by the Oregon. Mrs. Dinson was formerly
boys and now everything is lov ely , Vivian James.
“ and the goose hangs high” for the
next great celebration.— Thanksgiv- Mr. and Mrs. Ed Douglass o f Yon-
ealla, Oregon, spent the week end ii
tyrtg vicinity
tjjeif (ittlg 4aX*b-
t Mrs. S. IV. Lawr«nc? o f
**etty ^l’ani They »Pent Sunday
Polls, d were guests of Mr. and Mr*.
at Dip horn« of Mi. Douglass
G. f I.-.wrence last Sunday,
mother, Mrs, J. If. Denning.
Special Meetings in Estacada
ftrprit ttynpifig fium i nthg firgt
part tif the week and renewed th<
p iper that goes to his home here 1«
Th e was quite an increase in the
Estacada and had the News sent to
numl er of books loaned during Octo
him at Lakeview, also. He left last
her over September. 312 books were
Wednesday for his new home.
toaneU *m| ua the fir»t <|ay qf
ember the number o f book* still out
Mis* Lilly Homedew, formerly of
was 93.
this place when she was domestic
New subscribers to the Library As­
science tencher In the high school
sociation during the month were,
spent the week end here, being the
Mrs. E T Jones, Mrs. Jean Wein-
guest of Mrs. G. E. Lawrence. Miss
gart Leslie Darrow, Hershel Gauley Homedew is now a teacher in the
and Evelyn Bronson Old members Hillsboro high school.
tllHi ; cn?w?d were, Mrs. J. G. Hay-1
¡imu Jftga Klii/da bv,-c* Mi*. ji;»y jy ,1-
Mi> A. flaiding ¡iapi* down Xrqm ;
co\, J, s Georg* Hitching and Mra. Gamp 8 Saturday where she had i
L ibrary N y w ,
Wes? of the School buildings
General Subject
Ted Harders spent the week end
at his home here. He is working at
the La Dee Logging camp.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Vise o f
Milwaukie spent Sunday at the home
o f Mr. and Mrs. Fred Haynes.
M.S3 Ruth Huett was here from
Portland over the week-end visiting
her cousin Mrs*. Raymond Lovelace,
and other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Ahlberg and fam
ily returned the latter part o f last
week from n visit with relatives and
friends in Seattle.
M:ss Nellie Lawrence, who
ing school in Portland, spent
end visiting her parents at
She returned to Portland
is attend
the week
Camp 8.
Mrs. W. H. Grabeel went to Port­
land Tuesday evening to attend a
party given by one of her friends :r.
the Sellwood district. She returned
Mrs. R. H. Carter drove over from
Ncwkeig last .Sunday and was a guest
at the Dillon home. Mr. Carter ac­
companied her home and remained
unt’l Monday evening.
teen visiting friends, and was a gues
ftei. bo^k, "Les Miserabies,” wa* do- at the W. H. Grabeel home until Sun-
p o t fi t# th* li’(,.._ey bfr JtKj. y . R.
pvgping. Her fathrr lien Matt
E lls a.) I one book was lost.
t in was hrir Sunday to visit with her ;
The children are surely enjoying Mrs. Harding resides In Seattle.
the new Juvenile books purchased
last month and the question is asked
Mr. and Mis. L. C. Thornton of
r.-ost c ery day, "When are you
Salem, spent the week end with Mrs.
irgr to have some m ore new books T h om tor’s mother, Mrs. Jake M om .
for the older people?”
They attended the masquerade dan'c
tc— — ----- — -
at F.r.rie Creek Saturday e.ig’af.
r*.i * m g down Hiuad>ya.' ¡8.Lett in ’ ^ > tv jiyiM <t u<u driving's c*i- !
!a we noticed that you wt-te •’ 4 .« a Washington license, ran into j
f 'll
Me to see the effects o f the their car, but did no special dam ‘
Labor Day celebration which was n&e.
held about two months ago.
T h e1
"e ffe c ts " that we are talking about
Miss Bessie Hunter, one o f the I
j; f’ .e “ Ginseng Lane” sign on the grade tcarhera in the Fstaeada reh' o ! '
THREE SERVICES SUNDAY— 10:30 n. m.; 2.33
building that is occup:ed by the resumed per duties as teacher on I
7:00 p. m.
“ Square Deal Barber Shop” . This Monday after an absence o f a ment|)
e'er in the interest o f a good cause or more. She only taught one week
we »ay “ Never let the interest »hen »he had an attack o f appendL ALL ARE INVITED TO ATTEND THESE MELHi G3
die and the good cause will always citls, submitted to sn operation and |
live.” and guess that is the reason the wa* confined in a Portland hospital
ÎLV . 1
Evangelist Daniel Sommer
Royal Bible CIa>s Each Evening
N o Collections A t Night
The October meeting o f the East-
rn Clackamas Community club was
held last Friday evening in tile Ma-
sm ic hail. President A. G. Ames was
nic hall. President A. G. Ames was
in the chair and after the prelimi­
naries of the opening o f the meeting,
he announced the election o f otficers.
Several nominations were made for
president, but after considerable dis­
cussion, the secretary was instruct­
ed to cast the ballot for the unanim­
ous election of Mr. Ames for presi­
dent. J. G. Hay man was elected vice-
president and Miss Maude Sherman
was the unanimous choice o f Ihe club
for secretary and treasurer. The
name o f H. C. Stephens was suggest­
ed us the one to represent the Eastern
Clackamas Community club os one o f
the executive board for the Greater
Clackamas Union o f Clubs and Mr.
Ames appointed him to act in that
The program followed which was
an address by A. W. Armstrong on
his work as a forest ranger. He had
a map and gave the location o f all
the ranger stations and explained how
quickly and systematically the work
was carried on. He was given the
closest attention and all present were
highly entertained by his talk. The
musical numbers on the program
were furnished by Ralph Baker, vio­
linist with Miss Anderson nccompan-
ist. Their selections were greatly en­
About twenty-five old and new new
members paid their dues for another
year and now the club starts out with
pleasing prospects for a successful
year. The committees will be appoint
ed by the president and announced at
the next meeting, the last Friday in
Mr. and Mrs. Oral Stormer went'
this month.
to Portland Friday evening to visit
at the home of Mrs. Stormer’s sister
T h ey All C orne Back.
Mrs. Jack Norton and remained over
the week end to attend the horse
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Chapman drove
down from Odell, Oregon, Tuesday
Mr. and Mrs. K. T. Manning and to finish up his deals here prepara­
son James, spent the week end at tory to moving hack to Estacada to
McMinnville. It was the Home Com­ make his permanent home. He has
ing week at Linficld college and Mr. purchased the pretty home on Ter­
Manning visited with some o f his old race Addition o f Dr. Johnson and is
negotiating for the J. O. O. F. build­
college friends.
ing in which he will conduct an un­
dertaking business.
E. T. Hannah, who works at the
Mi. Chapman was in the grocery
La Dee Logging camp came home
one day list week because he hail i business in Estacada a number of
fall which injured his side. It did not years, selling out and leaving about
prove serious and he returned to hii eight years ago. He has since been
in the undertaking business and will
work last Monday.
fit up a mortuary in Estacada in
first class shape.
When you come to the task o f try­
ing to decide what to give your many
friends, as a token o f your remem­
Frances Robinson, the psychologist
brance at Christmas time, think of
the News office and the fine assort­ f Portland, was in Kstucada this
ment o f Christmas Card samples that voek renewing old acquaintenzes and
we jiave on hand. Order early.
discussing plans for a local class
n psychology early this winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Johnson and son
Clctus o f Aurora, former residents
J o in t C ard P arty
here when Mr. Johnson had chargt
of the telephone office, were Sunday
Mrs. Henry Beers and Mrs. VVal-
guests of Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Rhodes acc Smith gave a “ 600” card party
Other guests at the Rhodes home the ast Friday afternoon at the home o f
same day were Mr. and Mrs. A. H. the former. Hallowe’en decorations
Nelson o f Portland.
to the rooms made a charming set­
M s- Pauline Rose went to Corvallis
last Friday to attend the home com-
ir.g at the Oregon State college. Mrs.
Rose and son George drove to Port­
land Monday to meet her.
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Manning had a
delightful surprise last Thursday ev­
ening when his brother James and
wife drove in from
Washington. They remained
until Saturday and then went on to
Corvallis to visit the O. S. C. before
returning tu their home.
l,8 n ;. 1
L. A. Chapman has bought the I)r.
C. P. Johnson residence on Terrace
W. Pi. Buell, principal of the Ksta-
cada schools, attended the Clackamas
County Teachers' association in Ore­
gon City last Saturday. Mr. Buell
was one of the nominees for vice-
president, election will take place at
the meeting this month, the lilth. He
was also placed on the resolution com­
mittee for this year.
About a month mro Ihe City Cun-
cil arpl Mayor voted to have a culvert
put under the paving at the foot of
the steps at M. K. church to take o ff
the water that was a menace to the
Bob Cooke Motor Co. during the wet
weather. This project was turned ov­
er to the Streot Commissioners and
city 'la shall Norris was ordered to
do the work the first part o f the
week Mr. Norris set to work with
a w!ll to put Ihe c.il-.ert in and a
wooden trough was also installed to
t..k • the weter farther out fi .m the
and taking the whole thing in
to . ...Miration it is a g o o d job from
".ing to end. The city c.ffi. '
to do anythin 7 re. n We
for the
y ovennent o f Kstaraoa.
ting fo r the jolly group o f ladies and
a delicious luncheon was served, the
Hallowe'en colors being carrie 1 out
in the serving. Mrs. A. Smith receiv­
ed Ihe highest score and Mrs. J. J.
Penner received second. The con­
solation prize went to Mrs. Anna
Beers. The ladies present were as
follows: Mis. Helen Lovelace, Mrs.
Fred Barthooloniew, Mrs. \V. E. Linn,
Mrs. Mac Reed, Mrs. Russell Reed,
Mrs. W. W. Rhodes, Mrs. R. It. Cooke
Mrs. H. C Gohring, Mrs. Dave Fshle-
man, Mrs. H. C. Stephens, Mrs. W.
J Moore, Mrs. R. H. Currin, Mrs.
Henry lleiple, Mrs Lloyd Ewalt, Mrs.
Ed Steinman, Mrs. Fred Leihammer,
Mrs. Alva Smith, Mrs. J. J. Penner,
Mrs. R. T. Carter, Miss Stella Graves,
Mra. A. G. Ames, Mrs. Otto Rig­
gins, Mrs. Jack Hayden, Mrs. Don
Allen, Mrs. Hugh Carlin. Ihe out of
town guests were, Mrs. Henry Pfaff
and Mrs. Bessie Dixon o f Portland,
and Mrs. Lucy Donley and Mrs. Anna
Beers o f Gresham.
Anyone interested in joining
classes >n Home
phone Mrs. W. J. Mooru, iu -_. j
Chapell from O. S. C. will nr
charge o f these clns-es. The coi
is $3.50 for eight lessons, each
son three hours, making twenty-1
hems in the course. There will
dre»» making, mill n'
and hi
orit'ers. Hsiwe* will b t Uci;
the high school.