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Devoted to the Interests ot Eastern Clackamas County
K S T A C A D A , OREGON , T H U R S D A Y , O C T O B E R 20, 1927
Number 3
r G. r.
Clyde Schock was a business visitor
in Gresham last Monday.
________________ The boys in Mr. Drew’s class are H ah school is giving a program.
iiis . Julius iiiicfter has been on the
sick list this week.
The Eastern Clackamas Community
Mr. and Mrs. W
w. . J.
j. Moore visited
club will meet on Friday evening, at Camp 8 Monday and Monday d -ht.
October 2 3. in the Masonic Hall and it
is expect* 1 that this meeting will be
Miss Sallie Clinton o f Portland,
* ........* « sides
« « » « on » « the
« 8ia
..«n .u u . They
a.re S°*nE to
the grand stand th(
“ ™e. coIor as the Gymnasium. This
w,‘ l ™I'rove the appearances of the
----------‘ .......
— ------*
attended by everyone interested in spent the week end with Miss Vivian school property
This week will end the first six
the welfare o f a real community club. Gorham.
. eeks o f school.
Everyone is dread
Th* social part of the organization
The Legion Auxiliary met last Mon- ' ‘*K the exams that will come thb
wher* people not only from Estacad:
¡but the surrounding neighborhoods day evening at the home o f Mrs. G. E
W e are hoping that the E. H. S.
m ay meet and spend an evening to- Lawrence.
will keep
gether in a social manner, is w
- up the good record that fia.-
Mr. Duell kept
the Doys
boys in at
a* the
K|,I>r *ne
. P. Johnson is expected home
neon period for several minutes Tr.es the I
of this week.
day. when he «rave them a little talk
on their privledges .ar.d duties.
. ,
■ ,
. ..
-• ~
' ° /-'O fB e . » r c .t
Last Friday, October
Estacada Tu’c.j ,
at the 1 ed Harders home.
defeated Parkrose 21 to 0. A ll o f th
subs h id a chance to play but did not
, | ,k~ 7~
ke . ny touchdowns
they gtitu’ o will
a T
Id in Oregon C tty
played. The line-up. Deck, Linglebach O ctob er'2».
Millard, Shriner, DeMoy, Kltching,
la u tz, Hayden, Whitehead, Filer, O
Mesdames Augusta Sagner and Jake
worth the effort.
| Mrs. C. D. Lawrence o f Portland becn started in football this year.
b,,,ne' Jennings. Marchbank and Fan- Moss v
ere business visitois in Port­
The program committee has been spent a week at the 0 . E. and S. E.
1 opies o f popular songs have been ^on-
land Monday.
busy getting something that is o f real Lawrence homes recently.
niimographed for the assembly sing-
worth in the way of entertainment. A.
W . Arm strong will give a talk on his
---------------------------- -
Mcsdames O. E. Smith and E. E.
Mrs. B .0 . Sarvcr visited her sister,
A new buletin board has been plae-
T he Kstacada G r dc school will play Hann.-h went to St. Johns Tuesday
work as forest ranger, which is sure Mrs. S. Strickland, of Gladstone last ed in the Finglish room for clippings Gresham Grade school here on the to a , , ‘ m* 1 w - C. T. U. Meeting.
to be entertaing. Ralph Baker, o f the Sunday.
from the newspapers and the historj home field Frida- the 2t lit^T Mr
high school faculty, is to render some
of some authors they are now study-
•violin selections. Mr. Baker is one of
Miss Leila Howe o f Independence, ing.
the best violinists in this section and spent the week end with her parents
The high school orchestra assisted
this part o f the program is well worth at this place.
the baud with their concert Tuesday
Roy Beck, who the people
October 18.
/r o m this vicinity have heard in read-
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Woodward o f
Don't forget November 4, when the
ings, will give a few selections that Oregon City, spent the week end at i
will be highly entertaining. And then the E. S. W om er home.
a social time is to follow. Keep t
i s
Ernest Rhyning, form erly o f Esta-
in mind and be sure to attend the
John Moger purchased a Chevrolet cada, bui. now o f Lake View is here
cabriolet from the Cascade M otor Co. for a short time visiting his mother.
Mr. Arm strong has taken for his the latter part o f last week,
Ben Sarver , who is In the Navy and
subject for his part o f the evenings
Buell is the com h
Ten’ cents ad-
Mli!- l!- O. Culver has been on the
mission will be chrrged.
sick 1 during the past few days with
Hereafter the Grade school stu- the P>evading trouble, a bad cold.
dents who wish to see the football
games o f the High school, will be
Mr. m d Mrs. R. E. Moore visited at
charged ten cents admission.
the hon e o f firs. Moore’s parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John Page, last Sunday.
H a llo w e’en P ie Social and P ro g r a m
Miss Mary Alice Reed came fro
Portland Saturday to spend the week
The pupils and teachers o f the ‘’ n<i WUh ^
m° ther’ Mrs' Mae Reed‘
;S l,rin* water school are giving a Hal-
Ml. nni, M
D. E. Eshleman and
ationed at Bemberton, b \ "v e ‘' n pr(™
and pie soc’a*>
son David vi-ó, ted
Mr. and Mrs. II. C. Stephens were at present stationed
entertainment “ Protective Organiza­
. .
ty evening October 28th.
28th, at the
dinner guests o f Mr. and Mrs. C. W . expected home for a short visit, the
mother, who is q u it, ill, at hor ..........
Springwater Grange hall, at 8 p. m.
in Salem last Sunday.
Wilson at Oregon City, last Sunday, latter part o f this week.
Ethel Young, Teacher.
L e c t u r e and Pict ure
n i- m
It is rumored that there will be a ' Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kitching had as
Monison, formerly pro
C hu rc h Noiice
The Prohib tion Fi|m, “ Lest W e For. large crew o f men here soon to dis- guests last F’riday, Mr. and Mrs. B a r -1
prietor e f the Estacada Laundry, left
get,” which has been drawing large mantle the electric sawmill at River vee o f Marrow, Oregon.
a few day- ago for Alaska to accept
crowds in all parts of Oregon, will be Mill.
The public is invited to a series of her former position as a cook,
shown at the Estacada high school on
I The Christian Endeavor
the Gospel Meetings at the Church o f
the evening of October 25, at 7:45 .
This is said to he a true story of the
effects o f the liquor traffic on three
generations. Rev. R. E. Close, super-
intendent o f the Anti Saloon League,
will give an address. No admission,
but a fle e offering will be taken,
Children under 14 years must be ac-
companied by parents or guardian.
. .. ---------------------
Crimp Fire Gir l»
George Rose and sister Miss Pauline Christian church will give a social at
Rose, drove to Corvallis last Satur- the church tomorrow evening. The
'lay to spend the week end with ntertainment will be a Hallowe’en a f-
---- --------------- -— >■
i Mr. and Airs. George Linn o f Port-
Mr and Mrs. James Shannon o f
land, were guests o f Mr. and Mrs. W . Oregon City, called at the Methodist
E. Linn last Sunday.
The gentle- rrsonage Sunday evening. Mrs. Shan-
men are cousins.
non and Mrs. Cook were childhood
Mr. and Mrs. T. Ahlberg and fam
ily, left Tuesday on their vacation
Mis* Geraldine Cook, after spend-
They first visited relatives and ing the week at her home, the Meth-
’ .
friends in Seattle.
odist parsonage, returned Saturday to
, ’
her work as high school teacher at
Miss Betty W allace came up from Canyonville.
Portland last Sunday and was a guest
at the home o f Dr. and Mrs. Rhodes I Mrs. Russell Sweet o f San Fran
over the week end.
¡cisco, and her aunt and children from
Several o f the girls from the grade
, ,
school have organized a Camp Fire
. . . . . .
group which is to be called Lewa .
They are to meet every Wednesday
and are under the guardianship of
Miss Anderson, teacher of the eighth
grade. The officers are : President,
■ J¡issoula,~Moñtaná' had ltini-hVon with
Glen Cary; vise-president, Lois Bates;
recorder, Neva Lemon; news report-;
Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Haynes and Miss Vivian Gorham last Wednesday.
er, Levena Grabeel. Other members little son, Freddie, spent the week end They were enroute to California.
include Catherine Madin, M ajory Ma- at Milwaukie, visiting at the home o f j
din, Loi* Smith, Carol Yocum, Louise Mrs. Haynes’ parents.
Air. and Mrs. Lawrence W ebber re-
-------------------------turned from Antelope Sunday night.
—— ----- r
Mr». W . Rodleshon and son Edwin Mr. W ebber went back the first of
N ew P ord W o r k Start»
and daughter Lena, o f Portland, were the week but Airs. W ebber will re-
Christ house on concr of Main and
Cth St., beginning next Tuesday,
October 2 6, 7.30 in the evening.
Preaching by evangelist Daniel
Sommer, formerly o f Indianopolis, In
The Masquerade dance
ausp ces ° [
1 ary’ Pronnses
jeVen ’
> . ,
» , , ,
Aliss Edna Bates was an over Sun- f ° r ^wo 'vecks with Mrs. Cummings
day visitor at her home here, return- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kenny
ing to Monmouth, where she is at-
Morrow Station.
tending the State Normal.
Mr. and Mrs. Barzee o f Sherman
W . C. T. U. H old C on ent ion
.County, who were on their way home
from Newport, visited a few days last
Dear W hite Ribboners:
week at the W . E. Buell home.
The best W . C. T. U. Convention in j
the history o f the work in Clackamas
Mr. and Mrs. W . W. Smith, Airs.
County Just closed in Oregon City.
, ,
Hammond and Mr. and Mrs. Henry
The repo,
read by the President Beer„ visited at the home o f vfr8
showed r
arked gain in all union*. F Donnley in Gresham, lasf Sunday.
The County treasurer is in good con-
dition for ndvonce work for the com-
t -
ing year ar.d over $ 1 ,0 0 0 .0 0 in our
EarlV Monday morning Phil Stem -
There v
and the people Were greatly concern-
ed last Sunday morning when word
came that one o f our oldest and most
highly respected residents. S F Worn
" W“ lM t in the ....... .. tains. Scve™
a, experienced mountaineers immed­
iately departed for the locality to join
in the search for him.
In company with Wallace Smith
and Coon Boyer, Mr. W om er left Es­
tacada Thursday on a deer hunting
trip in the vicinity of Squaw moun­
The party
ranch that night and Friday morn­
ing separated each striking out for
the hunt. When Mr. Womer failed to
return Friday night, Smith and Boyer
started out Saturday morning to find
Saturday’s hunt was fruitless
and much fear was expressed thut he
had met with an accident. W ord was
received in Kstacada Sunday morning
and Smith and Boyer continued their
search. Towards evening they discov­
ered his foot prints on the rim of
this proceedure was o f „ T ^ . T f , » .
ally about 6 o’clock they found him
hut he seemed to be dazed and bewil-
w . i .. i .
. . .
• , u. V
w.th him » . d
matches but appeared not use them.
He was taken to Smith's cabin and
***• ,u‘xt morning brought horn«. At
t h . proa.nl ......... Mr. W o m .r a p p .a r .
to be
none the worse for his perilous
B r idg e P arty
The home o f Mr. and Mrs. It. R
Cooke was the scene o f a Jolly com­
pany o f friends last Saturday evening,
when Mr. and Mrs. Cooke entertain-
____ were
___ _
<‘d with a bridKe P»rty.
t;,,e e tables and Mrs. Herman Goh-
A large number o f ladies took a<l-
vantagc o f the invitation to attend a
- Progressive
e s iay noon
Luncheon lu
8 'veil by the Ai. E. Ladies’ Aid. The
l i ,s t course was served at Ihe home
° r Mrs- H. C. Stephen* and eonsist-
a delicious fruit cocktail. The
8 r ° n ^ a<»<! niain c o m t tonsist-
spaghetti, hot r.-i
| ;
*s alid and was served at the R. R.
Gooke home. Following this substan-
^ al Part o f the luncheon, the guest*
proceeded to the home o f the presi­
<lpnt, Airs. G. K. Lawicnce and par-
boob ° f delectable cakes and coffee.
Hallowe'en decorations, cut flowers
Japanese lanterns and pr< tily laid ta.
bb‘R produced a most pleasing effect
to the concluding course.
H o r s e S h o w (>!ftu*s C.''*>,CwO.CO
■ \
“ Z ‘
Ù1 f
-v P C --
Owned by Portland Dsmascws Milk Cor . '-»y, I. D. Huston, Up.
realized for our C. F. H. Cottage fund
W e are proud o f the fact that three
Clackamas County young people won
state prizes in the essay and poster
W e want to thank all who
participated in any way toward mak-
ins: a success o f the convention. A t-
tendance was fine all through to the
close. Officers chosen were pres;dent
Mrs. E. B. Andrews; vice-president,
Mrs. Sam
Henry Babbler, Treasurer, Mrs. Fan-
ny Smith.
Yours for service.
Mrs. E. B. Andrews.
As in years past one of the spec­ Hotel. $2,000.00
First National
tacular at ¡¡-actions nr the 1(J27 i
liunk. 9XOOJ.OO;
¡.son Mor !. $1,-
Cifie Inf i .tioir.l Horse Show wii! 000.00; W . F. Turner. $1.000.00;
be the contest between the drivers Unite 1 States National F>ank, $1.-
of the Northwest’s famous s
Ara rican
horse hitchvs. Th so contests pr< ' change Bank-Lumberman’s Trust
ably bring the audience to a hJV
r o., $1.000.00; W es C Jt National
pitch of enthusiasm than any otl
$1,000.00; Imperial Hotrl,
of the sterling events of the Show, 5500.00; H. Lit bes & Co $5» 00;
The 17th Annual Pacific Interna­ Supporter of the Pacific Interna­
tional Livestock Exposition with tional Horse Show, $500.09.
which the Horse Show' is combined
The amount of the Premiums of
will be held in Portland Octob
fered for this y ar’s Pacific Inter-
29 to November 5, inclusive.
al Livestock Exp«
»¡i to­
$35,000.00 Is to hj given th*
The Exposition
year in Fremkims for the H
• ’ "*s gr'rat Livestock Show.
Show, making t hi« ev nl. f ..
I ry Products Show, Land and
fourth time in sue» • i n.^be gr at '■f r.«*.'»ctur rs’
est Horse Show in Am«riea. Th
No? th vent Fox Show, Wool Slow ,
stake* and their rtorf.rs i n '’ "
i-«lu?trial Exposition, ard a splen­
Olympic Hotel. S • !
did -jj.i’ and iiir!.,’ Clu’ Y.V, ¡. Ex
with the balance ad cfniinz from Mbit pPt* ^nt^d un'Vr thr* n- > of
Portland. Or r ■» a * .!«:
C. ..:p p: .n*n»*r ” The rr.ür • cf
grrn Jodmal. $2 "»«>< , M .
th« entire Northwest a
of*« ring
Hotel 12 f 00 00. f
• -d Ci
a • : r < i'il fare and-ore-tb— 1 r: • for
o f C om m erce, $2.unu uo; Portland ( the round trip to Hie K sp osil,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bears had for
dinner guests Thursday, Mrs. Art Dix
on and Mrs. Dr. Blank of Portland
and Mrs. A. F. Donley o f Gresham,
Mrs. W allace Smith and Mrs. Ham-
Mr. and Mrs. Rail Douglass of The
Dalles, arrived last Saturday to visit
at the home o f Mr. Douglass’ mother
Mrs. J. H. Denning. Sunday they a!:
visited at the W ill Bell
Douglass Ridge.
Mr. Denning ac-
. ompanied them.
Jim Linn, who has been employed
e a rea
Clackamas County C. F. H. Cottage
H *rb H« l « y drove into town
with two large buck deer, each of
fund. Demonstrations o f department
them beingsuecessful in getting one.
work gave us a vision o f the great
potsibilHU • long many lines. The
Loyol Temperance Leg:on, under the
^'^ie sPeec^er from Camp 8 was de-
direction o f Mrs. Emery French, was la>’ed ,ast Fri^ a>' ™ account o f a log-
cspecially fine, as were many other
*ra*n being o ff the track and it
numbers by the young people.
As reQu*red some time to clear the ob-
a result o f the banquet, $ 90 .0 0 was **ruc^ on 80 that it could get by.
m U: J Ê
ns operated on recently
tor g
o iu r
sntly for
soclal It is ex),eeted that he will be out of
tht‘ hospital in a few days.
— -------------------------
n i 'I'
'- ord was received in Estacada this
■ u "*ee^
. hcie where he resided i number < ;
year*, hut at present in Portland, wa
„,ass 0,.(i(,r
married a few days ago to a Portland
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bowen and fam
— --------------------
ily o f W oliowa, Oregon, have just
ded Harders had a narrow escape
arrived in this vicinity, and are un- i ,s* «• ,
loading a car load of'sto ck and im-
-S a’ l"-<la> fr<>m being injured
. . li.le employed at the LaDce logging
plements. They will take possession
camp. A large falling tree headed foi
» « h,'..fn ! m :th°
L PUr,ChaS!
n ' n a out
hin'- n(
«aW ¡t just in time to gel
in the
Lower d /-•
jts b'' way.
district. Sale was made through the
-----------------------------An intcrestoing program finished the
W ooster Agency,
Landlord YV. G. Moore had hi* oth Pleasant affnir, which included victro-
erwise good looks somewhat dgfigur b' music, readings by Airs. W . F.
ed the first of the week by a had dose Gary and lltle Mae Rose Hurtholo-
of poison onk. His eyes were closed mew, duets by Mesdames YV. E. Lin
and his face badly swolen.
It is
and G. E. Lawrence and a talk by
R' v. Cook.
great deal better now, however.
ani^ ^ * 88 ^ ancy Bounds o f Scotts
Mr. and Mrs. \\. L. Cummings, with
MjlIs were ?uegta at the Robt Snyd. their iittle daughter Betty Jane, start-
r home over the week end.
ed on their return drive to Los Angies
on Tuesday. They have been visiting
Mrs. Elizabeth Allen was absent at
the window o f the Liberty theatre
William Dale, school clerk for this
Saturday night on account o f illness
district, w .1 commence next week to
She has about recovered now.
take the school census.
Creck this . Saturday
. .
. night,
. under th, ... ’ the Ridge Lumber C
fU« n<iu,
M ajor i its of the new car hav,
been unde
production fo r several
weeks, the announcement said, and
the first tcsombly o f new bodies was
started “ seine days ago.”
The ar louncement also revealed
that the assembly l ne has been re­
moved fre i the Highland Park plant
to the R D c e Rogue plant.
U jngica s
liVUlnLli L
P a re n t-T e a ch e rs’ M eetin g
At ihe P. T. A. meeting in the grade Tuesday where they visited re'ative "L "* and 1,av<‘ Eshleman carried o ff
iJ friend*. They report a fine trip **le b'gb .-core honors. The guests in-
school, Thursday, October 27, at 3 p.
■ i n good lime.
elided A’ ., and Mrs. H. C. Guhring,
m., Miss Chapel will speak on sewing,
------------------------ ‘" r- and Airs. J. C. Moreland, Mr. am!
. ,
and Mas. George Harkenrider ¡L1',8; T‘ d Ahlb‘' rK. Air. and .Mis. Dave
Grade School will give a number and
,t .
, ,,
f Ilerniiston. Oregon, were in Eats- b s" eman’ A - E. Sparks and Mrs. W.
a lepresentive from the National P.
-r a
T. A . will give and address and as- ■ a -be first o f the week visiting at
the home o f the former's parents, Air.
sist in reorganizing.
i d Mrs. F. J. Harkenrider.
P r o g r o t i v e L u n ch eon
i visitors at the home o f Air. and Airs, main here until after Thanksgiving.
Assembly o f their new model will J.
Duus last Sunday.
She has about a hundred turkeys to
begin in a “ few more days” the Ford 1
dispose of.
Motor Company announced to d a y .'
Mr and Mra. Nlck Schmoltz and
M -. and Mrs. M. Lonsbeiry and Mis-
Stella Graves were In Oregon City
visitii ■ Mrs Lonsberry’s vster anil
family, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Leek last
Mr and Mrs.
_... G.
....... ...... re
W . Clanton
turned from Heppner, Oregon, last
Paul W om er came from Corvallis
last Sunday on hearinK that his father
B an d C o n c e r t
S. E. YVormer, was lost in the mount
ains to assist in the
< I,ester YVomer o f Portland another
son was on hand.
The band boys are very much pleased
with the success o f the concert on
Tuesday evening. There was a ir„od
attendance and the music see med to
The best wrestling match yet is to
he staged at the Liberty theatre on
Tuesday evening, October 25, 1927.
Dill Thornton o f Portland vs Joe Rey-
nolds o f Los Angeles.
Best two out
01 three falls or a decision at the end
please. There were many
nients given both the li! Usir by the
band and also the splendid numbers
the high school orchestra furnished.
It is said that the high school orches-
tra is the best this year o f any year
since it was organized,
of two hours. A good Five-Reel pic-
The program included: First Three
Due i smcluded in this program.
seiections by the high school orchestra
-------------------------E'thei (layman, piano solo; Carrol Yo.
A p a r ty o f »d o ze n em pioyeesof the rum, cello solo accompanied by her
aeific Telephone company o f Port- mother; Mr. Baker, violin solo as-
land, were breakfast guests at the companied by Miss Anderson,
Kstacada hotel last Sunday.
They Ilcck, readings; followed by the hand
were enroute to Camp 8 to view the
A G. Ames president o f the I,and
powder plant at that place. They drove addresed the audience in behalf o f the
to Faraday where the speeder met band’s appreciation o f the fine audi-
ence that was in atendance.
The local order o f Eastern Star had
Keep in mind the Masquerade dance
a delightful social time Tuesday even- at Eagle Creek, under the auspices of
ing after regular chapter.
Game* ,b,> American Legion Auxiliary, on
were played and refreshments were Saturday evening.
served, all in keeping with the com-
_____ __________ ___
ing Hallowe’en festivities. A fter par
Announcement o f the birth o f a son
taking o f refreshments, lights were October 14, 1927. to Mrs. Morredith
turned low and there amid the decora- James Burton, Portland was rerei ed
lions o f black cats witrhes Jack-o at this place.
Mrs. Burton is the
lanterns, etc., “ spooky” stories and eldest daughter o f Mr. and Airs. How-
“ hair-raising experiences" were enun: ard James, who resided here a nuni
her o f years ago.