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üaüimt (E I ark amas N^rns
Devoted to the Interests ot Eastern Clackamas County
Estacada to Have Big Cele­
bration Labor Day
Mrs. T. Ahlberg and son Junior
were Portland visitors Tuesday.
The library is now open for the
All plans for the 21st annual Clack­ season.
amas County fair will be held at the
county fair grounds at Canby have
Mrs. G. W. Kigger was in Portland
been completed. Indications point to­ Tuesday on business.
wards one o f the largest and best
county fairs ever held by the Clack-
Mr. W. A. Willcox is on the sick
amas County Fair Association. The ]jst this week.
county fair board this year is sparing
no pains to make this the greatest
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Jossey were in
ever o f fairs.
Tillamook on business Monday.
Numerous attractions, such as
whippet races, polo games, the first
Mrs. C. Kiggins and children at-
to be held in the history o f the coun- tended the circus in Portland Friday.
ty fair, horse shoe contests, band c o n -:
certs, dancing, poultry and livestock! Mrs. R. R. Cook was in Portland
calling contests, parade o f livestock, Tuesday on business.
demonstrations by Boy’s and Girl’s
Clubs are some o f the offerings for
Mr. C. R. Jossey has sold out the
amusements this year. There will al- Estacada truck line to George Kitch-
so be a number o f surprises sprung ing.
by the board.
From indications the large pavilion 1 Mrs. M. E. Clark, daughter of Mrs.
which will be in charge o f John Rob- FFF. E. Hammon left for her home
inson, o f Mountain Road, the building in Los Angeles Monday,
will be filled to capacity.
Mr. Robinson is to be in complete ! Little Jack Zimmerman of Portland
charge o f the first floor, which is to is visiting at the W. A. Willcox homo
house the horticultural display, as for a few days.
well as the individual farm exhibits
and Boys’ and Girls’ Club work.
N. C. Furgison and family of Falls
On the second flood will be the City, Ore., spent the week end at the
floral exhibit in charge o f Avon Jesse, W. E. Buell home.
who has anounced that owing to the
big demand for space this year, he
Mr. Carlisle o f Oak Grove is visit-
would like to have those contemplat- ing her parents Mr. and Mrs. W. G.
ing to exhibit to get in touch with Moore.
him. His address is Aurora, Route 2. |
A large space will be allowed to exhib ! Mr. and Mrs. R. Ahmert and baby
it o f flowers this year, as there will and Albert Linn went to the coast on
bo additional floor space, since the a few days vacation last week.
space between the first and second
floor in the center of the building has
Miss Enola Oakley of Seattle is
been floored to care for extra exhib- visiting at the home o f Mrs. M. O.
On the second floor will also be the ,
domestic science department, with
George G. Hall and family, o f Ore-
Mrs. A. H. Knight, o f Canby, as gon City Were guests at the Estacada
superintendent; needlework in charge Hotel Sunday.
o f Mrs. Melvin McCord, o f Portland,
and Commercial booths. A number o f j
Mrs. G. W. Kigger o f Tillamook is
local business men and others in var- visiting her mother this week, Mrs. S.
ious parts of the county will exhibit J. Stwigeon.
this year.
Mr. and Mrs. Gsorge Barr have re­
The opening day, September 20,
will be Childrens Day. Children of turned from their vacation at the
school age and under are to be admit­ coast.
ted free o f charge. It is also planned
Mr. and Mrs. S. Hughes of Portland
to have the tourists, who are visiting
the state, and snowing the license were guests o f Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
plate on their cars, to be admitted Weingart Thursday evening.
free o f charge during any o f the
four days. They will also be given
Dr. B. Eshleman and family re­
the privilege o f camping on the turned home from their vacation at
grounds free.
Glenden and other places.
Mrs. G. W. Clanton is on the sick
list this week.
Mr. P. M. Anderson and family
were at Eagle Creek fishing Tuesday.
„ .. ,
. . . . . .
Betty Jean Closner is visiting her
A U 1 ."
This Event is Sponsored by the Band an d 1
Library Association and the Money
Taken in will go for Their
Support and Upkeep
M .a
A:Sf-- ‘M'
Bob Cooke, one o f Estacada’s pro-
gressive business men and proprieter
o f the Cooke Motor Company, who are
the authorized Ford dealers of this
js r a .::
% itU n n /t /t k ilile o n nil- !
■ .
Mrs. A 0 . E* E C .Smith
and children re- can i hold
their basket dinners and re­
turned from Duffur, Ore. last week.
The place will be known as the
Mrs. Anna Brumer is still on the
Cooke Gardens and will not be an
sick list.
auto park. There will be no automo­
biles allowed on it. The park is now
Miss Ruth Dillon is getting along being cleared o f the underbrush by
Richard Haynian and is located at the
side and back of the Cooke Motor Co.
One of the most fun producing are on display at the Estacada Ph^-
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Moore o f Glad- garage.
events o f the season will be held in macy and were purchased by the stone, were guests Sunday at the
There is a spring on the land that
Estacada Labor Day when you go Clackamas Valley Garden Club. In John Page home,
will form the garden and Mr. Cooke
down “ Ginseng Lane” and witness order to defray the expenses o f the
a .
i* going to make a pool fed by this
some o f the most startling, hair rais- prizes there will be cut flowers for
Mrs. E. N. Bates and daughters Ed- ¡spring and keep fish in it and beautify
ing stunts that will be seen here on sale at the show.
na and Ruby were Portland »hoppers it in general with flowers and shrub-
that day. This is the mysterious fea-
The Clackamas Valley Garden Club Tuesday.
bery and let the land lay as near
ture o f the celebration and everyone wiR hold their annual Flower Show
natural as possible and still make it
ought to see it. There will be fun for Sept, 5> " Labor Day,” in the l.O.O.F.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Girod and child- i easy to get around in it.
both the old and the young, fat and Building. There will be prizes given ren of Portland were visitors at the
This will certainly make a fine ad­
lean, short and tall, and you will miss as f 0uows:
A. W. Schiedel home Tuesday.
dition to the city and will certainly
it if you miss it. The Pioneer’s Picnic
„. .
be appreciated by the people that) use
. ,, . , ,
r irst, second, and third prizes for
will be an event that old settlers o i l . .
. .
, ,. ,
Mr. Charles Gibbins will be home it- Those that come from out of the
the best general display.
this community cannot afford to miss
over the week end. He is working in city in ears will find ample parking
First, second and third for Asters.
as they will have many a good talk
space for their cars around the gar­
First and second for Dalhias.
.with there old friends about the thing*
First and second for Delphinuims.
that happened forty or fifty years
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Whittney and
The garden is not to be cornmer-
First an dsecond for Gladiolas.
ago. They will be here to be sure, as
grandaughter visited at the home o f „ ialj2cd
any way but wi„ b# Uled
everything is going forward to enter­
his daughter Sunday in Stafford.
foq tbe goie purpoie 0f recreation and
First for Micalmas Daisies.
tain them on that day. For the sports
a place to go and enjoy yourself. For
The prizes may be seen in the drug
loving people that will be here there
Mrs. Elsie Willitt o f Honford Cal., those who like to have basket dinners
will be games stunts and a wrestling store window any time.
is visiting at the home o f Mrs. Goh- there will be tables and benches and
match that will amuse them to the
All flowers exhibited must be grown ring and Mrs. Plauver.
plenty of good drinking water.
utmost. The dance in the afternoon and arranged by the person that
It is Mr. Cooke's intention to make
and in the evening is sure to be a enters them.
Mrs. Harry Smith returned home . . . .
. « from Bellingham, Washington, the 14 ^uit al
possible and is
good one and the person that likes
All exhibits must be complete by
i » * this
v -----
sparing no -ff—♦
effort .« to —
one -- of
to dance should be here on Labor 11 a. m. at which time the judges ot" ei’ ay’
the homiest places in the county and
Day and dance to their hearts content.
will do their work.
has picked out a most adaptable spot
The Estacada Band will play concerts
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Clanton spent 4 . . . . . .
Anyone wishing to arrange their thc wcek end in Portiand viaiting lor this kind of a place. This is a very
at intervals throughout the day and
| ffood thing for Estacada and the
will also lead the parade at 10: o ’clock flowers Sunday evening, Sept. 4, may f r;endg
people ought to got behind Mr. Cooke
and this alone is worth coming many do so any time after 5 o ’clock. There
Mr Denning j, stim improving. He a.nd holp him put
“ F waF
miles to see. You want to bear in will be a few plain containers for
mind that every cent taken in goes those wishing to use them, but plan jg aWe to git up a while each day in thay can'
for the support of the Estacada Band to bring your own containers, also & cbair
and the Library Association and while any small tables or flower stands
Mr and Mr Claude Endicott of
you are having a good time you are may be brought and used in your dis-
are also contributing to the support play if you wish to do so. We hope Corvallis, were week end guests of
Dr, David Marine, Associate Pro­
o f these two most worthy institutions that the Flower Show will be bigger Mr and M„ v H Elwood.
fessor o f Pathology at the Columbia
that any community is proud o f and and better than any we have had
Dr. G. Dale o f Wallowa is here University College of Physicians and
the Estacada people and surrounding and we beleive that it will be. We
communities are proud of them and expect some judges from Portland, for a few days visit with Mr. and Surgeons, New York City, is on his
will be here on Monday September 6>Mr' Clary has Promised ‘ ° Bet some Mrs. Wm. Dale,
way to Portland to deliver a number
to ec e baltwrtiehehd etaooiitaoin o f the best
o f lectures in conection with the an­
Any amateur in Eastern Clackamas
R. O. Bratton and mother, Mrs.
to celebrate with them.
nual meeting of the Oregon Stale
is eligible ot enter this contest.
Price and his little daughter were
Prizes Offered At The Flower Show
Modical Society and the Annual Con­
The Pioneers of Oregon will have visitors at the home o f C. Crofford.
o f City and County Health
The Flower Show, another good a basket dinner here on Labor Day
feature o f the day, is going to be and everyone is requested to bring
Dr. Gilbert was in Portland Sunday. Officers, both of which take place in
great. The prizes that are offered well filled baskets.
Dr. Gilberts’ mother, Mrs. Gilbert Salem next week
,Dr. Marine has done a great deal
o f Portland, was a dinner guest of
J. H. Brown, o f Waterford, Cali­
o f research on the thyroid gland and
Mrs. M. Midford Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Perry are camping
fornia, who is on his way to Hood at Springwater until their home is va­
the cause o f enlarged thyroid or
were guests at the home of Mr, and Mae Reed were Portland visitors on
River stopped over at Estacada to vis­ cated.
Mr. W. E. McWillus and Harry goiter. When located at Cleveland
Mrs. H. C. Gohring.
1 Wednesday.
it with Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hall who
Grables left Monday for Wallport. some years ago, Dr. Marine made
he has not seen for more than ten
Being called there by the ilness o f the some very important observations on
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Colleon and fam ­
Larry Starr is back from Portland.
„ Mrs. M
lr l„ u
r» vra who has been formers mother
ily a£ Linton were Sunday guests at He will spend the winter with his »taping
the thyroid gland in fish and dis­
with her mother Mrs. M. Lons
the C. R. Jossey home.
covered thyroid enlargement was rue
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. B. 0 . Sar- berry> ig in 0regon city for a few
Rev. Blake, a traveling minister,
Mark Upton, o f Portland, was a
ver, and attend school here.
to the absence o f iodine in the water.
days visiting.
guest at the home o f W. E. McWillus
preached at the M. E. Church Sunday
Mr Fred Ely has gone to Eastern
present effective method o f pre­
Aug. 21, He is 97 years old. Rev. i Oregon to help Mr, A. F. Palmert-
venting goiter by the use o f iodine
Mr. and Mrs. T. Reed came ofter
Mrg. Henry BeerI and daughter
Blake took the place o f Rev. Simms jter thrash.
their two boys Sunday. They have spent ¡ast week ¡n portiand at the
Dr. and Mrs. Rhodes were visiting in various ways including iodized
who was at the hop fields. Rev. Simms I
jj Kuraseh home. While they in Portland Sunday at Dr. Rhodes’ salt, iodine tablets, as well as intro­
will hold his farewell services th s 1 Mrs. p red Hermans little girl broke , f en staymg with their grandparents ^jrg
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Perry.
ducing iodine directly into the drink­
I were there they went to the circus.
coming Sunday and will depart for j ber ann Monday while visiting from
ing water rests upon experiments of
Oklahoma the first part of the week Portland at the George Barr home,
Mrs. Albert H. Lin spent the week
Dr. Gilberts mother, Mrs. Gilbert Dr. Marine.
where his home is located.
Ralph Ahmert and his wife, Albert
-■ ■
! Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Snyder and with her husbands niece, at Milwaukie H. Lin and family spent the later part o f Portland, was at thc Estacada
Dr. Marine is coming to Oregon at
Ahmert, who works for the - , ,
. c
Christian Church Sunday School children have returned from their „ Ralph
_ „ _
. ,
o f last week at Seaside and many Hotel over the wcek end.
the special invitation o f the Oregon
P. E. P. Co., is on the sick list.
10 a. m. Preaching at 11: by D. E. summer home in Dodge.
i other beaches.
State Medical Society and he will
Dr. W. Watson and wife were Sun*
Dent o f Gresham. A cordial invita-1
read a paper at their annual session
_ .
. . , . _ „„„
day guests at the home o f Margait
tion to come and visit with us.
j The Estacada Mill is not sawing The people o f the M. E. Church „ R. C.
Josaev 1 » taking over the
on September 1st. on the subject of
,for a few days while they get caught and friends o f Rev. and Mrs. Simms Tillamook transfer company and will Midford.
“ The Thyroid Gland and Its Rele-
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Mdler, who spen, up with their shipping, the planer is and family are very sorry to see them be located at Tillamook after the first
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Harder spent lation to Disease.” Dr. Marine will
leave. Conference will be held some
sc.eral years as home missionar.es running,
o f the week. He will have six or seven
last week in Scott Mills and Silver- j also speak on the subject of “ Goiter
tim after which there will be a regu­
trucks on his line. Friends of Mr. and
in the mountains o f New Mexico, hare |
| Prophylaxis” at the annual confer-
Mr. and Mrs. Russel Reed were vi- lar minister and until then there will Mrs. Jossey are very sorry that they ton v' 8*t' nH friends.
arrived in Estacada to work at the
ence o f City and County health
iting the M. Oakley and G. Oakley be a substitute.
are leaving the community.
The Pioneers o f Oregon will have a 0fficerg on August 31st. These two
full Gospel Mission. The service for bomeg ¡n new Bend several days this
next Sunday will be at 11: a. m. and week
dinner here on Labor Day and („petins are arousing a great deal of
Mrs. Sagner and children, and Mrs.
... .
, ,
. .
( basket
Moss who spent the last two weeks T ” rs'
*l00re an(l daughter everyone ¡g requested to bring well interest omong physicians through-
7 :30 p.m. AH friends and those not
rs‘ . . arel*ee " rr^ ln an filled baskets.
working elsewhere are cordially in-
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marchbank in California, have returned to their 0 8
out the state and it is expected th.-t
automobile accident last week while
vited to attend.
o f Hood River, were week end guest'homes. Max Sagner took them in his
a large number o f local men will
at the home o f Mrs. Marchbank’s par- car. They report a wonderful trip, but t*ley wert,.'n, ^ 01
. 11
^ rs- Phil'P Mallash and Mrs. Evert attend.
Dr. Dean Lewis, Proofessor and ents, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Hassel.
car hit their car in the back.
from Washington last Friday to vis-
! Oregon to them.
Hrad o f thc Department o f Surgery
September IS will be the opening
Mrs. Moore was hurt and was bed it thejr aunt Mrg sturgeon.
o f John Hopkins University, Balti-
day o f school in Estacada and every-
ta pipe organ and piano lessons from
more, will soon a r m « » Or * o n t o
gpent t h e M r and M n R H
Mr. J. Pcnner, who is employed at I Ibing is being put in shape at the
Currin gave a
Clyde Rake has taken charge o f the meat market went to Canada for s,-bool buildings to receive the child-
address the members o
e ,eg
wgek end at
home of her parents, surprise dinner Sunday for Mr. and
; Mra Albert Kitching on their 20th the "Square Deal" barber shop that his vacation and to bring his wife
" " 'i"** d‘ y’. ^ * T I,n* l?a* brt "
State Medical Society at their annua! Mr, and Mrs. M. 0 . Reid.
wedding anniversary. The dinner took wa9 formerly run by Ear! LaForgc home.
g sc
r » . ' c ~ r ; . d junior
s t s x ’ s s '
m , t j
s :
• -» » * ~ ~
,i “ » x
r .
t v h ir «ncl is the author of Mia. Cooks' mother and father, Mr Krigrffer. Others who took part in the in and get acquainted and earnestly
Mr. and Mrs. Hunt and family, of
* r a^t ‘ ’ ar
M ‘
j L i * teT n l u * and Mrs. J. H. McCollon. are down dinner and came with well filled solicits new patrons. Mr Rake is a Portland, motored out Sunday and ‘ " " f J ? ™ ’
top ° f . * * " ? * -
several books on lurgic
“ 1
their mountain home for a few baskets were, Mr. and Mrs. Granval first class barber and came to Eata- called on their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
" " d " fin" Th, b .
At t the special invhat.on of the so-
cada we„ recommgnded and wanU a , Iall.
iJn Jm l " Tv.
------------------ .
Linn; Mr. and Mrg. Harry Kitchinyg gh.r e of your tonsorial w
. ------------------------- a" d
‘ he young people
ciety he will speak on the subject of days
“ Infections. Their Course and Prog-
Mr D Po„ at who b#g w „ d?fpfr and baby and Mr. and Mrg charleg
Mrs. Kenzel accompanied by Mrs.
cha" ' ^ a " ‘ ‘ ¡ J ' j j ’ *
nosis ” It is expected that a cor.s.d- thg load;ng at the pond left Tuegday Krigger o f Portland
Mr. W. G. Moore drove up to the DrBois called on Mr». W. E. Hal
erable number o f local phyficiar.« for Coog Bayi he has a job of high
A ioveiy
o , f the
river Monday Wednesday and they
° Sfh° o1 _ HoarH
are mal“ " *
l ovei v hand
nano painted
pai nted o dinner
i n n e r . c head
uva- v
me —
* motored out to
- .. l . __________
was presented to Mr. and Mrs A. Kit- to the ranger station and brough: Mrs. Kenzels’ summer home for lunch. « « n oessarj arrangements to mi
wall be in attendance at the meeting c]¡mbing there
ching, who appreciated it very much. Mr. and Mrs. Edmondson to Estacada
------------ --
to hear Dr. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs Charles Palmer re- Other friends called on the happy Mr. Edmondson will take Mr. D. Fol-
Dr. Geo. Dale, o f W allawa,
C. F Gosset, o f camp 1
o f camn turned last week from their vocation couple in the afternoon and wished lets’ place o f loading logs at^the vis ted with his father and mother,
Mr. and Mrs C. 7Arkle
years o i happy pond. They are staying at the Esta- Mr. and Mr*. Wm Dale and also vis- went to Good Samaritan Hospiul f.
1 u went to Portland for th# week at the coast. Mrs. Palmer stopped them many more
cada Hotel.
ited at several o f the beaches.
| an operation.
1 ’
over for a few day. visit in Portland, married life,