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Menace to Journalism in Commercialism of the
Press of the Nation
W hen it was over and th ey returned
to tiie house, Stokes dropped to h er
side and drew h er hand th ro u gh his
arm . Site drooped ag ain st h im ; h er
narrow body looked nerveless, as if
By DON C. SEITZ, Outlook Editorial Staff.
hut for his sup p o rt it w ould have
crum pled and sunk. R ut he planted
his feet w ith a h ard defiance, each
T RIKING thé popular chord has become one of the menaces in
6 B ell - a n s
step drew a ringing echo from th e
rocks and lie held his head high. Ras
run according to a formula. Commercialism has come into play
sett, follow ing them , noted tils rigid
carriage, and w hen he tu rn ed his pro­
by which newspapers are captured and submerged. No woman
file, the w ide nostril spread like th at will buy anything now unless she sees it widely advertised in the papers.
of a w inded horse.
W hen lunch w as over W illiam s am i This condition does not dominate the paper in morals, but it puts upon
Uawson took up th e trail again. They its physical side such a load that the intellectual side becomes smaller. 25$ and 75$ Pkgs.Sold Everywhere
w ere now going to direct th e ir a tte n ­ The submergence of the daily press and the equal leanness of tiie cultural
London M aintains Place
tion to th e P oint, especially tiie sum ­
N otw ith stan ding its m any and grow ­
m er house, from which a p ath led to press mark a different path.
tiie sum m it of tiie bluff w hence Sybil
The press has no means of reaching the vacant mind, unless yon ing rivals, Loudou co n tin u es to be th e
had fallen. B assett, w ho had Imped make it feel that there is something higher than the baseball score to g reatest seap o rt ut th e w orld. D ur­
ing Hie la st y ear sh ip s en tered London
to get a w ord w ith Anne, w as hiddeu
port having u to ta l tonnuge of 24,717,-
to Join them , an d the th re e left th e read, and that the age you live in is always the golden age.
tons, and ships cleared having a
house stop by step tracin g th e p as­
The only real criticism that prevails in America today is that we 055
total tonnage o f 22,847,920 tons. T iie
sage of the dead girl.
T hey began w ith th e pine grove. are too slow. Every precaution has been taken to reduce thinking to da ocean trad e o f th e p o rt th a t y ea r h ad
N eedles carp eted tiie ground, slippery lowest. Vv e have become a nation of button pushers, and we forget that a value of $3.700,000,000.
sm ooth, a b eaten trail w inding be­ under all this convenience is a vast servitude. The public relies upon
8 h o t ,r
tw een th e tre e trun k s. B eyond it th e the clergyman, the teacher and the editor to do the thinking it won’t do. Is A en s o in u g g h le d to ose e x o p f e l Dr. W P o r e m e r s y 's o r “ D T ead
apew orm
path ascended th e hare slope to the
sum iller house, a sm all, six-sided The editor has the most difficult tasks in some respects. He has to coax
H er F riend
building, covered by a th ick grow tli subscribers, entertain them by all kinds of things, and he does this fre­
M iss C h atters— S up p ort a w ife?
of V irginia creep er th a t sw athed its quently in the dark. The cultural publication has to reach a public
W hy, th at poor flsli cou ld n ’t m ain tain
ru stic sim pe. In four of its w alls th e
vines, m atted into a m antle o f green, widely scattered, but it is the saving grate in the making of American a conversation.
H er F rien d — W ell, th a t’s all rig h t,
hud been cu t aw ay to form w indow s. journalism.
dear. H e w ouldn’t h av e to if he m ar­
T he o th er tw o sides held th e en ­
ried you.
trances, one giving on th e p ath th a t
descended to th e pine grove, one to
its con tin u ation to th e Point. A cir­
G o lfer’s M easure
cu lar seat ran round th e w alls and a
W ife— W as th e serm on long, d eu r?
table in th e sam e bark-covered wood
Huh— T h ree or fo u r holes, anyw ay.
w as tiie only m ovable piece o f fu rn i­
-B oston T ran scrip t.
ture. T ills w as d raw n up ag ainst tiie
seat at one side. Kavrson moved it
Too many persons are spiritual orphans. Our sense of relationship
out as th e o th e r tw o ran exploring
eves over tiie w alls, the door-sills and to God is like that of a lad whose parents had died before the boy was old
the floor of wooden planking upon enough to know them. The orphan knows from pictures on his wall and
which a few leaves w ere scattered .
“ H ere,” he cried suddenly. “ W h at’s the accounts which he has heard that his parents had lived, but he has
Get the right remedy— the best men know*
tills?" and drew from a crevice w here uot the joy of their companionship.
So quick, so sure that millions now employ it.
the legs crossed, som e scra p s of a
utmost in a laxative. Bromide-Quinine
Likewise, many people believe that there was a God wrho created the The
coarse gold m aterial.
in ideal form. C olds stop in 1 4 hours. L a
He held them up ag ainst th e light universe and that there was a Jesus who lived in Galilee, but they have Grippe in ) days. T h e system is cleaned and
toned. Nothing compares w ith H ill's.
of the opening— th ree sho rt stra n d s no feeling of personal relationship.
of w hat m ight have been th e gilt
Price 30e
To such persons Christmas is a second-hand affair, like the imper­ Be Sure Its
string used to tie C h ristm as pack­
sonal festivity arranged for orphan children by some institution.
"W hat do you know about th is?” he
The spontaneous joy and personal devotion which characterized apos­
said, offering them to B a sse tt’s gaze.
with portrait
religion are missing in so many of our churches today. Just as the Get Red Bax
B assett looked, and W illiam s w ith
craned neck and lifted brow s looked adult goes through the same motions, but not the same emotions as does
too. T hey w ere exactly o f a length,
broken filam ents of th re ad attach ed the child at the appearance of that bewhiskered gentleman called Santa
Claus, so the modern churchman goes through the same motions, but not
to the end o f each.
"T hey've been torn off som ething," the same emotions as did the First-century follower of Christ.
O np M o n th 's T r e a t m e n t $3.50, w ill c o n v in c e
you. In fre s h a ir ea s e s u sin g T . A. B. L u n g »
Raw son indicated tiie th read s, "caught
h eal q u ic k e r a n d p a t ie n t s g a in w e ig h t, w h en
a ll oth**r m e a n s h a v e fa ile d . M on ey b a c k
in th at Joint o f tiie table legs and
a tisfied .
pulled olT. Mid she have anything thrill. It is as if we had kept the words of the Hallelujah chorus without g u a r a n te e d H O If PE not LA s BO
- - - S eattle. W ash.
like th is on h er d ress anyw here, a the music.
trim m ing or— ”
B E R S . I f y o u d e s ir e A H O M E w r ite fo r
"F ring e,” B assett in terru p ted , “the
F r e e L ite r a tu r e . W e O W N t h e LAND. W O R L D
W E L F A R E U N IO N . J o h n s t o w n . F lo r id a .
fringe on h er sash .”
"A lt!" R aw son could not hide ids
ex u ltatio n . "N ow we’ve got som e­
thing we can get o ur teeth into.”
“Yes." B assett took tiie pieces and '
By PROF. ARNOLD GESELL, Director Yale Psycho-Clinic.
studied them in tiie light. “T h a t’s 1
Small improved farms In well established
settlement. Fruit, alfalfa, dairy, hogs, poul­
w hat it is. She w ore a w ide sash
Churches, high school, grammar schools.
The first five years of a child’s life have more weight in determin­ try.
round h er w aist w ith ends th at tiling
unimproved lands with first water rights.
dow n edged w ith gold fringe. T his is ing the mental condition of the adult than any equal length of time from Also
Easy terms. Write Fresno Farms. Kerman, Calif.
a lilt of it."
“ W ell," said W illiam s, ’'ttin t’s a the age of five to twenty-four.
s ta rte r anyhow . She w as in here.”
By making extensive studies of a number of children from the age
R aw son sat on th e bench and drew of one month to five years, and discovering what most children are able
tiie table in to its form er p o sitio n :
"It not only proves she w as in Itere, to do at a given age, it will be possible to lay down rules as to what a nor­
ltut it proves a good deal m ore. This mal child's reaction is.
is Die way »lie w as, w ith tiie table as
When we have established these rules, we will be able, hv testing chil­
w e found it close in front o f her. T he
in the light of them, to discover whether or not a child is normal, If Y our Back H urt* o r B ladder
ends of h er sash would have been In 1
B other* You, Begin
co n tact w ith th e table legs. Now she subnormal or above normal.
jum ped up q uick ly —do you get th at?
T aking Salt*
If site'll gone slow o r had tim e to
think she'd have felt th e pull and un to apply it in remedying the children who need special training during
W hen y o u r k idneys h u rt and your
loosed tin1 sash — ltut site spran g up, the very early years of their lives. It is then that they are more plastic.
feels sore don’t g et scared and
didn’t notice." H e looked from one We do not believe that all the mental weaknesses of later life are I back
proceed to load your stom ach w ith
to tiie other. Ids lean face aligiit.
of d ru gs th a t ex cite th e kidneys
predestined. We believe that they are, to some extent at least, plastic; 1 a and lot Irrita
"F rig h ten ed ." said B assett.
th e e n tire u rin ary trac t,
"So frig hten ed site d id n 't feel It. that it is largely a matter of proper regulation and habit formation in i K eep y ou te r kidneys
clean like you
and moved w ith such force site tore the pre-school period.
keep y o u r bow els clean, by flushing
Hie fringe off T h a t scare took her
them w ith a m ild, h arm less salts
up from the seat and sent iter dying
w hich helps to rem ove th e body’s u ri­
through th e doorw ay for tiie Point.”
nous w aste an d stim u la tes them t<>
"H old ou. now ," said W illiam s. "If
! th eir n orm al activ ity . T h e function
she w as as scared ns th a t, why didn't
of th e kidneys is to A lter th e blood.
site go for th e house, w here there
In 24 h ou rs they stra in from it 500
w ere people?”
g rains o f acid and w aste, so we can
Bv L. A. PECHSTEIN, Dean of University of Cincinnati.
“B ecause site w as too scared to
readily u n d ersta n d th e v ital Im por­
think. Som e one w ith a pistol w as
tance o f keeping th e k id neys active.
on th e o th er side of the table." He 1
J îrln k lo ts of good w a te r— yon can 't
rose and w ent to th e en tran ce facing
tiie Point. “A nd th e person w ith the nature changes not and all education is as water passing through a sieve drink too m uch ; also get from any
p harm acist about fo u r ounces of Jad
pistol shot at h er front itere— winged so far as nature'« biological mandate is concerned.
S a lts; ta k e a tablespoonful In a glass
h er as site ran ." H e tu rn ed to B as­
of w a te r before b re a k fa st each m orn­
sett. "T h a t's w hy you saw no one
w hen you looked out a fte r you drst custom, literature, law. home, invention, et al, change, and in adjusting ing fo r a few days an d y ou r kidneys
m ay then act fine. T h is fam ous salts
h eard th e allot. T he m u rd erer wax to these, youth seems different.
Is m ade from th e acid o f grapes and
in here lying low."
lemon Juice, com bined w ith lfthia, and
"Y es." B assett thought back ov»r
th e m om ent w hen he had stood in the the home, second, that of work. Formerly tied together, now hopelessly h as been used fo r y ears to help clean
and stim u la te clogged k id n e y s; also
living-room doorw ay. "T h at's the separated, a void is created which literally cannot be filled.
n eu tralize th e acids In th e system
only place he could have been or I'd
a home is always a place where the companions of one's children to
so they a re no longer a source of Irri­
have seen him . But they w ouldn’t 1
hav e been any tim e together— couldn’t are welcome; if it exists for their wholesome enjoyment; if parents can tatio n , th u s often reliev ing bladder
have hail a q u arrel or a scene. Ac- enter into the group sports and activities with a pleasure belying their w eakness.
Ja d S alts Is Inexpensive, cannot in­
cording to Mrs. t ’ornell It w as only years; if they seek ways of keeping their children unsophisticated as long
ju re ; m akes a d elightful effervescent
six or seven m inutes a fte r she saw
Sybil go out th at she heard th e sh o t as possible so that all the thrills of life may not become exhausted while llth la-w ater drink, w hich everyone
T h a t w ould give them only tw o or the juvenile still exists, then energies, which will out. become directed should ta k e now and th en to help keep
th re e m inutes In here.”
th eir kidneys clean an d active. T ry
into channels worthy of approval.
th is ; also keep up th e w a te r drinking,
and no doubt you w ill w onder w hat
becam e o f y ou r kidney tro u b le and
Sure Relief
Hot water
__iLss-] Sure
sure Relief
B e l l - a
— 11—
T he night search of the Island hint
Kl ven up nothing and a daylight ex ­
ploration w as set for th e m orning. Be­
fo re this, how ever, U aw son w anted to
go- through M iss S au nd ers’ room,
which by his o rd ers iiad been locked
and left untouched.
Steeped In th e m orning sun. w arm
and still, It extended its welcom e as if
w aiting for her en tran ce. T h e signs
of fem inine occupation caught the eyes
of the men and held them chilled on
the threshold. A delicate perfum e
filled th e air, th e frag ran ce of her
passing hab itatio n still lingering in
ghostlike sw eetness a fte r th e living
presence had gone.
Uawson moved first, shaking off the
spell. H e looked into th e open w ard ­
robe trun k , com pletely packed but for
th e last hanger. “Going to put her
costum e th ere,” he said, touching it
w ith his index linger, lie pulled out
th e d raw ers and ran ids eye over th eir
contents. A gruy crep e dress lay
across th e foot (if th e bed, beside it a
eb»ak and a black hut w ith a w ater-
lily garnishing the brim . “T hese,” he
said, “w ere (lie clothes left out to
w ear.”
B assett m aided, lie could see Sybil
in tlie gray d ress w ith h er h air a
golden tiuff below th e edge of the
black hut. She had worn them on tin*
way up and been pleased when he hud
adm ired h er costum e.
The dressing table w as tlie only
place in tlie room tliat h er neat a r­
ranging hand liud not touched. It was
covered With a litte r of toilet articles,
cold cream Jars, rouge boxes, pow ders
and scents, a silv er bund m irror, a
p air of long w hite gloves. W illiam s
picked up a head bag uml opened it.
it contained a w isp of handkerchief,
a bunch of keys, a lipstick and a gold
change purse. In the cen tral com ­
partm ent w ere th ree hve-dollar bills
and in the gold purse one dollar and
thirty-live cents in coins.
“T his couldn’t have been ull tin*
money she had,’* he queried.
"W hy n o t?'’ said B assett. “ I guess
som e of us h av en ’t th a t much. She
did n ’t need any. All our expenses
w ere paid and she w as going stra ig h t
home. One of those bills w as prob­
ably intended for Miss P inkney.”
N othing m ore cam e to light. T he
closets w ere em pty, the bathroom con­
tained a few toilet articles um l a
nightgow n and negligee hanging on
th e door. O bviously a place sw ept
d e a n for u com ing d ep artu re by one
who had no prem onition th at th at d e­
p art ure would be final.
They passed out and along th e hall,
Kuwson w auling to see th e disposi­
tion of tin* passages uml stairs. At
th e door next to M iss S au nd ers’ he
stopped, asking who occupied th a t
room, it was vacant now but had
beeu Joe T rac y ’s, lie opened th e door
and looked in upon an o th er chintz-
hung cham ber, all signs of recent h ab ­
itation rem oved th at m orning by M iss
P inkney's energetic hand. A steam er
tru n k in th e co rn er caught Ids a tte n ­
tion and B assett explained it w as
young T racy 's trun k , which Ids sister
w as to tak e back to New York w ith
Beyond th at th e hall ran into th e
gallery passing under an arch of
carved wood. They trav ersed It, look­
ing down into the richly colored ex­
panse of th e room below, and fared
on under a com panion urch into the
last stretch of the hall. At th e s ta ir­
head U awson halted :
“Only tw o Mights connecting w ith
tlds Moor, tiie one in the front by th e li­
brary and this. Now th e top story-—
how do you get to th a t? ”
B assett show ed them a stairca se at
th e end of the hall. lit* had never
been up th ere him self lull som eone, |
Mrs. C ornell, lie thought, had. It w as
th e serv an ts' q u a rte rs am i had uot
been occupied during th eir stay. Miss
Pinkney and iier helper having hud
room s on th e gallery.
L ater on they would tak e a l o o k up
th ere, th e tslund was th e ir business
now A ccording to W illiam s, all th is
searching w as m erely a form ality, am t
they descended the sta irs («inferring
together. It w as th eir purpose to keep
Slokes and his w ife from any p o ssi­
bility of p riv ate com m unication. Shine
had been delegated to stay beside one
or the o th er of them , and so far, they
bad m ade no attem p ts to get to g eth er
T h eir am enability added to W illiam s'
»usplctou and It was his suggestion
th a t they should bring Stokes w ith
them Oil th e ir hunt. W hen th at was
finished they planned taking Mrs.
Stokes to th e place of th e m u rd er and
m aking her rehearse Just w hat she
had seen.
S ta rlin g from the P oint they ex
p |• »red th e island foot by foot, scout
ii g ucross th e open expanses w here a
r*tl»Ht could hardly have hidden and
prying Into th e hollow* and rifts of
th e boulders on th e shore. T he path
th at followed the bluff > edge, m aking
a d etour round th e ravines, yielded
n o r s ig n
T he iilU e
by if*
eoees-M E iw u c a
am p h ith eater, sunk In it» green cup,
Illy open to th e ir eyes u» ttiey stood
on its brink. T hey w alked am ong
tiie »lone sent», seam ed w ith a v el\et
padding of mo»», am i authored up a
few program », a p air of w om an'»
gloves and a necklace of Idue heads.
T h a t brought them to th e end. Tiie
house had no o u tb u ild in g s; garages,
burns and sheds w ere in th e village
across th e channel. T h ere w us no
one in hiding on the island.
T hey found F lora, Shine an d Mrs.
C ornell on the balcony. As they cam e
up F lo ra looked ut them an d then
av erted her glance as if In proud ile-
term im itiou to show no curiosity.
Rouge had been applied to h er elieeks
and h er dry lips w ere a vivid rose
color. Tim high tin ts show ed ghastly
on tier w ithered skin hut h er dark
eyes w ere scin tlllan t w ith an avid
burning v itality, it w as like a fnqe
still holding the colors anti lint w arm th
of youth suddenly strick en by u n ­
tim ely age.
W illiam s, h altin g a t tiie foot of tiie
steps, told her w hat they w an te d —
her position and M iss S au n d ers' nt the
tim e of th e shooting, going over the
ground and m aking it clear to them .
She rose alertly w ith a quick u n d er­
stan d ing nod she would he glud to,
Too Many Seem to Have Lost Sense of Their
Relationship to God
n s
Be Q u .ic k -B e S u r e /
8S& Mr
First Five Years of Life Really Determine
Mental Condition of the Adult
B assett Show ed T hem a S taircase at
th e End of th e H all.
It w as h er earn est d esire to he of help
to them in any way she could. Raw-
son noticed th at she did not look at
her husband hut kept h er eyes on
W illiam s w ith an la te n t frow ning con-
cen tratlo n , m oving h er head in agree­
m ent w ith Ids in stru ction s.
At th e sho re she w as eag er to ex­
plain everything, took her place on
th e p ath w here site had been when she
saw Sybil ap p ea r on th e o th er side
of th e hollow. H i t rendering o f the
scene w as graphic and given w ith
m uch carefu l detail. T he men,
grouped about, follow ed her Indicating
hand, stopping h er now am i then w ith
a question. Stokes stood buck w atch­
ing, liis face in th e search in g daylight
sm oothly yellow like a face of wax.
W illiam s' questions w ere m an) and
pointed, and it soon becam e evident
to Itussett w hat lie had in his m ind—
th at tier explanation of tier actions did
not account for the length of tim e she
had been on th e shore. W hether she
saw it or not he could not te ll; checked
in h er story site w ould an sw er p a ­
tien tly , re ite ra tin g h er tlrst statem en t
th at tier stunned condition iiad robbed
tier of tiie pow er of thought or mo­
tion. ltu t he w as sure Stokes Iiad
grasped tiie tren d of th e q u e ry ; he
drew n earer, his flexible lips w orking,
tiie hand hanging at his side clench­
ing and unclenching. O nce he as­
sn) ed to speak, a hoarse sound th ro t­
tled In escape, it pierced th e strain ed
atte n tio n she w as giving her question ­
ers, and for th e tlrst tim e, she hesl
lated and fum bled for her words.
Drink Water to
Help Wash Out
Kidney Poison
Nation Must Have Better Parents Before It Can
Have Better Children
Might Have Changed History of America
T he first congress of th e A m erican
colonie* « a» convened tn Ne» York
city «bout one hundred slx ty o n e retir»
■ K ».
T he purpose of t h e von \ en I ion
was to consider the stam p m l. Ore-
ville'» obnoxious »rhem e of tnxntion.
Tim Kugglc» of M n t a i h u setts w h s
chairm an of th e roñare»*, » h e re dele­
gate* from nine staie* met
In It* tw o w eeks' session th e eon
gres» adopted * "T V rlar*tlon of
R ight»," w ritten hy John l’n ic e r ; a
•'Petition to th e K in g ” hy Bob Living
»ton, «no a "M em orial to Both House*
of P urlin tuent," from th e pen of Jam e»
O lla
H ad th e pow ers th at m lsntled Kng
land a t th is tim e paid m ore atten tio n
to the word* of these eum eni men U i
tory m ight have taken a different turn,
hut the figurehead on th e Kngllsh
throne and th e self-inflated m inister*
and coxcom bs, » h o served him . w ere
d ea f to th e d istan t th u n d er o f discon­
tent- anil "lost a w orld."—Chicago
Jou rn al.
Apathy of Public Opinion Over Crime Condi­
tions Must Be Overcome
NEWTON D. BAKER. Ex-Secretary of War.
Iras maudlin sympathy by the public for criminal^ and more sym­
pathy with law enforcement *re needed to control crime conditions. To
day, instead of making the world safe for democracy, we must make our
cities safe to live in. To do this we must organize public opinion to over­
apathy for crime condition» and the maudlin ivmpathy displayed
Tw o W itty R em arks
T here Is th s t glorious epicurean
There must be more sympathy for the victim of the criminal, for the
parndox u tte re d hy my friend th e his­
torian. In one o f his flashing m om ent*; 1 police, the prosecutor and the judge who bend their efforts to bring him
"G ive ns th e luxuries of life and we to justice.
dispense w ith Its n ecesssries." To 1
' rime It. this m a try m b- « to d - w ea there h adequate
th is m ust certain ly he added th at '
o th er saving o f one of the w ittiest of legislation by all states and the federal g vernment to regulate the rale
m en : “Good A m erican* « lie n ttiey I and distribution of all firearma.
die go to F a ria —H olm es.
sore throat,
and similar
t rou b ia s
quickly re­
lieved with j . .
Laden*« II
' f
' ^
/ For b u r n i n g or eealr HAe. !
•r*J t o !■*(»•*• infc iiim e-1
Ml sm 4 e o r* tv a »-.0 »
» Sa'ww • rcerdin » to dirre- ,
-------- !-----
FALL A è V C in
1#T We war I f Plore
W ^ r T *ri