Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, December 30, 1926, Page PAGE 6, Image 6

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T-rcs « b . - m
Jake Looney, over the holidays.
Mr. an<U Mrs. L. H. Ewalt and J.
We are glad for the holidays that C. Kitching are taking inventory of
bring old friends and ueighbors back the Currinsville store this week,
to our community that we may ex-
Mrs. Maud Heiple has been de-
tend to them the season’s greetings, dared the champion turkey grower FOR SALE__1920 Maxwell
Stanford Cox and family of Wil-
Eastern Clackamas county for the
running order, $25; five good tires
lamette, arrived Friday evening for year 1926.
worth the price. F’ourtK house north
a brief stay.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Carver were of planing mill.
i 3 p
Mr. and Mrs. George Brown of visited by their son from Redmond
i lo*ene#- 0 r ™
s»ent the week over _ the
n . tj
work o f any kind. Fourth house
end at the home of the form er’s par-
To « all:
If ? ___
you have a relative or
ents, Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Brown.
a friend visiting you or an item of north o f planing mill.
The program and cantata given
at the church on Vv'adnesday was en-
joyed by the large crowd present,
und best o f all for the children was
the short visit o f SantaClaus.
A fter being shut down for three
The Christmas festivities are over
Miss Vera Pearson from Kansas,
and the old year is almost past, so weeks fo r want o f orders the Jubb is making an extended visit with rel-
here is wishing you all a prosperous lumber mill commenced running atives here, including the J. M.
again on Monday on an order of 1,- ;
and happy New Year.
„ Mr. End 1 Mrs.
i7«7.‘ “ "ThU “s 'a *b * ordVr I IP?
rk' J° hn Park and MrS’ Myrtle
w . Held spent , 000,000
c lnsnpi* hnmp«
a small mill such as we have in Closner homes.
Christmas day with her sister, M r . for
Gilbert Lewellen arrived on Sun-
and Mrs. Walter Wismer and family ■ this d.stnct. It is to oe hoped that
it w-ill be a profitable one fo r Mr. day for a week’s visit with his Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Pahl and son interest, make a note o f it and turn WANTED— 1500 pound horse. Phono
at Bethany, Oregon.
Kenneth, of Sandy, spent Christmas it in at the Currinsville store so it
Jubb and the men working for him, father, E. E. Lewellen.
19-56. R. G. Palmateer Estaca­
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Chaney enter­
Christmas dinner gue 9 ts at the with relative? here.
may be sent to your paper for pub- da.
and fo r all concerned.
tained on Christmas day Mrs. Cha­
Mr. and Mrs. Joho Jacobs and son lication'
On Christmas the annual festival Peter Erickson home were their sons
ney’s brother, Julius Willing, whom
Happy New Year to all.
FOR SALE— Upright shingle ma­
was held in the school house. A very F'loyd and Joe and families o f Port- Jack, of Vancouver, Washington, are
she had not seen for eight or nine
land and their daughter Mrs, Fid spending a few days on their place
chine, drag saw, cu toff saw, 2
years, her sister, Mrs. Meister and
program was given
Aycock and family,
frames, screw head block,
husband from Portland and Mrs I -chool children which was much ap
saw mandrel, shafting, belting and
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Erickson and
Orel Vallen who has been staying
Clay Chaney and family.
j ''reciaUid by a11 P‘ esent’ Mr’ Peder
At the Viola church on Thursday pulleys. Inquire Krieger’s residence,
sen, in a speech o f some length Mrs. Aycock and children have been with his aunt Miss Nellie Vallen,
Miss Emma Paulsen came out on j
ll-1 2 -1 3 p
gave a very interesting account of spending a few days this week at and attending school here, returned evening there was a Christmas tree Estacada.
Christmas day to visit with her par- j the origin and history o f the Christ the Ray Erickson home at Camp 10.
to his home at Scot’s Mills for the and a fine program which all en-
ents Mr. and Mrs. Peter Paulsen j
joyed. There was a large crowd out. FOR SALE 10 head o f young brood
I mas festival. At the close o f the
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Shibley and holidays.
and family, returning to Portland on i program, presents from the usual
sows going on 5 months old, $20
Miss Elva, visited on Tuesday with
Miss Dora Mebes of Oregon City,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gibb and
P. W. Douglas, Estacada.
Christmas tree were exchanged and relatives near Molalla.
was at home for Christmas;
granddaughter Adell, Were out to
Phone 42-111.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Miller from candy and nuts were distributed to
At the Ed Closner home on Christ­
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Stahlnecker and the home o i Mr- Gibb’s sister on Sur"
Portland, spent Christmas with their everyone present.
mas day all their children were home younger children left for a short da^‘
REWARD— $25.00 will be given for
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller
The school is closed for one week except a daughter, Airs. H. Marshall visit with Mr. Stahlnecker’» mother
Wm. Hicinbotham and family of
any information leading to the ar­
and family and other relatives and for the Christmas vacation, and will
and family o f Eugene. Those pres­ at Wilsonville.
Stevenson, were out to see • their rest and conviction o f the person or
commence again on Monday, Janu ent were Mr. and Mrs. Closner, Les­
Willie Bitner was a victim of mis- brother Charles, who is still in the persons who broke into and robbed
_ Mr. anr Mrs. John Combs and
ary 3
ter and Albert, John, Jim, Fred and placed confidence when he tried to hospital, but is gaining slowly. They tfie cabin o f the Smith Fur Farm,
, Uliiii.snn,.accompanied-by Miss Eva
W. Giles his wife and family, spent Emery with their families, then- bring in a truck load or lumber ove. sPpnt Christmas eve at the home of located near Squaw Mt. Wm. Wal­
Dew from St. Helens, came out on
daughters Mrs. Clarence Hull and Elwood roads Friday evening.
He *^r- and ^ rs-
Sevier. They re­ lace Smith, Attorney at Law, Esta­
Thursday and visited with the Dew their Christmas vacation with C. Col
at the mill cada, Oregon.
family, until Monday. Other guests
, and in town.
Earl Lankins and Mrs. Lankins o f Mr. and Mrs. Walter Strunk.
oh. Christmas day were Mrs. Dew’s
The Christmas program given at
Thirty-one were seated at the din- the schol house under the direction
Miss Norma Randolph is spending FOR SALE — 1 Hoover vacuum
daughters Miss Dorothy Dew o f Es­ Viola, spent Christmas day with Fred
cleaner, cost $72.00, will sell for
tacada and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wei-
and fami‘y- and Mr’ and Mrus ner table at the J. A. Kiggins home 0f ¡yjjss Gregg, was well attended. two weeks from her school at Mon-
Clarence Jubb were visitors at the on Christmas, including their sons ,'^g tree anc| room were beautifully mouth with her parents iur. and Mrs. $20.00. First class shape. Apply at
Grover, Otto and Everett and fa m -! l]ecorated. While helping Santa at John Ra-dolph.
Bruce is also at Estacada Hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Rath and son same house
Henry,, had as Christmas guests
Stanley Ficken and his wife with dies o f Estacada, a n d,C arl Jones ;hc tree one o f the inipg caught fire home.
He has been employed at
WANTED— Milk cows.
Roy Still,
Mrs, Rath’s father and brother, Mr. thelr new daughter are home again and family from Camp 8.
which gave an extra thrill to the al- Klamath Falls.
Eagle Creek.
Albert Cromer was a Sunday guest j re-a(jy lively program.
Mrs. Selma Olsen and son Elmer,
Widmer and son Will.
in the lumber camP’
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Johnson and
Eniery Keller and famlly- and Joe
Donald Nelson plans to leave Sat- sPen! Christmas at the Randolph FOR SALE — No. 1 standard Bur­
Mrs. Myrtle Closner and children
family had as guests from Friday Keller and wife 8‘>ent the hollda>'
home. They came from McMinville.
bank potatoes $1.25 per sack. No.
urday for Seattle, Washington.
and Brian Moore spent Christmas
until Sunday, Harry Whitfield and ‘ n Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Brewester spent 2, $1.00, at Kinney & Lamberson
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Whitfield from
LI. W. Keller and Mrs. Keller spent week visiting with relatives at Eu­
Christmas with the latter’s parents place opposite Garfield grange hall.
Philomath, Ore. They are brothers Christmas day with the Kaake family gene.
and Mrs. A. Graham.
------------------------------------------------------ —
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Horner and
o f Mrs. Johnson.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Powers and FOR SALE— Wicker davenport, cre-
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Paulsen spent
R*ul Wilson, who for several years daughters Kathleen and June, and
chiidren and Mr. and Mrs. Elden
tonne covered upholstery. In ex-
Christmas day with their parents, worked for the Ross Lumber Co. dnv- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Folsom were by the school last Thursday evening Lankin spent a few days at their cellent condition. J. J. Penner. lO tf
Mr. and Mrs. Harkenrider and fam- **ig a truck, was visiting old friends dinne"r""gue"sts at "the " j " A." Shibley jwas ^ ite , a 8ucjce8s and mucb en’ parents home, Mr. and Mrs. Even-
l nmn
joyed by the audience. Miss Peters
, T.
ily. Other relatives from Portland, here on Monday.
home on Sunday.
son o f Redland
They report a fine POINTER’S Second Hand Store;
Oregon, and Bucoda, Washington,
^he Horner family and Mr. and
Week end guests at the Ed Shear- always has a «ood Pr0Kram’
The chrigtmft9
buy what you want; sell what you
were there including Mr. Paulsen's ^ rs- G- W. Keller were dinner guests er home were his sons Jim and wife t: ^ ; vaA I e/ y._P? " d y/ ! ' ° I a7ed1,ar^
lO tf
Miss Eveline
the don’t want.
TnVin nf Pnrtinnri
iSanta came in with a sack full o f .
^ at^ax 8f,enJ
----- .----------------------------
mother, Mrs. H. Paulsen.
at th* home of C. Jubb on Sunday.
and h
d John o f Portland.
i ortland.
, __
holidays at the home o f her father
Harley Rainey and family o f Port- ';lft8, an( Kave tbem to the children j 0jln Mattag,
FOR SALE— Oats and baled hay,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harger and
land were Sunday guests o f his sis-|and £r°wn-ups, too,
, E. T. Bateson, Route 3, Esta-
small son, Marvin, o f Portland,
ter Mrs. R. S. Guttridge and family, i Miss Edythe Peter3 visited at the
spent Christmas with Mrs. Harger's
---------- -
Chauge in the size o f Oregon dairy cada’ ( near Viola.) Phone 413 Red-
Mrs. Nettie Grable visited on i home o f the Paddison's last Wednes- herds is having some effect on the land.
mother and family, Mrs. Marie
Sunday guests of J. W. Dowt>
_________________________ U-12-13p
were Alfred Dowty with his wife, Christmas with relatives in Portland, j day evening.
trend o f the industry, the experiment LIBERA L CAg H REWARD f 7 7 ^
Guests on Christmas day at the mother and son, Mr. and Mrs. G. A.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Howell and
Mr. and Mrs. George Smith o f To- station finds. In tne coast districts
home o f Mr. and Mrs. Henry John- Douglas and daughter, J. T. Dowty Mary, Press and Frank Howell a n d , ledo, arrived at the home o f Mrs. herds where machinery is available, . , aeaa e > ™a> e n ®‘ 01 penned,
son were Mrs. Johnson’s sister and and F. A. Dowty o f Portland,
Jack Akins ate Christmas dinner at j Smith’s parents Mr. and Mrs. C. H. are increased to the maximum car- *
o ! ,* do* ' male’ dl-
husband Mr. and Mrs. Ginther and \ Mrs. Bert i’almr..eei .a , .siting her ne Ed Covey home at Sunnyside.
' Paddison, last Wednesday evening. rying size for the farm. In the Wil-
l J
? anley Stat“ >n’ Au* ’
daughter Marion, and a cousin Miss ] parents Mr. a.id Mrs. John Gnhens
Guests on Sunday at the Alvy j Theycame to spend the holidays with lamette valley herds1 on strictly dairy . , ' . , ? ? alS. 0 ’ ‘•oa ’ ye ow an’
, .
' black back, streaked grayish; stump
Dora Voderberg all from Portland, j During the holidays, F’red Ely is Dodson home were his brother Benj he home folks.
farms are also being enlarged, but
.„.- i
. .
., ?.
. bushy tail; unusually big; trim-
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Weiderhold en- { entertaining his nephew, Melvin Ely. and wife o f Estacada and Mr. and
Mrs. Katie Douglass left last Frl- . herds
carried as sidelines on general >____,
, ,
„____ __ A___^_______ ___
____ legged, rangy, big head, long nose
tertained fo r supper on Christmas Evelyn Ely, his daughter, who is Mrs. Ed Ficken o f Vioia.
i day for Camas, Washington, where farms
or truck farms ar* no more
and ears. Keeping him is cruelty;
eve, their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. teaching at Morgan, is home for the
Week end guests at the Wm. he will visit with her sisters Mrs. than holding their own in size.
very nervous, fretful. Address The
H. Miller.
) week's vacation.
Smith home were their son Roy o f I Paul Dunn and Mrs. Della Rainey.
News office.
Portland and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph j As Mr. and Mrs. McKay were re-
Costs o f handling early lambs on
O f $805,000 budget for forest
The Fascisti seem to be gentle l’racey o f Logan
i t ufh.ng home from the Christmas eastern Oregon ranges is'practically L O S T -H ereford heifer, 3 years
roads in 1927, $678,090 is forest men with conservative ideas and a
Miss Hazel hahey, our school entertainment, Mr. M cKays feet | the same as those for handling late
old- white face and white on
radical technique.
principal, spent her Christmas holi-1 slipped from under him and he sat|lamb8, though nearly double the shoulders- strap with no bell H H
'->• at her home in Bandon.
r ight down in a mud puddle. Mrs. amount of hay is required, an ex- r ariin Punne q2 2 -n .
11 i’ o i w c
Mr. and Mrs. Mann o f The Dalles,! McKay was so amused over it that periment station report says. Some _____ 1________'
visited for a few days with their j she stood and laughed
investment for sheds for lambing Par-s proudly announces tha
daughter Mrs. Forrest Erickson.
became quite indignant and told her time is needed, but these extra costs has just been able to get Schenec-
Christmas dinner guests at the to take the lantern so he could get j are compensated by slightly larger tedy over the radio. That’s nothing,
lohn Park home were Mr. and Mrs. up.
lamb crop, heavier lambs and usually we can get her every evening if we
Carl Ward and children, Maxine,
Dick Gibson took dinner with Mr. a better price.
want to.
Betty and June, Mr. and Mrs. I. M. ¡and Mrs. Hal Gibson on Christmas
Park and August Genserowski.
M. W. Christensen o f Portlnad,
Mrs. R. B. Gibson went to Portland
was a Christmas dinner guest at the Christmas morning, remaining until
Monday afternoon. While there she
L)r. Wallens home.
The Hansen family visited rela­ was the guest o f her sister Mrs. S.
tives in Portland on Christmas day, J. Eddy.
Perry Murphy and family went to
Mr. and Mrs. Hansen, Sr., remaining
Portland and spent Christmas with
there for a few days.
The Van Hay family spent Christ­ Mrs. Murphy's parents Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Evans.
mas with relatives in Oregon City.
Air. and Mrs. Roy Douglass had a
Gene Lewellen was a dinner K^cst
at the Henry Cromer home on Christ­ house full o f guests on Christmas
day, some coming Friday evening and ,
Mrs. Greenstreet and son, Clif staying over night. Mrs. Douglass’ !
ford, were dinner guests o f relatives 1 parents Mr. and Mrs. Moehnke and
some of her brothers and sisters and
in Portland on Christmas day.
Gilbert Shearer, who is a student their children. They spent a pleasant
at Albany college, is spending his day together.
Air. and Mrs. Walter Douglass had
holiday at home.
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Millard of as guests on Sunday Mr. and Mrs.
Portland, visited on Sunday with his Jim Denning, Mr. and Mrs. Albert
parents. Mr. and Airs. Frank Millard. Hannah, Virgil Llouglass and family.
Mrs. George Perry and children, Florice Douglass and Will Douglass.
Hal Gibson and Sam Wilson were
Helen, Ray and Don, spent Christ­
With appreciation of the pleasant
mas with her parents Mr. and Mrs. up this way on Tuesday, helping
W hy not get that overhaul job done now so
Dick Gibson butcher a hog.
Pepki at Canby.
have your car ready for heavy duty in
relations with our customers dur­
Mrs. A. C. Cogswell was calling on
Wednesday evening guests at the
Myrtle Closner home were Mr. and Airs. Roy Douglass Tuesday after­
ing the year that is drawing to a
Mrs. John Park and children and Mr. noon.
We are well equipped to take care of a thorough
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Asp and child­
Mrs. Wm. Bard.
close, we would extend to all the
overhaul job on any make o f car. Buicks, Chev-
Ben Kiggins is spending the
rolets and Fords are our specialty.
Christmas holidays with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Cobb o f Lower Eagle
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kiggins.
Only genuine parts are used in our work
Mr. and Mrs. Cogswell o f Eagle
Creek ate Christmas dinner at the
With best wishes for their Happi­
On our staff are Lubricating Speciaiists.Ex-
Madden home.
ness and Prosperity during the
Twenty-two guests sat at the din­
Mr*. Lindsey Hale returned to the
Dert Welders and Battery Repairmen.
ner table on Christmas day at the J. old home to spend Christmas.
coming year
A. Shibley home.
Those present
R. H. Currin spent the holidays
All of our work is guaranteed and our
were: Mr. and Mrs. Shibley. and aw home.
prices are right
Miss Elva, Mr. and Mrs. Everett
T>r. and Mr*. H. W. Beal and
Shibley, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shibley daughter Lois, spent Christmas with
and children Elizabeth. Norman and relati'es. Dr. Beal returing home,
Bobby, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Dibble Mrs. Beal and Lois remaining over
1927 licenses given free to January purchasers
and daughter Evelyn. Mr. and Mr*. the holidays.
I- S. Tenny and children James. El-
Mrs. Walter Looney left Tuesday
va and Klma. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. to visit her sister at Gaston, Ore­
Bard and Air. and Mrs. Southworth. gon. She expects to visit other rel­
atives and'friend* while away.
Mrs. Frank Walter spent the holi­
Premier Baldwin says that th*
victory o f the Greeks at Marathon days with her son George.
Roy Wilcox, Prop.
Estacada, Oregon
C. W. Fuller ’ ia moving into the
saved Europe for the fair skinned
races. Just think! I f the Persian* Jack Brown property.
Niles Holland and family o f Salem
had won there wouldn't have been
R. G. M A R C H B A N K
Is the time
Repair That Car
Season s Greetings
Cascade Garage
Estacada State Bank
spy blondes for jcntlamen to yr*f*y. visited iln . Ho Usad» sister.