Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, July 22, 1926, Image 2

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Eastern Clackamas News
gree, there has been more regular
party government. It ¡3 out politi­
cal parties which help save to u/
what we have left of representative
government, because representa­
tive government, as designed in our
Constitution, can only
through great political parties
which gather into their membe:
ship people from ail walks of life.
W'her0 blocs of conflicting inter
ssts take the place of great polit
cal parties we are apt to get one o
two things when popular govern
ment crumbles—the dictatorship of
he autocrat, like Mussolini, or the
dictatorship of communism as ex
amplified in Russia.
We want neither kind of dictator-
hip in the United States and the
best way to prevent such a state of
affairs is to preserve our represen-
ative government, by keeping our
two great political parties clean and
Everything which tends
o destroy party government in the
United States and substitute the
ule of the demagogue or the min-
irity bloc, 1* a menace to our sys-
em of government.
EEEEBBl T71 | you attitude. The female, of an
i honest and trusting nature, places
Notes and Continent her faith in his blandishing ways
and then, when the scales drop from
her eyes, learns she has gathered a
crop of Dead Sea fruit.
iqq UII— I. U i n T i r M I F r r *33HB3TZ
We think we should not be classed
as an idle minded pessimist when
we express the belief that birth and
Entered at the poatoffice in Estacada,
continuous living in great cities ha.-
Oregon, as second-class mail.
: tendency to produce an inferior
uality and worth as compared with
Her.ry Ford’s contributions to
hose born of the soil and who at charity are few and far between.
Published every Thursday at
east spend the years up to their His idea is to provide work at good
Estacada, Oregon,
lajority in the same environment, wages and leave the individual free
by the
ty life gives an artificial polish, and independent to attend to their
ontrary to that acquired by associ­ own charities. His theory is the
ation with the things of nature, proper one, for many times m dis­
nore rough, and producing a hardi- tributing charity the unworthy and
S ubscription R a tes :
r citizen. If there is any argu- shiftless are only encouraged to con­
One Year
nent about this, it is only necessary tinue. Work is a panacea for all
Six Months
tor U3 to refer to history, and there our ills.
• * *
find plenty of confirmation of the
position taken. All the great men
The idea of schools for parents
of the past and those up to the pres­ where they may be taught many
ent time will be found to have born things about children that newly­
“It is becoming more and more
down on the farm and later have wed are ignorant of, may be laugh­
evident,” says the London Daily
jome into such prominence as they ed at, but just such a thing is going
News, “that representative govern­
But the city born and to be tried out in California. Much
ment is in very serious danger.
i eared men who have ever distin­ of the delinquencies blamed on the
has been destroyed to all intents
guished themselves in any manner child rightfully are chargeable to
and purposes in Italy, in Spain, in
except it be in the matter of poli­ the parent, and there seems to be
Russian and in Greece; both in
tics or trade, are very scarce and good reasonns for classes to teach
France and Germany its future can­
may be easily counted.
not be regarded entirely confident­
the parent how to handle the many
In our own country We may take problems which arise in rearing
ly; and even in this country and the
he life of Abraham Lincoln, who their offspring.
United States anti-democratic for­
Portland and its citizens were
* * *
ces have manifestly increased and honored in various ways at the re- was born of the vefy lowly. Chances
are that had he been born and rear­
multiplied since the war.”
Star has been sold
ent convention in San Francisco of
There is food for serious thought he Pacific Coast Advertising Clubs’ ed to city life he would never per- for eleven million dollars. My, oh
in this paragraph. Almost every Association. Marshall N. Dana was uaps have amounted to anything my. There are so many readers
month now a new dictator takes nade president, and this city was other than a struggling law practi­ who think that a newspaper does
over the reins in some European given the pleasure of entertaining tioner. But his rough early life, not amonut to anything, it is good
mingling with the common people, to see that others consider their
country; first it was Italy, then .he next convention.
Henry R.
Spain and Greece, then Portugal, Hayek was given an award for the the true yeomen of this country, worth. The proceeds of the sale of
and lastly Poland. And it is equal­ excellence of his work in typogra­ knowing their wants and needs and the Star go to the city to establish
ly true that in the United States phy, and the address of W. F. G. desires, and being one of them, an art foundation, and that is a good
the enemies of representative gov­ Thatcher of Eugene was adjudged possessed of an ambition to edu­ thing for all the people.
• • •
ernment were never more active the best made before a department­ cate himself and better his condi­
tion, supplied the very energy that
thun at present.
officers sworn to
al group.—Spectator,
was to make him one of the great­ uphold the law violate their oaths,
One of the greatest dangers to
est and noblest of all history. The
representative government is the Seattle to Los Angeles, a distance same is true in but little lesser de­ affords no ground for argument
against prohibition. It only proves
bloc system. It is in the countries of 1,076 miles, in less than twelve gree of all our presidents who all man’s degeneracy and his willing'
infected with the bloc that popular
sprang from humble beginnings. ness to barter his honor for money
one hour. That is going some, and
government is in the greatest dan­ indicative of the improved means of And so it is with nearly all our great So long as they do this so long will
ger. In the Usited States and in transportation we are rapidly ap men in arts, letters, inventions, the the great law-abiding majority in­
professions and every walk of life sist that truth and justice shall pre
Great Britain, too, to a lesser de­ proaching.
where sterling worth has been dem­ vail.
• * *
onstrated. It would herefore ap­
pear that the closer we keep to na­
Said that German waiters must
ture the nearer we approach to that know how to fold a napkin 47 ways
perfection which must be the ulti­ It would take all of that to find
mate destiny of the human race.
clean spot on the ordinary restau­
Arguing from this standpoint we rant napkin.
H. C. GOHRING, Proprietor
• • *
have the explanation of why even
the city man at times feels the urge
Continued violations of the law,
to get away from the falsities of his no matter which law it may be, is
surroundings and seek out those more of a menace to this country
places where he may best commune than any danger from foreign
with the plainer and more natural sources.
The citizen who is so
side of life. He likes to get out in short-sighted as o see this has but
Beef, Mutton, Veal and Hogs Bought
the hills, by the streams, to eat little thinking capacity, and cares
coarse food and sleep beneath the less for his future welfare.
• * *
skies, to breathe uncontaminated
and see
it stir to life the
A “director finder” is the latest
branches of the forest. He wants device to be used by the coast guard
to visit unfrequented places, either to
locate rum-runners.
Open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays, open to 8 p.m.
in company or by himself and feel who drink moonshine on land have
his feet tread the soft earth from a breath on them that can be de­
which he sprang, where he may be tected for blocks.
* * *
away from and forget the worries
of business, society and everything
Publications which carry the ad­
but the glorious things about him vertising of fake concerns and the
not made by the hand of man. many “cures” and nostrums are to
From such scenes a man returns a be proceeded against by th# Federal
better one, he has witnessed the Trade Commission. A newspaper
reality, life exactly as it was creat­ must not impose upon its readers
ed and is, and which has produced matters that are not legitimate and
our greatest and distinguished men. should use the utmost care to pro­
If he be of a studious and observ­ tect its patrons.
• * *
ant mind he will return with a full
realization of the wisdom of a
And now the government pro­
Creator who provided so many won­ poses to add gasoline to denatured
derful things to inclte
t0 great­ alcohol to prevent the bootleggers
er things and nobler deeds, and a from selling it as a drinkable bev­
determination to profit by it.
Can it bs that John D. has
In this connection it might be given away another ten-cent piece?
* * *
added that in Oregon is offered
some of the finest places for an
Many men lay their failure to
outing of this nature to be found. succeed to financial difficulties.
There are vast forests, rugged | Where ability is present thers are no
mountains, peaceful valleys and | elements of failure, financial or oth-
myriads of streams abounding with erwise. At the beginning Henry
trout, and all accessible by high- Ford's capital could easily have been
way or trail. But one should get as carried in th# vest pocket. And so
With the advent of warm weather a new problem
far away from the beaten path as with the captains of all our big in­
presents itself in connection with the economical jj possible, for it is only there that dustries.
Ability is what counts.
nature fully expresses herself. She
* * •
and safe preservation of family foods.
is very fascinating at this season
through a series
The modern way is by means of domestic refriger­
and bids the tired and bored and of syndicated letters, is trying to
ation. It brings you
disconsolate a warm welcome with­ tell the world why Germany lost the
in her ever and many changing war. Will he be abla to satisfy the
German people that he is not a
CONSTANT COLD t just the right temper- scenes.—Sutherlin Sun.
Of interest to the ladies is the re­
CLEANLINESS—No dirt in the box, no pudlles
In figures given out on the port that the queen of Spain has
on the floor.
growth and development of co-oper* adopted the vogu# of the long skirt,
ation in the Unied States. Califor­ not shorter than four inches above
UNFAILING SUPPLY—Close your home — go nia, Oregon and Washington show the ankle. But her highness will
away for days and when you return you’ll find the smallest percentage of increases find there is a greater queen than
in the country.
The east north- she, Queen Fashion, and if she eays
the food in your refrigerator just as you left it. central
states show the greatest only to the knee, only to the knee
gains, 430 per cent, while the Paci­ the skirt will go.
• • •
ECONAMY— DOMESTIC ELECTRIC REFRIG­ fic coast states show but 112 per
ERATION is actually cheaper in daily expense cent. One of the reasons given for The number of cases of violation
this slow development is that so of the narcotic law has increased
many different products are grown from 1060 in 1917 to 10.297 in!
CONVENIENCE—New frozen deserts made pos­ on
farm that it is very diffi- 1925. This shows an alarming in­
sible and pure, dainty ice cubes for the table. | cult each
to embrace them into selling or- crease in the number of people will-
; ganizations. In states where tw0 or ing dope themselves in other ways
We shall be glad to have you come in and let us ex­ i th ro e staple crops are grown, like than by moonshine whiskey.
* • •
wheat, cotton, tobacco, etc., it is
plain the numerous advantages of domestic electric
to the truth, most
ucts. but in diversified farming men who engage and marry a wo­
-tates one would have to become a man do so under false pretenses and
member of several different organi­ deceit. He holds himself up to her
zations to cover the products.
in their lover days as a person of
sweet temper and undying devotion,
and ther# is nothing too good for
New* Ads bring result*.
W. A. HEYLMAN, Editor.
It would lessen the possibility of
early divorce if every young woman
contemplating marriage would in­
quire into the character of the man
seeking her hand. This blind love
stuff, marrying after a brief sea­
son of billing and cooing, and then
experiencing the true character of
the man is what is filling our di­
vorce courts and wrecking the hap­
piness of many lives of a too trust
ing nature.
* *
An attempt was made in the stat
of Louisiana to ban petting partie
in autos, but the legislature refuse,
to pass such a law.
Huhl Whj
try to stop what we, or you, rather,
did in the days of the buggy'.
Might as well try to stop the flow of
* * *
France and other European
countries to whom we have loaned
-.any millions when they were at
war and in need, have turned our
generosity into a bitter hatred of us.
t is the same with individuals. If
you wish to retain the respect and
good will of your friends, be care­
ful how you loan money to them.
« » *
The Irish Free State allows no li­
quor in any street cars.
nind. Trust Pat to know where a
trop of potheen is to be found.
* » •
In addition to what already seems
o be an ample number of theatres
he city of Seattle is to have more
dded this season to the amount of
our million dollars to construct.
Which is an indication of the pros-
>erity of the Pacific Northwest, the
apid growth of all of our cities,
nd that the public is determined to
ljoy itself.
The son of the Greek dictatoi
was banished to an island to kee;
* » *
him from marrying a girl. But the
President Coolidge is so busy at-
young man escaped, sought out a
ending to public business and en-
gain his sweetheart and they were oying what little leisure he can get
duly wed. That is a very nice anc.
hat Senator Cummins’ prediction
romantic story. Someday parent,
hat he will not be nominated in
will learn that their children laugh
928, has no effect upon him nor
at locksmiths, or even waters separ
auses no worry.
Cummins lost
ating them from the mainland.
* * *
• * •
With much and pardonable pridi
and patriotism many thousands oi
young men took up arms and wen.
overseas in defense of humanity.
And yet many of these same men a:
home, where greater menace to
themselves and ail humanity exists in
the shape of law violation, laugh a.
efforts of those enlisted in the
cause to preserve a nation, the
pride of the earth.
* * *
Unearned fortunes have provee
the undoing of many young men
who, if left to their own resources,
probably would have made a better
mark in the world. Parents who
toil their lives out to leave fortunes
to their children, not knowing how
The Pacific Northwest has been
;uite free up to the present time
f the usual haze of smoke obscur­
ing everything but nearby objects,
v hen we shall arrive at that time
//hen every person uses care in
.he matter of fires our forests will
->e preserved and tourists may en-
,oy to the full our unexcelled
* * *
In divorce cases where community
property in the way of an auto en­
ters and is awarded to the woman,
he license for the machine is also
. oided and she must acquire a new
^ne. At last that is the opinion of
.he attorney general of the state of
Washington, and he ought to know.
Municipal Terminal, Sixth and Salmon Sts.—Phone Main 7738.
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R. G. M A R C H B A N K
to consider the advantages of
Domestic Electric
** ’ ■ ’ ■
- o * qq - ooq » c <
* * •
they will spend it, do so through
a love that is misdirected and
would cause them much sorrow
could they look back and see the re­
Portland Electric Power Company
Einest Bakery
R . •
' l i .