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' in this life, and more th a t bring the
; happiness we all are searching for
W. A. HEYLMAN, Editor.
and are entitled to. In this con­
nection it may be said our present
E ntered at the poatofflce in Estacada, prohibition laws were made with no
other object in view.
They were
Oregon, as second class mail.
not passed in any fev er of desire
[Published every Thursday at I to simply tell us th a t we should not
use alcohol as a beverage or to
Estacada. Oregon,
abridge any God-given priviledge.
They w ere enacted a fte r centuries
by the
of such use had dem onstrated the
curse it was to m ankind, its de­
moralizing effects, and with no
selfish desire on the p a rt of any to
S ubscription R a t e s :
deprive us of som ething th a t was
)ne Year
absolutely necessary to our exist­
Six Months
ence and w elfare. We are certain
those responsible fo r those laws, the
m ajority, had no oth er thought in
mind than b ettering the present and
It is perhaps unquestionable th a t future of the hum an fam ily, and
[the m ere enacting of a statu te can acted only in the best in terests of all
|n o t a lte r the morals or habits of a concerned. These laws are violated,
nan. The hum an character is so ill laws are and very flagrantly,
tco n stitu ted and habits and tastes so nd it is found difficu lt to enforce
| fixed th a t when we step in and at- them. T hat was to be expected, as
em pt to regulate them we arouse wc had fo r so long a tim e been per­
th e n atu ral instinct of self-defense mitted to gratify , unbridled, a dis-
and encounter a stubborn and de­ ased appetite it was hard to be
term ined will which brooks no in te r­ denied w hat had grown to be looked
ference with w hat it considers per- upon as a sacred rig h t. A t the pres-
onal liberty or the rig h t of self-de­ ant looms large and obstinate
term ination as to likes and dislikes. opposition to these laws, b ut there
In a personal sense this looks like a must be no backward step, no les-
logical conclusion. B ut in o rgan­ ening of the striving fo r th a t tim e
ized society there are other things vhen all m en’s hearts shall be in
which m ust be considered.
If in tnison on this subject, when all the
the exercise of this personal liberty evils in our false beliefs are ban­
or the rig h t of self-determ ination ished, the light of T ru th dawns
we are ap t to endanger others re ­ jpon us, and we shall be free
gardless, and deprive them of some ndeed.
rights, then common sense and
justice demands th a t we revise our
views and be content to so conduct
ourselves as to insure the greatest
This is an age of credit, and be­
good to the g rea test num ber. By cause it is the people are more
following such a course we deprive qually sharers in the conveniences
ourselves of none of our liberties nd com forts of life here than any­
b u t only subjugate them to the com­ where else in the world. One com-
mon good.
en tato r avers th a t the American
In fact, we gain g rea ter liberties, people “have gone paym ent m ad.1’
fo r w ithout restraining laws, a w ider We question if there is any mad­
scope of independent action is ness about it. W ere th ere the cred­
opened to ua
under reasonable it business would soon end in dis­
laws and regulations we find m any aster. Instead of th a t it is expand­
more and b etter ways of freedom ing a t a g re a t rate, w ith resu lt th a t
Eastern Clackamas News
the people are b etter o ff th an they
have ever been before. They ac­
quire w hat they w ant when they
w ant it an d enjoy the use of it while
they pay fo r it.
We are told th i't a vast m ajority
of the wage earners have m ort­
gaged th e ir incomes fo r years to
come because of the tren d of the
country to buy luxuries and neces­
sities of life on the installm ent plan.
This should not arouse fears in any
breast. M ortgaged incomes mean in
most instances th a t those who have
taken on a burden of debt are ac­
quiring p roperty and culture, and
when they have discharged th eir
credit obligations they will have
som ething to show fo r it, which
they probably never would have
were they compelled to postpone
purchases until they had the cash
ready fo r paym ent in full.
The all-em bracing credit system
enables people to raise themselves
o ut of the near-pauper class to a
position of self-respect th a t consti­
tu te s a national asset of incalcul­
able w orth. One gran ted credit is
imm ediately conscious th a t someone
else has faith in his h onesty, the
credit goes n o t m erely to his ability
to pay a t the tim e agreed upon but
to his ch aracter which is adjudged
incapable of perm itting him to de­
fault. T here are all too m any char­
acterless people in the co untry who
take advantage of the confidence
tradesm en and m erchants are will­
ing to repose in th eir fellows.
The credit system is chiefly sig­
nifican t of the dem onstrated hon­
esty of th e g re a t m ajority of the
some characters is probable and th a t
it has offered tem ptation irresistable
to a good m any is true, b u t in most
cases good character is inherent.
Recognition of this by m erchants
has been a boon to th e masses.
They are n o t paym ent mad. They
are m abitious strivers fo r b etter
things fo r themselves and th eir fam ­
ilies and take advantage of oppor­
tu n ity wisely presented. The credit
system of Am erica is a notew orthy
prop and support of our growing
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T est of a poison bait, developed
by M. J. Porseli, H orticultural In ­
spector, of W ashington, has proven
effective in the control of the straw ­
b erry root wevil, according to For-
sell and Mr. A rth u r F rank, P ath ­
ologist of the W estern W ashington
E xperim ent Station, Puyallup. As­
surance of the effectiveness of the
bait has been given by members of
the W ashington station and by the
S tate E ntom ologist a t Pullm an.
The Oregon A gricultural College
has not had an opportunity to test
out this bait, and cannot vouch for
its effectiveness, but th ey believe
the investigators who are fam iliar
w ith the control work done are com­
p eten t to judge the m erits of the
C ontrol is obtained by poisoning
the adult wevil before it
its eggs. The poison is placed in the
crown of each plant, about a tea-
spoonful to each plant. The bait
is said to a ttra c t the beetles upon
which they feed, thus killing them
before th ey lay th eir eggs. Thus,
the tim e of application is governed
by the life history of the insect.
As the rem edy is directed against
the beetle it is best to apply the
bait when the maximum num ber of
beetles are present and before much
egg laying takes place.
U nder
W estern
W ashington
according to Forsell, the bait can be
best applied at the completion of
harvest. This tim e, it is believed,
would be a little late, u nder W est­
ern Oregon conditions, fo r best re ­
sults. According to present in fo r­
m ation, the g rea test num ber of
weevils appera about the last of
May, and the peak of egg laying
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H H H M U W + + ».♦»»«"»♦•»♦»»»♦»♦»♦»♦♦♦»I
D epartm ent of the In terio r, U. S.
Land O ffice a t Portland, Oregon,
December 21, 1925.
Notice is hereby given th a t W alter
B. Lemon, of Route 1, E stacada,
Oregon, who, on December 4, 1920,
made A djoining Farm Homestead
E n try , No. 07008, fo r E*4NW *4,
Section 25, Township 3 S., Range
4 E., W illam ette M eridian, has filed
notice of intention to make Final
Proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before R egister U.
S. Land O ffice, a t Portland, O re­
gon, on the 29th day of Januacy,
Claim ant nam es as witnesses:
W alter L. Shriner, of E stacada,
William J. Dillinger, of E stacada.
Jam es E. D eardorff, of E stacada,
William L. Shaffer, of E stacada,
A ct 6-9-16:80 Acres Clackamas
Acting Register.
Notice will be published five con­
secutive weeks in the E astern Clack­
am as News, E stacada, Oregon.
F irst publication Dec. 24, 1295;
iaat publication January Hi, 1926,
comes about the middle of June. PER FEC T VISION IMPORTANT cused pleaded h.' com m itted the crim e
The application based on our pres­
with a gun instead of beating the
A physician connected with one victim's brains out with a club, this
en t knowledge should be made the
last of May or first week in June j of the g reatest industrial plants in judge would let him o ff with a rep­
However, it is advisable to follow j the land says th a t if a child does rimand.
the inventor’s directions for he has j not see with the physical eye the
had two or th ree years experience m ental eye can never believe cor­
We are not going to agree \v;th
rectly. If the vision is blurred the
with the m aterial.
those persons who object to the pro­
Persons interested in this new im pression which the child gets is hibition of the m anufacture of fire
This is pu ttin g the m at­
control may com m unicate with the blurred.
arm s on the grounds th at crooks
county ag ricu ltu ral agent a t O re­ te r plainly and in language which all would got them anyw ay and the hun­
gon City, who is arran g in g several
ted» st man would be the only one
field tests in straw berry fields of made in connection with n plea for effected. We m aintain th a t no hon­
a whole child, one with correct v s- est man ha. any use t’or a six-gun. Or
Clackamas county.
ion, with a body as free from de­
th at the one who thinks he m ust
fects as it is possible for one to be. carry one he never gets a chance to
It is recognized th a t the ancient
use it wh. n occasion might ju stify .
W ashington D. C., Ja n u ary .— The Greek ideal may be obtained in com­
— Sutherlin Sun.
tax reduction bill and the ratification pleteness, but nothing should be
of the foreign debt agreem ents take left to chance. Many slight defects
An en tertain m en t consisting of a
equal if not higher rank th an the can be corrected. If they are dis­
one-a> t comedy and a musical com­
w„rld court resolution in general in­ regarded they may become perm an­
edy will be given by the high school
terest and in senatorial interest, too. ent handicaps. To insure the discov­
students Thursday evening, Jan. 28,
Ju st now the senatorial leaders are ery of conditions which may need
in the high school auditorium , at
predicting th a t the tax bill will get correction annual exam inations are eight o'clock.
through w ithout m aterial changes, recommended.
This practice has
The one-act comedy, “ The T ryst-
i t is known, however, th a t th ere is become
for ing Place,’’ by Booth Tarkington, is
opposition in certain quarters against adults, but extending it to children
a story of am using com plication of
die su rtax rates and the debate will would obviate the chance of them
lovers at a sum m er hotel. The voice
doubtless be extended with the pro­ needing freq u en t exam inations so
of an unseen person lends m ystery
gressives attem pting to increase the badly when they become adults.
to the plot. Persons in the play a re :
general exemption to $5,000 and to
It m ay be said th a t this is the Thelma Wilcox, Wilma Kitching, Ed­
move up the su rta x rate to tw enty- busines interest of doctors. When
na Bates, John W hitaker, William
five or th irty percent. Ju st w hat one is ill the first thing one does
Shearer, Shirley B urnett, and Virgil
success this move will have wii. e- si to call a doctor. If it is a seri­ Wright.
pend principally on w hat nel*, the ous illness the bill will be large.
The settin g for the musical comedy
progressives are able to g et from the The best way to make bills fo r med­
“ Lady F rances,” is a g irl’s sorority
ical services small is to keep well house ill the east. T hey picture the
It is predicted th a t there will be and if by a periodical exam ination
true coli'ge girl in a very realistic
considerable fig h t over the ra tifi­ one can keep well, one will be able
l n»s is to be presented by
cation of the debt settlem ents es­ to secape giving the doctors much
members of the G irls’ Glee Club.
pecially th a t made with Italy, and money.
Proceeds from the en tertain m en t
it is expected th a t the issue will soon
A sound body fo r the child is of are to go tow ards financing the
become a burning one both in the g re a te r im portance th an a sound
'H icada,” the high school* annual.
House and in the Senate. Some of I body in one who has lived a goodly
Adnno.-don prices are forty cents
the • Democratic leaders declare th a t p art of the life one may reasonably for reserved seats and th irty cents
a g reat deal of opposition to the expect. If the child sta rts with a for general admission, and tw enty
Italian settlem ent has arisen both in handicap and it is not removed it cents fo r children. Reserved seats
the House and Senate and th a t this will ca rry it all its days. Its use- '
may bo obtained a t the E stacada
oposition will be bi-partisan rath e r fulness will be lessened by it. Pharmacy.
than partisan w ith the adm inistra­ If the next generation is made up
tion senators generaly endorsing the of men and women of good physiyue
The absurdness and looseness of
work of the D ebt Funding Commis­ the s ta rt will needs be made when our m arriage and divorce laws is
they are children. Thus the doctor shown in th j fac t th a t in Oregon for
Those who favor the Italian se ttle­ who pleads fo r the whole child is the past ten years divorces have ex­
m ent counter the charge th a t it was looking to the kind of fu tu re citi­ ceeded the num ber of prosecutions
made a t too low a fig u re by replying zens this land will have. He stresses fo r crime about fourfold. Divorce
th at the agreed settlem ent is all th a t the im portance of vision because results from the m arriage of ill-
the Italians can pay and th a t it is th a t m ust be looked to in infancy mated persons who m arry first and
either a case of g ettin g th a t much or as well as later.
find each other out later. This is
nothing. There is little doubt th a t
bad for the parties, th e ir possible
the debate on the settlem ents will
issue, to society and the stute, and
be decidedly interesting.
the time m ust come th a t law m ust
S tan fo rd U niversity, Jan. 28.— Of regulate the union of male and fe ­
If w inter does n ot h u rry along in all the foods consumed by the human male.
this region Spring will have no one race sugar is the m ost natu ral, ac­
cording to Dr. Alonzo Taylor, di­
to linger in her lap.
A New York p reacher of the
recto r of the Food Research In sti­
T he.C hicago U niversity investiga­ tu te here, and a noted au th o rity on (listen) M ethodist church favors
jazz fo r churches and says it should
to r who declares th a t the Apostle food.
Paul had a stenographer, who took
Dr. Taylor says th e ta sté fo r su­ supplant high-priced q u artets.
his epistles in shorthand may dis­ gar is a normal taste and the only 1 says jazz “ temis to unseal reason and
cover on fu rth e r exam ination th a t taste th a t has been cultivated by set passion fre e ,” but he is willing
to take a chance on his congregation
they were w ritten on a typew riter. human beings.
“ No child was ever born th a t didn’t listening to it. O ther church o rgan­
The H ungarian Countess Karolyi crave candy,” asserts the savant, izations will watch the experim ent
has appealed to the courts in an e f­ and the principle p art of any candy with interest.
fo rt to gain admission to this country. is its sugar content.”
He added
The only music typically A m er­
The lady is very desirous of en te r­ th a t sugar is probably the purest
ing in order to lecture on her hobby, food m anufactured today, and point­ ican is th a t made by the mocking
communism, and her in terest is mak­ ed o ut th a t even b u tte r m ust be a r ti­ bird, the saxophone und the cash
ing such determ ined e ffo rt to get the ficially colored.
He gave sugar
S ecretary of S tate may be explained an o th er h u rrah by declaring th a t
for her desire to g ath er in a harvest while the n u tritive qualities of su­
of A m erican dollars. W hat she may g ar are identical with those of
have to say would in te rest b ut few starch, sugar is ten tim es more eas- !
Am ericans, anyway.
ily digested.
* * •
“ The average starchy food takes
The statem en t th a t a London th ree to fo u r hours fo r digestion
preacher, who refuses to perform whereas the human body consumes
in liileriinl tiiilicinc to r the
the m anage cerem ony fo r a bride sugar in from ten to th irty m inutes
pil'd lilleeu years
with a powdered face and painted a fte r it is eaten ,” says Dr. Taylor.
lips, has not perform ed a cerem ony “ D uring the World W ar all arm ies
Will lie at
fo r several weeks would seem to il­ adopted sugar as an em ergency ra ­
Wednesday, Thursday nnd
lu stra te cause and effect.
tion, and it was given as a shock
Friday, February 3, 4, and
Ellin Mackay, 22-yera old daughter ration to troops prior to an attack.
Office Hours: iu a. m. to I p. m.
of the many tim es millionaire head It has been proven to me in my re­
of th e Postal T elegraph company, search work on food th a t sugar is
■No I harge for I oiisultutlon.
slips out, heeding not p arental au ­ invaluable to athletes, mountain
Dr. Mellentldn is a regular graduate
th o rity or advice, and m arries a Jew ­ clim bers and explorers, it giving
in medicine and surgery and is li­
ish young man noted only fo r his them increased energy a t high alti­ censed by the state of Oregon. He
musical ability in cabarets and jazz tudes and under g rea t hardship.”
does not operate tor chronic appen­
dicitis, gall stone:,, ulcers of stomach,
palaces. She high bred and edu­
Dr. Taylor said th a t Italy and tonsils or adenoids.
cated, "he low born and the only F rance are the lowest sugar consum­
He has to his credit wonilerfnl re ­
qualifications ap p aren t his ability to ers, because of the wines drunk in
sults in diseases oi the stomach, liver,
ca te r to wild life. How long shall those nations.
bowels, blood, skin, nerves, heart, kiil-
we give such a union to live?
“ The Anglo-saxon does not drink ney, bladder, bed wetting, catarrh,
weak lungs, rheumatism , sciatica, leg
therefore ulcers and rectal ailments.
w ants more flavor in his diet which
Below are the names of a few of his
'{ Mr. & Mr*. W. E. Hall, Prop.. * he gets through fru it and su g ar.” many sutistied patients in Oregon:
Rose J. Apiiti, Cai son. Wash., nerve
A U niversity of Chicago man de­ trouble.
Mrs. Otto Will, Jefferson, varicose
clares th a t the Apostle Paul had a
stenographer who took down his ulcer, leg.
M. P. Christianson, Albany, bladder
letters in shorthand. Perhaps th a t trouble.
explains why all through the Pauline
Mrs. M. A. Ewan, Coquille, stom ach
epistles there is no evidence th a t the trouble.
Robert Ziglinski, Scio, stomach and
I Open from 6:30 a. m. to 8:00 p. m converted Jew took him self a wife.
heart trouble.
John Roth, Albany, adenoids and
A Chicago judge has peculiar ideas tonsils.
Mrs. M. I. Olsen, Portland, appendi­
of his own regarding law enforce­
Because two prisoners as­
K* member the above date, that con­
serted they only sold pure liquor, he sultation on this trip will be tree and
cut th e ir sentence a fte r their guilt that his treatm ent is different.
Married women must bo accom pan­
had been established, from six months
ied by their husbands.
to sixty days. We presume, th e re ­
Address; 211 Bradbury Bldg., Los
fore, th a t in a m urder case if the ac­ Angeles, California.
Neat, Durable work
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