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    lEasímt (Ciarkamas Nm s
Devoted to the Interests ot Eastern Clackamas County
E stacada is growing in grace as it
w ere in the mind of the overworked
professional man and woman.
D uring the , past week "M r. and
Mrs. C. E. Becker, San F rancisco,"
as the Hotel Estacada reveals, were
visitors during Thursday, Friday,
S aturday and Sunday, Mine Host
Moore delivering them at a Portland
hotel during the evening of Sunday,
I t so happens th a t Mrs. Becker is
recovering from a serious surgical
operation, and th a t her husband is
superintendent of the southern divi­
sion of the A merican Red Cross
society. W orn out with professional
duties and g rie f sustained in w atch­
ing our shell shocked and gassed
soldiers fighting— and losing— their
battle for life, he and Mrs. Becker
sought quiet. By mere accident E s­
tacada was learned of and they came
"In all our travels, and we have
journeyed many thousands of miles,"
this couple tells The News, “ we have
never found a spot to com pare with
your beautiful little city? We" have,
as a m atter of course, had more elab­
orate hotél apartm ents, more mod­
ern conveniences, if you will, but
never has such rare hospitality, such
bounteous good wilf, such a home,
been our good fortu n e. N or have we
ever been closer to n atu re than in
the wild canyons of your neighbor­
ing m ountains where, as Mine Host
Moore says: ‘T h’ river runs sta n d ­
ing on edge.”
Dr. Becker assures The News “ We
are Coming again, and oúr friends
are coming. Also, I shall suggest to
the United States governm ent th a t
some of Ahe nA ney being w asted on
undesirable hospital sites should be
diverted to E stacada, w here we can
have dear old N ature as an ally in
behalf of the poor fellows who gave
th e ir all fo r us and who are spending
th eir last few days at sanitarium s
w here medicines have no ally and
where, as a m atter of cold fact, the
doctor him self cannot hope.”
A nother move forw ard in our civic
ffairs was made when Dr. W. G.
lurbuchen of Portland, a chiroprac-
or, was induced to establish a p a rt­
irne office in our city.
He plans on locating his head-
luarters a t L inn’s Inn, w here he will
e a t your service T hursday and Fri-
ay evenings fo r the tim e being.
Dr. Zurbuchen is on the staff of
he Beneficial association of the
», E. P. Co. and is considered to be
com petent and conscientious prac-
Every m em ber of Estacada lodge
O. F. is expected to rep o rt a t the
dga room Saturday evening of this
eek and be ready to take p a rt in
,e drill squad which is to put Esta-
ida lodge on the map at the grand
dge sessions in Portland.
T w enty-four men are required for
ie exhibition and as thè tim e for
•ill is short— the squad not yet as-
mbled— it is earnestly requested
lat Saturday night will find the
dge room filled with willing workers
P. E. P. excursionists, eight trains
'em, had a delightful day last Sun-
y. The w eather was ideal and at
st a dozen missed the last train
d were compelled to rem ain over
fht a t Ssfacada.
L. J. P alm ateer le ft Tuesday fo r
Dee, Oregon, to be absent fo r sev­
eral months.
Mrs. L. J. P alm ateer was hostess
to the Skip-a-Week club Tuesday.
Mrs. H. H. A nders will en tertain
Septem ber 15.
Mr. and Mrs. M. G. W eatherby
attended the Sunday School rally at
Colton Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. W elty of Idaho
visited Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Robert­
son Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Moreland were
Portland visitors taking in the circus
Miss Dwyer of Minnesota hag
been the house guest of Mrs. W. R.
Reid. Mrs. Reid and her guest en­
joyed a trip around the Mt. Hood
loop Tuesday.
E lizabeth and H arry Reid spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. R.
Reid. Miss Elizabeth is to leave for
a m onth’s visit in San Francisco
this week.
Seventy-eight G rangers and their
friends sa t down to a picnic table
groaning with gpod things to eat
last Saturday when Garfield Grange
held a picnic at Dinty Moore’s
park. Over 100 w ere present and
during the day M ayor H. C. Step-
phens of E stacada spoke on “ F arm ­
ing and Business.” Seyeral musical
num bers and excellent music by the
E stacada band furnished the pro­
Garfield G range will m eet S atu r­
day night, Septem ber 5, a t 8:00.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Cole of Cen-
tralia visited Mr. and Mrs. W. B.
Brown Sunday. Mrs. A. Smith, Mrs.
Lem on’s m other, retu rn ed to Cen-
tralia with them.
Mr, and Mrs. Chas. D uncan en­
joyed a visit from Mr. D uncan’s
m other and sister Isabelle Sunday.
Mrs.» Anna Louden of Portland
visited relatives here Sunday.
Mrs. A n ita Swanson of P ortland
visited her sister, Mrs. R. G. Palm ­
ateer Sunday.
F ran k T aylor enjoyed a trip to
Portland and the circus Thursday
and Friday.
In behalf of Garfield G range No.
317 the en tertain m en t com mittee
extends to Dinty Moore a most
hearty vote of thanks and appreci­
ation fo r his hospitality and kind
thoughtfulness fo r our every need
at our picnic Saturday. We also
extend thanks to the band.
The com m ittees in charge of the
Labor day celebration plans have
been hard a t work com pleting the
last m inute detfails of the eclebra-
tion to be held in E stacada Monday,
Septem ber 7.
The program fo r the day is a r­
ranged as follows:
9:45 a.m.— Crowning of our queen.
10:00 a. m.— Com petitive drills on
11:00 a. m.— Musical program in
the park, under the direction of
David H orner, Sr.
Address ........ Congressman Hawley
12:00 m............................... Lunch hour
1:00 p. m.— Boxing contest in the
P ark pavilion.
2:00 p. m.— D ancing in the Park
2:00 p. m.— Races and sports in
the park.
8:00 p. m.— Dance in Park pavilion
Flower exhibit will be held during
entire day a t Estacada Pharmacy.
Music furnished throughout the day
by the Estacada band.
hibition of Tuckerhill dahlias, blue
Hbbon w inners at Oregon S tate
Fair, at W ooster’s office Labor
Day, Sept. 7.. O rder your bulbs
for spring delivery.
V era L.
Tucker, grower, Gresham, Oregon.
Phone 42X2.
Neat, Durable work
Have the »oles »ewed on
your areas shoes with a
i R. D AHLKE. Estacada
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stone and
granddaughter, Miss Thelma Schank
of Portland, were visitors at the G.
A .'S to n e home Sunday.
Quite a num ber of people from
here are picking hops fo r W. G.
Glover of Eagle Creek.
Visitors at the W. P. F errel home
Sunday were John Rowe, an old
friend from California, W. O. Echols
and Ira Reynolds of Currinsville
and th eir daughter, Miss Edith, of
Mr. and Mrs. F rank Guffnet and
fam ily have gone to W ashington to
pick prunes.
Mrs. George Fontian and children
and Verl Stone were E stacada shop­
pers one day last week.
Visitors at the T. H. Adell home
Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Elingham
and Mrs. Godfery, Mr. and Mrs.
Sherman Stone of Portland, Mr. and
Mrs. W. C. Odell and fam ily of
The official count of ballots cast
fo r the candidate fo r queen of the
Labor day celebration showed the
standing of contestants to be as
Wilma H itching ............................. 193
Edna Bates .....................•’................ 235
Edith Howell ................................. 96
Edna C a rter .................................... 5
The ballot boxes fo r the contest
will be closed a t 9:00 p. m. S atu r­
day, Septem ber 5.
At 12 M. on Labor day a picnic
dinner will be served in the E staca­
da parle fo r the queen, her atten d ­
ants and the members qf the chorus
by the com m ittee in charge.
autom obile will be placed a t the dis­
posal of the queen and her atten d ­
ants on Labor day.
Considerable preparation is being-
made to en tertain “ the lucky lady”
and her retinue.
Have you voted fo r your choice
yet? The contest closes Saturday,
Septem ber 5, at 9:00 p. m,
Sunday guests at the George P er­
ry home were Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Smith of P ortland and Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Benham and children from
Lents. The Benham children Jean,
Frances and V irginia, rem ained for
a week’s visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Hallie McMurphy
and son of Los Angeles and Mr. and
Mrs. Smiley Lovelace of Estacada
w ere M onday callers at the J. F.
Moger home. The
will be rem em bered as having lived
here a few years ago on the Gable
Those from here atten d in g the
Clackamas county Sunday School
rally a t Colton Sunday were Mr. and
Mrs. Ed Shearer and G ilbert, Wil­
liam and Edward, Jr., Mr. and Mrs.
Carl Peterson and Clara and Ev­
erett, Elva Shibley and A rt Morrow.
Mr. and Mrs. Kirkwood had a:
th eir guest fo r a few days last week
an old friend, Mr. Moorhouse,
Mrs. Annie Hull was visiting for
a few days last week a t the home
of her son Clarence.
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. McDonald
the past week were Mr. and Mrs. Me
Pherson and daughter of Los A n­
geles. Mrs. M cPherson is a sister of
Mr. McDonald.
Included in the num ber of huckle­
berry pickers going from here re ­
cently were Mr. and Mrs. Carl
W ard, Mr. and Mrs. Harold H om el­
and Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Hansen.
All rep o rt plenty of berries.
George and A ugust Genserowski
le ft Sunday fo r Sheridan, Oregon,
to help in the hop harvest at the
home of th eir b ro th er Ernest.
George Fairchild, publisher and
close friend of G eneral Leonard
Wood, advances the interesting th e ­
ory th a t the United States would
have no rig h t to cut loose from the
Philippines, even if it desired to do
so. Mr. Fairchild aired his views in
the form of a statem en t issued at
W hite Court, where he had gone tc
deliver a personal message of g reet­
ing from G neral Wood to President
“ I do not believe th a t under the
constitution congress would have th<
right to relinquish te rrito ry once ac­
quired,” Mr. Fairchild said. “ The
islands have been taken over by the
United S tates and we have no right
to alienate them unless it were done
in w ar tim e.”
Mr. F airchild's statem en t was pro­
voked by a r inquiry as to w hether
he agreed with Representative Chas.
Underhill (Rep., Mass.) who recently-
called at W hite C ourt a fte r touring
the Philippines and declared th at the
country would n ot be ready fo r inde­
pendence fo r m any year* to come.
Here is som ething interesting to
think about. Ju st w here in the con­
stitution can you find any provision
fo r giving up te rrito ry belonging to
America and abandoning citizens of
the United S tates?
When a spokesman for th e presi­
dent declares th a t He sees no reason
why a special session of congress
should be held in the fall he has the j
agreem ent of ju st about everybody
except those who have an ax or two
to grind in a special session. We are
all doing quite well w ithout congress
and doubtless can stagger along at
D e t J a l
V o il
Mrs. Earl Odell and her brother. the present rate until it cornea time
William Ferrel, drove to PorilaiU fo r a reg u lar congressional session.
— Springfield Union.
last Thursday.
The News is newsy. Yov want News! CLACKAMAS
fl.5 0
$1.50 PER YEAR
Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Jubb are
the proud parents of a baby boy,
who has been named Tommie Ken­
W ith all her boastful advertising
Mrs. Griffith and her son Bearl
of the excellency of California
le ft for th eir home in Californio,
prunes, our neighboring sta te has no a fte r spending two months with
According to the rep o rt of the
hesitancy about coming to Clacka­ her parents, ¡Mr. and Mrs. Elm er ; S pringw ater F air board an added
mas county, Oregon, for a supply.
Lankins, and oth er relatives.
attractio n has been secured for th a t
A C alifornia buyer last week p u r­
Mr. and Mrs. F rank Gibb of Cali­ I enterprising com munity this year in
chased the Springw ater crop of fornia and Mrs. Gibb’s brother, Mr. the form of horse racing. Consider­
prunes a t an average price of $30.
Hall, and fam ily of P ortland were able excitem ent prevails, as seven
out here Sunday. They still own horr.es have already been promised
th eir farm here. Elm er Lankin ha^ and seven or eight more are expect­
it rented at the present time.
ed to en ter as the contest draws
School began Monday, A ugust 31,
Mr. Beech and B rother E v erett nearer.
with 21 pupils present, and some of P atton of Oak Grove were out this
At a well attended m eeting held
the parents were there too. There way calling on old friends last Sun last Saturday at the G range hall
are seven beginners this year and in day. Rev. J. J. P atton, th e ir fath er, plans fo r the coming Springw ater
all nearly double the num ber of pu­ had charge of the church here for fair were discussed and com m ittees
pils attending la st year. Mrs. Elsie three years some years ago.
were appointed to carry out the pro­
Dew is again teacher.
Mrs. Theforf Olson and little son gram as outlined in the various de­
Q uite a num ber of people from of P ortland were visiting a t the partm ents.
this neighborhood were in the moun­ Randolph home and Miss Bookout,
Keen in terest was m anifest in the
tains last week a fte r huckleberries. a friend of Miss Randolph, was also discussion relative to the livestock,
Mrs. Harold Joyr.er and children a guest a t the same time.
Miss agricultural, culinary, fancy work
visited in P ortland last week with Bookout is a teacher in an Eastern and juvenile exhibits; but when it
her sister, Mrs. R. Maxwell.
was proposed to put on a horse race
Oregon school.
The C hristian Endeavors will
C. Lynde and son M illard are enthusiasm was unbounded. P ete r
m eet a t the home of Mr. and Mrs. moving on to the old Morgan place Erickson and Ed Shearer, the only
Gus Zwirman on F rid ay evening. at Redland, which they have iccent- two surviving members of the Old
Topic fo r the m eeting: “ The H ar­ ly rented.
Dobbin class, with th eir faith fu l
vest of O ur Lives— W hat Shall It
friends and allies tied alongside the
B e?”—-Gal. 6:17-10; Prov. 11:17 -
ill-smelling tin buggies of today, or
UPPER EAGLE CREEK munching the newmown hay out of
20; II Cor. 5:10.
Mr. and Mrs. P eter Paulsen and
the G range stable mangers, felt ju st
L ast Tuesday Mrs. S. J. Eddy, son
d au ghter Emma and son Otto were
a little bit too stiff to challenge the
guests of Mrs. Marie K linker and
boys to a horseback race, but felt
M. L ightfoot apd daughter, motored
fam ily on Sunday.
that they might be able to make it a
Miss Emma Paulsen of P ortland is
bit in terestin g fo r them in handling
spending her vacation with h er p a r­ ner guest of Mrs. B. Gibson.
the ribbons in a driving contest.
Orville Douglass, sow of Bert
ents, Mr. and Mrs. P. Paulsen.
The races will be held in the a f­
Mrs. Louis Weisenfluh has gone Douglass, is the guest of his uncle ternoon, a fte r the governor’s ad­
and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Will Doug­
dress, in one of Mr. G u ttrid g e’s
Mr. and M i - b . J. Paulsen and boys, lass. He had the m isfortune to stubble field;. The track will be
George W alling and Donald Car- break an arm some two weeks ago staked off and p ut in shape before­
ruth, spent Sunday' in Estacada at and he was brought to Portland to hand.
the home of Mr. and Mrs. H arken- have it set. A fter staying a t the
Right now I ■ tho tim e for all to
hospital fo r a few days he came out
rid er and family.
get th eir hoi ea in shape for this
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Sr. and son,
event. An en try fee of $1.00 will
On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Mr. and Mrs. Will Ross and family,
be charged each horse entered. The
Mrs. Bateson and daughter Marian,
money derived from en trance fees
and Miss Dora V oderberg, all of and Mrs. Will Bell and Mr. and Mrs. will go to the winners.
Portland, were guests of Mr. and
Remember the date, Friday, Sep­
Several from this neighborhood
Mrs. H enry Johnson Sunday.
tem ber 18. A basket dinner will be
went to the m ountains Sunday to
the order fos the noon hour. Sand­
pick huckleberries.
wiches will be sold during the day
Virgil and Glenn Douglass, of
by tho Ladies Aid of the Springwn-
Mr. a n d #Mrs. Hallie MacMurphy th eir folks Sunday evening by com­ ter church, in addition to the reg u ­
and little son were visitors at the ing to seo them. They motored lar ice cream stand. Coffee will he
furnished free to all desiring it.
home of Mr. and Mrs. Smiley Love­ from M ontgom ery to Eagle Creek.
Make your plans now to spend
lace Monday, retu rn in g to Portland
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rehbcg have
the day at Springw ater.
Monday evening to visit with rela­ moved to lower Eagle Creek.
tives before retu rn in g to th eir own
Roy Douglass purchased a new
home in Los Angeles. They were drill recently.
form er residents of Springw ater,
Mrs. R. B. Gibson attended
M aster Robert Ocrke, aged 12, is
having rsided on the John Reid church a t Dover Sunday afternoon.
the guest of the Fred Wilhelm fam ­
place. About fo u r years ago they
ily a t Dinty Moore’s park, has pre­
le ft fo r Los Angeles, where they
sented the popular proprietor of this
have since resided.
newest to u rist camp with a rem ark ­
Irr a le tte r to th eir parents, Mr.
ably clever draw ing depicting Jiggs
The E stacada schools will open at a phone with Dinty listening at
and Mrs. Sagncr, Max and Erven
rep o rt th a t they are very well Monday, Septem ber 14, one week the opposite end of the wire. The
pleased with the com m unity of Flor- earlier than last year. In the high colloquy:
istan, California, and are hard a; school five of last y ea r’s teachers
"Is this Dinty Moore’s.”
work. Mr. and Mrs. Max Sagnei are retu rn in g . They are O. T. Ol-
“ You tedd ’em! Stop!
and fam ily arrived there a fte r a de­ son, principal; Miss Lillie Homedew,
Master B >b’s family will do well
lightful trip overland.
home economies; Miss A lta Kersh- to keep tab ou the youngster or one
ner, English; Paul C. Giddings, man­ of those Portland dailies will have
George P o in ter has improved th( ual train in g and ath letics; Charles the lad on the staff of illustrators.
appearance of his building a t the Wilson, m athem atics. T hree new
corner of Second and Zobrist by­ teachers have been elected: Miss
giving it a new coat of paint. The Belva Beebe of Dallas, commerce;
signs on The New\s office are a ttr a c t­ Miss Claudia Plank of Portland, his
The Estacada baseball team will
ing considerable attention and he if .:>ry and languages; Ralph Baker of
the Sandy nine on tho local
at work on a new sign for the F u r­ Gaston, science.
These three in­
n itu re Exchange.
stru cto rs were g raduated from the diamond Monday, Septem ber 7, ut
Oregon A gricultural college last 3 :00 p. m.
Sandy is planning on a large dele­
The vacation Bible school which June.
in attendance.
Your home
has been m eeting each Tuesday a f­
In the grades three of last y ear’s
ternoon throughout the sum m er at teachers were retained, (icing Miss team needs your support.
the M ethodist church under the di­ Lillian Schmidt, Miss Lyla McKen-
rection of Mrs. Rankin, closed their ney and Aliss Maude Sherm an. The
Mrs. Hnrry Smith and dau g h ter
work with a lively picnic a t the Es­ other grade teachers will he Mrs. and a nephew le ft last Friday m orn­
tacada park last Tuesday afternoon. Nellie G ardner of Portland, who has ing for n visit with relatives and
tau g h t in the schools of W est P o rt­ friends at Bellingham, W ashington.
George 'Geil, propriétor of the De­
land; Miss Rowenn H erm ann of Al­
pendable auto rep air shop, has just
bany, who has been teaching in
equipped his shop for reboring,
Shedd, Oregon, and Miss Thelma
grinding, acetylene welding and
Sunderland of P ortland, who ha:
electric drilling, and is prepared to
tau g h t in Hood River county.
handle any and all work along these
Mrs. E. Steiner, m other of A. Sag-
Mrs. Tuckta, Warm Springs In­
ner, is reported to be seriously ill at
woman about 70 years old, wa:
the home of a daughter in Yakima,
W ashington.
Mrs. S teiner was a brought before Ju stice of the-P eace
resident of E stacada for a number •>. E. W ooster last Tuesday night,
of year* and has a large num ber of charged with leaving a fire burnifig
friends who re g re t to learn of her near Squaw m ountain. She wa:
fined $5.00 and costs b ut the fir\e
wa* rem itted.
A gent Mooreoff of the Warm
Mr. anff Mrs. S. E. W ooster had a
b eautiful display of choice dahlias Spring reservation brought the aged
in th eir office window T uesday of woman to Estacada following her
this week. The blooms are excep­ arrest on the reservation.
tionally large and of a wide variety
of color. They were grown in the j FLORAL EX HIBIT MONDAY
m a ra ifn c d c c u k
W ooster yard on the bouievarde.
The floral exhibí? planned fop
E rn est Rynning is enjoying a Labor day will be held in the E sta­
short vacation in southern Oregon cada Pharm acy and all persons ex-:
with a p arty of friends. They plan- j hibiting flowers are urged to bring
ned on angling fo r some of the fine containers.
tro u t reported to be in the Rogue j
M. J. Kerkes, m anager of the In ­
Clean Power
dex Produce Co. of P ortland, and
Pull Mileage
Anyone w anting radio parts in ­ Jas. Smith of O akgrove were in Es­
quire at the E lectric Store.
tacada last S atu rd ay on business.