Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, May 29, 1924, Image 2

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Dr. Murray Butler, who has
Entered at the postoffice in Estacada, aroused so much criticism by his
Oregon, as second-class mail.
recent remarks concerning the
ineffectualness of the Eighteenth
Published every Thursday at
amendment, is in the main right
Estacada. Oregon
as far as New York is concern­
ed. The vast majority there is
opposed to the amendment and
Editor and Manager.
has no intention of observing it,
and moreover takes an iniquitous
S u b s c r i p t io n R a t e s
$1.50 delight in disregarding it. The
One year
.75 situation is such that it is doubt­
Six months
ful whether it can be there suc­
cessfully enforced even by the
Thursday. May 29. 1924.
federal government.
The peo­
ple of New York have first ei­
ther to be converted to prohibi-
, B IB L E T H O U G H T
bition or to the sacrednes3 of
law, obedience to which is mor­
Bible T hoogh t* m em orized, wfll prove
priceless heritage in a fter y e a n .
ally imperative.
C LA C K A M A S NEW S, TH U R SD A Y, M A Y 29, 1924.
Eastern Clackamas News
W E do all kinds of haul­
ing to and from PORTLAND
buy everything pro­
duced on the F A R M ;
W E think we have the
B e s t Prices on MILL FEEDS
according to quality.
Sixty Thousand Children T rain­
ed; Thousands Encouraged
Beef, Mutton, Veal and Hogs Bought
Earl La Forge, Proprietor
Successor to W. P. Dean
to “ C arry On.”
Under entirely new management
Rough-Dry, I4lbs $1.00
Dry-Cleaning and Dyeing
How America rescued 250,000 peo­
Satisfaction guaranteed
ple from certain death, saved 1(,000
Phone 70-1
orphans from blindness, restored 14,
159 orphans to home life and self sup­
port, gave medical aid to 22,000 peo­
ple although twelve physicians died
*”»•■*•■»■«'■*■•*■ if *n*.i* 'I"«",
while fighting typhus, clothed 505,
200 refugees, accomplishing these re­
I .O .O .F .
sults in spite of obstacles that would
have daunted anyone except an Anglo
Baxon, Is told In the annual report
No. 175.
at my temporary location in
of Near East Relief which has re­
Meets every Saturday evening in
cently been filed with Congress.
L I N N ’S R E S T A U R A N T
their lodge room, corner of Bioad-
Moving 20,000 children a distance
way and Third streets. Visiting
Leave Films there to be developed
of hundreds of miles until practically
brothers are always welcome.
all the Armenian children are out of
4. H. Tracv, N. G.
Turkey; feeding, clothing, housing,
J. K. Ely, Secretary,
and training 60,000 children, graduat­
4 . 4 . 4 - 4 “»
ing boys and girls at the age of 16
to make their own way as mechanics
for railway shops, Instructors in nurs­
ing, school teachers, skilled artisans
and farmers, giving faith, hope, and
courage and the will to fight back to
self support to thousands of people
all these are but a few of America's
achievements In the Near East last
A fund of nearly $9,000,000 was
raised and expended at an overhead
cost of $678,000.
These and other facts are found In
the annual report, copies of which may
be secured on application to the Near
East Relief, J. J. Handsaker, State
Director, 613 Stock Exchange, Port­
"The achievements, great as they
are, give us no sense of pride,” states
Handsaker, "only a sense of grati­
tude that we have been able to do as
much as we have and of regret that
we could not do more. Last year at
one time our Near East Relief work­
well cared for, they will build up the farm
ers were surrounded by dying men,
women and children at five relief sta­
and pay a good return on the investment.
tions at once. A heart broken relief
worker took down the orphanage sign
from his overcrowded orphanage be­
This Bank, in the past, has assisted many
cause there was no further room and
children continued to come pleading
of our customers in getting established in
for admission.
"Admission to orphanages was re­
this profitable line of farm work. If con­
fused to 5000 children at one time.
Due to lack of funds It was found
templating such a move, talk with us about it.
necessary to discontinue child feeding
In Constantinople although there were
■lx Inches of snow on the ground at
the time.”
At the present date there are at
least 600,000 people homeless In
Greece, people who two years ago
were self supporting and self respect­
ing residents of Turkey. A third of
million people are slowly starving
to death although the people aided
by the Greek government to the ex­
tent of its ability and by relief
agencies are attempting to fight their
way back through unspeakable dis­
couragements to self support.
The report closes with urgent recom­
mendations from 15 prominent Amer­
icans recently in the Near East that
the work be continued until the chil­
dren now In the orphanages are
brought to self support and that the
needs of the hundreds of thousand* of
other helpless children In the Near
East be urged upon America. Among
those signing these recommendations
are John H. Finley, editor of the New
O ld S c o t c h L in im e n t
York Times, Ex-Governor Allen of
Kansas. Dr. Cavert, Secretary Federal
G. A. Masse, manufacturer of
Council of Churches, Bishop Cannon,
M. E. Church South, Mrs. Alice Hegan Old Scotch liniment, will leave
Send us your
name am id ad-
for Shelton, Wash., the first of
The U. S. ambassador, Cyrus
E. Woods, to Japan has resigned,
and the Japanese ambassador is
going home, and probably won’t
return. E. E. Brodie, owner of j
the Oregon City Enterprise, and i
---------- - -
at present U. S. minister to Siam *enera| throughout the country.
has been recommended to be the Comparison o f figures indicate
On Memorial Day a great and successor to Ambassador Woods.
abetter health record for Ore­
gallant army of those who fought
gon than for either of her sister
President Coolidere has signed
and bled and died for their coun­
states-—Portland Spectator.
try, arises up and confronts us. the immigration bill, though ex­
In serried ranks they advance, pressing regret that the proviso P r e f e r D e l a w a r e to O r e g o n
stretching out from the present, on Japanese exclusion was not
The Bunker Hill-Sullivan Min­
back to the colonial period.
We delayed as he had requested.
and Smelting Corporation
see the khaki of the world war With that exception he was in
from Oregon and
mingling with the blue and grey, accord with the bill as a whole.
under the
and the blue and buff of our rev­ It becomes effective on July 1st.
corporation laws of Delaware.
olutionary fathers.
It is a mining company that
Oregon Good Place to Live
We may apply the words of
has for many years paid its cor­
another: “ Wherefore seeing we
With a lower death rate than
poration taxes in Oregon, but
are encompassed about with so has any of the ten largest cities
has grown tired of freak legisla­
great a cloud o f witnesses,
in the country and third among
tion of Webfoot brand.
let us run with stedfastness the the Pacific Coast cities, and with
Like Instant Postum advertis­
race that is set before us.” R e­ statistics showing that Oregon
ing. there is a reason. The prop­
spóndete natalibus, be true to is one of the healthiest places in
erly was bought by Portland
your hereditary traditions, the the United States for babies, the
capital in 1886, and Oregon has
traditions of the fear of God, the city and state should show in the
been its corporate home.
love of country, reverence for coming months a correspondingly
Millions of dollars in dividends
authority, obedience to law, and flattering increase in population.
and millions of investment have
liberty for the individual.
According to official figures from
come to Portland, even buying
But when we take up the daily Washington, Portland had but
the Portland Hotel, and some
paper, which reeks of scandals, 11.2 deaths to 1000 persons in
may still come.
graft, and crimes of all sorts, 192il, which was six-tenths of 1
The capital stock of Bunker
can we say that we are keeping per cent lower than the 1922
Hill-Sullivan is only $3,270,000,
true to our traditions? This is a mark. Cities of Mississippi, with
and while no official reason .is
question which presses upon us, a death rate o f 20.3, showed the
given for leaving Oregon, state
as we recall those heroes who highest, with the lowest, 6.5, for
income tax is named.
counted not their lives precious, the rural districts of Idaho. Eu­
The Wallace, Idaho, Times
in behalf of their country. They gene, according to reports, shows
says the transfer o f the compa
being dead yet speak, calling us a birth rate 3.8 per cent higher
ny from Oregon to Delaware
to follow where they led the in 1923 than in 1922 and at the
was directly due to the Oregon
same time a .6 of 1 per cent de­
State Income Tax law.
It is by carrying on after their crease in the death rate. In
Study this matter a little. Is
august example, we shall most Portland the birth rate declined
it a good thing for Oregon to en
highly honor them.
in 1923 by .9 of 1 per cent. Se­
act laws that make it easier for
attle shows a .2 of 1 percent in­
capital to operate in other states,
F O R L A W E N F O R C E M E N T crease in the birth rate and no
—Industrial News.
change in the death rate. Death
Launching o f a crusade that
rates were slightly higher in
Mrs. A. Mickulecky went to
will continue until the prohibition
1923 in 25 states, Washington and Boring, Sunday, to see her
statutes are thoroughly enforced
Oregon exempted, and the de­ daughter, Mrs. Hillyard, and the
in Oregon,
Washintgon and
crease in the birth rate has been new baby.
Idaho, is the stated aim of the
anti-saloon leagues of the three
states which are sponsoring the
Northwest Citizens’ Law En­
forcement Congress tobe held in
Portland on June 3 to 5.
The program, now virtually
cúmplete, embraces every phase
to a successful career, no matter what
of law enforcement, with Wil­
your ambition may be, is a Bank Ac­
liam “ Pussyfoot” Johnson, Gov­
count— the foundation of many a man’s
ernor Pat Neff o f Texas, and
other well-known speakers, fea­
success. Open an account with us
and see how fast it will grow.
Not only will the dry officers’
relation to bootlegging activities
be discussed, but the responsi­
bility of the individual, the pa­
rent, the church, the press and
This little Near Eaet refugee la as
" I he B an k T hat’s G r o w in g ”
the prosecutors, is to be given a
am on g more than a m illion who flad
from T urkey to Graeco last year.
thorough airing, according to W.
J. Herwig, superintendent of
N ear Eaat Bundle D ay M a y 21
paid on savings, compound twice a year
the Oregon Anti-Saloon League,
Near Eaat Relief Bundle Day la
Wednesday. May 21at. On this day
and other prohibetion leaders
the people of Oregon are aaked to con­
engaged in framing the program.
tribute outgrown, out of date, and cast
So far so good, but we would
off clothing for the 60.000 children in
American orphanage* and for the 500.-
like to see the question of LAW
900 people homeleea in Greece.
O B S E R V A N C E rather than
It it almost Impotilble in the midat
of our prosperity to reallt* that chil
dren on the other side of the world
ed. Because lack o f respect for
are clothed In rage and even «tarring
law as law, is the root of its
to death. On* third of a million peo­
People indulge in
ple are «lowly starving although the
government. r*ll*f agencies aid the
much grandiloquence over law
people themselves are doing every
enforcement, because in so do­
| thing possible to bring them back to
ing they are passing the buck
s condition of self support. To such
people a suit of w s m clothing is oftsn
subconsciously, on to the offi­
the difference between hopeless dis­
cials. They do not apply it per­
couragement and the will to fight on
sonally to themselves. But law
The clothes are not given away If
the person applying is able to render
observance applies to all, and
any kind of service In exchange The
they cannot confine it tc those
need 1« Imperative for used garments
only whose duty it is to enforce
of all kinds, coats, dresses, sweaters,
O pen from 7 a. m. to 6 p. m. Saturdays, open to 8 p. m.
stockings, etc.
the law. Until people generally
l-oc«l churches are cooperating In
are embued with the sense of
j this Bundle Day or bundles may be
the obligation to obey the law.
sent directly to the Near East Relief,
Oregon ¡«U
dtkci £*vh*OC*
it will be very difficult to en -. ^
Prov. 13:3.
Eastman Kodaks
and Supplies
FOUR Per Cent Interest on Time and Savings Deposits
dress, a post
next week, to deliver orders for
card will do, and w e will mail free
his liniment in the camps of the) and p o s t p a id , a s a m p le c o p y o f
Simpson Lodging Co. He will Popular Mechanics
also leave samples throughout
t h e t o w n . This liniment is th e m ost wonderful magazine pu b ­
lished. I t contains the never endini
cnown in almost every part o f j story o f the Events o f the W orld an<
the U. S. He found out last
winter that some of the boys
160 Illustrated Pages every month, that will
entertain every member o f the family. There
who went to France and Ger­
»• • »peeial department for the R a d io fa n i
for the H a n d y M a n and F a rm e r who like to
many in the war. took some of it
u*e tools; for the A m a te u r who wants tips on
now to do and make things, and Women are
with them. They told him that
delighted with the “ Household T o o ls ” pages.
Each issue co n ta in s » o m e t h in f to in terest
in emergencies it came into good
everybod y. You d o not obligate yourself
in any way b y asking for a free sample copy.
play. Miners have also told him
11 r ? * * 11 you can buY a
month from any Newsdealer or send us
that they knew of Old Scotch
jrour subscription—$ 2.go for one year.
iniment in Alaska.
P o p u la r M echanics C om pany
Mr. Masse claims he is posi-' M O .M 4 B . O ntario I t , C hisago, 111.
tive that from the number of:
abels he had printed, he has sold
the l a r g e s t
»etween the years 1904-6. be­ co
m m issio n
a u b scrip -
tween sixty and seventy-five
t io n Acrnts,
and want one
thousand bottles.
in every com­
He has also taken an agency ! munity
1'or one of the largest clothing
/Verne f iro
stores in Chicago, for orders for
rubberized all weather coats for
men, women and children, auto-
m o b i l e robes, rubber aprons, j pound bottles for $1.50. honest
etc., also fine pure Virginia wool- measure. Will be s o l d o n a
en suits of three pieces, with money back guarantee, if the
company guarantee, to be de- customer is not benefitted by its
livened for $35.50 bv parcel post use. Strictly sold only by drug­
prepaid and pay at the postoffice. gists and medicine dealers.
Mr. Masse will be here from now
G. A. Masse.
on, once a week to take orders
Druggists and medicine deal­
for these fine suits. He will also ers are requested to apply for
eave a sample book with Mrs. the wholesale prices to Clark-
. . . . . who will take orders Woodard Drug Co. Portland; U.
while he is gone. Neighbors and s. Morgan. Estacada Feed Store,
friends are invited to call. The phone No. 46 1. business P. O.
agency for these goods will help box 116: and G. A. Masse, man-
him pay the expense of placing; uf*ctui![er' p - O. box 117, Esta-
his liniment on the market cada’ ^ reyon-__________
From the first o f June the lini-
Pointer’s for Paints, Wallpaper
ment will be sold in eight ounce and Window Giasa.