Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, June 23, 1921, Image 1

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Community Cooperation
m t (ttlarkamas N;fms
Devoted to the Interests of Eastern Clackamas County
V olume 14,
N umber 40
This will be the last issue of
the N ews in its present form.
A deal has just been concluded
whereby we have acquired a cyl­
inder press which prints a six-
column folio paper. The change
will be advantageous in many
respects, in giving more space,
and enabling the edition to be
made in two runs instead of four,
thus saving work.
Being of
standard size, we shall be able
to use special features in plate
matter more than formerly, for
the Fourth of July, Christmas,
etc., thus adding variety to the
contents. It is possible that the
next issue may be®a little late,
as it takes time to change presses
and remake up the forms. I f
so. we beg our reader?« indul­
gence. As considerable expense
is involved in this change, we
respectfully ask those in arrears
to pay up and help us out.
O. E. S. Initiates
A most delightful meeting of
the 0. E. S. was held Tuesday
evening. There were two can­
didates for initiation, Mr. and
Mrs. G. A. Lawrence.
Chapter room presented a most
cheerful and charming 'appear­
ance with its artistic decorations
o f roses and other cut flowers.
The new pedestals for the Star
points, were used for the first
time. Miss Maude Sturgeon, as
chairman of the entertainment
committee, with her able assist­
ants, were responsible for the
pleasant surroundings, as well as
the short program and delight­
ful refreshments. Those present
from out of tovvq were Mr. and
Mrs. J. G. Greenwood’ of Bull
Run, and Mrs. A. Drill of Port­
Eagle W ill Scream -
Remember the Fourth, under
the auspicqs of Carl Douglass
Post, American Legion, will be
celebrated in Estacada with all
due* ceremony. Full particulars
will be given next week. Vote
for your choice for Goddess of
Liberty, at Marchbank’s Con­
fectionery or the Estacada Phar­
macy. Those already named are
Audrey Linn, Pearl Fautz, Helen
Wooster and Gladys Miiler.
Myrtle Petlev entertained a
number of her friends, at her
home last Thursday evening.
Dancing, games and a taffy pull
constituted the amusements.
E stacada , O regon , T hursday , J une 23, 1921
Additional Brevities
Coming! “ A Box of Monkeys”
July 12.
Mrs. Dora Herring and daugh­
ter Wava are in Portland.
Mrs. H. La Barre returned
Tuesday afternoon from Port­
Herbert Dunlop I as the agency
for the Portland Journal and will
make deliveties of the same.
Mrs. Rynning is enjoying a
visit from her daughter, Mrs.
White, of Willows. Oregon.
Mrs. R. Morse went to Port­
land today to help celebrate the
birthday of her sister-in-law,
Mrs. H. B. Van Duzer.
Mr and Mrs. Paul Lovell with
baby Vernon, of lone, Oregon,
are visiting with his father and
sisters in Currinsville.
Dr. and Mrs. E. K. Scott and
two daughters and Dr. and Mrs.
Sharp and two children were in
Estacada, visiting Mr. and Mrs.
H. C. Stephens last Sunday.
Mrs. George Williams of Ray
City, Ore., visited Miss Maud
Sturgeon last week returning
Sunday morning. She was a del­
egate to the grand chapter of the
0. E. S.
V. W. Hauser’s parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Hauser arrive today
frqm Florida. Mr. Hauser, Sr.
has recently disposed of his hotel
interests in that state, and will
locate on this coast.
1916 Class Reunion
Last Saturday evening the first
reunion o f the class of 191(5 of
the Estacada high school, was
held at the C. R. Lovell home in
Currinsville. A fter the arrival
of the guests, the class was sum­
moned to a table resplendent
with choice roses in the class
colors, red and white, while the
dinner which was served, al­
lured the most delicate appetites.
The place cards were the cause
o f much merriment throughout
the evening, being in the form
o f a humorous kodak snap of
each guest.
A fter dinner. Marjorie May
Hogan, one o f the five little
members o f the ” 1916 Junior
Club, ” delighted with her cun­
ning songs, readings and dance.
Only the “ wee smallness” of the
hours convinced the class that
their harmless hilarity should be
discontinued until the next re­
union scheduled for five years
hence. Since 1916 nine of the
seventeen members of the class,
have attended or are attending,
one or more of the following in­
stitutions: college, normal school,
business college or art school.
Four members have received di­
plomas, six have taught or are
teaching in grade schools, while
one member, Henry Spiess, is
teaching science in a high school.
Those on the 9 a. m. train to
Portland last Saturday, were Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Kitching, Mr.
and Mrs. D. Eshelman and little
son, Mrs. Ed. Saling, Miss Flor­
ence Kendall. Mrs. J. W. Shaf-
ford, and Mr. and Mrs. Gut-
tridge, of Springwater.
A t the 81st Milestone
A'numher of her friends met
at the home of Mrs. Charity
Rawlins in this citv, last Friday
afternoon, June 17th, the occa­
sion being the celebration of her
81st birthday. As the 76th birth­
day of Mrs. Harriet Upton came
three days later, she was invited
to share in the honcr of the dav.
There were thirteen adults and
two children in the party, who
partook of a splendid dinner pro­
vided by the ladies. Those pres­
ent besides the guests of honor,
were Mosdames Hannah, Har­
per, Duncan, Woodle, Marshall.
Kreiger, Anders. Coop. Also
Messrs. Ben Rawlins and R. S.
Coop, Mrs. Anders’ two children
Helen and Ronald and Baby
Kreiger. Mrs. Rawlins was the
recipient of a number of nice
presents and a large bouquet of
roses. All wished her and Mrs.
Upton many happy returns of
their natal days.
A number from Estacada and
vicinitv, drove to Gladstone last
Saturday to attend the Odd Fel­
lows’ picnic in the park, which
had been largely advertised. On
arriving, they found a notice
stating that the picnic was post­
poned. This caused a deep feel­
ing of disappointment.
Library Meeting
The annual meeting of the Li­
brary Association takes place at
the library on Friday afternoon,
at 2 o’clock. New officers are to
be elected and it is to lie hoped
that all members will be present.
Remember the date, July 1st.
George Kelly and Andy Rich­
mond of the P. R. L. & P. Co.,
of Portland, accompanied by W.
F. Cary, hied away to the moun­
tains last Saturday, and expected
to go to Cary’s Hot Springs be­
fore returning.
Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Harper and
children, arrived from Benton
county. Wash., the latter part of
last week, to visit his mother,
Mrs. E. Harper and sister Mrs.
Bishop. They came by auto and
expected to visit portland before
returning home.
$1.50 P er Y ear
Last Friday, when W. E. Linn
opened Marchbank’s confection­
ery, and Jim Smith the Estacada
Meat Market, they found that
each place had been broken into
during the night. Ingress had
been made through the rear
doors. At the market the thieves
took $15 from the cash register,
milk money receipts, which Mr.
Smith had left in it. At March­
bank’s they made a rich haul,
getting about 515.00 in cash and
$100 worth of cigars, cigarettes,
tobacco and candy. There were
no clues, although car tracks
were noticed in the alley. J. K.
Ely also discovered that an at­
tempt had been made to raise
the window at the rear of his
store, but it was too securely
fastened to be raised.
A Picture W orth Seeing
I f you want to abandon for a
while your work day worries
about the H. C. of L., strikes and
the like, and to be transported
into another world of high ad­
venture, pirates, and fights on
the sea and land, go and see
Maurice Tourneur’s motion pic­
ture made from Robert Louis
Stevenson’s classic “ Treasure
Island.” In a truly remarkable
degree this producer has pre­
served the romantic flavor of
Stevenson’s novel. He has cre­
ated a true-to-life anmosphere,
and given the various roles in
charge of players who enact them
with sympathy and spirit. Shir­
ley Mason imparts a charm and
piquancy to the part of little Jim
Hawkins that no boy actor could
hope to duplicate. Lon Chaney,
‘ T h e Frog," of “ The Miracle
Man,” is a master o f malignity
in the dual roles of Pew and
Merry. Charles Ogle is inimita­
ble as Long John Silver. A t the
Family Theatre, Saturday and
The Lee Stock Co., who satis­
fied three big audiences here re­
cently will be at the People’s
Theatre, Estacada, June 30th.
O f course you wil' go.
Ladies’ vests 35c, union suits
60c to 85c, hair ribbons 35c to
39c, towels 15c to 50c. Come and
see. T he B azaar .
Headquarters for fire crackers •
Marchbank’s confectionery.