Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, September 09, 1920, Page Page Two, Image 2

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Thursday, Septemher 9, 1920
Page Two
FOR SALE -Fifty Breeding
Ewes, from 1 to 3 years old,
('ockswell and Shropshire. En­
quire at
FOR SALE—Cucumbers for
pickling or slicing.
Phone W. H. Holder.
Your want ad. is a money get­
ter. Try one and see.
Miss Lita Waters of Salem vis­
ited this week with her friend,
Mrs. Ida Holder. Miss Waters
will teach in Grants Pass this
W hat Is There Left
For Essex to Prove
For Fire Insurance
Cary Real Estate Co.
Note the R an ge of its N ation - W ide
Perform ances A ll M ade in One W eek
Live and Let Live
You women who know that
there are but twenty-five pennies
a quarter of a dollar, The
These performances show what to expect of the Essex you will get.
Package Store, south of the post-
They are not a surprise to the more than 40,000 Essex owners, although their equal in so many {office, sells groceries cheaper,
instances was never shown by any other car.
Your money will buy more if you
pay cash and can carry the goods
Some of the hardest tests were made by Essex cars that had already traveled over 35,000 miles—equiv- home. No! thirty days is not the
alent to 7 years of average driving.
same as cash.
Some were on original tires that had done from 15,000 to 20,000 miles.
| You men and women from the
country do you know’ that before
Many were owner cars—owner driven—taken without special preparation from their ordinary day to
the opening of the Cash and
day work, to break the speed, reliability and economy marks of their localities.
Carry Store that you were paying
Women piloted some of the runs that showed as high as 28 miles to the gallon of gasoline. They set I for the delivering of small pack-*
new marks for fast time over long distance driving where men with many cars hesitate to venture. Is ages to consumers in town?
there any important car quality left for Essex to prove ?
| yes! we buy produce and pay
the top prices.
With II* ears in every tyj>e of performance of from 5
to 72 mile« per hour and over all kinds of roads the av­
erage was 18.‘* milesper gallon.
24 cars were sent on an average 216-mile economy
run in Connecticut, some over mountains and other«
»njii level course, averaging 18.7 miles per gallon. One
car with 35,000 miles service averaged 21.2 miles per
A Hastings, Neb., woman drove 100 miles to Lincoln
averaging 28 miles per gallon.
Four women drove from Los Angeles to San Fran­
cisco and return averaging 22.3 miles per gallon and
another Essex made the round trip between the two
cities, 846 miles, with an average of 23 miles per gal-
1 >n.
Reliability which is a larger factor in car economy
than even gasoline mileage, was proven in every local­
ity in non-stop motor performances and in long dis­
tance inter city runs.
An Essex which had seen 16,000 miles service was
driven from Columbus, Ohio, to Washington, I). C.,
403 miles, in 11 hours, 40 minutes.
Another Essex that had set the best time between
Itoston and Fort Kent, on the Canadian Border, made
four round trips within a week, totaling 4,052 njiles.
An Essex which had previously gone 28,000 miles made
a round trip between San Francisco and Los Angeles
over n route of grades and mountain passes, frequently
far from water supply, with its gear shift levers, hood
and radiator all sealed. It averaged 22.8 miles per
The inter-city records for time in nearly.all localities
are now held by Essex.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Holder
were Portland visitors Tuesday.
I rum Buffalo, N. Y. to Rochester the distance is 88
Mrs. Mollie Bever of Bremen-
miles. An Essex did it in 80 minutes.
ton. Wash., arrived Tuesday af­
1 he St. Louis to Kansas City record, 303 miles was
ternoon to visit , her _ cousins,
taken by Essex in 10 hours, 17 minutes. A n o th e r,, . . .
_ .
Essex went from Yakima. Wash., to Seattle, 180.1
KneKer anc* *Y. E. Linn.
miles over Cascade Mountains in 4 hours, 56 minutes,
The Rev. S. G. Bettes, the cow
lowering the railroad time by 1 hour, 44 minutes.
boy preacher, and his wife, have
returned from Twin Falls, Idaho.
They are at the Hotel Estacada,
In every section Essex set new performance marks on and we regret to say that Mr.
the most difficult hills.
Bettes is quite sick. He left his
faithful horse in Idaho.
The Rim O’ the World in California, a climb of nearly
Our efficient foreman, E. L
5,000 feet in 8.8 miles over mountain roads, was made
in 17 minutes. 23 seconds, beating all previous records. I Crain, ¡S not Only an expert at
The 31st Street hill in Washington, D.C., was climbed FTP^-setting and printing, b u t h e
by an Essex on high. No other car had done that. *s a^so a disciple of Isaac Wal-
And on the Tilden Street hill an Essex went over the ton. H* took the advantage of
* ““ “ hour ana the same car towed a 6-ton Labor Day to test his piscatorial
skill. He reports having caught
|a whopper, but claims it was no
good for eating purposes, so he
At many points non-stop motor performances were I™,* :*
a„ .
made during which the car waa tor a greater time P ' “ ,t ..baCk' . * S k e ,S » " » " o f
used in country and inter-city running. No attempt v e r a e R y we take hlS word for it,
was made at speed but in no case was the motor stop- though as a rule when a report of
ped during the period of test. Scores of cities saw the Catch is made, We need to be
Essex in constant operation for 144 hours. A t one shown,
point a two weeks test—336 hours was made of a
motor in constant operation.
, au te of 0h|o Qty of T o 1< m J o
Lucas County. sa.
Frank J. Cheney m akes oath that ba
Literally hundreds of tests like these were made in all parts of the country. What they reveal is che^y0* c^Xing* bulmJ^n u^city
exactly what you may expect from the Essex you buy. Can you place equal confidence in any carj
that has not so vividly established its performance?
of C atarrh that cannot be
M c n i i L r * UM
f r a n k j . c iie n e y .
»worn to before me and aubsertbed In
“ y Pl^ 2 nc*- th*» ,th
of December.
A,aD A8*8
u fn ? c
Notary Public.
.J ™ 1.1 C atarrh Medicine is taken In-
tern ally and acts through the Blood on
the Mucous Surfaces of the System . Send
Tor testim onials, free.
- A d CHENEY * CO., Toledo. O.
8old by all druggists. 71c.
H all's F am ily P ills for constipation.
m e d ic in e
S H I B L E Y , Agents
. Oregon.