Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, September 02, 1920, Page Page Four, Image 4

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    country weekly can. So we have
not attempted to enter this field
beyond cursory comment, and in
this we have endeavored to “ tote
fair,” although our political
preferences will crop out time
and again.
In beginning another year, we
wish to express our thanks to
those who stood by us, our sub­
scribers, our advertisers, our
readers, our correspondents and
our helpers in the mechanical
work. In these last, we have
been particularly fortunate, John
Dunseath, Mrs. Nina B. Ecker
and E. L. Crain our present effi­
cient foreman. These all have
worked in our interest and at a
financial remuneration far less
than their worth. We look for­
ward with confidence to the
future and bespeak the continued
support we have heretofore en­
joyed, requesting our patrons’
forebearance. ”
“ Be to our faults a little blind,
And to o u r virtues exceeding
tastern Clackamas News
at the postoffice in Est acada,
' )regon, as serond-class mad.
Published every Thursday at
Estacada. Oregon
Editor and Manager.
R ates
S u b s c r ip t io n
One year
Six mont h«
Thursday, September 2, 1920
Ptge Four
F o re it/n Adv<*
*r»iMnti R e p r e s e n t a t i v e
T i l l ' A M E R IC A N P R E S S A S S O C IA T IO N
Thursday. September 2. 1920
After Two Years
With this issue, we begin our
third year with the N e w s . In
the' two years we have had
charge, we have learned much in
one way and another. When we
started in, we had some definite
ideas as to the way we thought
a country paper should be run,
some of which we have had to
modify or forego, from force of
circumstances. We are painfully
conscious of the shortcomings of
the paper, as no doubt our read­
ers are. But, it is one thing to
have good ideas about the man­
agement of a paper, and another
to carry them out. The main
drawback has been the financial
one, l»oth newsprint, paper of all
kinds as well as everything in
the printing line, has been and is
continually mounting up in cost,
so that close figuring is necessary
to avoid hopelessly running be­
hind. The addition of even a
supplementary p a g e involves
an extra expense which should
be seriously considered before­
hand. To improve the paper
would entail a considerable ex­
penditure, for we should have to
get not only another press but
the extra cost in paper and work,
is not justified by the present in-
* come and support.
We have endeavored to be loyal
to our patrons, the town and
community, to support every­
thing which pertains to their ad-
\ancement, to encourage and not
to capriciously criticise. Nodoubt
some would prefer we should run
a definite partisan paper, and for
many reasons we should prefer
so to do. But in our judgment,
this is not advisable unless the
place can support two papers.
We believe the minority has some
rights, and besides a local paper
is not primarily for the considera­
tion of national questions, but to
give the local news and deal with
local questions. In these days
almost every family takes a met­
ropolitan paper, which can and
does more effectively ileal with
national issues than the small
The Democratic presidential
by labor, or the disregard of its
rights by the one or the other. nominee, Governor Cox of Ohio,
It is often-difficult for the public
to judge the merits of' the dis­ is attacking his republican oppo­
putes because these are so in­ nents on having a fifteen million
volved, but usually certain fea­
tures stand out prominently. campaign fund, to buy the presi­
When these show unfair treat- dency. Methinks the gentleman
* ment on the part of capital, the does exagérate too much. The
public will side with labor and
vice versa. It behooves then for fate of General Wood in the pri­
labor to be sure that its demands mary campaign would serve as a
are just, and to employ no meth­
ods to attain them, which will in­ deterrent, as his chances were
fringe on the rights of others, seriously handicapped by the
'for two wrongs never made a current report that the monied
right. _______ /
interests were heavi'y supporting
Bro. Chapman of the Oregon
him in a financial way, and also
Voter, is not only a master of the case of Senator Newberry in
analysis and statistics, but also a
word painter of no mean ability. Michigan, is still fresh in the
This was evidenced in last Satur­ public mind, which showed un­
day’s issue, by his exquisite mistakably that it resents and is
scenic description of the site of suspicious of an excessive cam­
the new tourist hotel, the Wau paign expenditure. The Repub­
Gwin Gwin, soon to be erected on
the bank of the Columbia, about lican campaign managers are not
one mile west of Hood River.
The industrial world has been
and is divided into two camps,
capital and labor. That these
two are in perennial conflict with
each other, is most unfortunate,
' not only for themselves but for
the general public, whose inter­
ests are bound up with theirs.
In their disputes and wranglings
this fact seems to he ignored by
both except as an after thought, -
although when it comes to pay­
ing the hills, it is the general
public which is mulcted. Mon­
day wili be Labor Day when the
representatives of organized la­
bor will celebrate and hold forth
and plan for its“ betterment.
This is as it should be. If labor
has any legitimate grievances
and any legitimate remedies it
should make them known, and if
the former be justified and the
latter sound, it may be sure of
the sympathy and support of the
general public. In times past
when labor was weak and disor­
ganized it had such sympathy
and support, so much so, that
capital which was prone to tell
the public that the disputes with
labor, was none of the public’s
business, was compelled finally
to recognize that public opinion
was not a factor to be flouted.
Since then it has been careful not
to alienate this opinion.
But labor has now become pow­
erfully organized and is feeling
itself in position to compel sur­
render to its demands whether
just or not. it shows no eonsid-
eration for the welfare of the
public. In this it is contributing
to its own undoing. The public
sees no essential difference be­
tween profiteering hv capital or
Made to Measure
For Men
Light Lunches
and .
I . Cigarettes
Estacada, Oregon