Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, July 29, 1920, Page Page Four, Image 4

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    Campaign Slogans
It is amusing to read the va­
rious slogans which are being
suggested for campaign purposes.
Last week we printed one which
appeared in the Oregonian which
connected thedemocratic nominee
with certain well-known mixed
drinks, of A m e r i c a n origin.
Judge Lo we l l , of Pendleton,
writing to that paper, suggested
that the Republicans use to offset
this "Harding and Home.” A
day or two later a Democrat got
back at him by proposing instead
"Harding and Hardship.” It is
probable that many more will be
set forth for it has been proved
that a catchy slogan is very effec­
tive. It matters not whether it
is rightly applicable or not, as a
vast number of our enlightened
voters do not take the trouble to
think and study the questions in­
volved, as politicians well know.
This is one of the weaknesses of
a democracy, and often brings
about the very oligarchical con­
dition which is the antithesis of a
Eastern Clackam as News
K i*fred at the poBtoffice in Estacada,
Oregon, as second-class mail.
Published every Thursday at
Estacada, Oregon
Editor and Manager.
S ubscription R atks
One year
Six month«
Thursday, July 2d, 1920
Ptge Four
I ( i i f i h A d v e r t ' ' in,; K e p r e i e n t n t i v e
J H K \M F .R K A N P n F .f'S A'-'SO CI A T IO N
Thursday. July 29. 1920
Excuse our Blushing
“ Among the valued exchanges com­
ing to our table each wee! is the East­
ern Clackamas News, published by Up­
ton H Gibbs at Estacada.
Gibbs is an occasional caller at the Out­
look office and is our nearest neighbor
publisher in the territory east of the
city ofPoitland. Me is making a cred­
itable success of his paper, alt the more
conspicuous in view of th« severe phy­
sical handicap under which he is work­
ing. Mis paper is always newsy and is
edited with a punch. That is, theie is
always a point to what he has to say.
If all the editors of the small town
weeklies in Oregon would put out as
clean, newsy and well edited paper as
does Mr. Gibbs there would be little
room for criticism or little morp to be
desired. Me probably could have bet­
ter support from Ids subscribers and
advertisers which would mean a better
paper. Of this we are certain because
Bro. Gibbs is the kind of a man to sac­
rifice bis personal comf 0 1 K or gain for
the good of his com m unity/'—Gresham
Christian Church
There will be services at this
church, next Lord’s Day at the
usual hours morning and evening.
Bible School at 10 a.m.
Edward Wright,
Oregon apple crop to raach 2,-
500,000 boxes.
From all accounts the usually
staid and sober state capital was
jolted out of its normal calm dur­
ing the Elks convention at that
place that week. It was report­
ed that moonshine was freely
dispensed at $14.00 a quart. It
must be said however, that the
Elks were not responsible for
this condition and feel keenly
about it, and have so expressed
themselves. The B. P. O. E. is
ALL RIGHT._________
All Doubt is Removed
The late David Bennett Hill,
once governor of New York, in
addressing a convention of his
party, began J>y emphatically
announcing “ 1 am a Democrat.”
This is the stint and substance of
Mr. Bryan’s refusal to runonthe
prohibition ticket. With apolo­
gies to the late W. S. Gilbert who
wrote the words to the "Pina­
fore,” it mav be* said in regard
to Mr. Bryan:
The Prohibitionists are looking
up Harding’s record on the wet
and dry question, which they
claim is very unsatisfactory to
ihem. For them this is consis­
tent, for their party would stul­
tify i t s e l f if it supported a
candidate who was not uncom­
promisingly dry.
Hats off to Sir Thomas Lipton,
who is such a game sport, never
allowing himself to be disgrun­
tled by disappointment and de­
fe a t He may not have won the
America’s cup but he has won
the American **steem and affec­
tion which is a good deal more
worth while.
Cultivate your sense of humor,
as you will need it during the
coming presidential campaign.
"What the country now needs,
on the farms and in the large in­
dustrial plants, is not trained,
educated or over-organized labor,
but crude labor which eschews
the white collar and can do a
day’s work in return for aJiberal
day’s pay.” —D e n v e r Rocky
Mountain News.
Eliminates the expense of deliv­
ery boy, book-keeping girl and
collection man; the cost of ledg­
ers, stationery, postage and face
Grocery prices quoted in this
paper during the past six weeks,
are not specials, but every day
prices. Buyers are coming from
thirty miles around, including
Portland, to get their groceries
and feed at ELLIS’ CASH AND
CARRY STORE, south of the
Remember that when you bring
your Ford car to us Lr mechanical
attention that you get the genuine
Ford service—materials, experien­
ced workmen and Ford factory
prices. Your Ford is too useful,
too valuable to take chances with
poor mechanics, with equal poor
quality materials. Bring it to us
and save both time and money.
We are authorized Ford dealers,
trusted by the Ford Motor Com­
pany to look after the wants of Ford
owners—that’s the assurance we
offer. We are getting a few Ford
cars and the first to come the first
to receive delivery.
According to the republican
papers the speech of Senator
Harding in accepting his nomina­
tion is a masterpiece of states­
manship. The democtat papers
also concede it is a masterpiece
but of another variety, that of
meaningless verbiage. We wait
expectantly for the opinion of
the republican papers of Gover­
nor ('ox’s forthcoming speech in
accepting the democratic nomi­
Thankyou very much Bro. Sin­
clair for your most kind appreci­
ation which is far more than we
deserve. It came most oppor­
tunely for we had just been hit
on the head by a brickbat from
ati estimable but irate reader
who adjudged us guilty of lese
majeste because of a quip we
printed in our hist issue about
the democratic presidential nom­
For he himself has said it
And it ’» grvatjy to hi* credit.
That he’s a Democrat.
Though Cox doe* make him rave.
And his heart i* in the grave,
He remains a Democrat.
And in spite of the temptation
Of another nomination.
He remains a Democrat,
He remains a Democrat.
Attends Epworth L eague
Helen Wooster left Sunday for
Portland, where she joined a
party of Portland people who had
chartered a special car to take
them to Jefferson, Oregon, to at­
tend the Epworth League State
Convention which is being held
there from June 26th to August
1st. A letter from her to her
mother, states that they arrived
at Jefferson all O. K. and that
she is having one of the best
times of her life.
t .
Made to Measure
For Men
Light Lunche*
Estacada, Oregon