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Community Cooperation
ON E S T A C A D A !
jtW -m
fi \
astmt QUarkamaa N.ms
Devoted to the Interests of Eastern Clackamas County
V olume 13, N umber 42
E stacada , O regon T hursday J uly 8, 1920
prize awarded to it. Other fea­
tures were an aero-plane driven
by Leon Pesznecker and attended
by Ted Saling and Warren Smith
dressed as gnomes in purple and
gold. Herbert Dunlop rigged up
his wheel in a very artistic man­
ner with a canopy over the back
The e’erk of the weather was seat
which sat his little sister,
propitious last Monday, and no Baby oil Dunlop.
Ruth Dillon
finer day could have been pro­ wheeled a barrow Miss
of hay and was
vided for a Fourth of July cele­ escorted by her niece, Betty Dil­
bration. Feople from the outside lon, of Eagle Creek, who carried
d s ricts began to arrive early,
a pitchfork. A couple represent­
and during the day there was a ing the old pioneers, one wheel­
constant stream of cars. The ing a hand cultivator and the
business houses and most of other carrying a hoe, were Mr.
the residences displayed bunting and Mrs. C. S. Allen, dressed to
and flags by v a y tf decoration. the part, the former in old hicory
Along about ten o’clock the p; - ^shirt, overall tiousers, bandana
rade began to form at the school handkerchief, dilapidated straw
huuse, tho line of tnai c i being hat and chin whiskers, and the
from there to Third and Broad­ latter in calico dress and sun-
way to the railroad tracks. It bonnet. The Beeman tractor
was headed by a float on which was on exhibition driven by
sat in state the Gouuess of Lib­ Charles Weaver, this is one of
erty (Miss Mildred Doi g'ass), of the small makes for the garden
Eagle Creek,) surrounded by or acre patch. A humorous fea­
forty-eight girls representing the ture w’as provided by two clowns
various states. Then marched who performed sundry antics for
the American’ Legion and the the amusement of the spectators.
lo-*al lodge of Odd Fellows in full
When the p a ra d e reached
regalia, who were accompanied Broadway
it was halted while
oy the lodge goat which is used
the members of the I.O.O.F. per­
for initiation purposes. After formed
various marching evolu­
them came the autos and dis­ tions, after
which it broke up
plays. Most of the cars were and the people
went to the park
simply decorated with flags, but where tables were
secuied and
a few more elaborately, among picnic spots for lunch,
which was the one of the Re- music was discoursed by while,
bekahs trimmed in pink and band.
green, which took t’ e first prize,
Shortly after one o'clock the
and Ed Boner’s driven by Albert
again played some pieces
Lichthorn which a lso took a
spjcial prize, being beautifully which was followed by a commu-
decorated with foxgloves and nity sing led by J. K. Ely with
ferns. One of the most unique Mrs. R. G. McCall at the piano.
features was a minature car in When this was concluded, H. C.
which sat Baby Hugh Wallace as Stephens introduced the speaker
Uncle Sam and d’*awn by Tom of the day, Hon. Walter H. Evans,
Sagner and Authur Petley rej - district attorney of Multnomah
resenting the army and navy, and county. His address was a most
attended by Lucy Brown and masterly exposition and defense
Jean Inglas dressed as Red Cross of the representative, republican
n irses, one of th jm leading a form of government instituted
l.ttle dog, around and about them by the forefathers of this nation.
He snowed how that the tendency
marched six girls, Edna Petley,
Nova Smith, Pauline Rose, Lota at present is to drift away from
Posson and Doris Finch holding this to a pure democracy. The
a canopy from which was sus­ distinction between the two was
pended a liberty bell. The whole defined, the farmer as one in
group made a most attractive which all power is vested irithe
appearance and well deserved the people but exercised by their
chosen representatives, while
under the latter the power is both
vested in an J exercised by the
people directly. He indicated
the dangers of the latter, and
urged his hearers to seriously
study the problem of good gov­
ernment. Unfortunately, there
was much commotion while he
was speaking which made it hard
for him and his hearers who were
not close to the stand.
This concluded the formal fea­
tures of the day, the remainder
of which was given up to general
amusement, a jitney dance being
held in the pavilion, and all the
stands and restaurants did a
rushing business. A ball game
was played on the school dia­
mond between Taggersville and
Estacada, the home »line winning
by a score of 17 to 3 in its favor.
A number of races and sports
under the direction of Fred Bar­
tholomew were pulled oil’ in «.he
Bark, and nine prizes awarded.
The day’s program was fittingly
concluded by a show at the Fam­
ily Theater and an all night dance
under the auspices of the Ameri­
can Legion.
Those who were responsible for
the arrangements can feel that
their efforts were well repaid as
everyone seemed to have a good
time, and it served what it was
intended to do, %namely, promote
community feeling and getting
Conserve the Water
As (he dry season has now set
in and it is not likely that rain to
any extent, will fall for some
weeks, the water supply will be
severely taxed. A suffieent sup­
ply must be kept on hand in case
of fire. The city council is to be
commended for its action limiting
the hours for irrigation, and w*e
hope the order will be strictly
enforced without fear or favor.
C. H. Guttridge formerly of
Springwater and a well known
pioneer of this county, died at
the home of his daughter, Mis.
F. L. Sanders of Gladstone, o i
Tuesday evening. He was a na­
tive of England and Ik) years old
last Christmas Day.
$1.50 T eh Y ear
The road program for this
county has been knocked flat by
the decision of the supreme court
that the bonds are not valid, ow­
ing to flu* issue exceeding the 2
per cent valuation sot by th»*
legislature of 1913. While mutu­
ally a disappointment, it won’t b«*
so bad for this end of the county
as uudor the nreseiB county
court, we would not navi- had
anything done at this end for
years, if ever.
Farmer’s Fall Fatal
George Henderson, 4.r>, living
on the former Cornet to ranch,
Springwater, died early Sat' nia.v
morning at the Good Samaritan
hospital as the result of a fall
from a scaffold at his home Fri­
day. He sustained a fracture of
the skull and a broken back. The
body was turned over to Coroner
Smith, l'hete will be no inquest.
Henderson was painting a .silo
at the time of the accident, lie
fell about 15 feet. About, three
years ago Mr. Henderson was a
member of the firm of Hender­
son & Fink, transfer men of
Portland. lie is survived by his
widow and child.
Family Reunion
About 150 friends and relatives
of Mr. and Mrs. James Smith and
daughter, Mrs. Dollie Fatldis, of
Missouri, gathered in the Park
at Estacada, Oregon, July 5th, to
celebrate their visit here. Alter
all partaking of h fine dinner,
Mr. Boon Cason addressed the
crowd, he being a former resi­
dent of Missouri. All present
expressed themselves as enjo> mg
one of the best celebrations of
their lives.
In our account of the Fourth
of July program, we inadvertent­
ly omitted that the Declaration
of Independence was very effect­
ively read by Chester Womer.