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Community Cooperation
tmt dlarkamaB
Devoted to the Interests of Eastern Clackamas County
V olume 13, N umber 33
The Community club held its
regular meeting 1 a a t Friday
night, at the Hotel Estacada.
The lobby was filled so that the
S. R. 0. sign was almost neces-
sry. President Stephens called
the meeting to order and pro­
ceedings began with an overture
by the girls' jass band. This is
a new feature and proved very
taking. The> band’s instruments
consist of mouth organs manu­
factured from combs and tissue
paper, dishpans used as drume,
tin whistles and piano. The girls
we r e heartily encored. After
the minutes were read and other
musical selections and reports
made, the speaker of the even­
ing was introduced, Mr. James
S. Stewart o f Corvallis, who
styles himself as a preacher of
the gospel of good roads, good
schools and good citizenship. He
was very ‘humorous in his re­
marks, and strongly upiieJd the
road and educational programs.
The meeting closed with an
overture by Messrs. Drill, Ahl-
berg, Chester Morgan and Mrs.
McCall. A straw vote was taken
for president possibly at large:
Hoover 33, Wood and Johnson
each 17, Lowden 4, Pershing 1,
Taft 1, Haiding 1, Bryan 7, Mc-
Adoo 4, Edwards 1, Wilson 1.
Manager Linn announces that
on Saturday and Sunday, May 15
and 16, the great film “The Mira­
cle Man,” will be run at the
Family Theatre. This is consid­
ered one of the most powerful
screen dramas ever produced and
is on the same scale as “The
Birth of the Nation!
The price of admission will be
25 and 50 cents. No one should
miss seeing it.
Jazz Band
_The girls’ jazz band which
made such a hit at the commun­
ity club last Friday night, will
perform at the Family Theater,
Saturday night.
E stacada , O regon T hursday M ay 6, 1920
Interesting Letters
T he following letters were re­
ceived from Clarence Bullard son
of Mr. and Mrs. B, F. Bullard,
and his cousin Francis Kane:
“S. S. West Chatala,
Calcutta, India,
March 15, 1920.
Dear Folks at home:
We have been here several
days and will be here from ten
to two weeks yet. Our cargo of
salt from Spain will soon be un­
loaded and we expect to take a
load of coal from here to Colombo,
Ceylon. We stopped at Alexan­
dria, Egypt, one day, and laid in
Port Said three weeks, waiting
for fuel oil, and stopped at Col­
ombo one day. We expect to un­
load the next cargo in Colombo,
and don’t know what we will do
then. We ma> go back to the
States from there, o r w e may
stay a while and be sent home as
passengers. I don’t mi nd the
heat here but like the cooler cli­
mate a great deal be.tter. Every
thing is high in cost at Calcutta
now. From one half to three
fourths of the goods come from
the states. The automobiles are
as thick as in Portland and are
nearly all American machines.
There are five American ships in
here wi t h cargoes from other
ports. 1 went to the Zooligical
gardens this morning, and a inus
eum and Indian temple this after
noon. It is one of the largest
zoos in the world. They certain­
ly have some pretty birds and
comical monkeys. Several poi­
sonous snakes are shown such as
the python, boa constrictor and
cobra. The museum has every­
thing imaginable in it. There
are old stone carvings, skeletons
of different animals and fish.
The skull and tusks of one ele­
phant is about thirty feet long.
Two huge turtles stand five feet
high, six or seven feet long and
five or six feet across. The aver­
age turtle is only from ten to
sixteen inches high. There are
marfy different Kinds of cloth and
thousands of designs in hand
Clarence Bullard.
Francis Kane writes: “They
passed by all kinds of Creek,
English and other ships, and
nothing happened. When they
saw the West Chatala and the
American Hag, out came their
band on deck and they started
playing “The Star-Spangled Ban­
ner.” We dipped our Hags lyid
they kept on playing patriotic
American airs until they dropped
anchor at the other end of the
harbor. ”
The Johnson Meeting
The meeting in the Family
Theater last Saturday afternoon
in the interests of Hiram John­
son, was fairly well attended.
George C Brownell of Oregon
City and Sanfield McDonald who
is candidate for republican dele­
gate at large were the spell bind­
ers. Both made good speeches
for their choice for president.
$1.50 P er Y ear
The Mothers’ Day Program,
Sunday, May 9, will be at 11 A.
1 Song by Congregation.
2 Prayer.
3 Solo - “Wonderful Mother”
Mrs. Gladys Bass.
4 Presenting g i f t of white
flowers to th e oldest
mother present.
5 Solo—“My Mother,” Miss
Ruth Dillon.
6 Collection.
7 Song by Congregation.
8 Address by S. G. Bettes.
9 Song by Congregation.
Mothers this is your day. We
would like to see your smiling
in our church Sunday morn­
ing. There will lx* reserved seats
Remember th e May picnic • for all mothers.
which is to be given by Eagle
Everbody welcome.
Creek Grange in the Cedar Grove
by the Grange Hall, on Saturday, T hs Leopard H \s Not
May 29th.
Changed Its Scot*
Everybody is cordially invited
Clackamas county court is up
to attend. Bring your dinner
to its old tricks again in discrim­
baskets and enjoy the day.
And members of the Grange ination against this end of the
please remember that we are to county, i n the distribution of
meet at the hall on the 3rd Sat­ road money. Market Roads Nor.
urday, May 15, to clean up, etc. 1 and 2 in the campaign for bonds
were to be taken care of first.
There are available for these two
Jenny Wren and
at the present time seven
Old Hen Meeting roads,
ty-six thousand dollars. T h e
On the fourth Thursday of the court has arbitrarily decided to
fourth month of the one thousand use $20,000 of this money on the
nine hundred and twentieth year, road between Sandy and Fir-
at the house of J. J. Davis when wood. This road has at no time
the owner was away, a few of been mentioned as a market road,
the neighborhood’s f or e mo s t and is not entitled to any of tne
members of the local hennery, funds available for Market roads
driven by a couple o f lonelv No. 1 and 2. The dilatory action
cockerels, and acccmpanied by a of the court in not definitely lo­
couple of gaily attired females of cating Market Road No. 2 has
the younger set, met to finish created f t great deal of antagon­
the construction of a piece of cal­ istic feeling in this section, and
ico and wool, which had express­
indention to use a portion of
ed a desire to become useful in the
the funds of this district has
the form of a quilt. A yellow added only fuel to the fire. The
legged hen gave up her carcase County court clique may think
to appear in the form of onions the project to create Cascade
and noodles. The repast was County
a dead issue, but a sup­
enjoyed tremendously by all, and posed corpse
has before now
their appreciation was expressed proved to be a case
of suspended
in loud and stentorious cackles. animation.
The meeting went gaily until the
One thing is clear however.
home partner crowed, when all Eastern
Clackamas must organ­
the brood forsook the lonely ise to protect its own interests
cockerels and hurried home to otherwise it will be left in the
their lords and masters.
lurch every time.
— .................. ................. -