Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, April 01, 1920, Page Page Eight, Image 8

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    Thursday April 1, 1920
Page Eight
Mery Has A Lamb
says the Good Judge
And any man who uses the
Real Tobacco Chew will tell
you so.
'S è i '
Dr. L. A. Well*
Associated with Dr. R. Graham McCall^
Dr. R. Morse
P h y s ic ia n a n d S u r g e o n
RIGHT CUT is a short-cut tobacco
W-B CUT' is a long fine-cut tobacco
Tests Eyes and Fits Glasses
Office on Main Str. between 1st and 2nd
Residence: Main ana 5th Sts.
Telephone Connection
.’W oymam Bl-ulòn,Comparty .'1lt)7 Broadway, N ew York City
+ ♦ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + * + + + + + + #++
The price of Fordson 1'ractors has advanced $100,
+ owing to shortage of materials. The price at Estacada is
+ 935 now.
A carload has just arrived and is ready for delivery.
♦ Pla»'e your order as another carload is uncertain.
"A s k the man who owns one.”
R a k e r CS, S o n
♦ + + ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
+ ♦ + + + + + + + ♦♦ + + ♦
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Givens
of Kent. Ore., paid a Hying visit
to Estacada Thursday morning
to call on a few fiiends. They
drove up from Portland. Mr.
Givens reports that business is
fine and that they have all l>een
very well this winter, except his
mother, vs ho finds the altitude at
Kent too high for her. He was
taking her to a lower one in the
valley for treatment.
Mrs. Milt Marshall is doing
very well at St. Vincent’s hospi­
tal. but it will be two or more
weeks before she will he able to
return home.
Office Adjoining Residence
The doctor’s phone can be connected with your
home phone at night if requested. One long ring
Put Up In Two Styles
P h y s ic ia n a n d S u r g e o n
Local and Long Distance Telephone
And it costs less to chew.
The full rich, real tobacco
taste lasts so much longer.
D R . R. G R A H A M M C C A L L
You get a lot more satisfac­
tion in a little of the Real
Tobacco Chew than in a big
chew of the old kind.
In Iceland Every
“Here’s Som ething tor You to Rem em ber”
+ ♦ ♦ ♦
A large furniture truck passed
through Estacada Friday from
Willamette, Ore., heavily loaded
with furniture belonging to W.
J. Kinney and Otis Lamberson,
who recently purchased the
Brogden 36 acres in the Garfield
fruit district through the S. E.
Wooster & Son agency. The
new owners of this farm are go­
ing into the berry business quite
extensively. Garfield people may
well be proud to have such en­
terprising people locate in their
R. A. Wilcox is quite ill at the
home of his son Roy.
An Iceland Mary and Her Lamb;
Also “Little Brother.”
Did you e v e r h ear “M ary H ad a
L ittle L am b’’ in the Iceland ton gu e?
P robably not! So. if it be of in tere st
lu you, try this:
I lu n M aria a tti litid lam b
A lagdin h v itt sem an.lor
H v ert M aria sk op p ad l ut eda inn
A eftir lam bid for.
A lso you m a y tell the children that
Icelan d holds th e w orld ’s record for
M arys and pet lam bs. M ary is a f a v ­
orite nam e there, an d about every
child has a lo n g haired, affable lam b.
T h ese p ets a re m ore in tellig e n t than
our "W all S tr e e t L am bs.”
T his p articu lar M ary Is a su b -d eb
o f an old Iceland fa m ily , now resid in g
in the U nited S ta te s. S om e th ou sand s
of Icelan d ers have. In recen t years,
com e to A m erica, s e ttlin g in N orth
and South D akota, M in nesota a n d
W a sh in gton .
T h ey
a re
gen era lly
farm ers.
T he Interchureh W orld M ovem ent
is m ak ing a su rv ey o f th ese people in
Its program to a s s is t th e a lien to b e ­
com e a citiz e n in deed a s w ell u s
There is much ado being made
over the conviction of Senator
Newberry, who is now being pil­
loried in the press. But there
seems a confusion of thought,
between that of which he is con­
sidered guilty and his actual
guilt as determined by the court
and jury. He was convicted on­
ly of exceeding the Michigan le­
gal limit for campaign expenses.
The charge of bribery and other
corrupt practices wore eliminated
by the judge. Locking at it in
this light, he may not regard
his offense with any more sen^e
of moral turpitude than the good
wife has who in spite of prohibi­
tion law’s, makes some currant or
dandelion wine for her husband’s
stomach’s sake. It would he in­
teresting to know the actual
amount expended directly and
indirectly, on behalf of his oppo­
nent, Mr. Henry Ford.
Mrs. McWillis has collected the
money in the bottles for the ba­
bies home. The public is thanked
for its generosity.
Manager Linn has on his list
for the near future two great at­
tractions, "The Miracle Man”
and "Male and Female.”
Mrs. R. Graham McCall
Graduau. vmicago Musical
10 Years
Teac i \ „
Attcrncy-at-Law and Rotary Public
Painter and Paper Hanger
eave orders at Fiuch’s Hardware
Store, or Phone.
We Sell and Trade Real Estate
Negotiate Loans * Buy M ortgages
Rent your Property • Write Insurance
In the very best Companies.
D. E B Y
General Practice
Confidential Adviser
Oregon City,
Gresham 517.
Broadway 32.
Attorneys at Law.
At Gresham Office—Tuesdays, Ihursdavs and
Saturdays, First State Bark Building.
Portland Office- 009-15 Ftnton Llog.
Associated with Judge W. D, Fenton.
Fire Insurance
London Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.
Great American Fire Ins. Co.
Keep your policy in
our fire proof vault
free of charge.
Estacada State Bank