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Community Cooperation
Devoted to the Interests of Eastern Clackamas County
V olume 13,
N umber 21
“ Blundering Billy,” a farcical
comedy given by the Junior Class
on Friday evening, was a decid­
ed success, and all who took
part in it are to be congratulated.
The setting was extremely e f­
fective, giving the stage the ap­
pearance o f .a luxurious apart­
Raymond Lovelace as
the awkward secretary was true
to life and kept the audience in a
continual uproar, from the time
he landed fresh from the cow ­
catcher until the winning of the
fair Dorothy. Ezra Tuttle play­
ed by Perry Murphy, the rich
mine owner who possessed more
wealth than an education, was a
striking example o f the western­
er • in his slouch hat, gaudy scarf
and.six shooter. In marked con­
trast to the rough exterior of the
appeared H e n r y
Cossman as the young, dashing
lieutenant in dress uniform of
the U. S. regulars.
He also
gave us a touch o f the Romantic
Age as a prince in beplumed hat
and pink tights.
Both parts
were well sustained.
Douglass Drill did some good
work in the ro'e o f Sing Toy, a
Chinese servant. An old salt as
taken by Chester Morgan de­
serves worthy mention.
Audrey Miller as Clarissa Burn­
ham was charming in a creation
o f pink and carried her part with
dignity and grace.
Lydia Mat-
son was altogether pleasing and
attractive as the rich mine own­
er’s daughter and held her audi­
ence well. Nor must we forget
our coquettish little Japanese
girl as played by Naomi Paddi-
son, which gave an oriental touch
to the whole.
Much credit is due the coa’ h,
Miss Gladys McKnight, who has
shown her ability in play pro­
duction and made “ Blundering
Billy” such a success.
A stated communication o f
Mountain Chapter No. 1C8, O. E.
S., will be held Tuesday, Feb.
17, in Chapter room.
By Order o f Secy.
E stacada , O regon T h u r s d a y F e b r u a r y 12. 1920
Nearly a century anti a half n«o a
father working in IU field in a Ken­
tucky clearing was shot anl killed by
Indians. Ills three sons were with
him. The oldest ran to the house anti
reached It unharmed. The next in age
ran In another direction for the near­
est settlement. TI h youngest, a boy
of six. was seized by one of the at
Wht'n tno oldest boy looked out
after barring tSe door, he saw his
brother in the grasp of an Indian. He
took down tin* family musket, aimed
through ¡in opening and shot the In
dlan dead. The boy. released, made
ills way to the house. In a few hours
a rescuing party from the settlement
drove tin* raiders away.
Toe six-year-old hoy was Thomas
Rail Lincoln.
He became the father of Ths Youwjer Lin-
By An- Ahr ham Lincoln.
toln. by O’Con-
drew O’Connor
Thirty-two yp*>rs later tvu hoys. nor.
chums, were strolling along Knob
creek, Hardin county. Kentucky. The younger, only seven years old, at­
tempted to swing himself over the creek on a sycamore tree. Midway he
lost his hold and fell in. The other rescued him. The rescuer’s name was
Gallagher, and hut few men have been privileged to perform equal service for
their country.
Tlie boy he rescued was Abraham Lincoln.
r,'" ’tce death was cheated that America might be saved. It was chance,
or something else. Most Americans prefer to believe it was something
else.—Minneapolis Tribune.
American Legion
Elects Officers
A Future Station
Agent Airives
Monday evening, Feb 2nd. a t ’ Ted Ahlburg, our popular sta­
the I. 0. 0 . F. hall, the Carl tion agent, is going around with
Douglas Post, No. 74, Depart­ a smile on him which distends
ment o f Oregon, American Le­ his mouth from ear to ear, the
gion held its first regular meet­ reason for it being that the stork
ing, at which time a constitution left a lusty boy seven and a half
and by-laws were adopted and | pounds in weight, at his home
officers were elected for the year. ! Monday morning, February 9th.
The newly elected officers are: Both mother and son are doing
Commander, S y lv e s te r Law -1 well under the care o f Dr. R. G.
rence; vice-commander, R. S. McCall, whom the stork has
Ludlow; adjutant, Clyde Shock, i kept on the jump the last few
Both service branches are rep re- j days, this being the second de­
sented by these officers, Messrs. 1 livery made by him in five da>s.
Lawrence and Shock being ex­ The N ews would like to drink a
army men, while Mr. Ludlow is bumper to the good health o f the
a member of the Naval Reserve. | youngster, but the city water is
hardly suitable for the occasion
and prohibition prevails.
Surveyors at V/ork
A surveyor and crew have been
surveying for the hard surface
Tuesday morning they
were working up the hill on Main
street. Report has ii that it will
, •
not be long before Estaeada is
connected with Portland by a
hard surface road. When this is
is the case, things will hum in
W. F. Cary has opened a r
estate and insurance office in 1
room back o f the pharmacy f
merly occupied by N. C. Adl<
As he is well and popula
known, having formerly b^en
business here a number o f yea
he requires no reccommendati<
With two real estate offices
town, the dirt should Hy.
$1.50 P er Y ear
There was a good attendance
at thi> parent-teacher meeting in
the High School Tuesday eve­
ning. The special topics for dis­
cussion were the boys and girls
thrift contest and industrial club
work. Co. Supt. J. E. Calavan
led the discussion on thrift, on
which subject, H. C. Stephens
also spoke, ivliss R. P. Snedeek-
er the county leader on club
work, explained this feature.
A good musical program was
rendered by the students o f the
High School which enlivened the
J. B. B O W M A N JR.
The remains o f the late Joel
B. Bowman Jr., who died at the
naval hospital Maie Island, Cal.,
arrived here Thursday afternoon
at 4:30. The funeral was In Id
the following morning
at 11
o ’ clock in the Methodist church,
which was crowded to the doors,
the pastor, the Rev. J. F. Dun­
lop, officiated. The high school
teachers and pupils attended,
members o f whom served as pall
bearers. * The interment took
place in the Mt. Zion cemetery
in the family lot. Some beauti­
ful ficral pieces were sent as me­
morials from friends.
St. Valentine’s Eve Social
The Methodist ladies will give
a Valentine party on Friday
night at the Hotel Estaeada, be­
ginning at 8 o ’ clock.
please bring a box lunch for two,
gentlemen please bring75 cents
in change. A good time, good
company and good cats are as­
sured. Boxes will he sold hy
n umbeis.
T. & T. Elects
The meeting o f the Estaeada
T. & T. Co. Tuesday morning re­
sulted in the reelectidn o f the old
officers, Thomas Yocum presi­
dent, Dr. H. V. Adix secretary
and treasurer, H. I). Trapp, W.
F. Snuffin and H. G. Palmateer