Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, August 28, 1919, Image 9

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How Often Should Oil
Be Changed in the Tractor
in order to get the best results
from any tractor, the correct
grade o f lubricating oil must be
used and the crank case must be
drained at regular intervals.
How often the lubricating oil
should be changed cannot be ab­
solutely determined, either from
the standpoint o f mileage or
number o f hours of running.
The Board o f Lubrication En­
gineers, which is maintained by
the Standard Oil Company to de­
termine and recommend the cor­
rect grade of Zerolene for each
type of engine, has given excel­
lent advice on the subject o f
changing, the oil in the crank
This board has shown that the
frequency with which the lubri­
cating oil should be changed de­
pends very largely upon the con­
dition under which the tractor is
operated.. In other words, if
there is little or practically no
condensation o f the fuel, the oil
will consequently last a great
deal longer. And if the oil *is
fed to the engine in such a way
that a minimum amount is
thrown upon the inside o f the.
piston, there will be a minimum
carbon deposit formed here,
which means that the oil will
run for a longer time without its
lubricating value being impaired.
The operator of every tractor
should frequently examine the
condition o f the lubricating oil
in the crankcase, and when there
is evidence oi fuel or foreign
matter in the lubricating oil, it
should be drained out o f the
crankcase. The crankcase should
be washed out very carefully
with kerosene and especial care
taken that no kerosene is left in
the crankcase when the fresh
supply o f oil is put in. This
should be done, whether the
tractor has operated 10, 30, or
100 hours. Generally speaking,
where a tractor has operated un­
der favorable conditions, the oil
should be changed every 30 or
40 hours. Where kerosene is
used as a fuel, the lubricating oil
should be changed daily, as there
is considerable more condensa­
tion in the cylinders with kero­
sene thau with distillate or gas­
It is a well-known fact among
engineers and manufacturers of
tractors, that the operator who
is particular in the care of the
lubricating system and the oil
very largely increases the eco­
nomical operation o f his tractor,
and there is nothing in the op­
eration of a tractor which will
contribute so largely in net re­
sults as lubricating care’
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P la in '
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Boring Garage:
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