Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, August 14, 1919, Page Page Four, Image 4

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    P ige Four
Castern Clackamas News
Entered at the postoffice in Estacada,
Oregon, as second-class mail.
Published every Thursday at
Estacada, Oregon
Editor and Manager.
S ubscription K ates
One year
. . .
Six months
- .75
Thursday, August 14, 1919
The Editorial Convention
The State Editorial Associa­
tion had the honor last week of
entertaining the National Asso­
ciation. As the daily papers
contained full accounts of the
proceedings, it will not be neces­
sary to give an additional re­
port. Suffice it to say, that the
visiting editors were given a
royal good time which they will
not soon forget, and as the clerk
of the weather was propitious,
the beauties of Oregon were well
set off in the golden sunshine.
But the visitors did not only
receive, they also gave. Their
presence and words added much
to the occasion and they left an
impress which will profoundly
help in stimulating the effect­
iveness of the state press.
As we are a neophyte in the
profession, this was our first at­
tendance at such a gathering.
We ha' e attended many church
conventions and were curious to
see how the two compared. We
found that there was a strong
similarity, both in procedure and
topics discussed, indicating that
both press and pulpit have much
in common, in moulding thought
and inculcating higher ideal&,
and thus influencing powerfully
public conduct. The fact is, that
both press and pulpit have the
same obligation to maintain
rightousness and are subject to
the same temptation to tempor­
ize when threatened with intim­
We were profoundly stirred
when B. F. Irvine, editor of the
Portland Journal, rose to speak
eloquently and at times impas-
sionately, on the subject, “Our
Calling.” That he is blind add­
ed to the impressiveness of his
words. As we watched him, we
thought what an object lesson it
atforded of rising superior to im­
pediments which some would
consider i n s u p e r a b l e . We
.thought of Henry Fawcett, the
blind Postmaster General of Eng­
land some years ago. When he
lost his sight through an acci­
dental discharge of a fowling
piece, on the eve of his gradua­
tion at Cambridge, he said that
it would make no difference.
Thursday, August 14, 1919
And it did not. unless it was to
stimulate him to yet greater ef­
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men have returned home from
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A M ere Bugaboo
The opponents of the league
' Apples, Carrots, Cabbage, New Green Corn, etc.
of nations make much ado over
article X, and the special pact
with France, claiming that by
Remember the motto,
these the U. S. would be forced
into war at the dictate of other
nations, whether the cause were
approved of by this country or
not. The objection is ground­
less. The U. S. will be the sole
judge to determine whether suf­
ficient and just cause exists for
giving support to France or any
other under the terms of the
pact or covenant. This has
been shown by the action of
Italy. That nation was one of
“Surest Thing You Know,”
the triple alliance with Ger­
many and Austria and when
says the Good Judge
Emperor William demanded her
help under the terms of the tri­
ple alliance, Italy refused, claim­
ing that only in the event of
Germany being wantonly at­
tacked was she to render aid,
and that in this instance Ger­
many was the aggressor without
sufficient cause. Italy judged
the case herself and acted ac­
cordingly. So it will be with us.
Congress will judge the question
should it ever arise.
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